Saturday, May 30, 2015

Aweekstweets May 23-30 2015: the week the new deck furniture finally arrived

At the end of this summer, I'll have been in my IT career for 30 years. I've mastered and forgotten an unholy load of plodding tech jargon.

"Polyglot"? That's somebody who speaks like a parrot, right? Do they have any vocabulary other than stating that they "want a cracker"?

Annoyed by the ambiguous phrase "for the rest of us." Could refer to the 1% as much as to the 99%. Which group does speaker identify with?

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Blood by Algiers JK--2015. Cool. Sounds like a work song by the prison band of brothers.

Ex-Maryland governor Martin O’Malley officially challenges Hillary Clinton for Dem nom. This won’t be his time. But he will have his day.

Before long, there’ll be a Hypochondriac Channel on cable for all those FUD-grubbing pharma commercials.

Clocks and watches. I’m less interested in a personal appliance the core function of which is to tell me the time. That I can see everywhere

Feels like coffee has become the preferred potion of refined tastes the world over. When’s the last time you recall going out for cocktails?

Reading RW Emerson. Insightful, but reading 19th century erudite verbosity makes me appreciate not having to endure its droning oration

WashPost history comic sez Booth timed shot 2 B drowned by raucous laughline in play Lincoln watching. Line: “sockdologizing old man trap”

The description “hipster” always sends up red flags. Those who use it sound patronizing. Those to whom it’s applied sound smug and superior.

Nice to know that while I sleep somewhere on the Internet I’m always commenting on big data. Don’t know how I do it.

IBMers can choose btwn Macs or PCs--plans deploy 50K Apple MacBooks this year.  JK--i’m on fence re which I should get

IBMers can choose between Macs or PCs... plans to deploy 50,000 Apple MacBooks this year. 

New #IBM #SparkInsight blog: "Answers to your burning questions about Apache Spark" ( ) Summary of recent Crowdchat

Catch me Jun 8-11 at #Hadoop Summit San Jose & Jun 15-18 Spark Summit San Francisco. Working #IBM activities every one of those days.

Big Data Beats Cancer 

" #IBM Introduces Behavior-Based Predictive Analytics by Industry" ( ) JK--Retail, banking, telecom, insurance, etc

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp The Sidewinder Sleeps Tonite by REM from Automatic for the People JK--1992. LP was their creative & commercial peak

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp From Here To The Door by George Jones from We Found Heaven Right Here On Ear JK--1966. He sang with rich resonance

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Was It 26 by Chris Stapleton from Traveler JK--Love this. Sings the ballad from deep down in his gut.

How to get started with Apache Spark today 

10 things you need to know about Spark 

"You're Drinking Coffee All Wrong. Here's How to Fix That" ( ) JK--Just great. Another thing to give me the jitters.

New #IBM #SparkInsight jk slideshow preso: "10 things you need to know about Spark" ( )

New #IBM jk #Dataversity column: "Deep Learning Lives and Dies By Dimensionality Reduction" ( )

New #IBM jk #SparkInsight blog: "How to get started with Apache Spark today" ( )

Happiness is discovering frozen microwaveable beef burritos wrapped nicely in the freezer at lunchtime, calmly awaiting their yummy fate.

Sheer scale of IBM is almost staggering. Not "almost"...TRULY staggering. I get dizzy following every thing that's in coordinated motion

"Wearbls & AI extend ent capabs" ( ) JK--VR, gesture controls, brain-comptr IFs, bio authnt, robotics, NLP, Watson, etc

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Never Be The Same by Built To Spill from Untethered Moon JK--2015. Nice new one from these guys. Guitar sound CCR-ish

"KeystoneML" ( ) JK--AMPLab sw framework simplifies use of Scala to construct scalable ML pipelines with Apache Spark.

