Saturday, October 29, 2016

Aweekstweets September 25 to October 29 2016: the weeks of constant campaigning

In this crazy old world, it's good to know there's always a new version of Java for downloading. Plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose.

Recovering from World of Watson. Yesterday’s full-body massage helped. Today and tomorrow’s weekend are helping even more.

New #IBMWoW jk blog: "Making a better world with cognitive systems: Wrapping up World of #Watson" ( )

That 20-mile cycling excursion Wednesday morning south of Las Vegas was my primary takeaway from this business trip. Totally pumped me up!

Finished the 3rd of my 3 announcement-related blogs from #IBM World of #Watson #IBMWoW here on the plane. In a middle seat. Bone tired.

New #IBMWoW jk blog: "The cognition blitz at World of #Watson 2016" ( )

Traditional network architectures are too complex, rigid, expensive. #SDN supports your future #IBMServices #IBMWoW 

"Alex Da Kid talks about his collaboration w/IBM Watson" ( ) JK--I had a compressed elevator convo w/this dude tonight

At #IBMwow? Attend "VerizonWireless on What's Hot & What's Cool in Stream Computing  tomorrow 8am at #IBMwow

Joe Caserta Retweeted J. Graeme Noseworthy
It was a pleasure doing a podcast live at #ibmwow with the prestigious @jameskobielus and @sardire. Thoughts on #cognitive #makedatasimple

Sleigh Bells "Rill Rill" ( ) JK--Playing at some place in #IBMWoW. Here's "A/B Machines" ( )

Spam is reassuring. I always turn to it when I want to know what the world's foremost authority on any topic, Stephen Hawking, has to say.

Great #IBMWoW panel on cognitive chatbots in e-commerce. One panelist says consumers often try to "hit on" the bots. "What are you wearing?"

I'm rooting for Cubs to take the Series, because my Tigers kicked their behinds the last time they got that far in 1945. Now it's Chi-time!

New #IBMWow #makedatasimple jk blog: "A deeper shade of simplicity at IBM Insight at World of Watson 2016"

#IBM Picciano: Been 10 years since 1st Info on Demand conference. Anaheim. #IBMWoW. JK--I was there (as an analyst). Been to all of them.

At #IBMWoW, Thomas Friedman says writers of "Get Smart" were visionary in pitting Control vs. Kaos. Mel Brooks and Buck Henry, actually.

At #IBMWoW, Thomas Friedman keynoting in the round at T-Mobile Forum. His talk is visionary. Lighting radiates all 4 compass points from him

Up at the crack of pre-dawn in the pacific time zone. At least I'm feeling zoned into a time that's nonspecifically pacific.

RIP Bobby Vee. Popsinger started as Buddy Holly backfill in tragically shortened tour. Also, pre-Dylan Bobby Zimmerman was in Vee's band.

Running into writer's block on my election rap. Cant get beyond low-hanging rhyme "voting for Trump, taking a dump." Where to go from there?

LinkedIn Groups are getting a tad dull. Top trending story in most is now "SIMPLE WAYS TO GENERATE EXTRA INC0ME AT H0ME FR0M INTERNET...."

Now playing overhead in Mandalay Ballroom at #IBMWoW: "Doing It Right" by Daft Punk featuring Panda Bear

LIVE on #Periscope: The "How-to" Guide to Cognitive Business Transformation live from #IBMWoW:

Say what you will about Trump, but he certainly has made America grit its teeth again. That's his platform, right?

New #IBMWoW jk blog: "Disrupting business with team data science at IBM Insight at World of Watson 2016" ( )

A New World Awaits: Box @ World of Watson - IBM ECM Blog 

"Tom Hayden, 1960s Anti-War Activist and Chicago 8 Defendant, Dies at 76" ( ) JK--Say what you will, he was iconic 60s

A Map of Every Device in the World That's Connected to the Internet

"What is "Cognitive Business"? Initial thoughts on upcoming #IBMWoW" ( ) JK--Capgemini's Bill Sullivan in LV this week

Just met social VIP influencer and Southfield MI native April Rudin. She & I discussed suburban Detroit upbringings infused with Canadian TV

This just in: Trump campaign's staff historian proves that every Democrat since the Civil War has won the presidency only by cheating.

