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Aweekstweets September 21-28 2013: the week that…..

It's kind of pathetic that we are all getting jaded about the prospect of the government shutting down due to this political brinkmanship.

Fast Company: Infographic: The Spaceships From Every Sci-Fi Series Ever. …

Noodles & Co has good music overhead. Right now: Camera Obscura "Tears For Affairs." Also on Zune in my right pocket.

Pixar's 22 Rules of Storytelling--Visualized By @joeberkowitz  via @FastCompany #storytelling #content
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Looking at weekly harvest of "likes" from social friends on my posts. I never get a clear message from these. I just post from my own tastes

The sky has dawned beautifully blue. Feel like simply sitting calmly.

"Facebook Enables Post Edits" ( ) JK--Hallelujah! Why wasn't this insanely obvious feature there from the start?

RT @IBMbigdata: Video: Here's th replay o "The Power of Predictive Analytics"  w/ @falper @jameskobielus #BigDataBytes

Mo Rocca. I'm semi in awe of him. Insert him into almost any newsish or educationalish TV context and he's the very model of poised man-nerd

OK, enough with the desperately aggrandizing data-wonk job-retitling. "Data Sherpa"? Gimme a break. I think "Data Spazz" would be cooler.

Hey WSJ your e-newsletter ad-targeting faulty. "Date women 50+"? You got my age bracket & orientation correct but missed on marital status

Drafted next week's #IBM blog: "Cognitive Computing: Driving Intelligent Cross-Channel Conversations." Fair dinkum discussion of #Watson

Oh cool. Invite to speak downtown DC at some event at Warner Theatre. Last thing I saw there was "Nutcracker Suite." Must practice pirouette

Would you describe a plague of grasshoppers as "living la video locust"? I didn't think so. Sorry to have disturbed you.

Will today's #bigdatabytes  feature @jameskobielus "elf on a shelf"? Tune in 2pm ET to see JK--Surprise elves today!

RT @IBMPureSystems: Video: @jameskobielus explains the #BigData burger and how to extend it to #Hadoop  #PureSystems

"The Future of Computers: From Brilliant Idiots to Learning Machines" ( ) JK--Discussion of #IBM cognitive computing.

"The Rise Of The DIY Data Scientist" ( ) JK--Depth on Kaggle.

"What Nanotube Computr Means to Moore's Law" ( ) JK--"Could take us 'order o magnitude' beyond ... silicon chips"

"Monetizing M2M ( ) JK--Health mon; qfied self; smart secur; smrt meters; smrt insur; emot mon; smrt dust; wearbl UIs

"New #IBM #SmarterCities Software on the Cloud" ( ) JK--New analytics 4 infra plan, permitting & event mgt, water effic

Open cloud: Ushering in a new era of more precise and accurate clinical care  #IBMsmb

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Almost Home (feat. Damien Jurado) by Moby from Innocents JK--2013. Jurado plaintive falsetto set 2 Moby atmospherics.

Catch me speak Oct 23, Raleigh NC, All Things Open ( ) "#Hadoop: Rise o Open Source & Diminish Likelihd o Distro Wars"

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Gotta Find a Job by Lee Dorsey from The New Lee Dorsey JK--1966. I like the lazy no-account backing vox on this one

#BigData's optimal deployment model? Balancing trade-offs among distrib db availability.... ( ) Friday #IBM quick-hit

Blue-eyed soul. I take issue w/genre name, unless Caucasians making it actually have blue eyes. Hall & Oates: present yr pupils 4 inspection

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp One of These Days by Pink Floyd from Meddle JK--1971. Driving reverberant atmospheric mindblowing spacey instrumental

#kexp overnight DJ playing lotsa New Wave "hits" from th 80s, very few of which I recall. Hard to call songs that got minimal airplay "hits"

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Johnny Are You Queer? by Josie Cotton from A Date With John Waters JK--1982. Album & song titles make me LOL.

On my tablet, I type with my middle finger. No, I don't think it makes me more likely to flame.

