Saturday, June 30, 2012

Aweekstweets June 24-30 2012: the week I settled into an entirely solo yoga practice

I've settled into an entirely solo yoga practice. I'm only person at LA Fitness Alexandria who uses area labeled "stretching" for stretching

Saw "The Big Lebowski" on DVD. Full o Coen quirk. Jeff Bridges' zen-like turn as Dude held it together. Dude co-authord Port Huron Statemnt?

Saw "Pariah" on DVD. Gripping account of African-American teenager's struggle to come out as lesbian & set out on her own.

I've never seen Kingstowne so crowded. Hard to find a parking place. I suspect a lot of these people lack power & A/C.

We lucked out. Only lost power for less than minute during last night's freakishly fast&over thunderstorm. That wind had otherworldly howl

Local media respond to every heatwave with the same tips for beating the heat. Why not tell us to use umbrellas during rainy spells?

I can see that Fox News wasted no time trying to scare people about healthcare insurance reform's impact on premiums & taxes.

I love this dumb commentary about whether Roberts' health issues influenced decision. Need special excuse to explain correct judgment?

This week I heard something I'd never heard before. Somebody said I look like Keith Moon. Almost made me wanna trash my hotel room. I didn't

My car dashboard thermometer said 106 degrees. My GPS said we are now on the surface of Venus.

That's a wrap for June, far as I'm concerned.

I'm writing up the #IBM message on the "#Hadoop DW," presented at#hadoopsummit, for #IBMDataManagement mag. Stay tuned. Detailed

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Final Solution by Pere Ubu from Terminal Tower JK--1976. Art-punk-conceptualists had huge impact. I'm an Ubu cultie!

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Callin' Out by Lyrics Born JK--This rapper is totally oldschool & cooler 4 it He's also a Gil Scott-Heron-grade poet

RT @debtfreeguy: Man Plagued by Porn-Induced Pain ( JK--Something tells me NOT to click this link. Pandora's box of ???

I'm not super in love with Fritos. Never have been. But in small doses, when you've got the munchies, they are perfectly OK noshing material

Republican Chief Justice Roberts upheld Obamacare. Republican Chief Justice Warren upheld Brown v. Bd of Education. They won't be impeached

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Land of the Freak by King Khan & The Shrines JK--Song mentions Kalamazoo. Ignores Western Michigan Univ. For shame

Today's #IBM #Netezza FB JK quick-hit: "Frictionless sandboxes?" (

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp For Your Love by The Yardbirds from For Your Love JK--That monster-chiller organ chord still sounds boss gear & fab!

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Dream All Day by The Posies from Frosting on the Beater JK--1993. An early 90s rock radio song that still feels fresh

@StevePR104 Life's good, sir. Busy as a beaver with a big old tail slapping the pond, making cool ripple patterns, & dammed happy.

@DTurnerBlogs It's simply a strange feeling of hearing your own voice as others hear it, not as it's filtered through your own cranium

@StevePR104 Yes, I'm sure your reaction is closer to the "sounds good" end of the equation. Is that not so, Steverino?

Just listened to the raw #IBM #BigData podcast I recorded yesterday. Sounds good. But hearing my own recorded voice makes me squeamish

Have removed the June page in my 2012 paper calendar. Have decided to focus on the future. Also, vacation is nigh!

"Using semantic tech 2 turn #BigData into smart data" ( JK--"data scientist..bridge btwn biz+tech 2 do semantic layout"

"10 Fast Facts About IBM's PureSystem" ( JK--E.g., 160 Optimzed ISV Partner Patterns o Expertise covering 20 industries

Last work day of second quarter. Looking forward to a very action-packed second half of 2012. Enjoying it all immensely.

Saw DVD of "Beginners" with Christopher Plummer & Ewan McGregor. Good performances but sleepy pace.

@EventCloudPro Don't actually understand your logic.

Right wing doesn't truly care about ability of low income people 2 pay non-insured Obamacare tax penalty. If they did, they'd boost subsidy

Woody Allen should make at least one film where everybody wears hornrimmed glasses and stammers in self-conscious Brooklynese.

