Saturday, February 23, 2013

Aweekstweets February 17-23 2013: the week the sun rose seven times

53 mins

Steve Jobs' hippie-oid period at Reed College sounds like a "Portlandia" sketch. Put some f-ing shoes on!

Seeing uptick in biz press articles that either attribute all-goodness to or blame well-meaning overreach on sum vague thing called #bigdata

Reading Isaacson's life of Jobs. A bit like reading Boswell's life of Johnson, which I enjoyed. Twitter friend [First name] [Last name] has joined Pinterest. Wonder what [First name] looks like these days.

I now routinely have my tablet on and Google Earth launched when reading news. Need to see what the places I read about really look like.

@jasonkobielus was extra tonight on ABC's "Last Man Standing" with Tim Allen but didnt inform his parents till 15 minutes after show aired

Got angst in ma pangst and ah needs to dangst!

I'm progressively working out my method of coordinating all my blogging commitments, partnerships, topics, & outlets. Takes some discipline

Inspiration for the next blog or three is always around. You just have to stay open & be ready to put your prior thinking on hold.

#BigData in Cloud: Preparing for Future ( ). Mar 18. Agenda: Register:

Sitting here working on a presentation for Enterprise Data World I'll do in San Diego on May 1. "Grow a #BigData Center of Excellence."

"Algorithm." Word now has automation connotation. Etymological irony is it's corruption of a specific person's name (

"Understanding Unicorn: A deep dive into Facebook's Graph Search ( JK--Goes into a bit more depth on graph analytics

"#IBM plugs #bigdata capabilities into Deutsche Telekom’s M2M infra 4 #SmarterCities" ( (

Oscar Pistorius out on bail. He has vowed to find the real killer. He hasn't ruled out the one-armed man.

I deliberately NOT FOLLOW anyone who has a trademark "TM" symbol superscript next to their Twitter name. Mark of the terminal narcissist

"What is difference between Inmon & Kimball point of view of DW ? " ( JK--Most tiresome perpetual debate in our space

Flat files. U know someone is new 2 data mgt when they inquire into degree of file curvature. I keep my flat files compressed w/paperweight

Day of deep breathing. Deliberate. To keep my heart from racing as the pace of the day picks up. Deep in, deep out. Ahhhhhhhh

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Little Talks by Of Monsters and Men from My Head Is an Animal JK--Huge radio & video hit. It's everywhere.

"Data scientist"? So passe. "Data artisan"? Way too precious. "Data artiste"? Too French. I prefer "Data dilettante." Wait, French too. Damn

#BigData in production? Consider seams in your service ( Friday's #IBM quick-hit

Big data in production? Consider seams in your

RT @graemeknows Must You Sacrifice Privacy for Social Business? #CMO #CIO #CXO

Rising gas prices. Rarely concern me. I work in my home. All we need is within 2-mile radius. Walkable. Bikeable.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Johnny Nightmare by The Secret History from The World That Never Was JK--Great. Sounds like classic Kirsty MacColl

Cool visualization of every confirmed meteor impact on Earth from 2500 BCE to last year ( Ancients kept tidy records

"The Problem with Our Data Obsession" ( JK--Transparency, sharing, & glut crowding out privacy, selectivity, & gut.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Carribean Power by Bomba Estéreo from Elegancia Tropical JK---Not laid-back Caribbean. Aggressive rock attack.

New AnalyzingMedia #IBM jk post: "Koby Asks: Must You Sacrifice Privacy for Social Business?" (

"Five Ways to Turn Everybody into an Inventor" ( JK-- @RitaJKing on "social inventing" within your extended biz ntwk

"Cloud-Based Data Analytics – The Time is Now" ( JK--It's all about scalability, speed and access

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Someone Else's Cake by Red Jacket Mine from Live on KEXP JK--Definitely an early Elvis Costello vibe on this.

Another Palo Alto trip two weeks after next week's. Customers want to hear more about #IBM #PureData System for Analytics. Glad to discuss.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Lion's Mouth by Arthur & Yu from In Camera JK--I meditate to this. Not kidding. It hits close to "om" for me.

Drafted next article: "Must You Sacrifice Privacy for Social Business?"

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Dissolve Me by Alt-J from An Awesome Wave JK--Typing "Alt" + "J" doesnt dissolve MSFT Windows. Doesn't do anything.

Writing a blog that begins with the imperative: "Mind your own beeswax!" Always fun to say.