#IBM cloud VP talks SoftLayer and OpenStack ( ) JK--One differentiator is "Bare Metal as a Service."

My fave Twitter DM spam is "This you?" Feel like responding: "The pic to left of your tweet? That's you, dummy."

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Do the Strand by Roxy Music JK--This would've been a great "Rocky Horror" song. "Let's do the strandwalk again!"

New #IBM jk blog: "Living th #BigData Dream: Confidence Confidentiality & Continuous Automation in th 21st Century" ( )

Get sessions @IBMEnterprise on #Business #Analytics, like DB2 10 for #z/OS  &  beyond 

Test drive the newest @IBMStorage, #Systemz & @IBMPowerSystems technologies at hands-on labs at #IBMEnterprise 2013. 

What Moby's saying on #KEXP to @loserboy is that critics need to respect that artists put effort into work. Don't dismiss glibly. Critique!

Drafted next week's q-h's. Feeling a bit spacy. Definitely need that lunch.

Marketing, Analytics, & Customer Experience ( ) Recap of #IBM tweetchat from this past Monday

RT @IBMbigdata: Fri, 2pm ET we're talking abt Power of Predictive Analytics w/ @fhalper @jameskobielus  #BigDataBytes

Healthcare analytics? Quantified self and the emergence of patient-generated data ( ) Thursday #IBM quick-hit

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Graveyard by Feist from Metals JK--2011. Love blend of strength+fragility in her vocal on this. See also: Cat Power

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Sweet Jane by Cowboy Junkies from The Trinity Session JK--Another "90s indie band" in same chill groove as Mazzy Star

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp In the Kingdom by Mazzy Star from Seasons of Your Day JK--2013. Good one. They're back w/ same gr8 languid dream buzz

Diverse computing substrates. Diverse energy substrates. Diverse materials substrates. Humans hav harvested complex palette o potentialities

WSJ reports world's first computer entirely made of carbon nanotube transistors. This, optics, quantum, DNA--what's NOT computer stuff?

Here's the reason McAuliffe is leading in Virginia gubernatorial polls. Virginians don't want a tool of tea party and religious right as gov

@SystemsandTech No, I'm not going to that one. I am speaking at IOD in November, though.

Yeah, put the US government in default because you don't think US citizens should have affordable healthcare. That sends a wonderful message

New global terror alert urges Americans not to go anywhere or do anything under any circumstances. Duly noted.

Jeff Bezos sort of resembles late chicken magnate Frank Perdue.

"Adrian Fenty moving to Silicon Valley" ( ) JK--Political "savvy"? Hah! Irritated plenty with his arrogance as DC mayor

"Your Car Is Becoming The Ultimate Smartphone" ( ) JK--As self-driving adopted, will become gadget-room on wheels

"Does #BigData need a business persona before it gets adopted across industry?" ( ) JK--Yes: an avatar called "Ralph."

""Stop Assuming Your Data Will Bring You Riches" ( ) JK--Terrifically detailed data-monetization roadmap.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Observations by The Raveonettes from Observator JK--2012. More ambient than usual. Cool vibe. Their gemlike sound

"#BigData in cloud: Making M2M analytics a reality" ( ) JK--Good architect/trend model. Dont understand "anti-fragile"

A clock is actually the best productivity tool. Keep one eye on it, the other on your task. Treat tasks as ticks tocking down to completion.

“Be regular and orderly in your life, so that you may be violent and original in your work.” Gustave Flaubert

New #IBM jk #Dataversity article: "Data Scientists Need a Professional Code of Conduct" ( )

"20 problems only lefthanded people encounter" ( ) JK--Poppycock! I'm leftie and've nevr considerd any o that a problem

"Hungry? Let's print lunch" ( ) JK--When we can print a delicious sizzling cheeseburger, I'll take this more seriously.

What's disrupting what these days? Let's see. My broadband connection hasn't been disrupted. Cool. Let's keep it that way.

