Friday, January 25, 2013

Aweekstweets January 19-25 2013: the week it finally snowed hereabouts hallelujah

Weather Channel app tells me the moon is "waxing gibbous" right now. Painfully & suddenly ripping large sheets of fur from higher primates?

"Why DNA Will Someday Replace the Hard Drive" ( JK--In the future, your thumb drive will be your actual thumb.

"DNA Could Become the Next #BigData Warehouse" ( JK--Really? Well, then I guess we here at #IBM got some work to do.

"Is it all over for social? The root causes" ( JK--Yep. Jig's up, Zuck. Shut it down. Go back, get that degree. Loser!

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Knee Deep at th NPL by Camera Obscura frm Underachievers Please Try Harder JK--Gr8 winter song. "Snow up 2 our knees"

This "believe the hype of..." razzmatazz. That's tantamount to saying "accept whopping exaggerations as the gospel truth."

This "will 2013 be the year of [whatever}?" nonsense. Pop quiz: match up all prior years w/ hot tech topics they were the "year of." I can't

Looking forward to my Silicon Valley swing next week. Speaking . Visiting #IBM Research at

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Donald Sutherland by Ass Ponys from Lohio JK--Luv these guys. Think Wilco + The Band + Neil Young.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp You're Gonna Make Me Lonesome When U Go by Bob Dylan frm Blud on th Trax JK--Gr8 one. Rhymes "Honolula" & "Ashtabula"

Finished my 5 #IBM quick-hits for next week. I had more to say than I initially thought. Thank you, coffee, for wiring me high.

"#Hadoop in most adv analytics products by 2015, Gartner says" ( JK--But also say anti-Hdp backlash coming. Huh?

"DNA may soon be used 4 storage" ( JK--Cool. Suggests weird sci-fi scenario: stored info transmitted at conception

"The Future of the Open Data Catalog" ( JK--Interesting. Didn't realize World Bank active in this area.

"Is decline in longform newspaper journalism a good or bad thing?' ( JK--Print just portal 2 longest form: Internet


Graph analysis?:

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Ohm by Yo La Tengo from Fade JK--Gr8 new from indie vets. BTW, this classic @TheOnion

Mandy Patinkin can sing. Personally, I'd like to hear him cover Manilow's "Mandy" or that song about picking a bale of cotton and/or hay.

"#BigData & cloud empower smart machines 2 do human work, take human jobs" ( JK--Don't worry. They don't want YOUR job

Fracking. Old energy, new exploitation methods. Darn. I was hoping the entire US economy would be powered by Bio-Willie at this point.

SMBs turn to influencers to build brand awareness

"Creepy Advertising Fraud Reaches New Levels" ( JK--Hey, what's creepy about new weird tricks to boost testosterone?

"10 ways to make the Internet of Things pay off" ( JK--Good list of promising use cases.

"#BigData Budgets: Marketers Plan Spending Spree" ( JK--DMA, Forrester, and Gartner numbers.

"Storage Gets Exciting -- Really" ( JK--"big uptick in the use of Gigabit Ethernet, SSDs and virtualization"

"Gartner, Ovum offer mixed views on state of '#bigdata' hype" ( JK--Gartner: "through of disillusionmt." Ovum: bullish

"What #BigData is Really About" ( JK--@markmadsensez about "new models for data proc..that cant be met by trad DW"

"The Database Tool Trap" ( JK--@johnlmyers44 calls for NoSQL "apply... particular schema 4 anlysis or op wklds in r-t"

RT @PMWCintl Prsntng @ #PMWCintl @jameskobielus w Dr Jianying Hu of @IBM on Similarity #Analytics 4 Prsnlzd

One #IBM quick-hit down, 4 more left to write for next week. Always a challenge not to repeat myself. Always add a twist of something new.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Someone Great by LCD Soundsystem from Sound of Silver JK--My favorite of theirs. It just rolls you in a warm vibe

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp My Girls by Animal Collective frm Mwthr Post Pavil JK--"Just want 4-wall adobe flat for my girls"? Low-rent brothel?

Catch #IBM me & J. Hu "Similarity Analytics 4 Personalized Healthcare" at PMWC2013, Tues Jan 29, 10:45am Mtn View CA (

New #IBM jk blog: "Next Best Action in the Internet of Things" (

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp The Only Living Boy in New York by Simon & Garfunkel frm Bridge Over Trbld Water JK--"Tom"= Artie as in "Tom & Jerry"

@darachennis @CurtMonash @richardveryard Merr-Web defines "measly" as "infected w/ measles" ( "Lousy"=infested w/ lice

"Thought leader" is an aspirational self-designation. So is "humorist." One aspires to making people follow. The other to making them laugh.

