Sunday, August 30, 2015

Aweekstweets August 23-30 2015: the week the renormalization routine began to settle in

Drafted new #IBM jk #Dataversity blog "The Bogus Bogeyman of the Brainiac Robot Overlord"

Drafted new #IBM jk #ITKnowledgeExchange blog "Top-Notch Data Scientists are Grown, Not Born."

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Detroit City by Arthur Alexander JK--1965. Didn't want to go home to Hamtramck or Highland Park. Detroit city proper.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Leave My Kitten Alone by Little Willie John from Fever: The Best of LWJ JK--1959. Very cool. Sounds like early Motown

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Hospital Handshakes by Rocky Votolato from Live @ KEXP JK--2015. Good new one from Seattle indie-rock veteran

Began today’s yoga class by pointedly disobeying instructor’s request to clear floor of our water bottles. Hydration integral to my practice

Nice lazy Saturday. Almost began to doze during savasana in yoga class. The dream that almost came in fact came during subsequent nap @ home

I'm getting a bit annoyed with auto salespeople who fixate on hue & immediacy. "What color car you want? Why you no want to buy today?"

Bought & downloaded Bill Callahan's stellar "Dream River" LP from 2013. The man has a thoroughly shamanistic command of word, image, melody

Today a member of my team referred to me as an "Everready Bunny." I take that as high compliment. Beats being called a stubborn sonofabitch.

A pleasant anniversary meal with the wife in Ballston. Recalling the fact we moved to DC area 30 years ago come Labor Day. Much has changed.

"Using Deep Learning 2 Make Vid Surveillance Smarter" ( ) JK--Neural net app gives smartphone/tablt camera intelligence

"5 Signs That You Are NOT a Data Scientist" ( ) JK--Or, rather, that a wannabe NOT CUT OUT TO BE a data scientist

"Super-intellignt machines spawned by AI? Execs arent worried" ( ) JK--Wont worry till brainiac bots seek corner office

"Taboo Data" ( ) JK--Data sources you dare not touch. Data analyses U dare not undertake. Data uses U dare not attempt

"Insights-as-a-Service Grows with Focus on Real Time" ( ) JK--Good discussion by #IBM Jamie Thomas

"Data Quality Trumps Visualization" ( ) JK--Unfortunate picture suggests Donald Trump bragging about his endowment

"8 worst predictive modeling techniques" ( ) JK--Omits worst of all: CGI anim8n o Homer Simpson throwing darts @ target

"How to detect a pattern? Problem and solution" ( ) JK--Houston, we have a pattern!

"Building Human Curiosity into AI" ( ) JK--Neuro-dynamic progr: anlytx lern/anticp8 how actions contrib 2 cumltv reward

"New data uncovers surprising predictability of Android lock patterns" ( ) Jk--Impatient fingers seek familiar patterns

"Analytics: Like a Mosquito in Nudist Colony" ( ) JK--Please choose better simile--ie, one that doesn't equate w/pest

"Big Data Research Questions real origin of the US Peace Corps" ( ) JK--Reveals Marilyn cooed idea to JFK during tryst

Damn that Napoleon. Gave short intense dark-haired ambitious guys a bad name. At least Danny DeVito is funny.

For splitsecond, I thought I had light work schedule today in my online calendar. Then I realized I was looking at Sunday. Jolted from dream

"MIT Puts Pedestrians at the Center of Urban Design" ( ) JK--Sensor net to track scale/speed of pedestrians over time

Don't DMVs also ban taboo-word homophones on persnlzd plates? Saw one substituting "kh" 4 initial consonant of crude ref to female genitalia

"6-Month Update on How We’ve Been Using Data & How it Benefits All Americans" ( ) JK--DJ Patil. US Chief Data Scientist

"Open Data Can Help Fulfill Govt’s...Promise of Equality" ( ) JK--Equality not "govt promise." It's core national value

These "top 10 startups to watch" list grow tiresome if it's the same bunch in every list, month after month. Watched pots may not be boiling

"Hadoop Releases: Here's the Timeline Graph" ( ) JK--For those uber-geeks who geek out on the elephant's history.

"Some Important Streaming Algorithms You Should Know About" ( ) JK--Detailed tech discussion & visualizations of algos

"Data science without stats possible even desirable" ( ) JK--Contradicts own thesis: cites new stat apprchs in data sci

Fun fact: Hoboken was founded by a hobo named Ken. Trust me on this.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Jumping Someone Else's Train by The Cure from Boys Don't Cry JK--1979. Isn't that the very definition of "hobo"?

