Saturday, October 27, 2012

Aweekstweets October 19-27 2012: the week I became a lost vegan, sort of

Hurricane Sandy may disrupt my plans to travel to Calgary on Tuesday to speak to CIO breakfast on Wednesday. Hope we don't lose power

Neil Young & Crazy Horse "Oh Susannah" ( JK--Improbably make great rock song from Stephen Foster chestnut.

"It's happening: #Hadoop & SQL worlds are converging" ( JK--Detailed discussion from @TonyBaer

The Three Stooges Interview ( JK--1960. Moe reveals how he simulates the tearing-out of tonsils, etc.

Ever notice that the trade press is rooting for Apple's success with every new release, and is always subtly (or not so) dissing Microsoft?

A.C. Newman with Neko Case / The Hudson River Session ( JK--A very cool jam session, with flute!!!

A.C. Newman "I'm Not Talking" ( JK--A beautiful one from his latest LP, "Shut Down The Streets."

A.C. Newman "Encyclopedia of Classic Takedowns" ( JK--New Pornographers principal. From his latest solo LP.

My biggest thrill when speaking publicly is meeting people who attended simply to meet me, knowing me only from socials. New friend-friends

Catching up on my reading today. All the papers that piled up at home while I was gallivanting around Las Vegas.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Just Dropped In (to See What Condition My Conditio by Kenny Rogers & The First Edition JK--Back when he was rock&roll

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Naked by Sera Cahoone from Deer Creek Canyon JK--2012. Soulful Seattle folkie. Great warmth.

Everybody stocking up at the stores prior to hurricane. I raked the yard & brought furniture in pre-winter. Wishing my honey a happy b-day

Finished all 5 of my #ibmiod quick-hits for next week. On the plane home. As fast as my fingers could type. Scribbled rough ideas last night

Egidia picks me up at airport on her commute We go immediately to work out. Must work Vegas out of my nervous system.

In transit home from Vegas. Atlanta airport. Delicious spicy chicken curry. Wrote 4th o 5 quick-hits for next. All of them reference #ibmiod

@isthisbullshit That was almost 7 months ago. Judging by sheer volume o tweets since then mentioning my employ @ #ibm, no it's not bulllshit

This #ibmiod was a great opportunity 4 me 2 finally meet many IBM-ers in person, match faces & personalities with names, and them 2 meet me

In a presentation from November 2010 I referred to "massive data." Fall 2010 was the inflection season when we all shortened it 2 "#bigdata"

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Loaded (Weatherall mix) by Primal Scream from Come Together JK--1990. Cool soul instrumental groove.

To say a hot new technology is being hyped is beside the point. The fact of hype shows general perception of value + aggressive marketing.

Microsoft using Best Coast "The Only Place" ( in Windows 8 commercial. Makes me pay attention, sing along

One of the participants in #ibmiod Technical Unconference said need environment for business analysts & data scientists to share/reuse work

RT @cagedether: HT @jameskobielus business is all about placing bets #ibmiod unconference #bigdata - figure out next best action

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Rated X by Neko Case & the Sadies from 7-inch single JK--1999. Sassy brassy cover of Loretta Lynn classic.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp The Pill by Loretta Lynn from Honky Tonk Girl JK--1975. Couldn't be a better, plainer statement of women's liberation

#BigData vision? Next best action everywhere ( Friday's #ibm quick-hit, a half-day ahead. I have to wake up early

Big-data vision? Next best action everywhere:

At some point, on some future business trip, I will walk all the way from the Strip to those mountains to the west of LV. But not this trip.

Did my post-IOD walk through the light-industrial zone just west of I-15 this afternoon. Cleared me out. Literally. Sinuses breathe easier

I'm still rolling @JeffJonas "context accumulation" around in my head. Going to start a quick-hit thread on that. My own meanderings.

#ibmiod was a great event. Packed full of terrific content, stimulating conversations, vibrant expo, food, folks, & business-appropriate fun

Listening to Irving Wladawsky-Berger, @JeffJonas, & Dave McQueeney prognosticate on the future of tech & #SmarterPlanetover lunch @ #ibmiod

Did my lightning talk on "engaging customer as individual" at #ibmiodunconference. My slides were a bit too busy. I talk fast, though

"Anthropologist 'confirms' Apple is religion" ( JK--Great. Now need confirm anthropologists qualified to speak on topic

#ibmiod Unconference, 10am-2pm PDT today, Mandalay Bay South, 3rd floor, Jasmine rooms.

Getting ready for Unconference at #ibmiod. Where's the Uncola? Boy, am I dating myself with that reference! Unconference: 10am-2pm PDT

#BigData vision? Synoptic time view ( Thursday's #IBMquick-hit

Big-data vision? Synoptic time view:

Interview by Martin Courtney, reporter for Engineering & Technology mag (UK) for article on software dev challenges of #BigData

Today was my first opportunity to party/imbibe with the #IBM social media team to whom I've been virtual for ~ 7 months. Catharsis!

Today at #ibmiod gen'l session Nate Silver revealed loyalty to Detroit Tigers. I was the voice who shouted "GO GET 'EM TIGERS!" in the arena

Good night of partying with the #IBM marketing team at #ibmiod. Seriously good night.

Thin Lizzy "The Boys Are Back in Town" ( JK--1976. Kickass 70s FM-rock-radio staple. Irish group.

The Pogues "Sally MacLennane" ( JK--A damn good Irish hoedown.

The Pogues "Dirty Old Town" ( JK--Written by Ewan MacColl. Kirsty's dad. Whom she barely knew.

The Pogues Featuring Kirsty MacColl "Fairytale Of New York" ( JK--Not yet Xmas but what the f***. I wanna hear

Kirsty MacColl "Don't Come The Cowboy With Me, Sonny Jim" ( JK--Perfect country melody+lyric. Amazing songwriter

Kirsty MacColl "In These Shoes?" ( JK--"In these shoes? I don't think so. I said 'honey, let's do it here.'"