Sean Penn, Alec Baldwin & Bill Maher are pugnaciously liberal Irish-American celebs. Only Maher's verbal punches consistently hit their mark

Another Woody Allen interview expressing no interest in playing by Hollywood rules. He's rich enough 2 self-finance projex. Why doesn't he?

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp "Diplomat's Son" by Vampire Weekend from Contra JK--Can't wait to hear what these guys release next. Modern masters.

SCOTUS also ruled yesterday that lying is constitutionally protected speech. Of course. Our system of government depends on it.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Sunday Girl by Blondie from Parallel Lines JK--One of their best pure pop songs.

I love the irony of people threatening to flee to Canada to escape Obamacare. Canucks have single-payer health system. Flee 2 Mexico instead

28 JunAndy Richter @Andy_Richter Check out the incredibly rational Obamacare reaction RTs @fart is digging up. And follow his funny ass while you're at it. #FF

Bones indicates it was tiny mammals who iced the dinosaurs. Find the dirty rats who dun it. Or shrews. Whatever

Far as I can tell, @Eric_Kavanagh is only person who tweets successive clauses in complex sentences. My style is self-containd sentnce/grafs

But I do miss the good old days when I could get sick and pay the whole tab by my uninsured self and not have to pay the govt a nickel f ...

Sitting here contemplating all the freedom I've lost, now that I have the option of paying a tax penalty to do without health insurance.

Dear FCC: The Mates of State guy said "ship" on #KEXP. You know, as in the first "mates" in the "state"room of the Good Ship Lollipop.

"Analyst: #IBM Flex System Manager Reduces IT-Management Complexity" ( JK--Integral to our new#PureSystems platform

Saw DVD of recent movie "21 Jump Street." Not funny or clever enough to merit recycling 80s junk TV. Only redeeming feature is Depp cameo

"Metadata and the Stroop Effect" ( JK--Just read it 2 see if effect identified by a certain Merrill Stroop. It wasn't.

"#IBM & Lawrence Livermore Rschrs Form ‘Deep Computing Solutions’ Collab 2 Boost Indstrial Compet" ( JK--Press release

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Fuji-San by Patti Smith from Banga JK--I love her singing & songwriting more now than ever. She's deepened with age

Interviewed this morning by Ajay Ohri of Decision Stats ( re #IBM #BigData offerings and directions

Feels like Friday. So Friday-like you can taste it. But it's Thursday. A working grown-up's version of senior-itis on a late June day

Those Facebook "your e-cards" combine witty fresh sayings with totally dull generic illustrations. Just publish the words. Dump the visuals

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Guided by Wire by Neko Case and Her Boyfriends from Furnace Room Lullaby JK--One of her best original country songs.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Thirty Days by Chuck Berry from The Chess Box JK--Berry's own legal troubles make this lyric highly ironic.

I've seen a near-final draft of the #IBM IOD #BigData track session abstracts for this year's event. Excellent! I'll be speaking. More later

I'll be recording my next #IBM podcast on Monday, to coincide with my upcoming blog debunking Data Scientist myths. Stay tuned.

RT @graubart: This is awesome: deleted tweets from politicians on#SCOTUS healthcare decision

If GOP wants to eliminate Obamacare, they need to attempt it through winning election & pass law. Not thru specious constitutional arguments

SCOTUS saw clearly that US Constitution does indeed give Congress power to levy tax penalty on citizen behaviors (e.g., no health insurance)

Today's SCOTUS decision strikes the definitive end of "pre-existing condition" exclusions from healthcare plans in US. Good riddance!

