Sunday, May 28, 2017

Aweekstweets April 23 to May 28 2017: the weeks of wine and roses

19 hours ago RIP Gregg Allman. Leader of one of the greatest blues-rock jam bands of them all. Powerful full-throated singer.

 May 27 My mother didn’t let her babies grow up to be cowboys, nor did my wife. I assume my son’s wife will carry on the Kobielus family tradition

May 27 I still possess and regularly use personal items (t-shirts, caps,mugs, backpacks etc) with logos of my past 7 employers. Starting in 1990.

May 27 Wish vendors would refrain at their events from announcing that some new solution is “incredible.” Does giving credence make us credulous?

 May 27 “AI to turn design mockups into source code ( ) JK--Before long, most first code-builds will be done this way.

 May 27 RIP Zbigniew Brzezinski. I pride myself on having met him casually on a DC street & refraining from referring to him familiarly as “Zbiggy” May 27 Archiving selected junk mail.

May donate it to the Smithsonian some day. My junk is especially historic. May 27 Trying to decide which phrase connotes greater urgency: “the time is now,” “the future is now,” or “there’s no time like now.”

 May 26 Glad that Memorial Day weekend is here. I feel like I’ve aged 5 years in 5 months

May 26 RT @kexpnowplaying #kexp Roberta Flack & Donny Hathaway "You've Got A Friend" JK--1972. Good lite-soul romantic duet of Carole King classic

 May 26 "Google: The Full Stack AI Company" ( ) JK--Good roundup of their investments & recent initiatives in this area.

 May 26 New #SiliconANGLE #Wikibon jk blog: "Keeping cloud-native DevOps from spinning out of control" ( )

 May 25 New #SiliconANGLE #Wikibon #AppDev jk blog: "Istio: An Open Microservice Mesh for the Cloud-Native Era" ( )

 May 25 RT @kexpnowplaying #kexp Bob Dylan "To Ramona" from Another Side of Bob Dylan JK--1964. LP kept me company during my Ann Arbor student days

 May 24 Trying to distinguish between vendors who are "best" vs. "best of breed." My sense is that the latter are breeding bouncing baby vendors.

 May 24 3rd Austin trip in 3 months. Probably the trippiest of them all.

 May 24 Browsing my email from the party. Everybody values my opinion, or so they say. But nobody quotes a monetary value. No sale. Buzz off!

 May 24 Downtown Austin’s party zones. Think gravel-strewn outdoor beerpits surrounded by high-rises under construction. Transitional neighborhoods?

 May 24 RT @kexpnowplaying #kexp The National "The System Only Dreams In Total Darkness" JK--2017. New one. Solid. Nobody sounds quite like them.

 May 24 Going to Stubb's BBQ in Austin tonight for the #ChefConf event. I understand #KEXP DJ Darek Mazzone will be spinning the tunes. Starts 7:30

 May 24 RT @kexpnowplaying #kexp Fleet Foxes "Fools Errand" from Crack-Up JK--2017. New one. Another nice big-sky vibe these guys.

May 24 Multi-Cloud: Who Controls Your Data? Join #Wikibon Community for #DataControl CrowdChat tomorrow (Thurs) 9am PDT:

 May 24 Hey Microsoft, stop auto-placing emails in a "focused" folder. Every single message de-focuses me if it's not in a meaningfully-named folder

 May 24 "Introducing Istio: A robust service mesh for microservices" ( ) JK--v0.1. Sort of an open-source mcrsvcs ESB

 May 24 "IBM, Google Lyft give microsvcs ride on Istio Service Mesh" ( ) JK--Traffic mgt, policy enforce, telemtry data aggreg

May 24 Forrester's Lo Giudice & Value Stream Mgt's Robertson Discuss #DevOpsValueStreams Crowdchat 5-25 1pm PDT

 May 24 Join us on Crowdchat: Multi-Cloud Data Control. Tomorrow 9am PDT/12noon EDT:  #datacontrol #wikibon

 May 24 John Gossman @gossman on #theCube here in Austin last month at #DockerCon  Interviewed by me & @stu #chefconf

 May 24 Microsoft's lead Azure architect John Gossman @gossmanster at #ChefConf Discussing developer experience May 24 Chef’s compliance updates let developers move fast without breaking things  #ChefConf

 May 24 Chef Pushes Cloud-Native, Container-First Environments with Updates  #ChefConf

 May 24 Chef tightens the links between Chef Automate and its open-source DevOps products  #ChefConf

 May 24 Jacob: Intent-based programming works in distributed app environments because that's how people work: we communicate our intent #chefconf

 May 24 Jacob: can change distrib app implementation in Habitat, because it's the boundary, the behavior, the intent is what matters. #chefconf

 May 24 Getting ready for the Wednesday keynotes at #ChefConf. #KEXP DJ Darek Mazzone playing a fair amount of Seattle grunge. We're in Austin. Hmm

 May 24 "Containers vs. VMs ( ) JK--Container (single svc clustred/deployed at scale) vs. VM (full plat housing multiple svcs)

 May 24 "5 Steps to Determine Whether App Can Be Containerized" ( ) JK--Good checklist to determine what won't make transition

 May 24 Join me this Friday 2m ET for Crowdchat: Building AI IoT Microservices  #IoTAIMicroservices #SiliconANGLE #Wikibon

 May 24 "Build & train machine learning models on new Google Cloud TPUs" ( ) JK--GGL ML supercomputers called “TPU pods.”

 May 23 "Open19 and the Dawn of Vapor Edge Computing" ( ) JK--Cellsites are an untapped resource in the edge-computing wars.

 May 23 "5 Types of Recommenders" ( ) JK--Myriad prescriptive algorithms, none of which, being normative, can be deemd " best"

 May 23 "Can AI Fix Fake Facts? Maybe Not" ( ) JK--Algorithmic vetting must defer to human judgment, & we war over this crap

 May 23 "Human Pose Detection" ( ) JK--Direct-from-video human-body-language detection.

 May 23 "263 Self-Driving Car Startups to Watch" ( ) JK--You bet. I'll give each and every one of them my undivided attention

 May 23 "Microsoft Has a Plan to Add DNA Data Storage to Its Cloud" ( ) JK--Cool. MSFT briefed we analysts on it in Redmond

May 23 #ChefConf Demo of Habitat for bundling Dockerized app & deploy via Kubernetes to Google Cloud Platform

 May 23 #ChefConf Habitat Plans for #bigdata #spark etc continuous build deploy comply

 May 23 Per Habitat for app automation: "What is common language that we need to build together to transform the enterprise?" @adamhjk #chefconf

 May 23 #KEXP DJ reminds Chef CTO @adamhjk that #CloudComputing won the Preakness. #ChefConf

 May 23 "We have to get the guys who pulverize space" -@adamhjk #chefconf JK--For sure. They'll be foundational to space mining!

May 23 Adam Jacob #ChefConf Chef cofounder/CTO Wearing Soundgarden t-shirt May 23 Automation critical to success #chefconf

 May 23 @RobertEStroud #Forrester discusses #devops velocity at #chefconf

 May 23 Rob Stroud, Principal Analyst, Forrester Research discusses "DevOps: Continuous Automation: Foundation for Success" at #chefconf

May 23 Carmen Krueger, SVP & GM, Cloud Ops, SAP NS2 #chefconf

 May 23 #ChefConf Chef's open-source continuous-automation projects

 May 23 "Chef Extends Continuous Automation 2 NextGen Architctures" ( ) JK--Product, partner, & community highlights #ChefConf

May 23 #KEXP DJ Darek Mazzone at #ChefConf 2017 Austin

 May 23 #ChefConf about to begin. I'm sitting up front in media/analyst row between @TheEbizWizard & @MaryJTurner. 

 May 23 "Why You Shouldn’t Be Fooled by Your Own Expertise" ( ) JK--Yes. Others are always smarter. Many others. Much smarter.

