Monday, March 20, 2017

Aweekstweets February 12 to March 20 2017: the weeks of Declan’s debut

6m6 minutes ago New blogpost: "Pretty much all of my IBM thought leadership output, April 2012 to March 2017" ( )

 9h9 hours ago Caught "Allied" on DVD. Brad Pitt & Marion Cotillard good in a twisty WW2 tale of resistance, espionage, double identities, & tangled hearts 

 9h9 hours ago We'll be using Uber & Airbnb for the first time this week. We'll also be buying our first flat-panel TV soon. We don't rush into new stuff 

22h22 hours ago RIP Chuck Berry. He put the showboating lead guitarist at the center of rock & roll and infused R&B with a witty country-western sass. 

24h24 hours ago It says here ( …) that my surname is the 1,953,851st most common in the world. Yes, we have the common touch.

 Mar 17 TCM is showing John Ford’s 1952 classic “The Quiet Man.” I can’t tell you how much I love this film. Well, saints preserve us, I just did!

 Mar 17 "One Deep Learning Virtual Machine to Rule Them All" ( ) JK--Calls for standardized internal representation for all DL

 Mar 17 "Learning to communicate" ( ) JK--Here's a link to that OpenAI research where bots fashion their own bot-to-bot lingo

 Mar 17 St. Patrick's Day. Day when I celebrate one-fourth of my heritage. The rest of my DNA just not worth getting pugnaciously drunk over.

 Mar 17 "Bots Learning to Chat in Own Language" ( ) JK--Algorithmically generate lingua-franca grammar semantics vocab etc

 Mar 17 "Recruiters: Coding talent needed, degree optional" ( ) JK--Vocational education certificate may be sufficient.

 Mar 17 "DARPA plan would reinvent not-so-clever machine learnng systems" ( ) JK--Autom8 transfer learning w/manual guardrails

 Mar 17 "All th ways AI will slash Wall Street jobs" ( ) JK--Duh. Old news. Pre-dates AI. You've heard of algorithmic trading?

 Mar 17 "Digital twins: trend in mass customz8n enabld by IoT" ( ) JK--Full digital replica incl behavs o real physical endpnt

Mar 17 "IoT data is moving target; computing requires new artillery" ( ) #SiliconANGLE

 Mar 17 "Spark ML: getting closer to the edge to improve latency" ( ) Holden Karau of #IBM #SiliconANGLE

 Mar 17 RT @kexpnowplaying #kexp Posse "Keep Me Awake" JK--2016. Good slow-burning 7" from the Seattle indie outfit.

 Mar 17 Dear FBrs Who Ask Us 2 Read a Grievance Post to the End & Either Share or Reply 2 It: I havent got time for th chain, not since I’ve known U

 Mar 16 "Iteration is not design" ( ) JK--Really? Who says iteration can't innovate? If that was so, evolution'd be impossible

 Mar 16 "AI4ALL" ( ) JK--"National nonprofit working to increase diversity in artificial intelligence."

 Mar 16 " Mark Cuban: The world’s first trillionaire will be an AI entrepreneur" ( ) JK--He hopes it's himself, obviously

Mar 16 13th Floor Elevators "You're Gonna Miss Me" ( ) JK--Thanks 4 the well-wishes but U're not gonna miss me. Not going far

 Mar 16 "AI in the Crosshairs" ( ) JK--That's where you need to grab it if you want artificial hearts&minds to follow.

 Mar 16 "Can new metadata and machine learning salvage data swamps?" ( ) #SiliconANGLE

 Mar 16 "Can the enterprise afford to be in the ‘ignore state’ with its data lake?" ( ) #SiliconANGLE

 Mar 16 It’s Lent. I long ago gave up giving up things for Lent for Lent.

 Mar 15 RT @kexpnowplaying #kexp Lulu "Feelin' Alright" from New Routes JK--1970. 
She's not Joe Cocker, but this still is a damn good version.

 Mar 15 Regarding "assuage," there are two types of people: those who pronounce it "uh-SWAGE" and those who don't pronounce it all. I'm the latter.

 Mar 15 I assume that whoever owns Hanna-Barbera's copyrights has made far more from licensing Jetsons crap than was ever earned on initial TV run.

 Mar 15 "NVIDIA’s Driving A Robot Invasion And It’s A Good Thing!" ( ) JK--"Up to our butts In robots" sounds scary, actually

 Mar 15 New #IBM jk #Datanami column: "Scrutinizing the Inscrutability of Deep Learning" ( )

 Mar 15 "Amazon Is Winning The AI Race" ( ) JK--That's a vast overstatement. Have 1 successful AI-driven consumer product.

 Mar 15 "How can you see the network through the microservice jumble?" ( ) JK--Down to the network/packet level #SiliconANGLE

 Mar 15 "You’re Not Busy, You’re Just Rude" ( ) JK--Thank U WSJ for dissecting/flaying this cold condescending cop-out phrase

 Mar 15 "The Dark Side of DevOps" ( ) JK--Bah! Not dark at all. Just inevitable tension between procedural change v. stability

 Mar 15 "Introducing Keras 2" ( ) JK--DL lingua-franca API, works with TensorFlow, Theano, and (in the future) other backends

 Mar 15 "Deep Learning on Title + Content Features to Tackle Clickbaits" ( ) JK--Pages dense with links, pics, & buzzwords

 Mar 15 "Netflix AI tweaks each scene individlly 2 make vid look good evn on slow intrnet" ( ) JK--"Net neutrality" mitigator?

 Mar 15 My favorite genre of popular music is "alternative." Generally, but not always, it's the alternative to the crap they play on the radio.

 Mar 15 "Why Men Drink" ( ) JK--Ummm...hydration?

 Mar 15 "Science-Backed Ways Music Affects Your Brain & Productivity" ( ) JK--My technique is to think about it while I listen

 Mar 15 "How Smart People Handle Difficult People" ( ) JK--"You are in control of far more than you realize."

Mar 14 John Oliver: “dead as Melania Trump’s eyes.” Thanks. I wondered whether I was the only one who noticed that.

 Mar 14 We got our overdue but not overwhelming winter precip. Not worth photographing. I assure U it’s white & glistens. Trust me on this. For once

 Mar 14 New #IBM jk #KDNuggets column: "Homebrewed Deep Learning and Do-It-Yourself Robotics" ( )

 Mar 14 Drafted my next #KDNuggets column: "Putting Together A Full-Blooded AI Maturity Model"

 Mar 14 "‘Artificial Intelligence’ Has Become Meaningless" ( ) JK--I agree. Label slappd on everythng formrly dubbd "big data"

 Mar 14 "Search Earth w/AI eyes via powerful satellite image tool" ( ) JK--Search images of entire world for matching objects

 Mar 14 "The Singularity Coming in 2029 & Will Make Humans 'Sexier'" ( ) JK--Yep. Will give us all toned butts & rock-hard abs

 Mar 14 "Seeing Theory - A visual intro to probability & statistics" ( ) JK--Awesomely great use of interactive visualization

 Mar 14 "How AI Is Transforming the Workplace" ( ) JK--WSJ has a really bizarre graphic illustrating this.

