Monday, February 05, 2018

Aweekstweets December 20 2017 to February 5 2018: the weeks of transitioning from embers to arys

"Inside Amazon's Artificial Intelligence Flywheel" ( ) JK--They,  like Microsoft, have a commercialization focus for their AI initiatives, whereas Google and Facebook put a bit  emphasis on basic R&D (albeit with downstream monetization never out of mind)

"Artificial Intelligence-Based Calculator App" ( ) JK--Handwriting recognition? I don't get it. How hard is it to click and keystroke your numbers and operators into an app?

"Slack is not for me" ( ) JK--I haven't used it in almost a year, since I changed jobs. I don't miss it. Even when I was required to use it, it was a tool too many for me. It added clutter to my already cluttered work life.

"Senator warns YouTube algorithm may be open to manipulation by 'bad actors'" ( ) JK--Reminds me why I primarily listen to music and watch old TV shows on YouTube. I don't need politics there too to further foul my cheery outlook.

"Autonomous Vehicles, Autonomous Bugs" ( ) JK--Bugs? What a quaint notion! The probabilistic nature of the AI that powers AVs and the environments in which they operate introduces unpredictability even into the best engineered of them.

Saw "The Beguiled" on DVD. You know a movie is just a waste of 90 minutes when (spoiler alert) the protagonist dies and, as the credit roll, you say to yourself, "yep, he's dead, alright, the moral of the story is that people die."

"Competing in a world of digital ecosystems" ( ) JK--McKinsey has very interesting diagram showing interlocking clusters of startups & investments in the evolving automotive digital ecosystem. This is not the Detroit of my youth

"What Changes When AI Is So Accessible That Everyone Can Use It?" ( ) JK--Discusses visual, self-service app dev driven by automated machine learning. Increasingly, it won't be regarded as "AI" but just as intelligent apps that anybody can slap together.

"Tech and the future of transportation: From here to there" ( ) JK--Article's interesting for the comprehensive set of analyst research presented in several useful timelines.

"Spectacular dinosaur stomping grounds discovered just outside D.C." ( ) JK--NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt MD. Story practically screams for the scene in "2001: A Space Odyssey" where the ape-hurled bone transforms into spaceship.

"Janesville — A Story About the Rest of America" ( ) JK--I briefly lived near Janesville 34 years ago. Place was already in a deep funk. But Chicago is just 90 miles down the Interstate. My feeling then was that the laid-off had no excuse for not moving.

"Preventing passengers in autonomous cars from feeling queasy" ( ) JK--This is going to be a huge issue. Queasiness comes from a feeling of loss of control. In a human-driven car, at least the passengers can comment to the driver on his/her driving. 

“Austin City Limits” has LCD Soundsystem. Sure beats that dumb halftime show. 

Suffered yet another group fitness instructor who shouts while wearing a microphone connected to an amplifier. Yeah, our eardrums can really benefit from a good beating.

My theory is that all human language began as slang. Before then, labored grunting was the proper form of oral communication.

Super Bowl Sunday. Going to eat my weight in samples at Wegman’s.

Acceptance. It’s life’s greatest performance-enhancing shrug.

RT @kexpnowplaying #kexp Dennis Brown "Wolf & Leopards" from Wolf & Leopards JK--1977. Classic reggae singer died at age 42 but recorded an astonishing 75 albums. Would have turned 61 two days ago. Born the same day as my older brother.

GOP wants us to believe the FBI is left-leaning. That’s the first time in the history of the universe any law-enforcement agency has been accused of that bias.

"MIT launches MIT IQ, aims to spur human, artificial intelligence breakthroughs, bolster collaboration" ( ) JK--Multidisciplinary research effort focused on core tech as well as societal impacts. Seeks funding. Trying to engage industry sponsors.

"Lawrence Lessig Is Fired Up About Campaign Corruption, Dangers of AI" ( ) JK--It would be good if he anchored his discussion in actual understanding of the technology. Refers vaguely to "an AI," "these AIs," "your AI," etc as if these were malevolent gnomes

  Feb 2

"Can A Machine Be Racist?" ( ) JK--Sure. You can program any nastiness into a machine. It can also make unfair distinctions that weren't explicitly intended, just  human beings. But it can also be redeemed thru reprogramming. Or discarded entirely.

"Deep Misconceptions About Deep Learning" ( ) JK--"Be The Master of Your Data" & "Spend Time With Domain Experts". Forgot to add "Wager How Long You, Kramer, and George Can Remain Masters of Your Data Domains."

RT @kexpnowplaying #kexp Leonard Cohen "Famous Blue Raincoat" from Songs of Love and Hate JK--1971. "Jane came by with a lock of your hair"? Weird. When Jane goes goth, will she come by with a quart of your blood?

"How to do a machine learning platform comparison" ( ) JK--I'd net it out to "DevOps for data science" functionality. See my recent #Wikibon study:

New jk #InformationWeek column: "Making AI Safe for Civilized Society" ( )

"I’m a meteorologist and a parent. ‘Dusting delays’ and ‘coating closures’ are stressing me out." ( ) JK--I'll bet "frosting Fridays" are totally freaking him out.

Groundhog Day. Isn't that the animal we get ground pork from?

"The Race For AR Glasses Starts Now" ( ) JK--Dynamically superimposes degrees of analyst influence or irrelevance on AR professionals' field of vision.

"Why 2018 Will Be The Year Of The Blockchain" ( ) JK--Weakens that argument by comparing it to the dotcom bubble of 20 years ago. But it's a valid comparison.

  Feb 2

I'd foresee a tech-hype year-oriented zodiac similar to the Chinese model. In the future, people will have their fortunes told depending whether they were born in say, the Year Of The Electric Car, the Year of Netbook Computing, Year of the Blockchain, etc. That will say so much.

"In vino veritas"? Maybe, maybe not. In that same vein, I suppose cokeheads could make their slogan "speaking truth to powder." Yeah, that makes sense.

Thank you iPhone for informing me there’s moderate rain in my vicinity. Please also inform me when there’s moderate sun so I can adjust my tanning schedule.

My InformationWeek column will post tomorrow.  today’s TechTarget piece, it’s also about AI safety. But I wrote the InfoWk piece first and it’s my framing perspective on the topic as a whole. Society’s evolving guardrails around this stuff.

Got up at a ridiculously early hour this morning. 4am. Wrote the bulk of that TechTarget column before breakfast. Finished it after yoga. They published it before my coffee got cold. Thank you. Never any point in delaying my stuff. I hone myself to a fine degree.

New jk #TechTarget column: "Instilling AI safety into robotics through reinforcement learning" ( )

"Apache Beam lowers barriers to entry for big data processing technologies" ( ) JK--Single-API programmatic access to all the popular streaming data platforms.

"When Algorithms Are Running the Asylum" ( ) JK--Computational psychiatry: machine learning for recognizing root causes among the myriad of factors that may explain our patterns of thought, feeling, behavior, etc.