Kirsty MacColl "Treachery" ( JK--"I'm stalking a fan... doesnt look bad from this far...he turned my rock"

Kirsty MacColl "I'm Going Out With An 80 Year Old Millionaire" ( JK--"Britt's got her toyboys but I dont care.."

Lesley Gore "You Don't Own Me" video of her new women's rights PSA: classic 60s hit:

I have true influence. My retweet of somebody's tweet re what happened to the @kexpplaylist twtr feed caused somebody at #kexpto restore it

@PavlikGreg Not clear what you mean by "corporate politics" in this context. Whose political agenda was being advanced vs. resisted?

"Workplace stress: 10 surprising causes" ( JK--List feels padded. 10th is essentially U aint gettin' any nookie-nookie

The non-Koby-authored #IBM book I johnhancockd was "Understanding #BigData" ( by Eaton DeRoos Deutsch Lapis Zikopoulos

Same #ibmiod preso attendee asked 4 me 2 autograph #ibm#bigdata book I didnt write. I wrote: "I wish I'd written this book--James Kobielus"

One of my attendees today at my #ibmiod preso said he luvs my tweets cuz I point to useful articles. HE GETS IT! That's exactly my purpose

"It’s a Big Data World! What Skills Do You Need?" ( JK--@TheSocialPitt blog on my Monday tweetup at #ibmiod

Come on come all to South Pacific F. I present 12 minutes from now on extending value of your DW with #Hadoop BigInsights #ibmiod

Standing on stage in South Pacific F, North Mandalay Conv Ctr, typing these words as I prepare to present at 2:30 #ibmiod

@esselinj I'll try one if they want to give it away for free. No. I used#IBM-standard Lenovo ThinkPad to type these words, blogs, etc

Drafted new #IBM blog: "IBM IOD 2012: The Big Data Buzz Continues to Amaze"

@DTurnerBlogs A Microsoft Zune HD. I love it. I love Seattle. I luv#KEXP. I love music. I also luv being left the hell alone, upon occasion

Writing an #ibmiod blog in press room. My zone of isolation. Earbuds firmly implanted, listening 2 my Zune. Built to Spill "Mess With Time"

@metabrown312 Sorry. Misinterpreted. I thought you tweeted: "What! Are you smoking!" Never mind.

#JeffJonas "jigsaw puzzle" analogy for context accum was revelatory: context configures itself like community of kindred-seeking components

Most "likes" I've ever got for LinkedIn q-h R 4 "Decision scientists? They're the ones mining minds of customers" (

@metabrown312 Smoking? I'm not that hot. But thanks anyway. You are so kind. ;-)

Further evidence that #IBM rules: hot chocolate & marshmallows during breaks at #ibmiod. Coffee? Been dere, drunk dat.

#ibmiod: Silver: re predictive analysts: "be foxy: multidisciplinary, adaptable, self-critical, complexity-tolerant, prudent, empirical"

Foxy data scientists? Sexiest data scientists! KPI? Get-laid incidence lift? I've said too much...

#ibmiod: Silver: very good discussion of the dangers of overfitting models to observed data: "explaining past not same as predicting future"

#ibmiod: Silver: "we are trained to react in a fight-or-flight way to new data/stimuli"

#ibmiod: Nate Silver: "signal and noise: why so many predictions fail but some don't": bestselling author: great debunker

#ibmiod @JeffJonas "fantasy analytics: just cuz U have big pile o data doesnt mean gold in U have sufficient observation space?"

#ibmiod @JeffJonas G2 runs inside #IBM InfoSphere Streams stream-computing engine

#ibmiod @JeffJonas built entity analytics with G2 context accum in SPSS for banking maritime genealogy

#ibmiod @JeffJonas "want complete current conflicting self-correcting context" "G2" genl purpose contxt accum engine inside SPSS Modlr 15

#ibmiod @JeffJonas discussing context accumulation to incrementally improve predictive quality with new data

#ibmiod: High: launched #Watson healthcare & other industry solutions: transforming how medicine is taught, practiced, & paid for

#ibmiod: Rob High: #IBM Fellow: Watson Solutions: "cognititive computing...discovery, probabilistic, etc....we've launched, listened, learnt

@bnluk I corrected that detail on the simul-post in my Facebook. I also linked to the video of the song.

#ibmiod: Rhinehart: JK--I eat a banana every morning. I take hydrochlorothiazide every morning. My path feels greener as I age.

@PavlikGreg Explain please. You ask us to take your word for it. Explain who you are & why you think so.

#ibmiod: Craig Rhinehart, #IBM director : ECM strategy: "Insights trapped @ point o care". "Cheaper 2 proactively intrvene outside hospital"

@JasonSilva opens #ibmiod day 3. He's calmer today. His impact is correspondingly greater. Great street interviews.

Got a decent enough sleep. "Decent enough" is relative to the fact that #ibmiod keeps me in constant motion.

@markmadsen Send Sharmila my regards. She's a great person and an excellent addition to their team.

Video of Las Vegas in 1969 ( I-15 and the Strip. It was only slightly more built-out in '76 (my first time)

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Three White Horse by Andrew Bird from Hands of Glory JK--New. Lovely. Andrew's music is sheer poetry.

"Scientists get 6 years in prison for making wrong predictions" ( JK--Most disturbing story of the week.

"GigaSpaces Cloudify Prtnrs w/IBM 2 Bring Cloud Econ 2 #IBMInfoSphere BigInsights" ( JK--Run on cloud of choice

"#IBM Expands #BigData Lineup" ( JK--Expert integrated systems, built on these principles:

#BigData vision? 720-degree customer view ( Wednesday's #IBM quick-hit

Big-data vision? 720-degree customer view:

Barenaked Ladies lead vocalist is Ed Robertson. Stage banter included knowing commentary on analytics & computing. He's no dummy.