 Mar 14 "Dynamic duo: Can AI and humans revolutionize thought labor together?" ( ) #SiliconANGLE

 Mar 14 "Algorithms to sniff out pollution and train ballerinas, AI is changing the world" ( ) #SiliconANGLE

 Mar 14 "How AI became a key technology in finding missing and exploited children" ( ) #SiliconANGLE

 Mar 14 OK LinkedIn enough w/prompts to congratulate people on job changes. Or give us response option: "glad to see you've kept your career alive"

 Mar 14 Enjoyed shoveling the densely packed inch+ of ice crystals on my driveway at the crack of dawn this a.m. Glad my shovel & back didn't crack

 Mar 14 Home-based workers needn't apologize when their kids are visible/audible in background on livestreams. Unless it disrupts, it's understood

 Mar 14 RT @KEXPNowPlaying #kexp Sex Pistols "God Save th Queen" JK--1977. Johnny's benediction workd like a charm. Longest-reigning British monarch

 Mar 13 Back issues o NYTimes Book Review. Exactly how many titles on particle physics, Hitler & forgotten postwar intellectuals can th market bear?

 Mar 13 Saw "The Silent Storm" on DVD. Hideously overwrought cinema turd. Damian 
Lewis plays fire/brimstone Scots preacher like Groundskeeper Willie

Mar 13 "Beyond Deep Learning – 3rd Generation Neural Nets" ( ) JK--Vorhies says it's "spiking neural nets."

 Mar 13 "Design Framewk 4 Chatbots" ( ) JK--Please design taxi-driving chatbots that clam up when we're trying 2 chill in back

 Mar 13 "ML and Misinfo" ( ) JK--What the world needs now are generative DL algos that retro-splash dopey grins on classic art

 Mar 13 "Long-term Trends in Public Perception of AI" ( ) JK--Best not to regard AI as menacing creature from black lagoon

 Mar 13 "Picking an optimizer for Style Transfer" ( ) JK--Kind of a cool cookbook for building your own with deep learning

 Mar 13 "Role of Affordances in Internet of Things" ( ) JK--Refers to action-possibilities that an environment makes available

 Mar 13 Stuff blows over. It's all water under the bridge. Just hope it doesn't blow you in while you're crossing over.

 Mar 13 "It Seems Like Anyone Can Be a Data Scientist… but Is It True?" ( ) JK--No, it actually DOESN'T seem like that!

 Mar 13 "The Road Toward S Mart Clothing" ( ) JK--Not 2 B confused with "you look really smart in that double-breasted blazer"

Mar 13 Looking ahead 2 grandson's eventual 1st vocaliz8n. Smart $ on "googoo" or "gaga," but statistical outlier (eg "rosebud") not out of question

Mar 13 "The Neanderthal’s Cautionary Tale" ( ) JK--Race-mixing, not racist homogeneity, is key to our species' survival.

 Mar 13 "If U Dont Invest In Deep Thought Leadership, Don’t Have Blog At All" ( ) JK--"Executive eminence" blogs mostly ho-hum

 Mar 13 "The Hidden Economics of Ideas: Ideas are getting harder and harder to find" ( ) JK--Nonsense. Just slap crap together

 Mar 13 "The AI ethics gap: the dangers of democratizing data" ( ) JK--Video interview at #SXSW Austin #SiliconANGLE

 Mar 13 "One Metallic Step Closer to Robot Apocalypse" ( ) JK--Apocalypse when? Do they love th smell of WD-40 in the morning?

 Mar 13 "This call is being recorded for training & quality purposes." Training who to do what with what quality? The useless fool on the other end?

 Mar 13 "IBM at SXSW" ( ) JK--Through tomorrow. Makers' Garage. Community Radio. Rooftop Lounge.

 Mar 13 "Scientists Test Tire Filler Made From Food Waste" ( ) JK--Highschool cafeteria food already fit for this purpose.

 Mar 13 "SEC Denies Winklevoss Application for a Bitcoin ETF" ( ) JK--Somehow, these twins' serial failures are headline news

 Mar 13 News confirms what I knew was coming. Republicans fall over selves to essentially reconstruct Obamacare, as if was their idea all along.

 Mar 13 "SXSW Dispatch: Public Speaking Power Tips for Introverts" ( ) JK--Tip #1: DON'T GET SELF-CONSCIOUS UP THERE!!!!!

 Mar 13 RT @kexpnowplaying #kexp The Rolling Stones "Can't You Hear Me Knocking" from Sticky Fingers JK--1971. That dirty guitar totally rocks this!

 Mar 13 RT @kexpnowplaying #kexp Sera Cahoone "Only One" from From Where I Started JK--2017. Definitely has an "I Saw The Light" devotional feel.

 Mar 13 "VA 1st state 2 pass law allow robots deliver straight 2 door" ( ) JK--I'll build ramp so he can climb my front stoop

 Mar 13 As spring nears, snow approaches DC. By this time tomorrow, forecasters predict we'll be digging out from 4-8" of wilted cherry blossoms

 Mar 13 Things that didn't prove useful during my jobsearch: every online resource. Things that did prove useful: my reputation+personal connections

 Mar 12 “Psst...check out the hot social network you’ve never heard of.” If no one’s heard of it, how hot & how social can it be?

 Mar 11 We’re enjoying a Sidney Poitier night on cable: “Raisin In Th Sun” & “To Sir With Love.” Patricia Routledge plays off him well in the latter

 Mar 11 I long for the old days when movies had clear unambiguous endings. Back when they splashed “The End” on the screen and that was that.

 Mar 11 Thanks for all the best wishes on the new job & grandchild. Next on my to-dos: line up new job for my grandson. Working on his resume now.   

 Mar 11 Wine tastings at Wegmans. Excellnt Virginia vintages. I miss those drives 2 C’ville when my kids did college there. Heart o our wine country

 Mar 11 I take nothing for granted. I can’t. I’ve seen too much. I regard everything as an act of grace. How does fate choose to grace me?

 Mar 10 Declan Henry Kobielus. Child of the 21st century. Welcome to the world. Love, Grandpa Jim and Grandma Egidia. Make your daddy & mommy proud

 Mar 10 Just to add to today's craziness, as this too-warm winter draws to a close in Northern Virginia, the flurries begin.

 Mar 10 Just a typical day in our family: changing jobs, changing to a new TV provider, new grandbaby almost here, etc. Nothing out of the ordinary.

 Mar 10 RT @kexpnowplaying #kexp Bjork "Army of Me" from Post JK--1995. She feels like a very robust personality. Would love to meet her.

 Mar 10 "Google Cloud Now 2017- Google Gets Aggressive in A.I." ( ) JK--They made strong enterprise push this week.

 Mar 10 "Building powerful image classific models using very little data" ( ) JK--Good one. "Big" data not always DL-necessary

 Mar 10 "Economists may be underestimating how fast the robots are coming" ( ) JK--They're coming to take me away, haha!

 Mar 10 RT @kexpnowplaying #kexp Car Seat Headrest & Naked Giants "This Must Be The Place (Naive Melody)" JK--2016. Excellent live THeads cover

 Mar 10 In my real life, I've never once used the word "actionable."

