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Aweekstweets September 13-26 2015: the week I, oh yeah, it’s been 2 weeks since I posted one

Going to bring my snapshot camera to Strata, as I did the hackathon. Going to continue some photojournalistic-style tech blogging.

“Deplane”? Do people also decar, debus, deboat, detrain, debicycle, and deskateboard?

US & China pledge no cyber espionage. Yeah, right.

Napa Valley wine tastes better at Trader Joe’s back home than in Napa Valley. Why? I can imagine a lush Valley. Not see a desiccated one

My lawn’s so pathetic I barely have to mow it after July. But the mower comes in handy for October-November leaf removal.

Catch me all week in NYC at Strata + Hadoop World. And catch #IBM keynoters, trainers, booth, etc. We’re a sponsor.

Love "Mad Men" uncanny accuracy--eg, picnic scene where Don+Betty leave their their trash there. Early 60s Americans littered thoughtlessly

Beer doesn't actually taste better if drunk from a wine glass. But it definitely looks classier.

Xi. It’s not well known that the Chinese leader’s ancestry was from ancient Rome. Family name was originally the number 11.

My tweets don’t represent my employer’s opinion. But they do represent YOUR employer’s opinion. So be forewarned.

Catching up on all those Facebook friends whose newsfeeds I’ve suppressed. Way to stay friendly is not be each other’s faces w/our Facebooks

Valet parking. High occupancy toll lanes. Premium gas. And other absolute wastes of your transportation dollar.

These on-demand app-driven home-delivery services don’t suit me. Going to the store is my favorite excuse for getting out of my house.

Reading the news. Not pretending to understand it. Too much of it.

Brevity is the soul of wit. It's also the edge of snark.

"Apache Big Data Preview: Q&A with IBM’s Anjul Bhambhri" ( ) JK--Interviewed by veteran biz-tech author Daniel Dern.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Obvious by Jane's Addiction from Ritual de lo Habitual JK--1990. Group started Lollapalooza as a farewell tour.

"Past performance is not indicative of future returns"? Is it even remotely predictive? If not, dear financial advisor, why do I need you?

Multitasking? No problem. I'll just task all my doppelgangers in all known multiverses to get on it all right away.

IBM boosts security of bring your own #cloud apps 

Looking forward to connecting with many people at IBM Insight 2015 in LV a month from now. Will be my 10th consecutive. Somehow I like Vegas

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Someone who's familiar with Yogi Berra's malapropisms wouldn't make that comment.

RIP Yogi Berra. Sad passing of a true immortal.

Wife says she "missed" some memorable televised moment on Pope DC visit. I told her nothing's "missed." I'm sure it's playback'd everywhere

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Neighborhood Watch by Mike Krol from Turkey JK--2015. Nice/nasty shiv of punk attitude on this.

NYTimes blog praises #IBM on being a great place for working mothers. 

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Commodore Peter by The Silos JK--1990. Nice bit of yearning folk rock with a smidge of indie grit.

Actually, I don't think of it as editing. I think of it as "rewriting somebody else's crap in my own image."

Editing is like cleaning your room. It's like smoothing wrinkles from your bed linens, folding & hanging clothes, & dusting. It's tucking.

"One Of Chopin's Etudes, Beautifully Visualized" ( ) JK--A bit like dynamic notes on a staff.

"Spark Release 1.5.0" ( ) JK--Beaucoups detail

"Spark 1.5" ( ) JK--Blog details new features in this latest release.

"Hadoop's a matter of innovation, not cost" ( ) JK--Pushes back at Gartner numbers.

"When artificial intelligence is everywhere, all the time" ( ) JK--Good list of features of a virtual digital assistant

"Big data seeks 2 increase number of cyclists in cities" ( ) JK--Visualize "desire lines" where cycling likely 2 thrive

"Deep Learning Machine Teaches Itself Chess in 72 Hours, Plays at International Master Level" ( ) JK--Sans brute force

"Administrtion Announces New SmartCities Initiative 2 Help Communities Tackle Local Challenges & Improve City Svcs" ( )

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Misunderstood by Common from Finding Forever JK--2007. Hiphop with interpolated Nina Simone. Excellent.

Another cool evening. Another good sleep. Tell me summer is over. Oh, yes, it's autumn.

Curious if the Pope's going to engage in dialogue with the nutjob who's been protesting in front of Vatican Embassy for the past 18 years.

