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Aweekstweets July 13-25 2015: the week that I, ummm, remind me again why I skipped doing this last weekend

It's weird to say "we expose our students to great literature." As if it's a weakened chickenpox virus. Build up immunity against a pathogen

Will I outlive my savings? Well, if I do, my savings won't inherit my savings. So we're even.

RT @brainpicker TSEliot reads “The Naming of Cats” in rare '47 recordng  JK--His accent was odd

My latest calculations show that if I'd responded to all spams over th years that promised unimaginable wealth, I'd be worth ~$24.76B by now

Not sure which I love more: chicken pad thai or chicken pot pie.

Excellent reader proposal in letter to editors of WashPost: create a “politics” section for BS campaign stories. Keep out of A-section news.

Earth: dwarf planet. Compared to Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune.

If a Behemoth and a Goliath met on the field of battle, which would prevail? If a Juggernaut made the scene, they’re both toast

"How...turned their basements into stunning wine cellars" ( ) JK--Cool, but I prefer my wine cellar 2 B my wine seller

Introduce yourself to the world of IBM Analytics for Apache Spark: … #SparkInsight

While waiting to exhale I forget so much. When I inhale, the memories flood back. That's not an analogy. My brain seems to work that way.

When #disaster strikes data can help you respond & recover!  #emergencymgmt #analytics #saferplanet

Apple and IBM release 10 new apps: 

New #IBM jk LinkedIn Pulse post: "The Irrelevance of Mathematical Certainty in Deep Learning Analytics" ( )

Recent news about wireless hacking of smart cars is disturbing. Perhaps vehicles should have smart fenders. So they can fend for themselves.

"How #IBM Learned To Love Open Technology" ( ) JK--Substantial shift in center of gravity. It's the IBM culture I'm in

Big Data and Karl Marx 

Big data and digital skills essential for future retail success 

7 big data management best practices for your IT playbook 

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp No Condition by The Method Actors JK--1981. Athens GA group with hard-edged guitar sound, a la "Rock Lobster"

New #IBM jk LinkedIn Pulse post: "Statistical Modeling: Head, Heart, & Soul" ( )

"The Quantified Workforce Drives Improved Productivity And Safety" ( ) JK--Metrics & mindfulness? Latter abhors former

"2 Types o Data Scientists" ( ) JK--False dichotomy: analytics for machines v people. Many data scientists produce both

"Comment Your F**king Code!" ( ) JK--Best programming practice is to use all 7 of GCarlin's dirty words in comments

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Boy Child by Scott Walker from Scott 4 JK--1969. Apparently NOT that Wisconsin governor. Unless he recorded at age 2

After I follow you on a social, don't introduce yourself in unsolicited email with "I won't abuse your trust." The phrase sounds mild alarm

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Wide Awake (feat. Cat Power) by J Mascis from Tied To a Star JK--2014. Interesting blend of world-weary voices.

"How hackers can control your car from miles away" ( ) JK--Dark side of the vehicular Internet of Things.

Did they ever find that 404 file? I’d like to suggest an all-points bulletin.

RIP Theodore Bikel. Actor-folksinger was orig Capt von Trapp in Broadway “Sound of Music.” I loved that LP as kid ( )

I'm sorry, but "foodie" sounds like someone with an eating disorder. Or at least someone with a weird food fetish.

Some PR person writes "Big data doesn’t have to be intimidating or feared." I say it does. I want you all to tremble when I enter the room.

Dear Well-Known Ice-Cream Store Franchise: If U reach out asking for consumers to participate in panel, it's polite to offer lifetime supply

New #IBM jk #SparkInsight blog: "How Spark is tuning up the logical data warehouse" ( )

The POWER of Crowdsourcing - Social Business Insights Blog 

"Web-scale." Phrase feels archaic. Suggests Berners-Lee WWW of homepages, HTML, REST etc. Cloud/IoT/streaming feels more scalable than "Web"

New #IBM jk LinkedIn Pulse post: "How Long Should We Wait For That Quantum Leap?" ( )

"Actionable intelligence." Feels a bit overstuffed & pretentious. Think of it as "news you can use."