"5 Lessons Algorithms Must Learn From Journalism" ( ) JK--1) truth and accuracy, 2) independence, 3) fairness & impartiality, 4) humanity, 5) accountability.

"As AI Makes  Decisions, the Nature of Leadership Will Change" ( ) JK--Emphasis on "curiosity, extraversion, and emotional stability," rather than cognitive smarts.

"India & Japan combine defense forces in AI, robotics to curb Chinese ambitions" ( ) JK--Hmmm. Cite "rule of law" & "freedom of navigation."

Decided to watch NBC Evening News. Was just about to listen to their report on “the opioid crisis.” But then Lester Holt intro’d it with the too-clever phrase “one nation, overdosed.” I reached for the remote.

Another day in the analytics industry vendor-positioning mill. If I choose to hit the bottle after these grueling research calls, I can justify it by stating that I was data-driven to drink.

RT @kexpnowplaying #kexp The National "Bloodbuzz Ohio" from High Violet JK--2010. Owing money to money? Rust Belt usury? This is not a standard practice in Ohio. In Toledo, maybe, but not the state as a whole. OK, Youngstown too, but that's the extent of it.

"Announcing the AI Fund: Building transformative AI companies" ( ) JK--Another Silicon Valley VC funding this stuff. Initiative of former Baidu AI guru Andrew Ng.

"Artificial Intelligence May Have Cracked Freaky 600-Year-Old Voynich Manuscript" ( ) JK--It may be a ciphering of Hebrew. Appears that script was created with alphagrams, which are words in which text has been replaced by an alphabetically ordered anagram.

"Job One for Quantum Computers: Boost Artificial Intelligence" ( ) JK--Of course. “Manipulation of large matrices and large vectors are exponentially faster on a quantum computer," says an MIT physicist and quantum pioneer.

"Can Open Data Feed the World?" ( ) JK--Depends. How much of that data is unadulterated crap? It's rich in nitrogen, good for the soil, I hear.

"4 AI startups that analyze customer reviews" ( ) JK--I'd  a tool that analyzes customer reviews of AI-infused products, and displays all the expletives in their full emotional context, perhaps a wordcloud that signals choicest epithets with thunderbolts

"Facebook Isn't Playing Along With Silicon Valley's Humble New Look" ( ) JK--It's emphasizing innovation & risk-taking in a political environment where chastened Web companies retreat behind apologies and fingerpointing.

"Military robots are getting smaller and  capable" ( ) JK--Swarming drones will be as revolutionary to warfare as, long ago, longbows, stirrups, body armor, gunpowder, tanks, mines, submarines, missiles, and airplanes were.

"DLPaper2Code: Auto-generation of Code from Deep Learning Research Papers" ( ) JK--Totally cool IBM AI-driven auto-programming R&D initiative coming out of India.

"Microsoft’s prototype Ink to Code app transforms sketches into working code" ( ) JK--AI-driven auto-programming. Could not be hotter.

RT @kexpnowplaying #kexp The Decemberists "Severed" from I’ll Be Your Girl JK--2018. Good new one from these folks. Always enjoy Colin Meloy's sheet-metal voice.

What I  most about reading from paper is that it's usually flat on the surface in front of and below me, not up high  a computer screen. Less strain. Also, un a flat-on-surface tablet, paper doesn't suddenly do a screensaver die on me while I'm perusing. It holds ink

Drafted next #InformationWeek column: "Making AI Safe for Civilized Society." Restarting my monthly column for that publication after a 3-year gap. They're under new management. As am I.

RT @kexpnowplaying #kexp Bat For Lashes & Beck "Let's Get Lost" JK--2010. Cool collaboration by these two artists.

RT @KEXPNowPlaying #kexp The Tallest Man on Earth "Love Is All" from The Wild Hunt JK--2010. This folkie, Saras Per Kristian Matsson, is one of my favorite Swedish exports.

"5 Things You Didn't Know About Ikea's Billionaire Founder" ( ) JK--One of those clickbait Web slideshows. The first "thing you didn't know" was that "he had a customer point of view." I stopped clicking there. If the first click is PR drivel, stop clicking

RT @kexpnowplaying #kexp Lupe Fiasco "Kick, Push" from Food & Liquor JK--2006. At first listen, I thought they were singing "Kate Bush, Kate Bush." Yeah, I'd sing about her too.

Cleveland baseball team drops the cartoon Native American face from their logo. Perhaps they can also change their club’s name in order to stop appropriating the identity of Native Americans.

"Organic Food Isn’t Better For Your Health" ( ) JK--But it isn't worse either. Non-GMOs aren't better/worse for your health, nor are most religious culinary "cleanliness" practices. Gustatory pickiness is a fairly widespread tendency of our species.

"China wants to make the chips that will add AI to any gadget" ( ) JK--Yeah, they and everybody else are.

"Good luck getting out of a ticket with Ford’s A.I.-enabled police car" ( ) JK--Holy crap: "AI could help an autonomous police car learn the best places to hide so speeding motorists don’t see it...or go on the prowl on its own."

"Optimization over Explanation" ( ) JK--Provocative idea: "AI systems ought to be required to declare what they are optimized for." Containerized AI services should enforce those intentional boundaries in production execution environments

"James Kobielus outlines the AI path for big data analytics" ( ) JK--Inaugural edition of #TechTarget Talking Data podcast for 2018. No, I don't  to tweet my name in a headline. But there you have it. Interviewed a few weeks back by Jack Vaughan.

"Different continents, different data science" ( ) JK--Way too reductive a POV. Croll's anecdotal argument falls flat. I'd dare say data scientists everywhere fuss over veracity, storage, analysis, and unintended consequences.

  Jan 29

"Psychlab: A Psychology Laboratory for Deep Reinforcement Learning Agents" ( ) JK--Enables implementations of classical laboratory psychological experiments so that they work with both human and artificial agents

"Facebook releases the Detectron, its object detection research platform" ( ) JK--Important open-source initiative for segmenting entities in video/image recognition apps.

RT @kexpnowplaying #kexp MGMT "Hand It Over" from Hand It Over JK--2018. A bit of chill soul from these guys. Different sound for them.

"Deep Interactive Evolution" ( ) JK--Very cool human-in-loop GAN that allows people to evolve images strongly resembling specific target images, with tight feedback loop between AI system & person in which directed randomization generates creative novelty

"Union heavyweight wants to ban UPS from using drones or driverless vehicles" ( ) JK--This will not end well. That's all I'm saying.

"Gartner's 19 leading in-memory databases for big data analytics" ( ) JK--Nothing wrong with the products, but it strains credulity to characterize all 19 as "leading." Leading? Really? Even those with market shares in the single digits?

"Three Ways to Think About Streaming" ( ) JK--Handy engineering paradigms to keep in mind: continuous flow vs. series of tiny tables vs. static object that keeps extending.