New #IBM jk blog: "Hack the Weather: Weather data presents new challenges for data scientists" ( ). All photos by me

Don’t miss at #ibminsight- Leverage Compute Power at the Edge: #IoT/ #M2M solutions with #Informix in the Gateway. 

At #ibminsight we will cover Strategy and Technology Roadmap for IBM #Informix! More details on the session here- 

New Blog: A step-by-step tutorial to get you familiar with the NOSQL functionality in IBM #Informix -  #NOSQL

Read how Idea Cellular Ltd uses campaign management solution running IBM #DB2 to retain customers. #analytics 

Cathay United Bank slashes time to market with mobile-accessible approval system based on IBM #DB2  #analytics

Attend this session at #ibminsight to discover new analytical capabilities with #SAP on IBM #DB2. Session preview- 

Tech-talk : #DB2 for #SAP high performance OLTP & pureScale / in-memory database competitive comparison. Register - 

Don’t just be part of the audience- Be part of the action at IBM Insight 2015:   #ibminsight

Spark ignites conversation around building smarter apps | The Big Data Hub 

TED@IBM - Necessity & Invention 

Hadoop: Opening insights everywhere 

Big data trends: The top eight analytics lessons for business 

Wrote 5 blogs on my San Francisco trip. None of which I can recall at this moment. Too tired. Glad to be home.

My job is to set the wheels in motion. And to always be one of those wheels.

New #IBMInsight jk blogpost: "Open source is opening new frontiers in the insight economy" ( )

RT @IBMbigdata: Yesterday's 5th #HackTheWeather #Insight4All team to present: "B"

RT @IBMbigdata: Yesterday's 4th #HackTheWeather #Insight4All team to present: "Fire Pollution"

RT @IBMbigdata: Yesterday's 3rd #HackTheWeather #Insight4All team to present: "Weatherway"

RT @IBMbigdata: Yesterday's 2nd #HackTheWeather #Insight4All team to present: "Galvanized Pizza"

RT @IBMbigdata: Yesterday's 1st #HackTheWeather #Insight4All team to present: "Smarter Data"

Yesterday's 5th #HackTheWeather #Insight4All team to present: "B"
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Yesterday's 4th #HackTheWeather #Insight4All team to present: "Fire Pollution"
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Yesterday's 3rd #HackTheWeather #Insight4All team to present: "Weatherway"
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Yesterday's 2nd #HackTheWeather #Insight4All team to present: "Galvanized Pizza"
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Yesterday's 1st #HackTheWeather #Insight4All team to present: "Smarter Data"
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I loved how Jon Hamm clambered bodily onto stage to accept his well-deserved Emmy for “Mad Men.” Like a kid sneaking into a forbidden place

Napa Valley. So-called because after you sample the local potions, you wanna take a nap, uhhh.

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"Once upon a time"? People stopped using preposition "upon" to refer to point in distant past. Modern equivalent would be "back in the day."

Thank U Louis CK for ending my week with belly laughs. Better than a fresh ocean breeze. I'd had that just a few hours before. I dig th diff

Day 2 @weatherchannel + #IBM #datascience #HackTheWeather #GalvanizeU SF #Insight4All. Teams focused on projects.

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Day 2 @weatherchannel + #IBM #datascience #HackTheWeather #GalvanizeU SF #Insight4All. Teams focused on projects.
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Hackathons are slightly more interesting to watch than paint drying. People staring into screens & typing all day & night.

I enjoy quiet weekend streets in downtown SF. Makes it easier to imagine I'm casually strolling, rather than walking to weekend work.

If Carly Fiorina gets elected president, smart money has her getting impeached in a few years & the USA split in half a few years after that

Wearing my Datapalooza t-shirt here out west. In the privacy of my hotel room. It's comfy for reclining, reading, channel-surfing.

Guy next to me at the hackathon started playing back video of a panel I was on 3 years ago. Turn that off, I insisted. My voice irritates me

My week's been whipsawed between Manhattan's artificial canyons and San Francisco's mountain-like urban topography. 3-D cities, both.

Group think session to help guide teams ideas for Hack the Weather #Insight4All #DataScience #hackweatherSF
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Teams are forming, ideation is beginning. Live from Hack the Weather #insight4All #WeatherData #spark
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IBM big data evangelist at Hack the Weather #hackathon. #Insight4All #WeatherData. Essentially a geek 4 all seasons.

