Friday, May 23, 2014

Aweekstweets May 17-23 2014: the week of strong

Did those quick-hits. Glad the week's over. 3-day. MemDay. Hooray.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp It's More Fun to Compute by Kraftwerk from Computer World JK--More fun than what? Hey, KW, your code not well-formed!

Ah, yes, grasshopper, true knowledge comes when you realize what a dummy you truly are.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Against Pollution by Mountain Goats from We Shall All Be Healed JK--2004. John Darnielle sorta blend o NCave+SRidgway

Catch me et al #IBM #bigdatamgmt tweetchat Wed 5-28 12noon EDT "Building no-compromise #bigdata mgt platfrm on SAP" ( )

Industry influencers who play hard to get tend and/or dont assertively publish their insights tend to see their influence diminish over time

"#IBM buys Cognea, will add virtual assistant tech 2 #Watson" JK--Cognitive conversational computing 

Hi @acoliver. Enjoyed your Hadoop article. I'm moderating June 6 #IBM #BigDataBytes G+ Hangout on Hdp. Interested in being on panel?

" AI Needs More Than A Name, It Needs Personality" ( ) JK-- #Forrester Goetz discusses #IBM #Cognea acquisition

"#BigData role in mitig8ng electronix counterfeitng" ( ) JK--Digital-biotech signatures on electricl parts 4 ID/authent

"Biggest Potential 4 #BigData: Expandng Univers o Unknown Unknowns" ( ) JK--Hey @KirkDBorne , was Rumsfeld echoing you?

"Starting down the path of Data Science" ( ) JK--Good discussion of MOOCs to kickstart your data scientist career

"Auto ID o Replic8d Criminal Websites Using Combined Cluster Methods" ( ) JK--"Website struct/text costly to change."

"Informix Tech Talk: High-Vol Data Mgt w/ #NoSQL Sharding" 5-27-14 1130am EDT #IBMDataMag Register: 

"Inventors o Analytics System Forerunnr Inductd into Natl Inventrs Hall o Fame" ( ) JK-- #IBM -ers Durfee Hamilton Lake

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp America by Simon & Garfunkel from Bookends JK--1968. Lefty Frizzell song probably put Saginaw in Simon's mind.

"Bringing #BigData 2 Chicago Citzns" JK--I apprec author NOT echo Sandburg "big shoulders"

"How climate rsrchrs use HPC+ #BigData #IBMEdge" JK--NCAR has 51PB data on tape+rotat stor

It's amazing how many followers I continue to enlist on Quora, despite the fact that I've never ever posted on Quora. Got the golden touch!

"Failure Not A Cause For Celebration" ( ) JK--Failure sux, sez @RitaJKing. Accept that succeeding may B painful grind

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Drive-In Movies by Ray Lamontagne from Supernova JK--2014. I've already heard 2 songs from his latest. Both excellent

Rented "Gravity" last night & watched it with my daughter. I also recommended she watch "All is Lost." Resonances among these gr8 2013 films

It's hard to explain social media marketing to someone who only relates to it all as a social experience. It's a publishing/CRM channel too

Sexy stats? #BigData correl8ns & cautionaries p1:  p2:  p3:  Fri #IBM qh

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Don't Wanna by Howler from World of Joy JK--"You don't have to dance to the Smiths if you don't wanna."

RT @IBMAnalytics @jameskobielus writes about #BigData 's bogus correlations - spurious, curious injurious  #Analytics

People who send msgs w/subject lines such as "check out this awesome article" should visualize those non-subjects as news headlines. Moronic

#IBM has equipped me with this awesome new multichannel social engagement dashboarding platform. Quite addictive. Bookmarked & poised.

Good high-level discussion of advantages of #IBM InfoSphere Streams vs. Apache Storm for stream computing. 

Nice to have a few hours of quiet time to bang out several quick-hits. I can think uninterrupted. Have the luxury of interrupting myself.

Watson helps users of all sizes to swiftly answer complex questions from complex data.

The Fine Line Between Data Analytics and Security

IBM Watson: The Future of Computers with Conversational Skills

"One fell swoop"? Only modern phrase that uses "fell" as adjective. Dictionary defn: "fierce, cruel, terrible, sinister, malevolent, deadly"

I have 7 committed speaking engagements in next 8 weeks. All but one "in person"--& I'm only one person. Glad I can leverage existing presos

I'll swear by Panera's acai iced tea. Actually, I'll swear by anything. Gotta watch my dirty mouth.

Mid-Spring, verging into Summer. Already vacationed. I'll just B working. Basement office still cool. Oh that's right, Monday's Memorial Day

New #IBM jk blog: "#BigData's bogus correlations: Detangling th truth from th spurious, th curious & the injurious" ( )

Find it odd when LinkedIn discussion group auto-suggests another discussion, & it's one of mine. Does it realize I'm th same James Kobielus?

Drafted latest Latest Dataversity column: "Practical Data Science and The Tricky Business of A/B Testing"

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Aneurysm by Nirvana from Incesticide JK--Cobain put a different spin on "do the twist" than Chubby Checker.