 Mar 10 "How to Build a Meaningful Life & Make It Incredibly Amazing" ( ) JK--But how to cope when it gets tediously amazing?

 Mar 10 "A vertical play: Can niche services win Google Cloud users from AWS?" ( ) #SiliconANGLE

 Mar 10 "What to expect from Google Cloud-SAP team-up" ( ) #SiliconANGLE

 Mar 9 Caught “Loving” on DVD. This white Virginia man and his wife of another race enjoyed the movie.

 Mar 9 RT @kexpnowplaying #kexp DJ Shadow "Organ Donor" from Endtroducing JK--1996. Love how he rubs early 70s prog-rock organ sound in your face

 Mar 9 "5 bots 2 try ths wk: Anony, Forksy, Guggy, Chuck Norris, Swelly" ( ) JK--B careful. Any o those controlld substances?

 Mar 9 Q: Is this thing on? A: This thing is always on. We're living in the Internet of Things. They’re always on & THEY’RE COMIN’ TO GETCHA!!!!!!

 Mar 9 "Why Deep Learning, and Why Now" ( ) JK--Why NOT now? And who are you? Why are you asking? And why do U need to know?

 Mar 9 "Happy & Productive Your Job? HR Wants 2 Know — Right Now" ( ) JK--Metrics will B beaten 2 death till morale improves

 Mar 9 "Biomimicry and the Internet of Things" ( ) JK--Hey Dan Graham, is "cogitative" the same as "cognitive"? Distinction?

 Mar 9 RT @kexpnowplaying #kexp Th Beatles "A Day In th Life" from Sgt. Peppers JK--1967. Nobody sure if he from shadowy org calld "House of Lords"

 Mar 9 "Emerging Machine Intelligence Clusters" ( ) JK--Update on AI innovations in Europe (UK, France, Germany) and Canada.

 Mar 9 "8 New Products You’ll See @ Strata + Hadoop World" ( ) JK--Personal conflict keeps me from attending. #IBM there, tho

 Mar 9 "Random forests to save human lives" ( ) JK--Predictive analytics mitigates the randomness of rapid inundation.

 Mar 9 "How 2 make something people give a shit about" ( ) JK--Good. I'd net it to "just make sure you yourself give 2 shits"

 Mar 9 "3 Kaggle alternatives for collaborative data science" ( ) JK--CrowdAI, DrivenData, CrowdAnalytix

 Mar 9 "Google machine learning gains Kaggle and more" ( ) JK--GA on API, engine GA, interactive data science workflow tool

 Mar 9 New #IBM jk Medium blog: "Composing #DeepLearning #Microservices for the Hybrid #InternetofThings" ( )

 Mar 9 RT @kexpnowplaying #kexp Broadcast "Echo's Answer" from The Noise Made by People JK--2000. Spare, calm, gorgeous. A transporting meditation

 Mar 9 "How Spark Illuminates Deep Learning" ( ) JK--"Source" = me ( )

 Mar 8 I’ll let next employer announce when I’m on board. BTW, it’s nobody I’ve been with before. It’s also broader coverage scope than my current

 Mar 8 Want to thank everybody who’s told me how talented & indispensable I am. IBM’s thick with talent. They’ll do just fine without me.

 Mar 8 I’ve declined IBM’s relocation request. I’ve also resigned, effective end of this month. I’ve accepted position w/analyst firm. Stay tuned.

 Mar 8 Pere Ubu "Goodbye" ( ) JK--I'm such an Ubu geek, but if I had to choose a single favorite song, it'd be this.

 Mar 8 "Google is acquiring data science community Kaggle" ( ) JK--Brilliant move. Data-sci contests = talent proving grounds

Mar 8 RT @kexpnowplaying #kexp Neko Case "Hold On Hold On" from Fox Confessor  Brings th Flood JK--2006. Curious how she "hangs around the ceiling"

 Mar 8 RT @kexpnowplaying #kexp Kim Weston "Take Me in Your Arms (Rock Me a Little While)" JK--1965. Great original of song covered by Doobie Bros

 Mar 8 "Evolution of Business Logic frm Monoliths thru Microsvcs 2 Functions" ( ) JK--"Optimal size for bundle of biz logic"?

 Mar 8 "Analysts: Hadoop Faces Cloud Disruption" ( ) JK--I call humbug on claim Hadoop wasn't designed for public cloud

 Mar 8 "Adapting Serverless Architecture" ( ) JK--Good diagram explains at a high level what's going on under virtualization

 Mar 8 RT @kexpnowplaying #kexp Belly "Feed the Tree" from Star JK--1993. Dare I ask what th boy should take his hand off when he's talking to her?

 Mar 8 "The Future Is in Fog Computing" ( ) JK--Sketches the architectural distinction vs. cloud computing very nicely.

 Mar 8 Enough of the biz-tech stories of form "predictive analysis predicts [x]." Really? This stuff actually works as advertised? You kidding?

 Mar 8 RT @kexpnowplaying #kexp Lucius "Born Again Teen" from Good Grief JK--2016. Love it. Their stuff has great snap and bounce.

 Mar 8 "Serverless computing: Freedom 4 devs last" ( ) JK--But only if developing scalable stateless event-driven cloud svcs

 Mar 8 "What would happen in a world where women didn't exist?" ( ) JK--Um, I dunno. Extinction of the species? What else?

 Mar 8 Dear Whoever Develops Spam Filters: Please use ML & NLP to filter out messages that obviously come from people who aren't fluent in English

 Mar 7 "10 Epic Shifts Rewriting Rules o Marketng" ( ) JK--Astute. Influencer mktg is key. It's how U assemble huge audiences

Mar 7 "The Lisp approach to AI (Part 1)" ( ) JK--Harks back to pre-ML days of AI as primarily rule-driven NLP expert systems

Mar 7 "The race to monetize artificial intelligence is on" ( ) JK--Astute competitive SWOT analysis.

 Mar 7 "AI Is Going to Change 80/20 Rule" ( ) JK--Schrage on dynamic shifting ensembles o AI-boosted business superperformers

 Mar 7 "Brain-controlled Robots" ( ) JK--I feel like one on my off-days.

 Mar 7 "Davos 2016 - The State of Artificial Intelligence" ( ) JK--When geekly topics consume world mover/shakers, watch out!

 Mar 7 "...smaller yet better Image Recognition" ( ) JK--Awesome illustration of how Convolutional Neural Nets actually work

 Mar 7 "Attention and Augmented Recurrent Neural Networks" ( ) JK--Great dissection of key advances in this core DL approach

 Mar 7 "XLA - TensorFlow, compiled" ( ) JK--Google developer blog. Key milestone in maturation of TensorFlow as app dev tool

 Mar 7 "Simplified Analytics: The Good Bad & Ugly of IoT" ( ) JK--Tired ancient-cinema ref. BTW, what's IoT's Cool Hand Luke?

Mar 7 "Five AI Startup Predictions for 2017" ( ) JK--Very insightful no-BS predictions from Bradford Cross.