 May 22 Stopped into an Austin downtown spice emporium. who were playing Soundgarden “Jesus Christ Pose.” Bought no spice, but touted Dewey Beach DE

 May 22 71°F, calm, and no rain. Perfect for walking and snapping pre-summer photos in downtown Austin.

 May 22 The whispering of hybrid vehicles is an ominous 21st-century experience. Something so calm can be so deceptive. Give it clearance.

 May 22 When it’s really loud at the bar, there’s not much difference between Donald Trump and doin’ a dump. That reassures me.

 May 22 For me, a good night is when I find plenty of material to keep me giggling. Tonight is one such night.

 May 22 "The Surprising Repercussions of Making AI Assistants Sound Human" ( ) JK--How human is TOO human?

 May 22 "AI Playbook" ( ) JK--Andreessen Horowitz microsite provides "getting started" guidance for general audience.

 May 22 "Facebook Wants Merge AI Systems 4 Smarter Chatbot" ( ) JK--ParlAI framework combines dialog systems w/human feedback

 May 22 "Isaac Asimov On AI: Last Interview" ( ) JK--I'm curious whether AI can automate th growing & grooming of mutton chops  

May 22 "DeepDriving: Learning Affordance 4 Dirct Pereption in Autonmous Drvng" ( ) JK--So simple controllr can drive autnmsly

 May 22 "Making a Neural Synthesizer Instrument" ( ) JK--Using artificial neural nets to make music of mindblowing contours.  

May 22 "How Deep Learning Could Fix Trump and Healthcare" ( ) JK--That's preposterous. Insert your own "fix Trump" joke here

 May 22 Join me this Fri 2:pm ET for Crowdchat: Building AI IoT Microservices  #IoTAIMicroservices #SiliconANGLE #Wikibon  

May 22 "How make internet faster? Let algorithms bicker over what we send" ( ) JK--Yes. Auto-encoders 4 agile image-compress  

May 22 RT @kexpnowplaying #kexp Broadcast "Pendulum" from Haha Sound JK--2003. Their electropop was a warm pleasure stream.

 May 22 "An AI invented a bunch of new paint colors that are hilariously wrong" ( ) JK--Or right. No less opaque than "teal."

 May 22 "The 7 Myths of AI" ( ) JK--Surprised it's taken so long for this cliched trope to migrate away from "big data"

 May 22 "How to Put AI to Work" ( ) JK--Huh? Kevin Kelly was not the founder of Wired mag. Was Louis Rossetto & Jane Metcalfe

May 22 "3 Ages of AI – Figuring Out Where We Are" ( ) JK--Hmm. Potential there. I align with 1) rules, 2) stats, & 3) graphs

 May 22 "There’s Nothing Like Huge Public Failure to Boost Interest in AI" ( ) JK--But, as noted, successes far outweigh fails

 May 22 "The Data Science Behind AI" ( ) JK--An OK discussion, but the taxonomic breakdown doesn't feel definitive.

 May 22 New week. Raining in AUS, raining at DCA. Same temps at both locations. In transit within a well-watered steady-state machine.

 May 21 For the record, I & everybody I worked with performed very well virtually & remotely throughout my 5 years at IBM. We rocked the results!  

May 21 A #CloudComputing service that only runs for 1 min 55.98 secs then quits? That’s unacceptable. Smart $’s on #HighAvailability in th Belmont

 May 20 Catch me at #ChefConf this week in Austin. DevOps workflow, infra automation, continuous app delivery.  #Wikibon

 May 20 Catch #theCube at #SparkSummit West, San Francisco, June 5-7. I'm co-hosting. … #SiliconANGLE #Wikibon

 May 20 "Neurala fights poaching in Africa with AI-powered drones" ( ) JK--Nocturnal remote sensing/pinpointing #SiliconANGLE

 May 20 RT @kexpnowplaying #kexp Cameo "Word Up!" from Word Up! JK--1986. Iconic catchphrase set to song. Gotta admire that!

 May 20 Electronics store sign: “we fix computers.” I suppose it would be in bad taste for a vet to post a sign saying “we fix cats.”

 May 20 Happy to see New Orleans remove the Robert E. Lee statues. He betrayed the USA and deserves to be dishonored everywhere in this country.

 May 19 A good week. We had great houseguests. I always try to be a good guest anywhere I go. No demands, few expectations. Smiles and casual talk.

 May 19 According to Donald Trump, anybody who speaks ill of Donald Trump is lying. Sounds plausible.

 May 19 "AI assistants will outnumber all people on Earth by 2021, report says" ( ) JK--Yikes! We're surrounded!

 May 19 "Intertwining AI With Blockchain" ( ) JK--For secure, transparent review of data that is changed or moved over time

 May 19 "Real or Fake? AI Making It Very Hard to Know" ( ) JK--Generative deep-learning can fake every virtual/material thing

 May 19 "TensorFlow Research Cloud" ( ) JK--Google cluster of 1,000 Cloud TPUs free of charge 4 comput8nally-intensive projex

May 19 "Roboschool" ( ) JK--Open-source software for controlling robots in simulation.

 May 18 I saw that. Very impressive that you can run SAP PaaS software in each of the 3 principal public c... #sapphirenow 

 May 18 RT @KEXPNowPlaying #kexp Soundgarden "Girl U Want" JK--Great de-nerd-ified Devo cover.

 May 18 RT @kexpnowplaying #kexp Chris Cornell "You Know My Name" from Carry On JK--2007. He even did cool James Bond movie theme ("Casino Royale")

 May 18 Another day, another newspaper. Open it up. What fresh nightmare is he inflicting on our country now? So many. Where to start?

 May 18 "Analysts discuss SAP’s multi-cloud strategy" ( ) JK--Putting its PaaS software in AWS Azure GGL clouds #SiliconANGLE

 May 18 "Picasso: A free open-source visualizer for Convolutional Neural Networks" ( ) JK--Helps you see cases where CNN can't

May 18 RT @kexpnowplaying #kexp Alice in Chains "Right Turn" from Sap JK--1995. Chris Cornell guested promiscuously, with excellent results.

 May 18 RT @kexpnowplaying #kexp Mad Season & Seattle Symphony "River of Deceit" from Sonic Evolution JK--2015. Gorgeous orchestral w/Chris Cornell

 May 18 RT @kexpnowplaying #kexp Soundgarden "Hands All Over" from Louder Than Love JK--1989. Cornell's voice soars over th band like another guitar

 May 18 "IBM Builds Its Most Powerful Universal Quantum Computing Processors" ) ) JK--And performance metric: Quantum Volume

May 18 "Google bets on AI-first as computer vision, voice recog, machine learning improve" ( ) JK--AI infuses everything

 May 18 "IBM makes leap in quantum computing power" ( ) JK--And they now have a quantum-computing division called "IBM Q."

 May 18 RT @kexpnowplaying #kexp Screaming Trees "Alice Said" from Uncle Anesthesia JK--1991. Good fast one with Chris Cornell on background vocal  

May 18 "Google's new TPUs accel AI training" ( ) JK--Multi-TPU interconnect + concurrent model training/prior-model execution

 May 18 "HPE Unveils Huge Single-Memory Computer Prototype" ( ) JK--Architecture enables memory to scale to 4.096 yottabytes

 May 18 RT @kexpnowplaying #kexp Temple of the Dog "Hunger Strike" from Temple of the Dog JK--1991. Chris Cornell side project. Great one.

 May 18 RIP Chris Cornell. Soundgarden’s leader had a classic heavy rock male voice. A grunge Jim Morrison.

 May 17 What's bigger: giant, gigantic, or ginormous? On letter-count alone, I side with the latter. Thoughts?

 May 17 Trump has somebody named Putin to vouch for him. That's how we'll get to the bottom of this. An impartial third-party with no stake in this

 May 17 "This Giant Vending Machine Dispenses Supercars" ( ) JK--Should I assume it takes Bitcoins? I'm fresh out of quarters

May 17 "How to get Google’s artificial intelligence on the Raspberry Pi" ( ) JK--New Google "AIY Project."