Data storytelling ( ). Good infographic.

"How to Become a Data Scientist for Free" ( ) JK--Assuming your time spent acquiring skills has no opportunity cost.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Rock & Roll by Led Zeppelin from Led Zep IV JK--1971. Not long time since they rocknrolled. 3 secs since "Black Dog"

Just announced! The IBM Open Platform for #Hadoop: Bringing #Spark to #POWER8 
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Read what @SAP had to say about HANA on Power! 2x the performance!  #POWER8
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More throughput, scalability, and reliability: Learn about the #HANAonPOWER advantages. 
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Is #HANAonPOWER8 the Right Platform for You? Join our webcast and find out!  #PowerSystems
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The Next Chapter in #IBM and @SAP Innovation: @DouglasBalog1 on HANA on #POWER8: 
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2x performance and fast insight and results for in-memory computing. More on the #HANAonPOWER8 GA! 
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Ah. The delicious stillness of early morning. I gladly awake each day for a little of this.

TEI study of #DB2 BLU by Forrester: ROI = 152%, Payback = within 12 months, query performance up 70% to 85% - 

Faster results and tangible benefits of IBM #DB2 with BLU Acceleration on Power Systems. Watch this Video -  #ibmblu

IDC Whitepaper: How IBM #DB2 pureScale delivers affordable, scalable,reliable OLTP in a #Cloud & #BigData world 

Plan your schedule before you arrive at Vegas for IBM Insight 2015. Check out the Session preview tool-  #ibminsight

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Skins in My Closet by Skin Yard JK--1987. Sounds like punked-up Van Halen. Not bad.

At what point, in a work environment where everybody's super-busy, can you get away with using "I'm busy" as an excuse to deflect more work?

Facebook's "see who liked yr page" notifications. If I cared to check, I'd feel like Sally Field: "you like me, you really like me." Um, no.

Concerned about terrorist exploitation o self-driving cars. At some point, they'll figure how to rig them into improvised exploding vehicles

"Sony quadcopter takes smartphone tech 2 skies" ( ) JK--Oh no! Drones acquiring bad table manners? Put that thing down!

"Vint Cerf: 'Sometimes I'm terrified' by IoT" ( ) JK--Beyond risk of Google IoT-equipped massage chairs squashing him

High-tech moves at a glacial pace. By which I mean it continues to slide forward, develop fissures, than suddenly slide right over the edge.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Square Pegs by The Waitresses from Just Desserts JK--1982. Band's most inconspicuous member was leader Chris Butler

Some loudmouth at club hot tub last night trying to argue that world'll end if stock market dips further. Didn't happen in 1929. We're safe.

Email from tech conf lists "committed speakers" only by title&company eg "Data Scientist, Facebook." Really? No name? How committed is that?

People in their 40s have a fonder memory of music in the 1980s than I, nearing 60, do. All I remember is boring radio & stupid music videos

"IBM Report Explores the Economy of Things" ( ) JK--Covers asset marketplaces, risk management, efficiency.

"MIT builds 3D printer that can use 10 materials at once" ( ) JK--I'm more impressed with fact it uses COTS components.

"Gridlock." Term originated 2 describe Manhattan traffic, but th last few times I've been there traffic seemed 2 flow well. Not like Jakarta

"Ashleymadison." A direct English translation of the German word "schadenfreude."

Discovered from my social media friends lists that I know a lot of people I don’t know. Many don’t know they don’t know me.

Some things are within mission scope. Some are within one's bandwidth. "Change the world" is the former. "Get through the day," the latter

Gone a few weeks without having written a blog. Wrote 4 blogs in one sitting this morning. Spacing publications out over the next 2 months.

Weaponized drones and public safety concerns. Will a new generation of privatized anti-aircraft artillery emerge to defend public airspaces?

RT @bigdata_bieber: #JustinBieber Veteran @JamesKobielus Explains Future  JK--Actually, I’m a Bieber rookie.

I want my email system to do more than tell me which messages are unread. Please tell me which are uninteresting. Which can I safely ignore?

I don't think our nervous systems evolved to click on abstract on-screen thingamajiggies. Be that as it may, we're evolving that way now.