 Mar 7 Someone: "Dear Mr Kobielus please help me locate IBM individual who handles infrastructure monitoring in yr IT org" Me: Yep, one individual

 Mar 7 "Smart Cities & Smart Sewers" ( ) JK--Robots self-repair cities? Public-works employment killer? Local-economy killer?

Mar 7 RT @kexpnowplaying #kexp The Shins "Mildenhall" from Heartworms JK--2017. Has rapidly become one of my favorite Shins songs of them all.

 Mar 7 "Invisible Force That Warps What You Read in the News" ( ) JK--"Narrative gravity." Great term. Lazy/biased reporting

 Mar 6 "Tech industry hit by suspension of expedited H-1B visas" ( ) JK--Indian outsourcers will be hit hardest #SiliconANGLE

 Mar 6 "IBM makes its quantum computer more accessible for developers" ( ) JK--Expanded development API #SiliconANGLE

 Mar 6 "Bitcoin ‘hybrid banking’ company Wirex raises $3M" ( 
) JK--Curious if any nation will go all-bitcoin #SiliconAngle

 Mar 6 Ro-ro-ro your bot gently down the stream.....

 Mar 6 "Elephants’ Graveyard?" ( ) JK--I'm cited here. Personally, I'm very fond of them. Mancini:

 Mar 6 "Will neuroscientists ever be able to read minds?" ( ) JK--In other words, ascertain intentions & pre-verbalizations?

 Mar 6 "White collar jobs under threat: not all jobs created = in AI automation" ( ) JK--Skip 2 end 4 less automatable tasks

 Mar 6 "How to Generate Art - Intro to Deep Learning" ( ) JK--Computational artistry era awaits its Da Vinci.

 Mar 6 "120 Machine Learning business ideas" ( ) JK--Substitute "big data analytics" for "ML," & this is so 4 years ago

 Mar 6 Hamhanded appeals to fear/uncertainty/doubt are so passé. I expect cunning
 Marketers to finely target pitches to each of those weaknesses.

 Mar 6 "Making sense of machine learning" ( ) JK--Eric Knorr parses definitions correctly: AI v. ML v. neural nets v. etc

 Mar 6 "Intuition Is The Highest Form Of Intelligence" ( ) JK--Or lowest form of stupidity. Opinions without data = delusions

 Mar 6 "San Jose regional economy strong but challenges imperil job growth" ( ) JK--Highlights insane cost-o-living & traffic

 Mar 6 "Evolution of Microcomputers: Personal Histories" ( ) JK--By jinkies, we had 2 walk 5 miles thru snow 4 MS-DOS support

 Mar 6 Dear digital news services: Thanks, but don't tell me how long it should take to read each article. I know within split-second of 1st glance

 Mar 6 " #IBM Building First Universal Quantum Computers" ( ) JK-- IBM Q Series. Already 40K users have run 
>275K experiments

 Mar 6 "Want to Make Yr Presentation Memorable? Do These 5 Things" ( ) JK--Omitted most important: Say something interesting

 Mar 6 RT @KEXPNowPlaying #kexp Cry Now, Laugh Later by Grace Jones from Living My Life JK--1982. She had great discofied blend of robotic & human

 Mar 5 "Download the whitepaper"? Actually, I'm hoping to download the blackink words that would normally be imprinted on that paper. Capiche?

 Mar 5 Flipping thru channels on the tube. Ah, yes, public television. Your pledges support endless pledge drives extolling the glory of public TV

 Mar 4 How come MY tweets aren’t front-page news? Huh?! What’s up with that?

 Mar 4 Going to stay up for SNL tonight. Musical guest is Father John Misty. Their lead tambourinist really knows how to shake it.

 Mar 4 I'm sure Obama bugged my tower too. Or at least my attic. Or my belfry. There are bats up there, and I'm sure he's bugged them too.

 Mar 4 Not too shabby, not too shabby. Just shabby enough. Optimized with my patent pending deep neural shabbification algorithm.

 Mar 4 Commercial email sbjct: "You’re Considering Switching to Nearshoring, Now What?" My response: "How near & do I risk sharks if I swim there?"

 Mar 4 Fitness-club members who do their push-ups etc while obliviously obstructing where others must walk should be required to do floormat duty.

 Mar 4 “Greed, Fear, Game Theory and Deep Learning” ( …) JK--Excellent research framework

 Mar 4 Amazon blames S3 outage on typo by employee in Northern Virginia data center. Clearly, we NoVa denizens have jittery figners (ah sh*t!)

 Mar 4 WSJ reports McDonald’s refocusing on hamburgers, getting new ice cream machines, & trialing deliveries. Boring. Make Ronald a creepy clown

 Mar 4 WSJ editorial uses phrase “drop-site in the Virginia suburbs” to refer generically to espionage tradecraft. Yes, we’re thick with spooks!

 Mar 3 Got my crown today. Dentist visits like this are more tolerable if I think of them as coronation ceremonies and the chair as my throne.

 Mar 3 I have used the phrase “it’s more complicated than that” several times in a personal context in the past week. I’m not that complicated.

 Mar 3 Saw “Moonlight” on DVD. Excellent tight-focus drama. Daring material. Performances rich with silence.

 Mar 3 I powerblasted my way through dozens of research papers today while writing that Datanami column. My head is blown every which way but loose

 Mar 3 Reading stories in Jeff Bezos’ newspaper about screwup in Jeff Bezos’ cloud services company & big plans at Jeff Bezos’ space travel company

 Mar 3 Drafted my next #IBM jk #Datanami column: "Scrutinizing the Inscrutability of Deep Learning"

 Mar 3 RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Colour of Water by Rose Elinor Dougall from Stellular JK--2017. Good one. Reminds me of th best School of Seven Bells

 Mar 2 "The embarrassing reason behind Amazon’s huge cloud computing outage this week" ( ) JK--Warren Beatty not implicated

 Mar 2 "How millions of kids are being shaped by know-it-all voice assistants" ( ) JK--Parents, just be happy it isn't dope.

 Mar 2 RT @kexpplaylist #kexp The Ballad of Dale & Ray by Dale Watson & Ray Benson JK--2017. Love it. Country-western equivalent of "Monkees Theme"

 Mar 2 RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Naked As We Came by Iron & Wine from Our Endless Numbered Days JK--2004. Comforted @djcherylwaters during cancer bout

 Mar 2 RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Dance Me to the End of Love by Leonard Cohen JK--1984. Those were the days my friend, we thought they'd never end.

 Mar 2 "Serverless Computing Isn't Simple to Explain" ( ) JK--Dev abstraction 4 transparent on-demand cloud-app spin up/down

 Mar 2 "What DevOps Is and What It Is Not" ( ) JK--Tells you what it's not, then dishes an overstuffed confusing "what it is"

 Mar 2 "10 things
 Marketers need to know about AI" ( ) JK--Substitute "big data" for "AI," and this could be a 2012 article

 Mar 2 New #IBM blog: "Fundamentals for sure-fire cloud data warehouse optimization: An interview with James Kobielus" ( )

 Mar 2 Will Data Scientists Automate Themselves Out of Jobs? … JK--Will cobbler de-shoe himself AND his children? Stay tuned!