Big data in the cloud? Establishing agile development

New #IBM jk blogpost: "Productionizing Your #BigData: A Checklist of Key Considerations" (

@MathMcCoy If you drop "productionizing" into casual conversation, do so with verbal tongs--eg, airquotes with fingers & vocal inflection

@MathMcCoy Yes. Productionizing readying your IT investment to function as a reliable/manageable business asset over its useful lifecycle.

Productionizing. An awkward word that's oddly fun to say.

Listening to Built to Spill "Mess With Time" ( I dedicate this to @TheSocialPitt

"Obama’s Rawlsian vision" ( JK--Wow! Only The Economist would cite philosopher John Rawls. "Justice as Fairness."

"Influential Few Predict Behavior of Many" ( JK--Scientifc Americn article doesnt call out approach: behavioral graph

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Kitten by Ass Ponys from Some Stupid with a Flare Gun JK--Chuck Cleaver has cool country-oid voice & rock guitar

"Has Analytics become a Meaningless Term?" ( JK--Really, Steven Swoyer? It's the only IT term overused by marketing?

"#IBM Unveils Most Comprehensive Mobile Portfolio 4 Global Businesses: IBM MobileFirst" ( JK--New+enhanced offerings

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Line of Fire by Junip from Junip JK--Swedish group produces soaring, romantic, thrilling songs.

How many angel investors can dance on a pinhead business plan?

The most stressful element of many work environments is when folks casually & habitually bitch about how stressed out they are.

Redesign of Hotmail browser interface as "" really good. Much faster and easier to use. Email thick clients are dying

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Dawn Chorus by Boards of Canada from Geogaddi JK--Instrumental has a wonderfully warped, druggy, & trippy mix

 Feb 21
Looking forward to @strataconf next week in Santa Clara ( & #IBM #BigData Developer Day in Foster City. C-ya-there!

Catch me et al InformationWeek #IBM Webcast "Capitalize on Power of #BigData 2 Transform Marketing" 3-11 12PM ET Reg:

@graemeknows Thanks Dude. I'm posting that one to Facebook pronto.

#BigData in production? Consider the skills in your organization ( Thursday's #IBM quick-hit

Big data in production? Consider the skills in your

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Baby It's You by Dolly Mixture from Remember This: Singles Collection JK--Really good. Holds up to Shirelles original

"Rock-hard abs." One o funniest phrases in English. Want my abdominal muscles 2 deflect bullets. Also want Xray vision & Fortress o Solitude

New study stresses that stress is good for you so long as you don't stress about being stressed out.

My business trip to KC canceled by approaching blizzard. There, not here (northern VA). Whew! Glad I didn't get stranded on the high plains

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Oaae naenenoa by Pussy Riot JK--I doubt Putin cares about their sound, but it's derivative girl-garage-punk

@pmseck Thanks for the praise on the #Hadoop Myths Debunked blog. I joined #IBM almost a year ago. Previously at Forrester. Time flies

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Shipwrecked by Sky Cries Mary from This Timeless Turning JK--1994. Seattle group mistaken 4 grunge. Trippy raga-like

"The Evolution of a Connected Service" ( JK--Article uses "connected service" as synonym for "M2M."

"#BigData in HR: Talent Analytics Comes of Age" ( JK--Article overstates Gartner #bigdata rev estimate by 1000x.

"Pleasure o finding things out about Richard Feynman" ( JK--Movie about him starring William Hurt? Needs 2 nail accent

People, inside & outside #IBM, often engage with me after reading something online I wrote that moved them. Post original thoughts, folks.

More spam from "Big Willy." I really wish Clinton would find a legitimate post-presidential hobby.

@BenRTT Thanks, Ben. Looks great.

New #ITKE jk article: "Building #bigdata skills: Closing the talent gap" ( #IBM

#BigData in production? Consider the scalability imperatives ( Wednesday #IBM quick-hit

Big data in production? Consider the scalability

Big data in the cloud? Establishing agile development

In the blog and associated quick-hits, I scope out the "unstructured" side of #bigdata as: data, governance, collabs, processes, & outcomes

Drafted new blog: "Data Scientist: Exploration in the Age of the Unstructured"

Wrestling with my efforts to discuss "unstructured" #bigdata in a way that structures my thinking into coherent patterns. It's coming

I've decided to write a blog this week called: "Data Scientist: Exploration in the Age of the Unstructured."

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Higher Ground by Stevie Wonder from Innervisions JK--My 2nd Stevie Wonder retweet this morning. I'm not superstitious

Big data in the cloud? Establishing agile development

When peeps ring our doorbell these days, more often than not it's tree svc wanting 2 trim ours. I actually like feeling o living in forest

Mikolaj Kopernik born this day 540 years ago. Today's Google doodle in honor of him. Why do others feel they need to alter Polish names?