NoSQL? ( Thursday's #IBM quick-hit

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Credit in the Straight World by Young Marble Giants from Colossal Youth JK--"Leave yr money when U die"? Heaven?

January 24. Northern Virginia receives its first snowfall accumulation of the winter. We have less than an inch.

When people demean something as "measly," are they saying it has the measles?

@ITKE Thanks Ben: looks great!

New #IBM jk article in @ITKE "Securing #BigData: Issues to Consider in Your Strategic Planning" (

Run that video again. I don't mind staring at Beyonce's lips, if you insist.

My first impression of Facebook Graph Search, now that it's active in mine? Awesome!

Habit is just a pattern of adaptations. Life is just a pattern of habits. Adaptation is just a pattern of lives.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Here He Comes by Brian Eno from Before and After Science JK--Luv this song & album. Only Eno I bought on vinyl

"Popeye, a Hero of Poor Data Decisions" ( JK--"I yam what I yam"? Did the sailorman secretly nosh on sweet potatoes?

"Searching for Measures of #BI Performance" ( JK--#forrester @bevelson on what's often known as "BI on BI"

Listening to Geethali Norah Jones Shankar "Nightingale" ( JK--My fave from the Indian-American beauty's 1st LP

"There is No Single Version of the Truth" ( JK--#IBM@JeffJonas says "'best' data depends on its source and purpose"

#BigData in the Cloud: Preparing for the Future ( ). Agenda: Register:

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Y Control by Yeah Yeah Yeahs from Fever to Tell JK--One of biggest baddest fuzziest guitar grooves in recent memory

@asmalldarkcloud Many songs on "Sell Out" are funny: that + "Mary Anne w/ th Shaky Hands," "Tattoo," "Silas Stingy," "Heinz Baked Beans" etc

"Why exactly did NBC’s Brian Williams join Twitter?" ( JK--Why does anybody join any social, while we're on topic?

There are good days and bad days. But there are never any good days to be sick. Illness, even minor, invariably clouds an otherwise good day

I'm fine, but I can't help but laugh whenever I see or hear the phrase "good day to be sick." What's next? "Wonderful day to die"?

"#IBM Profits On Smart Software Plays" ( JK--@DHenschen comments on Q42012 financials.

Listening to The Who "Another Tricky Day" ( JK--Pete talking back 2 his "My Generation" younger self & the punks

When I finish a blog, I breathe deeply. That's literally a load off my mind. Other loads take its place in no time.

Drafted next #IBM blog: "Next Best Action in the Internet of Things."

Writing a blog where I call "Internet of Things" a "deja-vu paradigm." Haven't we heard it long before? Me in 2005:

Replaying "The Who Sell Out" again in entirety for 2nd time this a.m. Perfect 2 have on while I write a blog. "Relax & let yr mind roll on"

@brwood I don't know if "inappropriate" is the right word. You misunderstand what I'm doing. I'm discussing apps, use cases & best practices

"M2M & smartphones for a fitter you" ( JK-- Excellent discuss o converge o M2M, quantified life, & healthcare analytics

"Advantages of using an object storage system" ( JK--Excellent overview. A keeper article for future reference.

"#BigData intelligence: New opportunities for collaboration" ( JK--Fine example of gratuitous use of term "big data."

@brwood Point is I'm NOT discussing products. If you want to pitch your products, that's your business--literally.

@brwood Huh? What makes you think I'm discussing products?

@asmalldarkcloud "The Who Sell Out" was an excellent LP. And its loose "concept" nature predated "Tommy" by 2 years.

Queryable big-data archive? ( Wednesday's #IBM quick-hit

Queryable big-data archive?:

Fun facts: Oprah's first name backwards is "Harpo." Her last name backwards is "Yerfniw."

RT @TheOnion: Hungover Michelle Obama Packs Leftover Inaugural Ball Hors D'oeuvres Into Sasha’s Lunch Box

Listening to Sun Kil Moon "Carry Me Ohio" ( JK--Luxuriously lonely droning.

Listening to Joseph Arthur "Honey and the Moon" ( JK--"If you weren't real, I would make you up."

Listening to Caribou "Sun" ( JK--Electronica master Dan Snaith deftly leverages exactly one word of lyric: "sun"

Listening to The Who "Sunrise" ( JK--1967. Pete sings this soulful quiet number from "Sell Out."

Listening to Norah Jones "Sunrise" ( JK--Pretty one from her second LP.