Mar 2 "Microservices 101: Changing the Monolithic Data Architecture Model" ( ) JK--Essentially, droplets in the IoT data fog

 Mar 2 RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Fearless by Pink Floyd JK--"I'll climb that hill in my own way, wait around for the right day."

 Mar 2 "How AI Already Changing Yr Life Backed By 6 Incredible Stats" ( ) JK--Embedded virtual assistants inside more stuff

 Mar 2 "NKorea Sez Kim Jong Nam Likely Died of Heart Attack" ( ) JK--Sure. Induced by assassins rubbing deadly poison in face

 Mar 2 Silicon Valley's political common cause? IMHO, it's free
 Markets, low trade barriers, open immigration, R&D incentives, & IP 

 Mar 2 "Sessions did not disclose meetings w/Russian ambassador during Trump campaign" ( ) JK--Like was easy to forget he had

 Mar 2 "Wild goose chase." The more we chase them, the less wild they become. That's because we've essentially trained them to outrace us. 

 Mar 2 "Dyson expands AI robotics efforts w/new tech ctr" ( ) JK--OMG! Autonomous robot supervacuum could hasten Singularity!

 Mar 2 "Can AI save a life? Facebook thinks so" ( ) JK--Excess false-positives could undermine suicide-prevention initiative

 Mar 2 RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Love is Stronger by Sade from VS Matrixxman Remix JK--Her voice is perfect blend o silk+smoke

 Mar 1 Tee-ing up my
 March columns to draft: Datanami, KDNuggets, InfoWorld, Dataversity, TechTarget. Seeding each w/kernels from my recent reading

 Mar 1 My coverage zone is near-certain to broaden in the near future. Aligning with future contours. My own & the world generally.

 Mar 1 I’ve produced a lot of quality thought leadership lately under trying circumstances. By “quality,” I mean “did fresh analysis” & “nailed it”

 Mar 1 Outbound tele
 Markter: "Hi I'm Emily from customer service. Can you hear me?" Me: "What company?" Emily: "Great! We'd like to.." Me: [hangup]

 Mar 1 "Beyond the Black Box in Analytics and Cognitive" ( ) JK--That's another type of AI: Artificial Inscrutability.

 Mar 1 "How Far Are We From ‘True’ AI & Do We Really Want To Go There?" ( ) JK--And how much of this navel-gazing is healthy?

 Mar 1 "GGL Unveils Neural Net w/“Superhuman” Ability 2 Determine Location o Almost Any Image" ( ) JK--Espionage accelerator?

 Mar 1 "Feel Th Kern: Generating Proportional Fonts w/AI" ( ) JK--Use autoencoders to boil fonts to essence, for smooth manip

 Mar 1 "Want an Energy-Efficient Data Center? Build It Underwater" ( ) JK-- Powered by renewable energy (winds, tides, waves)

 Mar 1 "Creating A Massive Network Visualization Of The Global News Landscape" ( ) JK--How to visualize fake-news landscape?

 Mar 1 "Inside Facebook's AI machine" ( ) JK--Photo of that riotously cluttered high-ceilinged development space is classic.

 Mar 1 S3 outage meant we couldn't do a Zoom videoconference. But we had Slack, Sametime, email, and good old audioconferencing as backups. Whew!

 Mar 1 "This Man Makes Founders Cry" ( ) JK--Helps rich/powerful CEOs make peace with their personal demons/fortune. Boo-hoo!

 Mar 1 "Serverless computing" ( ) JK--Modular event-driven stateless cloud functions w/out ovrhead o server/container/VM mgmt

 Mar 1 RT @kexpplaylist It's My Life by The Animals JK--1965. "Some day I'll treat you real fine" doesn't bode well for relationship. Why not now?

 Feb 28 Stressed out people tend to get easily pooped & pissed. Especially when theyre having a crappy day & some ass starts spewing verbal diarrhea

 Feb 28 New #IBMInterConnect jk blog: "5 reasons to attend InterConnect 2017" ( )

 Feb 28 New #IBM jk #KDNuggets column: "Cooperative Trust Among Neural Networks Drives Deeper Learning" ( )

 Feb 28 RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Alex Nieto by Chuck Prophet from Bobby Fuller Died 4 Yr Sins JK--2017. San Francisco-based artist does local namedrop

 Feb 28 "Detect Subtle Contxt-Dpndnt Model Inaccuracies in High-Dimensional Robot Domains" ( ) JK--Robot-autosense no-go zones

 Feb 28 New #IBM jk #TechTarget #ITKnowledgeExchange column: "Don’t let agile methods undermine data science" ( ) ¬¬

 Feb 28 Drafted latest jk #TechTarget column: "Don’t Let Agile Methods Undermine Data Science"

 Feb 28 "Do Robots Deserve Rights?" ( ) JK--No. Nonsentient nonorganic beings hav no moral standing. Theyre agents o we who do

 Feb 28 RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Atlantic City by Bruce Springsteen from Nebraska JK--1982. Hard not to feel forlorn in that faded seaside resort town

 Feb 28 "The robot that takes yr job should pay taxes, sez BGates" ( ) JK--Not so fast. "The robot" will be fog-distributed AI

 Feb 28 "Machine learning on mobile: on the device or in the cloud?" ( ) JK--Key decision point for cognitive-app developers

 Feb 28 "China’s Artificial-Intelligence Boom" ( ) JK--Trump hostility to immigrants will hamper US attempts to keep pace.

 Feb 28 "Who is leading in AI research among big players: IBM, Google, FB, Apple & MSFT?" ( ) JK--Caveat: authored by Google-r

 Feb 28 "Artificial intelligence: Cooperation vs. aggression" ( ) JK--Seems to urge restraint in AI weaponization, but weakly

 Feb 28 "Unlike big data, IoT may live up to the hype" ( ) JK--Dubious claim: "Big data's concentration on the coasts"

 Feb 28 "Donald Trump accuses Obama of orchestrating protest against him" ( ) JK--What? Political dissent illegal now?

 Feb 28 "“Siri, Cortana, Alexa,
 Marcus. Do bots really need a gender?”" ( ) JK--We'll project gender onto them, regardless.

 Feb 28 "If U Are Serious About Achieving Success In Any Area of Your Life, Master Your Mindset" ( ) JK--"Mindset"? Too heavy

 Feb 28 RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Evening Prayer by Jens Lekman from Life Will See You Now JK--2017. Cool/strange bouncy tuneful meditation on cancer

 Feb 28 "What Blockchain Can Do for IoT" ( ) JK--Thing2thing end2end any2any decentralized trusted timestamped transactions

 Feb 27 "Intuition & Deep Learning Generalization" ( ) JK--Intuition is fast seamless streamed fusion of past/present/future

 Feb 27 "How Users Really Perceive Interfaces: Psychological & Biological Approach" ( ) JK--Attention flow is precious

 Feb 27 "The Archetypes of UX Design" ( ) JK--User experience design roles increasingly central to app development process.

 Feb 27 "Neural Net Learns 2 Synthetically Age Faces & Make Them Look Younger" ( ) JK--Facial deep-structure there at birth

 Feb 27 "Latent space visualization" ( ) JK--Best illustration I've ever seen of how DL auto-encoders see deep image structure

 Feb 27 The trick of getting complexity under control is not always understanding, but always having a strategy for coming to an understanding.

