Friday, May 31, 2013

Aweekstweets May 26-31 2013: the week world peace stopped holding its breath

Viewing/listening to #BigDataBytes live videochat here  w/  &

Mary Meeker (slide 9) sez people long ago danced at concerts ( ). Does she remember what lardbottoms 70s rockfans were?

Data is only as valuable as the business outcomes it makes possible--chief of which is business income.

"Using the Science of Perception to Visualize Network Security Data" ( ) JK--Cool research with broad applicability

"6 Tips 4 Turn #BigData into Gr8 Cust Experiences" ( ) JK--Article notable for experience-relevant data list in item #5

"Disney World will roll out MagicBands" ( ) JK--Wearable wireless gadget for analytics-guided in-park experience mgt

Interviewed by Jon Metzler of Nikkei Information Strategies on the rise of the #datascientist #IBM

"Social Media as a Stored Value Currency" ( ) JK--Value = awareness, reputation, influence, & relationships

"Thoughtcrime & #BigData" ( ) JK--Au contraire: humans been thinking outside brains since invented language

Delivering Smarter Customer Experiences in M&E" ( ) JK--Good one by @graemeknows on next-gen audience insight platforms

I'm entering trough of disillusionment on analysts being able to wrap larger evolutionary picture surrounding #hadoop in the #bigdata space

"Why Would I Use NoSQL?" ( ) JK--Decent, albeit oversimplified, overview of amorphous market segment.

"#Hadoop Biz Case: Cost Effective Queryable Data Archiv/Storage Plat" ( ) JK--Tech-intense discuss o unsung killer app

"How Apple iWatch'll Push #BigData Analytics" ( ) JK--Premonition: All-Watch: totalitarians require all to wear these

"Shouldn't Assuring User Experience B #BigData Job #1?" ( ) JK--If replace "b.d." w/ "multichan mktg," makes more sense

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Flagpole Sitta by Harvey Danger from Where Have All the Merrymakers Gone JK--1999. Funny ballsy over-the-top lyric

"New Columbia Institute 2 Tackle #BigData" ( ) JK-- Inst 4 Data Sciences & Eng: certify quants in mach learn & data viz

"GE CEO Jeff Immelt’s Big Data Bet" ( ) JK--"Industrial Internet" aka IoT for supply chain mgt & predictive maintenance

May 31. Or, in people's summer-yearning hearts, "soon June."

@timoelliott Where contrib err is thinking HuffPost employer. It's influence-building aggregatr. Writers must monetize elsewhere (eg dayjob)

"Hashtag Myths" ( ) JK--Good discuss of how Twtr hashtags can B counterproductive if want people to click embedded link

"#IBM Unveils Analytics Svcs 2..Transform ... Global Workforce" ( ) JK--New Survey Analytics & Retention Analytics svcs

Jaron Lanier. His questionable thesis is that crowdsourcing = crowdslaving. As if people R being duped into socializing sharing transacting

Complex event processing? IoT'll intro neverending stream o prediction-disrupting wildcards ( ) Friday #IBM quick-hit

Complex event processing? Internet of Things will introduce never-ending stream of prediction-disrupting wildcards: 

Saw "Hitchcock" on DVD. Very good, actually. The reviewers were far too tepid. Anthony Hopkins became him. Mirren and Johansson strong too.

Saw "Silver Linings Playbook" on DVD. I thought Bradley Cooper should have received the Oscar. Lawrence and De Niro good. Chris Tucker too.

Vampire Weekend is shaping up to be paramount indie supergroup. Its first 3 LPs are all critically & commercially hot--and packed with quirk

Michelle Bachmann. Now that she's leaving Congress, she'll have more spare time to get her head examined.

I'd like audioconf calls 2 have "crickets on dead air." Like music on hold, but autoplays aftr 2-3 secs o zero response 2 moderator question

"Data Science projects billed $300/hour on Kaggle" ( ) JK--Interesting numbers about that service.

New #IBM jk blogpost: "#BigData Philosophies: More Practical than You Might Think" ( )

RIP Father Andrew Greeley. Free-thinking Roman Catholic clergyman novelist sociologist. Showed repressd freethinking laity they're not alone

"Behind the 'Internet of Things' Is Android—and Everywhere" ( ) JK--It's amazing that Android's in "nanosats" in orbit

Finished next week's quick-hits. In every week, I make time for ideation. Absolute core activity of a "thought leader." What am I thinking?