"Ashley Madison Dating Site Members Face Multiple Security Threats" ( ) JK--Not including attacks by cuckolded spouses

New #IBM jk blog: "How Spark is tuning up the logical data warehouse" ( )

Soyuz User Manual ( ). Not a joke. At European Space Agency's Guiana Space Centre. March 2012. Arianespace.

Hmmm. IT trade journo sent email interview questions. Want to know about me as person just as much as about me as big data wonk. About time

How Spark is tuning up the logical data warehouse  via @IBMAnalytics

@IBMCAI: Here's a sneak peak to our new #ibmCDO study launching tomorrow, 07/22! ” @createmarkets @jameskobielus
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RT @kexpplaylist #kexp She Cries Your Name by Beth Orton from Trailer Park JK--1997. Her earnest fragile wistful smoky folky vibe.

"Learning humans' common sense--Spain AI rschrs teaching robots to know their limits" ( ) JK--Don't show them Pamplona

"What Every Manager Should Know About Machine Learning" ( ) JK--Good HBR article by Harvard post-doctoral econ fellow

"Ten Truths About the Future of IoT" ( ) JK--Good discussion of architecture & business strategies.

"Future of Cloud Computing: Fog Computing & the IoT" ( ) JK--Good overview of pros & cons of fog computing.

Ridiculous when a tech writer feels they must phoneticize ordinary English words, eg, buyer as "bahy-er." Makes more difficult to pronounce

"Rise of the Data Visualization Competency Center" ( ) JK--"Graphicacy"? I'm not even sure how to pronounce it.

Where and how do I start my digital business journey? 

$IBM: Strong cloud performance in Q2, #1 in hybrid cloud  #IBMcloud
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RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Semantics by The Mynabirds from Lovers Know JK--2015. Very nice. Sounds like some vintage 80s hit.

New #IBM jk LinkedIn Pulse post: "The Relativism of Privacy Sensitivities" ( )

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Protection by Lucinda Williams from Down Where The Spirit Meets The Bone JK--2014. Very cool southern roadhouse rock.

"Inside fake town in Mich where self-driving cars being tested" ( ) JK--But State & Liberty is real Ann Arbor intersXn

David Thomas & The Pedestrians "Sound of the Sand" ( ) JK--1981. Quiet soulful one from Pere Ubu frontman's 1st solo LP

LinkedIn ad asks "Are You Michigan Alumni?" No. I'm a Michigan alumnus. I know the difference because I attended the University of Michigan.

EUE/Screen Gems Studios in Wilmington NC. Our shuttle driver chauffeurd a fair number of actors. Long gig w/Susan Sarandon. I wanna meet her

Buster Poindexter "Hot Hot Hot" ( ) JK--1987. Obvious one for day like today. But blistering heatwaves ain't too subtle

Vacations don't actually vacate anything. If anything, they bloat your work email inbox to the bursting point while you're away. Oy vey!

What's hot: Query more data without worrying about where it lives! Learn new Fluid Query 1.5 in this 2.5 min video. 
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How cool is this? #FluidQuery 1.5 - Query #PureData stores with #Hadoop, #DB2 and much more! 
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New #IBM jk blog: "Developing on-demand streaming analytics in the cloud" ( )

Context is key to deriving analytic value with Hadoop  We become smarter everyday

Going under the hood with automated and autonomous driving:...  We become smarter everyday
Survey - #BigData Challenges that are holding companies...  We become smarter everyday

Context is key to deriving analytic value with Hadoop  We become smarter everyday

IBMer Robert Andrews is 1 of 10 hurricane comms responders....  We become smarter everyday

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Almost Cut My Hair by Crosby Stills Nash & Young JK--1970. Contains tongue-twisting lyric: "let my freak flag fly"

"Tesla’s New ‘Ludicrous Speed’ Might Make Yer Brain Explode" ( ) JK--Replaces gear numbers w/ g-force blastoff settings

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Bang a Gong (Get It On) by T. Rex from Electric Warrior JK--1971. Follow-up "Gang A Bong" banned by radio stations.

New #IBM jk #InfoWorld column: "Streaming analytics enter the fast lane" ( )

Pushing 100 on our way back home. Traffic is nuts on I-95. Cooling down for a pitstop in Fredericksburg. A historic exurb of Washington DC

Apparently, Donald Trump thinks the draft dodgers, deserters, and cowards served their country more bravely than those who fought in Vietnam

Far more people die each year from summer heatwaves than winter blizzards. Which season is friendlier to mortal flesh?

