Saturday, December 15, 2012

Aweekstweets December 9-15 2012: the week I decided to give aweekstweets a rest till the new year

Waiting to see Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein of "Portlandia" on Letterman.

@tunvall Who says we can't. That's defeatist talk.

We don't need gun control. What we need is to repeal the Second Amendment. It's an abomination. Slavery was too.

While others imagine they can spot homicidal maniacs before they kill, I say better to deny everybody access to efficient killing machines

Notice 50-minute mark of "Magical Mystery Tour." Elvis-ish lounge singer does song called "Death Cab for Cutie." So that's where it origin8d

Well-regulated militias don't massacre schoolchildren. Clamp down severely on gun possession in the USA. Gag the gun nuts.

14h Patrick: Analytics don't produce "thou shalt" decisions. People do, by defining the operational normatives:...

14h Jean-Francois: What you're talking about is guidance: guidance of automated processes through in-line analytic...

Jose Feliciano performs tonight at Howard Theatre in DC. Rumor is he'll do an hour-long extended jam of "Feliz Navidad." Sing all 40 verses

Maryland Public TV showing Beatles "Magical Mystery Tour" tonight. I like it. Cuz it's simply the Fabs goofing around. And classic songs.

Benghazi. Ever notice Republicans often claim some issue on Democratic watch worse than serious GOP scandal of past? They set the standard

WashPost head: "Bernanke runs Fed in plain English." Really? He preface remarks w/"how can we get this goddamn economy outa the dumper?"?

That's a wrap. Vacation's here for me. Have a good ho-ho everyone!#cloudchat

@jhurwitz #cloudchat A6: one last long-range wish: that quantum computing makes the most complex #bigdata cloud jobs instantaneous.

@jhurwitz #cloudchat A6: Thanks. Also, I'd like a virtualization layer that spans data at-rest (Hadoop, DW, NoSQL) & in-motion/streams/CEP

@IBMcloud #cloudchat A6: my wishlist for coming years is hope that a peta-scale all-in-memory #bigdata #cloud grid is cost-effective by 2020

@IBMcloud #cloudchat A6: also on my wishlist 4 cloud #bigdata in 2013 is unified data/model gov tools that span hybrid public/private deploy

@IBMcloud #cloudchat A6: for 2013 and beyond, my wishlist focuses on continued order-o-magnitude declines in storage costs, especially flash

@IBMcloud #cloudchat A5: I predict workload-optimized systems, not commodity HW, will become principal cloud #bigdata building block in 2013

@IBMcloud #cloudchat A5: in 2013, I predict most enterprises will archive EDW offsite in public cloud/SaaS & do more ETL there as well

@IBMcloud #cloudchat A5: my prediction for 2013 is that few new peta-scale DW will B prem-based---most will B cloud/pay-as-go for storage

@IBMcloud #cloudchat A5: My prediction for 2013 is that cloud/SaaS will become SMB primary platform 4 #bigdata & strong option for large ent

@IBMcloud #cloudchat A4: And #bigdata requires elastically scalable cloud compute, memory, & storage grids: scale-out/up/in...

@sogrady #cloudchat A4: #bigdata rides on hybrid stor architectrs--rel, col, file, keyval,.--& executes every type o analytic & data mgt job

@IBMcloud #cloudchat: A4: I see the fundamental cloud approaches--MPP+virtualization--as already aligned with #bigdata architectures

@IBMcloud #cloudchat A4: I'd like the #Hadoop & #NoSQL open-source vendors to align their efforts with OpenStack storage & compute

@IBMcloud #cloudchat A4: By the way, #IBM is organizing #bigdatacloud forum in March to discuss standards. I co-chair. NIST has one in Jan

@IBMcloud #cloudchat A4: But I remain disappointed that open-source community within #bigdata industry resists coordinated standardization

@IBMcloud #cloudchat A4: Do I think #bigdata cloud standards will emerge in '13? Using my bully pulpit to push for it (

@IBMcloud #cloudchat A3: 2012 was inflection year in #bigdataadoption, from on-prem deployment models of past & to on-demand of future

