Sunday, October 18, 2015

Aweekstweets October 4-18 2015: the week of more blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah

Eddie Murphy wants to play Marion Barry in a biopic. I think he’d be perfect for the role.

Self-driving cars need continuous human hand on wheel and eyes facing road, though actual steering & braking are almost entirely autonomous

Justin Trudeau leads in race for Canada’s PM. Would be the GWBush of their country. In line of descent from ex-PM. Not political leaning.

Getting all our ducks in a row for Insight 2015 a week from now. But the ducks might be disappointed that there are no ponds in the desert.

Not sure whose free WiFi I prefer: McDonald’s or Starbucks. Both source their caffeinated bandwidth from fair-trade sources.

Starting my weekend with a bit of repair work on the older car. Grinding brakes are thoroughly unnerving.

Donovan wrote several late-60s pen-pal style songs to California "hippie" friends/lovers: "To Susan...", "Fat Angel," "Mellow Yellow."

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp To Susan On The West Coast Waiting by Hamilton Leithauser from Gazing With Tranquility JK--2015. Donovan cover.

Investigating Data Scientists, their Skills and Team Makeup  via @bobehayes

Guided analytics templates for self-service analytics 

Channel contextual analytics. Oct 26: #rockyouranalytics @IBMBigdata 

In 30 MIN - Join us as we challenge assumptions, explore bold ideas & unexpected insights at #TEDatIBM! Register Now 

New #IBM jk #RockYourData #Datapalooza blog: "Datapalooza: What’s so funny 'bout peace, love and data science?" ( )

Spark in the world beyond Silicon Valley 

IBM CEO: It is the 'dawn of a new era' where computers think and make decisions... 

OMG! My workday is nothing but timeslots that are double- or triple-booked! Steady, Jim, steady!

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Since When Are You Gay? by Childbirth from Women's Rights JK--2015. Punkish song with great title. Made me laugh.

"Information and Data Quality Awards presented to ....Piyush Malik ....." ( ) JK--Congrats Piyush! With #IBM GBS
RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Books Written for Girls by Camera Obscura frm Underachievers Please Try Harder JK--2003. RIP Keyboardist Carey Lander

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Leaving the City by Joanna Newsom from Divers JK--2015. Indie's premier harpist. She's also married to Andy Samberg.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp I've Done It Again by Grace Jones from Nightclubbing JK--1981. A pretty romantic one from the austere disco diva.
@ibminsight The key to leading in the insight economy is to always put the scientific process at th... #ibminsight 

@ibminsight All of them. I learn from everybody. #ibminsight 

@ibminsight And my post from a few years ago taking a big picture on the philosophies of big data: ... #ibminsight 

@ibminsight And here's one on building machine learning algorithms that can act in accordance with ... #ibminsight 

@kzeidenstein Seeing "polls" doesn't prove anything. There are dueling market research in practical... #ibminsight 

@ibminsight However, there is this "anti-algorithm" meme going around in the media these days. Sens... #ibminsight 

@ibminsight I don't think most Americans are skeptical of any of that. That's only the skewed portr... #ibminsight 

@ibminsight The road near my house, about a year ago, after the leaves had fallen: ... #ibminsight 
@ibminsight Franconia, Fairfax County, Virginia. Just outside the Capital Beltway in the DC suburbs... #ibminsight 

@ibminsight It will be my 10th Insight/IOD as 4th as an IBM-er. Previously, I was an indu... #ibminsight 

@ibminsight I should note that IBM uses Watson as our intranet search engine....and it's insanely g... #ibminsight 

@ibminsight Data science smarts are availlable widely too. And many people are bootstrapping themse... #ibminsight 

@ibminsight I don't think this data-driven new culture is "prohibitive," if by that term you mean "... #ibminsight 

@ibminsight Access to analytic technology empowers, but it also complicates. What data? Which analy... #ibminsight 

@ibminsight Tech change is definitely transformational in high tech. Among other things, our entire... #ibminsight 