Hillary will not only be our first woman president. She'll be our first blonde president. Strange that no prior president has been towheaded

This just in: Trump says he'll sue every voter who didn't vote for him.

Another employee at the Genius Bar in Las Vegas is a dude who seems to be wearing brown yo-yos or Oreo cookies as earrings. Freaking me out.

Hallelujah! The iPhone problem was fixed by the nice man at the Apple Store. Now I'm breathing slightly easier. Sucks on a business trip.

Sitting here at Genius Bar in the Apple Store in Fashion Show Mall, Las Vegas, waiting for the nice man to unfreeze my damn iPhone. Arghh!

'Data Scientist: Gregory Piatetsky-Shapiro o KDnuggets" ( ) JK--Him on our roundtable in Sept:

My past year's worth of data science posts on : 

"At the mercy of AI: Your job, yr health, yr money" ( ) JK--Good discussion of imperative for algorithmic transparency

"How to Cut Cake Fairly and Finally Eat It Too" ( ) JK--Scalable "envy-free" algo. Eaters share cutting responsibility

Someone on this flight spoke the phrase "use case." My sense is they're in high tech. Just a hunch. I've never heard a non-tech pro say it.

"The Natural Side of AI" ( ) JK--#IBM CEO Ginni Rometty addresses misconceptions about intelligent machines.

"Can AI really be ethical and unbiased?" ( ) JK--Unbiased? Ha! Driven by data/algos, which are often rife with biases

"MIT 'Moral Machine' crowdsrces decisions re autnmous driving but experts call 'misguided" ( ) JK--Situational ethics?

"4 Google data sets to kickstart machine learning" ( ) JK--Awesome resource: Google Images, YouTube, Books, Trends

Yesterday's Internet o Things-sourced distributed denial o service attack reminded me o this blog I did 3 years ago:

Sure was nice to return to place I grew up today on my way to Vegas. Ah, Detroit. Oh, I forgot, I didn't grow up at the airport. Never mind.

"Internet still actually controlled by 14 people who hold 7 secret keys" ( ) JK--AND THEY'RE CONTROLLING OUR MINDS!!!!

Wrapped my prep for World of Watson and then went to yoga class. The event is always intensely physical. Best to manage it with poise.

"How switching to Macs is paying off for IBM" ( ) JK--I just switched over to my IBM-issued MacBook Air & love it.

Canned music system at bodyworks class malfunctioned today. Instructor plugged her phone's music into the loudspeakers. Her jams were better

I always enjoy business trips to Las Vegas. I don't do Vegas stuff. I just work. When in Vegas. much work involves food, drink, & fun.

Incorporate streaming analytics in the Internet of Things 

Yeah, like the legitimacy of an election depends on whether Donald Trump personally accepts it. He doesn't accept Obama's birth certificate

You sense that Hillary Rodham Clinton was fated to run against the biggest blowhard the Republicans could nominate. Her father was one.

This is historic. We'll have our first woman president. And she'll have vanquished the most despised major-party candidate in US history.

Poured myself a cold sangria. Preferable to getting angria.

In bootcamp class, someone asked what I do for a living. I told. Another wanted to discuss Watson. Music came on. Worked it. Sweated buckets

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Naked by Sera Cahoone from Deer Creek Canyon JK--2012. Lovely sad folkish song that sends shivers up your backbone.

New #IBM jk #TechTarget #ITKnowledgeExchange column: "Keeping a clear mind about the potential downsides of AI" ( )

Drafted new #TechTarget #ITKnowledgeExchange column: "Keeping a Clear Mind About the Potential Downsides of AI"

Don't miss this! We're talking about the future of mobile and #cognitive with @IBMWatson at #IBMWoW:... 

I like 9. Reminds me there's wine. 9's the time to open the wine.