#KEXP DJ @loserboy theme song. If he doesn't play hiphop, a side of punk rock, & some country-western to go, I'm disappointed. Just sayin'

Digital marketing ecosystem? ( ) Wednesday #IBM quick-hit

What genius-grade work have MacArthur grant geniuses produced since they got the money? I want full accounting, if my name isn't MacArthur

WSJ piece on healthy veggie chips. Not as healthy but Americans should try krupuk: Indonesian deepfried shrimp chips. We made some yesterday

Auto industry dragging heels at complying w/law requiring backup cameras. Name me a safety/pollution reg that Detroit didnt resist initially

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Emmylou by First Aid Kit K--Interesting how much of today's best Americana coming from non-Americans. Swedish sisters

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp You're Gonna Miss Me by The Thirteenth Floor Elevators JK--1966. Classic song remained largely unheard till "Nuggets"

"The Future of Driving" ( ) JK--Person-on-the-street interviews by #IBM Sean Tetpon from 2007.

Self-driving,connected, on-demand, electric cars. Convergence will disrupt taxi market big time. Autos will emerge from cloud to chauffeur U

GigaOm describes how IBM and Sprint Velocity are connecting cars to the cloud. 

"Mrs. [so & so]" on spam informs "U have a package!" Modesty prevents from cracking wise on that one. But thanks Mrs Calabash, wherever U R

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Bitter Rivals by Sleigh Bells from Bitter Rivals JK--Brand new. Cool. I like where they're going with their sound

"#BigData & Disease Prev: From Quantifd Self 2 Q'fied Communities" ( ) JK--Discov risk factors at pop subpop indiv lvls

"Implics o #BigData Analytics on Popul8n Health Mgt" ( ) JK--Patient DI 4 prob risk modeling & targeted interventions

"Reliability of Big “Patient Satisfaction” Data" ( ) JK--DQ probs: nonstandard research designs; lots of missing values

"Bold idea 4 #bigdata: Researchers take aim at data glut with customized optical network" ( ) JK--Rice Univ. NSF grant

"Four Myths of In-Memory Computing" ( ) JK--Very technically astute price-performance discussion.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp She's Not There by The Black Angels from Watch Out Boy 7" JK--2012. Gr8 Zombies cover w/atmo-reverb & blister guitar!

"Making sense of video clutter" ( ) JK--Need metadata/ID/tagging standards for user-generated Big Media video content

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Frances Farmer Will Have Her Revenge on Seattle by Nirvana frm In Utero JK--My fave o theirs. Kurt's best gravel yowl

Should #hadoop developers have an engineering playground? -  @anjulbhambhri discusses #IBMPureChat

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Gravity Rides Everything by Modest Mouse JK--Fun trivia. Isaac Brock, late o War of 1812, also leads this indie group

Check the recap of the engaging discussion on #Hadoop w/ IT experts from @tableau @IBM @BrightlightBI @Diyotta & @redmonk...

One of those cool low-humidity lip balm & hand lotion days. Ah, early autumn!

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Country Pie by Bob Dylan from Another Self Portrait (1969-1971) JK--Good straight-ahead country-rock.

Why #social #data #quality lies in the usefulness of #derived #correlations, #trends, and #patterns  by James Kobielus

How the #PureSystems family unites #analytics and advanced technologies in a converged architecture  by James Kobielus

How the #Hadoop #abstraction and #virtualization layer may reduce tears, even as #tiers proliferate  by James Kobielus

@fransfh My deepest condolences, Henny. Your dad was a nice guy. I liked him from the first time we met. We feel his loss deeply.

Storage optimization? Tipping point approaches for SSDs ( ) Tuesday #IBM quick-hit

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp In the Green Wild by Julia Holter from Loud City Song JK--2013. Cool speak-sung. Like Suzanne Vega's "Tom's Diner"

RIP Eduardus Aliman. My brother-in-law was a good hardworking guy, a family man survived by his wife, 3 sons, and several grandchildren.

