Sunday, February 23, 2014

Aweekstweets February 16-23 2014: the week I coasted

Brain dribbling from ears. Have delayed composition of next week's quick-hits to this weekend. Got 4 of 5 nailed down. Need breakfast.

Waiting for my superspicy spaghetti pomodoro basilico at Francis Ford Coppola's Cafe Zoetrope. North Beach. San Francisco. Kearny @ Columbus

"New #IBM Systems Help Comms Svc Providers Delivr Mobile+Telco Clouds" ( ) JK--IBM System z Solution 4 Mobile Computing

RT @IBM_Informix @jameskobielus quoted in #Storify story "#Informix chat on : Why NoSql & why Informix NoSql?" 

When on a business trip, my nirvana is "mobility" cubicle in an #IBM office. I can work in uninterrupted bliss for hours at a stretch. Aaah!

"The Coming Age of Digital Ethnography" ( ) JK--Using Internet of Things sensors for participatory observation.

"Large vols o data challengng open science" ( ) JK--Defines "open science" as "concurrent pub o both concept & evidence

"Human interaction with hidden dimensions of multidimensional #BigData space" ( ) JK--Very thought-provoking. Very meta

"‘Addressable TV’: #BigData’s Next Trick 4 Targeting You" ( ) JK--Ads that seek you out & insert into your media stream

"Farmers worry about sharing #BigData" ( ) JK--Benefit from data-driven "precision agri" but want cut of data-sale revs

"Why data-as-a-service has taken off so fast" ( ) JK--Linthicum sees many startups w/ "single-purpose database" clouds

#Hadoop uber-alles? Resist the new-age push to "all-in-one" database basket ( ) Friday #IBM quick-hit

Cognitive computing? When biases cloud automated cognition p1:  p2:  Thurs #IBM qh a day late

This "tell us about your experience" mania. Soon I expect messages asking us to tell about our experience of telling about our experience

Join webcast to know more: Combining SQL and NoSQL Data for Powerful, Big Data Enterprise Applications  #Informix

A9: #Informix #NoSQL NoSQL capab helps bring OLTP/ACID features more natively into #BigData (structured+unstructured) analytic apps.

A8: The main thing that I see is that #informix hybrid capabilities exposes JSON data for analytical apps that don't know MongoDB.
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A8: #Informix #NoSQL Any OLTP app (eg Informix) optimzd via embedded customer analytics drawing from #EDW (e.g, PDA) & #NoSQL (e.g, MongoDB)

A8: #Informix #NoSQL E.g., customer analytics: RDBMS (customer SVOT) + #NoSQL #Hadoop (social/behav/geo data)

A7: If they start to use these newer technologies the cost of retraining would be staggering! #informix
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A7: Better to leverage all those trained heads who already know the legacy data & users! #informix
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A7: #Informix #NoSQL Leveraging existing NoSQL skills for app dev flexibility is important if want to adopt new/untried NoSQL techs

A7: #Informix #NoSQL If you don't retain #NoSQL talent, it will cost you much more to hire/train new talent and/or find consultants

A7: #Informix #NoSQL You need to leverage any in-house #Hadoop skills in dev of #NoSQL. Sibling technologies. Strong overlaps

A7: #Informix #NoSQL Critical to build a NoSQL CoE to hold, deepen, & boost productivity of in-house dev talent. They're in hot demand

@mphnyc @jameskobielus I think a hybrid model will be around for some time but if i could predict 10yrs i'd be rich
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RT @rkeshavmurthy A6: #Informix #NoSQL JSON collections allow "schema on read" instead of predefined SQL schema.

