Sunday, February 12, 2017

Aweekstweets January 14 to February 12 2017: the weeks of waiting and then hating the snow

I've come to accept Donald Trump's essential humanity. No choice. None of the other primate species will have anything to do with him.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Touch of the Blues by Bobby "Blue" Bland from That Did It!: Duke Recordings, Vol 3 JK--1967. Dramatic voice-breaks!

U don’t want 2 B the person in noisy restaurant who sits on his keyless remote while in parking lot your horn honks endlessly. U just don’t

I’ve decided to forgive & forget. But I’ve forgotten what it was I’d decided to forgive. Nevertheless, I forgive myself for forgetting that.

 “What’s an EGOT? The most coveted achievement in Hollywood explained” ( ) JK--Fun fact: Honorees known as “EGOTists.

 “How a #blockchain transaction works () JK-Relies on PKI, trust web, & distrib secure transaction middleware.

"Edge computing deserves a spot in your big data playbook" JK--Edge/IoT apps will dominate your SW dev playbook too

Have several trips planned, some o which may or may not be impacted by predictions of snow in various & sundry places. Too many variables!

Pondering the unbearable lightness of being, the being of unbearable lightness, and the lightness of being unbearable. Heavy thoughts, all.

Ambling around Wegman’s in my usual post-workout low-energy daze. Not had lunch yet. Risk getting carried away w/those little wine samples

As I grow older, I don’t worry about going senile. I just worry about not achieving the last item on my bucket list: see Nile.

"Pros and Cons of AI Generated Content" ( ) JK--Con: "It Can’t Come up with New Ideas and Lacks Common Sense."

"PaddlePaddle" ( ) JK--Baidu's open-sourced deep-learning platform. Them: "Our vision is to enable DL for everyone"

"YouTube-BoundingBoxes Dataset" ( ) JK--Vast open human-annotated training-video-data trove 4 DL developers everywhere

"Google DeepMind researches why robots kill" ( ) JK--Geez, now you've gone & done it, put ideas into their tinny heads

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp London by Noonday Underground from Self-Assembly JK--2001. Very irresistibly impatient urban drive to this beat.

"Gee Jim you write all this original data-science stuff but you're not a data scientist. How do you do that?" Me: "I pay close attention."

"The Data Science Behind AI" ( ) JK--First chart nicely aligns AL/ML/DL/neural net approaches with chief use cases.

"Your car's data may soon B more valuable than the car itself" ( ) JK--Possible reason you should own car, not do Uber

Feeling old isn't necessarily a bad thing. Having a long life is an accomplishment, like any other. If you've lived it, don't live it down.

Drafted 2 #KDNuggets articles: "Cooperative Trust Among Neural Networks Drives Deeper Learning" & "Homebrewed Deep Learning & DIY Robotics"

I'm not a young man anymore. We're expecting our first grandchild next month. Life throws milestones at you whether you like it or not.

Catch me et al next Wednesday, Feb 15, on IBM ML Launch Event livestream from NYC. Register here to view:  #IBMML

"Artificial intuition will supersede AI, experts say" ( ) JK--Not so fast. That's just different AI training data set

"Machine learning in hybrid transaction/analytics processing" ( ) New #IBMML podcast: Jeff Josten w/James Kobielus

"Big blues: IBM's remote-worker crackdown is companywide, including engineers" ( ) JK--Yes, I too am affected by this

Nice to be home. Feeling all homely tonight. Like a lazy graying drift of old snow.

Dodged nor’easter in Boston by diverting to Detroit. Now I’m a sitting duck for a mi’wester. Hope I’m not clobbered by sou’easter going home

What!? Detroiters actually FLY to Grand Rapids? Have Michiganians become wimps since I fled the area? Drive 4 cryin out loud! You make cars!

Good ol' Romulus, Michigan. I grew up just north of here & never had a clue what's in Romulus, other than Detroit Metro Airport.

"Personality Not Specs: Designing Social Robots" ( ) JK--We'll pick personal robots 4 personalities compatible w/ours

"What we can learn from Alexa’s mistakes" ( ) JK--Chatbots fail when users need 2 repeat or R repeatedly misunderstood

CIO Insights: Hitting the accelerator on app development while meeting the expectations of your CIO 

"Sports Illustrated"? Where are the illustrations? All I see are a bunch of photographs. Did they lay off all the watercolorists?

Still wrapping my head around the fact that the name of a data scientist doing genomics deep learning is “Cotton Seed.”

"Clipper: A Low-Latency Online Prediction Serving System" ( ) JK--UC-Berkeley RiseLab proj discussed at #SparkSummit

"GGL new AI system unscrambles pixelated faces" ( ) JK--Everybody gets a little pixelated now & then. Hair of the dog!