IBM big data evangelist at Hack the Weather #hackathon. #Insight4All #WeatherData. Essentially a geek 4 all seasons.
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Hack the Weather day 1: Pizza time. Teams form. Weather geeks meet data science geeks #Insight4All #WeatherData

Hack the Weather day 1: Pizza time. Teams form. Weather geeks meet data science geeks #Insight4All #WeatherData
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RT @IBMbigdata: Participants at Hack the Weather #hackathon inquiring about TWC #WeatherData APIs etc #Insight4All

Participants at Hack the Weather #hackathon inquiring about TWC #WeatherData APIs, file formats, etc #Insight4All
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RT @IBMbigdata: #Insight4All Matthew Porcelli TWC discusses analytcs on storm he was involved in chasing #WeatherData

#Insight4All Matthew Porcelli of TWC discusses analytics on a storm he was involved in chasing. #WeatherData
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The interludes when I'm simply stapling and sorting my email printouts are when I do my best thinking. It's called "not thinking."

Typical overheard office conversation: "There are literally hundreds of emails I haven't looked at yet." No exaggeration: "literally."

Red states. So-named because they're red in the face screaming every possible inflammatory accusation at Obama.

"Textual Data Marches On: Anticipating and Preventing Lawsuits" ( ) JK--Inmon's non-lawyerly ins & outs on the matter

"Data Lust, the IoT and the Quantified Self" ( ) JK--Good discussion of the user experience dimensions of IoT/QS

"The Impact of Internet of Things on Big Data" ( ) JK--Good overview. See my thoughts: 

Have the good people of SF ever considered building bridges between the Moscone Center wings so big conferences don't close Howard Street?

IBM's Rometty on secret to success: move to the future, make decisions for long term & bet big via @FortuneMPW 
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"Cognitive Cmptg, AI Apps Have Big Future in th Enterprise" ( ) JK--Recap + video of August #Dataversity panel I was on

Catch me all weekend at #HacktheWeather on 9/18 at GalvanizeU San Francisco  #Insight4All

Build smart data #meteorological #apps : #HacktheWeather on 9/18 at GalvanizeU SF  #Insight4All

Win cash prize predicting with #datascience : #HacktheWeather on 9/18 at GalvanizeU SF  #Insight4All

Predict with the weather with #datascience: #HacktheWeather on 9/18 at GalvanizeU SF  #Insight4All

Information empowerment for your Hadoop ecosystem 

"Our chairs could be killing us." NBC's "Today" show seems to be stooping regularly to tabloid-grade scare tactics. Gimme a break!

Does Donald Trump have a degree in engineering? Because he seems to be engineering the most impressive political trainwreck in US history.

"Swarms of smart nano-satellites may offer global connectivity" ( ) JK--Semi-autonomous AI orchestrates the swarm

"Xerox PARC's new chip will self destruct in 10 seconds" ( ) JK--To keep a stored secret key out of the wrong hands.

"Get ready to live in a trillion-device world" ( ) JK--Sensor and sensory overload, thanks to the Internet of Things.

President praises companies like $IBM that are pouring money into STEM education (science/tech/engineering/math)
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It has been. I hope we can see you at Insight 2015 next month. A full slate of great sessions is pl... #ibminsight 

Hi. It's a pleasure to be tweeting to you all this afternoon live from New York City. I'm here at t... #ibminsight 

"This Is How You Build Products for New Generation o 'Data Natives'" ( ) JK--Expects everything smart & adjusts to them

"Music science trifecta" ( ) JK--ACroll on how digital content, Internet, & data science have changed music industry.

Pleasant 2+ mile walk thru Manhattan last night talking w/colleague Kimberly. Distracted me from the superheavy computer bag I was lugging.

"Train faster generalze better: Stabilty o stochastic gradient descent" ( ) JK--Persnl trainer helps me w/that + my abs

IBM VP & I chatted about Boomtown Rats. She's from England. Didnt believe San Diego crime inspired their hit. Proof: 

Enjoying Brian Foss' overnight variety mix on #KEXP. Playing mix of old and new rock artists that sound like early 70s glam. My jr high days

Facebook may or may not be developing a "dislike" button. Let's hope they don't introduce an "up yours" button to intensify an unfriending.

"A Deep Learning Tutorial: From Perceptrons to Deep Networks" ( ) JK--Essential know-how for getting AI to work

"A Deep Learning Tutorial: From Perceptrons to Deep Networks" ( ) JK--Essential know-how for getting AI to work

"Why artificial intelligence is succeeding: Then and now" ( ) JK--Because expectations NOW in line with capabilities

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Is #Entertainment Ready for #DataScience? Aylee Nielsen 

"Pope Francis Is About to Blow Elizabeth Warren Out of the Water" ( …) JK--Ridiculous headline made me chuckle.