A6: #informix #NoSQL You can use MongoDB drivers and stacks like MEAN directly on #Informix #NoSQL. We're protocol compatible.
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Flexible databases are one tool in the quiver needed to make RAD a reality. #informix
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A6: #Informix #NoSQL If you're betting the business on #NoSQL, RAD + lowering TTV of utmost importance. But few users are at that stage

A6: #Informix #NoSQL Lowering time-to-value & RAD w/#NoSQL most important 4 users who've put in production. Not as urgent if just exploring

@GayathriMagie But we have distributed DB's in Informix, for example, with far more capability the just scale-out! #informix
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On a local #mongodb #meetup I notice #startups end up using #mongo for "relational" workloads. That's one of #informix opportunities
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A5: A major problem I see on the horizon is orgs that dive into NoSQL will find they need access to legacy data. #informix
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@mphnyc @nancykoppdw I dont agree w/premise "DW dying." Goal is bring next-gen DW, staging, mart, archive, sandbox,OLTP, etc into common env

A5: #Informix #NoSQL It's not "new business patterns"; rather, it's new #bigdata & info mgmt patterns 4 #cloud cmptg & biz #agility

A5: #Informix #NoSQL Hybrid #SQL #NoSQL is what we see today: EDW (RDBMS) with #NoSQL or #Hadoop unstructured staging layers.

RT @RobertReiz @IBM_Informix Most of the #NoSQL people I know are not from Enterprise area. They come all from the StartUp world. #Informix
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A4: #Informix #NoSQL Mostly, #NoSQL will challenge your ability to provide enterprise-class capabs/support--till the market matures

@domusonline: Exactly. But hybrid offerings like Informix's MongoDB API support and JSON data support create possibilities: #informix
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A4: Yes, orgs like Google are doing it, but they are having to retreat and redesign frequently as they hit limits. #informix
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A4: Honestly, given the state of the art, talking about NoSQL and Enterprise-CXlass together is oxymoronic. #informix
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A4: #Informix #NoSQL Many NoSQL DBs are open source. Talent to support them may be available in open-src communities--if you search/vet

A3: Having the schema in the application means that different applications will have different views of the same data.#informix
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A3: RAD stack applications need access to the core org data that's stored in RDBMS which is correctly placed.#informix
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A3: #informix #NoSQL As @jameskobielus mentions, there are many models in #NoSQL: document, KV, graph, column family & of course, relational
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A3: #Informix #NoSQL In non-relational DBs, you've to denormalize the tables and avoid joins since most NoSQL DBs do not support joins.
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A3: Also the challenge to get existing developers to adopt the new paradigms. #informix
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#informix #nosql can combine schema flexibility, full #consistency, new client side centric #api and #scalability.
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A3: #Informix #NoSQL Data security, governance, auditing, etc.--NoSQL users can't be sure there are strong COTS tools for their chosen DB

A3: #Informix #NoSQL Huge issue 4 NoSQL adopters is sorting through incredibly diverse/confusing field of rival/complementary approaches

A3: #Informix #NoSQL Companies embracing NoSQL DB models facing challenge of finding mature commercial products & tech skills

A2: #informix #NoSQL Ability for apps to scale out in cloud env without rearchitecture or app or database is one of the drivers.
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@artkagel @IBM_Informix That's for sure. It's more of a "fit-for-purpose database" world than "hammer SQL RDBMS into everything"

A2: #Informix #NoSQL The vast expansion in Web-scale cloud HPC has driven NoSQL adoption. Need new distributed DBs fit for that

A2: #Informix #NoSQL Another trend driving NoSQL adoption is enterprise investmt in behavioral analytics. Graph store optimized for that

A2: #Informix #NoSQL Key industry trend driving NoSQL adoption is vast expansion of unstructured analytics. NoSQL optimized for that

#informix added MongoDB style #NoSQL in v12.10, specifically, 12.10.FC2.Pretty excited to discuss those and what we've planned 4 12.10.FC3.
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Having access to multi-step transactions expands the use cases to which JSON data applies #informix
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A1: #NoSQL is set of techs designed to handle high volume of data, users -1000s of users for apps, complex queries on analytics. #informix
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A1: #Informix #NoSQL See my recent blog discussing NoSQL eventual consistency, aka lagged veracity ( )

A1: #Informix #NoSQL if there's any unifying theme to NoSQL it's need for tactical DBs that support "eventual consistency."

A1: #Informix #NoSQL NoSQL encompasses diverse approaches; key-value stores, document DBs, graph DBs, distributed file stores, etc.

A1: #Informix #NoSQL NoSQL is an umbrella term for myriad recent innovations in #bigdata analytic platforms.