I suspect that Donald Trump is on a strict diet of red herrings. Because that's the only thing he regurgitates every time he opens his mouth

New #IBMWoW jk blog: "Center your business strategy on predictive analytics at IBM Insight @ World of Watson 2016" ( )

"Jobs Are for Machines" ( ) JK--IMHO, knowledge jobs are for humans. Routine-cognition-driven tasks are for machines.

RT @kexpplaylist#kexp Protection by Massive Attack from Protection JK--1994. "Stand in front of you. I'll take the force of the blow."

"Is Stupidity A Dangerous Side Effect Of Big-Data-Driven AI?" ( ) JK--No. We'll hone our intuition thru AI superpowers

"AI disruption wave" ( ) JK--Will come from scaling automated unsupervised learning + continuous crowdsourced training

I assume the Trump-Pence campaign will hold their victory celebration at the Trump Taj Mahal. Oh...I forgot.

"Computational Law, Symbolic Discourse, & the AI Constitution" ( ) JK--SWolfram argues that reality all-computational

"Universe Has Almost 10x More Galaxies Than Thought" ( ) JK--We're an ever-tinier needle in unfathomably huge haystack

"Deep Learning 101: The What, Where, and How" ( ) JK--Bottom-up experience-driven learning, not top-down rule-driven

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Ain't No Woman by The Four Tops JK--1973. Yep. Ain't no woman like the One-Eyed Gott.

Yet another story of another app being powered by machine learning. This technology is becoming so ubiquitous it's almost NOT news anymore.

"Big Data ML: Telco Fraud Detection" ( ) JK--Massive-scale unsupervised ML on huge lakes of operator/customer data

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Redondo Beach by Patti Smith from Horses JK--1975. Dismal? Standing with shock on their faces? Why? Shark attack?

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Diary by Weyes Blood from Front Row Seat to Earth JK--2016. Lovely, sad. Sad and lovely.

Winterized the house. Installed all new energy-efficient external doors & windows. Brought the plants inside. Just in time for Indian Summer

Quiet calm day today. Just sat in a folding chair in my driveway, staring into the blue sky. Our leaves still haven’t changed or fallen.

Trump wants a drug test before the next debate. Of course, if the results aren’t favorable to him, he’ll say it was rigged.

Yeah sure, Trump knows “locker room talk.” The only one of those he’s ever been in is the women’s. As owner. Unannounced uninvited unwelcome

Wow. Amazing. Trump has entered the home stretch of the race by displaying his most misogynistic side with maximum bravado. Loser!

Hillary will also be the first US president who has had sex with another US president. As far as we know.

God I’m glad the weekend is here. I’m not glad it’s anywhere else. I’m just glad it’s here.

9K Arlington Voters Get Wrong Polling Place Infodf

It's unsettling when you realize that the fictional Howard Beale character from 1976's "Network" was probably saner than today's GOP nominee

Dear Email Mktrs: Enuff w/followup emails starting "We just want to make sure you saw our email about..." I just want U 2 know I didnt/wont

"Galaxy"?..."exploding"?....hey Samsung, don't name your next-generation smartphone "Supernova." Just sayin'

Remember when phone calls & letters had real value? Now, when my landline rings, it's usually junk. Ditto for what's in my curbside mailbox

Why does "Ken Bone" sound like a Donald Trump pseudonym?

On a business call with people younger than me who regard the '80s as some sort of halcyon day for pop music. I found it disappointing.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Before You Go by Buck Owens JK--1965. My bud Jason Burns once worked for Buck in Bakersfield. Sez the dude was cool.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Weekender by Margo Price from Midwest Farmer's Daughter JK--2016. Such a great classic Appalachian sound.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Muddy Water by Don Rigsby from The Midnight Call JK--2003. Oh, that's nice!

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp The Bridge Washed Out by Warner Mack JK--1965. Great twangy honky-tonk ballad.

Fake news still trending on Facebook? Oh, ok. That must explain something I read about Glenn Beck supporting Hillary Clinton. Obviously fake

Worked my abs tonight. Always good to know you can count on your antilock braking system in a pinch.