Returned to my room after Barenaked Ladies concert. I'll skip One Republic, not cuz I don't care, but cuz I need sleep & I present tomorrow

@eliasisrael Rephrasing: Has any independent data scientist run such models, comparing diverse methodologies of firms who DONT EMPLOY THEM?

Barenaked Ladies did excellent show. They worked the crowd beautifully. Fun. I would have paid to see them. Wait...we did. #ibmiod

Barenaked Ladies do "One Week," my personal fave of theirs. "Like Sting I'm tantric."

Barenaked Ladies doing "Pinch Me." Love how they work in the "under there/made you say underwear" lyric.

Barenaked Ladies doing "Brian Wilson." I went 2 1 o 1st Beach Boys concerts in late 70s when Wilson bravely returnd, fighting mental illness

Barenaked Ladies played for the Canadian launch of #IBM PS/2 back in day. That's true & incredibly funny. Hire them as Big Blue house band.

Barenaked Ladies doing "It's All Been Done." Another good singalong radio rock gem. That singer (whatshisname?) has a powerful tremulousness

Barenaked Ladies apparently have written a #bigdata song for#ibmiod. Actually, it's pretty good

Barenaked Ladies performing one of their hits: "This Is Where We Used to Live." Good solid 90s rock radio song. They're still in fine form

I'm sitting at a cool comfy "social influencers" table drinking my Miller Lite & using social to influence all y'all 2 get all social tonite

My fave of all punk clubs back in the day was Bookie's in Detroit on McNichols near Woodward. Still had residual nightclub swank. Cool crowd

Only one of those long-defunct clubs w/sign replicas here tonite I went to 4 real was CBGB OMFUG. Depressing dump. As was Max's Kansas City

Waiting for the musical entertainment at #ibmiod. Not familiar with OneRepublic. Like Barenaked Ladies, in both senses of the phrase.

There are so many smart, interesting people in and around #IBM to make great conversation that it blows my mind. I could chat forever.

@eliasisrael Every polling organization is constantly running predictive models on the predictive powers of alternate polling methodologies?

Polls vary. Has anybody done statistical model correl8ng opinion polling methodologies in previous election years with predictive accuracy?

Yes I am, Leslie, in my jeans and sneakers. Comfy, but not BareNaked comfy. See you there.

"#IBM PureData Systems @ #ibmiod" ( JK--Good overview. We don't use those acronyms, but they obviously apply

#ibmiod: panel: Shelton/Leicester Tigers: rugby players wear sensors on field, feed data into DBs for pred analytics re injury potential

#ibmiod: panel: Advani/IBM: "marketing will shift from getting people to buy to ensuring people get experience they expect"

#ibmiod: panel: Advani/IBM: "Zappos added online button: "if you want to know how I know what you like" click here" behind personalization

#ibmiod: panel: Advani/IBM: "hard 2 have that customer ID 2 connect social data to other data. you have to earn right to gather customer ID"

#ibmiod: panel: Advani/IBM: "telcos in Europe...started adding unstructured into modeling process, linked to structured via customer ID"

RT @vmcburney: Leicester Tigers collect 1,500 data points per player/day, track training collisions, #spss find injury correlations#ibmiod

#ibmiod: panel: Advani/IBM: "at end of day, it's combination of predictive variables, rules, and optimization"

#ibmiod: panel: Smith/IBM: "predictors change over time...gut feel is there might be other sources of info to pull in?"

RT@marciamarcia: Sentiment doesn't pay the bills or show up on your balance sheet. It gives input into uplift, tho. Deepak Advani#ibmIOD

RT @kdattoli: Chipper Jones getting hotel service through Twitter vs front desk. #ibmiod #

#ibmiod: panel: Advani/IBM: "predict failures before they happen to take action before to prevent"

#ibmiod: panel: Shelton/Leicester Tigers: "SPSS Modeler..more confidence in from past few seasons..predict injuries"

#ibmiod: panel: Ament: sports teams, post-"Moneyball," are investing in analytics

#ibmiod: panel: Wylllie/Flagship: "one project...takes Twtr & FB feedback & thru categ'zn pre-sort feedbak & provide capab 2 know where are"

#ibmiod: panel: Advani/IBM: "sentiment doesn't pay the much revenue can be attributed to lift in sentiment?"

#ibmiod: panel: Advani/IBM: "marketing evolving from art form to science...if have multiple channels, how get attribution 4 msgs in media?"

#ibmiod: panel: Correction (l-r): Ament/Hypatia, Wyllie/Flagship (partner), Advani/IBM, Smith/IBM, Shelton/Leicester Tigers (customer)

#ibmiod: panel: A Closer Look at CMO, Social & PredAnalytics: How Sports Becoming Metaphor 4 Biz. 3 #IBM-ers, 1 prtner,@Hypatia_LeslieA

Benoit Mandelbrot in #IBM Inventor Hall of Fame, Watson Labs, Yorktown Hts NY. A few years ago. Glad I took

@P_A_Carter Mandelbrot? James Gleick book on Chaos, various media discussions. Here's the Wikipedia:

Just spoke to Japanese IT reporters thru translators at #ibmiod. I stand in awe of what translators do in real-time with tough tech content

Sitting off-camera listening to #IBM #bigdata guru Paul Zikopolous being interviewed on #thecube I'm a Zikopolous fan!
@JasonSilva But I enjoyed your remarks, nevertheless. Don't let fogey me cramp your style. Keep on thinking outside the cosmic box#ibmiod

#IBM Benoit Mandelbrot. Patron saint of data science. Invented new branches of math & adv visualization in single seminal insight.#ibmiod

RT @dvellante: On with @@jameskobielus #thecube JK--You and @jeffreyfkelly are great interviewers! Thanks for having me

@JasonSilva Your ideas are interesting. See, among other things I've published: I'm an awe merchant too.

