Friday, May 28, 2010

Stuff other people wrote May 24-28 2010

REDMOND REVIEW: SAP to Sybase: In-Memory Databases are Hot

Apple Is What It Once Despised

SAP Announces In-Memory Analysis Technology

IBM Platform Promises Easy Predictive Modeling

SAP and Sybase's Mobile Software Domination Play

Jonny Evans: Why Apple must respond to Google's television people

Mitch Wagner: Google can't kill Apple with vaporware

Microsoft sues over 'crown jewel' patents

Oracle to acquire database security firm Secerno

Sapphire: SAP exec says firm is working on collaborative CRM app

Preston Gralla: Seven reasons Android 2.2 Froyo beats the iPhone

Social networks may be sharing your info with advertisers

Around the World: Why your business should not abandon Facebook

SAP reveals part of private cloud strategy

Microsoft's Hotmail e-mail gets a makeover

SAP co-CEOs talk technology, building customer trust

Google's Pac-Man freaks out Firefox users

SAP Sapphire: Not Your Father's SAP

David Linthicum: Considering Social Networking and SOA

Hollis Tibbetts: Terabytes are NOT Silly Things

David Linthicum: Mash What?

Why APIs are Important to Cloud Computing?

Doug Mow: Feeling Anti-Social?

Facebook Is Flirting With a Big Business Backlash

The Interface Is the Analytics

Why Acquiring Sybase Is a Good Move for SAP

SAP: Best Run or Run Away?

Sybase Announces Sybase Mobility Platform

Oracle Releases MySQL Enterprise Upgrade

IBM DB2 Gets Sybase Migration Technology

SAP Acquisition of Sybase Continues in-Memory Database Push

So You Think You’re Ready for a Data Warehouse Appliance?

Business and IT Alignment for BI - Fact or Fiction?

More Time Series Interruptus

Pitney Bowes Business Insight Takes Its Business and Location Intelligence into the Cloud

SAP Acquiring Sybase, Rocking the Analytics Market with Deep Synergies

What Do You Do If A BI Vendor Offers You A "Discount"

Without Published List Prices?

The Road to BI Success: The Information Focus

SAP Must Prove Sybase Synergies

IBM Text Mining Upgrade Is Social Media Savvy

Tibco Aims for Nanosecond Messaging

SAP and In-Memory: Take Three

Quick Takes on SAP's SAPPHIRE Announcements

Reactions to SAP Acquiring Sybase

Of SAP, Sybase, the Mets and the Yankees

Google I/O: Introducing Android Froyo and Google TV

Kapow delivers Web Data Server 7.2

Cloud-based identity management gets a boost

Spreadsheet maturity

Actionable Intelligence From Social Media

Smart Apps Take You From Insight to Action

Mistaken Identity: The Meaning Of The Symantec-VeriSign Deal

10 Pressing Questions About Google TV

Can SAP Deliver IT Simplicity?

Down To Business: Analytics For Every Action

Google's Predictive API gives cloud developers a boost

QlikTech Launches QlikView Labs

Google, Amazon To Battle For Cloud Storage Supremacy

Cloud Leverage Looks Skyward For App Acceleration

Preston Gralla: Will the Federal government regulate Google's search algorithm?

Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols: Novell launches SUSE Linux Enterprise 11 SP 1

Question of the week: Is BI in the cloud over-hyped?

Microsoft has nowhere to go but up in cloud market

Self-replicating nanobots

Who will be Microsoft's next 'boy genius'?

Updated: Sybase IQ Adds Text Analytics

Autonomy Extends Market-Leading Compliance Platform to Social Media

Microsoft Implodes Troubled Hardware Unit

Hasso Plattner's Six Steps To Real-Time Database Nirvana

Objectivity, Inc. Launches InfiniteGraph Business Unit

Objectivity, Inc. Launches InfiniteGraph, the Distributed Graph Database for the Enterprise

Vertica Extends Lead In Analytic Data Warehouse Market with Version 4.0

Analysis: Sifting Through the SAP-Sybase Tea Leaves

The Mainstreaming of MDM

Q&A: Agile BI Presents Challenges, Rewards

IBM and Sybase unveil updated analytics tools

VoltDB open-source database exits beta

Is This the End of Lean?

Brenda Michelson: Forrester's IT Forum: The Business Technology Transformation

Twitter Kicks Third-Party Ads Out of the Nest


Sybase IQ Update Strengthens Database Query, Search Features

So You Think You’re Ready for a Data Warehouse Appliance, Part 2

What Do You Do If a BI Vendor Offers You a "Discount" Without Published List Prices?

“What BI is Not” Forrester TweetJam Recap and Takeaways

QlikView Capitalizes on Mobility and Flaunts Mobile Access to SAP

10 Reasons Governance Is Like Sex

On Sybase IQ and the V15.2 Upgrade

Quick Takes on SAP's 'New DB'

ServiceOS: Microsoft's morphing browser-operating system project

Wolfram|Alpha revisited and no longer boring

SAP Seeks Agile On A Mammoth Scale

Social stupidity: Am I too social to be saved?

CRM Killer: The Inability to Acknowledge Issues Before Implementation

Man Infects Himself with (Computer) Virus

Who are the Biggest Information Management Vendors?