It was high time that songwriters were recognized as full literati. Dylan deserves this Nobel as much as any poet, playwright, or novelist.

Awesome news that Bob Dylan has been awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature. Finally, someone whose work I'm intimately familiar with.

What I find funny is that Trump’s always retreating to some tower named after himself. Comic-book illustration of narcissistic disconnection

"Beyond Deep Learning – 3rd Generation Neural Nets" ( ) JK--William Vorhies on "spiking neural net" algorithms.

"What Math Looks Like in th Mind" ( ) JK--Diff people's neurons may do calcs differntly based on diff life experiences

"3 Stages of AI" ( ) JK--Interesting pyramid: 1) machine learning, 2) machine intelligence, 3) machine consciousness

"How AI, Drones And Big Data Are Reshaping The Future Of Warfare" ( ) JK--Good BMarr overview of unsettling reality

"AI layer for Enterprise & role of IoT" ( ) JK--"AI layer" is interesting architectural concept. Drives cognitive apps

NY Times Upshot &  teams should share Pulitzer Prize for excellent data journalistic reporting on 2016 US election.

"Basic common sense is key to building more intelligent machines" ( ) JK--Manual labeling + unsupervised learning

"A Deep-Learning App Diagnoses Crop Diseases" ( ) JK--Powerful when combined with mobile, IoT, and remote sensing.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Magic In Your Eyes by La Sera from Queens EP JK--2016. They always make great bright invigorating popsongs

#IBM Praises White House Report on the Future and Benefits of Artificial Intelligence ( )

"Administration’s Report on the Future of AI" ( ) JK--Obama admin on opportunities, considerations, and challenges

"Major GOP Donors Want Money Back From Trump" ( ) JK--And sensible Republicans want their party back. Fat chance.

Join me et al at 9am ET today on CrowdChat "Machine Learning on Spark"  #SparkMachineLearning

"LinkedIn wants to help you look for a job behind your boss’s back" ( ) JK--Sounds like Ashley Madison for careerists

Republican Party obviously NOT going to disappear after this election. But they'll put Pence in charge of denying they ever nominated Trump

Trump's statement that he would jail his political opponent if he came to power. I assume that was recommended by his advisor Vladimir Putin

"The Promise of AI" JK--Good report from the Center for Data Innovation: 

"Adversarial Machine Learning: Next Advance in AI" (  ) JK--"Discriminator" CNN enginrd 2 detect "Generator" CNN spoof

Apache Spark on IBM Bluemix 

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Tell Me, Momma by Bob Dylan from The 1966 Live Recordings JK--1966 (duh). Royal Albert Hall. Rocking!

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Gideon's Bible by John Cale from Vintage Violence JK--1970. Great one from an early solo LP with cool cover photo

Cliche of dumb Facebook political posts is that somehow you can “shut down” your opponent with a choice tweet. Ha! None of this crap sticks.

Obama and Romney used big data well in the 2012 campaign, and I’m sure Hillary does now. Trump? Why do I suspect he doesn’t have a clue?

I am still fond of Donald Duck, though.

Socials users leaning heavily on unfriend, unfollow, delete-guest-post, block, & report-abuse features during this polarized election season
RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Chateau Lobby #4 (in C for Two Virgins) by Father John Misty JK--2015. "Baby be gentle it's my first time"

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Greetings To The New Brunette by Billy Bragg JK--1985. "How can U lie there & think of England?"

Join me on the Spark CrowdChat: "Machine learning on Spark" Wed 12 Oct 9am ET:  #SparkMachineLearning

Right Data on demand throughout the SDLC 

Top industry use cases for streaming analytics 

Diversity fosters innovation in #infosec: See tips from IBM's #CISO Shamla Naidoo:  by... 

As a Wolverine, I cannot in clear conscience support Columbus Day. Until such time as we establish an Ann Arbor Day as comeuppance.

