Sunday, July 09, 2017

Aweekstweets June 17 to July 9 2017: the weeks of doggedly doing the dog

RT @kexpnowplaying #kexp Slim Gaillard "Baked Beans And A Bottle Of Beer" JK--1958. Cuba-born Detroit-based singer/actor on Lansing MI label

RT @kexpnowplaying #kexp Larry Williams "Bad Boy" from Greatest Hits JK--1959. Original of this. Beatles did awesome cover w/Lennon lead vox

Doing New York this week. Infor has event at Javits Center. I’m curious how they’re using AI in their enterprise solutions. Who’ll be there?

This morning in the news: Trump is toxic internationally and domestically. In depressing sports news, Nationals lose 13-0 to Braves.

In graduate journalism school, I worried about what, if anything, I’d specialize in. I needn’t have worried.

Actually, I think it’s semi-unreal that I’ve been publishing original commentary on the latest business tech topics every month for 30 years

Read Bayesian distinction between a child’s vs. an adult’s neural wiring: the former “explores” the world, the latter “exploits”

Watching “Gold.” Matthew McConaughey plays some stereotypical yahoo American mining capitalist seeking his fortune in Suharto’s Indonesia.

Relationship banking. ATM back-ended by quiet atrium. Teller-free, sales-oriented. Free Keurig cup while you sit contemplating liquidity.

Pondering Clash of Civilizations, Robot Overlords, Singularity, & other dumb themes in culture now. Funny when concatenated & capitalized

Virginia is for lovers” is not a bad license-plate slogan. “Virginia is for losers” didn’t test as well.

Northern Virginia has largest collection of data centers in the nation, concentrated in Tysons, Reston, Sterling, & Ashburn. Inconspicuous.

Tiny houses. I don’t get the appeal. Unless I want to live in oversized doghouse or glorified dollhouse w/ fullsize replicas of Barbie & Ken

Cirque Du Soleil buys Blue Man Group. What’s next? Contemplating a leveraged buyout of Carrot Top, Criss Angel, and Wayne Newton?

Drinking good German import beer. In the 24 hours or so that I was in Germany recently, I drank mostly so-so American import coffee.

Good enough week. Drafted my next #Wikibon research note: on development & governance o complex biz logic that drives recommendation engines

Reading tech article where author changes nationality mid-article. "Personalization" & "color" suddenly become "personalisation" & "colour."

"Anatomy of a chatbot — how much does it cost to build one?" ( ) JK--Excellent dissection of budgetary factors.

RT @kexpnowplaying #kexp Jimi Hendrix Experience "May This Be Love" from R U Experienced? JK--1967. Get contact high from listening to this

"AI’s big leap 2 tiny devices opens world o possibilities" ( ) JK--See my recent #Wikibon note

"Data-Mining 100 Million Instagram Photos Reveals Global Clothing Patterns" ( ) JK--Designers can track their impact

"...Restricted Boltzmann Machines...." ( ) JK--IMHO, "Boltzmann" is the perfect name for a machine. A klutzy android.

Dined at Red Lobster tonight. Wife had gift cards that needed to be used. Food was OK. But service was its usual slow. Even on a quiet night

"Mathematicians who want to save democracy" ( ) JK--Algos identify non-compact (ie, gerrymandered) electoral districts

"6 ways hybrid graphs deepen customer understanding" ( ) JK--Insights fast (columnar db) & flexible (graph db)

RT @KEXPNowPlaying #kexp Public Service Broadcasting "You & Me" from Every Valley JK--2017. Duet in Cymraeg & Saeson--aka Welsh & English

"Silicon Valley gets world’s 1st tech embassy as Denmark names envoy" ( ) JK--More like consulate w/commercial attache

RT @kexpnowplaying #kexp Fazerdaze "Jennifer" from Morningside JK--2017. Dreamy bedroom pop from New Zealand. Nice acoustic spacing in mix

For me, early July is a bit like late December. I declutter my workspace. Need to see my way clear thru the next 6 months.

Lying here counting my blessings, not messing with my blessings, & not obsessing over the blessings or possibility of my messing with them

RT @kexpnowplaying #kexp Ian Dury & The Blockheads "Reasons to Be Cheerful" from Do It Yourself JK--1979. Dury blended rock, disco, & wit

"Modeling Uncertainty with a Form of Machine Learning: Bayesian Networks" ( ) JK--Great #Wikibon note from @NeilRaden

Tidied up my physical notes from my first 3 months with #SiliconANGLE #Wikibon. I'd lost track of all the vendors who briefed me. A lot.