Machine learning? A melting pot for today's leading-edge advanced analytics ( ) Thursday #IBM quick-hit

"Top 5 Reasons 4 Data Warehouse Modernization" ( ) JK--Russom says advancd analytics, speed, scale, productivity, costs

"IoT'll end expird milk @ store & free will" ( ) JK--Argues consumer-level IoT will auto-optimize us 2 fetal dependency

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Par Avion by Xeno & Oaklander from Par Avion JK--2014. Nice atmospheric stuff from forthcoming LP from Brooklyn duo

"Why still dont need chief data officer" ( ) JK--Keep data gov & ops separ8. Each CxO must take resp 4 own data/anlytcs

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Minnesoter by Dandy Warhols from Dandy Warhols Come Down JK--Great song oddly missing from their greatest collection

"Cue th Data Storytellers: Data Industry Next Big Stars" ( ) JK--"Storytellers" makes me queasy. Implies making sh*t up

This is the golden age of news. I'll bet that, via routine web browsing, most of us consume at least 10 times as much news as we did pre-web

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Hoist That Rag by Tom Waits frm Real Gone JK--2004. One of many Waits songs where his voice is so ugly it's beautiful

IBM helps stop the malware threat in its tracks with new Trusteer Apex endpoint software  #ibmsecurity

All my life, my bias toward directness & pith in expression has confused some people. I'm not angry. I just get to the point ASAP.

a10: #bigdatamgmt  - check out our Smarter Risk portal for latest insights from IBM on this evolving space

A10: #bigdatamgmt Organizations should start Smarter Risk initiative by bringing all stakeholders and LOBs into its planning & execution

A10: #bigdatamgmt Organizations should start with development of an enterprise-wide risk framework--and assessment of risk data sufficiency

A9: w/ #SmarterRisk, we help decision makers understand exposures & act w/ confidence, knowing they can trust their #risk data #bigdatamgmt

A9: #bigdatamgmt check out this video at  - Trust analytics video

A9: #bigdatamgmt Smarter Risk shows an organization interdependency of all risks--financial, oper, IT, etc.--across otherwise-siloed LOBs

A9: #bigdatamgmt Learn about how CBA is gaining value from their #SmarterRisk approach on Livestream from #IBMVision 

A9: #bigdatamgmt Smarter Risk helps an organizations by rolling up risks into their larger enterprise-wide perspective. All eyes wide open!

A8: #bigdatamgmt Smarter Risk rides on growing adoption of predictive modeling & visual exploration tools by data-savvy biz decision makers

A8: #bigdatamgmt The Smarter Risk approach aligns w/ growing adoption of BI, risk mitigation, and performance mgt tools by knowledge workers

A8: #bigdatamgmt The Smarter Risk approach aligns with the growing adoption of #bigdata EDWs to manage "single version of truth" risk data

A7: #bigdatamgmt Strong risk intelligence--grounded in risk DW, risk analysis/modeling, risk-data governance--is foundation of Smarter Risk


#bigdatamgmt A7: #SmarterRisk about building #trust & driving biz value w/ context-rich #risk intelligence to support risk-aware decisions

A7: #bigdatamgmt At the heart of #IBM Smarter Risk is improving organizations' ability to govern and secure their risk-relevant data.

A7: #bigdatamgmt Smarter Risk mitigates financial, operational, fraud, and IT risk and security impacts on enterprise.

A7: #bigdatamgmt Smarter Risk = #IBM approach 4 help customers build trust across org siloes. Act w/ confidence, make risk-aware decisions

A6: Building trust in risk data is essential b/c federated trust systems is a principal basis for #BigData systems esp cloud #bigdatamgmt

A6 Another benefit is having the risk side of the house collaborating with the forensics talent #BigData #bigdatamgmt

A6: #bigdatamgmt Trust in risk data creates a business climate in which external compliance reporting is crisp, confidence, straightforward

A6: #bigdatamgmt Value of building trust in risk data is can reach decision consensus faster. All facts/factors vetted in shared context

A5: #bigdatamgmt Lack o trust in risk data/proc might contrib to "analysis paralysis" decision inertia: risks too cloudy 2 act positively

@IBMAnalytics A5: Negatively impacts the ability of the org to raise capital - will be more expensive compared to orgs that do. #bigdatamgmt

A5: #bigdatamgmt Hopefully, lack of trust in risk data & mgt processes will spur orgs to implement strong data governance. Hopefully!

A5: #bigdatamgmt Lack of trust in risk data/mgt processes creates dangerous biz climate encouraging reckless gut-instinct decision making

A5: #bigdatamgmt Lack of trust in risk data & in risk mgt processes adds biz risk of risk analyses being disregarded--no matter how accurate

@IBMAnalytics A4: Big data has increased the drivers of reputation risk in a #corpgov context - external data veracity. #bigdatamgmt

Q4 #BigData data fusion de-anonymization has helped focus our stds devel team more on GRC for  #nist #bigdatamgmt

A4: #bigdatamgmt Shift toward audit logs in #bigdata & adv stat analysis on that data allows fine-grain historical+predictive risk modeling

A4: #bigdatamgmt Log data is the audit trail without which you can't do advanced statistical analysis on historical risk data.