Press room at #SparkSummit. That’s not me. Wait a sec. I write columns for InfoWorld Dataversity TechTarget and now Datanami. That’s me!

New #IBM jk #Datanami column: "How Spark Illuminates Deep Learning" ( ) #ApacheSpark #MachineLearning #SparkSummit

Innovation through digital intelligence 

In <100 a="" code="" href="" lines="" o="" target="_blank" title=""> 

"Once More into the Data Lake" ( ) JK--Hey @BarryDevlin , here's my "data lake" definition: 

"AI Will Surpass Human Ability Before Century Is Over" ( ) JK--Already has. FB's bot recognizes faces faster than me

"AI’s Next Big Step: Reinforcemt Learning" ( ) JK--Has uses but not "next big step." Not geared 2 flexbl learning Xfer

"Elon Musk's Surprising Reason Why Everyone Will Be Equal in Future" ( ) JK--Sounds like microchips-in-brains humbug

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Single Again by The Fiery Furnaces JK--2005. One o those rare songs that ardently wish for redeeming power of divorce

Reptiles proved that amphibians can scale. Dinosaurs proved that scale isn't everything.

" #IBM: We’re the Red Hat of Deep Learning" ( ) JK--PowerAI: enterprise-level DL distribution now includes TensorFlow

Boston. I think the name derives from "St. Buttocks Town." But that can't be right. Help me out here.

Wife used emoji on me tonight for 1st time. Had to ask her to explain what she meant. Must know what the significant other is signifying.

Tired of folks saying they "can't write blogs." Give me th tired, th poor, th wretched refuse of yr verbal spew. I'll edit it into blogshape

Trump loves Putin, no doubt. Does this POTUS also wish to rehabilitate Stalin & Ivan Th Terrible's respective reputations? That'd B sporting

I'm here in Boston for #SparkSummit. Not much spark in the mid-winter atmosphere around these parts. Drabbest drippiest New England slush.

"Super TicTacToe Bot" ( ) JK--The best minds of a generation are applying advanced algorithms to gradeschool pastimes

After Trump builds his wall, I assume that a piranha-filled moat will be phase two.

"Intricacies o Traffic Sign Classific w/TensorFlow" ( ) JK--Nice demo of DL predictive accuracy sensitivity to preproc

Thank you Facebook for informing me which friends are in the area thru which I'm connecting at the airport. I must change my travel plans.

5 key attributes of effective data monetization strategy 

The Symbiotic Relationship between IoT and Analytics 

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Totally Wired by The Last Shadow Puppets from The Dream Synopsis JK--2016. Great cover of The Fall.

"Uber hires NASA veteran to work on flying autonomous cars" ( ) JK--Goal: deploy from "vertiports" throughout a city

Life stays infinitely interesting. But can't always be sure it's interesting for you. Someone's interests will always have the upper hand.

"Humans Working Behind AI Curtain" ( ) JK--Supervised learning relies on training-data labeling? OMG! Stop th presses!

"Facebook’s AI now lets you search for photos by content" ( ) JK--Query image content by natural language, not tags.

"This AI Can Diagnose a Rare Eye Condition as Well as a Human Doctor" ( ) JK--Tailor-made for deep convolutional nets

"This wearable will tell how other people are feeling from tone of voice" ( ) JK--How do they feel about my wearable?

New #IBMInterConnect jk blog: "Connecting you with collab data science, data engineering, & data app devel" (

IBM’s big data meetup program approaches a significant milestone 

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp 'Show You The Way by Thundercat (feat. Michael McDonald & Kenny Loggins) JK--2017. Holy '70s Easy Listening, Batman!

Catch #IBM this week at #SparkSummit East 2017 Boston ( ). I'll be there.

"Cafe X opens in San Francisco, bringing robots to the coffee shop" ( ) JK--Being trained to misspell your name on cup

"Using Machine Learning to predict parking difficulty" ( ) JK--Overkill. 100% of time, I have parking difficulty in SF

"Build a super fast deep learning machine for under $1,000" ( ) JK--Startups, hackers, & hobbyists: take note!

"SimGANs: Unsupervised Learning, Self Driving Cars" ( ) JK--GANs minimize skew btwn synthetic training data & labels

"Unsolved Problems in AI" ( ) JK--Wow! Excellent compendium. Well worth studying.

"Experts have 23 guidelines to avoid AI apocalypse" ( ) JK--23? Geez. By time we learn 'em, the zombies will have won!

"Deep Learning for Noobs [Part 1]" ( ) JK--That's a cinch. I've already advanced to "Deep Learning for Nudniks."