@IBMcloud #cloudchat A3: I'm not surprised that cloud continues to drive deeper into #bigdata market. Cloud/SaaS is bigdata onramp for SMB

@IBMcloud #cloudchat A3: what surprised me the most in 2012 re cloud was #bigdata industry slowness to align with cloud standards

@IBMcloud A2: I'm biased but I think this #IBM study in Oct was significant re #bigdata as killer app for cloud (

@IBMcloud #cloudchat I counted 20 vendors--#IBM included--in Q4 alone with significant cloud #bigdata analytics announcements

@IBMcloud #cloudchat A2: no one headline was significant, but volume of cloud #bigdata industry announcements continues to grow qtr by qtr

@IBMcloud #cloudchat A1: What we're seeing is emergence multi-tier#bigdata architectures: staging tier in cloud, hub & marts on prem.

@IBMcloud #cloudchat A1: Re PaaS, cloud #bigdata services fall generally into that category, & that market remains niche/immature

@IBMcloud #cloudchat A1: Hybrid clouds in #bigdata already out there: public+private, eg. IBM #SmartCloud Enterprise+ (

@IBMcloud #cloudchat A1: Cloud ecosystems in #bigdata emerging. Platform providers & partners with petascale advanced analytics solutions

#cloudchat Plenty happening in cloud #bigdata in 2012, and I expect more in 2013.

@IBMcloud #cloudchat Hi everybody. We're about to get rolling on tweeting about cloud.

@amywohl Almost ready to start the #cloudchat , Amy. Thanks for joining

@jhurwitz #cloudchat Can't wait to discuss cloud & #bigdata with the assembled twitterati.

Drafted my first post for #IBM Business Analytics blog: "IBM Patient Similarity Analytics for Personalized Healthcare"

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Crucify Your Mind by Rodriguez from Cold Fact JK--40+ years ago. Feels fresh as now.

Today 4-5pm EST #cloudchat. Look forward to 2013 with an all-star panel. @sogrady @jhurwitz @hyounpark & Simon: Thanks. The line between data scientists and the average business analyst will blur as everybody acquires...

"Data scientists take byte out o Mad Men" ( JK--Targeting personalized ads. Also, martini optimization

Those fabled "3-martini lunches" o "Mad Men" days gone by. Questions. 3 per person or table? Did they award extra olives 4 good performance?

"This Man Makes Data Look Beautiful" ( JK--Jer Thorp: "data artist in residence" at New York Times.

"The 5 most influential data visualizations of all time" ( JK--Covering patterns of war disease death & historic legacy

"Will #BigData Get Too Big for the Metric System to Handle?" ( JK--Huh? Numbers infinite. Speak of powers of ten.

"Location Analytics: Bringing Geography Back" ( JK--Good interview. Discusses #bigdata, personalization, privacy

Why do I suspect that "aw shucks" was originally a defanged neutering of "oh shit"?

"Your own pattern-type in few steps!" ( JK--Tech guidance on building patterns in #IBM #PureSystems

"What #BigData Business Model Looks Like" ( JK--@rwang0 on monetizing your business model through big data.

"#BigData's Role in Programmatic Media" ( JK--Nuthin new. Just rename of ad placement & marketing campaign optimization

"Bigger Than #BigData? Mobile User Expectations' ( JK--"deliver ultra-personalized contextual content to wireless user"

"Better Algorithms Beat More Data — And Here’s Why" ( JK--Better modeling beats more algorithms beats more data.

I published original content 235 times in past 9 months with #IBM. To put in perspective, I published 20 times in prior 9 months as analyst

"This 85-pound #IBM hard drive from 1989 ...." ( JK--Back in the day, I remember visiting airline data center w/those!

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp The Passenger by Iggy Pop from Lust for Life JK--Gr8 lyric. Punkish take on "This Land Is Your Land" + "On the Road"

New blog: "Koby #IBM Blogs, Articles, Podcasts, and Streams April to December 2012" (

New blog: "Koby #IBM Quick-Hits May 16 to December 13 2012" (

Smarter planet? ( Thursday's #IBM quick-hit. My last for year. Vacation starts tomorrow. Next quick-hit: Mon Jan 7

Smarter planet?:

@bevelson Doing fine, Boris. A different vantage point on it all. A good one. Applying the same skills, in different ways.