Read first 15 pages of Orwell's pamphlet "Why I Write." Starts interesting. Quickly degenerates into ripping Neville Chamberlain a new one

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp One Piece at a Time by Johnny Cash from the album The Legend JK--1976. Too much trouble. Real car thieves are smarter

"Quantum cmptg renews concerns o cybersecurity apocalypse" ( ) JK--Possible 2 measure positions/momentum of 4 Horsemen?

"11 things you should know as a Data Scientist" ( ) JK--Not clear why real data scientists need all this 2 B enumerated

Those articles with "[Number] of Things You Need to Know about [Subject]" titles. Never clear why the number relevant to why I should care.

Listening to one of those pharma-commercial speed-disclaimer spiels last night. At any speed, "increased risk of suicide" clangs alarmingly

We should launch all past Next Big Things into deep space, forming a new asteroid belt to deflect future Next Big Things away from Earth.

The Trump campaign, and by extension the GOP's entire push for the 2016 presidential cycle, is a slow-moving whistlestop trainwreck.

Same algorithms trained to spot sarcasm should also be used to identify phishing lures. Same phenom. Nasty intent lurks behind clever facade

Another work week begins. Another week of caffeinating myself into a lather of frenetic activity. Another week of fun.

Not sure which wins the Insincere Listening Sweepstakes: “I’ll take what you say under advisement” or “I hear ya”?

My retired ex-schoolteacher wife still feels weird pang of duty every time beginning of new school year rolls around. But not a severe pang

Jimmy Carter. My favorite of all US presidents. The one who best illustrated the positive power of a post-presidential bully pulpit.

Ashley Madison & the debate about whether humans are hardwired for monogamy. I think we’re only hardwired to seek thrill. Wherever/whatever

WashPost full of myriad GOP presidential candidates. To point where you couldn’t really say this rag is left-leaning. It’s right-saturated.

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Aweekstweets August 1-22 2015: the week I lost track of how many weeks it’s been

That little Twitter bird. He tweets. But considering the crap I'm seeing, he mostly toots.

Worrying about swarming weaponized drones. Or not. It’s the weekend. Give existential dread a rest.

Stupidest error message of all is “unknown error.” If it’s an unknown error, how do you know it’s an error at all? Maybe it’s the solution!

"Silicon Valley Icon Wants to Hack His Way to Presidency" ( ) JK--Perhaps Lessig needs to hack his way to "icon" first

"Ill-timed Subway game lets kids play w/Jared Fogle’s pants" ( ) JK--Bit of accidental news humor in this nasty matter

On a too-busy day, you must ask yourself continually what's bare minimum of to-dos that, at the end of the day, the day can't end undone.

Creating an analytics superteam: 4 critical success factors for your analytics solution 

"How UnivWis closing data sci skillgap" ( ) JK--I'm sharing this for Mendota-side twilight pic o Memorial Union in snow

"Big data being used in the war against Islamic State" ( ) JK--Identify circumstances in which ISIS resorts to IEDs

"How Machine Lrnng Makes DBs (Truly) Ready for Big Data" ( ) JK--Using ML to continually optimize query execution paths

"Machine learning? No, machine teaching" ( ) JK--Using ML to personalize lesson plans for maximum effectiveness.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Disappointing (feat. Tracey Thorn) by John Grant from Grey Tickles, Black Pressure JK--2015. New. Cool collaboration.

Coffee. Many people mistake it for a stamina elixir. It's not. Water & sleep are. Caffeine can't perk you up from 18-hour-day exhaustion.

"Silicon Valley pressure cooker: Thrive or get out" ( ) JK--It's an entire culture, not just NoCal. Amazon's in Seattle

Physical stamina is the essential personal attribute for weathering well in high-tech industry careers. It seriously hammers your insides.

"Bezos Rebuffs Expose..." ( ) JK--Weird rebuttal phrase: "Our tolerance for any such lack of empathy needs to be zero."

"It's a Mad, Mad, Mad Ashley Madison World" ( ) JK--Perhaps those who use that svc get kicks from risk. Cheating&this.

"Apache Spark is doomed" ( ) JK--No, it's not, nor is Hadoop. The author makes no credible case for that assertion.

Ashley Madison. Because the biz-tech press is happy to have a salacious story to drool over during the summer lull.

"Why big data isn't always the answer" ( ) JK--Yeah, and who said it was?

"Talking Data with Non-Data People" ( ) JK--Does it make sense to pigeonhole people in these ridiculous categories?