"Impressions From Strata London And Big Analytics Israel 2015" ( ) JK--Big themes: real-time, stream processing

"Running Spark on Hdp" ( ) JK--Modes: local (single JVM), YARN clustr (spark-submit), YARN client (distrib spark-shell)

"Elephant in Big Data Room: Data Locality Irrelevant for Hadoop" ( ) JK--Processes execute just as fast if disk remote

Onalytica says I'm #16 most influential individual big-data tweeter ( ). Note: I also manage #1 most influential brand

One of those days I'd describe as not merely busy, but monstrously so.

Caught "Lucy" on DVD. Exceptionally preposterous sci-fi with Scarlett Johansson, and Morgan Freeman just doing a Morgan Freeman imitation.

#IBM CEO Ginni Rometty #13 on @Forbes list of the World's 100 Most Powerful Women  #PowerWomen

New #IBM jk LinkedIn Pulse post: "Big Data Analytics, GMOs, and the Future Cuisine of Space-Dwelling Humanity" ( )

"Data Science & Open World Assumption" ( ) JK--Seems 2 mean modeling unstruct/unlabeld/probablstc data w/unsup learning

#Spark insights from the recent Cambridge meetup  #SparkInsight

Build a Big SQL app using the IBM Analytics for Hadoop Service 

Applying Cognitive Computing to Color for Effective Design 

Saw "Top Five" on DVD. Chris Rock seems to think remaking "Stardust Memories" was good move for a comedian's midlife-crisis film. It wasn't.

Siri responds to spoken queries with "OK James here's..." How can I reset this to make it "yes Master, here's.."? Like "I Dream of Jeannie"

RIP John F. Nash Jr. Even if U ignore his Nobel Prize winning maths achievements, can't help but be impressed how he overcame schizophrenia

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Let Go by The Very Best from Makes A King JK--2015. Very cool power "world" groove. Malawi, UK, Sweden.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Can't Keep Checking My Phone by Unknown Mortal Orchestra frm Multi-Love JK--2015. Great song title. Pure gadget angst

"The Truman Show"? I think it was about President of the United States being unaware that unseen others were causing the buck to stop there?

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Waiting Room by Fugazi from 13 Songs JK--1989. Arlington-based punk band acquired considerable non-DC-area fanbase.

"A virtual chauffeur? Not so fast, drivers say" ( ) JK--Self-driving vehicle tech coming faster than people realize.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Maggie's Farm by Bob Dylan from Bringing It All Back Home JK--1965. His best "protest song." Everybody can relate.

RIP Anne Meara. Wisecracking Irish Catholic female half of best husband-wife comedy team since Burns & Allen. And mother of Ben Stiller

If shrunk autonomous vehicle tech down to a wearable, combined it with haptics, & fitted it to blind person, would they need seeing-eye dog?

“Populist.” Exactly which segment of the population does a politician have to appeal to in order to be considered a “populist”?

Steve Hillage "It's All Too Much" ( ) JK--1976. Improves on Beatles' original. A rare feat. George Harrison composition

Stopped into tiny Danish furniture store on a neighborhood corner in Georgetown today. Loved the design elegance. Need a good reading chair

Futzed with a few of the smartwatches at the Apple Store in Georgetown today. Not impressed. Definitely not hankering to wear one.

Almost stopped into Ben & Jerry's today. But thought better of it. Much as I love ice cream, I'm not going to pay insane prices for scoops

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Smalltown Boy by Bronski Beat from The Age of Consent JK--1984. I love this moody electronic dancebeat.

I’ve loved Georgetown since the summer of 1978 when I lived here while working as an intern in Washington DC.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp It’s You by Nao from February 15 JK--Cool soul. Sounds like a lost Sade track.

The Irish vote is starkest example yet of the disconnect between what the Catholic clergy preaches and what Catholic people actually believe

I've bought 7 albums this year so far. Spending my 3-day just enjoying them. Right now, from early Jan: "Panda Bear Meets the Grim Reaper"


Saturday, May 23, 2015

Aweekstweets May 16-23 2015: the week that was way too crazy

5 hours ago
Jim Gaffigan. Funny comedian who routinely delivers laughs. But if he screws up, he has a good excuse: "I gaffe, again."