@JasonSilva Boy have you misconstrued what Ray and I are teling you. Just keep the delivery a bit less hyperventilated & you'll do fine

#ibmiod: Alarakhiya: discussing Next Best Action scenario from end to end. Brings it to life. BTW I blog on this often:

#ibmiod: My take on @jasonsilva is he needs to tone down high-intensity techapocalyptic awe: his observations interesting, but exhausting

RT @rwang0: @jasonsilva issue isn't how futuristic. IMHO delivery lacks credibility, U R reading not speaking. this isnt a TV set. it's live

#ibmiod: Fred Balboni: panel with JP Morgan Chase (Adam Braff) & Thomson Reuters (Jerry Hope).

#ibmiod Steve Mills: "government is a massive collection and dispersal engine" for taxpayer money

#ibmiod Steve Mills: next year #IBM will deliver #Watson for the call center: capture knowledge & outcome-based info

RT @AllieBianco: @jameskobielus IBM's #bigdata evangelist discusses what skills you need in this #bigdata world

@unicornguytunde You have a good one too, Tunde.

#BigData vision? Comprehensive cloud analytics ( Tuesday's #IBM quick-hit. Day 2 of #ibmiod

Big-data vision? Comprehensive cloud analytics:

Pere Ubu "Not Happy" ( JK--1981. Other side of that manic 45rpm. "And know it know it know it."

Pere Ubu "Lonesome Cowboy Dave" ( JK--1981. Reverse side of insanely perfect comic strippy "Not Happy" single

Tears for Fears "Everybody Wants to Rule the World" ( JK--In 1985, this moody dance track had a powerful grip

Madonna "Into The Groove" ( JK-Summer of '85, "Like a Virgin" LP, she exploded into massive superstar.

Sade "Smooth Operator" ( JK--Also current during graveyard shift at Milton (WI) Data Center: Mar-Aug '85

Shelly West "Jose Cuervo" ( JK--From "West by West" (1983). Listened 2 this overhead on keypunch graveyard shift

Harry Nilsson "Coconut" ( JK--From "Nilsson Schmilsson." (1971)

Cocteau Twins "A Kissed Out Red Floatboat" ( JK--From "Blue Bell Knoll" (1989).

Jefferson Airplane "A Small Package of Value Will Come to You, Shortly" ( JK--From "After Bathing at Baxter's"

As I said, weird thought. Occurred to me as I was crossing that bridge across the Strip from New York New York.

Context crumples in on itself like a crinkly membrane as subject engages with objects in situational milieus, much as proteins fold.

In my vision, context is the milieu, membrane, or manifold through which subject and objects engage.

Had an odd metaphysical thought about Jeff Jonas' "context accumulation." My image was of "crumpled context."

I take absolutely no schadenfreude in the fact that the Cardinals, who eliminated the Nationals, were themselves eliminated by the Giants.

"Goin' to a tweet-up, ha hnh ha hnh, goin' to a tweet-up...." Do me quick Smokey 2 get in mood. Perfectly legal:

RT @IBMbigdata: Deepen the business value of #bigdata -@JamesKobielus sums up several key #ibmiod

New #IBM jk blog: "Deepen the Business Value of #BigData: IOD Announcements" ( #ibmiod

Why would you think I left #IBM? I'm just getting started. It's a#bigdata #smarterplanet out there--somebody's got to evangelize it!

Drafted latest #IBM blog: "IBM IOD 2012 Announcements Deepen the Business Value of #BigData" #ibmiod

#Ibmiod: panel discussion: NYSE targeting its big-data commercial offerings to many verticals, not just financial services

#Ibmiod: panel discussion: Premier says should be more industry focus on fusing "retrospective" with predictive & current analysis.

#Ibmiod: panel discussion: Trident can now tell how a marketing campaign is performing in a small market in real-time.

#Ibmiod: panel discussion: Trident says "DW has become an antiquated term." It's all #bigdata now.

#Ibmiod: panel discussion: NYSE seeing need to orchestrate#bigdata with user-provisioned data

#Ibmiod: panel discussion: NYSE says must be agile in how data is provisioned & orchestrated for their analysts with 5-nines DR

#Ibmiod: panel discussion: NYSE focusing on automating provisioning of #bigdata & adv analytics within their Netezza-focused operations

#Ibmiod: panel discussion: NYSE building business unit to commercialize #bigdata analytics.

#Ibmiod: panel discussion: Phil Francisco/IBM, Emile Werr/NYSE, Keith Figlioli/Premiere Healthcare Alliance, Brandon Brown/Trident Marketing

#Ibmiod: panel discussion: Phil Francisco, IBM VP of #BigDataProduct Management starts the panel

#Ibmiod: panel discussion: Beyond the Boardroom--Weaving#BigData into Every Fabric of Your Business: Phil Francisco, NYSE, Premier, Trident

RT @Dmattcarter: Don't miss Tweet-up featuring @jameskobielusand @katsnelson in Expo social lounge @5:30 #ibmiod

"Enzee Universe #ibmiod Highlight with Jessica Sharkey" ( JK--Video interviews with several, including yrs trly

The food at this year's #ibmiod is really delicious. Yeah, I know I'm biased now. But, since #IBM isn't in the catering business, trust me

"Survey Recognizes #IBM as Greenest Company in U.S." ( JK--Independent panel:

"#IBM Helps Organizations Tackle Industry Specific #BigDataChallenges" ( JK--Day One InfoMgt announcemnts from #ibmiod

#ibmiod: press conf: Mills: many projects able to achieve level of actionable certainty by correlating many data sources

Video stream of yesterday's #ibmiod Enzee Universe (

#ibmiod: press conf: Rechan: #IBM Varicent: incentive management: available in cloud on subscription basis

#ibmiod: press conf: Krishna: IBM has large biz process outsourcing business, for specific apps/infra (e.g., data analytics) or for many

#ibmiod: press conf: Rechan: enable our clients of all sizes to succeed, publishing book on that

#ibmiod: press conf: Krishna: expert integrated systems deliver advanced analytics to smaller company sizes.