"Improving options for unlocking your graph data" ( ) JK--Good hi-level of graph database market.

"If you’re disappointed w/ #bigdata,U’re not paying attention" ( ) JK--A bit defensive, but useful tips 2 extract value

"Is Data Quality Overrated?" ( ) JK--Criterion of "good enough" quality varies by use case, project, & scenario

"Want Better Analytics? Fix Your Processes" ( ) JK--Bayesian analysis iterativly take investigation in right direction.

"Quit peeing in identity pool, Google dev advocate says" ( ) JK--He's pissed at fact that univ ID std may never happen

Did robber barons make rubber baby buggy bumpers?

Finally got around 2 merging my two LinkedIn accts.I created one several years ago, forgot it, then created another. Second is converged one

"Save the bees" doesn't have the same hip quotient as "save the whales," but in many ways it's more intertwined with humanity's fate.

#Bigdata vision? Philosophy of data is science, epistemology, aesthetics, etc.: ( ) Thursday #IBM quick-hit

Big data vision? Philosophy of data is science, epistemology, aesthetics, etc.: 

NRA's position on not infringe right o anyone 2 be armed at any time. Are they saying mutually assured destruction is key 2 universal peace?

RT @gzim Congrats @jameskobielus on recog for brainy provocative #bigdata tweets that keep us wanting more JK--Thanks Zim, so I deliver more

"New Tools Beget Revolutions" ( ) JK--Irving W-B on #bigdata powering precision measurement 4 precision biz mgt

Yes yes yes. #Rockstar rockstar rockstar. If any1 tries 2 offer me a brown M&M, me & my roadie Moose R gonna load that Econoline van & split

Most efficient way 2 dis tech theme U dont get into is call it "hype." Most efficient way 2 dis tech approach not yours is say "won't scale"

"Is Smart Tech Creating Dumb People?" ( ) JK--What? Not at all. My Android phone tells me that's absolutely not true.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Stoned & Starving by Parquet Courts JK--Hey @loserboy even if I was stoned & starving I wouldnt eat regurgitated food

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Hallelujah by Jeff Buckley from Grace JK--Lyric that LCohen discarded: "I used to like the Stones until 'Tattoo Ya'"

"To Hypothesize or Not" ( ) JK--My theory is that U're always testing th theory o whethr something'll jump outa th data

New #IBM AnalyzingMedia jk post: "Influence Attribution in Marketing is an Inexact Science…At Best" ( )

#Bigdata hardcore use cases? Geospatial analytics complements remote sensing: ( ) Wednesday #IBM quick-hit

Big-data hardcore use cases? Geospatial analytics complements remote sensing: 

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp It's All Right by The Impressions JK--Tautology. "It's all right to have a good time cuz it's all right"

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Private Party by Dungeonesse from Dungeonesse JK--Feels like long-lost Eurythmics. Singer sounds like Annie Lennox

"DC area housing market sees sudden surge in listings in April" ( ) JK--My brother says same happening in LA. Recovery?

"Greetings! You're pre-approved for yet another stupid credit card!"

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Cold Wind by Black Rebel Motorcycle Club from Baby 81 JK--2007. BRMC's driving hardrock is a souped-up thrill machine

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Space Oddity by David Bowie JK--NASA sez had no "Major Tom" or "tin can" rockets in Apollo progrm. Bowie made this up

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Amidinine by Bombino from Nomad JK--Thick electronic buzzing textures. Best played very loud.

Drafted next #IBM jk blog: "#BigData Philosophies: More Practical than You Might Think"

"Objective-Based Data Monetization: Enterprise Approach to Data Science" ( ) JK--Thought-provoking structured approach

"Techs that will enable Internet of Things" ( ) JK--"Wireless on steroids," streaming tech, in-mem storage, integration

"Should Data Science Become a Profession?" ( ) JK--Good detailed discussion of what it means to be a "profession."