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Love, Reign O'er Me by The Who frm Quadrophenia JK--These classic rockers' most operatic song. Orbison coulda done it

"I didn't attend the funeral but I sent a nice letter saying I approved of it." - Mark Twain

"Lawrence Livermore, IBM Team On #BigData" ( JK--Deep Computing Solutions. HPC. Engineering modeling & simulation

"NASA Cranks Up Its Rocket Science" ( JK--But not using #BigData rocket scientists or liquefying #Hadoop 4 propulsion

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Fight Test by Flaming Lips from Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots JK--Wayne Coyne's squeaky voice makes you root 4 him

" Best Majors for BI, Data Science" ( JK--Coursework in Computational Science, Stochastic Optzn, Machine Learning, etc

New #IBM #Netezza FB JK quick-hit: "Big Data's optimal deployment model? Revisiting the 3-tier topology" (

RT @TheSocialPitt: Just did a #bigdata podcast interview with@jameskobielus. Remind me not to have coffee b4 talking to him.#alljackedup

"Occupy Silicon Valley!" ( JK--Please give that "Occupy..." jazz a rest. What is this? 2011?

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Bullet w/Butterfly Wings by Smashing Pumpkins JK--Song so good you overlook stupid "world is a vampire" opening line

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Matilda by Alt-J from An Awesome Wave JK--Is this Devendra Banhart under pseudonym?

Now that we don't have to worry about them overturning Obamacare, we can plan our family healthcare coverage accordingly

Romney should be delighted that Supreme Court upheld the federal law inspired by his Massachusetts legislation.

Obamacare. The law of the land. As it should be. Thank you Supreme Court for not caving to fools.

"Supreme Ct upholds entire health care law" ( JK--Next step is TParty question birth cert validity of majority justices

Got email from "Sir Harry Morgan." Probably spam. Also got from "Duke McLean Stevenson," "Baron Alan Alda," & "King Gary Burghoff."

"Google vs everyone: epic war on many fronts" ( JK--Google, as in "gurgle," like oldschool media drowning in digital

Good idea to keep one's media consumption habits fluid. Media, channels, options, techs, gadgets, etc...everything changing too fast.

Carl Sagan kept boxes labeled "F/C" for "fissured ceramics." Letters from crackpots.

Don't turn your #CRM engagements into rules of customer entanglement & enstranglement.

@Princey "Decision science" is theme in behavioral sciences, which are scientific subj domains. "Data science" is heart of scientific method

@CurtMonash @sarahcuda "Alas!" What Mr. Bull says when he lays those languid eyes on pulchritudinous Ms. Cow

@LoraineLawson What's that got to do with patriotism? Is the most patriotic thing to go out of biz from high domestic labor costs?

"Semi-Structurd data analytics: Relational or Hadoop?" ( JK--Semi-str can B xformed 2 relationl or loaded raw into HDFS

President Obama: Romney would be “outsourcer in chief” ( JK--Huh? Since when is outsource-offshoring unpatriotic?

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Earth Intruders by Bjork from Volta JK--Should team with Yoko Ono on LP of folksongs from their native planet

"Orbitz Controversy: Tip O #BigData Iceberg" ( JK--Net-net, online travel site steering Mac users 2 next worst offers

"Is Hadoop Another Enterprise JavaBeans?" ( JK--Huh? Article draws "complex and onerous to program" analogy. Uh, OK

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Lust for Life by Iggy Pop JK--Big-ass bouncy beat from the uber-punk in an oddly life-affirming classic rock romp

@Princey What's a "decision scientist"?

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Cherokee by Cat Power from Sun JK--First 2 tracks from forthcoming LP are terrific. Feels like a blockbuster album

Myth #10: Data scientists don't have any operational responsibilities that require them to come down from their ivory towers.

Myth #9: Data scientists are just analytics junkies who mainline Big Data all day and couldn't care less about business applications.

Myth #8: Data scientists simply pour gobs o data into Hdp clustrs, slap a little Pig/MR on prblm, &--voila!--mindblowing insights spew forth

Myth #7: Data scientists need fancy, expensive, frighteningly complex statistical power tools to get their work done.

Myth #6: Data scientists aren't scientists in any meaningful sense of the word.

Myth #5: Data scientists are just longtime BI specialists whose employers gave them a fancier title in lieu of a pay raise.