@IBM_Informix @artkagel @rkeshavmurthy A pleasure to be tweeting on this fine day about #Informix #NoSQL

New #IBM jk blogpost: "Data scientists need psychological insights to tune customer analytics" ( )

New #IBM jk blogpost: "Data scientists need psychological insights to tune customer analytics" ( )

MT @IBM_Informix Join the Tweetchat on Why #NoSql and why #Informix NoSql  starts at Noon ET
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Catch me on tweetchat Feb 20, 12noon-1pm (EST), "Why #NoSQL & Why #Informix NoSQL?"

"#IBM Announces Security Forensics Capabs to Help Protect Critical Data" ( ) JK--IBM Security QRadar Incident Forensics

A8: #bigdatamgmt Info integ & gov is being reinvented as a more thoroughly automated, cross-data, general-purpose #bigdata biz infra

#BigDataMgmt: A8- A bit of both depending on area of focus. Cultural Adoption of notion of “Information is an Asset” is critical path IMHO.
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#BigDataMgmt A8: Evolution. Some #BigData are new species (e.g., sensors, IoT) that can’t be integrated and governed by universal policies
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A8 #bigdatamgmt if the technology was built 2 handle big data scale, then it's evolution - no need to reinvent / reimagine if you can adapt
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A8: #bigdatamgmt Info integ & gov tech evolving into spectrum of use cases--some heavy on gov (customer data, etc), some lite (social, etc)

A8: #bigdatamgmt Evolution is adaptive reinention. Info integr & gov tech is evolving for #bigdata, .

A7 - business user self-service - easy access to confidence and lineage via business apps, not data tools #BigDataMgmt
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A7: data integration needs still a lot of human work. Semantic interoperability could help integrate data & systs easier #bigdatamgmt
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A7: #bigdatamgmt On the data "volume" side, there is a growing need for bulk archiving of older data from system of record.

A7: #bigdatamgmt On the data "velocity" side, the low-latency of streaming data requires more real-time exception handling

A7: #bigdatamgmt On the data "variety" front, challenges of entity analytics on unstrutured data sources demand machine learning

A7: #bigdatamgmt You can measure "fall short" by data integ/gov tech abilty 2 scale 2 handle volumes, velocities, & varieties of #bigdata

A6: #bigdatamgmt Data integ/gov tech can build data confidence if you can demonstrate its efficacy. Measure results.

#BigDataMgmt A6: First, tech can help raise awareness. Then, confidence almost always initially falls as Ignorance proves not to be Bliss :)
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#BigDataMgmt: A6 – Technology can automate Policies & Standards created by #datagovernance bodies to insure #DataQuality meets requirements.
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A6: Tech can provide the intelligence and automation not easily possible through other methods. #bigdatamgmt
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A6 - #bigdata integration, profiling, governance dashboard to visualize "confidence measure" - seeing is believing #bigdatamgmt
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A6: #bigdatamgmt Technology can't work miracles. You need a strong, sustained data stewardship practice to maintain confidence

A6: #bigdatamgmt Technology--data discovery, profiling, cleansing, governance, exploration--can built confidence through visibility.

Lots of fun trying to juggle a tweetchat & an airplane meal

#BigDataMgmt A5: When verifying data from one system with another, they get two very different answers
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A5:because of lack of convo between tech & business people. They don't understand other's PoV & data usage/gathering process #bigdatamgmt
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#BigDataMgmt A5- Non-Compliance Findings, Negative Audit Results, Multiple VoT’s are common disablers of Confidence. Veracity is critical.
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A5 - no integrity - different answers from different systems - who's right? information isn't current - it's old. #bigdatamgmt
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A5: #bigdatamgmt Orgs lack confidence in data if comes from external sources of questionable provenance.

A5: Data confidence can also be lost when results are questionable. #bigdatamgmt

A5: #bigdatamgmt Orgs lack confidence in data if have too many overlapping databases in specific domain (eg. customer) w/ no consistency

A5: #bigdatamgmt Orgs likely to lack confidence in data if perception that nobody is responsible for keeping it accurate

@IBMbigdata @ocdqblog Yes - trust is fostered by allowing users to see where data came from and what was done to improve it - #bigdatamgmt
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A4: #bigdatamgmt Users are likely to trust the report if the data came from an official biz database. The report itself just a container