Annoying to hear Sunbelt retirement homes marketed as a refuge from northern winters. I love winter. Not crazy about summer heat/humidity

Harper Lee's twist on Atticus Finch suggests JD Salinger may have hidden novel where older Holden Caulfield is a pretentious phoney-baloney

Local news announcer: "This woman credits God & basketball to her long life." Apparently, her advanced age brought deity & b-ball into being

No, Wilmington NC isn't Savannah GA. Doesn't have the colonial feel, the squares, or the party district. But it is quiet & kind of relaxing.

Did Chris ever live up to his end of the bargain and open a Ruth Steak House?

Stilling the mind. It’s all about distilling the mind down to the ego-free me.

What if inner planets are solar system’s “Tornado Alley”? Crater-free Pluto may be geologically inert but beyond comet/asteroid strike zone

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Eyes on You by Veruca Salt from Ghost Notes JK--2015. Shockingly great for a group that's been inactive for 2 decades

Not sure if beer or wine is the best food lubricant. Oh well, here goes another real-world experiment. Why choose? Down the old hatch.

Advice to those who pitch retirement communities: don’t tell us where the hospital is before you say where the fitness facilities might be

Ahh. The green & pleasant forests o Virginia @ summer’s peak. I never tire o th drive. Definitely needed this getaway. North Carolina awaits

#IBM #SparkInsight blog: How to enable interactive applications against Apache Spark …
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"If U Buy Stuff No One Else Likes, U Just May Be Harbinger o Failure" ( ) JK--Our economy mandates TOTAL CONFORMANCE!

"The $11 Trillion IoT, Big Data & Pattern Of Life (POL) Analytics" ( ) JK--"POL"? Nouveau term for behavioral tracking

"10 Traits of Modern Data-Driven Applications" ( ) JK--Not a bad rollup by Phil Russom of TDWI.

It's Prime Day. That's because Amazon wants customers to purchase an irrational number of things online.

New #IBM jk LinkedIn Pulse post: "Orchestrating Predictive Policing in Real Time" ( )

50 Cent files for bankruptcy. His name is now worth more than he is.

A new view on the Internet of Things with Pete Karns  via @IBMAnalytics

IBM Insight 2015 Chat: Applying Insight Everywhere with Data Science  via @YouTube

RT @IBMAnalytics: This week #ibminsight team talks w/ @jameskobielus about big data, Spark, prog w/ R & more. Watch: 

Amazing that humanity can propel a flyby marble 4.67 billion miles through space. Bet we could have pinged the duck dead-on if we'd tried.

Drafted latest ITKnowledgeExchange column: "Modeling Mind and Body with Spark"

Pluto. Only planet named for a Disney character. I think. Did Clyde Tombaugh have to negotiate with Walt's lawyers on this?

Sign up for webcast: "Becoming an Enterprise Digital business - A perspective from featured Gart... #ibmdigitalbiz 

@IBMbigdao Healthcare: HC is built around autonomics and instantaneous continual screening throu... #ibmdigitalbiz 

Great to be on today's CrowdChat on digital business. Check out some recent #IBM Big Data & Anal... #ibmdigitalbiz 

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Oh Yoko! by John Lennon JK--1971. I don't call my wife's name in the middle of a shave unless I'm bleeding profusely

New #IBM jk LinkedIn Pulse Post: "Panning the Streams for Things of Gold" ( )

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp All Buttoned Up by Richard Thompson from Still JK--2015. Great one. He's essentially American artist w/English accent

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp All Mixed Up by Red House Painters from Songs for a Blue Guitar JK--1996. Sad. Beautifully sad. But sad. Absorbingly

"MIT proves flash as fast as RAM & cheaper for big data" ( ) JK--40 svrs w/10TB RAM no faster than 20 svrs w/20TB flash

"How To Turn Data Into Stories" ( ) JK--Beyond the usual "a primary key and a stored procedure walk into a bar" variety

After 10 years of doing yoga, I noticed a week or two ago that I'm now able to keep my feet flat on the floor in down dog without straining.

A day of pushing & pushing myself. A day much like any day. Pushing and pushing, searching for an edge, a ledge to stand on, admire the view

Here's th sort of IT industry knuckle-cracking "story idea" I ignore: "digital transformation." Like Ed Norton "Swanee River" on piano. Pow!

