Friday, September 28, 2012

Aweekstweets September 22-28 2012: the week I banged out the "V Monologues"

Let me put the last 6 months in perspective for you. I published as much original material in half a year as in the prior 4+ years.
"14 Amazing DARPA Technologies On Tap" ( JK--Foliage-penetrating radar? Don't call it "Project Agent Orange"
RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Private Idaho by The B-52s frm Wild Planet JK--Gr8 song. Title unfortunately used in title of sucky Gus Van Sant film
Yes, somebody remarked the other day that I'm prolific. It's all in the wrist action.
New blogpost: "Koby #IBM quick-hits May-September 2012" (
New blogpost: "Koby #IBM blogs, articles, & podcasts April-September 2012" (
1h I had me some fun with the "sexy data scientist" meme/theme yesterday, in this piece:...
1h Every C-level executive has strategic applications of big data. Here are just a smattering: --Chief Marketing...
RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Run by Snow Patrol from Final Straw JK--2004. Great brooding, burning, intensifying meditation song.
"How to Use #BigData to Stop Customer Churn" ( JK--Experience analytics lets you see when good customer having bad day
"Machine Learning Saves Babies!" ( JK--Find predictive patterns in premature-baby health data 2 drive new treatmt plans
2h Do you mean R or SAS? If so, you should broaden it to R, SAS, and SPSS/IBM.
"#Hadoop MapReduce Can Transform How U Build Top-Ten Lists" ( JK--Should Letterman outsource his writing staff to Hdp?
"Why Everyone (Not Jst Geeks) Shld Care Abt #BigData" ( JK--Wired is mass-mkt mag. Dont sanitize quotes like "fuck no!"
"Can You Live Without a Data Scientist?' ( JK--Yeah, it's not like oxygen. But U're wasting your #bigdata without them
"People & #BigData: Separately Good, Together Gr8" ( JK--Data scientists. Sentiment monitoring. Social graph analysis
@djcherylwaters playing string of in-yr-face artists/vocalists: Sleigh Bells, Tom Waits, Bjork, Tune-Yards.
"'Big data' management? More like 'big decisions' management" ( JK--No. It's more about optimizing many micro-decisions
RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Human Behaviour by Bjork from Debut JK--Some might say she has outsider's perspective on topic. But that'd be unkind
"In '#bigdata' visualization, seeing is believing -- but is that good?" ( JK--No it isn't. Seeing is exploring.
I only switch away from #kexp during Mind Over Matters. Can't they simply pipe in NPR on Saturday and Sunday mornings?
RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Frontier Psychiatrist by The Avalanches from Since I Left You JK--Greatest song in the history of radio @loserboy
RT @TheOnion: Today's Pres: James Monroe, who churned out more than 12,000 doctrines during his 2 terms in office (
Yes, I have an opinion on data science. Yes, I'm getting paid to share it. Yes, I appreciate your unsolicited email. Keeps me thankful.
Speed of thought? Real time is really relative to your decision/action cycle:
Real time is not a concept woven into the fabric of the universe. It's a human concept.
Speed of thought? Real time is really relative to your decision/action cycle ( Today's #IBM quick-hit
Speed of thought? Real time is really relative to your decision/action cycle:
RT @kexpplaylist #kexp If Not For You by George Harrison from All Things Must Pass JK--1970. Gorgeous slide guitar & deeply 3-D production
Last business day of the second quarter. Late October is #IOD2012. Month will build to a crescendo.
I can't believe people are actually rooting for referees.
WSJ "Hollywood's New Bible Stories." Why has no one done Sodom & Gomorrah on the silver screen? Sinfully juicy?
New blogpost "Go ahead and touch it: “The V Monologues” (
Submitted "The V Monologues" to @graemeknows likes it. Up there soon.
"#BigData Analytics Predict Obama Win" ( JK--Fox News: get on this. Apparently this "Bayesian" guy is a bleeding heart
"Sensor Data Analytics – Can You Afford To Ignore It?" ( JK--Monitoring physical systems in real-time? Don't ignore it
"Lunch with FT: Tim Berners-Lee" ( JK--Warns of “war on computation”: unprogramabl closed platforms (eg,smartphones)
"Driverless Cars Get California License" ( ) JK--Will driverless control sys need learner's permit 1st, like teenagers?