"AI Tapped to Improve Design" ( ) JK--Machine learning 2 help electronx designers predict complx performance scenarios

"The Beginning Of A New Age For Artificial Intelligence" ( ) JK--Forrester publishes excellent TechRadar study on AI.

Caught "Hell or High Water" on DVD. Well-told story of desperate brothers robbing banks in 21st Century smalltown Texas. Chris Pine shines.

"'Partnership on AI' Gathers Tech Giants/Academics to Dev AI Responsibly" ( ) JK--One of several AI/ethics initiatives

Google's natural-language translation getting good. Over weekend, it translated my English tech gobbledygook to Indonesian tech gobbledygook

Another day another spammed batch of "LEGIT 0PP0RTUNITIES T0 GENERATE EXTRA INC0ME 0NLINE 0N DAILY BASIS." Glad they vouchd 4 its legitimacy

"Leading People Too Smart to Be Led" ( ) JK--Unfortunate headline. Falsely implies intelligence breeds arrogance.

Hey Delta, if you want my feedback on my last flight so badly, howsabout giving me a free upgrade on my next? Whatcha say? Deal?

Lady Gaga isn’t my cup of tea. But I’ve enjoyed the fleeting samples of Vampire Weekend on those Super Bowl commercials.

Watching the Super Bowl. Rooting against Brady. Just because.

New #IBM #SparkSummit podcast "Data science transformation thru Spark on hybrid cloud" ( ) S. Dobrin with J. Kobielus

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp 96 Tears by Big Maybelle from America's Queen Mother of Soul Got a Brand New Bag JK--1967. Great full-throated soul.

Here’s my all-purpose benediction: May good fortune rain down upon you in any currency your heart desires: cash, acclaim, and/or contentment

"Philosophical Data Scientist" ( ) JK--Sez I'm data scientist & began as "classically trained economist." Double nope

"Microsoft's AI & Speech Breakthrus Eclipsed by New #IBM Watson Platform" ( ) JK--From Nov 2016. Quotes 1 of my blogs

Reminiscing about childhood neighbors with smelly houses: the smokers, the pet owners, the heavy grease cookers. Ah, gross times!

Jerry Seinfeld takes pride in working clean. That’s why he pushed back when producers suggested he do it as “Comedians in Cars Getting Laid”

Idle Saturday musings. Still wondering whether the Reba referenced in the B-52s’ “52 Girls” was Reba McEntire. Got money riding on it.

Trump calls actual judge whose ruling he disagrees with a “so-called judge.” So I guess it’s OK to refer to Trump as “so-called president.”

Thanks but no thanks iPhone weather app. Snow is not approaching my area nor has it precipitated the last dozen or so times you warned me.

Donations to ACLU are booming. I assume that UCLA also benefiting. Anti-Trump sentiment so strong people can’t see straight.

Wrote my next KDnuggets column on a plane. Wish I could say I wrote it on a higher plane. But that would be pretentious.

IBM’s big data meetup program approaches a significant milestone 

What's with these invites to events with all-uppercase names? I want to exhibit at ALL-CAPS WORLD. All booths come equipped with bullhorns.

3 signs it's time to evolve start-up thinking to support growth  by @IBMServices' Philip... 

The capital of Texas isn’t weird in the least. If I had to name what its certain something is, I’d say it’s ostentatious.

 “Hydration station”? My favorite passage from the Book of Genesis was the part about hydration covering the face of the earth.

"Want to be a software developer? Time to learn AI and data science" ( ) JK--Next-gen app developer is data scientist

"Use deep learning on data U already have" ( ) JK--Lorica rocketship analogy: big engine (model) + lotsa fuel (data)

"Seven Trends & Predictions for 2017" ( ) JK--"Confluence" isn't a trend. It's an abstract sigh of analytical fatigue

"5 Ways The IoT Could Change The World" ( ) JK--Please be more specific than "greater business potential."

Headlines about "10 ways [x] could change world" are total cop-out. U can shove endless nonsense behind "could." Magic? Miracles? Dumb luck?

"Facebook brings GPU-powered ML 2 Python" ( ) JK--PyTorch lets developer modify existing NN w/out rebuild from scratch

Laura tells me my voice sounds higher pitched over the phone than in person. Yes, I actually work my throat as much as my sinus cavity.
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Forrester's Laura Ramos sure knows B2B marketing. That was one excellent workshop. I'm a practitioner of those arts. I found much of value.

New #IBMML podcast: "Machine learning in the evolution of data science" ( ) Steven Astorino w/ James Kobielus

At #ibminterconnect there is no shortage of insightful content. Make sure you don't miss out 

The talent keeps coming in for #ibminterconnect. Will you be there? 