A4: #bigdatamgmt Log data fundamental to risk mgt--e.g, IT security incident & event mgt depends on logs stored in #bigdata repositories

@IBMAnalytics A3: Seldom see risk-bridging. See the greatest need for it between #CIO, #COO and #CMO. #bigdatamgmt

A3: #bigdatamgmt Have compliance mgmt. an integral part of collaboration environment with proper alerts based on defined scenarios #BigData

#BigDataMgmt “Our research: 44.7 percent of GRC execs plan 2 address bus. process redesign via engagement w/management consult.serv.”

A3: #bigdatamgmt Risk managers can't bridge risk siloes if data siloed. Enterprise risk mgt needs consolidation in enterprise data warehouse

@jameskobielus ,#bigdatamgmt  - whitepaper - Big Data & Cultural Alignment

#BigDataMgmt JAnalysis of 664 global GRC practitioners--Picture worth a thousand tweets

A1: #bigdatamgmt Assessing the complexity of risk is the key..can also be leveraged to instill trust among various stakeholders #BigData

Q2: Siloed Compliance "depts" w/weak domain knowledge are unable to contribute materially. Ex: Compliance in urgent care #bigdatamgmt

@IBMAnalytics A2: Not ensuring individual accountability for various risks means no integration with decision-making. #bigdatamgmt

A2: Make risk mgmt inherent in processes. I think much focus on the risk side stifles creative solutions. #bigdatamgmt

A2: #bigdatamgmt Risk siloes--each LOB only considering risks from their narrow perspective--plus siloed risk mgt tools are a barrier.

A2: #bigdatamgmt Big barrier to enterprise risk mgt is getting beyond reactive "cover yr a**" decision making. Risk mgt should be proactive

A2: #bigdatamgmt Chief barrier to ent risk mgt is cultural: business thrives on action-oriented reward-seeking, Tunnel vision re full risks?

A1: #bigdatamgmt Enterprise-WIDE risk mgt ensures that risks in ALL parts of business are factored into equation. No risk siloes!

@jameskobielus ,A1:#bigdatamgmt and hopefully driving more opportunities as risk is reduced

A1: #bigdatamgmt Enterprise risk mgt ensures all risk factors--e.g., financial, operational, IT, fraud, etc--included in decision scenarios

A1: #bigdatamgmt Enterprise risk mgt adds strategic value by helping vet "rewards" of various strategies against risks. Reality check

A1: #bigdatamgmt Enterprise risk mgt adds strategic value by buffering business strategy against downsides--e.g., noncompliance penalties

The "if you could take a few minutes 2 complete this questionnaire" post-encounter inquiry is most wishful of thinking. Yes if only I could!

RT @IBMbigdata: Join me @Hypatia_LeslieA et al #BigDataMgmt chat "Don't let #bigdata mean big #risk" - today, 12 ET 

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Classical Gas by Mason Williams JK--1968. Comedy writer on Smothers Bros. Colleague Steve Martin best known for banjo

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall by Dylan frm Bootleg Series, V5: Live 75: Rolling Thndr Revue JK--Far better than studio vsn

Experience optimization? Drilling into the messy gusher of web analytics data ( ) Wednesday #IBM quick-hit

"Driverless cars could cripple law enforcemt budgets" ( ) JK--Speeding-ticket revs vanish Thanks a lot, law-abiding AVs

Driverless police cars. You know it's going to happen. Everywhere. Constant surveillance and data gathering.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp The Door Into Summer by The Monkees from Pisces, Aquarius, Capricorn & Jones, Ltd. JK--1967. A great Nesmith song

Long ago, I kept detailed bibliography of everything I'd published. I gave that up when I started posting daily. I print it & throw on stack

Near-sleep is precisely the wrong time to stew over stuff. Your nervous system is slipping into quasi-paralysis. Still yrself. Awake + act!

Drafted latest #Infoworld #IBM jk column: "Big-Data Log Analysis Thrives on Machine Learning"

"New #IBM Cloud Tech Puts Analytics Into Hands of More Decision Makers Across Org" ( ) JK--IBM Concert & Catalyst

Drafted latest #ITKnowledgeExchange column: "Grounding Cognitive Computing in Probabilistic Data Analytics"

Drafted next #IBM blog: "New blog: "#BigData's Bogus Correlations: Detangling the Truth from the Spurious, the Curious, and the Injurious"

Drafted latest #IBM #AnalyzingMedia column: "Whipping Web Analytics Data into Shape to Glimpse True Customer Experience"

Storage optimization? Software-defined storage driving the demise of rip-and-replace ( ) Tuesday #IBM quick-hit

"#IBM DB2 Tech Talk: Developing Apps for th IoT" ( ) JK--6-412:30 PM EDT. Register:  #IBMDataMag