@ibminsight In this new era, individual human domain experts will give way to crowdsourced communit... #ibminsight 

@ibminsight The fundamental shift is that all developers in this new era must become, at core, data... #ibminsight 

@ibminsight Cognitive systems learn from humans through natural language processing. They learn fro... #ibminsight 

@ibminsight Cognitive systems learn adaptively and in real time from fresh data and from engagement... #ibminsight 

@ibminsight An insight-driven economy uses cognitive computing/machine learning on big data to evol... #ibminsight 

@ibminsight For every industry, an insight-driven economy means one where every customer is empower... #ibminsight 

@ibminsight For all industries, an insight-driven economy is one where data scientists are the key ... #ibminsight 

@ibminsight In high-tech, it means that our customers use data, analytics, intelligent search, and ... #ibminsight 

@BigDataGal Remember to respond under each question as it appears. #ibminsight 

@BigDataGal Hi Lillian! Can't wait to see you in Las Vegas at Insight. #ibminsight 

@ibminsight A pleasure to be here. Ready to tweet my thoughts. Let's hear from the invited experts. #ibminsight 

At @IBMWatson event listening to panel about Expert Storybooks in #sports. #analyticsforall #datascience #bigdata
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Use of analytics has exploded in sports from teams to fans to providing excellent stadium experiences. -- @arikaplan1 #AnalyticsforAll
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Stephen Dubner, Freakonomics author, talking about sports analytics and showing his visualizations #analyticsforall
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Kaplan of Ariball, Baseball Analytics: Getting players to stand in unusual places for fielding is difficult. #analyticsforall #sabermetrics
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#AnalyticsForAll Eyesight & leg strength drive putting, which drives golf wins. Data analysis found youth advantage.
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Stephen Dubner noticed trend in ages of tennis & golf champs. See what he found in #WatsonAnalytics #analyticsforall
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Decisions, decisions: Stephen Dubner talking sports analytics #analyticsforall while IBM also hosting #IoT Jam: …
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#WatsonAnalytcs Expert Storybooks powers insights and consumption guided by an expert ecosystem #AnalyticsforAll.
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Stephen Dubner @freakonomics uses #WatsonAnalytics to relate kick direction to goalie stops. #AnalyticsForAll #soccer
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Stephen Dubner sharing sports analytics visualizations in #WatsonAnalytics #Freakonomics #analyticsforall
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With #WatsonAnalytics how can goalies avoid soccer hooliganism? Dubner uses data, dispels intuition #analyticsforall
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RT @VirtualMRX: "Courage and the data in your pocket" is key to success :) #analyticsforall Like this.

Dubner, Football Freakonomics: sometimes analysis begins with data set and sometimes with observation or theory #analyticsforall
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Definite intersection of #IoT (wearables, equipment sensors) and sports analytics for performance, fan experience #analyticsforall
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#FantasyFootball players have moved from analyzing newspaper stats to online data analytics w/ tools like #WatsonAnalytics #AnalyticsforAll
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Watson Analytics makes analytics useful to casual users in fantasy sports #analyticsforall
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. @arikaplan1: Scouts & managers can use #WatsonAnalytics Expert Storybooks to analyze player health & readiness #AnalyticsforAll
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Check out the livestream tweeted out live now on @ibmbigdata .

Deven Tasgaonkar & Fred Sass #AnalyticsForAll blog: "High-value guided analytics templates for sales" ( )

Deven Tasgaonkar #AnalyticsForAll blog: "Guided analytics templates for self-service analytics" ( )

New #IBM Kobielus+Archut #AnalyticsForAll blog: "When the analytics storybook becomes your business playbook" ( )

"DARPA wants vanishing drones" ( ) JK--Like hummingbirds, bats, or off-duty pilots gone barhopping.

"10 new words you need to know in Silicon Valley" ( ) JK--This has got to be a put-on!