"American Idol" ending after way too long. I've never once watchd an episode from start2finish. But I've ignored it while switching channels

I'm actually starting to follow the Washington Nationals more closely. A real solid squad. They're on a streak. 1st place in their division.

Monkees "Last Train to Clarksville" ( ) JK--What the? WashPost says this Boyce/Hart from POV of soldier bound 4 Vietnam

Hmm. Hillary received emails warning about dangerous conditions in Benghazi. As if she didnt receive similar re every other place in Mideast

"Outlet stores." Outlet for what? The same exact merchandise you can buy anywhere else that will carry it? The crap they can't give away?

"First World problems." Problem #1 is thinking of yourselves as the "First World." There's only one world, folks, and every people are in it

WSJ article about Saddam Hussein craving for Doritos in prison. Couldn't help but munch a few while I read it. My bad.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Look Good in Blue by Blondie JK--1976. Most trad-pop of the CBGBs group. Beautiful lady singer, well-crafted melodies

Read WSJ "anatomy of a song." Bob Seger on writing Night Moves." Inspired by KK's"Me & B McGee," "American Graffiti" film, Boss "Jungleland"

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Necessary Evil by Unknown Mortal Orchestra from Multi-Love JK--Bit of a Steely Dan vibe here.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Stoic Resemblances by The Helio Sequence JK--2015. Great exercise song, Get that cardio pumping.

Will now mow the lawn and clear my brain. Have a good 3-day. I know I will.

Fight the cold cyberwar with analytics 

5 ways to make better merchandising decisions 

Geospatial analytics with IBM SPSS Modeler 

@Semaphorecomms @IBMSmrtrCmptng frontiers: PB vols, real-time veloc, multistruct data pushes those magnitudes, becomes #bigdata

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp In a Big Country by Big Country JK--1983. If Scotland separated from UK, would it be a big or smaller country?

"What R Th Most Common Mistakes Made By Aspirational Data Scientists?" ( ) JK--The aspirationals' most exasperationals

"7 Techniques for Data Dimensionality Reduction" ( ) JK--Good reference. Could not be more essential to data science

"Why Data Scientists Dont Have Time to Do Analysis" ( ) JK--And why didnt David Byrne have time for Mudd Club or CBGBs?

"Silicon Chips That See R Going to Make Your Smartphone Brilliant" ( ) JK--With what impact on your own visual acuity?

"Say hello to machines that read your emotions to make U happy" ( ) JK--Like a hip flask of wearable Internet of Things

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Rainbow by Robert Plant & the Sensational from Lullaby and The Ceaseless Roar JK--2014. His post-Zeppelin work is gr8

I seriously hate those webpages w/embedded ad video that plays as you scroll over it. Like annoying person always trying to get last word in

#Hadoop uber-alles? Surmounting scaling and acceleration challenges surrounding #Spark ( ) Friday #IBM qh #SparkInsight

The lesson I learned from "National Lampoon's Animal House" was the wisdom of the road trip. When the going gets tough, trip out.

Fitz & The Tantrums "Spark" ( ). 2013.

The Shadows "Apache" ( ). 1960.

Never understood old slogan about Coca-Cola being "the real thing." Yeah, it's really secret syrup dissolved in carbonated water. That thing

Kudos to the great @louistcherian for his masterful orchestration o today's very successful #SparkInsight Crowdchat ( )

Statistics on #Spark community are in this recent blog: 

This has been an amazingly (over-)stimulating Crowdchat on #Spark. Wow! #sparkinsight 

@IBMbigdata The next generation of business application developers--the "Millennials" and beyond-... #sparkinsight 

@IBMbigdata #Datascience is the core of app development in the 21st century, in which big-data an... #sparkinsight 

@IBMbigdata Here's a cool case study from France of Spark machine learning on accelerometer data ... #sparkinsight 

@acoliver You are quite right on that, Andrew. As Spark matures as a market, expect to see soluti... #sparkinsight 

@IBMbigdata #Datascientists need to implement in-memory big data development and runtime platform... #sparkinsight 

@IBMbigdata #Datascientists need to deepen their skills in iterative development of machine learn... #sparkinsight 