"Webcast: Big Data & Analytics 4 #IBM Biz Partnrs" ( ) JK--5-22 10 AM EDT. Register:  #IBMDataMag

"Confidence Score 4 Every Piece of Data?" ( ) JK--#IBM Info Confidence Calculator ( ) #IBMDataMag

"Shaping the Future of Banking" ( ) JK--Video: discover how #IBM #Watson can transform banking experience #IBMDataMag

"Analytics For Healthcare Ecosystem" ( ) JK--Video: healthcare orgs need to collaborate in expanding ecosys #IBMDataMag

"Transactions+Analytics w/out Compromise" ( ) JK--IDC whitepaper “#IBM DB2 4 SAP: No-Compromise...DB Platf" #IBMDataMag

"Aggressively Countering Fraud" ( ) JK--Video: leverage advanced analytics w/ #IBM Counter Fraud Management #IBMDataMag

"Th Sentiment Behind th Chatter" ( ) JK--Krish Krishnan identifies biz value of social sentiment monitoring #IBMDataMag

"#BigData Security Analytics Meets Identity & Access Management" ( ) JK--Interesting discuss of IAM analytics use cases

"My data science journey" ( ) JK--Interesting discussion of the range of projects he's worked on in his career.

Some marketing person's byline below informational article was "director of paid media." Dumb to state outright that you pay for placement

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Redemption Song by Joe Strummer & The Mescaleros from Streetcore JK--2003. Great Marley cover was one of Joe's last

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Baby, You're My Light by Richard Hawley from Late Night Final JK--2001. Englishman with an exceptional romantic voice

"SQL-on- #Hadoop w/out compromise" ( ) JK--#IBM Software Group Thought Leadership White Paper ( )

"#BigData brings new power to open-source intelligence" ( ) JK--The latter is what your social-listening engine filters

I'm a really impatient nonfiction reader. I glance quickly up & down searching for the thesis. Authors who don't call it out try my patience

"OpenID Connect may usher in new era of federated online ID" ( ) JK--Or just complicate already messy IdM world further

Twitter's still a niche pet tool of elitist cybergeeks such as me? I guess. Not yet seeing a lot of "retweet if you love Jesus" traffic.

"Internet Of Things: Who Gets The Data?" ( ) JK--In a B2B setting, will be the crux of many a contentious negotiation.

"#Hadoop security gets better" ( ) JK--Fails to mention Hdp security tools in #IBM portfolio, eg 

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Once in a Lifetime by Talking Heads JK--Impossible to listen and not have that brilliant video playing in your head

Catch me in San Jose, Costa Rica Wed July 16 speaking on #bigdata to #IBM customers. Event details to follow.

After that long vacation & last week's business trip, I've had to resort to fracking to crunch thru my inbox. Now I'm covered in the stuff

Why #IBMDatamagazine is more intellectually, socially, and visually #engaging than ever before  by James Kobielus

How will deepen its #thoughtleadership content and not skimp on established topics  by James Kobielus

A new course is set for a publication with a #richtradition serving the #datamanagement community  by James Kobielus

#IBMDataMagazine: Its Value and Its Vision  by James Kobielus

So now, if we accept this EU mandate on its own terms, Internet supposed 2 practice selective amnesia by regulatory decree? Not gonna happen

RT @IBMMEA: Webinar on #BigData & #Analytics (5/20): Why You Need a Platform? w/ @jameskobielus -   #PureData

New #IBMDataMag jk blogpost: "#IBM Data Magazine: Value & Vision" ( ) JK--I'm editor-in-chief. Contribs eagerly sought!

"#IBM Reveals New Cos Dev #Watson-Powered Apps" ( ) JK--3 new partners: Modernizing Medicine. Reflexis Systems. Modulus

New #IBM jk #Dataversity column: "Don’t Understaff and Overstretch Your Analytics Development Team" ( )

In the era of the ubiquitous and asymptotic "long tail," is declaring things "dead" dead?

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Aint Got No Home by Clarence "Frogman" Henry JK--Luv the bit in "Diner" where Daniel Stern character sang this in car

Real-world experiments? Tricky business o A/B testing p1:  p2:  Monday #IBM quick-hit. I'm back!

Life management is all about finding tiny opportunities to de-stress in the normal course of your existence. Sort of like combing your hair

"A Politician & A Pedophile Have Already Used New Ruling That Forces Google To Delete Links From The Web" ( ) JK--Yep!

Yes, of course our "right to privacy" includes right to edit public record of our lives so that only our private conceit is foisted as fact

The right to have selected data about you "forgotten" and to thereby distort the portrait of you that's "remembered"? This is a good thing?

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Aweekstweets April 17-May 17 2014: the week or was it month? I’s so letjagged I couldn’t strink thaight

Bought & downloaded Temples' great "Sun Structures" LP. Here's the debut single, the psychedelic "Shelter Song":

Still haven't mowed my lawn this year. The weeds are as high as a Coloradan's eyes, but not craving munchies so much as mulchies.