Listening to Big Star "Watch the Sunrise" ( JK--Beautiful song actually conjures feeling of watching sun rise.

Listening to Built To Spill "The Wait" ( JK--"You wait , you wait, you wait for August then you wait for May"

Listening to Doug Martsch "Woke up This Morning (With My Mind on Jesus)" ( JK--Dude from Built to Spill. ~ 10 yrs ago

Oh no! Now Obama's enemies are claiming he lip-sync'd the entire Inaugural Address. What is this country coming to?

40th anniversary of "Roe vs. Wade." I remember joke about Dan Quayle: he thought those were two ways to cross the Potomac.

"Why #BigData Doesn't Have to Mean Big Security Challenges" ( JK--Check out this webcast. Kindervag's good. #IBM

"How Simplicity will Transform Future o Data Center" ( JK--"cntrlzd integ sys w/ specialzd skills on tech/platfs"

"Digital Marketing Maturity: 4 "RIGHTS"" ( JK--"deliver RIGHT message 2 RIGHT person @ RIGHT time 4 RIGHT price" #IBM

"'Data Animators' Bring #BigData To Life" ( JK--Paints visualized narrative of prob domain. FYI:

"After Flat Year, BI Goes on the Move" ( JK--Mobile access, that is. BI has plateau'd in enterprise deployments/plans

"ETL to ELT Conversion Testing in Data Warehouse Engagements" ( JK--NIce, detailed how-to roadmap for DW professionals

Sunny frigid low-humidity day in still-snowless DC winter. I walk outside my house at least once per workday. Usually 2 mailbox. Nothing yet

Whenever I want to lay on the down-home charm I refer to any arbitrary set of items as "them ol' bad boys."

@susvis #Ibmdatamag is great, but I was referring to LinkedIn#bigdata discussion groups. I post to both.

LinkedIn #bigdata discussions not terribly interesting today. I'm tempted to re-read my own posts. Not.

"Remember Lotus Notes? It's Still a $1 Billion #IBM Business" ( JK--Original nucleus of now very diverse software group

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Line of Fire by Junip from forthcoming eponymous 2nd LP JK--Soaring thrilling one from this great Swedish group.

Submitted latest article: "Securing#BigData: Issues to Consider in Your Strategic Planning"

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Chain Gang by Sam Cooke from Portrait of a Legend JK--Cooke would have been 82 today. Golden throat.

Two telemarketing scam phone calls 2 seconds apart. Hang up on one, a different one immediately. What's up?

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Waiting Room by Fugazi from 13 Songs JK--Washington DC punk legends. Correction: Arlington VA punk legends

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp I'll Be Your Mirror by Velvet Underground from Velvet Underground & Nico JK--Group could be very beautiful, & ugly

Storage optimization?( Tuesday's #IBM quick-hit

Storage optimization?:

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Hidden Treasure by Traffic from The Low Spark of High Heeled Boys JK--Good one. I had the LP. Why dont I recall this?

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Free by Angel Olsen from Half Way Home JK--2012. Very nice. One part Laura Nyro, one part Shirelles

Do you have two 500 billions for a trillion?
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I have lived in the house with my wife for ten years. But I'm realizing I've never actually SEEN her.
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I'm ready to go on Oprah to admit doping in 1968.
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"The Sports Report" ( JK--Great prescient funny (of course) @SteveMartinToGo NYTimes op/ed from 2004. Dope dope dope!

#IBM #SmarterPlanet ( . These ads show benefits of the Internet of people, places, & things, orchestrated by #bigdata This discussion is interesting but it’s gone far afield of the original question. I’m responding to “Do you think...

Government should charge Kim Dotcom, Ned Rocknroll, Marvelous Marvin Hagler, & others a vanity-plate fee 2 continue 2 use those stupid names

"In-memory data grids see 2013 as a big year" ( JK--Gartner sees triple-digit growth in in-mem datastore mkt this year

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Is That Enough by Yo La Tengo from Fade JK--Wow. Another great song. I'm getting this new YLT LP. For sure.

Prince Harry sez killd Taliban insurgents during l8st tour o duty in Afghanistan ( JK--Armored, jousting, horseback

"Revealing #BigData Secrets" ( JK--@ventanaresearch "outcome-bsd vu" whimsically calld "3 Ws" (what, so wot, now wot)

I like the fact that "latency" rhymes with "wait and see." Delays, delays, delays.

"'Like' if you agree" is the new "honk if you love Jesus." It's best to like and love in blessed silence. Your praise is still felt.