"Here acquires Micello to add indoor mapping as part of its IoT business unit" ( ) JK--10 million years ago, I was a product manager at a wireless test/measurement firm trying to make a go of indoor mapping for cellular data buildouts. Way premature.

RT @kexpnowplaying #kexp Ty Segall "Despoiler of Cadaver" from Freedom's Goblin JK--2018. Forthcoming release from this amazingly prolific and incessantly inventive artist. He's 30, has released an album a year for the past decade, and it feels  he's just getting started.

"Octavia Spencer Deserves Far  Than What She’s Gotten in Hollywood" ( ) JK--Yeah. She should be receiving the Oscar for every role she takes. And it's high time we give her the Irving Thalberg award. Being in constant demand as an actress isn't enough.

"Why You Should Wake up At 4 am And Beat The Zombies" ( ) JK--Sorry. Get real. Ain't gonna work. Everybody knows they're nocturnal.

RT @kexpnowplaying #kexp Somos anormales (we are abnormal) by Residente from Residente JK--2017. Just won the Grammy for the Best Latin Rock, Urban or Alternative Album. By the way, the video for this is definitely not for the faint of heart.

"Artificial intelligence will create  jobs than it eliminates" ( ) JK--Which specific jobs will boom? Not enough to assert that AI will "create millions  positions of highly skilled, management and even low-level and low-skilled variety jobs"

" organizations putting AI, blockchain and virtual reality to use" ( ) JK--In the same apps? I doubt it and article doesn't make that claim. Would be less misleading if the headline simply stated that  companies are evaluating & piloting these techs

Nice to see that the obnoxiously strident, inflexible bodyworks instructor that neither I or my wife can stand has left of her own free will. Would have been better if club mgt had listened to numerous complaints and canned her long ago.

  Jan 28

Ton of people out at the stores today on this rainy Sunday. My sense is that people need to get out of the house. No point staying inside getting amped up with  Trump-era anxiety. It’s all too much!

Our fitness clubs are near a major Army base. It’s not uncommon to hear that our bootcamp instructors have been “redeployed.”

Weekend. Regular opportunity to revisit my knotty thoughts, quarantine the naughtier, and dispose of those that matter nought.

RIP Mort Walker. Though I found his comic strips nothing special, I can’t help admiring his astonishing productivity over such a long period and singleminded devotion to promoting the art of cartooning.

Watching the thoroughly incongruous Darren Aronofsky psychological thriller “Mother!” I’m tweeting while it plays to divert attention from this mother****ing piece of bull****. I’d incinerate the DVD if it were mine.

Rewatching a “Doc Martin” episode while waiting for the wife so we can watch a DVD. The character is so obnoxiously in control. So why doesn’t he carry a barf bag in case his hemophobia flares?

I’ve decided to geotag my Facebook posts as coming from Machu Picchu. No special reason, other than to cultivate an image as a man of the world.

Reba McEntire named as KFC’s first female pitchcolonel. Bravo. Please have her sing downhome chicken jingles.

Cities offering Amazon massive subsidies for its second HQ. This company needs subsidies  Donald Trump needs  ego.

“EM Drive, the Impossible Rocket Engine, May Be Closer to Reality” ( …) JK--Never count game-changing chickens when someone hypes a “peer-reviewed soon-to-be-published paper...from a research group [that] has generated much cautious excitement”

Paradoxically, “liking” everything I do in Facebook is an unfriend-worthy offense. Friends don’t inflict relentless fawning on each other.

I go along with our yoga teacher’s namastes and oms but draw the line at shanti shanti. For the same reason I don’t memorize the Sanskrit names of all the moves. My body feels  natural flexing in English.

I’m not going to let Trump ruin my day.......D’oh!

"DroNet: Learning to Fly by Driving" ( ) JK--Makes sense. Drones will need to guide themselves down public rights-of-way, so why not train them with ground-level driving data, supplemented by over-road obstacle data (eg. power lines, traffic signals)?

RT @kexpnowplaying #kexp Simon & Garfunkel "El Cóndor Pasa" from Bridge Over Troubled Water JK--1970. Here's the original by Peru's Daniel Alomía Robles, from a a musical play of the same name that debuted in 1913 at the Teatro Mazzi in Lima:

Stop calling it "breaking news." It's just "news." If it's no longer "breaking," it's no longer new, hence no longer news. It's history. 

RT @KEXPNowPlaying #kexp John Hartford “Jack’s in the Sack” from Looks at Life JK--1967. Not quite as serious as “Gentle On My Mind”

RT @KEXPNowPlaying #kexp Roger Miller “Do-Wacka-Do” from The Return of Roger Miller JK--1965. Glad that Roger put that nonsense title at the heart of the lyric. It means any crazy thing you want.

New jk #Wikibon blog: "Data Portfolio Management Puts Catalogs at the Forefront of Enterprise Curation" ( )

New jk #InfoWorld column: "What is deep reinforcement learning? The next step in AI and deep learning" ( ) JK--Same article I tweeted out earlier, but editor corrected the title and a subhead at my request.

"How AI and IoT will influence data management in 2018" ( ) JK--Podcast of Jack Vaughan's interview with me in .

RT @kexpnowplaying #kexp The Fall "Pacifying Joint" from Fall Heads Roll JK--2005. Smith really never tried to "sing" in any conventional sense. Or even "rap." Essentially, he voiced his songs with a impatient "let's keep this beat moving" push that brooked no opposition.

"Is “Murder by Machine Learning” the New “Death by PowerPoint”?' ( ) JK--Worse. No one will ever weave PowerPoint into the very fabric of their lives. ML models "[ly] to inspire false and/or misplaced confidence in their findings." 

"China wants to make the chips that will add AI to any gadget" ( ) JK--Curious if they think the world will trust their chips not to spy. We've already seen the chilling effect that the NSA specter has spawned around US-exported crypto.

"Checking Out Amazon Go, The First No-Checkout Convenience Store" ( ) JK--WiFi, smartphone apps, ceiling cameras, shelf sensors, computer vision, machine learning algorithms.

"Low-hanging fruit." I think the phrase undermines itself. I think of the low-hanging fruits as the ones that are most bumped, bruised, squashed, and trampled underfoot. No way I'm going to consume that crap!

"Machine learning tools for fairness, at scale" ( ) JK-Unworkably vague. Even if we peg "fair" to outcomes that would be universally acceptable under Rawls' "veil of ignorance," you'd need to model subjunctive analytics in ML before you could build useful ML

RT @kexpnowplaying #kexp Mark E. Smith & Ed Blaney "Real Good Time Together" from Smith & Blaney JK--2008. This VU/Lou Reed cover tests how long you can stand Smith's flat, unmodulated, obnoxious bark of an English voice.