Milwaukee was cold, rainy, & windy yesterday. I don't recall Wisconsin being quite that raw in May. I lived in Madison for 3 years. Wazzup?

Drafted next week's quick-hits. They were a month in the making.

Miracle: unpredecented one-time coincidental event lacking causal mechanism but possessing sacramental imprimatur bestowed by human(s)

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Nonalignment Pact by Pere Ubu from The Modern Dance JK--1978. I love whistling "Alice Cindy BarbarAnn" bridge on this

I'll B moderatng #IBM #BigDataBytes on Fri Jun 6, 2-2:30pm. "Hadoop: Whither Goest Thou?" All panelists must B fluent in Elizabethan English

· 23h
New #IBM jk #InfoWorld column: "Never put everything in one database basket, even if it’s #Hadoop" (

· 24h
RT @Cloud_Council: Symposium highlight: @jameskobielus on how to leverage #bigdata in cloud 2 gain competitiv advantg

New #IBM jk blog: "Open climate data will focus humanity on solutions to global warming" (

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Bicycle Race by Queen from Jazz JK--1978. Freddie Mercury refs & disses a then-recent hit movie called "Star Wars"

"How Bayesian analysis might help find missing Malaysian airplane" ( JK--Try searchng deep in abyss o those equations

"Obama Signs Nation's 1st 'Open Data' Law" ( JK--Agencies 2 pub spend data mach-rdbl frmt via

· May 16
"Employee Churn 202: Good and Bad Churn" ( JK--Statistical study of "good fit" vs. "bad fit" hires & their departures

· May 16
"Bad Data Science & Woody Allen" ( JK--Cites "scientists say it's OK 2 eat/drink/smoke whatever" scene from "Sleeper"

Wreckage of Christopher Columbus' Santa Maria may have been located. Hope they find the Malaysian airliner sooner than that.

· May 16
Jimmy Fallon seems to have adapted well to "Tonight Show" job. I caught him th other night. I expect he'll be there at least as long as Leno

It's been a particularly trying week. Now it's raining like crazy--flooding all over the DC area.

· May 16
RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Sun Structures by Temples from Sun Structures JK--2014. Next up on my list of great recent releases to buy/download.

· May 16
"How to run a #BigData project. Interview with James Kobielus" ( ODBMS Industry Watch.

· May 15

· May 15
RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Death of a Disco Dancer by Th Smiths frm Strangeways Here We Come JK--No truth 2 rumor Morrissey is person o interest

· May 14
RT @kexpplaylist #kexp I Wanna Be Your Mama Again by Doug Sahm & The Sir Douglas Quintet JK--Good country from this 60s Tex-Mex-rock outfit

"Open Government Data Gains Global Momentum" ( JK--Good discussion of different countries' initiatives.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Maggie by Mungo Jerry JK--Immediately identifiable as the guy who did "In the summertime when the weather is...

"Deadly Data Science Sin o Confirmation Bias" ( JK--If U focus on confirmation bias, do U hav confirmation bias 4 it?

 · May 14
"Formulate a #bigdata DR plan today" ( JK--"Big data is massive -- you don't need to target all of it for rapid DR"

"White House #bigdata panel wants privacy protections, ignores NSA debate" ( JK--Doesn't ignore. Simply doesnt fixate

"Spark promotion highlights in-memory excitement" ( JK--Does Spark relegate #Hadoop to niche status?

"Data Mining and Official Statistics: Past, Present and Future" ( JK--Good discussion of government data-mining apps

· May 14
"Epic Battle Against Headless Apparitions" ( JK--"In world we occupy, we've learned to normalize toxicity & stress"

 · May 14
"Getting blacklisted for hosting public analytic service on AWS" ( JK--Innocents tarred by colo w/ "bad neighbors"

"Personal #BigData Trails" ( JK--As a consumer, I don't worry about this stuff the way this writer does. Get over it!

· May 14
"Statisticians, big data gurus, data sci's, data miners: all in this together, R we?" ( JK--I dont buy th overlap %'s

 · May 14
"Will cloud DBs & cloud infra combine or have they already?" ( JK--Hey, Linthicum, you should've ref'd #IBM in this!

 · May 14
"DARPA is working on its own deep-learning project for NLP" ( JK--DEFT: smart filtering w/anomaly & relation analysis

· May 14
"5 techs that'll help #bigdata cross the chasm" ( JK--Interesting discuss o leading-edge techs. But wot dis "chasm"?

 · May 14
"Goal of data scientists is 2 put themselves out of business" ( JK--No way. Automate tasks 2 improve own productivity

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Detroit Rock City by KISS from Destroyer JK--1976. I do recall this being quite popular on Motor City FM rock radio.

· May 14
"Get ready 4 quantum computing SW company" ( JK--Their existence hinges on superposition of "fund/don't fund" states

"Buyers, beware: analytics field is consolidating" ( JK--Nah. Latest M&A wave a pale echo of the wave 5-7 yrs ago

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp In Time by The Black Keys from Turn Blue JK--2014. Good one from the Akron bluesrockers' latest.