What are you most looking forward to at IBM InterConnect 

"Which Social App Will Be the 1st to Harness AI?" ( ) JK--"Will"? Article details how deeply entrenched it already is

"What’s the Difference Between AI, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning?" ( ) JK--DL focuses on kittycat recognition
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"More Help on the Way for Democratizing Artificial Intelligence" ( ) JK--Tough nut to crack. Fearsomely complex field

Groundhog Day. Here we go again. Same thing every year. Yet another Groundhog Day. Will we ever break this annual cycle o rodent revelation?

Dear Hotels w/Complimentary In-Room Coffee: Please also offer conveniently placed unused in-room electrical outlets for plugging the maker

"Rise Of AI Will Force Data Scientists 2 Evolve Or Get Left Behind" ( ) JK-Places AI in history o software development

"iSee: Using DL to remove eyeglasses from faces" ( ) JK--Autoencoders recover face, hyperparameter tweaks remove specs

Was congratumiserating with my older brother on his attaining the big 6-0. I'll take always take comfort in the fact that he is indeed old

Great restaurant conversation. But I'm still sure my 2 Jimmy Carter & 2 Al Gore encounters beat my new boss' 1 casual chat w/George W Bush

Fun fact: I would have become an Austinite if Madison hadnt made me a better offer. Major universities long ago realized Jimmy has his price

Quite a happy surprise to meet my colleague Doreen Dunn in her glorious real person in Austin. We're exactly the same people as on the phone

Austin. Let's see....turn left on Capital of Texas Hwy. Note to self: suggest rename Pennsylvania Ave "Capital of Whole Damn USA Boulevard"

"What Everyone is not Telling You about AI" ( ) JK--"'s run by a big eastern syndicate, Charlie Brown!"

"Choosing a Software Approach 4 Large-Scale IoT Deployments" ( ) JK--IoT app mgt w/containerized deployment automation

Somebody reviewed book: "a long, depressing read, but worth it." Thanks. I'll put it last on my bucket list for casual deathbed reading

"Learning Policies 4 Learning Policies:  Meta Reinforcement Learning (RL²) in Tensorflow" ( ) JK--Full-meta jacket?

"Global AI startup financing hit $5bn in 2016" ( ) JK--Zoinks! That's some serious Scooby Snacks for pet AI ventures!

"Deep Learning'll Radically Change Ways We Interact w/Tech" ( ) JK--Good discuss o need 4 mktplace o reusable DL nets

All-hands meetings get out of control when you ask for a show of hands. Best to ask each of the individual digits to account for themselves

"Onward & upward" too wimpy a slogan. I prefer the bolder "onward, upward, outward, inward, forward, backward, & awkward." Covers all bases

" #IBM #OpenPOWER Moves on Deep Learning with a Vengeance" ( ) JK--Quoth @Enderle "IBM kicked some butt today"

" #IBM and #TensorFlow: Myriad Benefits of Customer Choice" ( ) JK--Charles @pund_it King on recent AI/DL announcement

SparkR: Transforming R into a tool for big data analytics 

New #IBMML podcast: "Machine learning in the private cloud" ( ) @robdthomas with @jameskobielus

Drafted the inaugural #IBM jk #Datanami column: "How Spark Illuminates Deep Learning."

"Mr ED." Fun fact: horse adopted that stagename when took up acting; moniker refers to issue that derailed original "out to stud" ambitions

Thank you spam for notifying me that my tax refund is on the way. Amazing world we live in when the govt gives back even before I've filed.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Blank Generation by Richard Hell & The Voidoids JK--1977. Richard Meyers belongs to 60s hippie generation. Born 1949

"The cost of renting just one room in San Francisco: $$$$$$" ( ) JK--OMG! ~$1,100-1,700. Apt is ~$3500. YIkes!

Weekly message digests on LinkedIn tech groups I'm a member of have really slacked off. Many new "Big Data" posts are on male enhancement.

First IBM France Sparkathon a winning success 

Next-generation business analytics: Intersection of discovery and dashboards 

"AI principles" ( ) JK-Research/ethics/risk mitigation etc principles worked out at recent Asilomar conference.

"The United States Of Artificial Intelligence Startups" ( ) JK--Top state for AI startups is California (duh!).

Keynoting this morning at The Conference Board in NYC on trends in deep learning, data science, AI, & big data analytics. Snow expected.

"Beyond 'Brogrammers': Can AI create a meritocracy?" ( ) JK--Term in quote marks almost made me do a spit-take. LOL!

"AI building blocks: The eggs, the chicken, and the bacon" ( ) JK--Where are the omelets in this analogy? I'm hungry!