RT @kexpnowplaying #kexp Laraaji "Cosmic Joe" from Vision Songs Vol. 1 JK--2001. Born Edward Larry Gordon. Multi-instrumentalist "discovered" by Brian Eno in 1979 busking in Washington Sq Park NYC. Ambient, drone, mystical, new age, etc. Also a comedian:

New jk #InfoWorld column: "What is deep reinforcement learning? The next step in AI and deep learning" ( )

RIP Mark E. Smith. To say The Fall was unclassifiable and a postpunk acquired taste is an understatement. He pursued that same unnerving musical repetition relentlessly for 40+ years. Totally wired!

New jk #Wikibon Premium research note: "Automated Machine Learning: Assessing Available Solutions" ( )

New jk #Wikibon Premium research note: "Automated Machine Learning: Accelerating Development and Deployment of Statistical Models" ( )

RT @kexpnowplaying #kexp Posse "Dream Sequence" from Horse Blanket JK--2017. Reminds me vaguely of "Chinese Radiation" from Pere Ubu's "The Modern Dance" LP (1978).

"Is Creativity Finally Dead?" ( ) . JK--Oh, thank heavens! I thought we'd never make the world safe for plodding mediocrity.

"If You Can’t Handle Numbers, How Are You Ever Going To Handle AI?" ( ) JK--While we're on the subject, you can't handle the truth either. You make me sick!

Drafted latest #InfoWorld column: "Deep Reinforcement Learning Drives AI Convergence."

Nice retirement planning promotional seminar at a restaurant in Old Town Alexandria. Free dinner and drinks. I had the chicken and my wife the salmon. We were too busy enjoying our meal to bother with the financial crap. 

"Deep learning trends from ACL 2017" ( ) JK--Building interpretability and attention mechanisms into AI models. Shining some light into the algorithmic blackboxes.

"GDPR and the Right to Be Forgotten" ( ) JK--But is there a reciprocal right to be forgiven for forgetting someone's right to be forgotten? And do you forfeit all the ill-gotten booty that may accrue if you've falsely forgotten to forget someone?

Congratulations James! We're giving you a deep discount on a product you never requested, don't require, and would  to never hear of again. Please let us know what we can do to expunge our company's existence from your consciousness now and ever.

"This Army of AI Robots Will Feed the World" ( ) JK--Precision culling of underperforming seedlings. Precision fertilization of superperformers.

"AI learns how to fool speech-to-text. That’s bad news for voice assistants" ( ) JK--Renders the algorithm deaf to what you actually say, invisibly inserts what the attacker wants it to hear.

To whoever auto-generates those YouTube obituary clipshows upon some celeb's demise, please stop. Those robotic text-to-speech voice-overs are so lame, they make the departed seem even  dead. RIP Bradford Dillman:

"TensorFlow review: The best deep learning library gets better" ( ) JK--New v1.5. Detailed technical article also discusses recent advances in rival DL frameworks such as MXNet, CNTK, and Caffe2. 

"NASA Just Proved It Can Navigate Space Using Pulsars. Where To Now?" ( ) JK--Might I suggest to infinity and beyond?

"How Fast Is AI Progressing? Stanford’s New Report Card for Artificial Intelligence" ( ) JK--Metric is better at gauging volume of AI activity than progress toward artificial general intelligence. 

"Synthetic data could ease the burden of training data for AI models" ( ) JK--It'll do  than that. Synthetic data will help data-science pipsqueaks compete with the Googles of the world (who've already got tons of from-the-source training data)

"DeepBrain Chain....AI Computing Platform Driven by Blockchain" ( ) ( ) JK--Interesting concept. On-demand distributed resource-brokering AI cloud wherein computation servers are compensated thru a cryptocurrency called DeepBrain Coin

"Cloud AutoML: How Google aims to simplify the grunt work behind AI and machine learning models" ( ) JK--An "alpha effort" that'll probably gain significant traction. See my automated ML #Wikibon reports coming out this week.

"Slack Hopes Its AI Will Keep You from Hating Slack" ( ) JK--I used Slack in my previous gig. It's OK. What I hate is not any one tool but the sheer tool glut that one must navigate to do simple things in today's jampacked office productivity vortex.

"How Amazon And Google’s AI Assistant War Made CES Relevant Again" ( ) JK--Voice command UIs the thread that binds the unruly gadgetplex into a unified field of personal agents?

"How to use mindfulness to manage your money better" ( ) JK--Just breathe deeply and be kind to yourself when your creditors repossess everything that isn't nailed down, including your meditation mat.

In the past week, I've had discussions about blockchain with my wife, brother, and financial adviser. I initiated none of these discussions. What's next? Do I brace myself for blockchain inquiries at the supermarket checkout lane?

Bought/downloaded Tune-Yards' latest LP: "I can feel you creep into my private life." I've been consistently blown away by everything that Merrill Garbus and crew have produced. Disruptively brilliant. 

Humblebrag. I don’t trust this word.  often than not, it flags the insecurities of the person using it  than the supposed boastfulness of the person being indicated.

Hell no! Don’t reopen the government if it means closing America to immigrants!

Always good to keep a stash of fresh candles and matches near the wine. Mild inebriation goes well with weak illumination. Especially at home. Togetherness.

Hallelujah, it’s weekend again. Time for my weekend stuff. The usual mundanity till Monday’s insanity marks its end once again, my friend.

Still haven’t found that damn glove. But no worries. High temperature tomorrow predicted to be around 60. All hail global warming!

"Big Bets on A.I. Open a New Frontier for Chip Start-Ups, Too" ( ) JK--NY Times coverage of this superhot space.

"Zero to Hero: Guide to Object Detection using Deep Learning: Faster R-CNN,YOLO,SSD" ( ) JK--The utterly important, cutting edge, and arcane art & science of statistically distinguishing objects in visual field in real-time under high-stakes scenarios.

"The Google Brain Team — Looking Back on 2017" ( ) JK--They are investing deeply into a phenomenal range of disruptive AI technologies.

"The Starbucks Logo Has A Secret You’ve Never Noticed" ( ) JK--Just a little bit of asymmetry transformed the logo face from merely a beautiful lady to a LILF.

RT @kexpnowplaying #kexp The Clash "Straight to Hell" from Combat Rock JK--1999. I've never understood why Strummer would have Vietnamese children speaking fractured Japanese: "When it's Christmas out in Ho Chi Minh City Kiddie say papa papa papa papa pappa-san, take me home."

I notice that IBM had its first revenue-growth quarter in almost 6 years. Seems  they've stanched the red-ink flow from legacy businesses. But they definitely have their work cut out for them competing in cloud, AI, & other growth businesses. Aggressive, innovative rivals.

RT @kexpnowplaying #kexp Young Fathers "In My View" from Cocoa Sugar JK--2018. Good one. That "you'll be dancing on my grave" line is a great hook.

Lost my left winter glove at the club last night. Checked the lost & found then and now. Not there. But I cannot believe that other members “lost” several heavy stuffed bags of exercise gear in that same 24-hour period. What’s in them? Your brains?