@pagal882 #Spark can access and process data stored in HDFS, Apache HBase, Apache Cassandra, and ... #sparkinsight 

@IBMbigdata Spark is another big-data environment---alongside Hadoop, various stream-computing, v... #sparkinsight 

@IBMbigdata Spark is a data-scientist real-time exploratory machine-learning development environm... #sparkinsight 

@IBMbigdata #Spark accesses "data lakes" built on #Hadoop HDFS, complements the low-latency strea... #sparkinsight 

@IBMbigdata Spark-suited scenarios describe many projects in social analytics, mobile analytics, ... #sparkinsight 

@IBMbigdata Spark’s machine-learning tools are fundamental for boosting data-scientist productivi... #sparkinsight 

@IBMbigdata Spark’s graph analytics are well-suited for anti-fraud, influence analysis, sentiment... #sparkinsight 

@IBMbigdata You may want to include Spark’s streaming analytics capabilities if you’re doing low-... #sparkinsight 

@IBMbigdata If you're a data scientist building models in Spark, you may build a starter in-memor... #sparkinsight 

@IBMbigdata Data scientists would use #Spark for “schema on read" development, freeing them from ... #sparkinsight 

@IBMbigdata Data scientists would use #Spark to rapidly model and simulate alternate scenarios, e... #sparkinsight 

@IBMbigdata Spark is well-suited for exploratory analytics by teams of data scientists using Hado... #sparkinsight 

@IBMbigdata Spark includes runtime engines that are optimized for in-memory processing, streaming... #sparkinsight 
@elesinOlalekan I'd be remiss if I didn't mention that IBM BigInsights 4.0 has Spark inside: ... #sparkinsight 

@IBMbigdata D-Streams are a continuous sequence of RDDs representing data streams that are create... #sparkinsight 

@IBMbigdata An RDD is a read-only partitioned collection of records. It includes data-integration... #sparkinsight 

@IBMbigdata Where Hadoop has abstraction layers in MapReduce and YARN, Spark Streaming relies on ... #sparkinsight 

@IBMbigdata Spark boosts data-scientist productivity through in-memory performance, easier APIs, ... #sparkinsight 

@IBMbigdata Developers and data scientist can bring existing expertise from familiar programming ... #sparkinsight 

@IBMbigdata Spark enables organizations to do more and deeper analytics with less coding and fast... #sparkinsight 

@IBMbigdata #Spark is a data-scientist productivity tool #sparkinsight 

@IBMbigdata Currently in version 1.3.1, Spark is a layered distributed-computing framework that c... #sparkinsight 

@IBMbigdata Forward-looking organizations see Spark as a platform to complement their investments... #sparkinsight 

@elesinOlalekan Not a matter of #Spark over #Hadoop. It's more a matter of Spark leveraging and e... #sparkinsight 

Remember to post your replies under the question frames (e.g., Q1: What is Spark?) so that others... #sparkinsight 

@avi_patwardhan Spark is not an extension to MapReduce; instead, it complements MapReduce through... #sparkinsight 

@IBMbigdata Spark's performance advantages come from parallelizing models across distributed in-m... #sparkinsight 

@andbflo_denny Advantages of Spark are speed, simplicity, versatilitiy, ability to work with your... #sparkinsight 

@IBMbigdata This capability makes Apache Spark well-suited for the growing range of real-time app... #sparkinsight 

@IBMbigdata Apache Spark's core design feature is the ability to support iterative, distributed, ... #sparkinsight 

@IBMbigdata Essentially, Spark is a next generation cluster-computing solution, runtime processin... #sparkinsight 

@IBMbigdata Spark is a distributed in-memory analytics tool. #sparkinsight 

@IBMbigdata Glad to be on this Crowdchat discussing Apache Spark. #sparkinsight 

Join #crowdchat starting at top of the hour: "What is #Spark?' #sparkinsight #apachespark . Use your Twitter to access

Join our #crowdchat starting at the top of the hour, 11am ET, on 'What is #Spark?' #sparkinsight #apachespark 