"What a difference a year of Watson Analytics makes" ( ) JK--Listen to Rennie on 10am stream: 

"IBM Expands Data Discovery and Q&A Power of Watson Analytics" ( ) JK--Livestream at 10am ET: 

"All-inclusive vacation"? Do they also include the big wad of cash you'll need to pay for it all? If so, sign me up!

Reading John Cleese autobio. Says stillness intensifies his anxiety. Has the opposite effect on me. Calms me deeply. I’m a meditative soul.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Wendover by The World is a Beautiful Place & I Am No Longer Afraid to Die from Harmlessness JK--2015. Wha....?

Aesop's "The Boy Who Cried Wolf" ( ). Nowadays, he'd be the social-media denizen who cried URGENT!!!!

New #IBM jk #SparkInsight blog: "Spark in the world beyond Silicon Valley" ( ).

Five signs an organization should try cloud-based streaming analytics 

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Mother and Child Reunion by Paul Simon JK--1972. He didn't skip a beat in transitioning to an awesome solo career.

If the devil's in the details, the angels are in the generalities. Moral of the story: the path to heaven is paved with vague non-committals

'Twas a car-themed weekend in th Kobielus household. Mrs+I bought a new one for ourselves. Giving older one to our son. I cleaned daughter's

I know the music I'm playing is good when my wife starts to hum the melody on her first listen. Whatever makes my lady purr.

Check out the #Informix sessions at IBM Insight 2015 at these links-  #ibminsight

IBM #IoT Kit Demo Using Node Red and #Informix on Raspberry Pi 2:   via @YouTube

Informix running on the Intel gateway powering the Intel Smart Building. Great video   #IoT #Informix

Knorr-Bremse improves reporting performance using IBM #DB2 BLU Acceleration. Watch the video here-  #ibmblu

Call for presentation abstracts is open for the 2016 IDUG #DB2 Conference in Austin, Texas - May 23rd-May 26th! 

IDC Whitepaper now in German: IBM #DB2  pureScale delivers affordable, scalable OLTP for Cloud and #BigData. 

Take a sneak peek into the exciting DB2 topics to be covered at #ibminsight 2015 -  #DB2 #ibmblu

Register for Tech-talk on October 22nd to learn about #DB2 differentiators compared to other choices such as Oracle 

In the #CognitiveEra, we can build into every digital application a kind of thinking... 

Homecoming. Never understood why it was felt that coming back to school equated with coming "home."

Washington Post reports ex-Nixon aide portrait of him as petty & paranoid. Breaking news: ex-president also had shifty eyes & jowls.

Diet soft drinks. I stopped drinking them a few years ago. Figured that if I’m going 2 enjoy carbonated beverages, I might as well go all in

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp My Heart’s Not In It by Yo La Tengo from Stuff Like That There JK--2015. Group does wistful exceptionally well.

It’s good to have a working knowledge of lots of technologies. I can read beneath the superficial discussions in general-circulation media.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Quinn the Eskimo (The Mighty Quinn) by Kris Kristofferson JK--Very cool. As if sung by a hobo.

Voting absentee ballot in upcoming county elections. Best this way. Gives leisure to research candidates/issues, sniff out ideological bozos

New car, newly resurfaced cul de sac. Suburban vehicular life turns another GPS-guided corner.

Grand opening at LA Fitness near Ft Belvoir. Just got done with yoga. A vendor tried to sell me supplements to reduce stress. Unh-uh

Tom Petty OKs another “unauthorized biography” on himself. Explain to me again the definition of “unauthorized.”

“Doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.” It’s the definition of probability. Rolling dice, for example.

I heard the long list of nominees for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. IMHO, the only one that deserves it is The Smiths.

"Bot master and techno serf: Your future in a world dominated by machines" ( ) JK--Article takes alarmist POV.

Waiting for the leaves to turn colors. Then I'll be waiting for th colors to blanket the lawn. Then for the white of winter snow to bury all

Never quite sure whether to accept connect requests online from people who never tried to connect in person in any meaningful way.