#BigData myths? Well, there's a creation myth that has more to do with an allterative trio of English words than with actual tech substance.

"Ungodly speed"? I thought "godspeed" was the highest you could possibly go, & that's unfathomable. Does "ungodly" mean "slow"? Hmmmmm

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp September by The Shins from Port of Morrow JK--2012. James Mercer writes the most beautiful melodies.

@NigelFenwick A8: #CXO: But I'm dating myself with "driver" & "steering wheel." Self-driving vehicles may make those buggywhip obsolete

A8 #cxo "Driver" for marketing will still be biz mperatives (sales, revenue, share, etc.). The data/analytics will be the "steering wheel"

A8: IMHO Data alone cannot answer the conundrum of the fickle human mind & customers 2day or 2morrow #cxo #bigdata
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A8 #cxo By 2028, I see data as a predominant driver of marketing, but not "sole" driver. Human/creative drivers of campaign mgt will endure

A7: #cxo #Datadriven marketers face challenge of "sentiment vs. sediment" (data quality) per my #IBMDataMag article: 

A7: #cxo #Datadriven marketers face challenge of prioritizing data sources & engagement channels. Where do you start to measure/boost #CX?

A7. Pace of change is major challenge - focus less on the channel and more on the customer to overcome #CXO
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A7: Key challenge may be becoming too dependent on data causing analysis paralysis #cxo
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@IBMbigdata a7) they may lose human touch and mechanise marketing #cxo
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A7: #cxo #Datadriven marketers can address challenge of talent acquisition by cross-training marketing people on data science & vice versa

A7: #cxo #Datadriven marketers face the challenge of recruiting & cultivating the best data-science expertise with subject-matter expertise

A6: #cxo To deal with never-ending #bigdata explosion, marketers need to systematically & regularlly purge less-relevant historical data.

A6: #cxo To deal with ongoing #marketing data explosion, #mktg needs to prioritize customer data sources by relevance to campaigns, #CX, etc

A6: #cxo To prep for continuous #bigdata explosion, tomorrow's & today's marketer needs to learn how to search/drill into it rapidly.

A5: #cxo Science is inherently creative exercise, as is marketing. The fit--via data/anaytics--is natural. Enabling new experience patterns

A5: Data forces the art in a campaign to be relevant. It forces creative to think harder. It forces media team to be more relevant #cxo
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A5: #cxo Art & science of marketing come together in compellingly insightful visualizations that reveal powerful truths via data/analytics

A5: #cxo Campaign mgmt is where art & science of #marketing "get married." Design is a (human) art. Optimization is (data/analytic) science

A4: #cxo Buy-in for data-driven marketing must come from execs (who may be oldschool), not "creatives" (they're already on-board)

@NigelFenwick @marcbinkley "gut" doesn't improve with age. It improves with practice which comes from engagement & experience #cxo
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A4: #cxo The "creative" side is the "biz" in experience-centric economy. They're already attuned to data-driven mktg. Give them their tools

@IBMbigdata a4) data will channelize & trim noise, will save creative time & rework. It will help deep dive into community & b relevant #cxo
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A4. A/B tests are a great way to get creative teams to buy into DDM #cxo
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A4: #cxo "Creatives" should be exposed to self-service user-friendly visual high-quality #marketing #CX analytics tools. That builds buy-in

MT @thecxguy let's not forget that the "gut" of an engaged, experience professional is a significant data point. #cxo
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A3: #cxo Regular, data-driven customer segmentation analysis is essential so that your "gut" doesnt continually stereotype & pigeonhole them

A3: #cxo Marketers should continually explore, "eyeball," & play with the data. Build & test stat models. That's continual "gut enhancemt."

A2: #cxo A blanket repudiation of #bigdata analytics over "seat of pants" decision making is ill-advised. Received wisdom can be wrongheaded

A2: #cxo Data analytics helps you validate, adjust, & correct your gut instinct based on what hard facts reveal. Best #mktg is self-critical

A2: #cxo Gut instinct is what #mktg must have to identify the #cx questions to answer & the #bigdata analytics needed to answer it.