"Google Has Trojan Horse 2 Disrupt TV: #BigData" ( ) JK--Deep viewer profile drive anticipatory content recommendations

"Advertisrs’ use o #BigData reqs critical gameplan" ( ) JK--Next-gen adv analytics: attribution optimization allocation

"#BigData companies try to outwit Mother Nature's chaos" ( ) JK--Big data weather modeling #IBM division "Deep Thunder"

"Smart Data Scientists Virtualize Data" ( ) JK--Good overview of fundamental #bigdata middleware in hybrid environments

"Statistics vs. Data Science vs. BI" ( ) JK--Good discuss o shifting emphasis in roles of #bigdata analytics developers

"23 Thought-Provoking Enterprise Tech Execs That Smart People R Following On Twitter" ( ) JK--I follow @VanessaAlvarez1

Post MemDay period commences. Spring winding down (hmmm...that sounds like a old-fashioned clock awaiting a rewind). Summer's the mainspring

Nice icebreaker is when I say I'm with #IBM & do #bigdata. Everybody's heard of former. Smarter people have heard of latter & take interest.

#BigData discovery? Exploration demands agile balance of quantitative & qualitative: ( ) Tuesday #IBM quick-hit

Big-data discovery? Exploration demands agile balance of quantitative & qualitative: 

Data only as valuable as monetizable outcomes it makes possible. If can sell it 4 $1M, that's its worth--or if drives $1M decision. Outcomes

Interesting coincidence is that both me+wife AND my brother and his wife are taking trips to Istanbul later in the year. Just want to see it

Love when #kexp DJs hit the "cough/sneeze" button. Momentary silence adds dramatic suspense to their spiel. Will they snap back? Call 911?

Before all the eating, did a little exercising. All in all, a pleasant Memorial Day so far. Having a friend visiting tonight. More dining.

Had zPizza w/my brother & his wife. Drank a little Trader Joe wine. Did a Whole Foods grocery run. Grabbed panini at Panera. Spilled coffee

Huge inflatable cartoon Uncle Sam bald eagle on roof o Texaco station @ Old Keene Mill & Rolling Roads. Endangered species. Only 1 I've seen

Robert Griffin III. It's sad to watch a young man disable himself in the predictable fashion as he pursues this same damn dream as others.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Tribal Drums by Tricky from False Idols JK--2013. Good new trancy one from this producer.

Astrology. Predictive power? Has anyone ever attempted 2 correlate past predictions with what actually befell people? Let's put this to rest

Beaver Cleaver. If it weren't already a copyrighted fictional name, it would make a splendid pornstar pseudonym.

"Futurists"? For consistency sake, historians should rebrand selves as "pastists" & people without ambition should B known as "presentists."

Wish Facebook would add option of posting response 2 discussion & indicate "I'm not interested in being notified o anybody else's responses"

If you're not into TV or sports, there's often an awkward period in parties where you feign an interest in order to get past to other topics

Livonia Stevenson '76 was a huge highschool graduating class. One of those websites asks if I remember a half-dozen names. None rings a bell

Yesterday I saw "big data" in quotes on crawler on CNN Fareed Zakaria broadcast. Didn't put "democracy" in quotes, though. What's more real?

"800-pound gorilla." Image always suggests lumbering irascible beast that throws its own feces at onlookers. I guess that makes it a threat

Discussed wildlife encroachment into American urban areas. Deer everywhere. Bear in LA. Fortunately, North America has no native elephants.

First Listen: Camera Obscura "Desire Lines" ( ) JK--Very eagerly awaited. One of my very favorite bands o past 20 years

RT @geneweingarten Oh Lord I covet my neighbor's ass. I wouldn't act on it but I do. 2 doors down. I'm DOOMED. JK--You dig donkeys. So what?

RT @geneweingarten: Holy crap. Just reread 10 Commandments: We have petty assholic God! Unfollow Him! JK--For that he's unfollowing U 2 Hell

RT @geneweingarten: I think it is possible that every single person following me is better looking than I am. JK--Glad to be of service!

RT @fairfaxvanews: Hundreds of thousands of bikers rumble into D.C. for Rolling Thunder  JK--Annual pageant of leather

Felt a bit tighter than usual this morning at yoga. Every day, the body throws new surprises. You adapt your routine to work with those.