RIP Bud Yorkin. Innovative producer-director from TV’s Golden Age. The 1970s (and 1950s).

Back from 2 road trips. All caught up w/ piled emails & pending action items. By "all caught up," I mean that in sense of fly in spider web

Question 1? Let's start. #ibminsight 

New #IBM jk blog: "Driving next-generation predictive business" ( )

IBM Insight
Even if U only have a crush on that special data scientist, please tweet your true feelings. About data science
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jameskobielus added,
IBM Insight @ibminsight
Are you, or someone you love, a data scientist? Don't miss our chat TODAY at 3PM ET. 

It’s important 2 seize th day by th scruff of its little neck. Also 2 scoop the day’s poop & discard it surreptitiously somewhere after dark

Join me @BigDataGal @KirkDBorne et al on #IBMInsight crowdchat today 3-4pm ET "What is the future of Data Science?": 

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Spill the Wine by Eric Burdon & War JK--"Spill the wine, dig that girl." Image is Freudian to the core.

"What Donald Trump Might Say About Data Science (if he knew what we was talking about)" ( ) JK--"Sexy? Not in my book"

"Galvanize & IBM collab 2 support women in data sci & eng" ( ) JK--Tuition assist, mentorship, internships, employ opps

"Don't Throw Hadoop at Every BI Challenge" ( ) JK--Forrester's Evelson lists challenges you might want to throw it at

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Song 2 by Blur JK--1997. Wee-hoo!

"The Top 10 Machine Learning APIs" ( ) JK--IBM Watson among them.

"How Consumer-Focused AI Startups Are Breaking Down Language" ( ) JK--Fine, as long as you don't split no infinitives.

For kicks, I'm going to start intoning the 4 Vs in a mock Maurice Chevalier accent as "le volume, le vitesse, la variété, et la véracité"

I've been in data analytics field for almost a decade now. At events, I recognize old faces from years back. And I'm now an old face to them

"For Analytics to Have an Impact, Keep it Simple" ( ) JK--Results you can't interpret in real-world terms are useless.

"The Perils of Data Story Telling: The Virtues of Data Documentaries" ( ) JK--Nice compendium of tips & techniques

Today in my talk I cited the predictive talk-ahead service that Radar O'Reilly provided to Col. Blake. No, IBM didnt build Radar's algorithm

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp In a Big Country by Big Country from The Crossing JK--1983. This lyric makes no f-ing sense ( )

"Comparing ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’ to its Sequel with Apache Spark" ( ) JK--I'm waiting for the Cliff's Notes.

Wish to thank new team member Doreen for intuiting what needs to be done & just doing it. Intuit through it means you’re into it.

Wish to think Anusha for letting me regale her with my analytical framework for understanding wellness versus illness. Over Thai lunch today

What I loved about the word "Univac" on the early computers was that "vac" implied "vacuum tube." It now sounds hilariously obsolete.

My favorite Jetsons character was Uniblab, the robot. My dad worked for Sperry Univac. I caught the ref right away: 

Going out to catch a little San Jose ambience before I go home tomorrow. My personal mission is to get touch with the old Spanish mission.

When I retire, I'm going to cash in all my LinkedIn endorsements. Been saving in my scrapbook next to my S&H Green Stamps. My nest egg!

Did my 3 consecutive sessions on cognitive computing. Gave the audience far more Kobielus than is safe to consume at one sitting.

Bananas and coffee, bananas and coffee. That’s what they have at break at Smart Data conference.

"Happy 20th birthday Internet Explorer" ( ) JK--Reminds me o "happy b-day, Mozart!" stuff on socials. Um, he's still...

I love when industry conversations become not just cliched but hypercliched as people triangulate jargon in newer more creative ways. Bravo!

Hey Adrian, dude, I'm standing in for you 3 times this morning. You don't owe me. I owe you. And Tony.

Frightened Rabbit "Swim Until You Can't See Land" ( )

Letting the days go by, letting the water hold me up.

Exploring the future of #DataScience on the next #ibminsight twitter chat w/ @KirkDBorne @bigdatagal & @jameskobielus
"Defining Your Data Quality Problems" ( ) JK--Should start all problem definitions by chalking picture of lightbulb.

"How Many Experts Does It Take" ( ) JK--Disappointed. Was hoping they'd address the "screw in a lightbulb" issue.