 Feb 27 "Quantum Computers Finally Go Head-to-Head" ( ) JK--Same algos, different architectures. #IBM vs. U-

 Feb 27 "Neural Networks' Next Big Frontier? Outer Space" ( ) JK--Deep learning sharpens details in telescope-sourced images.

 Feb 27 "Now Anyone Can Deploy Google’s Troll-Fighting AI" ( ) JK-- ML auto-detects insults harassment & abusive speech online

 Feb 27 RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Santa Fe by Beirut from The Rip Tide JK--2011. An old-world vibe with shufflebeat + great horn & keyboard flourishes

 Feb 27 "Robert Mercer: big data billionaire waging war on mainstream media" ( ) JK--"Big data"? Hardly. Long-ago NLP innov8r

 Feb 27 "Doctor's Book Presents Case Against 'Dairy Crack'" ( ) JK--Dumb thesis that cheese is addictive. It ain't dope.

 Feb 27 "4 reasons U should use Kubernetes" ( ) JK--Container orchestration. See also: Apache Mesos, Docker Swarm, AWS EC2 ECS

 Feb 27 Caught "Manchester By the Sea" on DVD. Grim and depressing, but also uplifting to watch Casey Affleck's hairtrigger sadsack character man-up

 Feb 27 Truth be told, I half-wanted to see the producers of "La La Land" & "Moonlight" get into a knock-down drag-out fight for that Oscar.

 Feb 27 RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Coconut by Harry Nilsson frm Nilsson Schmilsson JK--1971. Humbug! Neither lime nor coconut ever relieved my bellyache

 Feb 27 RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Astral Weeks by Van Morrison JK--1968. Published lyric says "talking to Huddie Ledbetter." Sounds like "Hugo Abner"

 Feb 27 PR person claims to "work with quite a few under-30 world changers." Sorry, but if they had already changed the world, you'd've named them

 Feb 27 Let’s hope the academy rechecks past best-picture winners. I’m pretty sure “The Shawshank Redemption” took the trophy in 1994.

 Feb 26 I have long believed that confirmation bias is real. All the studies I’m seeing confirm it. Must be so.

 Feb 25 Completing my site survey of greater SF Bay area. Last task: Pacific Ocean. Survey confirms it’s still oceanic, pacific & generally blue.

 Feb 25 "Pregnancy wearables are a thing." Read about one that tells woman she's going into labor. Really? We need machines to know we're in pain?

 Feb 25 Another day, another insane twist to the presidential cycle. Another inevitable consequence of electing a madman.

 Feb 25 RT @kexpplaylist #kexp My Old Man by Mac De
 Marco from This Old Dog JK--2017. He's seeing more of his in himself. I've always seen mine in me

 Feb 25 RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Solar Driftwood by Yello from Pocket Universe JK--1997. Opening vaguely reminds me of Donovan "Atlantis."

 Feb 25 "Do Cats Cause Schizophrenia? Believe the Science, Not th Hype" ( ) JK--Issue is yarnball some scientists keep batting

 Feb 25 "If AI Can Fix Peer Review in Science, AI Can Do Anything" ( ) JK--That headline wouldn't pass peer review in logic.

 Feb 24 "Uber ugliness unmasks SV's bro culture" ( ) JK--"Male 'high performers' (aka 'brilliant jerks') above consequences"

 Feb 24 Passed thru Robin Williams Tunnel while driving
 Marin. Was hoping to meet Cheech or at least sample the goods in adjacent Chong County.

 Feb 24 jameskobielus Retweeted Jason Kobielus Dear @dvellante @stu @theCUBE @SiliconANGLE : If you're in need of a good-looking talented brilliant male Kobielus, I recommend my son here jameskobielus added, Jason Kobielus @jasonkobielus @ODPiOrg @dvellante @stu @theCUBE @SiliconANGLE Thanks for the publicity! I spent two months working on my @jameskobielus bodysuit

 Feb 24 " #IBM Next Steps With Machine Learning: Mainframe and Power" ( ) JK--Good one from Constellation's Doug Henschen.

 Feb 24 Dear San Franciscans who wear hoodies & scarves on street: Let’s get real. This is not true cold. For you, this must be a fashion statement

 Feb 23 Love walking in the cool sunshine of San Francisco. Considering how intense the workload is, I absolutely need it.

 Feb 23 Morning @ Land’s End. I step out o my hotel lobby 2 witness homeless person urinating in full view on Mission St. Stay classy San Francisco!

 Feb 23 RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Beech Boys by His Name is Alive from Stars on E.S.P. JK--1996. Group hails from jerkwater burg: Livonia, Michigan

 Feb 23 "RedQueen: online algo for s
 Mart broadcasting in social nets" ( ) JK--IMHO, best time to 
tweet is when spirit moves U

 Feb 23 "List o human tasks AI has mastered" ( ) JK--"Write poems that get published"? So what! Master the art of going unread

 Feb 23 Conan has one of the few shows on basic cable that I always stop and watch, no matter what else is on. He's durably funny.

 Feb 23 RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Only One by Sera Cahoone from From Where I Started JK--2017. Fresh gem from this sterling folk-country artist

 Feb 22 RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Scoop Scoobie Doobie by Jessie Hill from VA - New Orleans: Home of the Blues JK--1960. Gumbo of great NOLA nonsense

 Feb 22 Last time I was in San Francisco (Sept 2015), it was in deep drought. Now there's flooding in San Jose and other NoCal communities. Whoa!

 Feb 22 "Finding Radiohead's most depressing song, with R" ( ) JK--That's pretty much all of them: extremely narrow variance.

 Feb 22 "Python vs R: 4 Implementations of Same Machine Learning Technique" ( ) JK--Data scientists are the new programmers

 Feb 22 "Could IBM's Watson Fix President Trump?" ( ) JK--Um, no. Artificial intelligence is no panacea for organic stupidity

 Feb 22 I never have earbuds in my ears when I’m walking in the residential zones of San Francisco. I just listen to the environment.

 Feb 22 I've switched my brain to airplane mode. Somehow that awful coffee hits the spot at 30,000 feet.

 Feb 22 What the...?! Someone's pitching me celebrity-endorsed glitzy Vegas schmaltz keepsakes. No thanks. I'm full up on Cher-aphernalia.

 Feb 22 Gogoinflight. "Redirecting you to an exclusive in-air experience." For sure. Those who refuse to pay skyhigh wi-fi charges are excluded.

 Feb 22 Stupid mental exercises I do while in transit. Guesstimating number of times I’ve visited California, work or personal. Around 50

 Feb 22 New #IBM jk #Dataversity column: "Will Data Scientists Automate Themselves Out of Jobs?" ( )

 Feb 22 "From Microservices to Distributed Sys" ( ) JK--Reactive, resilient, elastic, message-driven, containerized, RESTful

 Feb 22 "Python vs PHP vs Ruby: A Detailed Comparison" ( ) JK--Why choose? Learning them all may help developer job prospects

 Feb 22 "7 sweet Python IDEs you might have missed" ( ) JK--Good detail on dev tools for very popular language

 Feb 22 "Recognizing Traffic Lights With Deep Learning" ( ) JK--Good breakout of a deceptively tough computer vision challenge

 Feb 22 "10 Vs of Big Data" ( ) JK--Can't believe people are still V-ing this stuff for kicks. I can only recall 5 Vs +/-3

 Feb 22 RT @kexpplaylist #kexp The Last Thing On My Mind (Acoustic) by The Joy Formidable from Sleep Is Day EP JK--2016. Really gr8 power chording!