"Why IBM's CEO is hiring Brooklyn teens" ( …). Ginni Rometty on why IBM is betting on P-TECH to address the skills gap
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"Outer Space is Crowded" ( ) JK--You mean "near earth orbit is crowded." Outer space is whatever's beyond that.

"Artificial Intelligence Stops Nearly All Spam" ( ) JK--But you still have to check your spam folders, regardless.

"Sequencing genome cre8s so much data we dont know what 2 do w/ it" ( ) JK--Expect 2-40 fresh exabytes/yr within decade

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Chloe Dancer/Crown of Thorns by Mother Love Bone from Singles JK--1992. Far more 70s stoner than 90s grunge in vibe

"Why Should Business Care About Quantum Computing?" ( ) JK--Interviews manager of #IBM Theory Quantum Information Group

"Which freaking Hadoop engine should I use?" ( ) JK--Depends on what your goldurned requirements are.

Measuring the artificial intelligence quotient 
The Promise of Deep Learning 

Accelerating Cognitive Computing Through Collaborative Research 

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp 6'1" by Liz Phair from Exile in Guyville JK--1993. What she lacked in range as a singer she made up pure attitude.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Love You Less by Veruca Salt from Ghost Notes JK--2015. This 90s indie group resurfaces with a good new one.

"Musk-Backed Group Probes Risks Behind AI" ( ) JK--Why not? Rockets, electric cars, & hyperloops are perfectly safe

Comic-Con in danger of outgrowing the San Diego Convention Center. Next year, they're limiting admission only to native Klingon speakers.

Startup.ML Launches Deep Learning News ( ). Good news aggregator. Where's the email notification feature?

This morning's industry news: Yet another fresh crop of game-changing startups. Not so fast. Let's see if you can play it before changing it

"The Good Data Contest: The Top Eight Innovative Concepts" ( ) JK--Winners of recent #IBM sponsored contest.

Here's a cool solution based on #Informix TimeSeries - An ETSI standards based Telco Data Retention solution: 

Informix is the only enterprise-class database that supports #Mac OS. Download the #Informix edition for MAC OS- 

The 2015 #Informix Roadshow is coming to your city. Sharpen your skills- SQL, nosql, #Iot, hybrid #cloud . Register- 
IBM & #Intel bring intelligence to #IoT! Register for event - “Constructing the IoT solution” at San Jose on Aug 17 

IDUG #DB2 AP early registration deadline is July 20th. More details at this link:  #idugdb2

Learn why IBM #DB2 continues to be a key database option for #SAP BW! Attend the DB2 webinar on July 30th 

#DBU BLU helps Yazaki Europe reduce supply-chain holdups and save 63% on data storage costs.Read full story-  #ibmblu

As Djokovic enthralled Wimbledon, IBM #Watson served up insights for fans in real-time. Did you know- #DB2 at the back-end made it possible?

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Like a Rolling Stone by Dylan from Hwy 61 Rvstd JK--1965. Older Dylan now frequently compromises w/ the Mystery Tramp

Learn about trends in #IoT, #analytics, #cloud, #mobile & more at the IBM Insight conference. Register-  #ibminsight

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Aweekstweets July 4-12 2015: now it’s just some week that I used to know

Hey Gotye, don't you mean somebody that you used to LIKE? You still know her, obviously. Unless this is your personal Alzheimers swan song.

Comic-Con. How come there’s nobody in Archie & Jughead costumes? And where are those classic characters Mary Worth and Rex Morgan MD?

Hot towns & summers in th city have never got th back of my neck dirty & gritty. Perhaps th song was accurate before Clean Air Act kicked in

Pluto. What if we discover it’s made of pure plutonium? Would be ironic. If so, we best keep it at its current distance. Might detonate

Little chance that Donald Trump will get Republican Party nomination. But if the Know-Nothing Party ever makes a comeback, he's a shoo-in.

Willie Nelson getting Gershwin Prize ( ). I almost gaggd when local TV news describd him as writer o Pet Shop Boys song

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Never Far Away by Active Child from Mercy JK--2015. Smooth quiet romantic soul. Tres Sade. Tres Gaye.