@jameskobielus Hey James, my team published a report about the State of Data Science that I think may interest you: 
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One of those kinds of days. My time in the dentist's chair was actually the highlight.

On slow days, TV news focuses on anniversaries of important stuff that happened on this day in th past. Nostalgia masquerading as journalism

New #IBM jk blog: "Weather analytics help forecast, prevent and mitigate outages" ( )

My favorite presumptive close on email is "you forgot to register for [some event you never had any intention to register for]." Good try.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Dang Me by Roger Miller from All Time Greatest Hits JK--1964. Very cool song. Sounds like he spontaneously wrote it

"Now Alphabet Has All 26 Letters" ( ) JK--If Formerly Google keeps acquiring, they'll have to change name to Unicode

Looking forward to watching my skin steadily dry, redden, and crack in Las Vegas later this month at Insight 2015. Love that sinus dust!

"NoSQL simply isn't hip anymore" ( ) JK--But it may still be fab, gear, cool, rad, far out, with it, ginchy, & swell.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Empire Is No More by Midday Veil from This Wilderness JK--2015. Big bold dramatic. Like a really good movie theme.
Meet Simon: a remarkable athlete whose life was transformed by the power of @Runkeeper and IBM Cloudant: 
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Thinking of asking cognitive computing expert Bob Dylan to author a blog for my channel. Or at least compose a "Talking Big Data Blues"

When a telemarketer calls out of the clear blue with a presumptive close first thing out of their mouth, I respond with a presumptive hangup

MythBusters: "Sneeze Travels 100 mph" ( ). They should have called this segment "It's Snot-Rocket Science!"

Every notice that people in movies all stand facing stiffly forward in elevators? In real life, people cram, fidget, & face all directions

Aren't rhetorical questions a way of making a point rather than expressing an interrogative?

Loved Colbert's bit about how unnerving it is when a large company has to remind itself "don't be evil"....and then stops reminding itself

"McAfee plans 2 B elected president in landslide on backs of 40M tattooed voters" ( ) JK--No longer person of interest

WSJ "IBM’s New Unit Bets on Boom in Artificial Intelligence" ( )

Ginni Rometty on @CNBC: Think about digital business, married with digital intelligence, you get cognitive. 
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Turning your big data into actionable, fast data 

Big Data: 20 Mind-Boggling Facts Everyone Must Read 

Bob Dylan + IBM Watson. See how Watson can think with us to outthink the limits of creativity. #CognitiveEra …

Bob Dylan + IBM Watson. See how Watson can think with us to outthink the limits of creativity. #CognitiveEra 

#IBM #Outthink #Watson is the platform for cognitive business ( )

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Occasional Magic by Yppah from Tiny Pause JK--2015. Waiting for them to do country-western LP: "Yppah Yi Yo Ki Yay!!"

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Complexity by Eagles of Death Metal from Zipper Down JK--2015. Not death metal at all. A bit rockabilly-feeling.

"Alphabet, GGL new parent firm, issues new motto: ‘Do the right thing’" ( ) JK--Is "the right thing" sometimes "evil"?

"33 worst lines ever said by tech recruiters" ( ) JK--How about "You'll start on the help desk & move up from there"?

"Apple's Project Titan: 8 Rumors We're Following" ( ) JK--Will it shut off driver usage of distracting Apple products?

I'm watching "The Daily Show" again regularly. Trevor Noah's great & Jessica Williams has come into her own. Funny: 

"Smart machines are about to run the world: Here's how to prepare" ( ) JK--Hint: stock up on duct tape & bottled water

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp My Ever Changing Moods by The Style Council JK--1984. One of my fave videos from the early MTV rotation.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Jacksonville by Sufjan Stevens from Illinoise JK--2005. Released on July 4, no less. Classic indie-Americana!

New #IBM jk blog: "Analytics-driven targeting, personalization and engagement in the insight economy" ( )

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Priestess by Pumarosa JK--2015. Love it. Sounds like classic Patti Smith.