Dumbass fit-club mgt wants yoga class 2 wear pants 2 knee+beyond. Concern about expose flesh in moves. But not asking women 2 cover cleavage

100% certain to see "Before Midnight" ( ). Linklater/Delpy/Hawke's serial masterpiece. All walking+talking. Mesmerizing

RT @conanobrien: Please, for the love of God, nobody retweet this. JK--Hey Coco, God loves us just as much, retweet or no retweet. Tough.

Memorial Day weekend is US cultur's signal 4 grown adults 2 start feeling senioritis & start straying in their minds toward summer vacations

Memorial Day weekend in DC area. Saw 1st Rolling Thunder motorcycle procession on I-395 going north in HOV lanes. Motorcycle police escort.

"Science." Term's been applied in every context with every scope. Same with "religion."

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Aweekstweets May 18-26 2013: the week I did what…what the hell did I do?

Satisfaction stalking. What happens when every commercial establishment you do business at follows up by asking how well you were served?

In 70s, a geeky Wayne State Univ prof had local public TV (Chan 56) show on film history. Excellent educ companion to the DIA film series

My fondest memory of Detroit Institute of Arts was weekend film series. My buddies & I went there regularly in highschool. Foreign, art. Gr8

If they sell off the Detroit Institute of Arts, I hope it's not piecemeal. A fine museum. Only real claim to that neighborhood as "cultural"

Listening to Radio Singkawang stream on the tablet. Waiting for my sister-in-law Maria Aliman to come on and sing.

Cold windy night. Lost power for while. Came back on before midnight. Didnt put too much crimp in evening. Drinking chatting w/Paul & Diane

Have a good 3-day. I'm shutting the work laptop down (but not my personal social and surfing machines).

"#Bigdata at work: 12 stories about reinventn" ( ) JK--Click thru each 2 full stories re various industry case studies

"Which side o #bigdata debate do you sit on?" ( ) JK--I'm on "Resolved: big data is hot stuff" side. Rebut that, buddy!

"Finding the fit 4 thought leadership in social media" ( ) JK--Fit is obvious & organic: more channels to speak yr mind

RT @peterwinick Do you create #ThoughtLeadership in isolation? ( ) JK--You mean so I can hear myself think? Indeed I do

"#BigData: Practical Solutions [Video]" ( ) JK--Stream of yesterday #Datamation G+ Hangout panel w/me & @shawnrog.

"Scalia Resigns Post as Scoutmaster" ( ) JK--While we're on the subject, please resign the post that pays you a salary

"Boy Scouts vote to lift ban on gay youth" ( ) JK--Good. "Bigoted" not in the "Boy Scout Law" ( )

"Facebook is new religion Ashton Kutcher sez" ( ) JK--Really? Thanx 4 remind why I'm not big fan o org relig or Kutcher  Harsha: It's interesting to consider the value of ambient data. I recently wrote a blog discussing how to measure...

Bonnie Jo Mason "Ringo I Love You" ( ) JK--1964. Better known as "Cher." Radio didn't play it. Co-written by PSpector

Brother and sister-in-law in town for the holiday weekend. Plan a fair bit of eating and museum-going. DC area rich in stuff to do.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp America by Simon & Garfunkel from Bookends JK--Duo that always springs to mind when I hear Kings of Convenience duo

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Homesick by Kings of Convenience frm Riot on an Empty Street JK--2004. Note 2 self: why've U not bought ths luvly LP?

"Agile Approach to Databases" ( ) JK--Aslett of 451 Group calls 4 tight iterative collab dev w/virtzn & schema-free dbs

"Applying AI & Semantic Web..." ( ) JK--1st sentence starts "simply put" & stretches over 59 words w/ 8 depndnt clauses

Headlines are good first filter when scanning the trade press. If the headline implies a dumb story premise, I skip over it. Nail the head!

Everything i write is work-in-progress for something else that I may write. Treating any expressed thought as finished product is a dead end

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Don't Think Twice It's All Right by Bob Dylan from Freewheelin' Dylan JK--Admire his moxie rhyming "road" w/"knowed"

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp I Need My Girl by Th National from Trouble Will Find Me JK--2013. Pretty one from these dudes. Their stuff always gr8

RT @laughbook: I'm not arguing, I'm explaining why I'm right.