"Neural Architecture Search w/ RL" ( ) JK--Title a bit opaque: it's neural nets that build/optimize other neural nets

"State of Jupyter" ( ) JK--Proj 2 create ecosys o OSS tools 4 interactive computation/analys with iterative human loop

Learn to maximise value from the #IoT. Attend this free IoT Workshop in your city  #cloud #Informix

Achieving Hybrid IT: Five Database Must-Haves for meeting evolving Needs  #DB2 #security #cloud

The new president needs a headcheck as much or more as he needs a factcheck. More, actually.

"TensorFlow 1.0 unlocks machine learning on smartphones" ( ) JK--Via experimental compiler: Accelerated Linear Algebra

Necessary Properties for artificial general intelligence to be AGI"

"Robots & drones take over classrooms" ( ) JK--Old news. I had my fair share o robotic profs who droned on incessantly

New #IBMInterConnect jk Tumblr blog: "IBM InterConnect 2017 connects you with cloud-based data analytics" ( )

IBMers illuminate new ideas based on Watson 

Artificial Intelligence Doesn't Just Cut Costs, It Expands Business Brainpower 

#SparkSummit My interview with Holden. 

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp 99 Luftballoons by Nena JK--1984. Anti-war lyric inspired by thought of West Berlin balloons floating over to East

"The merging of humans and machines is happening now" ( ) JK--It's been happening as long as we've been building them

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp 3/5 of a Mile in 10 Seconds by Jefferson Airplane frm Surrealistic Pillow JK--1967. Awesome opening cut on classic LP

"How do Generative Adversarial Networks intuitively work?" ( ) JK--Bot-to-bot human-free Imitation Game with AI/ML/DL

"Deep learning algo does as well as dermatologists in ID'ng skin cancer" ( ) JK--Compiling training data was tricky

"Partnership on AI to Benefit People & Society" ( ) JK--Humanitarian group trustees incl ACLU, MacArthur Fdn, & #IBM

"Google wants to add AI to Raspberry Pi gadgets" ( ) JK--Open-source deep learning smarts on open-source hardware?

Doing another keynote at another NYC event this week. They’ve given me wider scope to range around in. Wondering where to start.

"Using ML-driven mktg optzn 2 solve attribution conundrum" ( ) JK--Nutshell: fine-grained A/B testing within campaigns

Another quiet Sunday @ home, another telemarketer. "Hello this is [x]. This call is being recorded." Me: "Hello, this call is being hung up"

Next 4 years will involve staying calm & focused while an abusive threatening powerful bully screams non-stop in our faces.

Now that Twitter has been weaponized as a channel for political warfare, I’m going to tweet from the trenches. Nice dirt down here, eh?

Gong xie fat choi!

New #IBM jk blog: "Internet of Things: Setting business vision on speed and agility" ( )

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Cowboys Are Frequently Secretly (Fond of Each Other) by Willie Nelson JK--2006. Some serious truth-telling here.

Don't miss out on MD CTO Adrian Gropper at #ibminterconnect: 

Is your #ITinfrastructure secure? Learn from industry experts at #ibminterconnect 

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp You'll Never Walk Alone by Gerry & The Pacemakers JK--1964 Merseybeat. Orig 1945 Rodgers & Hammerstein "Carousel"

"Machine Learning and Statistical Algorithms: Training With Everything We’ve Got" ( ) JK--He's onto something.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp I'm Set Free by Brian Eno from The Ship JK--2016. Excellent straightforward Velvet Underground cover.

"Dominant Life Form in Cosmos Probably Superintelligent Robots" ( ) JK--Don't fool yrself. It's probably single-celled

"What prod breakthrus'll recent advances in DL enable?" ( ) JK--Inter alia, customizd data compress & comprssv sensing

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp How It Ends by DeVotchKa from How It Ends JK--2004. No need for spoiler alert. You already know how this will end

"AI Software Learns to Make AI Software" ( ) JK--Need ML-driven approaches 4 hyperparameter selection & algo training
"Putting science back in data sci" ( ) JK--"Harder 2 ensure reproducblty 4 complic8d data pipelins & modlng technques"

"Good fences (btwn data science & production) make good neighbors" ( ) JK--Smooth handoff from featurization 2 scoring

"There Are Lies, Damn Lies, And Journalism" ( ) JK--Nice try, Vincent, but let's not play into Trump's gaslighting.

"Taxonomy of 3D DataViz" ( ) JK--Allocentric vs. egocentric visualization. Anchored in objectivity vs subjectivity

"Doomsday Prep 4 th Super-Rich" ( ) JK--Another manifestation of th narcissism that drives some 2 acquire filthy lucre

"How to #StayOutraged Without Losing Your Mind" ( ) JK--Smart "self-care lessons for the resistance."