 Feb 22 Lots of people said they saw me in person or on livestream last week from #IBMML NYC. It was so well-attended, I may have missed a few o you

 Feb 22 I usually prefer to provision my own lumbar support. At least that way, I know I've got my own back, even if nothing else does. Peace o mind

 Feb 22 RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Frontier Psychiatrist by The Avalanches frm Since I Left U JK--2000. Samples Wayne & Shuster

 Feb 22 New #IBM jk #InfoWorld column: "6 predictions for the future of deep learning" ( )

 Feb 21 A career is one job after another. But it’s also the narrative of what it all means and what you yourself are amounting to. Your impact.

 Feb 20 "Keep the faith: A vote for voting systems" ( ) JK--Eric Knorr this past fall cites my "predictive jitters" column

 Feb 20 "How Will Big Data Evolve in the Year Ahead?" ( ) JK--Quotes me in the same breath as a bunch of industry analysts

 Feb 20 "'AI brain scans' reveal what happens inside machine learning" ( ) JK--Cool graphs visualize computational densities

 Feb 20 "The Mathematics of Machine Learning" ( ) JK--Great albeit heavy-going overview with links to online education sources

 Feb 20 "How Gig Economy Startups Will Replace Jobs w/Robots" ( ) JK--They'll name all the robots "Gig," just to mess with us

 Feb 20 "Attacking machine learning with adversarial examples" ( ) JK--Hugely important research focus for mitigating AI risks

 Feb 20 "Can Artificial Intelligence Predict Earthquakes?" ( ) JK--ML algos trained on data from simulated in-lab earthquakes

 Feb 20 "Civil Society Shouldn’t Have to Solve Problem of Bad Hate Crime Data on Own" ( ) JK--Crowdsourced data on incidence

 Feb 20 "OpenFog Consortium Releases Ref Architecture 4 Fog Computing" ( ) JK--Sez fog more hierarchical than "edge computing"

 Feb 20 Is there an evil cabal of web designers who delight in popping up endless chains of distracting nonsense while you're trying to read?

 Feb 20 "Facebook plans to use AI to identify terrorist propaganda" ( ) JK--Wild goose chase. Will net ample false-positives

 Feb 20 "Getting Started with Deep Learning" ( ) JK--Good crisp comparison of available dev tools. That 1st chart alone.

 Feb 20 New #IBMInterConnect jk Tumblr blog: "InterConnect will connect you with unstructured content governance" ( )

 Feb 20 Observing Presidents Day. Trying not to observe the one that's currently in office. Painful.

 Feb 19 Taxes. So-called because preparing them really taxes your patience.

 Feb 19 RT @kexpplaylist #kexp All Disco by Elbow from Little Fictions JK--2017. New./ Another superb one from these guys.

 Feb 19 RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Magical Mystery Tour by Beatles from Magical Mystery Tour JK--1967. Love how this brassy number dissolves at the end

 Feb 19 Today in politics on Twtr: everybody “destroying” each other “with a single tweet.” But somehow everybody resurrects promptly & retaliates

 Feb 19 New German super
 Market chain coming to the area to challenge Aldi. Bracing for a price war in no-frills wienerschnitzel and lederhosen.

 Feb 19 Dear Free Wi-Fi Login Page Developers: Pls add 3rd option btwn “accept terms” & “decline.” I suggest “have your lawyer contact my lawyer”

 Feb 19 Caught “The Girl On The Train” on DVD. Didn’t realize Emily Blunt could play vulnerable so well. 4 stars!

 Feb 19 To everybody who thinks U should start discussion with DC-area resident by ranting about politics, I will grill U on yr area’s top industry

 Feb 18 A very warm
 February. I guess those polar ice caps really are melting. How long can you tread water?

 Feb 18 “Your call has been forwarded to an automated voice messaging system.” Why not a hand-cranked manual one? Authenticity, please!

 Feb 17 Hey Facebook, ask us before U create these stupid video albums celebr8g annivs o “friendships” with family. Mine with them long predate you

 Feb 17 " #IBM & Visa Turn Automobiles Appliances & All Other Connected Devices into Potential Points o Sale w/Watson IoT" ( )

 Feb 17 Maturity means developing proverbial stiff upper lip. That's not willpower or even habit. It's scar tissue from having to bite it constantly

 Feb 17 Dear PR people: Don't bother me with "edtech" stories that ref Betsy DeVos, unless it's about homeschool training of machine-learning algos

 Feb 17 Drafted next #IBM jk #Dataversity column: "Will Data Scientists Automate Themselves Out of Jobs?"

 Feb 17 RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Iron Man by Black Sabbath JK--1970. Fun fact: Ozzy Osbourne never once considered for Tony Stark role in "Iron Man."

 Feb 17 "Elon Musk sez humans must become cyborgs 2 stay relevant" ( ) JK--Yeah I like I worry whethr robots think me a lame-o

 Feb 17 "AI Deconstructs Phone Sales Pitches" ( ) JK--Please start by deconstructing pitchpeople's indecipherable accents.

 Feb 17 "Hadoop finds a happier home in the cloud" ( ) JK--Hey @merv: Is that happy pachyderm in the trough or on the plateau?

 Feb 17 "How data scientists...gener8 valuable processes" ( ) JK--Biz proc optzn. My recent predict:    

 Feb 17 "How Spark Illuminates Deep Learning" ( ) JK--Unidentified "source" is little ol' me tap-tap-tapping on this keyboard

 Feb 17 "Role Of AI In Creating Successful Startups" ( ) JK--As opposed to AI sexy-factor role in creating FUNDED startups.

 Feb 17 "Attribute-controlld face photo synthesis from simple line drawng" ( ) JK--Train on schoolkid sketches of mommy&daddy?

 Feb 17 "Understanding Agent Cooperation" ( ) JK--Test every conceivable game-theory scenario in AI-driven multi-agent swarms

 Feb 17 "Abusing Generative Adversarial Nets to Make 8-bit Pixel Art" ( ) JK--Abusing? Back off Jack! GANs have feelings too

 Feb 17 "General AI Challenge" ( ) JK--Warm-up round: Gradual Learning - Learning Like a Human. $50,000 in prizes.

 Feb 17 "The Future of AI" ( ) JK--Hopefully, AI future wont involve scare tactics like stylized skull&crossbones on all-black

 Feb 17 "Most complex physics prob could B solved by brainy machines" ( ) JK--Repurpose ML algos 2 learn matter-phase features

 Feb 17 RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Pyramids by Frank Ocean from Channel Orange JK--2012. Very nice warm supple human hiphop groove.