"What happens when Big Data tech goes wrong?" ( ) JK--Last week's SiliconAngle interview w/ #Gartner @merv

"ODPi Doubles Membership, Announces Technical Milestones and Open Governance Structure" ( ) JK--IBM an ODPi member

Videos from last week's Strange Loop conference (Kafka, MapReduce, distribted system design, stream processing etc): 

Slides from last week's Apache Big Data Europe event in Budapest ( )

"Not Even People Who Write Algorthms Really Know How They Work" ( ) JK--Complex artifacts developed by teams over time

"Why self-service is everything in BI and big data" ( ) JK--Says business intelligence is Hadoop's killer app

"3 key ways Hadoop is evolving" ( ) JK--Cites #IBM Rob Thomas statements at #Strataconf

"Tesla, Big Data & Industrial Disruption" ( ) JK--Brings agile closed-loop customer experience optzn into hw/sw eng

"10 Misconceptions About Moving Big Data to Cloud" ( ) JK--Forgot "Launch it into low earth orbit." Diff kind o cloud

"Feature Engineering Tips 4 Data Scientists & Biz Analysts" ( ) JK--How U abstract a problem into variables to model

"A Master Algorithm?" ( ) JK--That can discover any knowledge from data? Can it discover the limits of that knowledge?

"NIST Releases Draft Framework for Cyber-Physical Systems" ( ) JK--Throws another IoT standards framework on the stack

"Revolution Will Be Semantic: Web 3.0 & Emergence of Collab Intelligence" ( ) JK--Title's a mash of shopworn paradigms
Presenter slides & videos from last week's #Strataconf ( ). Have at it!

"Deep Learning & New Bayesian Golden Age" ( ) JK--One Strata keynoter confusingly speedtalkd Bayesian analysis last wk

"VW Exposes Massive Flaw In I'net o Things" ( ) JK--Embedded things may lie. Need watchdog 3rd party things to catch

I've come to realize that Siri implicitly knows I'm stressed. I speak less distinctly than normal. It "recognizes" the wrong words. I mumble
"Voice Processing: We Near New Speech Recog Apps?" ( ) JK--Predicts machnes soon B better than us at understand speech

Thinking inside the box is perfectly fine. As long as you realize you're in a box, and don't mistake it for the big blue sky.

"Trick-or-Treat a Data Scientist" ( ) JK--Interesting. Thanks for analyzing all the fun out of it.

"Data Transmutation vs. Data Analytics: Round 1" ( ) JK--Confusing, and that zodiac wheel doesn't help. Data prep?

"The Biggest Risks of Big Data" ( ) JK--Forgot to mention "bad data-driven decisions."

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Pretty Pimpin' by Kurt Vile from B'lieve I'm Goin Down JK--2015. New album. This song's got a country-grunge vibe.

"How to Become a Data Scientist on a Shoestring" ( ) JK--Per Bernard Marr: "literally 1000s of free, online courses"

"Data Scientist vs. Decision Scientist - Is There a Difference" ( ) JK--IMHO, former's a quant, latter a domain expert

Did a little shopping at Whole Foods. Surprised to find no whole milk. Not even any doughnut holes. What's the deal?

Jennifer Aniston got married 2 months ago & I just learned now. Tabloid culture not doing its job of spammably informing us on such matters

Sunday, October 04, 2015

Aweekstweets September 26 to October 4 2015: the week I stratified my time

Has anybody done a study to examine the linkage between multitasking and hypertension? Correlation, causation, no relation?

I have trouble pronouncing "indefatigable." I get fatigued just trying to say it.

Wash Nationals' Max Scherzer throws his 2nd no-hitter of season & against the Mets, dontcha know. Where was your good stuff when it counted?

"IBM's Watson AI System Gets New Digs in San Francisco" ( ) JK--SoMa (South of Market). Early 2016.

I'm curious what percentage of what gets discussed in football huddles is strategy and what percentage is cursing, grunting, and dirty jokes

Ahhhh....the Saturday afternoon stretch....your mind can stretch without banging up against work-week pressures.