A4: People pull data (facts) from different sources in order to make a more convincing case. Data (sourcing) happens #bigdatamgmt
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#BigDataMgmt A4: Better point is if (when) users question data in reports, can they trace the lineage of the report’s data?
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A4 yes they challenge mundane reports. the more fantastic the #bigdata prediction, the more they will challenge - #bigdatamgmt
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Thoughts anyone? RT @ocdqblog #BigDataMgmt A4: Better point is if users question data, can they trace the lineage of the report’s data?
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A4: #bigdatamgmt You can't make a blanket generalization about whether users trust/distrust report data. Some users are most trusting

A4: #bigdatamgmt Biz users only question veracity of data in current reports if obviously inconsistent, out of date, or inaccurate

A3: #bigdatamgmt Many are still in the early pilot phase now. As companies mature, the need for confidence in Big Data will rise.
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MT @ocdqblog: #BigDataMgmt A3: By default, data confidence is high until proven otherwise, which it often is, but confidence is subjective
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A3 orgs need to set appropriate confidence level based on big data use case -doesn't need to be perfect, but better #bigdatamgmt
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A3: #bigdatamgmt Confidence level in #bigdata spurs investmts in data profiling, cleansing, & enhance tools--if data in system of record

RT @billcole_ibm: A3: Lots of articles that C-levels don't hv confidence the data #bigdatamgmt
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A3 confidence is essential to adoption and action - if users lack confidence in data, they don't believe the analytics #bigdatamgmt
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A3: #bigdatamgmt Orgs' confidence in their data is hit-and-miss. Especially if they didn't originate it & if hasn't been profiled/cleansed

A2: #bigdatamgmt Much of the time NOT spent discovering data is spent discovering statistical patterns the data reveal.

#bigdatamgmt a2: smart data platforms r making bigdata proactive. if you spend too much time trying to act on data, you need a new platform.
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A2: #bigdatamgmt In talking to businesses analysts, I'd estimate that they spend roughly 40% their time trying to find/understand data.
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A2 - worse still it's 80% x every project they do, because it's Groundhog day and orgs don't reuse technology enough! #bigdatamgmt
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A2: #bigdatamgmt Data discovery is continual rediscovery. New sources & new uses. Demand constant exploration in data integ process

A2: #bigdatamgmt Data discovery/profiling is a big % data integration level of effort. The more data variety, the bigger the challenge.

A1: Transparency is critical to trust. Trust is critical to avoiding any backlash. #BigDataMGMT
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Breaches are a serious issue, but the media will tend to ‘sensationalize’ the consequences. #bigdatamgmt
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A1: #bigdatamgmt For many years, data breeches have not eroded brand equity/reputation. Target (and many others) may change that quickly.
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A1 OfficeMax story shows the fundamentals required to avoid missteps - metadata, lineage, quality - simple problem to avoid #bigdatamgmt
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#BigDataMgmt A1 - Trust is the elephant in the room. Consumers are learning quickly whom they Trust and have confidence in regarding #PII.
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A1: #bigdatamgmt Orgs everywhere need treat increased public scrutiny on data mgmt practices as the new norm. Get your controls in place

A1: #bigdatamgmt Notion of "backlash" is a bit alarmist. I prefer to think of it as heightened popular awareness of risks of bad data mgmt

A1: #bigdatamgmt I think the "backlash" has been with us for a while, in the form of intense media, legislative, & regulatory attention

A1: #bigdatamgmt I think there will be additional regulatory scrutiny & compliance requirements in many nations on enterprise data mgt.

@IBMbigdata Glad to be aloft & atweet with you today on #bigdatamgmt

@IBMbigdata Looking forward to #bigdatamgmt tweetchat. Tweeting from an airplane seat. Only clouds outside my window.

Graph analysis? Identify happy medium btwn under- & overconnected inflncrs p1:  p2:  Wed #IBM qh

Drafted my next #IBM jk #Dataversity column: "Mitigating the Disruption of Real-World Experiments"

Drafted my #IBM blog for next week: "Mobile Data Traces The Contours Of Urban Experience"

"#Hadoop V1 Architecture Overview" ( ) JK--Nicely sequenced & visualized technical discussion.

"How #BigData Could Facilitate Selective Perception Marketing" ( ) JK--By predicting interests from past shopping behav

"#Hadoop Ecosystem Table" ( ) JK--Really good reference. Well worth bookmarking.