RT @kexpnowplaying #kexp Fleet Foxes "Third of May / Ōdaigahara" from Crack-Up JK--2017. Music for a misty morning watching the sun rise.

"The science behind efficient learning" ( ) JK--Don't cram. Spread out yr study evenly over time. Habituate curiosity

"Why robot takeover of economy is proceeding slowly" ( ) JK--Robots move processes, but need people to improve them

"Automating automation: framework 4 developing/marketing deep learning models" ( ) JK--Suggests need for AI-app store

"The rise of intelligent agents" ( ) JK--Please avoid putting warring brand-lackey agents on every mobile. Please

RT @kexpnowplaying #kexp The Beatles "Rocky Raccoon" JK--1968. I like Paul's lame attempt at American accent. Many Englishmen went Wild West

"Azure Data Lake Store" ( ) JK--"Marries Cosmos semantics with HDFS, supporting both Cosmos and Hadoop workloads"

"The Growing Role o Machine Learning in Monitoring" ( ) JK--Next generation of automated anomaly detection in IT infra

RT @kexpnowplaying #kexp Au Revoir Simone "Sad Song" from The Bird of Music JK--2007. Love the warm electronic bed of keyboard & synth.

RT @kexpnowplaying #kexp Beach Fossils "Be Nothing" from Somersault JK--2017. Nice transitions from languid to hyper-accelerated & back.

"Deep learning on Apache Spark/Hadoop w/Deeplearning4j" ( ) JK--Soaking up your unused CPU capacity to do AI.

"Predictions made by Ray Kurzweil" ( ) JK--Not too shabby, but Nostradamus was the first to predict virtual sex.

"IoT edge shifts data gravity in enterprise" ( ) JK--Closer to the action. See my recent note:

You know you've been in IT too long when the words "seamless," "heterogeneous," & "ubiquitous" begin to creep into your normal conversation.

Watching “A Capitol Fourth.” That Sugar Ray singer is still trading on th fact that he sang for Sugar Ray. This is his post-Sugar Ray career

Good. Of late we’ve had a respite from panhandler infestations at our local strip shopping centers. Hard to feel sorry for these creeps.

Who you’ve chosen to follow on Facebook says a lot about you as a person. Who you’ve chosen to unfollow says more. Says something private

Independence Day. Celebrating an independent frame of mind.

Not a 3-day weekend holiday. Body woke me up at the usual too-early time. May nap today, or attempt slumber at a too-early time later.

"Highlights from the O'Reilly Artificial Intelligence Conference in New York 2017" ( ) JK--Good overview. Must explore

"The Myth of the Commodity Coder" ( ) JK--Good one. They're not interchangeable. Some are way more skilled than others

I'm not comfortable calling some dev tools "low code" or "no code." Their core job is to help you visually generate great gobs of the stuff

"Artificially intellignt painters invent new styles o art" ( ) JK--I disagree. Only "new style" if other artists adopt

"Spark creator...democratize AI w/DAWN proj" ( ) JK--AI dev autom8n 

"Releasing Dexterity Network 2.0 Dataset for Deep Grasping" ( ) JK--Cool UC-Berkeley research on agile robo-grappling

"AI Progress Measuremt" ( ) JK--New Electronic Frontier Foundation initiative: tracking frontier of AI societal impact

RT @kexpnowplaying #kexp Feist "Pleasure" from Pleasure JK--2017. Really great discordant guitar. It's as if Leslie's channeling PJ Harvey

"What are Digital Twins?" ( ) JK--IMHO, "ground truth" of ML you train to drive the twin's physical edge-instantiation

RT @kexpnowplaying #kexp Lee Hazlewood "If It's Monday Morning" from The LHI Years: Singles, Nudes, & Backsides (1968-71) JK--Great LP title

"...Ensemble Models..." ( ) JK--How to interpret very accurate but often-opaque results from these multi-algo models?

"Women Influencers In Data" ( ) JK--Don't arbitrarily segment by gender. Many of these people are influencers FULLSTOP

"Hype Cycle History on ..." ( ) JK--Any validation of this with time-series NLP analysis of industry hype-sentiment?