A2: #cxo Not all analytics is equally useful. #Mktg should have gut instinct for which data analytics best suited to the challenge at hand

A1: #cxo Every new productivity tool requires ramp-up of skills to use creativity. Many hi-powrd #mktg pros have already ramped on analytics

@IBMbigdata a1) I think analytics gives direction to marketeers and helps channelize their creativity to the right audiences #cxo
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A1: No, it's up to marketers to craft & deliver tailored #CX from #analytics. Navigating the noise of numbers is part of the job #CXO
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RT @IBMbigdata: RT @NigelFenwick: Today few companies can create real-time changes in the UX using analytics; MT not so in 5 years. #cxo

A1: Creativity is still required to build compelling stories based on analytiycs #cxo
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A1: #cxo #Mktg pros know that multichannel customer experience optimization is unwieldy without analytics & #bigdata.

A1: #cxo Analytics has been embraced by the new breed of #mktg pros whose creativity is accelerated by data correlation/visualization

A1: #cxo I think analytics has liberated, nor stifled, marketing pros. They can dig far deeper into customer experience & target more finely

@IBMbigdata Thanks. Happy to be tweeting up a storm on today's #CXO #CEM chat.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Pretty in Pink by Th Psychedelic Furs JK--Contrary 2 what U may think, they didnt actually write this about MRingwald

New #IBMDataMag jk article: "Optimal Deployment for #BigData" ( ). In association with 

New #IBMDataMag jk article: "Sentiment or Sediment?" ( )

NoSQL? part 1 ( ) part 2: ( ) Monday #IBM quick-hit

Andy Samberg just married longtime girlfriend Joanna Newsom. If you're not familiar w/her music: . Unique: pop harpist

RT @stevemartintogo: I won't be winning an Emmy this year unless there's a category for "remote cursing."

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp I Will by Sebadoh from Defend Yourself JK--2013. Brand new from this "90s band." I dig Lou Barlow's unvarnished voice

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Que Sera Sera by Pink Martini from Morning Becomes Eclectic JK--Cool cover. Think I prefer it to Doris Day original

Lovely day. Was a good eve to wash th cars. Egidia kept house windows open as she cooked spicy dinner. Could smell from far away. Delicious!

Republican commentator Ben Stein says threat to close down US government is "not morally defensible."

Cher. Blunt, smart, and sensible. Diva by profession, but somehow too grounded to be considered one by temperament.

The most abused anxiety drug is food. The most underutilized anti-depressant is exercise.
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Is the problem, really, that obesity runs in your family? Or is it that nobody runs in your family?
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Americans in 1882 seemed to delight in kissing Oscar Wilde's rear end. He repaid their fawning with insincere praise for American culture.

Tesla. Absolutely no truth to the rumor that their airbags are massive bubbles that will deploy when the hyperinflated stock price crashes.

Blackberry. I also remember when Palm PDAs, Motorola flip phones, & Nokia handhelds were all the rage. BTW, Apple's been rotting of late.

Reading "Declaring His Genius," book about Oscar Wilde's 1882 yearlong speaking tour of North America. Conceited? That's an understatement!

New #IBMDataMag jk article: "Sentiment or Sediment?" ( )

My regular double-dose of "Doc Martin" on PBS. Practically the only TV series I watch. I'm a lazy picky viewer in my old age.

New #IBMDataMag jk article: "Optimal Deployment for #BigData" ( ). In association with 

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Aweekstweets September 13-21 2013: the week I noticed pumpkins for sale in Pennsylvania

Poor Charlie Brown. Since Schulz passed, there's been no chance Lucy will hold th ball still 4 him 2 kick. It's "AUUGGHH!!!!" 4 all eternity

@JeffFeinsmith Really? Coffee? The beautiful location is the highlight of my visits to #IBM Silicon Valley Lab. That + smart conversations

"Trusting #BigData" ( ) JK--Good discussion by #IBM Paula Sigmon. Puts into proper context: decision latency/confidence

"Beyond Higgs Boson" ( ) JK--"Reality is combination o all observable possibilities combined into single wave function"

"How to find out what data miners know about you" ( ) JK--Curb yr enthusiasm! It's only Acxiom & other data aggregators

@ingrooveinc As far as tech marketing goes, marketing that hews closest to actual substance o what it can do is best. Smart people eschew BS

@sachin_pro I drafted it and sent it to the editors. It hasn't posted yet.