"EPIC Worries FB Could Follow U 2 the Mall" ( JK--Datalogix sharing metrics on in-store sales lift from targeted FB ads
"Twitter Helps Build Social Data Ecosystem" ( JK--@SethGrimes discuss partner-enabling Twtr Certified Products Program
"The Need for a New BI/DW Ecosystem" ( JK--@shawnrog calls for ""unified access layer" for abstracted #bigdata access
"Clearing Up #BigData #Hadoop Confusion" ( JK--Quoth #IBM JHare: "Hdp is address 1 part of bigdata problm"
Cool. Nailed my quick-hits for next week. Now, onto other tasks.
Big BI? Data scientists most valuable on questions unaddressed by packaged models ( Today's #IBM quick-hit
Big BI? Data scientists most valuable on questions unaddressed by packaged models:
"Scot free." Curious phrase. Aversion 2 Celts of northern Britain? No. 'Scot' is Scandinavian word for tax or payment (
I think it's cool Andy Williams followed 20 years in Vegas w/ 20 years in Branson. Didnt let desert sleaze foul his soul
Hard to take right wing seriously when they treat an arch-centrist like Barack Obama as some sort of extremist bogeyman.
Has anybody thought of deeply burying supersensitive seismic detectors at fault lines around globe? Early warning sys
RT @kexpplaylist #kexp See Through Blue by Beth Orton from Sugaring Season JK--Brand new. Quite cool. British singer does a light dance step
The most important thing in life is perspicacity. And also having the perspicacity to know what the hell perspicacity means.
Autonomous self-driving vehicles. Will enable max mobility for the disabled. Seats will decouple into wheelchairs for short-range & indoor
Blazing Saddles: "Youve got 2 remember that these R just simple farmers...people of the land...common clay of the new West. U know...morons"
RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Losing My Edge by LCD Soundsystem JK--You know you're losing your edge when all U do is blather about your edgy days
"#IBM Center for the Business of Government" ( JK--Director @gbyehuda will also be speaking at Digital East next week
Catch me #IBM live next Wed Oct 3 at #deast Herndon VA on "#BigData in Multichannel Digital Marketing" (
RT @kexpplaylist #kexp I Don't Wanna Go by Corin Tucker Band from Kill My Blues JK--New one. Brings back cage-rattling Sleater-Kinney attack
"#IBM Launches Global Initiativs 2 Help MSPs Capture..." ( JK--Develop solutions 4 SmartCloud, PureSystems, & analytics
"#BigData Analytics a Big Benefit for Marketing Departments" ( JK--Excellent discussion for general-business audience.
"What in the world is a MOOC?" ( JK--Massively open online course. Don't have to pay? That make you a MOOCher?
"Discover How Yr Behaviors Compare w/ Others, a Global Project" ( JK--So we can compute personal weirdness quotient?
RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Golden Slumbers/Carry That Weight/The End by The Beatles from Abbey Road JK--Awesome LP's 43rd anniversary.
"The Big Value In #BigData: Seeing Customer Buying Patterns" ( JK--Keys in on cross-silo data aggregation & patterns
"Retirement Saving’s #BigData Problem" ( JK--Personally, I don't overanalyze it. We invest the max, spend sparingly
"#BigData's Dark Side: Massive,Polluting Drain on Power Supply" ( JK--Also, Satan running damnation analytics cluster
RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Moon River by Andy Williams JK--1962. No stretch to say many people walking the Earth were conceived 2 this recording
"Future #BigData: And a Sustainable One At That" ( JK--Sustainabilty analytics re energy efficiency & carbon emissions
"U. of Utah scientist tackles #BigData w/visualization" ( JK--"Replace scatterplots w/ interactiv color-coded graphics"
"Using #BigData to Solve Autism and Other Mysteries" ( JK--Discusses role of EHRs 4 detect of individual health issues At the highest architectural level, I'd associate these attributes with big data architectures (irrespective of...