#ibmiod: press conf: Rechan: make it easier and more affordable. IBM Analytic Answers in cloud: midsized client gets quick answer

#ibmiod: press conf: Rechan: Cognos Insight to explore and publish your customer analyses; unleash this to companies of all size.

#ibmiod: press conf: question re IBM plans for SMB solutions for analytics: A: Rechan: make it simple to manage, use, and grow analytics

#ibmiod: press conf: Sprint: #bigdata helps you to see relationships: we've had to engage sociologists etc to find out what data means.

#ibmiod: press conf: Rechan. My misspelling. Sorry, Les.

#ibmiod: press conf: Mills, Krishnan, Rechen, join Laverty, Sprint, and Tident on panel

#ibmiod: press conf: Sprint: how can we optimize services to optimize customer experience "where they're going"

#ibmiod: press conf: Sprint: we can influence transactions in real-time going forward, we're working with #IBM

#ibmiod: press conf: Sprint: if I know somebody's going 2 churn, how can I generate offer to keep them frm churning? How do I approach them?

#ibmiod: press conf: Sprint: customer churn a big problem 4 us. We took all CDRs, created "social ntwk of churn." Influencers vs. followers

#ibmiod: press conf: Customer churn analysis. #Trident has higher churn than rivals. Needed to reduce it. IBM NZ/Fuzzy Logix helped modeling

#ibmiod: press conf: Sprint: How do we cut costs of analytics? How do we open new product channels?

#ibmiod: press conf: Sprint "embarrassed" to say how many analytics platforms we have. Analytics spending forecast frightened us

#ibmiod: press conf: Trident uses #IBM #Netezza and Fuzzy Logix to help with statistical modeling and predictions

#ibmiod: press conf: Trident has seen explosive growth in recent years, requires managing #bigdata sets to manage our customer acquisitions

#ibmiod: press conf: Laverty introduces execs from Sprint & Trident Marketing. Panel discussion.

#ibmiod: press conf: MIlls: we are the industry's largest, most prolific inventor in the big data analytics space

#ibmiod: press conf: MIlls: eventually, companies will spend more money on analytics and predictions than on automating their processes

IBM has put together the most comprehensive, sophisticated portfolio of big data & analytics tech says #IBM Steve Mills #ibmiod@IBMbigdata

#ibmiod: press conf: MIlls: #IBM delivers world's largest computers, fastest most sophisticated supercomputers, deal with data in all forms.

#ibmiod: press conf: MIlls: customer increasing focus on prediction and on focus on real-time here&now anlaysis

#ibmiod: press conf: MIlls: most #BigData projects of things businesses were doing before re optimizing and predicting and analyzing

#ibmiod: press conf: MIlls: discussing this year's theme "Think Big" re#BigData

#ibmiod: press conf: MIlls: discussing #ibmiod in context of many specialized #ibm events all over the world around the year

#ibmiod: press conf: Laverty: announcing new predictive analytics cloud offering

#ibmiod: press conf: Laverty: announcing new #Watson skills initaitive

#ibmiod: press conf: Laverty: announcing new #Hadoop solution accelerators

#ibmiod: press conf: Laverty: announcing streaming analytics for telecom svc providers

#ibmiod: press conf: Laverty: announcing new digital analytics marketing solutions for personalization

@ddkirsch Press conference is in South Conf Center, 2nd floor, Breakers E&F

#ibmiod Waiting for the press conference to begin, with Steve Mills & other execs. Lots of new faces in the press corps. Meeting them.

@marksmithvr Hi Mark. You at #ibmiod? If so, coming to the analyst dinner tonight at Fleur? If so, see you there. If not, regardless. Howdy!

#ibmiod Advani: analytics as a service. Announcing BI pattern on#PureSystem. Have 60+ IBM apps in public cloud

#ibmiod Deepak Advani, VP of business analytics: NLP, entity & predictive analytics, trend pattern & temporal deviation, content analytics

#ibmiod Premier leverages real-time predictive capabilities to manage risk in healthcare

#ibmiod Premier, owned by healthcare priders in US, teamed with#IBM on nextgen DW with advanced analytics for medical records processing

#ibmiod Suh discussing #PureData systdems for different workloads: Transactions, Operational Analytics, Analytics.

#ibmiod: Inhi Cho Suh discussing #PureData. Speed, simplicity, efficiency. Integration by design, built-in expertise, simplified experience

#ibmiod LeBlanc: discussing #PureData System. The box materializes on stage. "This doesn't look like your father's #IBM box."

#ibmiod LeBlanc: discussing #PureSystems: db & app svr, virtzn & provisioning, single integ mgt console, 96-608 way conf, solid-state config

#ibmiod ConocoPhillips next step is add streams to improve forecasting and to apply InfoSphere Streams outside Arctic.

#ibmiod ConocoPhillips teamed with IBM to accelerate project delivery

#ibmiod ConocoPhillips built realtime icefloe tracking app on stream computing in IBM InfoSphere Streams

#ibmiod ConocoPhillips #bigdata saving $1B per production from realtime compute icefloe tracking with prediction & satellite imagery

#ibmiod ConocoPhillips about #bigdata project. Arctic offshore drilling. Real-time compute track arctic icefloes to save rigs & personnel

#ibmiod LeBlanc: discussing #bigdata infra of systems, storage, and cloud, plus governance.