"Awesome Data Visualizations Way Ahead o Their Time" ( ) JK--Indeed. Anaximander used modern English in 550 BC.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp No Fun by The Stooges JK--1969. Love the growling grinding double-guitar attack on this classic.

"Critics of ‘Sexist Algorithms’ Mistake Symptoms for Illness" ( ) JK--Gender-diff behav may drive ad-serving disparity

"Predictive Analytics and Data Science: Same or Different?" ( ) JK--Different, obviously. Patterns needn't be future.

"9 bigdata painpoints" ( ) JK--Genl-use GPU prog, multi-wkld scal, NoSQL depl, query anlyz/fix, dist code optimizn, etc

"The simple way to make data science effective" ( ) JK--Argues that bigger data is indeed better.

"A Visual Introduction to Machine Learning" ( ) JK--Jawdroppingly beautiful use of dynamic visuals in tutorial context

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp The Way You'd Love Her by Mac DeMarco from Another One JK--2015. Good one. Sounds like fresh Grateful Dead.

Someone just sent me unsolicited message stating that they don't send unsolicited bulk messages. If I'm the only one getting this, it's true

"Standing idly by" or "standing by idly." An idle concern? Operators are idling by for your thoughts.

"Using Statistical Algorthms For Success In Kaggle’s Data Science Competition" ( ) JK--Pierson interviews 4-time winner

"What’s Machine Learning Really All About?" ( ) JK--Approximate tricky functions in multidimensional spaces, per...

Industry analysts who blog. Those are ones who actually build brand recognition. Behind your paywalls, you're invisible to most of industry

All the drinking, smoking, & fatty foods on "Mad Men." All I can think is that these people must have had seriously sophisticated bad breath

I'm doing 3 talks Tues at Smart Data Conf, San Jose: "Cognitive Computng 201," "Choosing Your 1st Cognitive App," "Getting Started w/Watson"

Enough with calling everything "iconic." If it's truly an icon, put it to the test. If it were on your desktop, would you click on it?

Dirgahayu Republik Indonesia! Tomorrow is the 70th anniversary of your declaration of independence. Stay strong. Stay democratic.

Fitness clubs as social spots. Women kibitz in classes, men around equipment.

RIP Julian Bond. Another name on my list of who should have been the first African-American president.

Channel hopping. I’ve reactivated my presidential-campaign candidate-avoidance algorithm. Block the bilious bubble of BS a-building.

I’m more than happy to age into some approximation of Da Man. As long as I’m in demand.

I’d like to reclassify all the music on my iPhone as “alternative”: an alternative to every other thing on my iPhone.

It feels like application developers are becoming more like creative agencies. My week at the Watson group confirmed that intuition.

I’ve been told I can speak about practically anything at the drop of a hat. Probably true. But I can’t make practically anyone listen.

My wife let the unread Washington Posts & Wall Street Journals pile up in my absence. I consumed them all in 1 lazy on-my-back sofa session.

Home for a full weekend between business trips. By “full” I mean empty of work or anything that smells like it.

It’s more annoying than flattering when my social media followers even “like” my random typo butt-tweets. Stop it!

Nice to be back in the DC area. Home. New York is New York. DC is DC. They’re incomparable. But both cool.

Odd NYC cab experience. Bangladeshi driver greeted me in Indonesian: "apa kabar," though I'm obviously not Indonesian (married to one, tho)

What exactly is the difference between “active rock” v “adult rock” v “alternative”? And where are the passive, child, & default rock?

"New IBM Cloud Tools Accel Dev Use o Streaming Analytics & Data Warehouse Svcs on Bluemix" ( ) JK--Strmg Anlytcs+DashDB

I’ve walked Manhattan for 5 straight nights. Haven’t needed to fend off a single panhandler. With San Francisco it’s every other block

Manhattan “don’t walk” civil disobedience. Me & strangers daring drivers to do us in. Game of chicken in the face of the oncoming headlights

Great Jones Street. That anywhere near Great Caesar’s Ghost Street? Where was the Daily Planet building where editor Perry White fulminated?

Wish to thank Andrew for understanding the ground rules of barroom conversation and joining me in indulging them to max extent sanity allows

Wine. The drink and its glass possess a sculptural elegance. Contemplation frames the act of ingest & absorption.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp The Weight by Jackie DeShannon from Country Funk Vol 2 67-74 JK--1968. Good. Same year The Band released it on MFBP

Ever notice that almost every movie or TV show set in NYC seems to have at least one rooftop scene? Someone at wit's end, edge, and/or ledge

Some entrepreneur used LinkedIn to pitch some venture to me. That's typical. What unnerved me is that he (a dude) addressed me as "hi dear."