 May 17 "8 CI/CD Tools to Help You Ship Early & Ship Often" ( ) JK--Automated pipeline for continuous code quality/compliance

 May 17 "Digital Twin + Blockchain" ( ) JK--SAP's strategy, including ML, similar to Microsoft's and IBM's in Industrial IoT

 May 17 "Reason U answer work email on weekend is actually 500 years old" ( ) JK--Really? Tell your boss he/she should retire

 May 17 "Reimagining Performance Recognition" ( ) JK--Ugh! This is pure HR/management buzzword bingo. Double-ugh!!!

May 17 "4 Ways Agility Protects Status Quo (& 5 Reasons Anticipation is Better)" ( ) JK--Ah yes, fresh management platitudes!

 May 17 "Does corporate storytelling work? Some mega-brands say no" ( )

 JK--Customers know you're dishing out self-puffery

May 17 "A New Kind of Science" ( ) JK--Curious whether ex-physicist Stephen Wolfram considered changing surname to Tungsten

 May 17 Need to amp up urgency of my tech calls-to-action. Considering tacking "or ELSE!" onto them all, by default. Put AI into the IoT...or ELSE!

May 16 "This Artificial Intelligence Can Predict Whether U Will Have a Heart Attack" ( ) JK--Hopefully, it didn't induce one  

May 16 "Artificial Intelligence Owes You an Explanation" ( ) JK--OK. Let's broaden that burden to all apps, while we're at it

 May 16 Catch #IBMML livestream from IBM Machine Learning & Data, Munich, June 22. Vellante & I co-host #theCUBE Register: 

May 16 POTUS rud to be considering replacing HR McMaster w/ HR PufnStuf or HR Haldeman. Soon as his staff vets which is alive and nonfictional

May 16 Yeah I'm sure Trump thought long & hard before he declassified & disclosed that top-secret info to one of our major geopolitical adversaries

 May 16 Check out my #SiliconANGLE #Wikibon research agenda here: 

May 16 "MP3 audio quietly fades into history" ( ) JK--Sigh! How often will we need to re-acquire our entire music collection?

 May 16 "First heat wave of 2017 eyes Washington region Wed-Fri" ( ) JK--"Heat wave 1.0"? Why don't you give it a name? Spike?

May 16 "Johnny Depp to take on role of John McAfee" ( ) JK--Something tells me this will not focus on his anti-malware chops

 May 15 "Why UX Design For Machine Learning Matters" ( ) JK--Make this stuff relatable, less inscrutable, to you & me

 May 15 "Goedel's Incompleteness Theorem & Emergence o AI" ( ) JK--Perhaps AI irreducibly incomplete in capturing intelligence  

May 15 "Watch out for serverless computing’s blind spot" ( ) JK--Might blind app devs to their resource-hogging tendencies.  

May 15 "Google-funded ‘super sensor’ project brings IoT powers 2 dumb appliances" ( ) JK--Seems to also do super-surveillance

May 15 "Neurala claims major breakthru in DL" ( ) JK--Edge-device incremental-obj learning w/o global/cloud relearn/roundtrip

 May 15 "Data Science &Deep Learning App Leaders Form GPU Open Analytics Initiative" ( ) JK--Open framework for in-memory AI

 May 15 "How infusing analytics into journalism progs improving future wkfrce skills" ( ) JK--Pyramid-inversion optimization?  

May 15 "After 61 Years, Detroit Gets A Streetcar Once " ( ) JK--Their monorail still not self-supporting. Whither this?  

May 14 Watching the1969 movie version of “Hello Dolly.” Didn’t realize 1890s New York City was that squeaky clean. No horseshit on the streets.  

May 14 RT @kexpnowplaying #kexp Sinéad O’Connor "The Emperor's New Clothes" from I Do Not Want What I Haven't Got JK--1990. Love her steely voice.

 May 14 "Tech majority disagrees with AI warnings from Hawkings, Musk and Gates" ( ) JK--Thank you. Enough with the alarmism!  

May 14 RT @kexpnowplaying #kexp Ray Davies "Wings of Fantasy" from Americana JK--2017. Wow. Love this new one. It's THE Ray Davies, right?  

May 14 Dear Marketer Who Begins Spam With "I assume your company needs 3rd-party data to....": I assume your 3rd-party data told you I don't.  

May 14 Caught “Hidden Figures” on DVD. Enjoyed it. I could probably do those last-minute trajectory calculations rapidly on my iPhone

 May 14 POTUS says he ousted FBI chief cuz Comey was “showboat” & “grandstander.” Apparently, Trump recognized himself. Grounds for impeachment?

 May 14 When the day comes, and it will, that Trump leaves the White House, the entire nation will need to be treated for PTSD.  

May 13 Brick-and-mortar retail is suffering. And I think I know why. Those are not popular construction materials any for commercial uses.  

May 13 It was an enjoyable week. Business trip that had lots of work and also lots of fun, and good times with a friend or two in Seattle.

May 13 Quarterly regularly scheduled service day for both of our Hyundais. An excuse to loiter for a few hours in historic Fairfax.  

May 12 New #SiliconANGLE #Wikibon jk blog: "Grasping How Graph Fits Microsoft’s Intelligent Edge Strategy" ( ) #msbuild  

May 12 Seattle. It’s the Napa Valley of coffee. Except the crop is not locally grown. Though they are world class at fussing over it.

 May 11 Skybox at a football stadium? You people seriously overpaid. For that money you should have a dirigible moored over the 50 yard line.

 May 11 I walk alone wherever I happen to be. Gets me out of myself. Even when on those solitary strolls I'm in my head, it's somewhere else.

May 11 New #SiliconANGLE #Wikibon jk column: "At Build, Microsoft delivers AI to mainstream software developers" ( ) #msbuild

 May 11 Me & @djkevincole at #kexp yesterday. He'd just gotten off his shift. Lot of fun just to chat off-mic. I was never on-mc

 May 11 It’s raining in Seattle. I’m walking up Pike to Capitol Hill. It’s obvious that I’m not from Seattle. I’m carrying an umbrella.  

May 11 " from Build: Microsoft unveils cross-device vision for Windows 10" ( ) JK--Quotes me #MSBuild #SiliconANGLE  

May 11 Hello and welcome to this #Wikibon crowdchat on #AgileDataScience. #agiledatascience 

 May 11 Microsoft announces SuSe Linux and Fedora Linux are coming to Windows Store. #msbuild  
May 11 Microsoft announces that SAP Digital Boardroom coming to Windows Store. #msbuild  

May 11 Microsoft announces that Apple iTunes is coming to Windows Store, including full support for iPhone. #msbuild

 May 11 New innovations at Microsoft Build 2017: Helping developers achieve  #msbuild  

May 11 "Project Rome SDK" pivotal to this cross-device, cross-app Microsoft Graph-powered vision on Windows 10. #msbuild  

May 11 Microsoft Cloud-Powered Clipboard works cross-device, cross-app, via APIs. Relies on Microsoft Graph. #msbuild  

May 11 Microsoft announcing "Cloud-Powered Ciipboard." Paste from one device to another. Works even better if you modify your apps. #msbuild  

May 11 Announcing "Windows Timeline: "the easiest way to get back to what you were working on." #msbuild

 May 11 Join me today at 2:30pm ET/11:30am PT for Crowdchat: Agile Data Science  #agiledatascience #SiliconANGLE #Wikibon  

May 11 Microsoft announces new design system: "Fluent Design." #msbuild  

May 11 Myerson: Announcing Windows 10 Fall Creators Update. Windows Story Remix. Built on .Net, MS Graph. #MSBuild

 May 11 Tech vendors have piecharts to show how big a piece of the market they have. Have cakecharts showing their layered approach for holding it.  

May 11 Sitting in analyst/press section awaiting #MSBuild Day 2 keynote. I've decompressed my brain from yesterday's announcement-packed keynote

May 11 RT @kexpnowplaying #kexp Blondie "Long Time" from Pollinator JK--2017. Wow. Good. They're still around? Sounds like they've never quit

 May 11 "Sick of losing talent war, Detroit tries Silicon Valley makeover" ( ) JK--Urban lofts? Just move to the burbs  

May 11 "New sensors and advanced analytics are pushing drone usage past the modern adoption of recent years." Ain't that the truth!