"Crowdsourced weather apps claim accuracy, but watch th sky anyway" ( ) JK--"Hack the Weather" ( )

Apply streaming analytics technology to improve medical care 

Nice to walk Manhattan streets during the a.m. rush. No rush on th sidewalks. No gridlock. Just coffee goers strolling for their morning joe

Spark Summit Europe. Amsterdam. 27-29 Oct. Catch #IBM there: 

"IBM Helps Automakrs Build IoT Connected Vehicles" ( ) JK--Cloud svcs turn driver+vehicle data into predictive insights

"The IoT's Data Prioritization Pearl" ( ) JK--To help us avoid being drowned in a continuing stream of spurious alerts.

"Researchers use Big Data 2 track spread o dengue" ( ) JK--Correl8 human movemt pattrns w/dengue climate-suitablty maps

"Boston Pilots Smart, Solar-Powered Benches" ( ) JK--But they fail to harvest butt heat? What a waste!

"Computers can now paint like Van Gogh+Picasso" ( ) JK--Neural nets turn images into "digital psychedelic fever dreams"

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Pale Blue Eyes by The Velvet Underground JK--1968. Few musicians toggled from ugly to pretty vibes as readily as Lou

"Tracking Spread of State Legislation" ( ) JK--I'm curious which state legislatures influence the most other states.

"Website That Visualizes Human Activity in Cities Across the World" ( ) JK--Mobile phone data. Privacy implications?

"The Internet of Things comes to the NFL" ( ) JK--Curious if they'll equip helmets with concussion sensors.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Why Would I Now? by The Decemberists from Florasongs JK--2015. Very new. Very good. Very Decemberists.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp The Dangling Conversation by Simon and Garfunkel from Parsley Sage Rosemary & Thyme JK--1966. Very J. Alfred Prufrock

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Montezuma by Fleet Foxes from Helplessness Blues JK--2011. You imagine these guys singing this around a campfire.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp I Am the Fly by Wire from Chairs Missing JK--1978. One of those songs you immediately remember. The band? Less so.

If the toughest technical question I have to deal with is how to operate the in-room coffee maker, it's a good day.

Wisdom is knowing which of the things that don't kill you indeed make you stronger vs. which enfeeble you with false sense of survivability

Ah yes, a steady stream of "quick questions" that will each take "just one minute of my time." If they came less than one a minute, maybe

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Smiling Faces Sometimes by The Undisputed Truth JK--1971. Great soul groove makes dopey lyric sound kinda cool.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Walk on th Wild Side by Lou Reed from Transformer JK--1972. NYC has never once tempted me to walk there. Just jaywalk

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Over the Hills and Far Away by Led Zeppelin from Houses of the Holy JK--1973. Great piece of schizoid folk-blues-rock

"Hadoop needs Spark to light the way" ( ) JK--Says Hadoop's definition a "work in progress." Not really progressing

Just saw a computer language hyped as "close to how people think about th world." That mean it cant go 5 minutes without thinking about sex?

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Rock'n Roll by Espanto JK--2012. Spain. Good specimen of what the title promises.

Saw "Paradise Lost" on list of unfilmable novels. Well, for starters, it's an epic poem, not a novel. And it's set entirely in Heaven & Hell

Kind of mindblowing that Verizon (a phone company, after all) doesn't have a phone system that connects customers reliably to tech support.

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Aweekstweets September 5-13 2015: the week our robot overlord flashed his fetid underbelly

"How Google self-driving cars may handle toughest situations" ( ) JK--Rely on human judgment? How is that self-driving?

It's best not to take someone up on a timeshare opportunity if their dayjob is assistant rodeo clown or apprentice carny. Just sayin'

WashPost running 2 stories with clear parallel: NFL retirees suffering brain damage, WW2 vets still coping w/PTSD. US society averts eyes.

Hung out with the wife today at various commercial establishments throughout northern Virginia. Saw old friends at a mall. Talked.

It’s always nice when McDonald’s gets the precise mix of Coke syrup and carbonated water to taste like bottled Coke memories of my youth

Check out transcript of yesterday’s very successful crowdchat #Hadoop4OpenInsights: … . Thanks to all participants.