Coffee snobs. Wine snobs. Beer snobs. Softdrink snobs. Are there schnapps snobs?

Drafted my latest #IBM #Dataversity blog: Data Scientists Need a Professional Code of Conduct

Good ideas well-expressed and widely distributed are the best reputation builders.

@merv Both Starbucks and Peets are fine. I also love Tully's, but that's mostly around Seattle.

Join now today's #BigDataBytes videochat How #OpenSource is Changing Biz.  . Also read my blog: 

Join today's #BigDataBytes videochat w/ @eric_kavanagh @revodavid. How #OpenSource is Changing Biz.  2PM EST

@merv I like the #Peets that they already have at SVL. That's my vote, but I don't work out of that lab very often, so don't listen to me.

New #IBM jk #InfoWorld article: "DevOps can take data science to the next level" ( )

Drafted next #IBM blog: "Living the #BigData Dream: Confidence, Confidentiality, and Continuous Automation in the 21st Century"

"#IBM Acquires Daeja Image Systems Ltd." ( ) JK--Software helps biz/IT pros to better view large documents and images

I think notion of "people skills" is wrongheaded. People are skilled at all kinds of nastiness. Call it "getting-along-with-people skills."

Finding the proverbial needle in a haystack? Even more impressive would be finding hay in a needlestack without pricking yourself.

Recommendation engines? Inherent inscrutability o personal preference pt1 ( ) pt2 ( ) Fri #IBM q-h

Pope got it right. Catholic Church became monomaniacally focused on abortion over past 40 years. Homilies degenerated into nasty lectures.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend by The Ramones from The Ramones JK--Perfect example of their blend of punk & bubblegum

Incandescent light. Edison's invention is the most obvious human artifact visible from space. At night. Our species' photonic footprint.

Wrote all 5 of next week's quick-hits in a single day. There were no distractions. I bless these days when they come. Which isn't often.

Engage. Enrage. Estrange. The on/off hot/cold lifecycle of a fatiguing relationship: B2C or otherwise.

"How in-store location analytics ...impact on retail customer loyalty" ( ) JK--Cool visual-enriched data sci discussion

"#BigData From Talking Turbines Signal Productivity Boom" ( ) JK--Era o continuous optimizd global IoThings approacheth

"Ten Reasons for the Data Science Mania" ( ) JK--Good discussion by Robin Bloor.

"NSA Data Mining: How It Works" ( ) JK--Interesting discussion in, what?, "Popular Mechanics"?

"How Twitter monitors millions of time-series" ( ) JK--Interesting discussion of something called "Observability Stack"

Today is "talk like a pirate day." Do software pirates say "arrr me buccos" and all that? Not in a post-ironic slacker way? Didn't think so.

These ridiculous "connect with yr college classmate" svcs. I went to Big Ten universities. Have no interest in meeting random stranger alums

@macadamianlabs Thanks. Please note that on the same evening I tweeted that "I'm so fit" brag I also tweeted about eating chocolate cupcake.

"Updating our #Hadoop Vocabulary" ( ) JK--Gartner @merv recommends replace FUD-bait "proprietary" w/ "distro-specific."