 May 11 RT @kexpnowplaying #kexp Shocking Blue "Love Buzz" from At Home JK--1969. Same group did the original "Venus." Nirvana later covered this

May 11 RT @kexpnowplaying #kexp Ray Davies "Poetry" from Americana JK--2017. Good new one from Mr. Kinks.

 May 10 Good day. Got a little bit of everything done. Way better than a lot of nothing. 

May 10 Processing what I learned today at #MSBuild. Here at #KEXP, amid the music, community, and coffee residue. The analysis will percolate.

 May 10 "Microsoft announces new tools and services to help developers ...." ( ) jK--Day one announcements at #MSBuild  

May 10 Microsoft Graph plus business data = #AI infused apps #msbuild  

May 10 Announcing partners Intel and HP building Cortana-enabled products #msbuild 

May 10 Microsoft Translator: Visit  #msbuild May 10 Announcing Presentation Translator for PowerPoint #AI #msbuild  

May 10 Introducing Adaptive Cards. Build JSON once, deploy over Tams, Skype, and other channels
May 10 Introducing 3 additional channels in Bot Framework: Cortana, Skype, Bing. #MSBuild May 10 Develop, train, analyze, and deploy RESTful #AI microservices in cloud #MSBuild

May 10 Shum: Conversational #AI is most exciting thing about AI now. Cognitive Services + Bot Framework #MSBuild

May 10 Shum: announcing deeper customization across cognitive services to developers can readily built their own #AI services. #MSBuild

 May 10 Shum: announcing new cogniti e services APIs across vision, language, speech, search to knowledge #AI #MSBuild

 May 10 Shum: breakthroughs in speech recog. Achieved parity to human speech recog error rate #AI #msbuild  

May 10 Shum: breakthroughs in vision. RESNET. 152-layer deep learning nets. #msbuild  

May 10 Microsoft AI: Amplify human ingenuity. Big compute, powerful algorithms, massive data. Microsoft Cloud, AI innov, Microsoft Graph #msbuild

 May 10 Harry Shum, EVP AI: Infuse your intelligent cloud/edge apps with AI #MSBuild 

May 10 Microsoft launches a new service for training deep neural networks on Azure  #msbuild

 May 10 Azure Stack enables Microsoft to put Azure in countries where it doesn't have a full Azure data center. #MSBuild

 May 10 Azure Stack for disconnected cloud apps. Shares app logic, even will disconnected. Customer example: Carnival Cruise Lines #msbuild

 May 10 New Visual Studio 2017 tooling announced today enables local development, debug, test, deploy of Azure Functions #msbuild

 May 10 Most Azure apps built atop Service Fabric as containerized microservices and all orch frameworks #msbuild

 May 10 Easily containerize/modernization dotNet apps in VS/Docker, run in Azure cloud, and CI/CD. Kubernetes soon #MSBuild

 May 10 Azure Cosmos DB is evolution of Azure Document DB. All Document DB users already auto-migrated to Cosmos DB. GA today. #MSBuild

 ay 10 Azure Cosmos DB: 5 well-defined consistency models: strong, bounded staleness, session, consistency prefix, eventual. #MSBuild May 10 Azure Cosmos DB: scale to any need with zero app downtime; single system image for globally distributed resources #MSBuild

 May 10 Azure Cosmos DB: pay for storage and usage; comprehensive SLAs, HA, single-digit perf latency at 99th percentile, #MSBuild

May 10 Azure Cosmos DB: choose from several APIs: APIs (Document DB API, MongoDB API, Gremlin API for Graph, Table API, etc.) #msbuild

 May 10 Azure Cosmos DB: can choose any data model (key-value, document, column family, graph) #MSBuild

 May 10 Azure Cosmos DB: "planet scale" globally disrib multi-model auto-indexed DB service with horizontal scale-out auto-replic #MSBuild

 May 10 Guthrie: Announcing new PostGresQL as a Service and MySQL as a Service offerings in #Azure. #MSBuild

 May 10 Announcing Azure Cloud Shell, Azure Mobile Portal, Visual Studio snapshot debugging for Azure, Visual Studio for Mac GA #MSBuild

May 10 Announcing Visual Studio for Mac. Mobiel + Web + Unity + Azure. .NET Core &  Core Support #msbuild

May 10 Azure now supports both Bash Shell and CLI along with a new mobile app for iOS and Android. #msbuild

 May 10 Hanselman: Announcing Azure Bash shell inside Azure portal: persistent cloud drive, including new Azure CLI #MSBuild

 May 10 Nadella: Discussing the growing role of Microsoft Graph in their multi-device, AI, and serverless directions. #MSBuild

 May 10 #MSBuild. Stream service creates auto-transcript of meeting using Team and Cortana services leveraging Microsoft Graph in Office 365 apps

May 10 Demonstrating use of #Microsoft Bot Framework for creating cross-device intelligent meetings apps. #msbuild

 May 10 Laura Jones demonstrates creating an intelligent meeting cross-device app in Cortana #MSBuild  

May 10 Nadella: Need new programming abstractions to build intelligent meetings in Microsoft Graph, Office 365, Azure, & devices. #msbuild  

May 10 Nadella: Microsoft Graph is going to play a growing role in development of all cloud-first/edge-first apps #msbuild  

May 10 Nadella: AI for workplace safety. Create digital twins for predictive analysis to set policy for safe interactions among people #MSBuild  

May 10 #Microsoft #Azure #IoT Edge packages up cloud logic and distributes to edge devices as portable #Docker containers #MSBuild  

May 10 George: Announcing Azure IoT Edge. Cross-platform Windows & Linux. Enables cloud functionality to be distributed 2 IoT edge devices #MSBuild 0 replies6 retweets2 likes  

May 10 Sam George, Microsoft #IoT team, keynotes at #MSBuild . Discussing predictive machine maintenance in industrial apps of Azure cloud.  

May 10 Nadella: Model drift will be a big challenge in the future of distributed computing in intelligent cloud & intelligent edge #MSBuild

May 10 Nadella: Microservices and containers in "outer loop." Serverless will change how logic is built out and deployed in cloud #MSBuild

 May 10 Nadella: Need new set of abstractions for #AI that spans #IoT and #cloud #MSBuild   May 10 Nadella: Data has gravity. Computational power will move to it. #MSBuild

 May 10 Nadella: The user experience is getting distributed across devices. #MSBuild

May 10 I like the inline CCing of the keynote on main screen at #MSBuild. Every vendor conf should have that. #Inclusiveness for hearing impaired

May 10 #MSBuild 2017 has been sold-out for months. Glad I'm here. Microsoft is on a roll in #appdev #datascience #AI #serverless #IoT #cloud

 May 10 Looking forward to #MSBuild Keynote Day 1. If what we analysts have heard so far is any indication, Satya & team will have exciting news.  

May 10 #MSBuild. Press in Skagit room at Seattle's convention center. They pronounce it "Skaj-it." At first, I thought they were saying "gadget."

 May 10 "Mixed reality" seems to be a theme at #MSBuild. I'm cool with that. It's the prospect of "mixed-up reality" that has me a tad concerned.  

May 10 Breakfast in the press room at #MSBuild. Clouds return to the skies. It's Seattle's way of re-asserting its identity.  

May 10 "What Serverless and the Internet of Things Can Learn from Each Other" ( ) JK--Standard taxonomies: functions & things

  May 9 "AI systems might start replacing lawyers in just 5 years" ( ) JK--Quoth Shakespeare "First, automate all the lawyers"  

May 9 "Deep Learning for Recommendation-Systems" ( ) JK--I plan a #Wikibon research note on this topic.