Holding my breath waiting for New Horizons’ flyby images of Pluto. Humanity’s first direct encounter with the solar system’s icy perimeter.

Ah yes, it’s so much fun deleting misdirected marketing emails. Failures to target properly. You know who I am. What’s your excuse?

Movement afoot to rename Jefferson Davis Hwy. It’s crazy that we named a major road after after someone who waged war against the USA

Local auto-body shops and doctor’s offices are where ancient PCs survive and serve long past their expiration dates.

I like to relax with good picture books. Preferably those covering science topics. Astronomy blows my mind most. Encompassing infinite space

I would advise my contributors to not worry about being utterly original. Just worry about being utterly reliable. Be a machine. Like me.

SparkHub. Cool new comnunity site for all things Apache Spark ( ).

.@WSJ OpEd from #IBM’s @ahtannenbaum: we’re in a privacy crisis; sharing #cybersecurity threat data 1way to fight it 
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You don't know Jake? You should. Data scientist @jakeporway is returning to host #ibminsight! 

Don't miss our stellar #ibminsight speakers @ESIESQ of @Walmart & @davidwkenny of the Weather Company! 

Infrastructure w/o smarter #analytics is one sad infrastructure. See how to keep it happy at #ibminsight. 

IBM has invested billions of dollars in Open Source tech. Talk about an Open World #ibminsight 

New #IBM jk LinkedIn Pulse post: "Artistic Deception, Machine-Learning Style" ( )

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Ça Plane Pour Moi by Plastic Bertrand JK--1978. Here's the video ( ). A human marionette.

Words are found objects. Regardless of what they actually mean, they are fun objects to monkey with, take apart, & abuse.

Privacy vulnerabilities. Think of them as people's peepholes.

Friday. Name derives from a Norse word referring to the fact that your brains are now thoroughly fried after a solid week of work.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Crash by The Primitives from Lovely JK--1988. Sounds like the Go-Gos would have sounded if they'd stayed together.

Always good to have dozen or so of my blogs in various states of conception, composition, or publication concurrently. Keeps me stretching

Hey Microsoft, can you change sign-out sound in Skype to something that doesn't sound like it's moaning in pain? I don't empathize with apps

Primary tension in those basic cable reality shows is trying to guess which sexy screaming lady will fling her Chardonnay at the other first

It's odd that people say, for example, "the month of July." That phrase is 75% superfluous. And not appreciably more mellifluous.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Moby Octopad by Yo La Tengo frm I Can Hear th Heart Beating as One JK--1997. Samples Th Who "Armenia City in th Sky"?

New #IBM jk blog: "Measuring the artificial intelligence quotient" ( )

Preserving One of the World’s Most Precious Cheeses with Data 

New #IBM jk LinkedIn Pulse post: "Algorithms For Wrestling Narrative Transparency Out Of Other Algorithms" ( )

Speed reading isn't about rapidly absorbing entire text. It's about zeroing in on thesis & main points first. Reading rest later (or never)

"Deep Learning & the Triumph of Empiricism" ( ) JK--"Given sufficiently large datasets, the risk of overfitting is low"

"An angry rebuttal: data science is NOT dead" ( ) JK--"Responds to accusations"? What is this, a murder investigation?

"Warning Signs in Experimental Design and Interpretation" ( ) JK--Great detailed discussion by Peter Norvig of Google

"Social Listening Enables Social Business" ( ) JK--Yes, but need subject-matter expertise to listen with comprehension

Catch me et al on Smart Data Conf panel Tues 8-18, San Jose "Cognitive Computing 201: Incorporating the Technology" ( )

This collection of free geocoded scientific data practically covers the Earth: 

"7 Different Types o Data Stories" ( ) JK--Change, drill down, zoom out, contrasts, intersections, dissection, outliers

In indie music birthdays, happy ones to Jack White (White Stripes, Raconteurs) & Isaac Brock (Modest Mouse). Born on same day 40 years ago.

"Statistical Modeling steps" ( ) JK--Deadly infographic: combines

"Data Scientists: The Holiday Inn Express Phenomenon" ( ) JK--Makes no sense, & I dig their complimentary hot breakfast

Today in WashDC local business news: Donald Trump builds hotel on Federal Triangle, Bill Cosby friendship clouds Ben's Chili Bowl expansion.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Amber Jean by The International Harvesters from A Treasure JK--1984. Cool Neil Young side project.