"Is NoSQL the future of data storage?" ( ) JK--No. Just a facet in hybridized DB kaleidoscope of "polyglot persistence"

"Google taps #bigdata for universal translator" ( ) JK--Parallel stat analysis on massive comparative textual corpora

New #IBM jk AnalyzingMedia post: "Whitepaper: #BigData Analytics For A Holistic Customer Journey" ( )

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Friction by Television from Marquee Moon JK--Band was anomaly in day. Indie pioneers. Verlaine played rockstar guitar

"Building better search tools: problems and solutions" ( ) JK--Interesting dissection of Google search algorithm

"#Hadoop vs. #NoSql vs. Sql vs. NewSql By Example" ( ) JK--Article makes mistake of equating Hadoop with HDFS

"'Small Data' Analysis Next Big Thing, Advocates Assert" ( ) JK--Please don't wimp down "next big" to mean "same old"

Starbucks' new policy against firearms in their stores makes perfect sense. You don't want trigger fingers to get caffeine jitters.

Conversation optimization? ( ) Thursday #IBM quick-hit

New #IBM jk blog: "Openness: Bringing Greater Transparency and Agility to the Smarter Planet" ( )

@WwDAdA I don't understand the question. All No SQL dbs are alternatives.

How did they know kryptonite had all these deadly & disabling effects on Kryptonians if there was only one of th species left & he was fine?

September 2013 marks 10 years since Egidia & I started regular workouts. Quality-of-life benefits immeasurable. Comfort & pride in own skin

NoSQL market like looking thru kaleidoscope. Multicolored facets of myriad DB approaches create dazzling but sometimes bewildering patterns

Has there ever been a Tropical Storm Eliot? I'd like to see headlines about TS Eliot leaving a wasteland in its precious poetic wake.

Colder seasonal weather. I like it. I love being able to wear jackets again. One word: pockets.

If they ever make a biopic about Woodrow Wilson, I nominate Edward Norton to play him. Essentially, the same face. Norton is Ivy League too.

Busy day. It's all a blur now. Tonight. Dinner over. Eating a chocolate cupcake. Reading Monday's dried-out-crisp formerly soaked WSJ.

Thinking about "desired outcomes." If U have to explicitly think about "desired" vs merely "desirable," you point your predictives at former

Thinking about "assurance." If you have to explicitly think about assurance, you ponder the ones you absolutely need for trust & confidence.

Thinking about "trust." If you have to explicitly think about trust, your focus spans the entire enforcement & verification machinery.

Thinking about "confidence." If you have to explicitly think about confidence, you're not taking it for granted. It's not unconditional.

A8: #ibmblu What's next for workload mgt is prioritizing data-analytic workloads & media-analytic workloads in streams in Big Media cloud

A8: #ibmblu What's next for workload mgt is dynamic allocation of analytic/txn workloads among peer-to-peer edge nodes in Internet of Things

A7: #ibmblu If you have OLTP system-of-record on data platform, record-level update & delete workloads usually take priority over reads.

A7: #ibmblu If merge OLTP & OLAP, data platform must meet the most stringent "bet the business" SLAs. Business downsize of downtime is acute

A7: #ibmblu If merge OLTP & OLAP, need data platform with both transactional guarantees & lightning-fast data ingest, analysis, & query

A6: #ibmblu In #bigdata envts, often best to do OLAP on in-mem/columnar, #EDW on RDBMS, staging on #Hadoop. Each optimized 4 specific wklds

A6: #Ibmblu Typically, most real-world #EDW aggregate feeds from two or more #OLTP source systems.

A6: #ibmblu Most companies start from merger of OTLP & analytic workloads, then migrate toward optimized platforms for each of these wklds

A5: #ibmblu If client and server in-mem and connected by fast broadband, the wkld mgt must ensure high-throughput end-to-end flow.