 May 9 "What fraud looks like in the age of AI" ( ) JK--Getting freakishly easy to mimic your voice or forge your signature

May 9 Ran across analysts today who'd been colleagues in my Burton Grp, Current Analysis & Forrester Research years. Familiar faces, tight spaces  

May 9 Turns out me & analyst Joshua Greenbaum have Ann Arbor in common. If I had my druthers, I’d be working some menial Washtenaw County job

May 9 Analyst shindig in Redmond preceding Microsoft Build. Many familiar faces. Icebreaker likely to be “where R U now?” than “how are you?”

 May 9 Microsoft HQ campus in Redmond WA. I’ve always liked the suburbanity of this place.

 May 9 Join me Thurs May 11 2:30pm ET for Crowdchat: Agile Data Science  #agiledatascience #SiliconANGLE #Wikibon

 May 9 "TensorFlow, an open source software library for deep learning" ( ) JK--I'll be doing a #Wikibon DL tool roundup in Q3

 May 9 "Navigating the Unsupervised Learning Landscape" ( ) JK--Auto-encoders algorithmically reduce images to core features

May 9 "An AI just defeated human fighter pilots in an air combat simulator" ( ) JK--Pin a medal on the bot?  

May 9 "The story of Homer: Voyage’s first self-driving taxi" ( ) JK--Retrofitted a Ford for autonomous operation.  

May 9 "Red Hat's seeks to provide complete open source development platform" ( ) JK--Dev preview. Cloud-native

 May 9 "How Microsoft Jumped on Apple’s Laptop Stumbles" ( ) JK---Love the photo of the anechoic (super-quiet) chamber.  

May 9 "Facebook's text understanding AI coming to phone near you" ( ) JK--Compacted NLP for lo-memory/lo-power edge devices

  May 9 Staying up late to delve into the arcane secrets revealed in blog "EASY TIPS & GUIDELINES ON M@KING M@NEY BY WORKING ONLINE..." Wow!

 May 9 I must say I love Seattle Center. Cool rambling piece of densely built-up highly functional painstakingly civic downtown community playspace  

May 9 Enjoyed my visit to #KEXP Seattle Ctr today. Saw Stevie Zoom in DJ booth. He was also in the booth on my first visit (Denny/Dexter) in 2003.  

May 9 Left hip, right hip. Left buttock, right buttock. Where do you pocket the magnetic stuff to minimize risk to magnetism-intolerant stuff?  

May 8 I love Seattle’s Museum of Flight. And I’m from the other Washington where we have two Air & Space Museums. This beats them. Sort of.

 May 8 Had the most enjoyable ramble thru Belltown Seattle today with Bobby Hayes. The man and I are warped along the same contours.  

May 8 Saw “The Founder” on the flight out to Seattle. Excellent pic of Ray Kroc’s development of McDonald’s. Nick Offerman shines as Dick McDonald  

May 8 Starbucks free Wi-Fi signal seems to cover all of downtown Seattle. Rumor is that it also extends out to the edge of the continental shelf

May 8 Downtown Seattle. Loitering on the sidewalk, waiting for my good friend Bob E Hayes. He’s a native in these here parts.  

May 8 "Where Is the Edge?" ( ) JK--IMHO, no sharp IoT "edge." Just potential of infinitely nested zones of data emit/consume

 May 8 "Zen & th Art o Software Maintennce" ( ) JK--Avoid "gumption traps" (distractions/boredom). Maintain interest/patience  

May 8 "Brief History o CNNs in Image Segmentation" ( ) JK--Algorithmically identifying object boundaries in complic8d scenes  

May 8 "Have We Forgotten about Geometry in Computer Vision?" ( ) JK--Rapidly identify structure, speed algorithmic learning  

May 8 "Meet People Who Train the Robots (to Do Their Own Jobs)" ( ) JK--E.g., automated chat service + recommendation engine  

May 8 "Silicon Valley hires most grads frm this college (& it’s NOT Ivy League)" ( ) JK--It's (duh) Berkeley (then Stanford)  

May 8 "Big tech mergers never work. Is Dell bucking odds with EMC? "( ) JK--No mass employee departures so far #SiliconANGLE  

May 7 Dear Social-Media Time Moochers: Little chance I'm going to grant your request, especially if you use phrase "please kindly do the needful."

May 7 Hard cider. I assume that means they want me to freeze it solid. Done that. Now how do I drink this? First, get me an ice pick.

May 7 Le Pen defeated. C’est si bon! Now all we need to do is reverse Brexit and impeach Trump, and then we’re set.

 May 7 Somatic anxiety floor. I regard it as the background radiation of being alive. Like the noise floor in radio-frequency engineering.

 May 6 Saw “La La Land” on DVD. Enjoyed it. Essentially, “The Artist” in color, with songs, cellphones, & Emma Stone’s red hair & lovely doe eyes.  

May 6 "How to Stay Sane if Trump is Driving You Insane: Advice From a Therapist" ( ) JK--Acceptance, detachment, engagement.

 May 6 "Is BI market finally maturing?" ( ) JK--"Finally maturing"? BI market almost 30 years old. It's graying noticeably.

 May 6 major motion pictures based on comic books. I assume they’ll remake “Archie’s Pals & Gals” as steamy sex romp. Dilton Doiley comes out

 May 6 One of my wife’s inspired malapropisms is calling a “charley horse” a “Charlie Brown.” Good grief! May 6 RT @KEXPNowPlaying #kexp Arto Lindsay “Seu Pai” from Cuidado Madame JK--2017. Nice. As chill as his DNA recordings weren’t.

 May 6 Parade magazine wittily characterizes Jimmy Buffett as the “pied piper of beach bums.” Warren Buffett is the pied piper of investment bums.

 May 6 “Pumpernickel” is one of my favorite German words, followed closely by “pfeffernusse” & “wienerschnitzel.” I think there’s a theme here.

 May 6 One A Day Vitamins? Curious how often I’m supposed to take these.

 May 5 It’s no secret that I don’t appreciate being crowded. I have psychic scar tissue on my elbows from all the jabs I’ve fantasized dishing out

 May 5 ABBA and a-ha. 80s Scandinavian pop of functional fit. Take a chance on me. Take on me. May 5 Just as constant as Moore’s Law is how the underlying rhythm of my work day seems to shift markedly every 18 months or so. Just can’t settle

 May 5 Every time I hear Free’s “All Right Now” I’m in 7th grade music class amazed that we’re singing along to Paul Wojciechowski’s vinyl of it

 May 5 I’ll be leading a #Wikibon crowdchat roughly every two weeks from now on. Each one’s chatter will feed some research note I’m working on.

 May 5 My wife primarily watches movies on TV. I primarily watch music. But we both glance at what the other’s into. If only to make wisecracks.

 May 5 We get most of our wines at Trader Joe. Sample bar person always asks if I want my usual. My usual is every sample from left to right.

 May 5 Switched over to Dish Network. Occasional signal loss during storms from rain attenuation. But the signal returns moist & glistening. Ahhh!

 May 5 Preparing for another Seattle trip. I have never brought an umbrella there. I just assume I’ll banish the gloom.

 May 5 This week on “Rick Steves’ Europe,” Rick Steves encourages Europe’s nations to break up so he can have of them to feature on his show.

 May 5 "AI Is Still in Its Formative Years" ( ) JK--Good discuss of economic use-cases for various AI hardware accelerators

 May 5 Join me Thurs May 11 2:30pm ET for Crowdchat: Agile Data Science  #agiledatascience #SiliconANGLE #Wikibon

 May 5 "Ensuring smarter-than-human intelligence has a positive outcome" ( ) JK--Love the "Sorcerer's Apprentice" example

 May 5 "Warren Buffett Makes IBM Splash Ahead o Woodstock 4 Capitalists" ( ) JK--I doubt any of 'em are boogying in the buff

 May 5 "Melinda Gates and Fei-Fei Li Want to Liberate AI from “Guys With Hoodies”" ( ) JK--AKA the "AI-luminati."

 May 4 My next #SiliconANGLE #Wikibon research note will be on "Agile Development in Team Data Science." Would love to hear your thoughts.

 May 4 Bought/downloaded New Pornographers' new "Whiteout Conditions" LP. I've loved their stuff for some time, but this one's especially strong.