Just streamed an episode of "The Larry Sanders Show" from 1992. I'd never seen a single episode till now. Quite funny. Still oddly current.

Lyle Lovett with Emmylou Harris "Walk Through the Bottomland" ( JK--Standout from the terrific "Pontiac" LP

Rocky Votolato "White Daisy Passing" ( JK--Simple lovely guitar song from Seattle folkie. I always sing it alone

Dan Fogelberg "Leader of the Band" ( JK--Our parish priest once sang this during his homily. Beautifully, BTW

James Taylor "Sweet Baby James" ( JK--Sweet baby me did this solo a cappella at Current Analysis 2006 Xmas party

Dave Loggins "Please Come to Boston" ( JK--Boston in Spring. Denver in Winter. Man from Tennessee. "She" in TN?

"Top 10 BI predictions for 2013+" ( JK---Good@bevelson blog. Hope #Forrester not giving him hard time about >400 words

Listening to Tracey Thorn "Maybe This Christmas" from "Tinsel & Lights" ( JK--Ron Sexsmith composition. Nice.

"Turn your web browser into Google from the 1960s" ( JK--Ah yes, the romance of the dot-matrix printer. Not!

Listening to U2 "Even Better Than The Real Thing" ( JK--Should be theme song of virtualization.

Drafted my next #IBMDataMagazine article: "The Role of Stream Computing in the #BigData Architecture"

"Big Idea 2013: A Critical Mass o Consciousness" ( JK--Hey Deepak Chopra: yr critical mass causing my mind 2 meltdown

"Big Idea 2013: This Year, the War on Drugs Ends" ( JK--Hey Richard Branson: you gonna cater the victory celebration?

"Big Idea 2013: The Year We Prioritize Beating Stress" ( JK--Hey Arianna Huffington, yr "prioritize" stressing me out

Digital channels have been godsend 4 brick & mortar industry. From what I've been hearing, that's all they make retail stores out of anymore

#BigData as personal work-life balance optimization tool? Hold yottabyte in your left hand, weight o the world in yr right. Voila! Balance!

Thinking of a new quick-hit theme for the coming year: "Big Data: What's up with that?" General-purpose. I can cram in any stray thought

"Did #bigdata kill the data warehouse?" ( JK--No, but it's a person of interest in the Radio Star's tragic demise.

"Finding+keeping #BigData talent" ( JK--Article focus on data scientists, but many roles/skills key 2 big-data success

Ravi & Anoushka Shankar "Raga Anandi Kalyan" ( JK--Late sitar master & his other musician-daughter.

Listening to Norah Jones "Nightingale" ( JK--Her father just passed away. Ravi Shankar.

"Gift o Thinking Statistically" ( JK--Gift o awareness o stat-think biases: selection, endogeneity, base-rate ignorance

@LoraineLawson Children implicitly regift by not playing with the toys they're given. Parents return/repackage rather than see go to waste

Rumor is that Paul McCartney will stand in for Kurt Cobain at Nirvana reunion at benefit concert tonight. Makes sense. Paul can scream.

@LoraineLawson Not really. If you consider the rate of re-gifting, it's clear Santa doesn't have quality 360-degree child "data of desire"

"To Migrate or Not to Migrate Your Data Warehouse" ( JK--Interviews #IBM @nancykoppdw re Blueprint Director

"10 Rules for Real-Time Data Integration" ( JK--"Rule #10: Evangelize operational BI as RT DI’s killer app."

I seriously doubt Santa checks his naughty-nice list twice. He's too busy compiling it & has all his elfin help busy slapping toys together

RT @CByrum Materializing #Data o Desire in Digital A philosophical read that’s sure 2 engage!@jameskobielus

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Within You Without You by The Beatles from Sgt Pepper's JK--How many other people listen to this first on that LP?

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Sadhanipa by Ravi Shankar & Philip Glass from Passages JK--Cool collaboration. Symphonic synergy between styles.