New #IBMWoW jk blog: "Enabling chief data officer success at IBM Insight at World of Watson 2016" ( )

New #IBMWoW jk blog: "Building a cognitive business at IBM Insight at World of Watson 2016" ( )

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Bron-Yr-Aur by Led Zeppelin from Physical Graffiti JK--1975. A fairly mesmerizing Jimmy Page guitar instrumental

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Weary by Solange from A Seat At The Table JK--2016. Love this gorgeous strand of glistening soul.

Happy Thanksgiving to our friends in Canada. Here in the USA, we'll have special reason to give thanks in late November after Hillary wins.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Eleanor Rigby by Bernie Lyon JK--1978. Excellent reggae cover of the Beatles classic.

Secret to success? Some might say it's "work smarter, not harder." But I lean toward "work harder, smartass!"

Monday morning. Politics news isn't all that gloomy. NY Times Upshot model notches Hillary chances up to 84%.

Interesting. He threatens his opponent with incarceration. But he brags openly about his predilection for raping people.

Somebody needs to quickly post a GIF of Generals Patton & MacArthur spinning in their graves.

Apparently, Trump is suggesting we nuke Syria. What explains comparing US & Russia nuclear readiness re Aleppo?

Trump knows Hillary’s donors’ write-offs. Apparently, he’s personally acquainted with thousands of average Americans’ tax returns.

This debate is not changing the dynamic of the race. Trump argues against existence of his own recorded statements.

Those aren’t sniffs. Those are Trump breathing his own flatulent fumes.

Famous person on our connecting flight: conservative commentator George Will. Early anti-Trump GOP defector. No selfie. Passed him in aisle

Skipped the planned visit to #KEXP studio at Seattle Center yesterday. The Emerald City has horrendous traffic. Gave me a headache.

You know, if we could just get evidence of Trump using email in an insecure fashion, that would be the smoking gun.

Hillary Clinton. Fortunate to be running against most obnoxious macho fool in American political history. It’s a woman’s time to lead th USA

Does Trump not realize that Bill Clinton is not running for president?

Trump’s latest disgusting revelation is no surprise, but it’s no less sickening for that fact. He’s an obvious sexual predator.

"Semantics — What does data science reveal about Clinton & Trump ?" ( ) JK--That she focuses on America, he on himself

Dear British Columbia public TV: Quit recommending we pledge money in our Last Will & Testament. You’re creeping me out!

Can't be too hard to find all those clowns in the woods, I suppose. Greasepaint glows in the dark. And those big red noses? A dead giveaway!
Senate control at stake too. Dems need to flip net 4 to take it (w/tiebreaker Dem VP). WI, IL, IN, PA, & NH will flip Dem. NV will flip Rep.

The ear always perks right up when the weathercaster mentions the forecast for Regina. Then perks right back down. Merely Canadian plains.

Crazy Trump tweet (allcaps): "CLINTON’S CLOSE TIES TO PUTIN DESERVE SCRUTINY." Classic schoolyard debate tactic: "I know U R but what am I?"

It would appear that every biz-tech article over the past 5 years that had "big data" in its title has had that phrase replaced with "AI."

One of my favorite things about vacations is the license they give you to shift your sleep to unusual hours. Waking hours feel dreamier.

Exposure to UV rays the "#1 cause of skin aging"? Pardon me but I'd say the top risk factor is logging more days alive on God's green Earth

Caught the first 15 minutes of VP debate. If those dudes really like to vocalize in unison, I suggest they form an Everly Bros cover band

Today was just intermittent drips of liquid sun and light rain. BC is rainforest loosely shrouded around gargantuan mountains. Damp & deep.

Wanda Sykes on Canadian TV. Wife & I love her. Perfect comedy voice. Love how she uses HER white French wife as comic foil.

Standup starts with bit about how people don’t like celery. Actually, it was 1st vegetable I actually liked. Don’t start on a false premise

Enjoy Canadian cable TV. All inclusive. In British Columbia, I can follow the local politics in the Maritimes. In 2 languages!

I’ve been living in Virginia 4 30+ years & have no clue where Farmville is. Isn't it fictional place U check into on socials 2 earn badges?