 May 4 "AI Could Prevent Next Video Game Animation Disaster" ( ) JK--Make human-character movement less artificial-looking

 May 4 "Updating Google Maps with Deep Learning and Street View" ( ) JK--Algorithmically reading street signs in SV images

 May 4 "Mapillary opens up 25k street-level images to train automotive AI systems" ( ) JK--World's an open street map.

 May 4 New Kobielus #SiliconANGLE #Wikibon research note: "The Container Ecosystem Accelerates Up Its Maturity Curve" ( )

 May 4 "Tweeting AI: Perceptions of AI-Tweeters (AIT) vs Expert AI-Tweeters (EAIT)" ( ) JK--OMG. Thoroughly useless research

 May 4 "Machine Learning Audits in the 'Big Data Age'" ( ) JK--Are some algorithms just fundamentally inscrutable?

 May 4 Scanning the wires. Several tech vendors have launched revolutions that will change everything. None, however, have changed the face of hype

 May 4 Great in-depth briefing by Yaron Haviv of #Iguazio on their continuous analytics cloud/IoT platform. Truly impressive engineering.

 May 4 RT @kexpnowplaying #kexp Simon & Garfunkel "America" JK--1968. Took 4 days to hitchhike from Saginaw. Stopped in Frankenmuth. Pigged out!

 May 4 Andrew Jackson had misgivings about the Civil War? I also heard rumors that FDR agonized posthumously about our involvement in Vietnam.  

May 4 "AI analyst hailed as second fastest growing job role" ( ) JK--Surpassed only by AI alarmists. Boom time for them  

May 4 "Trump Forms American Tech Council to 'Transform' Government IT" ( ) JK--Let's start by blocking his Twitter access  

May 4 Fair number of "BI" solution providers repositioning selves as "AI." Easy transition. Just shift the first letter up one position. Voila!

 May 4 "How a big idea changed the culture of the world’s largest networking company" ( ) JK--"Apps are data" #SiliconANGLE  

May 4 "He called himself an ‘assassin’ & persuaded ex-spies he was one o them. Was it a con?" ( ) JK--Typical DC-area conman

 May 4 "Future o Labor is Working w/People U Trust" ( ) JK--Good luck. Cant know someone's trustworthy till U've workd w/them

 May 4 "What makes a CEO ‘exceptional’?" ( ) JK--Perhaps humility? Too many CEOs think they're exceptional human specimens

May 4 "Do you need a chief AI officer?" ( ) JK--Oh, gag with a spoon! Don't proliferate chiefs beyond necessity

 May 4 "8 Essential Qualities Necessary To B Great in Relationshps" ( ) JK--No. It's not about you. Just find somebody 2 love

 May 4 RT @kexpnowplaying #kexp The New Pornographers "Play Money" from Whiteout Conditions JK--2017. Great. Always love when Neko's lead vocal

May 4 RT @kexpnowplaying #kexp The B-52's "Private Idaho" from Wild Planet JK--1980. Great song. Not-so-great Van Sant film ("My Own Private..")

 May 3 Blowing me away how many people loved the thought leadership I published during my IBM years. It’s often the first thing people say to me.  

May 3 Good briefing from #Attunity on their offerings/directions in data integration/prep. Last time we spoke was during my prior analyst gig

 May 3 RT @KEXPNowPlaying #kexp Portugal, The Man "Feel It Still" from Feel It Still JK--2017. Sounds like a really cool James Bond theme song.

 May 3 Mary J. Blige "Survivor" ( ) JK--2017. Gr8 one. Samples "Nostalgia" from early 80s UK band Weekend's "La Variete" LP.

 May 3 "Red Hat beefs up its OpenShift containerizn plat" ( ) JK--Config AWS svcs w/in same i/f as create/deploy cntrzd apps

 May 3 "List o AI tools U can use today  4 personal use" ( ) JK--Geek that I am, I wish they'd indicated how this stuff works

 May 3 RT @kexpnowplaying #kexp Miles Davis "So What" from Kind of Blue JK--1959. Elegantly cool. You listen for silence as much as sound.

 May 3 "Same Stats, Different Graphs" ( ) JK--Different data sets have same summary stats, but visualize very differently  

May 3 "DevOps Not Working? Here's Why" ( ) JK--"Dev" & "Ops" may B disjoint phases, not collab partners, in release pipeline

 May 3 "Agility Is Everywhere" ( ) JK--It's cutting to the chase & eliminating anything that stands in way of desired outcome

May 3 "How I Met Agile" ( ) JK--Deadlines, checklists, improvisation, ad-hoc adjustments, momentum, & good-enough acceptance

May 3 "Machine learning on mobile: on device or in cloud?" ( ) JK--Nice discussion of options for ML training & execution

 May 3 "Machine Learning is Fun: How to do Speech Recog w/Deep Learning" ( ) JK--Clear & well-written. Doesn't dumb it down

 May 3 RT @kexpnowplaying #kexp David Bowie "Heroes/Helden" JK--1977. In '87, David used song to help topple Berlin Wall:

May 3 "Founder of LinkedIn Says Too Many of Us Are Using the Site All Wrong" ( ) JK--Duh. Maybe you've designed it all wrong

May 3 "Silicon Valley's' Kumail Nanjiani on Never Playing It Safe" ( ) JK--Also discusses how lame "YouTube stars" tend2be

 May 3 "Minimum viable [whatever]" is a meme with awesome legs not only in high tech but in geek-ish culture generally.

May 3 "DevOps Terms Security Pros Need to Know" ( ) JK--"Minimum Viable Product" was the title of HBO "Silicon Valley" S1E1.

 May 3 New Allen #SiliconANGLE #Wikibon Premium research note: "Storage Key Issues for 2017" ( )

 May 2 Fascinating briefing from #IBM #OpenWhisk team on their serverless computing environment, APIs, and roadmap. Doing serverless cognitive apps 

 May 2 Replying to @jameskobielus From a DevOps standpoint, I think a key app-maintenance issue in development, iteration, and depl... #devnetcreate

May 2 Another question: Does Cisco include data scientists (statistical modelers, data engineers, etc.)... #devnetcreate   

May 2 My question: Can Cisco please break out the dimensions of "apps meet infrastructure"? Is this goi... #devnetcreate 

May 2 Join me John Furrier et al today 11am ET #CrowdChat #DevNetCreate: #Cloud & #DevOps   

May 2 "This Futuristic Tech Will B Future o Computing" ( ) JK--VR headsets will B tomorrow's LOL-worthy cellular brickphones

 May 2 "Modern History of Object Recognition — Infographic" ( ) JK--I'm sure Waldo's hiding in that insanely text-dense pic

 May 2 "Serverless will drive out OpenStack private clouds" ( ) JK--Linthicum says on-demand ML will also favor public clouds

May 2 "Can AI satisfy spoiled buyers used to the ‘Amazon effect’?" ( ) JK--Oracle CX evangelist says yes. #SiliconANGLE  

May 2 "Cloud PaaS trends to watch in a serverless world" ( ) JK--Key trend alluded: "Could Serverless be the next Docker?"  

May 2 "Consumers Have Big Hopes 4 AI" ( ) JK--Offers 3 "A" adjectives for AI. I got 'em beat with 8:

 May 2 New Kobielus #SiliconANGLE #Wikibon Premium research note: "Adding Data Science To Application Development" ( )

 May 2 New Raden #SiliconANGLE #Wikibon Premium rsch note: "Key Issues for Generating Business Value from AI 2017-2018" ( )  

May 2 "Code Rot - It's a Thing" ( ) JK--Good piece. See my recent #Wikibon blog on "app decay" ( )

May 2 "Oracle Adds Adaptive Intelligent Apps & Chatbots to CX Cloud" ( ) JK--Cognitive chatbot dev in my #Wikibon rsch plan 

May 2 "Cloudera's new data science tool aims to boost big data & ML for businesses" ( ) JK--Integrates with BigDL for AI

 May 2 "Amazon Strategy Teardown: Building New Biz Pillars In AI, Next-Gen Logistics & Ent Cloud Apps" ( ) JK--Sharp analysis

May 2 "Get functional! 5 open source frameworks for serverless computing" ( ) JK--Key topic in my #Wikibon research plan.