"Low-Cost AI Chipsets Will Take the Mobility Market by Storm in 2018" ( ) JK--Sez I: "AI chipset market will reach a tipping point in 2022, the price will drop below $25 per chip and the open-source ecosys for real-time Linux on DL SOC emerges."

RT @kexpnowplaying #kexp The Stooges "Down on the Street" from Fun House JK--1970. It's been nearly a half-century, but this still smokes with menace. Yow!

"Square off: Machine learning libraries" ( ) JK--Very useful framework for comparing them: 1) programming paradigms, 2) ML algorithms, 3) hardware and performance, 4) interpretability, 5) automation.

"Business must tone down its lust for big data" ( ) JK--Or at least get a room, you two! Or take a cold shower, how 'bout that?

"Amazon announces 20 HQ2 finalists" ( ) JK--Three of which constitute most of the DC metro area: "Montgomery County, MD; ....Northern Virginia, VA; ...Washington D.C.."

"Using game theory to protect networks, infrastructure" ( ) JK---They mean game-theoretic tools and practices. Though the article doesn't give many details, I have a hunch they're using multi-agent AI with cooperative reinforcement learning to drive this.

RT @kexpnowplaying #kexp The Luxembourg Signal "Antarctica" from Blue Field JK--2017. Nice bit of rushing electronic warmth.

"How blockchain makes self-sovereign identities possible" ( ) JK--Philip Windley on federated identity and distributed systems of trust. Me on the same topic, ages ago:

"CES 2018: IBM Shows Off The World's Largest Quantum Computer" ( ) JK--50-qubit. Not yet been released for use by commercial partners. Needs environment colder than deep space to actually operate.

"CES 2018: Intel's 49-Qubit Chip Shoots for Quantum Supremacy" ( ) JK--But not commercially practical without 1) surface code error correction, 2) algo mapping to quantum hardware, & 3) electronics that control individual qubits and read out quantum results.

Quantum computing will collapse the value of all cryptocurrencies to zero. If everybody can instantaneously do the calculations that "mine" new bitcoins etc, you have massive oversupply of the currency. And its value will disappear. The big bang will trigger the big crunch.  

RT @kexpnowplaying #kexp Roxy Music "All I Want Is You" from Country Life JK--1974. "L'amour toujours l'amour" indeed!

I told the manager of LA Fitness he better get somebody to fix the audio gear in the class room. Or fix the instructors, none of whom know how to set it up without producing ear-stabbing bursts of feedback. Leave it off altogether!

Drinking day-old champagne. Can’t complain.

I'm going to ask my physician to give me a clean bill of health until I'm 70, at the very least. I need an iron-clad guarantee that I'll be "fit for duty" until I'm ready to hang it up and call it a career. Not a prediction--a GUARANTEE!

"Expert Interview (Part 2): James Kobielus on Reasons for Data Scientist Insomnia including Neural Network Development Challenges" ( ) JK--Conclusion of my interview with Syncsort's Susan Jennings.

"Doctor says president will remain 'fit for duty' for years"? That little "for years" twist is what marks this as obvious BS. As if anybody, much less a physician, can make those kinds of predictions with confidence.

Spam invites me to “find unclaimed money.” I know it’s as easy as walking the streets saying “here money money money, here money money money, be a good boy, come to papa.” 

"Fair and Balanced? Thoughts on Bias in Probabilistic Modeling" ( ) JK--What, if anything, is a fair way to classify multidimensional human beings? What credence do we give their self-labels? When may we impose categories on them they would never own up to?

"Do algorithms reveal sexual orientation or just expose our stereotypes?" ( ) JK--My sense is that ML algorithms are just as confused on topic of sexual orientations as people themselves are. Let's put all algorithms into a default "Q" category under LGBTQ.

"Gamers vs. Miners in Cryptocurrency Conflict" ( ) JK--My concern is that the world's gamers will squander the world's bitcoin supply on *#@!^! Donkey Kong!

"How artificial intelligence is creating new ways of storytelling" ( ) JK--Article discusses use cases of AI-driven natural language generation, to various degrees of sophistication.

"CES 2018: What the Gadget Fest Looks  in ‘the Year of A.I.’" ( ) JK--The best photo from CES 2018 is the one I'm sharing out with this post: gadgets and sunshine as the light sources during blackouts.

"From deep learning down" ( ) JK--The human urge to calculate  arcane quantities stretches back to civilization's dawn. It's a core signal that a civilization is in fact advancing.

"Deep Learning Hardware Limbo" ( ) JK--Tim Dettmers dissects the AI chipset wars at an in-depth technical level.

"Are Chief AI Officers Really Necessary?" ( ) JK--There's a way to find out. Use AI-driven NLP and video/face recognition to determine incidence of people rolling their eyes when such a position is proposed. The eye-rolls have it (not!). 

"Turning Design Mockups Into Code With Deep Learning" ( ) JK--Cool example of AI-driven auto-programming.

RT @kexpnowplaying #kexp Sinéad O’Connor "I Am Stretched on Your Grave" from I Do Not Want What I Haven't Got jK--1990. Her own psychological turmoils,  the late O'Riordan's, undoubtedly fuel the deep discontent that makes her music so distinctive.

RT @kexpnowplaying #kexp Belly "Full Moon, Empty Heart" from Star JK--1993. These rockers from Boston (2 women, 2 men) always struck me as slightly Irish sounding.

RIP Dolores O'Riordan. The 1990s were very much a decade in which unmistakeably Irish women's voices (her, Sinead, Enya, the Corrs) brought a lovely Celtic lilt into the pop music mix.

"Poor, sweet, good-hearted Jeopardy! contest confuses Jack White for Eminem" ( ) JK--That was excusable. But in the same category, none of the 3 contestants could identify a photo of Robert Redford. My wife and I were dumbstruck. You gotta be kidding! 

"Expert Interview (Part 1): Wikibon’s James Kobielus Discusses the Explosive Impact of Machine Learning" ( ) JK--Syncsort's Susan Jennings' interview with me.

"The War on Driving to Come" ( ) JK--Wildly sensationalistic rightwing screed. Nobody's envisioning "banning" manual driving. It will eventually wither as autonomous tech improves. But that doesn't mean "Big Brother" will necessarily steer us all.

  Jan 16

When someone touts the advantages of this or that cryptocurrency, or the lot of them as a mania, I can't help thinking of the old adage about not taking any wooden nickels. When every coin is minted from an unfamiliar substrate, an extra level of caution needs to kick in.

RT @kexpnowplaying #kexp Sun Kil Moon "Carry Me Ohio" from Ghosts of the Great Highway JK--2003. Mark Kozelek's voice strikes me as perfect for a lonesome cartoon wolf baying at the moon.

RT @KEXPNowPlaying #kexp Frank Ocean "Lost" from Channel Orange JK--2012. Already feels  a golden oldie. But it was just 6 years ago.