Myth #4: Data scientists are all Ph.D statisticians and/or particle physicists who failed to make tenure.

Myth #3: Data scientists are some sort of nouveau fad that will soon fade.

Myth #2: Data scientists are just an elite bunch of precious eggheads.

Myth #1: Data scientists are themselves mythical beings, like the unicorns.

Drafted next week's #IBM blog: "Next week's blog: "Data Scientist: Myths and Mathemagical Superpowers". Catch it on Monday or so

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp The Shrine / An Argument by Fleet Foxes from Helplessness Blues JK--Song should be sung from the highest mountain top

Today's #IBM #Netezza FB JK quickhit: "Smartphones as #BigDataanalytics plat? Gadgets becoming valuable data srcs" (

"How #BigData could save cities from outgrowing themselves" ( JK--Fueled by sensor nets & social feedback loops

"Is digital marketing technology being abused?" ( JK--Too much pushy "engagement" makes the customer feel strangled

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp 23 Minutes in Brussels by Luna from Penthouse JK--"Are we gonna get into a tussle? Can I take the airplane home?"

" #IBM Anjul Bhambhri: #BigData ‘Journey’ Starts w/Experimentation" ( JK--Data scientists interactiv explor in sandbxes

"Standards Needed 2 Fulfill Vision 4 #BigData Researchers" ( JK--NIST workshop on stds 4 secure cross-domain data share

Good. Got thru breakfast without tweeting word "#Hadoop". Oops!

"Social Influencers Are Dead – Long Live the Instigators" ( JK--Really? Who instigated their death?

"Royal Society wants Britain 2 see equal value in datasets & journal articles" ( JK--Yes. Observational data paramount

My next #IBM blog will be called "Data Scientist: Myths & Mathemagical Superpowers"

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Capricornia by Allo Darlin' from Europe JK--A happy summer-pop song.

"Social Security: Mother o All Big Data Projects Turns 75" ( JK--#IBM 077 Collator: machine that made Soc Sec a reality

RIP Nora Ephron. Among other accomplishments, wrote the most famous faked orgasm in cinema history (

"100 Petabytes of Data in Poop?" ( JK--If that's what you're dumping in your #Hadoop cluster, please keep your distance

In reality there are no "myths" about #BigData. Just popular mithunderthtandingth.

Article in Financial Times said Van Dyke Parks joined by Robin Pecknold & Daniel Rossen in London concert. Wish I'd been there. Seemy FB

Weekend "Sleepy Theory" ( JK--"Disturbing dream the environmnt changes piped music haunts their sleeping places"

"Skills required 4 Data Scientist?" ( JK--"Curiosity, desire to explore, quickness of wit, ability to explain"

"Dispelling the "big data" myth" ( JK--Article is aggressively dumb on many levels.

"IBM’s Predictive Model Approach to Decisions" ( JK-- @marksmithvr discussion of #IBM Analytical Decision Management.

Brief business trip to Atlanta. Haven't actually stayed in Atlanta in a decade. Been here many times since. By "here," I mean "Hartsfield"

"Fleetwood Mac's 'Rumours' at 35: Still the 'perfect album'" ( JK--Trivia: co-producer was Colbie Caillat's father.

Dragas supports reinstatement of President Sullivan. IT'S OVER! REASON WON!

Going to record an #IBM #BigData mythbusting podcast later this week. Stay tuned.

New #IBM blogpost: "Make Turing Proud: Next Best Action in Multichannel Conversations" (

Today's #IBM #Netezza FB JK quickhit: "Hadoop uber-alles? Disappointed there's no grand vision 4 #Hadoop evolution" (

Advised @graemeknows not 2 flag "humor" as separat section o#analyzingmedia. Must B integral/organic. Programmd yuck-yucks often suck-suck

@gerryvz Even when they sort of made sense, o-o-o msgs often implied "I've got a good excuse for ignoring your message."

Food is now folowed from farm to fork. Let's build a #Sma @ Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport (DCA)

How does that follow? I reply in great depth thru all channels.