"8 worst predictive modeling techniques" ( JK--Actually, 8 most misapplied model techs. In-depth data science analysis
RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Half Gate by Grizzly Bear from Shields JK--Good one from their latest. Heavier substrate than usual for these bears.
"#BigData: Experts to Follow on Twitter" ( JK--My ego stoked for another day. Thanks. Do I follow them all? I better!
"The Economist-Nielsen Data Visualization Challenge" ( JK--Sounds interesting. Can't wait to see the submissions.
"Charter of Church of Mathematology" ( JK--Worships intelligent systems. Teilhard de Chardin-ish (
"Using Decision Trees in Evidence Based Medicine" ( JK--Very interesting discussion on variable selection approaches
Interesting checklist for handling outliers in time series analysis/forecasting process (
"The Algorithmic Magic of Trendspotting" ( JK--Bieber-intensive technical look into how Twitter flags "trending topics"
"#BigData Upends Way Workers R Paid" ( JK--If can identify variables behind employee churn, can finetune pay scales
"Data Scientist: Sexiest Job of the 21st Century" ( JK--No. Term wasn't coined in 2008. History:
"Predicting Customers' (Unedited) Behavior" ( JK--Your actual social behavior more honest/predictive than your words.
"As data gets bigger, time value gets smaller" ( JK--Every in-motion datum has asymptotic shrinkin value as clock ticks
OK, you can throw rotten tomatoes at me now.
In our constitution, the veep is the official chronographer. Why do you think the current incumbent is named "Biden"? He's just biden time.
"VoC Shifts From Surveys 2 Analytics" ( JK--Social media analytics, text mining, predictive analytics, speech analytics
Ken Nordine "What Time Is It?" ( JK--1972. Beautiful basso voice. Word jazz spoken quirky gem story.
Official #IBM #IOD2012 conference blog ( Join the conversation today. Engage us face2face in Vegas: Oct 21-25
"Birth of a Trend" ( ) JK--#IBM proj: insights into likelihood o "trending" topics on soc nets become commercialy viable
"#BigData analytix computing requires 'maverick fabric' ntwk" ( JK--Not Sarah Palin. Adaptiv routing+lossless switching
RT @kexpplaylist #kexp So Long Marianne by Leonard Cohen JK--1967. I've forgiven him for "you held onto me like I was some kinda crucifix"
RIP Andy Williams. Crooner's singing style embodied middle-of-the-road easy-listening charm. Had a funny TV show in late 60s.
Core thesis of today's #IBM quick-hit: "Be a geek with integrity."
Recommendation engines? Monetize your presence as social recommendation generator ( Today's #IBM quick-hit
Recommendation engines? Monetize your presence as social recommendation generator:
"#IBM’s Rometty Completes Ascent, Adds Chairman Role" ( JK--Palmisano retiring on December 1.
Mindy Kaling: "Everybody is busy, and it's a little narcissistic to talk about how busy you are."
"Forrester: Push BI vendors for details on Hadoop integration" ( JK--@bevelson discusses nuances of #Hadoop integration
Caught debut of "The Mindy Project" on Fox. Funny. Mindy Kaling has talent for sharp dialogue, brisk pacing, & self-deprecation. Cute 2 boot
Listening to The Jayhawks "Madman" from "Rainy Day Music." 2002. I'd forgotten how beautiful their CSN-inspired harmonies truly are.
Join IBM for an important PureSystems announcement in Boston on October 9th:
Just recorded #IBM podcast on "Data Scientist: Consider the Curriculum." It will post for playback soon.