"How to Cope with Stress in Tech" ( ) JK--Stress is embedded in the extreme complexity, competitiveness, and volatility of this business. It is an immersive condition. Everyone must find their own core of emotional stability to withstand it.

Thinking of doing an ongoing "how AI could revolutionize...." column. The fun thing is: you can stick any noun in place of the ellipsis and credibly BS your way through it. Better than Mad Libs!

New jk #Dataversity column: "Low-Cost AI Chipsets Will Take the Mobility Market by Storm in 2018" ( )

"Machine learning models require DevOps-style workflows" ( ) JK--Transcript of Jack Vaughan's interview with me.

"Serverless, containers shape future of cloud computing" ( ) JK--Includes my prediction "Functional programming comes to cloud, slow to reach private infrastructure"

New jk #KDNuggets column: "Local AI Inferencing Will Become Standard In Edge Applications In 2018" ( )

Dear Total Stranger Who Emailed Me Out Of The Blue: Thank you for thanking me in advance for my help. That gave me the opportunity to delete your message in advance. Preferable to helping you. Much obliged!

Caught “Our Souls At Night,” a Netflix original movie with Jane Fonda & Robert Redford. Quiet, lovely film. At 80, she’s 5 years older than her father was in “On Golden Pond,” but seems much younger.

Watching documentary about the Everly Brothers. Good, but it seems to imply that they invented close harmony singing in pop music. Umm...doo-wop?

It’s important to donate to public TV. Without your pledge, public TV pledge drives will go off the air forever. We cannot allow that to happen!

Spot-on ESPN analysis: “When this team gets the football in their hands, they try to score!”

Caught “The Mountain Between Us” on DVD. I’m sure that Kate Winslet and Idris Elba asked their respective agents to find a survival-pic project with a gratuitous sex scene and an extraordinarily sappy ending. Subzero stars!

My grownup son meets Fred Durst of Limp Bizkit and waxes nostalgic. Accompanying my then-underage son to see Papa Roach et al live at the 930 Club around the turn of the millennium was when I crossed the threshold to old age. Too damn loud! 

Caught first episode of David Letterman’s new Netflix talk show last night. Guest was Barack Obama, with an insert of Letterman’s visit to Selma with John Lewis. Excellent. I actually prefer the serious but still funny Dave. He doesn’t interrupt unnecessarily any. 

The temperature overnight will drop from the 60s to the 20s. My brain is freezing over thinking of it. Worse than an ice cream headache.

I'd be careful investing in cryptocurrency. Jor-El's mad experiments with kryptoncurrency caused his planet to explode. Glad he was able to bamboozle enough hard currency from foolish investors to fund baby Kal-El's rocket-borne escape. Where would we be without that child?

"20 years on, open source hasn’t changed the world as promised" ( ) JK--Contradicts own thesis: "companies use  open source code over past 20 years...has changed narrative of how innovation happens in software...most innovative software is open source"

Trump will turn America into a "shithole country" unless we stop him.

"Wabi-Sabi: Beyond Minimalism, and into a Unique Mode of Mindful Simplicity" ( ) JK-- than the "worn-in" aesthetic. It's the workaround and "whatever" philosophy. Perfection can be found in the acceptance of good-enough incompletion.

"Why Do We Even Wear Pants?" ( ) JK--So our nether regions will remain safely stowed if we ever need to mount a proud steed and gallop off to conquer barbarians.

"In 2018 - AI will start to bring jobs back from offshore destinations to the West" ( ) JK--"Back from offshore"? Where have they been? On a barge anchored off the continental shelf?

Burt’s Bees. I always wondered if their hive was in his beard. And if training them to produce lip balm instead of honey is what caused colony collapse.

Gotta admire the marketing chutzpah of a movie studio boasting that critics rave about their latest product being "one of the best films of the year" when the year is only 11 days old.

"Did you forget your car keys? No problem, use your face." ( ) JK--Picking locks with your snaggle tooth? That's quite a parlor trick!

"An institute studying ‘existential risk’ has made a Civilization mod about superintelligent AI" ( ) JK--The risks of existing, of never having existed, of once having existed. Here's Emily Dickinson's take on how dreary it all is:

"CES 2018: Artificial Intelligence at Home and Behind the Wheel" ( ) JK--AI-driven smart appliances, cars, and other gadgets. Speech-recognition voice-control digital assistants slathered over, under, and into every(Internet of)thing(s).

"Google and Others Are Building AI Systems That Doubt Themselves" ( ) JK--Neurotic algorithms? No. Probabilistically programmed AI-driven systems that gauge their level of certainty & factor that into sensitive/impactful decisioning scenarios.

RT @kexpnowplaying #kexp Sufjan Stevens "Fourth of July (900X remix)" from The Greatest Gift Mixtape — Outtakes, Remixes, & Demos from Carrie & Lowell JK--2017. Occasionally, Sufjan's morose side gets the better of him. But I  this anyway. 

"Artificial intelligence as auto companies’ new engine of value" ( ) JK--Greatest innovation since built-in cup holders.

  Jan 11

Dear Social Media: Don't remind me of people's birthdays unless they've specifically invited me to their birthday parties and are paying my travel expenses. If they do, I'll bring cake.

"The artificial intelligence computing stack" ( ) JK--Presents nested list of what's eating what.

"Nvidia launches Xavier, an effort to meld autonomous driving and AI" ( ) JK--Xavier system-on-chip. >9B transistors, custom 8-core CPU, 512-core Volta GPU, 8K HDR vid proc, DL & computr-vision accelrtrs, 30T ops/sec on 30W power.

"Interpretable Machine Learning: A Guide for Making Black Box Models Explainable" ( ) JK--Excellent cookbook for the working data scientist.

"DIY GPU server: Build your own PC for deep learning" ( ) JK--This will be become standard practice for homebrewed AI robotics.

"Hadoop 3 confronts the realities of storage growth" ( ) JK--Ovum's ferocious Baer goes deep into the plumbing of federated Hadoop clusters on Kubernetes orchestration fabrics.

"December 2017 Tracker – Where’s Hadoop?" ( ) JK--Gartner's venerable @merv rounds up this rapidly consolidating niche of the big data ecosystem.

"AI System Sorts News Articles By Whether or Not They Contain Actual Information" ( ) JK--Wonderful. I want one of those to net-out the emptiness inside tech press releases. Many can be reduced 20x to the essential news. Eliminate boilerplate marketing BS

"Battle of the Deep Learning frameworks — Part I: 2017, even  frameworks and interfaces" ( ) JK--Here are the 2 #Wikibon research notes I published last month on the topic: 

"AI in 2018 for developers" ( ) JI--"AutoML replacing pipelines"? Actually, Google's is just a project. There's growing range of commercial and open-source ML-automation tools. I've authored 2 #Wikibon research notes on the topic. To be published very soon

RT @kexpnowplaying #kexp Kyle Craft "The Rager" from Full Circle Nightmare JK--2018. This Portland artist's best yet. Great vocal, lyric, melody, & arrangement. Can't wait to hear the rest of the LP. Out next month on Sub Pop.