Triple Dozen Day. Reminds me. Numerologists should create their own calendars, in which every date is over-analyzed for its mystical math.

RIP Ravi Shankar. Among his musical accomplishments, he established the modern era of benefit concerts. Concert for Bangladesh was his idea

Big identity? ( Wednesday's #IBM quick-hit

Big identity?:

These past 12 months have been the most tightly executed year in my entire career. Mostly just self-discipline. Continuous self-push.

Why do people assume vacation means I'm "going somewhere"? Where I'm going is "be lazy at home."

Nouveau analytic DB architectures. I'm too old. When I see "flash" & "cube" in same sentence, I think of things I plugged into my Instamatic

Occasionally I'll see the phrase "medical metadata" and freely morph it in my head into "medical marijuana." And I ain't smokin' nuthin'

@Brett2point0 Yes, you did, Brett. The Phil Spector produced 1962 multi-artist Xmas album is the best Xmas album of all time, IMHO.

"So What Does #IBM Mean When It Says It's In The Solutions Business?" ( JK--Good overview by @TonyBaer

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Lily, Rosemary and the Jack of Hearts by Bob Dylan from Blood on the Tracks JK--Great ballad. Classic album.

RT @AnalyzingMedia: Materializing the Data of Desire in Digital#Marketing w/ @jameskobielus

New #IBM jk article: "Materializing the Data of Desire in Digital Marketing" (

"Power and dumb machines are the biggest challenges for #bigdata" ( JK--#IBM Lemnios goal: apps converse w/humans

Even the Jolly Old Elf himself has a #bigdata strategy! Learn how Santa satisfies billions each year  by @graemeknows

#IBM Jianying Hu & I will present PMWC Silicon Valley 2013, Mountain View CA, Jan 28-29, Patient Similarity Analytics (

#IBM 2012 Tech Trends results are in! Learn who is really embracing newer technologies #IBMTechTrends

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Waitin' for a Superman by Iron & Wine from Around the Well JK--2009. Flaming Lips cover. Lullaby quiet, SamBeam style

"#IBM research honcho: From Pentagon to 'toy shop'" ( JK--Lemnios wants "doubling down" on cogn comp,#bigdata, mobile

"James Kobielus is misquoting me." - Mark Twain

"I find that the further I go back the better things were whether they happened or not." - Mark Twain

"Will the Internet of Things be the end of cloud computing?" ( JK--Sez ubiquitous wireless M2M will spread peer-to-peer

Noah's Ark? Mideast had cultural memory of truly world-destroying flood. Mediterranean/Black Sea inundation post-Ice Age. Caucasian diaspora

"Getting Over #BigData Fatigue in the C Suite" ( JK--Every popular paradigm invites fatigue.
Transactional analytics? ( Tuesday's #IBM quick-hit

Transactional analytics?:

Daughter informs me PSY making appearance at her school today. George Mason University. Korean rapper milking his moment for all it's worth

"Mike Judge to write dang-old Silicon Valley comedy for HBO, man" ( JK--Judging by Judge's track record, it'll be funny

The Partridge Family "I Think I Love You" ( JK--Show was actually pretty good. I had crush on Shirley Jones.

Listening to Nada Surf "Always Love" ( JK--Indie band has been together for long time, has many great songs.

"Mike Nichols & Elaine May sitting in a car" ( JK--Sexual tension creates awkwardness. It's rich comic territory

Nichols & May "Mother and Son" ( JK--Absolutely pitch-perfect maternal apron-string guilt-hook stranglehold

John Cleese & Marty Feldman "At Last the 1948 Show: Annoying Train Passenger" ( JK--Marty also had funny US show

SCTV "Doctor Braino Hour" ( ) JK--"Hope U didn't get ripped off cuz that would be a bummer...a bummer...a bummer"

Kids in the Hall "Chicken Lady" ( JK--And she loves life.

SCTV's Bill Needle "Shoot for the Stars" with guest Rupert (Pina Colada Song) Holmes ( JK--SHUT UP!!!!!