The cooling trend has settled in. A pleasantly gently overcast and rainy Saturday morning. My overheated nervous system ebbs to serenity

WashPost draws parallel between UK Labour Party’s Jeremy Corbyn & US’ Bernie Sanders. Seemingly unelectable extreme left leaders. Hmmm.

A fussbudget grumbles about every last detail o the crap they see. A cussbudget delivers pointed commentary on the main crap. I'm the latter

New #IBM jk LinkedIn Pulse blog: "Securing Everything in the Internet of Things" ( )

Joe Biden came off as extremely genuine and heartfelt on Colbert last night. If he runs for president, he could connect in a big way.

"Google’s Driverless Cars Run Into Problem: Cars With Drivers" ( ) JK--Sounds like premise for a new Stephen King novel

Whistle while U work. I wonder if dwarfgang th next office over told Snow White's buds to put a sock in it so they could focus on THEIR work

"The Theoretical Underbelly of Optimizing Machine Learning Systems" ( ) JK--Processing regurgitated statistical cud.

"How SETI Understand Msgs Broadcast by Alien Intelligence" ( ) JK--No sweat. "Star Trek" proved aliens speak English

"Hedge Fund Strategies" ( ) JK--High-level description of tangled math in which your retirement savings may be entwined

"Social Net Anlyss reveals alt-list of global power elite" ( ) JK--And all winter at exclusive Swiss resort Eigenvector

"Affinity Analysis" ( ) JK--Good how-to on data science practice that drives personalized target marketing.

"Doing Data Science at Twitter" ( ) JK--Their "Type B Data Scientist" probably Type A Personality in every1 else's book

Hey fitness-class instructors: when U wear a wireless mic in th classroom, there's no damn need to shout, unless your intention is to deafen

"Big greenfield cannabis cloud" ( ) JK--Agribusiness that can market legally only in 2 states? Roachclip-scale revenues

Just saw article about "8 objectives" for such-and-such strategy. Hopefully, the strategy is to reduce the objectives down to a mnemonic few

IBM CEO Ginni Rometty on @FortuneMagazine list of the Most Powerful Women in business  @FortuneMPW #leadership
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Open data platforms ensure that any training and experience that a data scientist has on o... #hadoop4openinsights 

Right. Openness in the data platform ensure that you can mix and match vendor platforms, g... #hadoop4openinsights 

Can't wait for this chat to begin in earnest. Check out my latest blog: Hadoop: The open r... #hadoop4openinsights 

I'm not going to join the 3-D printing revolution. I won't be satisfied till we push printing into at least the 10th subatomic dimension

"Trip to White House: Inclusive Entrepreneurship & Data Sci Diversity" ( ) JK--IBM Horwitz recently in my neck of woods

In the natural order of things, Jefferson Airplane lyrics drive all high-tech marketing campaigns. Speed your head: 

"Q & A with Shiv Vaithyanathan, Creator of SystemML and IBM Fellow" ( ) JK--Keynotes Strata+Hadoop, end of month, NYC

"Never a dull moment: Upcoming Events in world of Spark" ( ) JK--Starting with next week's SF "Hack the Weather" event

"Datapalooza: Feed Your Head" ( ) JK--Nov 10-12. San Francisco. Pre-register: 

"Internet slowly but surely killing TV" ( ) JK--Booming online ad revs. Perhaps TV will retaliate w/ louder commercials

So far, Washington Post reports, former VA governor Jim Gilmore has 0.0% support among likely GOP voters in presidential race. It's a start.

“In a nutshell” doesn’t say diddley-squat! You talking peanut or coconut?

Geez. If I start from a clean inbox, and avert my gaze briefly to sneeze, there are suddenly 40+ fresh messages awaiting me. Geez.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp How Soon is Now by Th Smiths from Meat is Murder JK--1985. Morrissey asserts homo sapiens love need. He's not Vulcan!

New #IBM jk blog: "Hadoop: The open refinery of 21st century data science" ( )

"Between thought and expression, there lies a lifetime." --Lou Reed

When the going gets tough, the tough get yoga.

I caught the first half-hour of Colbert's "Late Show" debut last night before my sleep-deprived brain conked. Enjoyed it. He's back!

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Forever Young by Madness from Absolutely JK--1980. A cool blend of reggae rhythm, punchy R&B horns, & rock guitar.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Israelite by Desmond Dekker from Israelites: Anthology 1963-1999 JK--1968. Great radio memory. Charted #9 US, #1 UK

I scan the morning's news like a prospector impatiently searching for a vein of some precious metal. Usually, I find mere flakes. Of dust.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp It's Fashion by Girls at Our Best! from Pleasure JK--1981. Re-released 1994 by Vinyl Japan. I own the original vinyl

Wish to congratulate Elizabeth II on her record-setting longevity as monarch of the scepter'd isle. Does she still wield a scepter?