Driving into the mountains north of Whistler BC. Said to the wife, "hey, let's drive to Alaska." Didn't, of course. But sort of wanted to.

Hi God. I'm interested to learn more about the meaning of everything. I appreciate a follow back so that I can DM my question.

Skin treatment salesperson with heavy accent. Says “Botox,” sounds like “buttocks.”

"Marc Andreessen’s Sudden Silence on Twitter Stumps Silicon Valley" ( ) JK--Social fatigue is an online fact of life.

"How neuromorphic ‘brain chips’ will begin next era in computing" ( ) JK--Optimized 4 machine-learning algo execution

Disappointed. I've been in Whistler for several days and still haven't seen any monuments to the artist or his mother.

Getting a bit annoying to have to declare to websites that "I'm not a robot." At what point did humans become second-class surfers?

Hurricane Matthew predictive models from Weather Underground/The Weather Company, an IBM subsidiary 

New #IBMWoW jk blog: "Building a cognitive business at IBM Insight at World of Watson 2016" ( )

What's most interesting about this election season's surfeit of predictive analysis is the window into statistical biases of every type.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp It's My Life by Talk Talk JK--1984. Grand passions! I also dig No Doubt's cover 16 years later.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Send me a letter by Ablebody from Adult Contemporaries JK--2016. Nice chill lounge coffee song.
"2 tips for tech PR people" ( …) JK--Good advice. Get right to point & cut the insincere "how's your day?" crap.

Reports of sinister clowns lurking in the woods across America. They already resemble Bigfoot in the shoe-size department.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Revival by Deerhunter from Halcyon Digest JK--2010. Love this. Sounds like BWilson/VDParks with fat beat

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Speak To The Wild by Thurston Moore from The Best Day JK--2014. Excellent one from Sonic Youth co-founder

My first remark to Egidia last night on seeing the coastal splendor of British Columbia was “Wow! It’s even more beautiful than California!”

Godiva chocolates. Sinfully delicious. Have half a mind to consume them on horseback in my birthday suit. But I won’t.

That box wine really kicked in. I actually found some of America’s Funniest Home Videos funny.

Deep leisure. It’s when you realize several hours have slipped by without you having paid attention to the time. Or to any real purpose.

True love. If my life is an indicator, you realize it's there the moment U both stop worrying about whose drinking glass you're sipping from

Usually when trying to explain some simple feature to my tech-averse spouse, I invoke the dictum “and that’s why God gave us computers.”

I assume that Hillary, a lawyer, will call Ivana & Marla Trump to the stand as character witnesses on th husband fidelity issue in Debate #2

How's it possible for today's people's "descendants" to have inhabited region for millennia? They're still unborn.

Logged into YouTube this a.m. in British Columbia. Unprepared 4 barrage o Justin Trudeau. Resembles young Bobby Orr w/ his original teeth

Was a pleasure to do NYC last week. But you take your risks walking Times Square. Narrowly avoided being impaled on a tourist selfie stick.

Appalled at how Trump serially duped investors 20 years ago & continues to stiff the US taxpayer for those losses.

Was pleasant driving from Seattle to Canada border, glimpsing how th GOP candidate's campaign had squandered yardsign $ on a very blue state

Could not be a more relaxing Sunday morning in Whistler BC. A leisurely stroll thru the main commercial district shows an upscale ski resort

I-5 was a constant traffic jam thru Seattle. Apparently, these people have no experience driving in rain.

Only a recklessly stupid campaigner invites headlines such as "Donald Trump unleashed a barrage of tweets attacking a former Miss Universe."

Per most data scientists' projections, Hillary now has near-lock on more than 270 electoral votes--even excluding FL, OH, NC, & NV.

Think I'll head to Canada before the election. But I'll be back. Vacation. Just a week. Aint no way I'm not voting for Hillary. I'm with her

New #IBM jk #DataFirst #StrataHadoop blog: "Putting data to work at Strata + Hadoop World 2016" ( )

Rewatched 40-year-old “Annie Hall” with my daughter. All the New York City references are so 1970s. And so Woody. It’s not that place now.