"IBM Expands Choices for PowerAI Developers with TensorFlow" ( ) JK--Also, new GBS deep learning design/develpmnt team

" #IBM ML server adds TensorFlow" ( ) JK--PowerAI on Power8 & Nvidia GPUs now supports Google deep learning framework
Dear News Media: There’s absolutely no need to use this idiot’s propagandistic term “America First.” Report it for what it is: isolationism

A reasonable sort of day. The day reasoned with me and we arrived at a mutually beneficial arrangement. The sun set as we settled.

This just in: China and the ghost of Emperor Hadrian have whispered to Donald Trump their secrets for building secure border walls.

"With Single Tweet, Elon Musk Showd Why U Should Lease Tesla (Insted o Buying)" ( ) JK--A single tweet! So f-ing what!

"C-suite"? Honestly, the only sea suite I'd like to occupy is a first-class cabin on a luxury ocean liner.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Chloe Dancer/Crown of Thorns by Mother Love Bone JK--1989. Puts extra syllable in "matter": "doesnt really mat-EE-er"

Offline-first web and mobile apps: Top frameworks and components 

Blockchain is transforming the future. Attend #ibminterconnect and hear from the best 

My worst tech purchase ever? Probably that home computer long ago with Windows Millennium Edition. Single worst OS I've ever used.

"Feature hashing for scalable machine learning" ( ) New #IBM #SparkSummit podcast. Nick Pentreath with James Kobielus

New #IBM jk #makedatasimple blog: “Going beyond collaboration to achieve data-driven success” ( )

I too will mourn MTM in private with a little song, a little dance, a little seltzer down the pants.

RIP Mary Tyler Moore. Best sitcom of the 70s. So many memorable episodes. Remember her breakdown at Chuckles' funeral? Absolutely hysterical

Keynoted today on team data science at Velocity Network's event, NYC. Great group of startups, including #IBM partners Continuum & RStudio

If Whoopi Goldberg married Scooby Doo, she'd be Whoopi Doo.

"RISELab make apps smarter & more secure" ( ) JK--AI-driven autom8d environmntlly contxtual real-time machine response

Apples that don't turn brown. Excellent: an organic substitute for the wax fruit that realtors display in dishes in homes they're showing.

"Artificial intelligence could help fight financial fraud" ( ) JK--Already is. Intelligent dynamic transaction scoring

If any sufficiently advanced tech is indistinguishable from magic, what is any sufficiently advanced magic indistinguishable from? Fraud?

"Artificial Immune Systems May Be Future of Cybersecurity" ( ) JK--Generative adversarial nets & evolutionary algos?

Somebody's marketing department has a "Suggestions Team" sending me messages. Note to self: we need a "Hypnotic Suggestions Team."

For some reason, the late Ernest Borgnine is trending. His 100th birthday was yesterday. Fun fact: his handlers scrapped plans for Borg10

Thanks Facebook for informing me that Tom Kobielus is nearby. Please also confirm that he’s my brother. You have fancy algorithms for that.

 “Super Bowl LI”? Geez,enough with the Roman numerals already! Why not stage it in the Colosseum with swords, sandals, and gladiators?

I heard that this past Friday was declared a National Day of Public Revulsion. What have you heard?

I joined AARP for a while but then aged out of their demographic. So I've joined a group for people who are freaked out about aging: AARGH!

In 1 hour! Join @StevenDickens3 @jameskobielus @majorhayden @GuyShone for a crowdchat on IT architecture. Follow #ibminterconnect at 12P ET.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Poetry (with the Jayhawks) by Ray Davies from Americana JK--2017. His voice hasn't changed. This is great.

"Self-driving cars could be boon for Americans with disabilities" ( ) JK--Fundamental for disabled people everywhere

Crawl With Analytics Before Running With Artificial Intelligence 

In the age of data: Data not Dada, part 2 

IBM Analytics Insights Podcasts by IBM on iTunes 

Ah yes for the 1st time since the inauguration the sun has come out here in The Nation's Capital. That doesn't mean it's sunny in Washington

"5 Positions Companies Need 2 Navigate Cognitive Digital Transfrm8n" ( ) JK--"Taxonomy curator"? That's "data steward"

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Marquee Moon by Television from Marquee Moon JK--1977. Classic LP received zero rock-radio airplay in its day.

"How 2 train generative adversarial network?" ( ) JK--Shows fuzzy line between scientific tactics & statistical tricks

"10 Troubling Habits o Unhappy People" ( ) JK--"Unhappiness lethal to everyone around U, just like secondhand smoke"

"Data Science Automation 4 Big Data & IoT Envmts" ( ) JK--Overstates feasibility of automating results interpretation

"Why I Only Work Remotely" ( ) JK--Makes good case for "results-only work environment" over "butts-in-seats thinking"

Trump’s been in office less than 4 days & already the Washington Post has dozen inside sources dishing dirt on turmoil in the administration

Yoga teacher has got me proficient in the down dog. Next she's going to teach me to roll over, bark, and fetch frisbees with my teeth.