Predictive analytics can transform any type of organization 

Three reasons to open up data to business users 

IBM and Xerox predict brain-controlled apps will head to smartphones 

Build more adaptive applications with Apache Spark 

How does predictive analytics work? 

Sitting here pondering the data science skills that a truly awesome robot overlord would need. To get laid, if nothing else.

Anti-malware splash screens on your computer. They might as well just standardize on the alert: "They're comin' to GITCHA!"

Yes, of course I'm going to stay up past my bedtime to catch Colbert's new gig. I hope he sings regularly. The funnyman's got good pipes!

If KISS had followed th KISS principle they wouldn’t have worn clown makeup or ghoulish outfits. They simply would have kept sounding stupid

Political attack ad comes on. Suddenly the mood darkens & malevolent conspiracies abound. Followed right away by a dog food commercial. Arf!

Hmm. A local broadcaster being marketed as “having personality.” Code phrase meaning “forced, unfunny jocularity.” Tries way too hard.

Reading “Nixon & Mao” by Margaret Macmillan. Even-handed historical discussion. Points out that PRC paramount leader was a brutal dictator.

New #IBM jk #Dataversity blog: "The Bogus Bogeyman of the Brainiac Robot Overlord" ( )

New #IBM jk blog: "Skills that every data scientist needs in today’s insight economy" ( )

"NASA AI to power first-responder tech" ( ) JK--Real-time situational awareness for law enforcement & firefighters

"What are Uplift Models?" ( ) JK--Hint: it has nothing to do with Victoria's Secret catalog.

"Big Data Fades to the Algorithm Economy" ( ) JK--Analyst introduces that hackneyed oil metaphor in first sentence.
"Who's to blame when AI systems go wrong?" ( ) JK--See my algorithmic accountability discussion: 

"Programming & Prejudice: How 2 Find Bias in Machn Lrnng Algos" ( ) JK--How to test for bias in the bias-sniffing algo?

Saw "The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel" on DVD. I felt sorry for all the high-quality veteran performers in this forced charmless sequel

"Using Data To Fight Wildfires" ( ) JK--Visual narrative could be better told with slideshare, not serial webpage chain

Saw "Black Sea" with Jude Law. An OK underwater caper flick. Smart money says th "innocent" 18-year-old lives in the end & the psycho doesnt

"Why Hackers Stay Ahead o Artificial Intelligence" ( ) JK--Could put baddies out o job or make them even more dangerous

Saw "Far from the Madding Crowd" on DVD. Decent remake w/ Carey Mulligan. Is it fair to say ending taken from classic novel was predictable?

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Love Is th Drug by Roxy Music from Siren JK--1975. Hooked on a feeling? High on believing that youre in lust with me?

"Spark Summit Europe Full Agenda available online" ( ) JK--Amsterdam. Week of 26 Oct. #IBM will be there in force!

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Can't You Hear Me Knocking by the Stones from Sticky Fingers JK--1971. Love Mick Taylor's Santana-style jam on this

"Revisiting Mass Data Assignments" ( ) JK--Mine eyes skipped right away to the Goldilocks/3-Bear poetic triplet.

"How big data is unfair" ( ) JK--Actual article doesn't apply that absurd blanket statement. Biases may skew analytics.

Fairly good holiday weekend. Managed to keep my mind off work. Once or twice.

Now that “Mad Men” original run is over & I’ve started to watch it on Netflix, I think Jon Hamm deserves Emmy for his nuanced Don Draper

Cool. Just figured out how to delete abusive comments in LinkedIn. I turned off comments long ago on my personal blog. For same reason.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Born in the Echoes by The Chemical Brothers from Born in the Echoes JK--2015. Brand new. Exceptionally cool.

Staying happy in my personal environment often comes down to moving heavy objects around so I don’t bump into them. I’m not a fancy man.

Very much enjoyed “CBS Sunday Morning” segment w/Chrissie Hynde in Akron. Warmhearted tough sober grounded. It’s written all over her music.

The air is cool and so incredibly calm this morning. I stare at the leaves on the trees in the distance. None of them even twitches.

WashPost refs “Beach Boys & their little old lady from Pasadena.” Apparently, no one gives Jan & Dean credit for their hit recordings.