 May 2 "Why IT's narrow view o serverless computing is holding it back" ( ) JK--Antecedent? Holding back IT or svrless cmptg?  

May 2 RT @kexpnowplaying #kexp The Mekons "Oblivion" from The Edge of the World JK--1986. Protean collective started in Leeds UK, now in Chicago.

 May 2 "Google's real Kubernetes magic all about community not code" ( ) JK--Community ~5x larger than Mesos, nearest rival  

May 2 "GGL search changes tackle fake news & hate speech" ( ) JK--New relevnce metrics & guidance 4 manual labeling laborers

 May 2 "Random-Walk Bayesian Deep Nets: Dealing w/Non-Stationary Data" ( ) JK--Dense data science punctuated by "holy shit!"

 May 2 "It's ML, not magic" ( ) JK--Skip two-thirds of the way through article for good checklist of reality-check questions

 May 2 "Are Silicon Valley Nerds the New Hollywood Superstars?" ( ) JK--No. Just too-rich dudes w/trophy wives/girlfrnds

 May 2 RT @kexpnowplaying #kexp Carole King "It’s Too Late" from Tapestry JK--1971. Inextricably woven into my mellower memory of the early 1970s.

 May 1 Live on #KEXP right now, Robyn Hitchcock briefly jumped into the most spot-on George Harrison vocal impersonation I've ever heard.  

May 1 "Learning at Scale & The End of “If -Then” Logic" ( ) JK--Reinforcement learning tells neural net it's getting warmer  

May 1 Join me @furrier et al tomorrow, Tues 5-2 11am ET #CrowdChat #DevNetCreate: #Cloud & #DevOps

 May 1 Building out my #SiliconANGLE #Wikibon #AppDev #DataScience #DeepLearning research agenda for Q2-Q3. Key themes: #AI #DevOps #microservices

May 1 "Cortica, Numenta Hold Top [Number of] Patents In AI" ( ) JK--Most AI startups hold no patents. Leverage open source.  

May 1 "Selling Mark Zuckerberg" ( ) JK--My sense is he doesn't want to be associated in popular mind w/fake-news propagation

 May 1 Cloudera's IPO. Substantial company, but still running losses. No clear path to profitability. Bloom's off the Hadoop rose. What's next?

May 1 RT @kexpnowplaying #kexp John Cale "All My Friends" JK--2007. Excellent LCD Soundsystem cover by co-founder of Velvet Underground.

 May 1 Mayday. Best first day of the month since Januaryday a few months ago, but doesn't hold a candle to Juneday or Julyday.

Apr 30 I see that Zuckerberg plans to break bread with ordinary people in all 50 states. Is he also going to kiss babies & march in July 4 parades?

 Apr 30 "Writing Travel Blogs with Deep Learning" ( ) JK--Huh? Why not just stay home & book your bot round-trip airfare?  

Apr 30 "DeepLoco: Dynamic Locomotion Skills...Hierarch Reinfrcmt Learnng" ( ) JK--With a name like that, it should silly-walk

 Apr 30 RT @kexpnowplaying #kexp My Bloody Valentine "Soon" from Loveless JK--1991. Noise + melody + unorthodox guitar & production techniques.

 Apr 30 RT @kexpnowplaying #kexp Tamaryn "Prizma" from Tender New Signs JK--2012. Trippy head-rush electronica.

 Apr 30 "50 Important Things You Need to Know About Data Science" ( ) JK--50 people quoted. I'm number 22.

 Apr 30 In 10 yrs, today's stories dissecting "fake news" issue'll be indistinguishable from "fake news" itself. Overblown, blowing smoke up its own

 Apr 30 Mass media. If they’re not reporting on some fresh tragedy, they’re reminding us of the anniversary of some past tragedy. Enough, already!

 Apr 29 Catching up on basic cable programming. Torn btwn “I Hate My Aching Feet!” & “Cremation or Burial.” Demographically, it all skews comatose.

Apr 29 Awoke in Bumpass, Virginia. Ironically, I have a bump on my ass. #oversharing  

Apr 28 Hanging at our friends’ lake house. Drinking ginger tea and lying on the sofa barely focusing while I type this tweet with my right thumb

 Apr 28 Had a fascinating briefing from startup #QuantaVerse, which provides an AI/ML/behavioral graph analysis for anti-money laundering.  

Apr 28 "Oracle plans ‘startup org’ focused on cloud, AI, and VR" ( ) JK--"Startup"? Re Oracle in AI, it's "catch-up"  

Apr 28 "Rohan #2: Artificial intelligence, ∂Progress/∂Time" ( ) JK--Whew! Deep & dense. You don't mess with the Rohan!  

Apr 28 RT @kexpnowplaying #kexp James McAlister, Bryce Dessner, Nico Muhly & Sufjan Stevens "Mercury" from Planetarium JK--2017. Quiet meditation

 Apr 28 "Building a Better AI Brain with Object Storage" ( ) JK--Highlights necessity of storing/using quality training data

Apr 28 Enough with the "gamechangers," already. They all fancy themselves future masters of the same old game, "Monopoly."

 Apr 28 "As containers mature, new startups fill out ecosystem" ( ) JK--Funding 4 vdrs addressing persistent container issues

 Apr 28 "R & Python drive SQL Server 2017 into machine learning" ( ) JK--Important release for democratization o enterprise AI

Apr 28 RT @kexpnowplaying #kexp Bon Iver "33 “GOD”" from 22, A Million JK--2016. Entire LP is electronc equivalnt o deconstructed postmodern poetry

 Apr 28 "Everything that’s wrong w/FaceApp, latest creepy photo app 4 yr face" ( ) JK--Racist filter equates pale w/beautiful  

Apr 28 "5 open source cos to watch in 2017" ( ) JK--All data/analytics focued: Confluent, Redis,, ScyllaDB, Zepl

Apr 28 "9 Ways Anxiety Can Be Your Greatest Source of Power" ( ) JK--Great. Then I can take my career off the grid.  

Apr 27 Chicago song where the horns blow fanfare while Peter Cetera waxes nostalgic about Howdy Doody. Should’ve called the song what it is: Doody

 Apr 27 Re-feeling my way back to the way I used Twitter when I was last an analyst. Tweet-love goes to every interesting non-NDA vendor briefing.

 Apr 27 Enjoyed #RancherLabs meetup discussion of "volumes as a microservices" in containerized environment.  

Apr 27 Interesting discussion with #Polyverse on to-the-edge cybersecurity in Dockerized environments thru dynamics changes to app attack surfaces  

Apr 27 Good briefing from #Microsoft on unified DevOps in hybrid public/private clouds. Can't wait for further drilldowns in May at Pulse, Seattle

Apr 27 "Deep Learning Meets Recommendation Systems" ( ) JK--The deep algos that know you're deeply in love w/shallow schlock

 Apr 27 "Enterprise AI Landscape - Infographic" ( ) JK--Nope. Conspicuously missing IBM, Microsoft, and Google, for starters

Apr 27 "The AI Cargo Cult: Myth of a Superhuman AI" ( ) JK--Kevin Kelly cites five "heresies" to push back against fear/hype  

Apr 27 "Alternatives to a Degree to Prove Yourself in Deep Learning" ( ) JK--Yes, blogging advertises U know your stuff. Duh!  

Apr 27 "Style transfer for your voice" ( ) JK--Yeah, make mine Gaye (Marvin, that is).

Apr 27 "A Brief History of CNNs in Image Segmentation" ( ) JK--Foundation tech of all deep learning applied to visual media.

 Apr 27 "Deep Learning for Photo Editing" ( ) JK--Essentially, "photoshopping" of unprecedented versatility & precision.

 Apr 27 "Keeping Your Job in the Age of Automation" ( ) JK--Oh geez. First on his list is "repairing robots." Depressing.