I cannot believe someone wanted me to speak about this blog:  . Shows I have no idea when my bluesky is the right blue

The Importance of Audience Analytics in Media and Entertainment 

Checking up on headlines from home. “Large rodent who briefly escaped cage at zoo dies.” Clearly, a slow news day back on the homestead

New York squares named after newspapers. Times Square. Herald Square. But no Daily News Square. No Post Square. No Village Voice Square.

"Machine Learning And Human Bias: An Uneasy Pair" ( ) JK--Bias creeps in on data schema, variable selection, & apps

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp: Smells Like Teen Spirit by Setenta from Latin Piece of Soul JK--"Un mosquito, mi libido." Cha cha cha!

I have to be flattered but also brush off this "I can write, but not like you Jim" compliment. Mine has its weaknesses. Of which I'm aware.

Among key talent indicators is the consistently high quality of every IBM marketing professional's written output. Makes my job easier.

Whenever I'm in a room full of IBM marketing professionals, I can't help but be impressed with everybody's consistently high level of talent

TV's incredibly boring. Every time I turn it on, I'm more disappointed than entertained. It turns me off. I turn it off.

The brain was the first computer. Like the electronic one, the cerebral computer runs on binary math: fight or flight, procreate or perish.

Good day here in the heart of Silicon Alley NYC with my good bud Watson. Say what you will but that dude can cook. I ate with full cognition

i’m staying at Hampton Inn. I like it. It’s not in the Hamptons. But I like it.

Did NYC’s Fashion Institute of Technology choose that name with its acronym in mind? If so, it fits.

Not possible to walk in midtown Manhattan without going under a construction sidewalk scaffolding canopy at least once every 3 blocks

NYC midtown hotel rooms. They tend to have armoires, not closets. That's because the rooms themselves are the size o closets. Large walk-ins

I know I'm getting old when my personal experience of NYC summer 1977 ("Son of Sam" etc) is ancient to my much-younger dinner companions

Nothing ever gets resolved over dinner and drinks. The best you can say is that stuff gets dissolved.

“New” School in “New” York? Seriously, give it up dudes. You’re old as th hills. Neither of U sprung from your respective chickens yesterday

Great dinner with my colleagues Tara and Zach. New York restaurants are cool conversation environments. Chatter chatter chatter chatter.

Walking from Times Square to Greenwich Village is same distance as from Caesar’s Palace to Mandalay Bay. And both have New York New York

The only athletic job I ever wanted was to be a running back. I just think the way they move is cool. Comes in very handy on city streets

I’m here in NYC’s Garment District. Everyone around me seems to be wearing garments. So it looks pretty accurate.

Still, Trump’s lead show that he reflects what the core GOP constituency thinks. And that’s their problem. And America’s.

Hmm. Trump’s latest mean-spirited slap at Megyn Kelly is almost enough to make me feel a twinge of sympathy for Fox News. But not quite.

Wish to thank Sonya for bringing home the charbroiled kielbasa. Much better than the undercooked greasy stuff her grandpa Bill used to make.

New #IBM jk blogpost: "Business agility and the transformative promise of the true analytics platform" ( )

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Cafe Joli by Clodhopper from Red's Recovery Room JK--1998. "I'm a man, dammit. A man with a key."

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Born Under Punches (The Heat Goes On) by Talking Heads from Remain in Light JK--1980. LP broke their stylistic mold

"The simple way to make data science effective" ( ) JK--More and better data to train your statistical algorithms.

Build smarter applications fueled by data with IBM and Apache Spark 

Giving the daily posts a rest for the indefinite future. Why? I'm tired of them. Also, got other stuff to do. Not stopping the postings, tho

"Understanding neural function and virtual reality" ( ) JK--Contextual variables deliver malleable experience

New #IBM LinkedIn Pulse post: "Stitching Computing into the Fabric of Life and Consciousness" ( )

Consumed half bar o Ryba's authentic Mackinac Island chocolate no-nut fudge. Just like in my childhood. Reminds me how my teeth got this way

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp I Never Promised U a Rose Garden by Lynn Anderson JK--1970. Sacramento CA singer's gr8 crossover country-pop hit. RIP

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Wrecking Ball by Emmylou Harris JK--1995. Very nice. Feels like sung sleep-deprived at 2am.