RT @kexpnowplaying #kexp Iron and Wine "Call It Dreaming" JK--2017. Great new one from Sam Beam. His stuff is calm, soothing, re-assuring.

"Diffblue...bring(s) AI to software dev" ( ) JK--AI-augmented programming tool, per my recent:

"I ask 100 questions to four digital assistants. All of them fail at least half" ( ) JK--Let's train them to flunk all

"Machines Get Even Closer to Human Intelligence" ( ) JK--Or reptilian, for that matter. Better spatial reasoning.

"Winning Strats 4 Applied AI Companies" ( ) JK--"3rd wave" misleadingly implies prior startups didnt care about apps

RT @kexpnowplaying #kexp Rolling Stones "Under My Thumb" from Aftermath JK--1966. Jagger's marital history shows th success of that strategy

"The Only Time You Are Actually Growing is When You’re Uncomfortable" ( ) JK--OK, so why am I not 50 feet tall by now?

RT @kexpnowplaying #kexp Mississippi Fred McDowell "You Gotta Move" JK--1964. Incredibly similar to Robert Johnson's "Come On In My Kitchen"

"New study sheds light on gender bias in VC" ( ) JK--But men w/daughters hire significntly more women than men without

"Meet newest recruits of Dubai’s police force: Robo-cars with facial-recog" ( ) JK--Ominous tool of surveillance state

"NJ State Beaches Closed to Everyone but Gov. Chris Christie, Family" ( ) JK--Perhaps he shut it down for this reason

"Why Is It So Hard to Study Marijuana?" ( ) JK--Researchers dip into the stash? Regardless, 2nd-hand smoke sickens.

RT @kexpnowplaying #kexp AIR "All I Need" from Moon Safari JK--1998. This song is so gorgeous it briefly transports you out of your body.

Using my spare time to master every feature of every app on every technological doodad I use. Next task: brag how totally with-it I truly am

Catching up on back issues of The New Yorker. Just in time. My reserves of urbane sophistication have been running dangerously low.

Barnes & Noble. Glancing at those Mitch Albom books. In-your-face manipulative “inspiration.” Tries way too hard to hit strike zone.

It has a certain je ne sais quoi. That's the rarest thing of all. Most je ne sais quoi is highly uncertain. I don't know what to say.

Got a good carwashing inside & out today. Parked it in the driveway with windows open. Didn't realize an intense downpour would push through

Bought/downloaded Feist's latest LP "Pleasure." Cool spare bluesy departure for her. Feels like Leslie does Cat Power does Hope Sandoval

"AI Trying To Design Inspirational Posters Goes Horribly & Hilariously Wrong" ( ) JK--Beats autocorrect-screwup humor

Spam from 16-year-old foreign "tears of an orphan" asking assistance in investing his inheritance. We orphans gotta stick together. You bet!

Back when they called them “venereal” diseases, I knew they were actually terrestrial in origin. Not mercurial, martial, or jovial either.

Idle musings approaching July 4. If USA ever admits another state, what’s the most elegant arrangement of 51 white stars on a blue field?

Legal recreational pot in Vegas? I’d wager good money that this is the Mob’s opportunity to return to familiar territory.

Hot & soupy today. Talking ‘bout the heat put plants in the bed but must bust anyway orders from the DA look out kid it’s something you did.

Happy sesquicentennial to our friends north of the border. Stay classy, Canada!

Published 3 research pieces today. I’ve done that before. One of these days I’ll shoot for 4.

WSJ sez London real-estate developers targeting young professionals, stylish millennials, & hipsters. What! No mods, swingers or jetsetters?

Well, I guess he’s redefined “presidential” to mean always behaving like a complete and utter jackass. #sad

New jk #SiliconANGLE #Wikibon Premium note: "Industry Initiatives Pushing AI-Infused Software to Federated Edge" ( )

"Why hardware is eating software" ( ) JK--Not really. SW eating HW & data eating SW. "Eat" = "source of control logic"

"AI could add 10% to U.K. GDP, PwC says" ( ) JK--How much GDP growth if you filter out the AI-hype cottage industry?

RT @kexpnowplaying #kexp Smashing Pumpkins "Drown" from (Sntrk) Singles JK--1992. Great FM rock radio memory from the early 90s.