@WwDAdA I'll start watching you-all's passion as soon as you all start listening to #KEXP
RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Observations by The Raveonettes from Live on KEXP JK--Totally digging this live session. Sound full of rich overtones
What happened when Jimmy Kimmel pulled a tweet prank on the Emmys? Use case measuring the social impact #bigdata
Wuz telling @graemeknows that I've never watched Dr. Who. I'm also no big sci-fi aficionado. Hence, I'm oddball in tech geek circles
This bogus "Tracy Morgan has passed out" tweet thing on Sunday night at Emmys didn't cause me to tune in. He has diabetes. Medics were near
"IBM–USC Annenberg Lab Social Media Analytics Experiment" ( JK--Great KParasuraman blog on r-t audience sent monitoring
Drafted my next #IBM original blog: "Data Scientist: Chart the Customer Journey"
Catch TechLines @ldignan NASA Ford #IBM (ie, JK) T-Mobile LIVE, NYC, "#BigData: Finding The Data Signal" Thurs Oct 4 (
"Got fries? These are the best and worst in America" ( JK--Five Guys fries worst? You nuts? Fattening but yummy
#kexp DJ @loserboy saves pent-up cusswords for when he's off-mic. Hey John, do KEXP podcast that's just an hour of U cursing your booty off
RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Jacksonville by Sufjan Stevens from Illinois JK--Modern American folk classic.
RT @kexpplaylist #kexp New Slang by The Shins from Oh, Inverted World JK--Perfect example of classic melody floating almost-nonsense lyrics
Join IBM for an important PureSystems announcement in Boston on October 9th:
Join IBM for an important PureSystems announcement in Boston on October 9th:
RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Protection by Massive Attack JK--Deep heart frm @tracey_thorn : "I stand in front of U, I take the force of the blow"
Join IBM for an important PureSystems announcement in Boston on October 9th:
RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Manhattan by Cat Power from Sun JK--I'll probably buy this LP too. Chan Marshall keeps hooking me in.
Smartphones as Big Data analytics platforms? Leaving digital breadcrumbs everywhere ( Today's #IBM JK quick-hit
Smartphones as Big Data analytics platforms? Leaving digital breadcrumbs everywhere:
Wow! Only a month till #IOD2012. I can feel my pulse racing. I'm sure I'm not the only one. Time flying.
"Maginot Line." Reference that always escapes me, demands quick Google ( No, Hannibal & his elephants didn't cross it.
"Where Sentiment Analysis Heads Next" ( JK--@SethGrimes: semantically infused w/ featur-lvl biz-aligned sent resolution
Key to sanity is not letting others push you. You can only push yourself. Everybody else's demands are in the anteroom, queuing up.
"#IBM Watson being put to the test in healthcare" ( JK--Actually, we're optimizing Watson for multi biz domains.
RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Hallelujah by Jeff Buckley from Mystery White Boy JK--Cohen imagery by verse: God/guitar, woman/Samson, flag/war.
By the way, in case people are paying attention and/or care, I'm toggling between "next best action" & "data scientist" blogs. Synergies.
New blogpost: "Next Best Action in the Influence Economy" (
RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Orpheo Looks Back by Andrew Bird from Break It Yourself JK--Nice violin-driven song from his latest.
WSJ says Chick-Fil-A War resumes & Aluminum Can Wars commence. Neither of these makes a lethal projectile, so no need for heightened alert.
Buddy Miles "Them Changes" ( JK--Great rockin' R&B memory from 1969. FM radio in Detroit played it
Richie Havens "Freedom" ( JK--Live at Woodstock '69. Great passionate hoarse-throated power-strum on the acoustic.
Lovin' Spoonful "Younger Girl" ( JK--Wasn't one of their hits, but I love it as much them all.
Kate Bush "The Man with the Child in His Eyes" ( JK--Performed this on SNL in 1978. Her theatricality stood out.
The Slits "In The Beginning There Was Rhythm" ( JK--1980. These ladies had the coolest odd slants to their beats
Siouxsie and the Banshees "The Scream" (Full Album) ( JK--1977. Their first LP. A true bipolar stunner.
The Raincoats "Rainstorm" ( JK--1983. From excellent "Moving" LP. I remember reviewing it for indie music mag
Bo Diddley "Pills" ( JK--Hospital rant. "Give me a pill, give a shot, you got me wondering just what I've got."
Paul Revere & The Raiders "Kicks" ( JK--1966. Girlfriend not yet in a coma, I know, I know, it's serious.