 · May 14
Detroit. Purely connecting. Have never been there on business. Not counting the time I did deliveries on East Grand Blvd for my Dad

Flying to Milwaukee to speak at Internet of Things 2014 tomorrow on #bigdata security. First biz trip to largest city of a state I know well

· May 14
Targeting misfires on LinkedIn are usually signaled by the phrase: "Based on your profile, we thought you'd like to know that...."

· May 13
"IBM’s Virginia Rometty on Leadership and Management" ( JK--She exercises before work. I do it after work.

"CloudantCON: Delivering Data to a Smarter World" ( June 16–17. San Francisco. Register:

 · May 13
"#BigData & Enterprise Architectur Conf 2014" ( NYC. Jun 11–13. I'm speaking there. Register:

"Webcast: #IBM Information Mgmt Cloud Solutions" ( Thurs May 22, 2pm. Register: #IBMDataMag

· May 13
"Pioneering Prescriptive Analytics" ( JK--Case study of #IBM customer Centerstone Research Institute #IBMDataMag

· May 13
"Insight 2014 Call for Speakers" ( JK--Submit your proposal. Event is Oct 26-30 in Las Vegas. Deadline: Thurs May 22

"Transformative Analytics" ( JK--Reserve your copy of #IBM Press book "Analytics Across the Enterprise" #IBMDataMag

"The Program, Framework, & Platform: Pt 2" ( JK--Jacques Roy discusses stream cmptg process flow topology #IBMDataMag

"Reaching Near–Real-Time Data Replication: Part 2" ( JK--CLenke & OStephan discuss its integration w/ETL #IBMDataMag

 · May 13
"Can Anyone Perform Advanced Analytics?" ( JK-- @fhalper discusses findings from #TDWI study #IBMDataMag

· May 13
Catch me speaking " #BigData in Cloud for Compet Adv," CSCC Cloud Indstry Symposium, Wed Jun 18, Boston #CloudCouncil

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Living The Dream by Sturgill Simpson from Metamodern Sounds In Country Music JK--2014. Great. Classy, classic country

· May 13
RT @kexpplaylist #kexp It Makes No Difference by The Darling Buds from Erotica JK--1991. Quarter-century old but sounds like recorded today

New @IBM B2B software connects partners and suppliers to deliver great customer experiences #SmarterCommerce

· May 13
Combining Social, Mobile With Analytics Dramatically Improves the Shopping Experience #IBMMobile

Catch me Tues May 20 1-2pm (EDT), #InformationWeek webcast "#BigData & Analytics: Why You Need a Platform." Register:

· May 13
New #IBM jk #AnalyzingMedia column: "Sports Teams: Smack That Ol’ Moneyball Right Out of the Park" (

 · May 13
RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Test of Time by Temples from Sun Structures JK--2014. Great one. I think of aging as standing the test of time.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Oliver's Army by ECostello & The Attractions frm Armed Forces JK--"But there's no danger, it's a professional career"

 · May 13
RT @kexpplaylist #kexp: Shake Some Action by Flamin' Groovies from Shake Some Action JK--1976. Great power-pop.

· May 13
#BigData is th only IT paradigm to which people attribute intentions. Expect to see headline: "Big Data: would you let it date your sister?"

· May 13
Here's the thing: you can tolerate tighter airliner cabin spaces if you have comfortable seat in which to remain immobile for hours on end.

· May 13
Not clear 2 me that designers in aviation industry spend much time fussing over airliner-seat comfort. Ergonomics seems not to interest them

Why we must place special scrutiny on unconscious biases #datascientists build into their work by James Kobielus

 · May 12
New #IBMDataMag jk article: "Hidden Biases That May Cloud Cognitive Computing" (

New #IBM jk column: "#Hadoop is Beginning to Stare Newer #BigData Approaches in the Face" (

· May 12
RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Tiny Cities Made of Ashes by Modest Mouse from The Moon & Antarctica JK--2000. Very Pere Ubu-esque.

· May 12
RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Windowlicker by Aphex Twin JK--DJ Troy Nelson recommends video ( Warning: explicit/weird/cool

· May 12
Watched lot of in-flight movies on my return from Jakarta. Faves were two very different Steve Coogan flicks: "Philomena" & "Alan Partridge"

· May 12
Home. Hallelujah! Now in a "12-hour twist" of a jetlag. Day at home feels like night & vice versa. Sleep-deprived as all get-out.

Sampai bertemu lagi, Indonesia!

Michael Sam. Hope he succeeds in the NFL to the extent that people won't feel they need to mention his sexual orientation.

Being told that anything will "restore my faith in humanity" would imply I regard our species as worth venerating. Know us too well for that

· May 10
Big data's got some nerve! It should take a break while I'm on vacation instead of going gangbusters. My work grind resumes Tuesday.

 · May 10
Yes, the reason Uncle Jim gets balder each time he visits is because Jakarta traffic makes him want to pull every last hair out of his head.