Data-scientist skillsets? ( ) Friday #IBM quick-hit

Data-scientist skillsets?: 

New #IBM jk blog: "#BigData In Danger of Definitional Overkill" ( )

RT @hsmigala Tuning in NOW 2 "#BigData for Business" @Datamation  @jameskobielus Tech glitches kept @fhalper from join

Google+ Hangout #bigdata panel w/ @fhalper @shawnrog will start 5 minutes from now, barring last-minute tech troubles 

Next big thing? I just hope it's not an asteroid headed in our direction. I keep my expectations close to terra firma.

"Wal-Mart Puts Its Faith in #BigData for Mobile Strategy" ( ) JK--Geofencing: personalizd app senses when user in store

"Business, Art & Science" ( ) JK-@ritajking on need to integrate beauty into fabric of commerce & exploration.

My educated hunch is that the amount of commentary on #bigdata in the universe is the single largest component of big data in the universe

"Data-Driven Innovation: A Guide for Policymakers" ( ) JK--Excellent SIIA whitepaper & public policy roadmap

RT @shawnrog: I'm speaking at a Google+ Hangout today at 1PM MT with @jameskobielus @fhalper Talking Big Data - …

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Wishing (If I Had a Photograph of You) by A Flock of Seagulls JK--Retweeting so posts in my FB under my mom's photo

Finished my 4 quick-hits for next week. Monday's a holiday. Broke new conceptual ground in each of the q-hs. Several will become blogs.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp That's Who I Am by Neko Case frm Ghost Brothrs o Dk Cy JK--"Put my hand in your front pocket & tighten up your screw"

"Financial mkts at risk of #bigdata crash" ( ) JK--Well, duh, reinforce the floorboards at the exchange. PBs are heavy!

"MAD: New Analysis Practices for #BigData" ( ) JK--Essentially, interactive ad-hoc dimensionless, whole-pop exploration

“Say goodbye to anonymity” ( ) JK--Automated facial recognition getting better, faster, cheaper.

"#IBM Announces New Capabs 2 Delivr Real-Time Analytics via Cloud" ( ) JK--DB2 w/BLU Accel + SAP HANA in IBM SmartCloud

It's always nice to leave the messaging option open in Facebook for all friends--else why friend? But hide annoying ones from your news feed

Facebook is like a near-death experience. You're always seeing your entire life flashing before your eyes. People from every stage of it.

#Bigdata under control? Wrestling definitions down to size ( ) Thursday's #IBM quick-hit

Big data under control? Wrestling definitions down to size: 

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Love at First Sight by The Gist from Embrace the Herd JK--1983. Brief post-Young Marble Giants projct o Stuart Moxham

Writing quick-hit with my take on "philosophy of data": phil o science, epistemology, aesthetics, logic, ethics, phil of mind, politicl phil

Facebook crossed an inflection point for me a few weeks ago. Realized I'm "all caught up" with everyone from old days who happens 2 B on FB

School of Seven Bells "The Night" ( ) JK--Named 4 Colombian pickpocket school. Test: not ring bells in teacher pockets

Definitely a pre-Memorial Day slowdown in interesting social media activity. Perhaps people rediscovering real life (e.g., barbecue).

"#Big Data is watching you, & you, & you" ( ) JK--More of the tired "1984" analogies. Switch to "Animal Farm" 4 change

"#Hadoop 2.0: New #BigData Possibs" ( ) JK--Incl Storm, Giraph, Spark, & MPI. These + Hive/HBase refactored around YARN

"#BigData & the million-node ntwk" ( ) JK--On IoT, you may need humans to coalesce digital dust into golden dustbunnies

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp I Know What Boys Like by Th Waitresses frm Just Cant Get Enough: NWv Hits o 80s JK--Melody all "nyah nyah nyah nyah"

One of my favorite cynical phrases concerns whether something's all it's "cracked up to be." Does getting cracked up involv ingesting crack?

Catch me June 5, 1pm ET #IBM #AARP webinar: "Embracing Dynamic, Agile Analytics Platforms for #BigData". Register: 

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Doin' It Right by Daft Punk from Random Access Memories JK--This hyperchirpy electronic number is a devious earworm

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Home by Austra from Olympia JK--One of those dramatically mannered voices that makes you say "who dat?"

