Friday, August 27, 2010

Stuff that's predictably about predictive analytics, or not Aug 23-37 2010

HP Confirms WebOS Tablet

IBM Analytics Helps NC State Sell Tech Innovations

Verizon Roadmap Is Android Heavy

Microsoft Breakup Won't Happen

Five requirements for Advanced Analytics

Analyzing Big Data

Facebook Places vs. Foursquare: Who Has the Business Edge?

Intel To Buy McAfee -- Analysis Roundup

HP bids $1.6 billion for 3Par


Technology's biggest myths

SAP execs outline plans for Sybase

Unclear future for Oracle's Beehive after initial buzz

Master Data Isn't Available at the Turn of a Switch

The Web is Dead: Long Live the Cloud

LDAP misconceptions live on

MindMeister: Sturdy Mind Mapper W/ Route 2 Cloud

3Par buyout puts Dell in ring against IBM, HP -- even partner EMC

Is Oracle Becoming the New Microsoft?

Rest in bits: Your social presence after death

Amazon introduces reservation system for databases in its cloud

Facebook buys social site Hot Potato

Mitch Betts: Six social implications of Facebook Places

NAB Wants Cellphones to Turn On the Radio

Analytics skills in demand – and analytics pros demanding top salaries

Data analytics team’s needs: a business home, leeway on tools and data

IT Infrastructure: IBM Business Analytics: 20 Ways Big Blue Rules

What's next in Business Intelligence?

Global CIO: SAP Confronts The Real-Time Culture Wars

SaaS BI Vendor Analyzes Online Marketing

The rise -- and risk -- of the composite clouds

SAP Outlines Sybase Development Plans

Computer Museum Tour: From ENIAC to Wozniak

Amazon Discounts Cloud Relational Database Service

IBM Big Sheets Helps NC State Sell Innovation

MongoDB Update Adds Scale Out Features

An Intelligent Match

IBM Buys Unica To Boost Business Analytics Services

The Next Facebook: Scoop?

Why the 'Smartphone Wars' Seem So Familiar

Apache's Cassandra Adds Column Data Analysis

Agile Meets Integration at TDWI Conference

Q&A: Pair Appliances and Virtualization to Beef Up Performance

Survey Explores Performance Management in Practice

Startup offers free social media analytics service

SanDisk releases postage stamp-size SSD

In BPM, "B" Stands For "Business"


Wanted: Chief Data Officer. Data Skills Not Necessary.

MIT brings super-computing power to the Android phone

TDE vs Column Encryption

Gmail Offers Free Phone Calls

Metastorm Recognized as a Leader in Business Process Management Suites Report by Independent Analyst Firm

Eucalyptus updates open source cloud platform

SSDs Jump To The Next Level

The Forrester Wave: BPM Suites, Q3 2010

Midmarket BI and Data Warehousing

Excel for Statistical Analysis?

Workforce Analytics is Easy and Simple with Accero

Mobile BI, Situational Intelligence and a Call-Out to SAP-Sybase

Advanced Visualization Is Top of Mind at TDWI

BPMN Model Interchange: Clearing the Hurdles

EntropySoft introduces appliance

Analyzing Big Data

Using BPM to support data integration and MDM activities

The emergence of virtual appliances

Voice Calling Coming to Gmail?

IBM and Business Analytics: A Look at How Big Blue Rules

SAP: Sybase Acquisition Sets Aggressive Mobile Development Goals

RIAs: The Next Frontier of Corporate Development

Building Better BI

DARPA Developing Autonomous Robots

Microsoft's big Bing theory targets Google

MedeAnalytics Launches Enhanced Patient Access Intelligence Solution

The Rise of 4G

Agile Platform 5.1 Aimed at Amazon Cloud

Location-based services: 5 myths debunked

Startup offers free social media analytics service

Analytics and Social CRM: Parallel Evolution?

Teradata Links Data Warehouse with Excel

Will Bing's Back-End Make Yahoo Better?

EFF: Apple Patent Is 'Traitorware'

Google Expands Real-Time Search

RNA, Mellanox Cloud Service Extends Memory, Speeds Storage

Poll: 1/3 Organizations Lack Business Analytics Awareness

What Solid State Storage Form Factor Is Best?

Google raises stakes with disruptive phone service

Oracle hails Flexcube-Exadata V2 benchmarking results

Rumored SAP-Red Hat merger unlikely, analysts say

Standing Up for Agile BI. (Sort of.)

Operational Intelligence Gets A Boost

10 things you should know about NoSQL databases

Google's Realtime Search Update Does What Twitter Won't

Life in Technology's Invisible Panopticon