Pretty much everybody's life is a potential rat’s nest of asynchronous craziness just waiting to happen. Especially these days.

New jk #SiliconANGLE #Wikibon #InfoWorld column: "How to write event-driven IoT microservices that don’t break" ( )

RT @kexpnowplaying #kexp St. Vincent "New York" JK--2017. Great new one from her. Beautiful & sensitive. Very naughty word upfront in chorus

New jk #SiliconANGLE #Wikibon Premium note: "AI-Infused Software Is Eating the IoT Edge" ( )

RT @kexpnowplaying #kexp Flaming Lips "Do You Realize??" from Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots JK--2002. Singing this to Yoshimi or a robot?

RT @KEXPNowPlaying #kexp Tyler Childers “Whitehouse Road” from Purgatory JK--2017. Love this country-rocker. Full of swagger.

“Microsoft squeezed AI onto a Raspberry Pi” ( …) JK--Race to commoditize AI nano-cheapo.

Professional coders do write once, run anywhere. Amateurs are write once, run away.

We're in a new era where it's assumed that the POTUS is, among other things, the Douchebag-in-Chief (eg., the Mika Brzezinski insult).

Dear LinkedIn: Quit testing my patience with the constant stream of "Congrats! You got 50 views on your post" messages.

RT @kexpnowplaying #kexp Grizzly Bear "Mourning Sound" from Painted Ruins JK--2017. Second one I've heard from this new LP. Both great.

"Time machine’ reconstructing ancient Venice’s social networks" ( ) JK--Wow. ML will unlock a vast amount of history.

"What can deep learning learn from linear regression?" ( ) JK--WARNING: HEAVY MATH! But shows how tricky this stuff is

RT @kexpnowplaying #kexp Kevin Morby "City Music" from City Music JK--2017. Enjoying everything I'm hearing from this artist. Cool monotone

Another morning, another vendor press release saying they're "changing the game." The only game that doesn't change is this dumb cliche.

"Pondering the Graph that Binds SharePoint and Office 365" ( ) JK--Plus AI. See my POV here:

"IBM & Lightbend Build Integrated Platform for Cognitive Development" ( ) JK--New tools for Java & Scala programmers

"IBM Launches New Tech Stack to Simplify Dev of Microservices" ( ) JK--Works with Istio mesh:

RT @KEXPNowPlaying #kexp Princess Nokia "G.O.A.T." JK--2017. Fairly raw and explicit rap. But this lady exudes sexy menace. Creepy/cool.

"Everything U Need 2 Know About Chatbots" ( ) JK--How do U know what i need 2 know? Are your & my chatbots in cahoots?

"Unigrid: An Emerging True Private Cloud Architecture" ( ) JK--Good one from @plburris #Wikibon #SiliconANGLE

New jk #SiliconANGLE #Wikibon blog: "Pushing Storage to the Intelligent Edge—Recap of #ClearSkyEdge Crowdchat" ( )

"Bonsai intros Gears, a new feature that lets users run their own AI models" ( ) JK--Inkling: DSL for ML auto-gen

"Personal right or socialst agenda? Experts get candid in sizzling GDPR debate" ( ) JK--Ronald v Lillian #SiliconANGLE

RT @KEXPNowPlaying #kexp Jacques Dutronc "Et moi, et moi, et moi" from Et moi et moi et moi JK--1966. Gallic garage rock.

"Machine Learning & the Language of the Brain" ( ) JK--Language neural encodings evident from ML trained on fMRI scans

"Should Develprs B Generalists or Specialists?" ( ) JK--Generally they should B specialists. Especially th generalists

RT @kexpnowplaying #kexp Rilo Kiley "Silver Lining" from Under the Blacklight JK--2007. Gorgeous melody delivers stingingly acidic lyric

Drafted latest jk #InfoWorld #SiliconANGLE #Wikibon column: "Keeping Bugs At Bay On the Internet of Things"

My first boss’ 1st name was Lee. My wife’s maiden name was Lee. Our daughter’s middle name is Lee. 2 of these facts have a causal connection

CBO sez Senate healthcare insurance plan would boost number of uninsured by 22 million. Curious whether GOP would subsidize their funerals.

Interesting day. Went to the gym late to work my core. Need the strength.