· May 10
New IBM jk blog: "Using advanced image analytics to spot hidden cancer patterns" (

· May 9
Is anti-virus dead? How many out there haven't updated malware patterns on an ancient XP in several years and not noticed any infections?

 · May 9
There's distracted driving & then there's distracting driving. Indonesia has hyper-distracting driving environment that somehow feels safer

 · May 8
After 30 yrs o marriage 2 a Chinese-Indonesian, I still dont understand a word o Chinese. But I sense her meaning from context. Like a child

· May 8
Asia, Africa, Americas, Australia, Antarctica. I recommend spelling the other continent "Aurope" to make it a straight a world.

In the 30 years we've been married, we've returned to my hometown, Detroit, four times and Egidia's, Jakarta, six times. Visiting in-laws

· May 7
Monica Lewinsky. The only indelible stain is on her own reputation.

Rather enjoying the calm in a suburban gated community south of Jakarta. Windows open. Heat no worse than standard American summer.

 · May 6
RT @raphaellelaubie "Short game, long game and the infinite game" ( JK--Latter is no game: it's ego-annihilation

· May 6
RT @raphaellelaubie: The Power of Spontaneity: Become Irresistible ( JK--The art of not appearing to give a f***

· May 5
New #IBM jk blog: "Data confidence: the proof's in the process" (

 · May 5
I don't have international 4G roaming--or cellular roaming. I've simply been hopping between Wi-Fi hotspots throughout Indonesia.

· May 5
Indonesians seem to be as addicted to smartphones as Americans. Even in the busiest, most chaotic street scenes, they're browsing.

· May 5
RT @AP: "BREAKING: Nigeria's First Lady orders arrest of leader of protest against the mass kidnapping of girl" JK--She has that power?

Russia deserves a medal for speediest destruction by an Olympic host of whatever minimal goodwill the games might have gained it.

 · May 5
Person reconnecting on LinkedIn from biz card I gave him 17 years ago when I was briefly in the cellular industry. I'm totally rusty on that

Self-driving cars in Indonesia will need sensors that detect whether vehicle laterally on edge of precipitous ditch-dropoffs. They abound

· May 3
I speak more Indonesian than my father-in-law speaks English (i.e., me: some; him: zilch). Mostly, we communicate via grunting & blinking

"This scene contains graphic images." Ah, the wonders of redundancy. "This song contains auditory sounds."

Lots of popular support 4 Jakarta gov Joko Widodo 2 B next prez o Indonesia. Supports ending fuel subsidy. Willing 2 risk political capital?

· May 2
Rajawali Selatan neighborhood is next to the long-gone Jakarta city airport. They retained the runway as a broad fast divided urban highway.

 · May 2
When brother-in-law Iskandar asked about high-tech in Seattle, I mentioned Amazon. Yeah, Microsoft's there too, but has lost its glamour.

 · May 2
Every time we come to Indonesia, I notice how much construction is in process and how many new buildings I didn't see here before.

As soon as we return to the States, I do domestic US business trip in an adjacent timezone to my own. Still suffering jetlag from this trip

 · May 2
Our long relationship is built on Egidia offering me mysterious-looking slop & instructing me to eat it. More often than not, it's delicious

 · May 2
Telecommuting is something that Jakarta needs more than most cities. Even going out for groceries is a bone-rattling automotive odyssey.

· May 2
Watching story on Bloomberg Asia about the casino industry and some dude who uses mathematics to beat the house in Vegas. Not inspiring.

Back in Jakarta with the family. Our favorite moments on this Indonesian side-trip were lying on the beach in Gili Trawangan. Wish to return

· May 2
Donald Sterling. I assume some Hollywood producer's already contacted Mickey Rourke to play him in the inevitable biopic. Mugly!!!

When I first visited Indonesia, few people anywhere had cellphones or Internet. Now the world of 1988 seems antediluvian.

On my 1st Indonesia vacation 26 years ago, I recall mentally sketching one o my 1st Network World columns. On VSATs. Anybody remember those?

· May 2
Here's my own Jimmy Kobielus "Thank You Note": Thank U new LinkedIn followers 4 making me waste time clicking 2 accept each o U individually

Infinite numbers. I know that the number of work emails waiting for me post-vacation will be finite. Just like sand grains on Bali's beaches

· May 1
Wondering how autonomous vehicles will be programmed to conform to various nations' vehicular cultures. Indonesia is quite distinct from US

I've been massaged in every place we've stayed in Indonesia. And in every place where my deep tissue was screaming for it. Enak sekali.

 · May 1
RT @IBMbigdata: New from @jameskobielus "Nurturing open marketplaces for predictive models and modeling expertise"

Hidden Biases That May Cloud Cognitive Computing - by @jameskobielus #IBMDataMag

· May 1
Grabbed me a Starbucks on Kuta Beach. When I did the currency translation in my head, I realized it was a damn good deal. A mellow Bali joe

#Hadoop is changing in the face of newer approaches to #bigdata via @dataversity @jameskobielus

· May 1
Waves pass, though the soft shorelines they sculpt might endure longer than you’d expect.