Join our #crowdchat starting at the top of the hour, 11am ET, on 'What is #Spark?' #sparkinsight #apachespark: 

Join our #crowdchat starting at the top of the hour, 11am ET, on 'What is #Spark?' #sparkinsight: 

"Spark insights from the recent Cambridge meetup" ( ) JK--IBM's Monica Fox reports, #SparkInsight

Machine learning as a fluid intelligence harvesting service 

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Stoned And Starving by Parquet Courts from Light Up Gold JK--2013. Song ends before learn if stooped to cannibalism
RT @kexpplaylist #kexp To Have and to Have Not by Billy Bragg from Life's a Riot With Spy vs. Spy JK--1983. Great raw working-class anthem

Machine learning? Distinguishing voices from chatter and beauty from clutter ( ) Thursday #IBM quick-hit

RT @ibmbigdata: Join our #crowdchat starting in a few hours on 'What is #Spark?'  #sparkinsight

Join our #crowdchat starting in a few hours on 'What is #Spark?'  #sparkinsight

I do recall Letterman’s short-lived morning show in th early 80s. He would feature a fat guy drinking out of a garden hose. I said what the?

New #IBM jk blog: "Machine learning as a fluid intelligence harvesting service" ( )

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Moses Pain by Jonathan Wilson from Fanfare JK--2013. Good song. Sounds like Tom Petty at his peak. But better voice

Today's Koby LinkedIn Pulse post had a helluva 1st day in views & likes: 

Not sure who's ghost-writing all those blogs with my name on them. But whoever it is, I want them to cut it out. You're wearing me out!

New #IBM jk blog: "Trusting the ecosystem that sustains and maintains the Internet of Things" ( )

Making agile decisions in high-frequency #trading  #Cloud #Analytics

Applying cost-effective, off-premises #cloud-based #analytics 

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Lavinia by The Veils from The Runaway Found JK--2004. If she were from my hometown, she'd be Lavinia from Livonia.

After I print out all the important emails for the morning, I staple them & arrange in nice piles. Then I stare & smile at them.

Applying cost-effective, off-premises cloud-based analytics 

Taking On the Data Compression Challenge 

Cloud Computing: A Path to Tech Success for Young People Around the Globe
Only a short window of time each summer when groundwater warms house foundation enough for me to work w/bare feet on basement floor. Not yet

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Jane Says by Jane's Addiction from Kettle Whistle JK--True: the actual Jane kept wig to mask hair loss from addiction

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Love Burns by Black Rebel Motorcycle Club JK--2001. Band took name from Brando-led biker group in "The Wild One."

Hallelujah. It was cool again last night. Windows remained open. Comforter snugly wrapped around my sleeping self. Couldn't be better.

Drafted latest InformationWeek blog: "Drones and Their Impact on Data in the Internet of Things"

Drafted latest Dataversity blog: "Deep Learning Lives and Dies By Dimensionality Reduction"

New #IBM jk LinkedIn Pulse blog: "If Machine Learning Only Had A Heart" ( )

Experience optimization? The delicate art of sensitivity mapping in data-driven application development ( ) Wed #IBM qh

Taking a break from the quick-hits next week. Memorial Day is Monday. That's my excuse. Otherwise, I'm working.

The pace of change and the sheer dizzying rush of new stuff to absorb has me feeling punch-drunk & sucker-punched in equal measure.

"Changing the world" is trivial. Anybody can change it. However, much of it gets changed right back. Change it for good. And for good.

Taking the next step toward text analytics 

Deloitte and IBM to Deliver Risk Intelligence Solutions 

What Mobile & Analytics have in common: The Consumer 

Morning. When I wrestle my unruly inbox to the ground. Not a pretty sight. But somebody has to show it who's boss.