#ibmiod SVP Robert LeBlanc says 12,000-plus attendees at IOD2012.

#ibmiod Jason Silva hosts. TED speaker etc. Focuses on co-evolution of humans & technology.

#ibmiod general session begins. Packed events center. Think BIG.

Chatted with @rkeshavmurthy at #ibmiod. Waiting for Steve Mills to kickoff the conference. Down on events center floor.

@IBMbigdata: "It's a Big Data World! What Skills Do You Need?" Tweetup today at #ibmiod 5:30 Connect Lounge. Meet@jameskobielus @katsnelson Which specific information do you seek that's not already publicly available? What specific applications of the...

Nice little early morning walk out on the Strip, alone except for joggers. Always my means of clearing the head. Day 1 #ibmiodkeynotes

Excalibur has "The Australian Bee Gees Show." I'm more interested in "The English Herman's Hermits Show." Where's that playing?

I kept in almost constant motion throughout reception in #ibmiod Expo hall, and the IM, BA, and ECM community receptions. I'm a meanderer

I will, in fact, post new #IBM quick-hits all 5 days this wk, like usual. All of this wk's R my #bigdata visions, lined up like ducks in row

@KirkDBorne My daughter's a senior at George Mason University. Chemistry. It's a great university in heart of the DC area. Terrific research

@KirkDBorne I think yr astronomy-centric discussion is cool. Thanks for sending. I'm going 2 study this deck. GMU. I'm also Fairfax County
@KirkDBorne Excellent. You also reference word "synoptic," which is in my Thursday vision coming up. "Synoptic time view."

Tonight i attended 6 separate receptions at #ibmiod. I ate varying amounts at 3 of them. I drank beer or wine at 3 of them, soda at 2.

I kernelize tweets blogs & articles in head while exercising. Only ones I post while moving R tweets (walk). I dont run. It stresses joints

#BigData vision? Whole-population analytics ( Monday's #IBM quick-hit. Posted at 9:04pm PDT Sunday night from#ibmiod

Big-data vision? Whole-population analytics:

Great buzz in #ibmiod Expo Hall 4 grand opening reception. Customers & partners in great spirits. Folk've formed many conversation clusters

Jeff Jonas discussed 4 levels of data context relevant 2 prediction quality. I suggested alliterative: complete current confused correcting

Jeff Jonas is also noticeably ripped. He runs Ironman marathons and answers his email while running. The latter is superhuman performance.

Jeff Jonas is freakin briliant. He just gave me rapidfire preview o his#ibmiod preso on "context accumulation" 2 improve prediction quality

Chillin with a Chardonnay in Surf C at #ibmiod. Jeff Jonas speaking now. We'd never met till now. He's totally cool. An analytics inventor

Arvind Krishna Enzee @ IOD2012 #ibmiod: #IBM has put 313 new clients on the #PureSystems platform.

PFrancisco Enzee @ IOD2012 #ibmiod: Arvind Krishna makes unscheduled appearance, speaks at Enzee: voice a bit ragged, but Arvind excited.

@practicingEA Glad to have you at #ibmiod, Brian! Hope you and the missus have fun while you're here.

PFrancisco Enzee @ IOD2012 #ibmiod: platf integ o #PureData 4 Operational Analytics head&shoulders superior 2 ISAS, of which it's successor

PFrancisco Enzee @ IOD2012 #ibmiod: Phil is doing Q&A with the packed room at Enzee @ IOD1012. People are keenly interested.

I think I've been to at least 2 dozen business conferences in Vegas in my 27 year career. First was 1991. US EPA. Thank you Dwight Rodgers

PFrancisco Enzee @ IOD2012 #ibmiod: listing recommended#Netezza sessions. Visit Netezza at booth #722. Catch us in the hallway. Let's talk!

PFrancisco Enzee @ IOD2012 #ibmiod: discussing futures on Netezza Analytics: performance, enrich prtnr ecosys, new algos, enhanced model mgt

PFrancisco Enzee @ IOD2012 #ibmiod: Phil is giving great detail & clear discussion of our engineering innovations to boost perf ongoing

PFrancisco Enzee @ IOD2012 #ibmiod: futures: load performance, optimizer evolutoin, SQL fetch opt'zn, new caching techniques, ....

PFrancisco Enzee @ IOD2012 #ibmiod: future themes: database advances: performance, concurrency, wkld mgt, sys mon & resilience, security, DR

PFrancisco Enzee @ IOD2012 #ibmiod: analytics partner activities: SPSS, Revolution, SAS, Fuzzy Logix, ESRI, Matlab, Zementis, Cloudera, ...

PFrancisco Enzee @ IOD2012 #ibmiod: ESRI v10.1 integration: native connector (ESRI Query Layer)

PFrancisco Enzee @ IOD2012 #ibmiod: #PureData Sys 4 Analytics partner integ w/SAP, SAS, Ventraq, MicroStrat, Composite, Cloudera, etc.

PFrancisco Enzee @ IOD2012 #ibmiod: integrated with BigInsights, Streams, System ML (Mach Learning), Info Server 8.5, InfSph Discovery....