Drafted latest #IBM jk #InfoWorld column: "Streams Take Center Stage in the New Big-Data Era"

Uber has decimated local taxicab markets all over world. Looking far ahead, will be interesting to see if self-driving taxis deep-six Uber.

New #IBM jk LinkedIn Pulse post: "Customer Segmentation: The Fine Line Between Profiling and Personalization" ( )

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Crush With Eyeliner by REM from Monster JK--1994. Love th throbbing guitar that burns straight down center o this one

Tom Jones "16 Tons" ( ) JK--1966. The Welshman's version became my favorite the moment I first heard it. Tonight.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp 16 Toneladas by Noriel Vilela from Brazilian Beats JK--Great jaunty Brazilian singer's cover of "16 Tons."

Congrats to Dennis Hankins, newly nominated as next US Ambassador to Republic of Guinea. Dennis & wife Mira are old friends of ours.

Blog: How 13 million messages per second are served at Wimbledon  #ibmmiddleware #wimbledon

In a busy schedule, what calms me down, paradoxically enough, is looking ahead several days. The meeting load is spaced out in time. As am I

The morning brings its usual churn of fresh details crowding out yesterday afternoon's details, which are still there, fermenting under all

Applying the big data and analytics maturity model for a competitive advantage 

New #IBM jk LinkedIn Pulse post: "Real-World Experiments: When Algorithmic Inventions Engage In Biomimicry" ( )

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Back in the Crowd by Tom Waits from Bad as Me JK--2011. Who says he can't get soft, quiet, & pretty?

Success factors for a #digital business : #IBMDigitalBiz 

Do #digital business, #bigdata & IOT play well together? #IBMDigitalBiz 

But what if I don’t want to become a #digital business? #IBMDigitalBiz 

So what really is a ‘#digitalbusiness’? Join our #crowdchat to know more  #IBMDigitalBiz

Wondering how to put veracity of data into practice? Learn @CDOforum with @regruenen  #ibmCDO

#Boston #tech #jobs - IBM Analytics Career Night! July 8th, 4 - 8PM Details & Register: 
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RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Nouveau Western by MC Solaar from Prose Combat JK--Samples the whooping cough from Serge Gainsbourg "Bonnie & Clyde"

"A Nifty Device to Stop Cars From Driving Too Close to Bikes" ( ) JK--Neat idea. Didn't realize these laws on the books

"Now, What Is Hadoop?" ( ) JK-- Gartner's @merv provides useful list & discussion.

"AMPLab’s co-creator on where big data headed & why Spark is so big" ( ) JK--Currently has 80 people on Spark project

"NOSQL Document Stores: The Realm of Dispensable Data" ( ) JK--Doesn't require persistent storage or strong governance

"What the Heck are Predictive Models?" ( ) JK--And why in tarnation is the question asked in mock exasperation?

"Forget Algorithms. People Rule!" ( ) JK--Refers to human curation of news & music--i.e., what I do for my followers

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Exodus by Bob Marley JK--1977. Pronounces it "exy-dus." Or at least to my Babylonian ear.

Success factors for a digital business 

Again with the "big data's nothing new...we had lots of data back in my day" stuff? Yes, the concepts of "data" & "big" not new. Whatever.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Long Cool Woman in a Black Dress by The Hollies JK--1971. I misheard last 3 words as "get it on." Actual: "had it...

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp My Black Ass by Shellac from At Action Park JK--1994. DJ Reeves says this song's about ownership of a dark donkey

"To be or not to be." Actually, that's NOT a question. It's disjunction of infinitive and contradiction of that infinitive. Please make note

"81 things that Mike Huckabee has denounced" ( ) JK--Needs to take a DNA test to determine what percentage weasel he is

CBS Sunday Morning retrospectiv on late Charles Kuralt’s “On Th Road” series. Conveniently ignores his long extramarital affair on that road

CKLW-AM, Windsor, Ontario. This was the dominant Top 40 station in the Detroit market in my 1960s childhood: 

I love when the Marine Corps band strikes up the instrumental of “Be Kind to Your Web-Footed Friends.” Very stirring!

Explosions reported over the nation’s capital. Oh, wait, these ones are supposed to be there. Never mind.