"Respect the office"? I remember Nixon. I was in high school. I didn't feel it was my patriotic duty to respect an office-holding crook.

"Mean tweets"? I think late-night shows should require every actor/actress to recite mean clickbait: "Why Hollywood won't cast me anymore."

Was a fairly nice day, in spite of the rain, the wind, the cold, the gloom, the state of the world, having to see the dentist, & other crap

Catch me speaking on Wed, Jan 25, at Velocity Network's Data Analytics Event, NYC ( ). "Data Science As a Team Sport"

One of those kinds of days where just hunker down & read through work files that I hadn't delved terribly deeply into. Forced self to focus

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp What Part of Me by Low from Ones and Sixes JK--2015. Nice plaintive mid-tempo song with relaxing beat.

How could Akamai update its finance and #HR solutions ‘in-flight’? Read the case study: ... 

Be connected to your products & services like never before, from conception to distribution. See how:... 

What does #DigitalReinvention mean? We'll explain 1/25 during our CrowdChat. Register now: 

"Robot Cars to Descend on 10 Sites US Names as Proving Grounds" ( ) JK--One of which is Willow Run, near Ypsilanti MI

"How Will AI Affect Your Life | Jeff Dean | TEDxLA" ( ) JK--OMG. Mr. "I'm kinda old" is 10 years younger than me.

"Analyzing Papers Behind Facebook's Computer Vision Approach" ( ) JK--Dissects how they're getting scary-good at this

"Hidden Figures & #IBM 7090 computer" ( ) JK--One of 1st computers architected from a then-new invention: transistors

"How to make sure future connected car is secure" ( ) JK--Entire vehicular ecosys/lifecycle, including regs/insurance

"Attribution & Strategy: yr mktg $ at work" ( ) JK--That's just ads. Good luck attributing ROI to social mktg tactics

"Can computers think?" ( ) JK--Tests: Turing (imitation), Winograd (pronoun disambigu8n), Searle (true understanding).

Sunday morning's the best at th fitness center. Not many members there yet. I switch my workout around. I work the weights, skimp the cardio

"Why AI is about to make some of the highest-paid doctors obsolete" ( ) JK--I'd prefer we start with Drs. Phil & Oz.

"Trump Attacks News Media Over Reporting on Crowd Sizes" ( ) JK--Size indeed matters. He's already insecure over his.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Takin' Another Man's Place by Aretha Franklin from The Delta Meets Detroit: Aretha's Blues JK--1998. Digs into him.

In this new era of journalism, factchecks will be embedded in every story. Journalists will hone 5 Ws, one H, and one big honkin’ WTF!

2016 #AI Recap: Startups See Record High In Deals & Funding  @CBinsights

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp People Got a Lotta Nerve by Neko Case from Middle Cyclone JK--2009. Her voice always feels like a friend come calling

"Kristen Stewart has co-authored paper on AI" ( ) JK--Deep learning powered cinematic "style transfer"

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Misery is a Butterfly by Blonde Redhead from Misery is a Butterfly JK-2004. This has quite an orchestral uplift.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp I Wish I Knew How It Would Feel to Be Free by Nina Simone JK--1967. Great uplifting melody & sentiment.

For some obnoxious reason, Twitter auto-followed me to some "President Trump" personage. I've blocked that and reported it as abusive.

Trump’s presidency is a constant reminder of how reality shows ruined television.

Geez enough of the "Jim you should be a professor" and "Jim you should be on Jeopardy." Like I need starvation wages or more exposure.

Deep breathing kicks in automatically these days. I’m stretching my full body length to keep the chi flowing. Did I just say “chi”?

Chilling. Chilling. Stuff blows over. Stuff blows over.

Improving financial performance with predictive analytics 

Detecting complex fraud in real time with graph databases 

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Streets o Bakersfield by Buck Owens JK--1973. Spent a night on the can? Eat more fiber. Oh, it's "in" the can. Nvrmnd

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Where Grass Won't Grow by George Jones JK--1969. The man certainly had a velvety beautiful voice.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp In Th Good Ol Days (When Times Were Bad) by DParton JK--1969. They don't make anti-nostalgia songs like this anymore

"Deep Learning Enables You to Hide Screen when Your Boss is Approaching" ( ) JK--Not exactly a boss-sanctioned DL app

"Isaac Asimov: How 2 Never Run Out o Ideas Again" ( ) JK--Plagiarism? No. Just B restlessly relentlessly self-involved

I've had enough of top trends in big data. I'm on the hunt now for big trends in top data. Wish me luck.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp It's a Shame About Ray by The Lemonheads JK--1992. Love that studio trick where Dando's voice sustains between verses

" #IBM Delivers New All-flash Storage 4 Cognitive Workloads" ( ) JK--Optimizd 4 ML, speech recog, video analytics, etc

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp John Hughes by Tim Cohen from Luck Man JK--2017. I like this. Has a feeling of being on the road, slightly lost.