My issue with topic of whether tweets should be >140 chars is like my position on selfie sticks. Sometimes constraints are good. Sharpeners

Must say I’m loving Colbert on the Late Show. He’s back in the saddle again. The Gene Autry of late night. Or not.

Perhaps ancient Martian oceans are still there, but long ago sank into a planet-circling aquifer. Perhaps they can be mined.

Experts now say too much sitting and too much standing are bad for you. Apparently, fidgeting restlessly is best. We nerds are taking over!

Likely next Speaker of House essentially admits anti-Hillary Benghazi probe is politically motivated. Then denies he said it. Weasel.

#ibminsight speaker David Birmingham on trends, #IoT & the worst job he's ever had @IBMChampions 

New #IBM jk blog: "Highlights from day three of Strata + Hadoop 2015" ( )

Extreme Tech on IBM's carbon nanotube research breakthrough ( )

The Economist iscusses real-world applications for #IBM #Watson ( )

4 surprising ways companies apply analytics to drive success 

Banks Turn to 'Spark' Technology to Crunch Big Data 

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp I Love You More by The Softies from It's Love JK--1995. Pretty & blissed out. A bit like Mazzy Star.

New #IBM jk blog: "Weather analytics help insurers weather the fiercest storm" ( )

New #IBM jk blog: “Highlights from day two of Strata + Hadoop World 2015” … 

October is always the most insanely busy period in the high-tech annual cycle. Halloween's the least scary of its 31 days. Wish it were now.

Something happened in culture about 20 years ago. People stopped letting other people complete full sentences & stopped trying to form them

"Is Twitter about to embrace the ‘slow content movement?’" ( ) JK--You mean blogging? Or letting me finish a sentence?

The antidote to conference keynote overload is standing in hallway outside the auditorium as the throng files out. The slipstream refreshes

Cloud services. They can be assembled and disassembled in no time. Composable and compostable.

Chatted with HP’s Chris Selland at the Wikibon shindig. He remembers me from his Yankee Group days & my LCC wireless pre-analyst days. Wow!

Very cool convo with Gregory Piatetsky at Wikibon event at #strataconf . I am a huge fan and reader of his data science blogging community

High Line is my new fave NYC park. Because it's not really a park. It's an elevated sidewalk, a public catwalk, a neverending urbane parade

The best way to engage the real world is to always have an inner sense for how unreal it truly is.

"Three Questions You Should Ask Hadoop Vendors at Strata" ( ) JK--Visit #IBM pedestal at #Strataconf. Ask us.

ODPi news release: 

"Hadoop ODP moves under Linux Foundtn wing" ( ) JK--ODPi. New members, technical progress & formal governance structure

"UN adopts new Global Goals, charting sustainable development for people and planet by 2030" ( ) JK--Truly global KPIs

"When Do Viewers Commit to TV Shows? Netflix Reveals Data" ( ) JK--Ntwks'll base renew/cancel decisions on such algos

"Using Big Data to Understand Human Condition: The Kavli HUMAN Project" ( ) JK--Ambitious 20-year 5-boroughs NYC study

"Taking Data Visualization From Eye Candy to Efficiency" ( ) JK--Cool discussion illustrated with visuals from NatGeo

"Big Data Analytics Alters How We Study Human Genome" ( ) JK--Study how disease arises from "social character" of genes

FBI public service announcement on dangers of IoT cybercrime. Article:  PSA: 

"Cognitive Computing, Artificial Intelligence Apps Have Big Future in the Enterprise" ( ) JK--Quotes James "Kobelius"

"If You Weren't Born a Machine-Learning Company, Can You Become One?" ( ) JK--Didn't realize requires DNA test.

"Artificial Intelligence Software Can Take (and Do Pretty Well on) the SATs" ( ) JK--But can't get a date to the prom.