#BigData in Cloud: Preparing for Future ( ). Mar 18. Agenda: Register:

#BigData in production? Consider the stacks you'll need to harden ( Tuesday #IBM quick-hit

Big data in production? Consider the stacks you'll need to

Loving Larry Mizell Jr set this morning on #kexp. Playing a wide range of modern styles, then Thin Lizzy. Sez: "We can do that!" Gr8 motto

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Boogie On Reggae Woman by Stevie Wonder from Fulfillingness 1st Finale JK--Cool early 70s hit more boogie than reggae

Listening to Bryan Ferry "Make You Feel My Love" ( JK--Excellent Dylan cover.

"Facebook's New Big-Data Tool Cranks Up Hadoop -- And It's Open Source" ( JK--Corona manages cluster & tracks each job

"Will #BigData Replace Ratings?" ( JK--If you want to sell ads, you have to report third-party validated ratings

"How #BigData Analytics Fuels Customer Management Excellence" ( JK--Results of survey by @HypatiaResearch

"Statisticians’ Place in #BigData" ( JK--Statisticians & SMEs must define research question upfront collaboratively

Hey pizza place near me: try not to misspell "pizza" in your solicitation. Makes me unsure whether it's really you or really scam.

Tag clouds ( Not terribly useful visualization if you're looking for relationships among entities within unstructured

"How to tackle #BigData cleanup" ( JK--Good guidance. Making it small structured accurate & searchable in the process

"#BigData as a service (BDaaS)" ( JK--I hope acronym catches on. Big data in the cloud is definitely BADASS!

"Microtargeting" ( JK--Something that #bigdata does quite well. More history & granularity on customers

"Cold Enough 4 You? Vis+Pred Model o Weather" ( JK--Steve Miller warms hands over statistical fire of wind chil index

"Don't Hurt Those Close to You with Bad Data" ( JK--Justified fear of incompetent data scientists using lo-quality data

"How to Implement Lean #BI" ( JK--Good discussion. Much of this applioes to #bigdata implementation too. Lean big data?

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp 8:05 by Moby Grape from Moby Grape JK--A desert island disc from the Haight-Ashbury scene. Terrific folk-rock

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Helplessness Blues by Fleet Foxes from Helplessness Blues JK--Their best songs feel like American landscape

"What is the meaning of BIG DATA to you, in one or two words?" ( JK--Other than those two..umm.."scalable analytics"

"The Anatomy of a Successful Analyst" ( JK--Fun fact: most have multi-chambered stomachs & chew analytical cud

"When Sitting Becomes a Disease" ( JK--That's true. Even worse when you constantly snack while you sit.

Presidents Day. If we had a Vice Presidents Day, it would be on a weekend, when nobody notices how redundant it is.

@Dave_Ideate I see it as more of a spectrum than a binary. Some paths to result can be specified exactly in advance, others less so

"New 9/11 Documents Expose "Nobody Could Have Predicted" President" ( JK--Old news. All know GWBush a baldfaced liar

@Dave_Ideate Yeah, but BPM professionals tend to over-emphasize structure at the expense of agility & results, IMHO

#Bigdata in production? Consider the stakes and stakeholders ( Monday's #IBM quick-hit

Big data in production? Consider the stakes and

"Colorful Phrases Frm Ancient Roman Grafiti" ( JK--“SUSPIRIUM PUELLAM CELADUS THRAEX.” (“Celadus makes the girls moan")

tUne-yArDs reminds me smidgen of Swollen Monkeys, a shortlived project of @ralph_carney et al from early 1980s (

Caught bizarre/cool crakd-jazz-art stylings o tUnE-yArDs on "Austin City Limits" ( She speaks like norml person

RIP Tandyn Almer. Wrote Association's word-intensive hit "Along Comes Mary." WashPost says he'd been living in Fairfax County since 1974

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp TENN by Night Beds from Country Sleep JK--Sad & lonesome sound of somebody under the weather and/or influence

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp TENN by Night Beds from Country Sleep JK--Sad & lonesome sound of somebody under the weather and/or influence.

TV ads for meds to help with pains of back, knees, etc. I've never seen a PSA telling you about free things--exercise, yoga, etc--to allevi8

A pleasant sunny albeit cold windy morning. I'm glad I don't have to shovel any of those meteorological conditions.