· May 1
If anything, Bali's traffic congestion is more maddening than Java's. In Bali's favor: gorgeous temples to ogle while stuck in your car.

Kuta Beach, Bali. Walking alone, girls off shopping. Until I open my mouth & reveal nationality, just another Aussie on fair dinkum holiday

· Apr 30
Bali is definitely more built-up than the last time we visited. International vibe.

Interesting to see people commenting on stuff I'd almost forgotten I'd posted. Let my words do the work while I relax far far away.

 · Apr 29
Staying at the Best Western in Bali. Yes, we can travel the world and still be reminded of summer vacations at the Straits of Mackinac.

Found our tropical paradise today. Th beach on Gili Trawangan, a small island off west Lombok. Emerald sea, quiet. Spent hours far from care

Saw two native monkeys frolicking along the road in west Lombok today. By "frolicking," I mean probably scavenging food.

Lombok's tourists. They're predominantly white Europeans. Judging by accents and appearances, seem to be mainly Germans. Keep to themselves

Watching some atrocious German TV singing program where regular folks butcher Beatles classics. But none attempt "Komm Gib Mir Deine Hand"

· Apr 27
When in Indonesia, I present myself as an exotic wisenheimer from th east. East of th Pacific, the Mississippi, & that end of Fairfax County

In Lombok, Bali's less touristy, more affordable, and still exotic neighbor. The emerald ocean and quiet beaches are worth it.

· Apr 26
Trying to decide whether to tell Indonesians I focus on "big data" or "informasi besar." Which sounds cooler? Which has hi-tech mystique?

· Apr 26
No photo does justice to the Indonesian automotive experience. Need shakycam video of constant braking & weaving thru nonstop congestion

· Apr 25
Indonesian TV tends to play the same limited set of commercials over & over. I saw the "white coffee with a kick" spot 8 times on 1 program

· Apr 25
As you get higher up on Mt Bromo, every square foot is under cultivation. Even the steepest slopes . I saw people farming 60-degree inclines

Street masseuse gave me a fast, deep rub at a great price just before leaving the resort at Bromo. He kneaded the shoulders perfectly.

 · Apr 25
My long love affair with Java deepened on the slopes of Mt. Bromo. Most extraordinarily fertile, beautiful place I've ever been. Shangri-La.

· Apr 24
Enjoying the volcanic tour of East Java. Massive mud geyser aftermath south of Surabaya. Mount Bromo's spectacular broad desertlike caldera

Most people on Facebook have exactly 2 events on their timelines: they were born & they joined Facebook. A full life, by any reckoning!

· Apr 23
Nice to have Facebook access everywhere we travel. So we can respond to requests to show people pictures of our grown children.

Here in Surabaya, Indonesia's 2nd city. A fairly well-developed industrial base. I prefer their airport to Jakarta's. More spacious.

· Apr 22
Caught good Seattle profile at 4am Jakarta time on my sister-in-law's satellite TV. In lieu of sleep. Cool soggy to offset warm humid.

 · Apr 20
Egidia's sister Elies & husband Iskandar are much like us in couple-ish commitment to yoga. Enjoyed our predawn walk thru their neighborhood

OK, now I see (not!), having Googled street map of Jakarta. Mindblowingly irregular everywhere. Makes downtown Boston look perfectly regular

· Apr 20
In Indonesia history book, descriptive passage from an English lady's circa-1800 diary reads like my impressions. Java's dense fertility.

The lady who cut my hair yesterday told my wife in Indonesian that I resembled a "saint." She was referring to the shape of my bald spot.

After essentially not sleeping one wink last night, this morning was blessed by the most perfectly spacey sunny yoga session. Wife & I.

 · Apr 20
Wish 2 thank all my web services accounts for flagging the "suspicious" login activities. Appreciate your vigilance. Stand down. It's me.

· Apr 20
The weather forecasts rain every day in Jakarta for the next 2 weeks. Omits important nuance: usually just routine late-afternoon torrents

 · Apr 20
Reading a book my nephew gave me about Jakarta's history back to Batavia days. District around Setasiun Jakarta Kota is obviously ancient

· Apr 20
Oddly, I still can't completely internalize the street map of the parts of Jakarta I know reasonably well. Even GPS doesn't help me.

· Apr 20
Jakarta. This is my 6th time here. The rhythms of my sister-in-law's neighborhood are pretty much the same. I like the predawn street quiet.

· Apr 18
A tablet and free wifi relieve the tedium of a long airport layover. But looking at your Facebook grows tedious real fast. I read news.

· Apr 18
New #IBM jk blog: "Moneyball is the true game-changing application of data analytics" (

Saw "All Is Lost" on the plane to Doha. Physically strenuous role for a man Robert Redford's age. Terrific solo performance.

Doha, Qatar airport. Larger than I expected. They are obviously preparing to be a major international hub. Good traveler services operation.