"Anatomy of a MapReduce Job" ( ) JK--Nice straightforward visual presentation of the flow with clear/concise text.

"#BigData will Revolutionz Cybersecurity" ( ) JK-- By 2016, >25% o firms'll adopt 4 at least 1 security/anti-fraud app

"Sensing Science? Subconscious Processing Can Aid #BigData Analysis, Say Psychologists" ( ) JK--Sound, touch, & gesture

Somebody needs to build a text filter that blocks all jokey uses of word "high" adjacent to "marijuana" & "legalization." This needs to stop

Clicked on link about "Hollywood's weirdest couple." One o them was Tom Cruise. Who as part of any couple puts it far down on weird spectrum

"What Makes U Thought Leader?" ( ) JK--IMHO dont aim so high. Simply think 4 yourself, then share. Repeat repeat repeat

"3 Ways 2 Test Accuracy o Predictive Models" ( ) JK--Compare against random rslts. Target shuffling. Bootstrap sampling

"Are We Too Stupid to Let #Watson Make Us Smarter?" ( ) JK--Huh? No! Confirmation bias is not sign of low intelligence

"Data Visualization: 3 Questions for Passing the Eye Candy Test" ( ) JK--Visually approachable? Tell story? Actionable?

What the Father of the Cell Phone says about the role of data in healthcare #IBMmobile  @martymobile

Engaging customer as individual? Abandonmt metrics as warnings &/or opps p1:  p2:  Tues #IBM q-h

Fallon off to a good start on "Tonight Show." Loved idea of having U2 perform song acoustic from the couch.

Kinda interesting compendium of Detroit area rock music venues over years ( ). I see omissions. Where's Clutch Cargo's

As befits my advanced age, I rarely stay up late. But I will make an exception tonight for Jimmy Fallon's first "Tonight Show." Go Jimmy go!

Good to see Bob Costas recovered from the nasty red-eye. I was worried about him. Not that I know him or anything.

My daughter saw a red fox in the snow in our neighbor's yard today. That's one species I've never seen in our neck of woods. Hope he returns

Meryl Davis & Charlie White train in Canton MI. I remember some bouncer-intensive rock club there circa 1980. Anybody recall th club's name?

My daughter is as addicted to Pinterest as I am to Twitter. For her it's like window shopping.

I always ignore spoiler alerts. Fun to watch the event knowing how it will end. I'm nuts.

Drafted my next #IBM blog: "Data Scientists Need Psychological Insights to Tune Customer Analytics"

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Ooh Las Vegas by Gram Parsons from Sacred Hearts & Fallen Angels JK--Totally great classic rocking country.

A8: #CXO Key change in #CX will be driven by fact that customers are far more in the know than ever before. They research online.

A8: More brands adopting tight feedback loops offered by social / review sites. May see some "adapt or die" in competitive marketplace #CXO
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#CXO A8. Lofty ambitions of companies to improve their #CX will raise the stakes for all to continue to excel, change as needed to keep pace
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A8: The importance of speed to include different #CX streams into the equation and adapt in real-time. #flexiblityiskey #cxo
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A8: #CXO #CX change also driven by aging of Baby Boomers (self-included). Will be more self-svc home-based. Less "out and about."

A8: #CXO Intensifying competition from all sides changing #CX. You will be competing with very different kinds of companies.

A8: #CXO Social, mobile, & cloud make #CX multichannel, virtual, real-time. Historical precedents are few. Uncharted territory

A8: #CXO Demographic shifts driving #CX change in coming years. Different expectations by Millennials.

#CXO A7. Many ways to get input from both groups. Seek rich qualitative through interviews, panels, focus groups, storytelling.
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A7: Provide the ability to poll all involved with the #CX change process while it's in progress, from within a collaboration tool #CXO
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A7: #CXO Front-line employees know best & first of #CX stinks. Continuous front-line feedback essential to isolating problems

A7: #CXO Cust/employee feedback should help to attribute specific employee actions to sustainable #CX improvement.

Intrinsic motivators facilitate ‘sticky’ change; extrinsic motivators work but do not encourage long term #CX change. #cxo
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A6: #CXO The incentive of professional recognition: recognize top employees with strongly positive #CX metrics.