"SCTV Lola Heatherton The Love Spirit" ( JK--Direct from Vegas with the suck-sational Juul Haalmayer Dancers!

Dear Scientologists: Thanks for identifying your organization on outer envelope of your postal mailings. I drop them directly in dumpster

Listening to Dean Martin "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer" ( JK--Delivered with boozy Italian supper-club brio

Curious why I've never seen Rudolph in any history books. Didn't he go down in it? Revisionist plot to deny reindeer his rightful place?

Reading book on urban legends that cites March 1977 article in Boulder CO pub @TheOnion. Urban legend has it founded late 80s in Madison WI.

Getting older used to mean avoiding the need to learn new tricks. Now it means knowing full well that you're good at learning new tricks

Listening to The Kinks "Something Better Beginning" ( JK--Great love song. Straight from the heart. Not cheeky

Drafted new article for #IBM "Materializing the Data of Desire in Digital Marketing"

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp So Sad About Us by The Who from A Quick One JK--Pete Townshend worried that early Who too obviously Kinks-influenced

Comes a time when my to-do list is too long & detailed--and I get tired. Then I simply slap a post-it on the folder & write on it "do stuff"

Today has been a day of intensively #IBM-ish discussions on a few#bigdata levels: face-to-face & multiparty conference call.

I am so forgetful. What's that hot/trendy/pithy name for paradigm all about managing & analyzing large amounts of data? Tip of tongue. Damn

I'm deliberately NOT clicking through to #bigdata blogs or articles that have cutesy Christmas references in their headlines. On principle

New #IBM jk "Data Scientist: Sexy Is as Sexy Does" (

RT @IBMcloud #cloudchat This Thurs we'll look back @ 2012 & fwd 2 '13 w/ @sogrady @jhurwitz @hyounpark &

@asabiliaAR: RT @IBMcloud #cloudchat: This Thurs look back at '12 & forward to '13 w/ @sogrady @jhurwitz @hyounpark &@jameskobielus htt ...

"Made in #IBM Labs: IBM Lights Up Silicon Chips to Tackle #BigData" ( JK--Silicon nanophotonics. Optical+electronic

"A Modern Governance Strategy for Data Disposal" ( JK--Flipside of #bigdata is big data purge-a-thons. Need policies!

Predictive enterprise? ( Monday #IBM quick-hit

Predictive enterprise?:

@BIScorecard I know I've done well if I make Cindi Howson laugh.

Tools for finding family members online. One of my chief, but not only, tools is an uncommon last name.

Still getting love traction on that SlideShare from a few weeks ago on data scientist myths. Interesting.

Watched documentary on making of Fleetwood Mac "Rumours." Band & producer discussed process in detail. Exceptionally well-done.

9 Dec
Watching season 1 episode 1 of "Scrubs," which was my very favorite sitcom of the '00s. Just relentlessly funny, inventive, & human.

There's a rumor that Jose Feliznavidadiano recorded other songs, but it's just a rumor. He "wants to wish us"? Just wish us. Don't be coy.

@unicornguytunde "Walt Disney: Hollywood's Dark Prince" by Marc Eliot. 1993. Indulges in way too much psychological speculation 4 my tastes

The very first picture showing the whole Earth from space, 1967 ( JK--Southern Hemisphere on top. Africa on the left

Photo of a Nuclear Explosion Less than 1 Millisecond After Detonation ( JK--Looks like a spherical grotto.

Reading book about Walt Disney's long service to J. Edgar Hoover as informant on leftist activities in entertainment industry. Creep.

Managing your online reputation? Sounds like perfect breeding ground for FUD-sucking scambait.

Bryan Cranston was also part of what made "Malcolm In the Middle" so great. He's excellent at playing unhinged suburban dads.

Streamed 2nd episode of "Breaking Bad" last night. Intense stuff. Dissolving corpses in strong acid in bathtub.

RT @GlobalIntegrity Happy International Anti-Corruption Day! JK--Curious how many palms at United Nations needing greasing to establish this

See what happens when Playboy bunnies get old ( JK--Not a joke. What happens? These particular women stayed beautiful.