"8 ways artificial intelligence is going to change the way you live, work and play in 2018" ( ) JK--"Facial recognition will be the new credit card." Dunno. If your beautiful face is easy on the eyes, will you get easier credit?

RT @kexpnowplaying #kexp The Gentleman Losers "The Good Bird Singin' In The Twilight Tree" from Permanently Midnight JK--2017. Finnish group. Nice stately dirge-/dirge-lite ambient quality to this. A bit  Sigur Ros.

I would  to see people go back to stating that a given press story is "inaccurate" or "false" rather than "fake news." Only use the latter if the intent was to deceive and misrepresent. In that case, call it a "lie."

I overhear ESPN and the announcer saying “Coach Poop literally said he plans to build the greatest football team of all time.” Really? Literally? Verbatim? Direct quote? Have you reviewed the transcript? Would you testify to that under oath? 

  Jan 9

I lie here every evening, drained, with my earbuds plugged in and the music streaming into me thru my iPhone. I might as well make it an intravenous drip.

RIP John Young. The only astronaut who made the space program his entire career all the way up to retirement in old age. Gemini (orbit), Apollo (moon), Space Shuttle (pilot), management, whistleblower. I salute your service to growing humanity’s presence in the cosmos.

Interviewed by Beth Pariseau of TechTarget re operationalization of the AI app management pipeline.

Interviewed by Jack Vaughan of  re AI, ML, big data, microservices, etc. My usual shtick.

RT @kexpnowplaying #kexp Ray Charles "You Are My Sunshine" from Modern Sounds in Country and Western Music Volume Two JK--1962. Amazingly awesome blend of R&B, big band, and country/western.

“Share this if you agree with what I’m posting” is the Facebook equivalent of “honk if you love Jesus.”

RT @kexpnowplaying #kexp Phoebe Bridgers "Motion Sickness" from Stranger in the Alps JK--2017. Sounds  a young Sheryl Crow or Aimee Mann.

One sure sign of a bubble is when one's tech-averse spouse mentions that a friend's investing in something called "bitcoin" & that we should consider. You cannot imagine how quickly I shot down that idea. I sort of want to have retirement savings to draw on for years to come.

"How Actual Smart People Talk About Themselves" ( ) JK--Awareness of how others perceive them, attention to the limits of their own cognitive machinery, and voracious curiosity into what they don't yet know.

"Steve Bannon: Donald Trump Jr was not 'treasonous' – I meant Paul Manafort" ( ) JK--Easy mistake to make. Both are disgusting douchebags, just  you. You're forgiven (not).

Wonder if we can rely on Alexa to open the pod bay doors should that fateful day arrive.

RT @kexpnowplaying #kexp James Blake "Vincent" JK--2017. Lovely quiet rendition of the Don McLean classic on the piano.

"'Meditation For Fidgety Skeptics' Offers Practical Advice For Stressed-Out Cynics" ( ) JK--Here's Dan Harris' on-air panic attack ( ). Viewers probably didn't realize it. He bailed before it could snowball into something career-ending.

"I Know Where You've Been: Digital Spying And Divorce In The Smartphone Age" ( ) JK--I'd say if the relationship has gotten to this point, it's pretty much over. Digital evidence is beside the point. Call your lawyers and settle your accounts.

Thinking of producing month-by-month tech predictions throughout the year. Along the lines of "if such-and-such doesn't happen by the end of February, we're all screwed and all bets are off." Gotta sharpen my game.

RT @kexpnowplaying #kexp David Bowie "Quicksand" from Hunky Dory JK--1971. Today would have been his 71st.

"Google and Intel Beware: China Is Gunning for Dominance in AI Chips" ( ) JK--Good discussion of China-based AI chip startups Horizon Robotics and Cambricon Technologies, as well as San Diego's Kneron.

What’s sobering is digging just a few years back in my oeuvre and finding how dated some then-hot tech manias have become. “Quantified self,” anyone? I try to dissect stuff while it’s hot, but balance it with boring perennials.

Facebook algorithmically sends me statistical insights on the artist fanpage I maintain. I get all the insight I need from knowing others respond  I do to those same artists. I try to refrain from analyzing some of my passions.

We tend to leave subtitles on English-language movies. They help my non-native-speaking spouse follow the colloquialisms. They help me chuckle at unnecessary captions such as “[lighthearted instrumental music].”

I’m not sure what’s  treacherous: driving through snow-slick shopping-center parking lots or navigating on foot between grime-covered cars for days after.

Thinking back to when I was young and foolish. I wouldn’t want to relive my 40s.

Caught the tail end of “2001: A Space Odyssey” on TCM last night. Considering the year, I’m surprised no one suspected that Al Qaeda put HAL9000 up to it.

It’s good to have support as the senior years approach. Financial, medical, social, emotional, lumbar. In roughly that order.

Since the Feds are denying state-legal pot purveyors access to the banking system, it’s only a matter of time before those companies start to rely on cryptocurrencies for their funding. ICCO: Initial Cannabis Coin Offering

Always enjoy WETA’s “British television at its best.” Tonight: “The Queen’s Garden.” Button-cute Lucy Worsley gives ample commentary. British speech impediments at their best!

Right now it’s 16°F and 35% humidity outside. Everything’s being freeze-dried to the max.

Today is 2 weeks till the first anniversary of Trump’s inauguration, aka America Held Hostage, Day 351.

One thing that most fitness clubs get wrong is acoustical facility engineering. They’re chaotically noisy indoor environments. Clearing the mind of stray sound boosts focus, stamina, & endurance.

Trump refers to himself as a “genius.” Someone check and see whether he’s watching that Bugs Bunny short where Wile E Coyote refers to himself that way. If so, please turn off White House access to Cartoon Network.

Saw “Detroit” on DVD. Excellent, harrowing telling of the ‘67 riots, the Algiers Motel Incident, and aftermath. I have no doubt that racist white cops ran amok and made the situation worse in my mother’s hometown that summer.

Trump's closest associates are on record referring to him as an "idiot," "moron," "dope," "imbecile," and the . It's nice to see that the President of the United States feels relaxed enough to just be himself among those he trusts the most. 

RT @kexpnowplaying #kexp The Doors "People Are Strange" from Strange Days JK--1967. Actually, it would seem that people in fact DO tend to remember your name when you're strange. To clue others to the need to avoid you, if nothing else.

RT @KEXPNowPlaying #kexp Sunflower Bean "I Was a Fool" from I Was a Fool JK--2017. They do wistful well. Nice female/male back-and-forth duet on this. Sounds a bit  90s group The Sundays ("Here's Where the Story Ends").