If Variety is the spice of life, Volume must be the carbs and Velocity the laxative of life.

"I can see." IBM adds medical images to Watson, with $1 billion purchase.  via @nytimesbits @IBM #datascience
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US schoolbooks always characterize Tom Paine as "Englishman" & Pierre L'Enfant as "Frenchman." Both were Americans, having birthed "America"

What's the LinkedIn deal with strangers asking 4 intros 2 other strangers. "Hi, I'm Jim, U don't know me. Pls say hi to someone I dont know"

New #IBM jk LinkedIn Pulse post: "Context Is A King Easily Checkmated" ( )

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp GUCCI ON THA SOFA by ILLFIGHTYOU frm CASHINTHEBATHROOM JK--2015. Anarchic hiphop sound collage 

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Beautiful Blue Sky by Ought from Sun Coming Down JK--2015. Montreal band. Sounds like The Fall meets Soul Coughing

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp That Summer Feeling by Jonathan Richman and the Modern Lovers from Jonathan Sings! JK--1983. Master of hip cornball.

Watching "Mad Men" season 1 episode 4. It's an accurate look inside the culture of marketing message creation. The batting around of ideas.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Please Don’t Drive Me Away by Sam Cooke from Night Beat JK--1963. Great blues number. A bit like Marvin Gaye on this

I opened plenty of windows on my desktop today. That explains why I felt so many drafts drifting through. Some blew rough. Some just blew.

I know a good earthy old southern down-home expression for how busy I am right now....I know it, but won't tweet it....I also know propriety

New #IBM jk LinkedIn Pulse post: "Digital Business, Digital Customers, and That Last Critical Mile" ( )

"IBM Launches Svcs to Deploy Macs at Scale to the Enterprise via Cloud" ( ) JK--We've invested deeply in Apple prtnrshp

"OpenTSDB" ( ) JK--Time-series DB on HBase used 4 distrib mon system where metrics collected/pinged from svrs/machines

"Hdp Creator Yahoo Finds It's Not Enough, Turns 2 Druid" ( ) JK--Interactive columnar distrib streaming data analytics

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Living for the City by Stevie Wonder JK--Opening verse puzzles me. How's "hard-time Mississippi" become "the city"?

"Sharky: You don't drink coffee before you brew it, do you?" ( ) JK--Well, I've drunk but never once brewed it. So, yes

Shifting my style. I feel like I’m in an inflection point. Inflecting to what? No idea. But into something. Definitely.

Top 10 GOP candidates selected for debate. Simulates scenario where commander-in-chief being contradicted by entire cabinet on live TV

Got stuff done today. Also got stuff undone today. Net net I’m not sure which predominates

Today I feel like I'm playing a dozen 3-D chessboards side by side, but on none of which did I make the first move or even see all th pieces

Catch me at Smart Data Conf, San Jose, Tues Aug 18. I'm on a panel and also do preso: "Getting Started with Watson" ( )

Apache Spark news and innovation: 

2/2: We are highlighting the benefits of inclusive entrepreneurship & innovation today at our First-Ever #WHDemoDay 
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IFQ 1.0 connected PDA with Hadoop (BigInsights, Hortonworks and Cloudera)., 1.5 adds ability to qu... #fluidquery 

Rapidly move data from PureData to Hadoop and vice versa #fluidquery 

IFQ supports storage of infrequently accessed data in Hadoop to extend the data warehouse. #fluidquery 

Great to be on today's crowdchat: IBM Fluid Query 1.5. #fluidquery 

Telecommunications leads the way to Generation D 

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Mother of Pearl by Roxy Music JK--1973. How'd English farmhand son Bryan Ferry come across his cosmopolitan persona?

New #IBM jk LinkedIn Pulse post: "The Many Models Of Maturity In Big Data Analytics" ( )

"Evolution of deep learning models" ( ) JK--Very good detailed overview of a complex set of arcane approaches.

"Some Google Street View Cars Now Track Pollution Levels" ( ) JK--And what they themselves are causing?

"What Congress Wants to Know About the Internet of Things" ( ) JK--Their first question: "Is it a series of tubes?"

"Is A Data Lake THE Answer? Think Again. Here Comes Elastic Analytics" ( ) JK--What? No provision for data governance?