"Why Your IT Project Needs a Cognitive Scientist" ( JK--To understand how users process data in their heads 4 decisions

That song on the radio again. Why do I doubt that Katy Perry ever made out in anyone's Mustang to Radiohead? Maybe Russell Brand. That's it

"Data Saved in Quartz Glass Might Last 300 Million Years" ( JK--Your #bigdata can be preserved like a fly in amber

30+ years of overhearing Egidia jabber to her family & friends in Tio Ciu (Chinese dialect) & I've never once cared 2 know what she's saying

"Why Customer Segmentation is Essential" ( JK--Differentiating them helps U differentiate your offerings

"How Do U Interview a Data Scientist?" ( JK--Ask left-field questions that keep them off-balance & test mental agility

"Data Science: Buyer Beware" ( JK--Article misses point. Data science's body of knowledge is statistical methodology

Richard Blanco's inaugural poem: "One Today" ( JK--Just an ordinary inventory of American industriousness & geography

"#BigData Trends" ( JK--This Gartner "hype curve" would be more useful as a tag cloud or "hot-not" list.

@markzohar #iot Good one. Thanks: "The Internet of Things: Hardware with a Side of Software" (

"GEQuest: 2 Big Data Science Quests on Kaggle" ( JK--Focus is "Internet of Things" apps in aviation & healthcare

Going to call my next #IBM blog: "Next Best Action in the Internet of Things."

My fave Huffington Post headline of the morning: "Britney Spears flashes sideboob."

All in memory? Accelerating all analytics & transactions ( Monday's #IBM quick-hit

All in memory? Accelerating all analytics &

Listening to Connie Francis "Where The Boys Are" ( JK--I enjoyed the movie with her & Paula Prentiss.

LIstening to Concrete Blonde "Joey" ( JK--Beautiful hardrocking song of heartbreak, regret, & contrition

LIstening to PJ Harvey "Sheela-Na-Gig" ( JK--Recorded at MTV Studios, 1993, when they actually had music.

Listening to Ramones "Sheena Is a Punk Rocker" ( JK--Live at CBGB, 1977, pre "Rocket to Russia"

LIstening to Sheila Chandra "All You Want Is More" ( JK--I reviewed in Madison. "Borrowed" from Paradise Records

LIstening to West Indian Girl "Trip" ( JK--Trippy one from about 10 years ago. What happened to them?

LIstening to Grateful Dead "Truckin'" ( JK--Sorry Jerry. Chicago New York & Detroit NOT on the same street.

Listening to Bachman Turner Overdrive "Rolling Down the Highway" ( JK--Those dudes look like truckers, eh?

Listening to David Bowie "TVC15" ( JK--"Transmission transmission..."

Listening to Okkervil River "Plus Ones" ( JK--Still haven't warmed up to Google+, BTW.

No Man is an island , Apart from the Isle of Man
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Big Data In Healthcare: Technology May Replace Upto 80% of What Doctors Do #HealthIT
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I am convinced that the only people who buy various "who's who" books are those who are listed in them. And maybe their moms.
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Listening to Orlons "Wah Watusi" ( JK--Early 60s dance craze with best name. Makes U wanna shake a tail feather

Listening to Gin Blossoms "Found Out About You" ( JK--One of my fave radio songs of the early 90s.

Listening to Beau Brummels "Gentle Wanderin' Ways" ( JK--Them as more the acid-rock San Francisco group. No faux Fabs

Listening to Luscious Jackson "Naked Eye" ( JK--Layered vocal arrangement, rapped verses, sung choruses & bridge

Listening to Echo & the Bunnymen "Bring on the Dancing Horses" ( JK--For no reason, this danced into my head

Obama's second term officially begins. I'm sure the GOP will be much easier on him than the first time around. Not.

ESPN announcers in quiet settings who feel the need to constantly holler. Hey numchucks those mics work fine!

CBS Sunday Morning. I give thanks that Mo Rocca is not having to put a President Romney in historical context.

I'd like to see a remake of the quirky Ryan Gosling flick starring Te'o. Call it "Large Lunkhead & the Real Girlfriend."

RIP Stan Musial. Superstar baseball player rackd up impressiv numbr o records in his day. Batted > .300 in astonishing 17 consecutiv seasons

The face of the Earth is an extraordinarily rich composition. Google Earth is its snapshot. All we need to do is crop, curate, & narrate it.

WSJ article on putative remains of Richard III. Portrait resembles Christopher Walken.

"French Way of War" ( JK--Disdain America but war like us

"Los Angeles Overreacts to Cold Temperatures" (!) JK--Wanna thank my fellow Jimmy K for this bit.