Joe South "Games People Play" ( JK--One of those great late-60s socially-conscious pop smash hits.
John Cale "Gideon's Bible" ( JK--1970,. From his excellent overlooked post-Velvets LP "Vintage Violence."
Velvet Underground "Foggy Notion" ( JK--Used to be only available on bootleg. I bought that at Bleecker Bob's.
RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Oceano by Teacher Teacher from the Campamento De Verano JK--Spain. Good cover of Sebadoh's "Ocean."
RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Me gustas tu by Manu Chao from the album Proxima Estacion: Esperanza JK--Dice que le gustan marijuana y guitarra
"Aimee Mann: 'Charmer Is Just Another Word For Narcissist'" ( JK--Brilliant observation from great singer-songwriter.
"How #BigData Brings BI, Predictive Analytics Together" ( JK--Cites #IBM Director of Emerging Techs, David Barnes
Interestingly, Tegan lives on Canada's west coast and her sister Sara lives in Canada's east. But they remain tight twins/partners. #kexp
RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Closer by Tegan and Sara from LIVE on KEXP JK--New one. Great. Hit potential.
RT @MJMcKean: It's wrong to criticize Mitt Romney until you've walked a mile in his living room.
My next original #IBM blog will be called: "Data Scientist: Chart the Customer Journey." Will write it later in week.
Download a free chapter from upcoming book "Harness the Power of #BigData." No registration req'd! #IBM #IOD2012
Smothers Brothers "Saga of John Henry" ( JK--These guys were the best spoof of the early 60s folk scene, in its midst
RT @tomtomorrow: Why do astronauts have to wear those bulky helmets? what if they need to scratch their nose? #Romneyquestions
"Tweet archiving may be available by year's end" ( JK--Hopefully it'll speed up my aweekstweets production cycle.
RT @michaelianblack: I guess I'm the only who thinks it's weird that people have strips of hair over their eyes.
"Trampolines are no place for kids, docs warn" ( JK--For most adults too. You're just inviting broken bones.
Criterion for whether something is the "sexiest job"? I suppose it's how good the people in that job look naked. That's not data scientists!
#kexp @loserboy discussing subzero freeze @ Green Bay Packers game at Lambeau Field. In my experience, entire state in winter is meat locker
RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Walking With a Ghost by Tegan and Sara from So Jealous JK--Twins. They harmonize like twins. Scary perfection.
"Facebook to delete all European facial recognition data" ( JK--What about Europeans who show their faces elsewhere?
Facial recognition software: giving privacy protection zealots conniption fits everywhere.
"#IBM Advances Storage Capabilities w/Acq of Butterfly Software" ( JK--Data analysis/migration. HQ: Maidenhead, England
Submit your ideas for #IBM #IOD202 Technical UnConference, Thurs Oct 25, 2012, 10am-2pm PDT Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas (
Social media gurus. The term makes me snort coffee from both nostrils (
Data scientist will be the "sexiest job of the 21st century" as soon as actors, singers, models, & beauty queens drop out of the contest
I tend not to join LinkedIn #bigdata group discussions on topic of "what is big data?" I also avoid discussions on "what is LinkedIn?"
One thing that's blessedly lacking from male-enhancement ads is before and after photos.
I dont recall, for example, LDS peeps rioting over, say, Broadway hit "Book of Mormon." Or over anything, actually. Know how to take ribbing
"Executives Push #BigData Projects, Not Sure Why" ( JK--Dumb blanket statement. Many execs know exactly why.
"Two Datas" ( JK--Unnecessary rename. His "data of representation" is relationships, "data of observations" = entities
"#BigData Demands: Heightened Need For Advanced Data Visualization" ( JK--Discusses @bevelson excellent #forrester rsch
@KaBarMN That not addressing my concern. Encouraging mouse-potato behavior unlikely 2 get peeps 2 take health seriously. Clicking not action
"Apps that make people care about health" ( JK--Huh? Need piece of software to focus U on downside of sickness & death?