PFrancisco Enzee @ IOD2012 #ibmiod: #PureData Sys 4 Analytics Opt'zn has been integrated with wide range of listed #IBM products

PFrancisco Enzee @ IOD2012 #ibmiod: presenting numbers on significant performance improvements w/#PureData. More from Clark Warner tomorrow

PFrancisco Enzee @ IOD2012 #ibmiod: "We have cool new door [on#PureData]. It's not a green swirly one. See it on the show floor" at#ibmiod

PFrancisco Enzee @ IOD2012 #ibmiod: new analytic capabs w/ Nz Analytics v2.0. ESRI Spatial, partner synerge w/SPSS, Optim, BigInsights, etc

PFrancisco Enzee @ IOD2012 #ibmiod: discussing massive tweet volumes on Oct 9 #PureData launch: "most of those were by Jim Kobielus"

PFrancisco Enzee @ IOD2012 #ibmiod: "You don't see green swirly door on any of my slides. That was emotional day" when we opted not to show

PFrancisco Enzee @ IOD2012 #ibmiod: discussing lifeycle linkages among #IBM #PureData platforms in smarter consolidation of app & data svcs

PFrancisco Enzee @ IOD2012 #ibmiod: overviews of each of the new#IBM #PureData products: Analytics, Operational Analytics, Transactions.

PFrancisco Enzee @ IOD2012 #ibmiod: #PureData: workload-optimized performance, integrated mgt, integr8d maintenance, single point of support

PFrancisco Enzee @ IOD2012 #ibmiod: discussing #PureSystemsprinciples: simplified experience ,integration by design, built-in expertise

PFrancisco Enzee @ IOD2012 #ibmiod: showing updated #IBM#BigData platform slide with #PureSystems #PureData#PureApplication #PureFlex

PFrancisco Enzee @ IOD2012 #ibmiod: Database Analytic Accelerator for z/OS next version available Q4

PFrancisco Enzee @ IOD2012 #ibmiod: #IBM Information Server Data Click, GA 11-21

PFrancisco Enzee @ IOD2012 #ibmiod: #IBM Netezza Replication Services GA 10-21

PFrancisco Enzee @ IOD2012 #ibmiod: continued investments in partner integration

PFrancisco Enzee @ IOD2012 #ibmiod: NPS v7.0 GA 10-26

PFrancisco Enzee @ IOD2012 #ibmiod: #PureData System for Analytics, announced 10-9, GA 10-26.

Phil Francisco discussing new product announcements at Enzee @ IOD2012 #ibmiod.

#ibmiod Sauter #IBM InfoSphere Data Click: attendees at Enzee 2012 are asking lots of questions--they are very interested in this new tool

#ibmiod Sauter #IBM InfoSphere Data Click: you can load this on current #DataStage environment, or run on totally dedicated DataStage engine

#ibmiod Sauter #IBM InfoSphere Data Click: he's showing ample screen shots and giving detailed discussion of how it works & how you use it

#ibmiod Sauter #IBM InfoSphere Data Click gives IT admins tools to monitor and control job execution priorities to a fine grain.

#ibmiod Sauter #IBM InfoSphere Data Click provides deep visual data-lineage drilldown

#ibmiod Sauter #IBM InfoSphere Data Click provides web console 2 drill into job details 2 optimize loading. Leverages #IBM #DataStageengine

#ibmiod Sauter #IBM InfoSphere Data Click gives you fast, extremely scalable, real-time data retrieval & loading

#ibmiod Sauter #IBM InfoSphere Data Click gives you simple loading from #IBM & non-IBM sources , populate #Netezza & #PureData

#ibmiod Sauter #IBM InfoSphere Data Click. Built-in governance with data lineage to assess whether multiple sandboxes pull from same source

#ibmiod Sauter #IBM InfoSphere Data Click. Built-in governance w/agile data retrieval 4 novice & business users building exploratory sandbox

#ibmiod Enzee Guenter Sauter discussing new #IBM InfoSphere Data Click. 2-click data retrieval to offload DW data, generate personal sandbox

At #ibmiod Enzee KParasuraman discussing end2end #IBM #BigDataplatform. Focusing on seamless integration, easy governance, rich devel tools

KParasuraman discuss #PureData within complex #bigdataenvironments that involve #IBM InfoSphere BigInsights #Hadoop &#Infosphere Streams

#IBM Krishnan Parasuraman discussing acceleration of analytics & harnessing of #bigdata for insights at #ibmiod Enzee.

Ray Tacoma presenting business overview at Enzee Universe @#ibmiod. Discussing NZ within #IBM info mgt & #BigDataportfolio/strategy.

Enzee Universe at #ibmiod resumes after lunch. @nancykoppdwstarts off the discussion. Roomed even more packed than in morning.

21 Oct The Onion @TheOnion In Politics: Romney's Terrifying Google Search History  Retweeted by jameskobielus

Rest assured: the @barenakedladies will remain fully clothed 4 entirety of performance l8r this week at #ibmiod. No one requested otherwise

Afternoon agenda at Enzee Universe @ IOD2012 #iod2012 will include business and product-roadmap overviews, incl deep dive on#bigdata

Photo from Enzee Universe at #ibmiod IOD2012 (

The room is packed at #ibmiod Enzee Universe.

It's been a #ibmiodmorning of excellent practical panel discussions among #IBM #Netezza customers on optimizing their DW environments.

"Data scientists develop tool 2 exterminate spammers/trolls" ( JK--Kaggle contest. Winner got $7K for false-pos < 1%

Check the #IBM #BigData Hub for all the latest info: blogs, articles, whitepapers, vids, infogrphcs, etc: #ibmiod

@GeorgeTakei has deftly established himself as social media presence with 3 distinct crowds: 1) Trekkies, 2) gays, & 3) Asian-Americans

RT @Webfluenz: How George Takei Went From Star Trek 2 Social Media Superstar ( JK--He & Shatner are great personalities

RT @dvellante Gearing up 4 #ibmiod in LV & #strataconf in NYC--#thecube will be @ both events & so will I --watch live @

"Bowie the recluse" ( JK--And he's resumed using his birth name: David Jones (due to The Monkee's passing?)