New jk #SiliconANGLE #Wikibon Premium research note: "Wrapping DevOps Around the Data Science Pipeline" ( )

"Coopetition heats up: IBM-Hortonworks partnership tackles ML/DG ( ) JK--My interview with Rob Thomas #SiliconANGLE

"Breaking down silos & trusting data: Can Watson deliver the goods?" ( ) JK--My interview w/ #IBM MGoyal #SiliconANGLE

"Global survey: Most people expect humans will grow to trust, even love, AI" ( ) JK--Study sponsored by AI chipmaker.

"IBM telling Congress not to fear rise of an AI ‘overlord’" ( ) JK--Amen. My POV on this:

Check out ClearSky Data's webinar series on "Get Out of the Box." Register here: ... #clearskyedge 

Please join us at the top of the hour. Crowdchat: Storage at Intelligent Edge.  #clearskyedge

"Customer Service Bots Getting Better at Detecting Your Agitation" ( ) JK--Can they sense that you're sick of bots?

"Inside Microsoft's AI comeback" ( ) JK--Good Wired mag profile. They're on a roll with great AI-first cloud roadmap

"Deal or No Deal? E2E Learning 4 Negotiation Dialogues" ( ) JK--Facebook teaching chatbots to negotiate w/each other

"When AI Can Transcribe Everything" ( ) JK--As a prof market researcher, I need this now. Note-taking acceleration

"Weaponizing Medical Devices" ( ) JK--This is unsettling. Don't want anyone hacking your pacemaker remotely.

"How Can We Optimize AI for Greatest Good, Instead of Profit?" ( ) JK--Cool. How about for the economy at large?

"How HBO’s Silicon Valley built “Not Hotdog” w/mobile TensorFlow, Keras & React Native" ( ) JK--Screenwriters know AI

Transform business. Join us today 12pm EDT. Crowdchat: Storage at Intelligent Edge.  #clearskyedge

"IBM stews in startup envy as announcements underwhelm analysts" ( ) JK--My wrapup from Munich last week #SiliconANGLE

RT @kexpnowplaying #kexp Grizzly Bear "Four Cypresses" from Painted Ruins JK--2017. OMG. Love the lush layered drama of this one.

New jk #Dataversity #Wikibon #SiliconANGLE column: "Machine Learning Will Do Auto-Programming’s Heavy Lifting" ( )

Yes, of course, I awake every morning with a burning desire to get my head inside a vise-grip of maddening complex technical subject matter.

"Training AI to Understand Humans w/YouTube" ( ) JK--DB with > 300K high-quality clips to train AI to ID human tasks

"IOTA's Tangle: The Distributed Ledger Built for IoT" ( ) JK--Graphs are the shape of distributed data in the new era

"3-Way Race to the Future of AI: Quantum vs. Neuromorphic vs. High Performance Computing" ( ) JK--Vorhies' rollup

Quantum computing won't be mature till we harness Higgs bosons, black holes, parallel universes, & whatever's through Alice's Looking Glass

"8 Ways AI Makes Virtual & Augmented Reality Even More Real" ( ) JK--Rendering the immersive world more uncannily

"MultiModel: Multi-Task ML Across Domains" ( ) JK--Vision, speech, other modalities share common internal reprsntation

"How Will AI/Machine Learning Replace Human Interactions?" ( ) JK--We'll all gesticulate robotically & say "beep boop"

"Coopetition heats up: IBM-Hortonwks prtnrship tackles ML/DG" ( ) JK--Our Rob Thomas interview in Munich #SiliconANGLE

"AI could lead to 4-hour workdays & World War III, sez Alibaba's Jack Ma" ( ) JK--Will we get the day off if war hits?

RT @kexpnowplaying #kexp Lord Echo feat Mara TK "The Sweetest Meditation" from Harmonies JK--2017. Nice. Sounds like Style Council/Talk Talk

"DevOps in BI and Analytics" ( ) JK--Good one. Stay tuned for my #Wikibon report on DevOps in Data Science. This week

RT @kexpnowplaying #kexp Joe Tex "I Wanna Be Free" from Outta Sight JK--1963. Bold declaration in '63 for black R&B artist. He delivers it!

People wouldn’t proliferate gratuitous bucket lists if they were required to make the last item something that literally made you kick it.

CBS Sunday Morning profile of Dick Gregory. He’s 84. I’ve met him. Exactly where you’d expect: political rally in WashDC. September 1981.