"Forget yr fancy data science, try overkill analytics" ( JK--Brute force w/simple algorithms & powerful microprocessors
Thinking about Eastwood's half-dialogue @ RNC, he was obviously using his moviemaking skills. I'll bet he bloks out scenes w/actors that way
RT @jameskobielus: Meaty metadata? Data scientist productivity depends on it ( Today's #IBM quick-hit
Meaty metadata? Data scientist productivity depends on it:
RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Wild Horses by The Rolling Stones from Sticky Fingers JK--Country song works cuz Mick doesn't affect American accent
Minimizing distractions for drivers. Nobody exploring doing anything about top distraction: passengers.
Reading excellent WSJ feature on our future with self-driving cars. Written from their Detroit bureau.
Fractured Fairy Tales ( JK--One of the very best of all Jay Ward recurring segments on Rocky & Bullwinkle show
Dudley Do-Right intro ( JK--Another great Jay Ward cartoon. His intros were to the point, fast, rhythmic.
Tom Slick theme song ( JK--Jay Ward actually had style & sass in all his cartoon projects, no matter how slight
Tom Terrific theme song ( JK--Seriously annoying theme song. Ripped off UPA minimalism. Blighted Capt Kangaroo
Abbott & Costello cartoon series from 1966 ( JK--Bud Abbott should be ashamed for ripping off the late Lou
Beatles cartoon series from 1964-65 ( JK--Smigel's SNL cartoons lampooned this sort of 60s Saturday morning crap
Tales of the Wizard of Oz cartoon from early 60s ( JK--I didn't even giggle at this crap when I was a toddler.
Heckle & Jeckle cartoon intro ( JK--I always wondered if Terrytoons animators ever actually laughed at this junk
@LoraineLawson #emmys Not watching the Emmys. Just reacting to all the tweeting about the Emmys. TV doesn't interest me anymore.
Herman & Katnip opening theme ( JK--Had hankering for unlamented lame old cartoon that paled beside Tom & Jerry
StumbleUpon's "news" channel annoying me tonight. It makes me stumble repeatedly into either the presidential campaign or iPhone 5. UNCLE!!
Emmys are won by same shows year after year. It's as if the Oscars were only awarded to sequels.
RT @Slate Apple Market Cap Bigger Than All O Greece Spain Portugal & Ireland Put Together JK--Can it bail them all out?
Why would a just God doom million monkeys 2 eternity plagiarizing Shakespeare? Surely He would've chosen a more marketable author 2 rip off
RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Music for Evenings by Young Marble Giants from Colossal Youth JK--My fave from this classic 1980 LP. Richly spare
RT @IBM MSU & #IBM team 2 offer master’s degree in business analytics ( JK--Rare occasion a Wolverine says "Go State!"
I tend now to hide FB newsfeeds of people I know who don't respond to my messages. Don't need to be reminded of people who piss me off.
Supposed wife of Jesus. The Gnostic & canonical gospels differ in so many details. Little of it can be historically verified. Believe or not
Saw great Richard Linklater film "Bernie" on DVD. True-story dark comedy anchored by strong performances from JBlack SMacLaine MMcConaughey
There must be some deep significance in the fact that Bon Iver comes alphabetically right before Bon Jovi, but I haven't yet found it.
I love the GEICO gecko's blunt working-class Chicago accent in the latest commercial. Check out the tight pugilism of his arm mannerisms
Watching "Stripes" on mute. Early 80s film comedy had Bill Murray in his smartass smirking prime. Warren Oates' gruff Sgt Hulka was gr8 foil
Not a bad Sunday morning in our nation's capital. WashPost article on Natl Airport becoming quasi-hub. Too constrained to be full-blown hub.
Univision. This is first presidential campaign when both parties recognize it as an American TV network watched by US citizens who vote.
Bill Clinton. His presidency was just the prelude to his true historic role in US politics. Elder statesman.
Maria Muldaur "Don't You Feel My Leg" ( JK--Shame on you Maria for putting that idea in his innocent mind.
Eurythmics "Missionary Man" ( JK--1986. You don't cross Annie Lennox. But you do mess with her.
Morcheeba "Rome Wasn't Built In A Day" ( JK--Bring back the beauteous Skye!