PR pros see my blogs on non- #IBM sites, overlook my byline, & ask me to say nice things about their clients (often my competitors). Awkward

Term "poster child" long ago set adrift from core meaning of "guilt-inducing lure to charitable giving." Now it's any exemplar (good or bad)

@metabrown312 That's too stilted, unnatural. If I like a colleague, it's fair 2 compliment her "you're cool and fun, always good to see you"

@metabrown312 Women actually DONT want men 2 avoid commentng on their appearance. A simple "U look great today" often suffices. Pleasantries

"When #bigdata invades your home" ( ) JK--Disagree w/premise "data centers probably wont have capacity 2 store th data"

"Men and women in the office: Are compliments taboo?" ( ) JK--Yeah, let's just become a cold, unfriendly society.

@jfpuget I doubt that teachers do instruction on Twitter.

Real-world experiments? ( ) Wednesday's #IBM quick-hit

Real-world experiments?: 

New spam offer from Canadiana Pharmacy: a free pound of back bacon & case of Labatt's with my next Viagra order. Pretty schweet, eh?

"Carol Burnett to receive Mark Twain Prize for American Humor from the Kennedy Center" ( ) JK--Much deserved. High time

I tend not to respond to people who clearly haven't read closely what I've written. Life's too short to repeat my own stuff word for word

Latest DSM & def'n of "mental illness." IMHO, 3 manifestations: behavioral experiential physiological: dys/function dis/ease dis/order

Drafted latest #IBMDataManagement article: "Social Business: The Power of #BigData in Agile Engagement"

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Love Her Madly by The Doors from The Best of The Doors JK--"Love she's walkin' out the door." Nice caboose?

Today was way more crowded with ad-hocs than I expected. I'm still breathing. That's an accomplishment.

I'm kind of looking forward to the 17-year cicadas. They don't chew the frame of my house, crawl all over my kitchen, or stink up the joint.

"#IBM Puts Watson 2 Work in Business" ( ) JK--IBM Watson Engagement Advisor = inline recom engine in multichan cust svc

"Bored w/ mere medicine, #IBM’s Watson adds customer svc 2 its resume" ( ) JK--Bored? Hardly. Serving valuable new apps

Landscape amnesia. JDiamond concept o how steady environmntal degradation in tiny increments tends 2 B accepted as norml. No 1 recalls prior

@futureratti It's all about advanced analytics at extreme scale. The hardcore use cases for that are in my blog: 

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Riders on the Storm by The Doors from L.A. Woman JK--Song's dramatic undercarriage was Manzarek's insistent keyboard.

@futureratti I'm talking about vendors whose solutions don't scale. #Bigdata is all about headroom to scale up, out, and beyond

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp I'll Keep It With Mine by Nico from Chelsea Girl JK--Singer overcame vocal limitations with sheer earnest yearning

My fingers have gotten so fast at deleting commercial email that I tend to forget that I can unsubscribe. So now I do. Lots of useless stuff

Now in the business press, it seems standard to refer to any vendor that does stuff with data as "big data." No matter how puny the data.

Information glut? The vintage, vagueness, and vertigo of #bigdata ( ) Tuesday's #IBM quickhit

Information glut? The vintage, vagueness, and vertigo of big data: 

Thoroughly enjoyed the "American Masters" portrait of Mel Brooks. By "thoroughly enjoyed," I mean "just laughed and laughed."

"US Navy dolphins find antique torpedo" ( ) JK--Interesting that our Navy was testing torpedos in Pacific that long ago

One of my fave ambiguous phrases is "I've never seen anything like it!" You want to ask: "OK, so, do you get around much?"

RIP Ray Manzarek. Admit it: when you think of The Doors' sound, his piercing organ was just as integral as Morrison's voice & lyrics.

"5 BI Requests IT Groups Must Challenge" ( ) JK--Great phrase: "data mudroom": ETL, metadata, taxonomies, etc.

Trick to getting anything accomplished in IT is defining a strict scope of project. But not so strict that you strangle agility to innovate

Announcing you "won't screw up" a strategic acquisition doesn't inspire tons of confidence, all things considered.