Won the meta-lottery. Held a winning $1 ticket. Retail clerk mistakenly paid out $10. I didn’t have the heart to correct him.

When somebody says something is "trendy," my usual sense is that the only trend in its favor is that  people are calling it "trendy."

Avoided going to McDonald's near my hotel north of Munich. I have also avoided patronizing Der Wienerschnitzel every time I'm in LA.

Another interestng thing about Dublin airport was Millennial gate agent w/classically beautiful Irish accent. His colleagues grumbled theirs

Most interesting thing about connecting thru Dublin airport was being processed thru this massive “US preclearance center.” B’gosh&B’gorrah!

First decent night’s sleep for the better part of a week. Overnight storm washed away the humidity. I’m stupid from the sheer relief.

I want to recognize my Washington Post carrier for remarkable aim. She always manages to throw it into the only wet spot on my driveway.

10th anniversary of iPhone. 10 years ago I was on regular podcast series of analysts commenting on SOA. Somehow, iPhone crept into that too

In the past 48 hours, I’ve crossed the Atlantic, cohosted a mobile streaming tech interview panel in Germany, & returned. Ach du lieber!

New jk #SiliconANGLE #Wikibon blog: "Further Evidence of IBM’s Strategic Retrenchment in Enterprise Analytics" ( )

In transit in Dublin. Had to restrain self from speaking to immigration agent in mock Irish accent. “I have come to kiss the Blarney Stone”

UNIFIED GOVERNANCE ANNOUNCEMENTS TODAY: IBM Unified Governance solutions (GBS, Security, Watson & Analyt... #ibmml

DATA SCIENCE AND MACHINE LEARNING ANNOUNCEMENTS TODAY: DSX Enterprise expands to London Data Center, New... #ibmml 

HYBRID DATA MANAGEMENT ANNOUNCEMENTS TODAY: DB2: JSON, Developer C, Download-and-Go, DB2 Event Store Tec... #ibmml 

Rob Thomas: Hadoop is the next largest corpus of data to the mainframe. IBM has brought machine learning... #ibmml

That first car driven in Detroit was in 1896. Driven by Charles Brady King. Driven down Woodward Avenue,... #ibmml

Hilary Mason says "data science is science: it requires an experimental process." Crowdchatters: How sho... #ibmml 

Hilary Mason says data science is a "human innovation enabled by technology." Crowdchatters: What is the... #ibmml 

Hilary Mason says data science is "counting things cleverly." Crowdchatters: Do you agree with this stat... #ibmml 

We're tuning into the main tent presentations at #IBMML. Join us as we discuss the machine learning, dat... #ibmml 

We're doing live crowdchat & livestream from #IBMML Munich. Tune in and chat with us here now:

"Trends Shaping Machine Learning in 2017" ( ) JK--Ronald van Loon will be on #theCUBE at #IBMML this morning in Munich

Maybe I'm twisted, but, as a tech analyst, I usually prefer to read the original research rather than a marketing person's take on it.

"Accelerating Deep Learning Research w/Tensor2Tensor Library" ( ) JK--Wow. Modular DL training accelerator library

"How to tell if AI or machine learning is real" ( ) JK--Article takes a way-too-cynical tone. Hype not same as fraud

When I land in Munich, must remember not to treat every stranger to my "Hans & Franz, we're going to pump U up" shtick. Not everyone gets it

Listening to classic Moody Blues. I think all rock bands should tour the dive bars of the world with a full symphony orchestra in tow.

I'm in airplane mood. By which I mean, gee whiz, if we could all just live above the clouds, all life's problems would vanish. Ahhh!

"Viewing the Greatest Images in the Universe" ( ) JK--NASA's searchable image database. I searched on "Hubble." Wow!

Happiness is having the whole row to your self and three electrical outlets to charge your merry way across the Atlantic. That + German beer

If fatigue were an operatic scale, I could sing an aria right about now.

“Duty-free.” I want a life that’s duty-free and frivolity-full. Where do I enlist?

To LinkedIn Group posts such as "I want to be a data scientist. Please guide me" my response is "I want to be a billionaire. Please pay me"

"How Richard Branson Built His $5 Billion Fortune" ( ) JK--That's definitely on my bucket list.

Did my yoga this morning with Indra. Somehow magically teleported my physical self back to Springfield. What's up with that?