Lunched with lovely @JulieLangenkamp at #Strataconf. She asked what I'm listening to these days. Active Child sez I: …

Hack the Weather: Meet the semifinalists at IBM Insight 2015 

Open platforms and the value of sharing 

Cognitive computing and analytics for smarter mobile applications 

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Oblivion by Grimes from Visions JK--2012. Great percolating electronic pop song. Makes me want to vibrate.

Want to thank a few of my never-met-before IBM colleagues for becoming 3-dimensional during conversations tonight at @strataconf. A pleasure

Was happy to respond 2 "didn't U used to be that analyst guy" approaches during @strataconf hospitality hour. Any lame chitchat pretext OK

Jacob Javits Center. It has all the architectural charm of the monkey cage at your local zoo.

Regarding that disgustng YouTube "I used 2 hate pooping in public" ad. Does she now enjoy dropping drawers & pinching loaf anywhere/anytime?

Slightly unsettling when Facebook offers to translate MY OWN FACEBOOK PAGE. To what? A postmodern dialect totally uninflected by geekish?

Hey @jroy58 per our chit-chat today at @strataconf, here's a guitar duo of Davey Graham & Bert Jansch: …

Avenue of the Americas. Americas plural? So where does it become South America? South of 42nd St.?

Few things are as tempting as a fresh cup of unattended french fries. Just sayin'

Trevor Noah, Stephen Colbert, and James Corden all hit on the same joke premise: that Mars has more water than California. Far too obvious

OK, here's my theory. NASA was paid off by producers o that new Matt Damon film to conveniently "discover liquid water" on Mars. Yeah, right

Catching the new Trevor Noah "Daily Show." He made me laugh twice in the first 30 seconds. Off to a good start, therefore.

Biz trip begins as do they all: with me wondering if they coachd DCA auto-announce voice-over lady to emphasize the nasal goody-2-shoes tone

One of most mundane, yet horrifying, experiences is overhearing howling of a baby in public place--& vicariously feeling Mom+Dad's distress

Turn on classical music station, and it's "The Blue Danube." Equivalent to classic rock station playing "Stairway to Heaven."

If orange is the new black, doesn't that mess up the Halloween color scheme?

#TEDatIBM is quickly approaching! Watch Live on Oct. 15th - Register for the livestream today! #tech 

New #IBM jk blogpost: "Weather data analytics: Helping retailers predict and meet customer demand" ( )

"New model" required to prep grads for college & career. @IBM @PathwaysInTech delivers.  via @TheAtlantic #IBMedu

"Why Do Liberals Drink Lattes?" ( ) JK--Because they taste good. Next question?

Catch me et al speaking @ "Big Data & Enterprise Architecture," Fri Nov 20, Crystal City Hyatt Regency, Arlington VA: 

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp It's Time For Fun by Goat JK--2015. Cool bit of trance-y chant-y electronica

Weren't able to see the Supermoon. But we had the most amazing Supercloud! You should have been here to see it.

Pope comes, Pope goes, church doctrines stay largely unchanged.

Waiting for “Austin City Limits.” Tonight: Vampire Weekend & Grizzly Bear. Show reliably books musical artists I love.

LA Fitness instructors always claim classroom thermostat controlled from California. Who runs th joint: Jello Biafra? 

Waiting for LinkedIn to suggest "People You May Know, But Probably Don't, But Wish You Did, So Let's Trick Them Into Thinking They Know You"

There are far more original television programs being made now than ever. And I'm watching far fewer. Saving the backlog for my old age.

Father John Misty (in Velvet Underground style) covering Ryan Adams cover of Taylor Swift's "Blank Space." Very meta: 

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Yellow Pants & Blue Suede Shoes by Little Miss Peggy from Bayou R&B Shuffle 2 JK--1957. Long before she dated Kermit

TV maintains no meaningful separation between news & entertainment. Every ntwk runs marketing puff on their entertainmnt offerings as “news”

"10 Phrases That Kill Big Data Projects" ( ) JK--Surprised that "there's no budget" not among them.