A5: #ibmblu If spd-o-thot requires much server-roundtripping, those lo-latency cli-svr requirements must prioritize over other loads

A5: #ibmblu If speed-of-thought is viz-intensive & can be support on in-mem w/min server roundtrip, wkld mgt req is simple: feed data fast

A4 #ibmblu #Analytics workloads increasing as the volume of data ingested & size/complexity of models executed on it grow by order-of-mag

A4: #ibmblu #Analytic workload demands increasing as all biz apps moving 2 real-time, low-latency data, calculation, & visualization refresh

A4: #ibm #Analytics workload demands are increasing as #BI adopted by all biz functions & predictive business becomes standard everywhere

A3: #ibmblu As data sets grow bigger, if data platf hasnt scaled commensurately, need mixed-wkld mgt to prioritize loads on constraind platf

A3: #ibmblu As data sets grow bigger, svc lvl requirements may stay same, but workloads may grow, so wkld resource contention may intensify

A2: #ibmblu Auto workload mgt has evolved toward balance & prioritize growing range of disparate #bigdata workloads in massive parallel env

A2: #ibmblu Automated workload mgt has evolved toward visually oriented policy admin consoles & dynamic #bigdata query & load optimization

A2: #ibmblu Automated wkld mgt manages mixed loads using policy-based tools to ensure allocation of resources per business priorities

A1: Dynamic workloads and impact of complex analytic queries can be significant to the simple queries #ibmblu
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RT @Keith_Carlsen A1 I’m seeing needs for speed and larger data volumes. Complex SQL generated by tools. #ibmblu
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A1: #ibmblu Mixed-workload mgt is the norm with #bigdata. Concurrency of real-time & batch jobs, low-latency & batch, in-db apps & data mgt

A1: #ibmblu #BigData puts priority on workloads involving in-database execution of advanced analytic models. Real-time or batch.

A1: #ibmblu Low-latency workloads are becoming the norm with #bigdata. Used to be the exception (pre-bigdata).

RT @IBM_DB2: Join us today, 1 PM ET for #ibmblu chat  Workload Management for Growing Data

"Hecticity." My dictionary doesn't show it as a word. It needs to be a word. Me, here, now.

Meaty metadata? #BigData, semantic search, and the decline of closed-ended intentionality ( ) Wednesday #IBM quick-hit

Drafted latest #IBM #AnalyzingMedia post: "#BigData Analytics for a Holistic Customer Journey"

Caught some comedian in the Poconos doing his dirty nightclub act to a mostly indifferent audience. Wish I'd recalled his name. Filthy funny

@bigdata_paulz Well, thankee kindly Big Paulz!!!!!!

Little Jimmy Dickens "May Th Bird Of Paradise Fly Up Yer Nose" ( ) JK--Odd craving 2 hear this. Not sure why. Up yours!

Seeing "Showgirls" (1995). Doesn't quite work as a Hollywood entertainment or softcorn porn. Too long. Dialogue stinks to high heaven.

It's official! LinkedIn informs me that I'm now connected to everybody who is anybody in Big Data. My life's crowning achievement!

Hanging with Sonya & Dylan in Harrisburg. Brought her warmer wear & lots of provisions. Wilderness on the Susquehanna.

Loyalty marketing. You never hear about "disloyalty" in this context. It's called "churn," & there's no stigma to the customer who dumps you

It's a cold one this morning. Mid-40s. Less than a week to the autumnal equinox.

RT @LisaOrrJohnston: IBM #Watson has moved on to solutions that can power searches from smartphones;  #PowerSystems

RT @JeffSheehan: "The greatest oak was once a little nut who held its ground." #quote RT @ptrakkonen

Definition o perseverance is doing samething over&over expecting diff results. Def'n o insanity is repeating phrase disconnectd from reality

Caught Elia Kazan's "Splendor in the Grass" (1961) on PBS. Excellent drama. Natalie Wood & Warren Beatty both put in fine performances.

Beautiful day. And beautiful day to air out the house. Opened all the windows. Braced the doors. Nice breezes, blue sky, placid, lo-humid

Thank U Yahoo keyword newsclipping service 4 alerting me to posting of one of my articles several months ago. Mayer turning the place around

Enjoying Al Jazeera. A far more informative cable news channel than any of the US-based networks. Very much like BBC News.

@ajbowles Better to get the most use out of it. A fine and friendly little pocket media player. It's mine.