Enjoyed the Strata keynotes. I think Alistair Croll should do more than intro others. He should always be the featured visionary. I’m a fan

The campaign I was working for IBM kept my mind off the presidential one. The hard work was sufficient distraction. Something of substance.

My 26-year-old daughter has never heard o Jackson Browne. I told her it’s equivalent to you bumping into Justin Timberlake 40 years from now

Chief takeaways from the IBM DataFirst Launch Event  via @IBMAnalytics

New #IBM jk #DataFirst blog: “Chief takeaways from the IBM DataFirst Launch Event” ( )

"Structured Streaming for Spark ML" ( ) JK--Catch #IBM @holdenkarau speaking at 2:05pm today at #StrataHadoop NYC

"What is hardcore data science in practice?" ( ) JK--Data science driving operational pipeline o intelligent assets

"Can AI and Sensors Power the Next Generation of Traffic Lights?" ( ) JK--Nxt-gen lights control autonomous vehicles?

"Real Time Digital Image Processing of Agricultural Data" ( ) JK--Earth's face is arable patterns to be harvested.

"Smart Cities @ Nexus o Emrgng Data Tek" ( ) JK--Borne, no fan o "Citizen Data Scientists," touts "Citizen Scientists"

"Researchers Use Wireless Signals to Recognize Emotions" (  ) JK--Potential app in stealth polygraphs?

"Self-driving boats will be tested on Amsterdam's canals next year" ( ) JK--A natural for low-speed fixed-path crafts

"The Next Killer App Waits in Your Data" ( ) JK--"Soon we won't program computers. We'll train them like dogs."

"Relocation Guidebook 4 Data Scientsts & More" ( ) JK--Wow! My area (Washington DC) outranks San Jose in opportunities

"Industry Leaders Establish Partnership on AI Best Practices" ( ) JK--Amazon DeepMind/Google Facebook IBM Microsoft

Was good to have all the data-science analysts, influencers, and other experts in one place for a day. Level-set my POV vis-a-vis my peers.

Wouldn’t it be weird if the city of the future was nothing but for-hire event spaces?

The #IBM #DataFirst campaign I’m driving out-trended Trump on socials yesterday. I’m pleased we prevailed with substance, not attitude.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Try My Robe by Goat from Requiem JK--2016. Great world-music vibe. Not sure what nationality.

Business travel is a constant race against battery life.

New #IBM jk #DataFirst blog: "Simplifying the deployment of data-driven business innovations" ( )

The trick to predictive analytics: How to bridge the quant/business culture gap … 

" #IBM meshes AI with analytics in new Project DataWorks platform" ( ) JK--Self-service, collaborative, cloud-based

Of course I'm NOT watching the "debate." To quote my favorite political scientist, Carly Simon, I haven't got time for the pain.

Getting ready for tomorrow in NYC. Running on empty, running blind, running into the sun, but I'm running behind. Take it easy!

IBM & NES Cruise in the Cloud Event 

Just met Jackson Browne on 43rd Street.

If I had my druthers. Actually, I do have my druthers. I have plenty of druthers. My middle name is druthers.

My past politico-celebrity encounters on the streets of Washington DC: Zbigniew Brzezinski, Jimmy Carter, Bob Geldof, Caspar Weinberger.

My politico-celebrity encounters on past Delta Shuttles (DCA <-> LGA): James Carville, Mary Matalin, Al Roker, Ann Coulter. Curmudgeons all

New York's cool. But it's a bit too big for its own britches.

Have had quite enough of “Youth,” a howlingly pretentious art film with Michael Caine. Have half a mind to fling the DVD like a frisbee.

I assume that Hillary's campaign will invite Melania, Marla, and Ivana to claw each other's eyes out in the front row. Mêlée à trois.

Just about to do a biz trip followed by a vacation. Need new music for the road. Bought/downloaded Angel Olsen's new rocking "My Woman" LP