RT @TerraEchos: This just in, @terraechos wins Innovation award for Solutions Excellance #ibmiod! Very honored in such esteemed company

Hammers should be sold w/disclaimers: "Warning: if this is all U have in yr toolkit, U may experience 'everything is a nail' hallucinations"

RIP George McGovern. Principled ex-politician & man of integrity who got his rear-end kicked electorally by Nixon...but got sweet justice

Met one o my Shanghai-based #IBM #Netezza colleagues in hallway @ #ibmiod. Sounds like exciting place 2 do #bigdata: world's biggest country

#IBM opens 'social business' hub in world's 'social networking capital': The social business hub ( #SocialBusiness

Not able to attend #IBMIOD this year? No worries - catch all main stage keynote sessions via the Livestream channel:

RT @awarzecha: Ray Wang rocking it at IBM Partner Day

Chatted with ubiquitous @rwang0 at #ibmiod this morning. He's speaking now in one of the keynotes, along with Les Rechan #ibm#ibmpartners

@Dmattcarter Pleasure to see you Matt. Just stood for a video interview in the hallway outside South Pacific A at #ibmiod. Up there soon

#IBM study spotlights #bigdata as top reason to deploy cloud

#ibmiod Enzee #ibm Thompson providing detailed discussion of #IBM#Netezza TAM responsibilities. Great resource slides for our customers

#ibmiod Enzee #ibm Thompson discussing NZLaunch program delivered by #IBM #Netezza TAM team.

#ibmiod Enzee #ibm Thompson : TAM assists post-sales w/b.p.: db admin,security, bkp/recov, perf opt'zn, etc. Guidance on support & education

#ibmiod Enzee #ibm Thompson : TAM role is post-sales DW "guidance counselor", rather than sys integ or permanent project resource

#ibmiod Enzee Universe #ibm Dave Thompson provides 1 tech acct mgr (TAM) POV on DW best practices. Most b.p. unchanged from release2release

Enzee Universe at #ibmiod begins. Netezza Best Practices with #ibmDave Thompson. Good crowd here.

@merv Wish you were here Merv. But I understand totally why various analysts aren't here: several competing events in same week. Geezel pete

Dirty Vegas "Days Go By" ( JK--What U do stays here. Come 2 #ibmiod. We dont want next 5 days 2 go by without U

Cocteau Twins "Heaven or Las Vegas" ( JK--Not mutually exclusive, my arty-rush Scots friends. Come to #ibmiod

Morrissey "Every Day Is Like Sunday" ( JK--Hey bloke, this is a desert town. Today's sunny+blue. Come 2#ibmiod

Velvet Underground "Sunday Morning " ( JK--Restless feeling? Early dawning? Come to Enzee Universe at#ibmiod.

Johnny Cash "Sunday Morning Coming Down" ( JK--I will, in just a jif, for Enzee Universe at #ibmiod. See U there

"I'm a mover and a shaker." OK. You work for a van lines and you live a plain pious life making simple yet elegant furniture. Good for you.

"Service with a smile." That phrase has always struck me as double-edged. Humans smile for many reasons, some of them mean. Bared teeth.

I won't rest till I'm master of all trades, jack of none. What the hell's a "jack"? (keep it clean).

@StealthMountain I guess they do. I simply copy/pasted it from another #IBM-ers tweet. Thanks.

Get a sneak peak at IBM’s largest conference, #ibmiod, Information OnDemand, which kicks off in Las Vegas today (

Going to #ibmiod Information On Demand? Use the SmartSite to keep your agenda straight (

King Features Syndicate's "Beatles" cartoon "Tomorrow Never Knows" from 1967 (

Oh..much better! THEhotel at Mandalay Bay has adopted standard English practice of calling them "shampoo," "conditioner," & "lotion."

50 years ago this month since Cuban Missile Crisis. Soviet communism collapsed long ago. Castro still hanging in there.

Nice to be in Vegas a day before I get down to work. I always walk the city, off-Strip, alone, to catch my breath and clear my head.

There's plenty of data on the future. It's called "the past." Trick is to find it buried down deep inside that great historical dump.

In transit to #ibmiod. Reviewing the reading material necessary to prep for my myriad tasks.

Looking for YouTube clip of Tom Hanks saying "fuck" on "Good Morning America." I'm sure he said it in a fun, genial, self-deprecating manner

Any child can access a first-class education. What's happening on a#SmarterPlanet? #IBM

Bo Diddley "I'm a Man" ( JK--OK, Bo, so you're 21 & can spell 3-letter word. Pretty ladies ain't gonna line up 2 do you

@merv I'm a short man, dude, but not all over, if you catch my shrift.

Donovan "Mellow Yellow" ( JK--The song, Donovan says, was about ladies' electric vibrators. And his own organ

Peter, Paul, & Mary "I Dig Rock & Roll Music" ( JK--"The radio wont play it unless I lay it between the lines"

Jefferson Airplane "Plastic Fantastic Lover" ( JK--1967. I twt/FB'd it earlier this year when #IBM made offer

Arthur & Yu "Lion's Mouth" ( JK--2007. Left Current Analysis, joind Forrester 1-2-08. Reminds o frigid Cambridge

Everything But the Girl "When All's Well" ( JK--1985. Egidia & I moved to DC area & started careers this year. Reminds

Toad the Wet Sprocket "All I Want" ( JK--1991. I was a telecom contractor at US EPA back then. This reminds me.

The Doors "Light My Fire" ( JK--Extended-jam album version. Jim wrote the 2nd verse, blues-d up the melody line.

The Jimi Hendrix Experience "Hey Joe" ( JK--Most famous version of this song. Jimi nails the menace, or "shoots"

The Leaves "Hey Joe" ( JK--Interestingly, Doors' Robby Krieger says this inspired his "Light My Fire" melody

WSJ "Why Naked Men Get Short Shrift" ( JK--Oh, we're discussing relative shrift length now, are we?