A6: #CXO #CX change not something you implement overnight. Incentives for improving it must be tied to multi-year results

A6: #CXO The incentive of pride: everybody in org--front-line and back-office--must take pride in customer satisfaction.

RT @Aimee_Lucas #CXO A5. Executives need to craft clear vision and “why” and be persistent in leading change over time
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A5: you need internal CXO evangelist who can convince management to sponsor change in organisation and services #cxo
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#CXO A5. Employees can be change agents - they inspire and influence their coworkers to “give it a try” when others see peers succeeding
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A5: #CXO C-level exec(s) in customer service, marketing, and/or sales need to "own" #CX change project. Mgmt w/mandate & budget

A5: #CXO Change agent for #CX change may be front-line personnel who feel brunt of customer ire from today's bad experience

A5: #CXO If the competition is already doing #CX change well w/clear payoff, competitive pressure may be key "change agent"

A4 I assumed that #CX change in this context comes hand in hand with executive sponsorship. Without that, it's sunk. @charlieisaacs #cxo
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A4: #CXO You may encounter major internal resistance to #CX change is no solid business justifcation with ROI

A4 Reward #cx change, monetarily, socially, & remove those rewards from the status quo. #cxo
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A4: #CXO You may be proposing a #CX change that some resist till they see it in practice. Demos & pilots may be needed

A4: #CXO Depending on how extensive it is, #CX change may involve major biz proc reeeng (ie., cost, time, resources, disruption)

A4: #CXO Every current #CX, no matter how horrendous, has defenders. Many people simply resist change.

A3: Increased sales and #NPS scores are a good measure of #CX change #cxo
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A3:collect customer behavior data, analyse & model, rethink our services from customer's PoV, change,monitor, analyse again and adapt #cxo
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A3: #CXO Do A/B testing of different #CX changes (or absence of changes) in different channels. Compare the results statistically.

A3 Create a control group and measure the before and after - focus on outcomes #cxo
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A3: #CXO Measure impact of #CX change by doing before/after studies. What was baseline #CX prior to the change? Did change help?

A3: #CXO Measure #CX change impact via retentions, renewals, upsell, satis surveys, etc. Need stat controls 2 isolate #CX impact

A2: #CXO Should have strong tooling for mapping #CX journey: cust acq, retention, buying, influencing, etc.

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A2:Make holistic unified UX in B&M & on-line. B&M & online-shopping should complete each other. Location awareness + AR mobile appls #cxo
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A2: #CXO #CX change requires multichan sys of engage 4 seamless cust handoff: portal to mobile to social to POS to call ctr to ......

A2: #CXO Enabling technologies for #CX change include #bigdata, predictive modeling, behavioral analysis, performance dashboards

A1: #CXO #CX improvement enables you to hold & satisfy customers without having to lowball the market. Better margins.

A1. #cx provides organic growth which has a low acquisition cost. The bottom line and CFO love that #cxo
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A1 If the marketing doesn't match the #CX then it equates hypocrisy in the mind of the consumer. #cxo
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A1: #CXO If you provide total brand experience in customer comfort zone, it's enduring advantage. Rivals can't encroach

A1: #CXO If you satisfy the customer, you keep them longer, build word-of-mouth,& grow sales, revenues, & profits.

@IBMbigdata A pleasure to be on this latest #CXO tweetchat

All #CEM, 10 min 2 #CXO chat: Sustaining #CX change w/ @Aimee_Lucas & @MarcioOnTW  #voc #nps #custexp
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Real-world experiments? Disrupting your enterprise while mitigating risks p1:  p2:  Mon #IBM q-h

Bode Miller's emotional breakdown at memory of his recently departed brother at the end of his Olympic career was my favorite moment of all

Announcer pronounces it "Caca-zus Mountains." Sounds like a Borscht Belt punchline.

Men's bobsled would be more aerodynamic if all the guys were named Bob.

If they could make the Winter Olympics less slippery, all these athletes wouldn't wipe out so much. Has anybody ever suggested that?

Love "Doc Martin" series 6. One quibble: they've made cop Joe Penhale an even more 1-dimensional buffoon. Every other character is realistic