I know it's the same lady who recorded the voice-over announcements at both IAD and DCA. Why is her IAD voice less Goody2Shoes than her DCA?

Drafted next jk #Dataversity #SiliconANGLE #Wikibon column: "Machine Learning Will Do Auto-Programming’s Heavy Lifting"

Saw old colleague in passing at IAD today. He used to be a techie, but is now a minister. I'm still a techie, but used to be an evangelist

Catch #SiliconANGLE #Wikibon live from #IBMML Munich on Thurs. Event:  Livestream #theCube: 

RT @kexpnowplaying #kexp Hope Sandoval "Let Me Get There" from Until the Hunter JK--2016. Great. Kurt Vile guests. His & her languid voices

"What the Rise of Sentient Robots Will Mean for Human Beings" ( ) JK--Probably jack your electricity bill up sky-high.

"Human-Centered Growth in Age o Transformative Tech" ( ) JK--Headline a classic example of vacuous technocratic jargon

"How to Hack Your Brain for Insane Productivity, According to Science" ( ) JK--Umm, no. How about going for coffee?

RT @kexpnowplaying #kexp Neil Young "Angry World" from Le Noise JK--2010. LP title a pun on producer's name (French-Canadian Daniel Lanois)

Roughly the same temperature in Munich as Washington DC today. Wife said "it's summer there too." I said "no..that starts tomorrow."

"Our Solar System Doesn't Have a Center" ( ) JK--But it has a focus (the sun) & every elliptical path in it has 2 foci

"Digital transformation." One of those phrases like "self-actualization" that never quite resolves into any concretely meaningful.

Welcome to this #Wikibon Crowdchat: DevOps in Data Science. This is the topic of a forthcomi... #datasciencedevops 

"Guide to working in AI policy and strategy" ( ) JK--Liability, privacy, security, weaponization, etc.

Eliminate silos to DevOps in data science. Join Crowdchat: #DataScienceDevOps today 1-2pm ET 

"As AI explodes, investors pour big $ into startups" ( ) JK--Mounting mania, vdr pile-on, talent dearth #SiliconANGLE

Briefed by Kyndi. Interesting AI startup with symbolic/graph/ontology/NLP approach. Accelerating analyst research productivity.

~20 years ago, when I first became an industry analyst, vendor roadshows to brief us were common. Now, they're quite unusual. Have one soon

"How to tell if AI or machine learning is real" ( ) JK--Article makes pointless "smart" vs "savvy" app distinction.

"Apple’s Core ML: The pros and cons" ( ) JK--Cons: no provisions for model retraining or federated learning.

"Facebook secret weapon 4 fighting terrorists: Human experts & AI working together" ( ) JK--Not so secret if headline

"Can AI really create 800,000+ jobs by 2021? This report says yes" ( ) JK--Sponsored by vendor with vested interest

"Why AI Different from Previous Tech Waves" ( ) JK--Interesting but underestimates the learning-curve barrier to entry

Might I suggest that VR hasn't taken off in mass adoption because the headsets look stupid? Like ancient brickphones strapped to your skull

My son called & I beat him to the punch with "Happy Father's Day!" His 1st on the old-man end of the equation. Now I need Grandfather's Day

“How the month you were born affects your personality” ( ) JK--Makes U feel entitled to gifts in that month every year

A lot of people preface a statement with “literally,” thinking it strengthens it, when it actually weakens. Literally, many people do this!

I’m going to suggest that organized baseball do away with statistics and just play for the love of the sport--and the love of money."Can AI really create 800,000+ jobs by 2021? This report says yes" ( ) JK--Sponsored by vendor with vested interest

"Why AI Different from Previous Tech Waves" ( ) JK--Interesting but underestimates the learning-curve barrier to entry

Might I suggest that VR hasn't taken off in mass adoption because the headsets look stupid? Like ancient brickphones strapped to your skull

My son called & I beat him to the punch with "Happy Father's Day!" His 1st on the old-man end of the equation. Now I need Grandfather's Day

“How the month you were born affects your personality” ( ) JK--Makes U feel entitled to gifts in that month every year

A lot of people preface a statement with “literally,” thinking it strengthens it, when it actually weakens. Literally, many people do this!

I’m going to suggest that organized baseball do away with statistics and just play for the love of the sport--and the love of money.