Apr 27 "Using Long Short-Term Memory Networks and TensorFlow for Image Captioning" ( ) JK--Auto-gen essential image metadata

 Apr 27 "Understanding AI Svcs From Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Salesforce" ( ) JK--Good overview for general biz-tech audience  

Apr 27 Another morning, another "Hey James could you [give me free consulting in a highly detailed email response]" email. Yes I live to monetize U

 Apr 27 "Is cheap cloud the lifeline for Hollywood’s sinking profit margins?" ( ) JK-- #SiliconANGLE #theCUBE at NAB conf  

Apr 27 Everyday my email brims w/exclusive invites 2 participate in important surveys th findings from which will not benefit me in th least. Cool!

Apr 27 RT @kexpnowplaying #kexp Th Magnetic Fields "’69: Judy Garland" from 50 Song Memoir JK--2017. Stephin Merritt was 4 years old then. I was 10

 Apr 27 RT @kexpnowplaying #kexp Mac DeMarco "On the Level" from This Old Dog JK---2017. Totally chill & cool. Mellowing me out quite nicely.

Apr 27  is an awesome business-technology news source. Subscribe here:  #SiliconANGLE

 Apr 27 "Mastodon Bones Could Rewrite North American History" ( ) JK--Blunt writing instrument. I prefer goose-feather quills

Apr 27 "Exclusive: United CEO Blames Dragging Fiasco on 'System Failure'" ( ) JK--Yeah, that's right. No humans at fault here  

Apr 27 Khan Academy invites me to tour the world's major religions. No thanks. I'd prefer to tour the world's major secularisms. money in it.

 Apr 27 United Airlines pledges not to sic the cops on seated passengers who got screwed by United's overbooking practices. Sportin' of them!

 Apr 27 Pondering how I too can avoid the abyss. Perhaps by not pondering the abyss. Yeah, that's the ticket!

 Apr 27 RIP Jonathan Demme. Wasn't until he'd passed away that I realized the same director gave us "Silence of the Lambs" & "Stop Making Sense." A+  

Apr 26 I’m pumped. Weather was good, which meant turnout at the fitness club was light, which meant that I had my pick of the machines & weights

 Apr 26 Unsure whether to Facebook-unfriend grown man whose only “friends” R vain sexy selfie-snapping young women. Dude’s our only “mutual friend”

 Apr 26 Good day. I now have my first 2 #Wikibon research notes in the pipeline. Will publish soon. #AppDev #AI #Docker #DataScience  

Apr 26 RT @kexpnowplaying #kexp Aimee Mann "Patient Zero" from Mental Illness JK--2017. She sings with deep empathy. Every syllable feels real.

Apr 26 "Steve Ballmer's stealth project" ( ) JK--Not any. USAFacts: data-driven nonpartisan view of state of union.  

Apr 26 "How IBM can avoid the abyss" ( ) JK--"Too many aging employees"? Who? Useless coots like ex-IBMer almost-60 me? BS!

 Apr 26 New #SiliconANGLE #Wikibon jk intvu "Wikibon's newest analyst sees self-prog machines ushering in 3rd age o cmptg" ( )

 Apr 26 "The new moats: Why systems o intelligence are next defensible biz model" ( ) J.Chen, Greylock Prtnrs #SiliconANGLE

 Apr 26 "How Linkerd service mesh can help biz avoid catastrophic app failure" ( ) JK--Sort of a robust opn-src microsvcs ESB

 Apr 26 "The GAN Zoo" ( ) JK--Quite an algorithmic menagerie in there. Take the tour. Careful: they bite!

 Apr 26 "By Djingo, there's a new virtual assistant" ( ) JK--Damn. That wuz gonna be my porn name.

Apr 26 "4 Ways Big Data & ML R Helping Conservation" ( ) JK--Produce living 3-D replica of Earth? In case original destroyed?

 Apr 26 "Data Scientists Worry About Human Bias in AI-Based Warfare" ( ) JK--Really? On top of human bias to wage war, period?

 Apr 26 "Plan to Replace Turing Test w/‘Turing Olympics’" ( ) JK--Series of challenges testing diff types of intel. Decathlon?

 Apr 26 "Amazon blazes trail 2 next frontier in AI: cloud" ( ) JK--And edge: Greengrass  #SiliconANGLE

 Apr 26 RT @kexpnowplaying #kexp Kevin Morby "I Only Have Eyes for You" from Resistance Radio: Man in th High Castle JK--2017. Sung with flat affect

 Apr 26 "Upside Briefing: SAS" ( ) JK--Says Dr. Goodnight & co getting

 Apr 26 "Amazon Lex, managed AI svcs behind Alexa, now open to all AWS customers" ( ) JK--Integ w/their own serverless backend  

Apr 26 "Microsoft tools coalesce for serverless computing" ( ) JK--Hope they'll discuss roadmap at MSFT Build Seattle in May  

pr 26 "IBM Brings Anaconda Open Data Science Platform to IBM Cognitive Systems" ( ) JK--AI/DL appliance on Power8?

 Apr 26 "In coded warning scientists say Brexit may end U.K.’s lead in AI" ( ) JK--"In coded warning"? Need AI to decode it?

Apr 26 Thank you total stranger on socials who seems to imagine I'm going to spend a nano-second helping you with your career strategy. Gladly!

 Apr 26 "With Secret Airship, Sergey Brin Also Wants to Fly" ( ) JK--Curious if he also has a fortress o solitude way up north

 Apr 26 "Reading Whitman" ( ) JK--"Leaves of Grass" as haiku? "I sing of myself/endlessly and dare I say/narcissistically."

Apr 26 "The Age of Notifications & Attention-Deficits" ( ) JK--Glad I've set my Medium alerts to notify me of stuff like this

 Apr 26 RIP Robert Pirsig. His “Zen & The Art of Motorcycle Maintenance” captured the romance of analysis for its own sake.

 Apr 25 Geoffrey Rush as Albert Einstein? No. Albert Brooks should play the part. That's his actual name. And he's a brilliant Jew in his own right.

 Apr 25 "App Economy Report: 'Big Data Will Lead the Way'" ( ) JK--I'm sorry, what is this? Moses parting the Red Sea?

 Apr 25 New #theCUBE Evolving Role o Data Professional  @jameskobielus discusses #DataScientists #CDO #2MA w @dvellante@stu  

Apr 25 Recorded an in-studio #theCUBE with Dave & Stu at #SiliconANGLE East in Marlborough. Also, ordered out for pizza. But not live in-studio.  

Apr 25 Video playback from recent #DockerCon. Day 1:  Day 2: 

Apr 25 "IBM launches new Watson services 4 customer & video data" ( ) JK--Curious whether their own marketing people will use

Apr 25 "Design In An Age o Artificial Intelligence" ( ) JK--Crafting reviewing & selecting from among AI-generated iterations

 Apr 25 "Now Complete: The World's First 3-D-Printed Room" ( ) JK--11-ton installation? Yeah, that's totally practical.

  Apr 25 "Baidu Will Release a Free Operating System for Self-Driving Cars" ( ) JK--Free? Why not just go & open-source it?

 Apr 25 "Deep Learning for Program Synthesis" ( ) JK--Microsoft R&D project to generate computer programs based on user intent  

Apr 25 "DARPA opens “Colosseum” to develop radical wireless apps" ( ) JK--Use machine-learning 2 boost RF spectrum efficiency

Apr 25 "Facebook's strategy for augmented reality starts with phones" ( ) JK--Virtual annotations over physical environment

Apr 24 "Amber Heard & Elon Musk make their romance official in Australia" ( ) JK--They stand accused o smuggling in their luv

 Apr 24 RT @kexpnowplaying #kexp Bomba Estéreo "Soy yo" from Amanecer Remixed JK--2015. ¿Canción de continuación para "Eres tu"?

 Apr 24 "Meat is available in U.P." ( ) JK--So what? Michigan's Upper Peninsula is carnivorous? Oh. Uttar Pradesh. Never mind