Thanks spam for notifying me of all the Fedex packages waiting for me and all the bucks Paypal has coming my way. I am truly blessed.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp The Lightning by Wussy from Attica! JK--2014. Love how they interweave their voices amid the electric guitars.

New #IBM jk #Dataversity column: “Machine Learning & Statistical Algorithms: Training w/Everything We’ve Got” ( …)

Defining smart business intelligence solutions 

"A Study of Count-Based Exploration for Deep RL" ( ) JK--Disappointed. I thought it was The Count from Sesame Street

"Deep Learning for Self-Driving Cars" ( ) JK--Deep gratis course materials from those fine Boston boffins at MIT.

The trick of speed-analyzing a tech article is to impatiently search for the thesis, then to pith it tweetily with pinpoint brevity.
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"Applying deep learning to Related Pins" ( ) JK--Pinterest uses deep neur net to contextlze Pins wrt pinner activities

"AI: ...Products from CES 2017" ( ) JK--See here ( ) for self-driving car "levels" discussed

"Nadella Warns Against ‘Hubris’ Amid AI Growth" ( ) JK--I warn against overuse o "hubris." "Overweening pride" funnier

"Game Theory reveals the Future of Deep Learning" ( ) JK--IMHO, future of cyberwarfare is contending adversarial nets

"6 areas of AI and machine learning to watch closely" ( ) JK--Most valuable here are the lists of researchers in each

"Learning AI if You Suck at Math" ( ) JK--"Dirty little secret"? No vice squad'll bust you for failing in trigonometry

"How 2 Make 2 Prediction: Intro 2 Deep Learning" ( ) JK--I predict his arms'll fly off his body if not deeply anchored

140 Machine Learning Formulas ( ) JK--A dash of equations to swirl in your morning coffee.

" #IBM Rometty lays out AI considerations, ethical principles" ( ) JK--Purpose, transparency, skills.

Transparency and Trust in the Cognitive Era -

Charting the data lake: Rethinking data models for data lakes 

Virtual Reality: Not all Fun and Games Anymore 

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp King's Lead Hat by Brian Eno from Before and After Science JK--1977. Sounds like warmup for THeads "Remain in Light"

"Will open data survive Trump?" ( ) JK--Openness a fragile thing--eg,. "attempts to conceal incompetence"/malfeasance

"Practical artificial intelligence in the cloud" ( ) JK--Says only 0.1% of world's 18M developers have AI expertise

" #IBM Wants to Build Machine Learning ‘Macroscopes’ to Understand World" ( ) JK--Contextualized geospatial data sets

"Thanks to AI, Computers Can Now See Your Health Problems" ( ) JK--Machine learning can glimpse subtle symptoms

Classical FM radio. Station library recorded at St Martin-In-the-Fields. Trafalgar Square? Where are the fields? 

"The Most Popular Language For Machine Learning and Data Science Is …" ( ) JK--Python, says #IBM Jean-Francois Puget

"Labs, 'Spaces,' and Innovation Around World" ( ) JK--Developer cultures, engagements, communities, forums, & events

"Using Deep Learning 2 Find Insights in Messy Data" ( ) JK--Discusses transfer learning. Me:

"Can AI Make The Sexiest 21st Century Job Obsolete?" ( ) JK--IMHO, no. End-to-end data-science automation a pipe dream

An Overview of Graph Database Query Languages 

Ringling Bros. circus folds big top forever. Honestly, I can't make myself get teary-eyed over clowns, animal acts, acrobats, or sideshows

"As Self-Driving Cars Approach, Auto Industry Races to Rebuild" ( ) JK--Engineering neural nets. "Gobs of LIDAR data"

"Saving you bandwidth thru machine learning" ( ) JK--Render hi-qual versions of lo-res images for viewing on mobiles

"Who came up with the name Big Data?" ( ) JK--Industry trivia. Gives credit to Michael Cox and David Ellsworth (1997).

Glimmers of blue and sun on this warmer January Sunday morning. Yesterday’s soaking rained the salt residue off the roads and our car.

Amazing number of AI startups now ( ). So many it's practically intimidating.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp What in the World??... by The Dukes of Stratosphear from Chips from the Chocolate Fireball JK--1987. It's XTC (duh!)