 Feb 17 "This computer programmer solved gerrymandering in his spare time" ( ) JK--Should also finger culprit legislatures

 Feb 17 "Code-Dependent: Pros and Cons of the Algorithm Age" ( ) JK--Comprehensive, provocative, well-researched.

 Feb 17 "DeepMind's AI learnt 2 become 'highly aggressive' when feels like going to lose" ( ) JK--Note to NASA: HAL9000 brain?

 Feb 17 Machine learning beyond data scientists: the self-serve model emerges | /w @jameskobielus #ai #machinelearning

 Feb 17 "Fueling the Gold Rush: The Greatest Public Datasets for AI" ( ) JK--The more of these, the s
 Marter all AI becomes

 Feb 17 "2 Paths of NLP to AI" ( ) JK--Word vectors w/handcoded representations vs auto-learned reprs from real-wld experience

 Feb 17 "Deep network guided proof search" ( ) JK--How AI helps confirm/fix the mathematical/logical foundations of AI algos.

 Feb 17 'How the 'Queen of Shitty Robots' creates machines that serve a greater purpose" ( ) JK--To goof off & make you laugh

 Feb 17 "Google releases TensorFlow 1.0 w/new machine learning tools" ( ) JK--Well on its way to becoming defacto DL standard

 Feb 16 Stress. On bright side, you’re building character, lots & lots of character, obscene amounts of character. Enough goddamn character already!

 Feb 16 Neural network trained on rap lyrics ( ). Do we really need AI that brags in rhyme about its sexual exploits?

 Feb 16 "Building character AI through machine learning" ( ) JK--Would AI really have Fred Flintstone shout "yabba dabba doo"?

 Feb 16 "The AI scene in the valley: A trip report" ( ) JK--In other words, you'll trip over AI startups everywhere in Valley

 Feb 16 "Yahoo makes TensorFlow and Spark better together" ( ) JK--"TensorFlowOnSpark" is here:

 Feb 16 Hope #theCube releases b-roll of me singing Captain & Tennille. I'll do it to you one more time, once is never enough with a boy like me.

 Feb 15 Tired. Not sure that I can shout a coherent definition o Restricted Boltzmann Machines under these conditions. Lookee, here comes Boltzmann!

 Feb 15 Comes a point in every party where the noise, alcohol, & exhaustion levels make it too difficult to listen or talk. My fallback is smiling

 Feb 15 In New York midtown. No desire to go near Trump Tower, though I’m just a few blocks away. A stain on 5th Avenue.

 Feb 15 "IBM and TWC Unveil World’s First Mobile Weather Alerting Platform for Underserved Pops in Emerging
 Markets" ( )

 Feb 15 New #IBMML jk blog: "Machine learning enriches the private cloud" ( )

 Feb 15 James Kobielus, Sr Prog Dir of Community Engagement & Strategy for Data Science at IBM Analytics #IBMML #theCUBE:

 Feb 15 Facilitating democratization of data w/machine learning | #IBMML Yrs truly on #theCube from the Waldorf-Astoria:

 Feb 15 "Spark gets faster for streaming analytics" ( ) JK--Cites my recent on #Spark #DeepLearning:

 Feb 15 When there's a bloodthirsty vampire headed your way and no way out, everybody wants to be a stakeholder.

 Feb 15 " #IBM Takes Machine Learning to Where Data Lives" ( ) JK-- Charles King @pund_it analysis of today's #IBMML announce

 Feb 15 " #IBM Brings Machine Learning to the Private Cloud" ( ) JK--Watson's machine learning on z/OS mainframes

 Feb 14 #IBM ML Launch Event. Livestream tomorrow 2-530pm ET #IBMML: . Cube: 9am-130pm: Me: 10am

 Feb 14 Manhattan. It never sleeps and it's always lit up. But that's only because it's got a Battery shoved up its nether region.

 Feb 14 Enough with this "expand your vocabulary" nonsense. Your vocabulary fits your range o curiosity. Broaden yr interests & the words will come

 Feb 14 "
 Mark Cuban on Why You Need 2 Study AI or You’ll be a Dinosaur in 3 Years" ( ) JK--Really? Wow! Make me a pteradactyl!

 Feb 14 "Ford snaps up AI startup Argo" ( ) JK--Don't suppose they'll snap-up Alan Arkin character catchphrase from that movie

 Feb 14 Drafted next #IBM jk #InfoWorld column: "Deep Learning for Everybody (Eventually)"

 Feb 14 Manhattan’s gridlock is godsend for pedestrians. Lots of places to cut through between stymied drivers & fuming vehicles.

 Feb 13 New #IBMML podcast: "Machine learning in cognitive analytics" ( ) Dinesh Nirmal with James Kobielus

 Feb 13 New #IBMInterConnect jk Tumblr blog: "InterConnect will connect you with NoSQL Polyglot Persistence" ( )

 Feb 13 RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Train Song by Feist & Ben Gibbard from Dark Was The Night JK--2009. Vashti Bunyan cover from multi-artist benefit LP

 Feb 13 "Stars & journalists lose appetite 4 correspondents' dinner under Trump" ( ) JK--Who'll they get to host? Carrot Top?

 Feb 13 "Emerging field of AIOps" ( ) JK--ML applied to IT operations analytics? How about DevOps applied to AI algo/app dev?

 Feb 13 "Spark Summit East 2017" ( ) JK--Takeaways from last week's blizzard-impacted industry shindig in Boston

 Feb 13 "Are Norberts & Norbertinas th Future o Human Race?" ( ) JK--Refs sci-fi o people hopelessly dependent on AI wearables

 Feb 13 "How Spark Illuminates Deep Learning" ( ) JK--IMHO, this was the "what's next" central to last week's #SparkSummit

 Feb 13 "What’s next for open-source Spark?" ( ) JK--New hardware platforms, improved performance.

 Feb 13 "AI For Matching Images w/Spoken Word Gets Boost" ( ) JK--Auto-learn unwritten languages from speech/image correlation

 Feb 13 "Norwegian robot learns to self-evolve & 3D print itself in lab" ( ) JK--Generative self-design is advancing rapidly

 Feb 13 "AI learns to solve quantum state of many particles at once" ( ) JK--“We have a machine dreaming o Schrödinger’s cat.”

 Feb 13 "Generative Adversarial Nets in 50 lines o code (PyTorch)" ( ) JK--Algorithmically generate authentic-looking images

 Feb 13 RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Shadowplay by Joy Division from Unknown Pleasures JK--1979. Intense grinding guitar attack. Hair-raising beauty.

 Feb 13 Scrum. Puzzling over contradictory senses. In football, it's massed head-on forward formation. In software: improvised sidestep scrambling

 Feb 13 New #IBMInterConnect jk Tumblr blog: "InterConnect: Connecting you with collaborative data science" ( )

 Feb 13 RT @kexpplaylist #kexp In a Big Country by Big Country JK--1983. Don't expect to grow flowers in desert? Why not? Oases are good metaphors

 Feb 12 RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Warning Sign by Local Natives from Gorilla Manor JK--2009. Great Talking Heads cover. As good as the original.

 Feb 12 RT @kexpplaylist #kexp That Was Another Country by The Innocence Mission from Bright as Yellow JK--1995. Great mid-90s radio memory