Always glad 2 B of service. No matter who in my sprawling #IBM ecosystem o colleagues & partners needs my expertise, I'm glad 2 B of service

Hey email hack: my younger brothers don't address me as "James." Nice try, though. We're informal. It's "Jimmy." Give it another shot.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp The Best Ever Death Metal Band in Denton by Th Mountain Goats frm All Hail W.Texas JK--Best ever chorus "hail Satan!"

Drafted latest #IBM blog: "#BigData In Danger of Definitional Overkill"

Interesting weather. I'm staring at a large patch of hazy blue sky, and walking out into a light steady rain. It's cool and calm, but humid.

Drafted new AnalyzingMedia blog: "Influence Attribution is Such an Inexact Science, You Hesitate to Call It A Science."

Socials I actually use in my pers/pro life: Twtr, FB & LnkdIn. What I'm dabblin in: G+ & Tmblr. Many rarely-used accts on others. And I blog

"#IBM's DB2: After 30 Years & a Look Ahead" ( ) JK--Continues 2 evolve. Recently releasd v10.5 supprts in-mem analytics

Accessed my long-dormant Tumblr account over the weekend. Followed few more people and places. Still not sure what value it adds to my life

"The much-desired 18-25 demographic." You can smell any pitch at that demographic a mile away. Strains to be "hip." What the hell is "hip"?

What's this? Somebody developed a #bigdata next-best-offer app for Google Glass for salespeople? Do those goggles cause hallucinations?

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp The Biggest Lie by Elliott Smith JK--The Sylvia Plath of indie. Sad oeuvre. Sad end. Suicide not entirely surprising

While I'm on the road, my head and pockets fill up with to-dos. The first task when in my home office is to re-collect it all.

@delindesign Thanks, but it's not mine. I just retweeted.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp La Cible qui bouge by Jane Birkin from Di Doo Dah JK--1973. Breathy coo over urban orchestral lounge.

A morning of catching up from my three days away from the office. The three-day weekend coming up is on my mind.

Size matters, but sighs matter. Another way of expressing "it's not the meat, it's the motion."

#BigData discovery? ( ) Monday #IBM quick-hit

Big-data discovery?: 

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Tower of Song by Tom Jones from Spirit in the Room JK--Cool quiet sexy Leonard Cohen cover.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp I Don't Want to Get Over You by Mary Lou Lord from Live City Sounds JK--Cool folkish Magnetic Fields cover.

Excuse me, but this "singularity" blather in high-tech circles feels like science-fiction fans having a bad acid trip.

Hard 2 believe some people freaking out over imminent return of cicadas. They came & went so quickly 17 years ago we barely noticed th noise

RT @McSwtrvst: diminishing returns diminishin return diminishi retur diminish retu diminis ret dimini re dimin r dimi dim di d | ! : .

Weekends after road trips are usually blissfully aimless. We just vegetate in our domestic routine. Which is fine with me.

Has any political revolution truly raised th living standrds of th masses? Or is that just bullshit story th wannabe rich tell 2 grab power?

The real threat to privacy is flashless indoor photography from smartphones. People are always fingering their phones. Perfect cover.

Read profiles of upcoming summer movies. Nothing that wouldn't have been a summer movie in say, 2003. It all feels like cinematic retreads.

Customer loyalty. The fact that no business takes it 4 granted anymore is why they have "loyalty programs." They know we're fickle as hell.

PDA. It's a category of the gadget market that still exists only in minds of flight attendants. They're always asking us to switch them off

I do 10x the amount of thought leadership--volume, velocity, variety--now at #IBM vs when I was an industry analyst. No one micromanages me

Myers-Briggs. It's to organizational team building what paint by numbers is to art.

Lee Marvin doing a cigarette commercial ages ago ( ). Effective advertising can be deadly. Beware!

@geneweingarten uses "MIL" as abbreviation for mother-in-law. Which suggests MILILF. Let's not go there.

RT @rickygervais Stop worrying how many followers U have. Say everythng U've ever wanted 2 say. Twitter is therapy not a popularity contest

Genetically modified food. Until such time as somebody shows that it is unsafe or tastes yucky, I'll continue to eat it.