"Great R packages for data import, wrangling & visualization" ( ) JK--Near dizzying variety of available tools

Learn about what makes #Informix the ideal database for #IoT. Video featuring IBM's Steve Shoaf -  #cloud #analytics

Presentation on " #IoT architectures & capabilities" from the IBM and Intel event  via @SlideShare #Informix #cloud

IBM invites you to attend joint webcast with Intel- “Constructing the #IoT solution” on May 28. Register-  #Informix

Balluff uses IBM #DB2 BLU ! 50 times faster access to complex #analytics reporting in #SAP BW system  #ibmblu

New ROI study finds #ibmblu #inmemory to be cost efficient and mature! More details in this Wikibon Study- 

Want to learn more about sizing DB2 BLU solutions? Attend the May 28th #DB2 Tech-talk. Register here -  #ibmblu

Share your expertise with thousands of peers at the #IBMINSIGHT 2015 conference. Submit session proposals by May 29- 

Big data under control? Warring imps in the debate over AI impact p1:  p2:  Tues #IBM qh

No useful pattern in readership metrics on my LinkedIn Pulse posts. Most populars vary widely in subject matter, style, & intended audience

Hey folks who want me to praise their books to help them market them: If any of you write poetry, and it's good, I might. Otherwise, nah.

I listen to music played overhead at stores. Sometimes I hear good songs I wasnt aware of, eg Sheryl Crow "Abilene" ( )

A day my head was in the zone from first to last. Might have been the Twilight Zone.

Comes time in each workday when I walk outside to grab the physical mail. Not that I badly need to get it now. But I badly need fresh air.

Please join us on “What is Spark?” #SparkInsight #ApacheSpark Crowdchat Thurs May 21 11am ET 

"Go ahead, get grandma out of your feed" ( ) JK--No. Just be 100% yourself to 100% of family/acquaintances on socials

"Working with Apache Spark Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Shuffle" ( ) JK--Insights from data scientist

Interesting preso on Apache Ignite (incubating), a distributed framework for in-memory data management ( )

"Machine Learning Methods For Captcha Recognition" ( ) JK--Interesting preso on topic of great import to online security

Statisticians know that regression to the mean is inevitable. But regression to the nasty or the just plain unpleasant is to be avoided.

"Outliers." Word is a sort of a conceptual shibboleth. Business geeks interpret it in Malcolm Gladwell terms, analytics geeks in stat terms.

"An Introduction to Deep Learning...." ( ) JK--Statistical analysis learning through hierarchical layers.

Are you paying attention to your telecommunications customers? 

Getting started with Spark: How smart is your app? 

How smart retailers turn data into differentiation 

New #IBM jk #SparkInsight blog: "Apache Spark and the power of openness" ( )

A week till Memorial Day. Bugs starting to come out in summer formation. My hands are starting assume battle stations in the swatting war.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Servant by Hanni El Khatib from Moonlight JK--2015. Great one. You don't know if this show of submissiveness is token

My work email inbox on a Monday morning. It's a bit like waking up to find the lawn you mowed Friday afternoon is once again waist-high.

Pointed out to my Deadhead friend that, like them, musicians can build large loyal followings without substantial airplay. Wilco for example

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Heinrich Maneuver by Interpol from Our Love 2 Admire JK--2007. Thought this calld "how are things on the west coast?"

Basic cable seems to have an endless supply of documentaries about World War II and the Nazis.

Which evolved first: the chicken or the egg? I think the answer is obvious. Nobel committee: just wire me the award money.

CNN wonders why its ratings are anemic. I don't. Last night, it, typically, broadcast a 3-hour straight "Atlanta Child Murders" documentary

Sitting here contemplating strategy for dodging all obnoxious online campaign advertising that's sure to come during 2016 presidential race.

Waiting for Connecticut friends to traverse the Eastern Seaboard in their automobile and get here so we can commence Sunday evening partying

Need to adopt “-ghazi” as standard suffix for concocted scandal designed to discredit a political opponent.

Wife learning power of multi-channel e-commerce. Shopped/bought new patio set via smartphone, laptop browser, call center, & in-store visit

Chicken gizzards. Just grossed out my daughter with the fact that her paternal grandfather enjoyed eating those nauseating digestive organs.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Reformation by The Fall from Reformation Post TLC JK--2007. UK punk/post-punkers have averaged 1 LP/yr since late 70s