Out-of-office messages are essentially meaningless in the age of smartphones when you have 24x7 access to work email. Office is in yr pocket

"Corporate Superstar: the Chief Digital Officer" ( JK--Yep. There's no future in being Chief Analog Officer.

Good chat with @graemeknows . I'll be contributing fresh stuff with CMO focus on a biweekly basis to .

Does the preacher influence the choir? Rarely. Both are influenced by the religious context. Preacher calls it forth. Choir responds.

Wasn't just cool last night. It was cold! Had to scrounge up a blanket. But I loved it. Slept extravagantly well.

Singer Shirley Manson of band Garbage now wears bright red hair in severe bun. That + her pallid complexion suit her 4 role o Nurse Ratched

That's a sparkling June afternoon here in northern Virginia. Humidity eased up just enough to let your head expand beyond the blue sky.

New #IBM blogpost: "Week's Worth of Koby Quick Hits: June 18 - 22, 2012" (

Slow day. Got half a mind to concoct a bunch of new #BigData urban myths and then debunk them. Just for the hell of it.

I soured on the late Joseph Campbell's work ages ago when he failed to acknowledge the #BigData myths of our Neanderthal ancestors

Links to my #BigData mythbusting blogs:

Today's #IBM #Netezza FB JK quick-hit: "Sexy statistics? Influence scores are dangerously addictive" (

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Blood Makes Noise by Suzanne Vega from 99.9 FA JK--Even in an anechoic chamber. Blood makes noise in your ears.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Ruin by Cat Power from Sun JK--This great singer-songwriter long-overdue for massive radio hit. Hope this is it.

"10 Signs U May Have Unhealthy Relationship w/Social Media" ( JK--Forgot: you imagine all your "friends" got your back

"Why we owe it all 2 Turing" ( JK--Infinite regress o Turing Machines running on Turing Machines basis 4 virtualization

"Is modern tech creating culture of distraction?' ( a sec...hold on...could you repeat the question?

Starting to see the summer doldrums set in. Much of the "fresh" tech commentary on the 'Net is reruns.

"If you don't advertise yself, you will B advertised by yr loving enemies." - Elbert Hubbard (1856-1915). JK--And be confused w/cult founder

"How Alan Turing set the rules for computing" ( JK--But breaking Enigma showed clear killer app for computing: crypto.

Dear "One Weird Trick" display-ad purveyors: If that's what helps me sleep, will you play a weird trick on me in my sleep? I don't trust you

Next Fiona Apple album will have just one track: her singing the album title in its entirety.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp The Weight by Aretha Franklin frm This Girls in Love W/ You JK--First lady o soul nails Band classic. Make no cracks

Dilbert -- "I'm experienced..." ( JK--OK to be a reliable jerk. Delivering on promises makes workplace go round.

Best crack I've heard about Sandusky verdict: "from Penn State to state pen."
Paraguay's "parliamentary coup." At first glance, I thought that was "paramilitary."

I finger-flick the TweetDeck column in my Android devices like it's Wheel of Fortune. See where it ends up. Glance at that. Repeat.

Interesting how some old friends who are on socials 24x7 are just now realizing I changed jobs a few months ago. Haven't kept it a secret.

Early Summer. I love the expectancy. The prospect of many lazy days and nights. Heat even adds a touch of the lazy to all my busyness.

Browsing the sights and planning our Pacific Northwest vacation next week. Up & down the Puget Sound.

WSJ headline "Germany Celebrates Greek Exit" w/photo o Angela Merkel overhead 2-hand fistpump. Exit Euro zone? No. Euro 2012 soccer qtrfinal

The older I get, the more I experience life as just a daily buildup and release of stresses. Both buldup & release can be pleasurable.

Don't control channels they tune overhead monitors 2 at club. Try 2 avoid ones on Fox News. Irritation is counterproductive to good workout

If DNA is "tape" in Turing machine calld "life," then Turing test is blind-distinguish lifelike behavior agent: organic vs inorganic entity