"Quantum Computing: Diode-like Breakthrough Surmounts Roadblock" ( ) JK--Spin-aligned unidirectionality & delay

Not sure which cartoon theme song was lamest: Casper the Friendly Ghost ( ) or Felix the Cat ( )

"Deep Neural Nets Can Now Recognize Your Face in Thermal Images" ( ) JK--And can say if you're "hot or not."

"R Rises in IEEE Ranking of Top Programming Languages" ( ) JK--SEO too. Google shows 11,380,000,000 hits for letter "R"

"These Ads Use AI To Evolve Over Time" ( ) JK--Componentized. Genetic algos. A/B testing. Champion-challenger promotion

If Vatican City can be a country, for crying out loud, the District of Columbia can be a state.

OK, who's disrupting, revolutionizing, and/or rethinking what this morning? And did they stay up late last night getting the details right?

Demands on my time and attentions fly in fast and furious. That's when I simply sit still & wait for the dust to settle. Can't breathe dust.

Check out how Ekornes ASA boosted SAP application speed for #analytics with IBM #DB2 Blu -  #IBMBLU

New Blog: Using DB2 with BLU acceleration to speed up analytics on Z Systems on Linux-  #DB2 #ibmblu

Balluff uses #DB2 BLU ! Achieves 50 times faster access to complex #analytics reporting in #SAP BW system   #ibmblu

All that DB2 DBAs need to learn about database on the #cloud- Attend the #DB2 webinar on Aug 27th. Register- 

Missed the Tech-talk on "Why IBM #DB2 continues to be a key database option for SAP BW"? Watch the replay here -  #SAP

Now #Informix DBAs can better manage resources available for each #database in a multi-tenancy environment 

Check out this video about Acquiring, Analyzing and Acting on #IoT data - by the Aberdeen Group  #analytics #Informix

Join IBM and Intel for the event on Aug 17 to see how real-world #IoT solutions are built. For more details visit- 

How to install and configure #Informix Warehouse Accelerator in under 5 mins?  #datawarehouse

Registrations are open for the Premier Data and Analytics Conference- Insight 2015. Register-  #ibminsight

T - 1 hour to @cfregly Advanced Apache Spark meetup, 501 2nd St #100, SF Zeppelin, Docker, Kafka, Streaming, Pizza. …
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talking to IBM about the big Spark commitment. it's v interesting to have the information management folks finally get open source religion
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MongoDB-as-a-Service in the safety of your own AWS account. Lock down access to your db using AWS security groups - 
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"Spark is the analytics operating system". well someone had to say it. #ibm
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.@amplab listening to Fred from @IBM explain #systemml @apachespark_tc @IBMbigdata
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#IBM er @fredreiss presenting #SystemML, our latest open source contribution @amplab. @ApacheSpark @apachespark_tc
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We're excited to have you at the @IBM @apachespark_tc Watch the livestream at  @IBMAnalytics
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3 Ways to Supercharge Talent Acquisition With Big Data and Predictive Analytics 

I'm not 100% in love with the term "seamless" in IT interop discussions. The seams let you tailor fabric to a new fit without damage. Reuse!

Looking forward to IBM Insight 2015 at end of October in Vegas. Two of my speaking proposals were accepted. And much much more (work).

Turned on channel 5 news this morning. Local film critic Kevin McCarthy receiving guitar lesson from Meryl Streep during intervu. She's cool

Summer isn't summer in high-tech. It's pre-autumn.

I think of this part of summer not as the doldrums but the shallows. Wading in the warmth only knee-deep. Mild current. Mostly ripples.

New #IBM jk #Dataversity post: "Modeling Mind and Body with Spark" ( )

New #IBM jk LinkedIn Pulse post: "Searching the Blur of Online Images" ( )

Anachronism in "Mad Men" season 1 episode 3. 1960. Old buddy tells Don he's visiting IBM in Armonk NY. HQ wasn't moved there till 1964.

Now that it's history, I'm watching "Mad Men." I've actually never seen it. Starting with season 1 episode 1, naturally.

CBS Sunday Morning bit on the romance of stinky breath-robbing Cuban cancer stogies. No thanks. Me gusta vivir.

Funny to go to a car dealer Friday with wife, give salesperson my address, and see them display my current Facebook photo (age 9) in profile

You know you're getting old when more casual sentences begin with "at my age" and "back in the day."