"Intel Says Security Bug Not Specific to its Processors" ( ) JK--I don't imagine the chipmakers will issue a joint press release announcing that all of their customers are royally screwed. It could happen, but don't hold your breath.

I have never heard anyone use the phrase “use case” outside of a high-tech context. Just once I’d  to hear, say, “one of the principal use cases for athletic shoes is basketball.”

"Intel Downplays 'Inaccurate' Chip Security Flaw Report" ( ) JK--Vendor claims the vulnerabilities also in many non-Intel chips and that fixing them won't be major performance hit for users.

RT @kexpnowplaying #kexp Herbie Hancock "Rockit" from Future Shock JK--1983. Thanks @thetroynelson for reminding me of this awesome early-MTV video. Those robots rock(it)!

"CES 2018 will be the shape of things to come" ( ) JK--The annual post-NYD gadgetfest at the cavernous Las Vegas Convention Center. At the very least, it'll be the shape of personal-tech hype to come (for this year).

"Chess grandmaster Garry Kasparov on what happens when machines 'reach the level that is impossible for humans to compete'" ( ) JK--Perhaps humans will compete amongst ourselves to invent new games where humans have the advantage.

"The Biggest Tech Fails of 2017" ( ) JK--I'm not sure how Mark Zuckerberg suing a bunch of Hawaiians over a real-estate dispute qualifies as a "tech fail." Perhaps because they failed to become tech billionaires.

"Building AI systems that work is still hard" ( ) JK--"Black swan scenario. Someone in a garage discovers next gen o algorithms away from the mainstream. If this lone rider can use it for themselves we might see the first self-made trillionaire." Lex Luthor?

"How NASA's Search for ET Relies on Advanced AI" ( ) JK--What if aliens have  advanced AI than us? I'm afraid they'll abduct our brightest data scientists into their mothership & enslave them to train their Earth-conquest algorithms.

"Why do developers find it hard to learn machine learning?" ( ) JK--Fear of math. The slow slog thru data. Confusing plethora of development frameworks. Etc etc.

"A cyclist is using a Google Assistant-controlled electric bike wheel to ride cross country to CES" ( ) JK--Interesting. It should be integrated into next-gen cycling headsets.

“Humorist Art Buchwald’s archives are headed for the Library of Congress.” LoC hiring archaeologist to dig in search of something genuinely funny. Mark Russell said to be bidding on the contract, but his qualifications are disputed.

Trump says Bannon “lost his mind” after leaving his administration. Actually, that was a prerequisite for joining this administration in the first place.

Sen. Hatch retiring. Mitt Romney to the rescue? OMG, saints preserve us!

"Predictions for Online Video Marketing in 2018: The Experts Speak" ( ) JK--This is bang-on correct on every level. "AI leads the way."

"The rise of Blockchain-as-a-Service" ( ) JK--This is the actual federated general-purpose trust/transaction infrastructure that ubiquitous server-side PKI has made possible. This stuff takes a while to seep thru the Internet's capillaries.

"Microservices and the invasion of the identity entities" ( ) JK--All of which creates the need for a pervasive microservices trust infrastucture with multifactor authentication, role-based permissions, etc.

New jk #Datanami column: "Developers Will Adopt Sophisticated AI Model Training Tools in 2018" ( )

Global warming is undeniable. Latest sign: I just came across an online registration form that asked if I wanted to specify an Antarctic time zone. Yes. I live and work in the outer fringes of what remains of the Ross Ice Shelf.

Cryptocurrency speculators. Remind me a bit of professional colleagues I've known who've boasted of their prowess on craps in Las Vegas casinos. I've never come across anybody who built a sustainable fortune from pure games of luck.

Trump’s “bigger button” remark is the final straw. We need to impeach this motherfucker now.

RT @kexpnowplaying #kexp Cat Power "Nude as the News" from What Would the Community Think JK--1996. "Jackson" & "Jesse"? The transposed name of the civil right leader or the given names of Patti & Fred Smith's children? None of the above?

"“Oh My God, This Is So F---Ed Up”: Inside Silicon Valley’s Secretive, Orgiastic Dark Side" ( ) JK--Rumor is that the too-rich boys assume the position around the embalmed sarcophagus of Hugh Hefner.

RT @kexpnowplaying #kexp Nina Simone "Sinnerman" (Felix Da Houscat's Heavenly House Mix) - (V/A) Verve Remixed 2 JK--1965 (original), 2003 (remix).

In the rock-paper-scissors of proverbs, "curiosity killed the cat" is the rock and "nothing ventured, nothing gained" is its paper. Not clear if "damned if you do, damned if you don't" scissors the paper, papers the rock, or both. Am I just too curious? Need a handy Schrodinger.

"AI and Deep Learning in 2017 – A Year in Review" ( ) JK--Holy Jehosophat! I didn't realize there were THIS MANY open-source reinforcement-learning frameworks!

"10 Alarming Predictions for Deep Learning in 2018" ( ) JK--Alarming? Hardly. These are quite brilliant. Especially "Explainability is Unachievable. We will just have to Fake It."

RT @kexpnowplaying #kexp The Animals "House of the Rising Sun" JK-1964. Cover of a folk song whose precise origin is unknown. Thought to have been composed in the prehistoric era when you relied on tailors to sew your new blue jeans. Store-bought Levis hadn't been invented.

"Ray RLLib" ( ) JK--Out of UC-Berkeley. A new composable and scalable framework and library for reinforcement learning. Developers include a Spark principal. Could be pivotal to mass-market robotics and other RL-trained AI. 

"The ParallelEye Dataset: Constructing Large-Scale Artificial Scenes for Traffic Vision Research" ( ) JK--Very cool research project out of China to build detailed synthetic visual training data for optimizing autonomous-vehicle AI.

"4 surprise cloud computing trends for 2018" ( ) JK--Linthicum predicts that Microsoft or Oracle will acquire , and that Alibaba grows its US market share.

"AI safety going mainstream at NIPS 2017" ( ) JK--Somehow, I doubt that we can entirely engineer algorithmic cluelessness, klutziness, insensitivity, mischief, and coldheartedness out of the picture.

"Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs): Engine and Applications" ( ) JK--Very interesting presentation of examples "how generative adversarial nets are used to make our life better."

"Few-Shot Distribution Learning For Music Generation" ( ) JK--Generative AI proj for "generating music data, such as lyrics or MIDI sequence." AI ON "assembling teams of volunteer researchers around world to work on problems curated by leaders of the field"

RT @kexpnowplaying #kexp Jim James "I Just Wasn't Made for These Times" from Tribute to 2 JK--2017. Mr. My Morning Jacket covers Brian Wilson's crisis-of-self-confidence gem. Slows it down, multitracks it with lots of spare little splashes of instrumentation. Very "Pet Sounds"

2018. Hmmm. 1958 was 60 years ago. 2058 is 40 years in the future. Think I'll put myself into suspended Rip Van Winkle mode. Wake me when it's 2118.

"5 Big Banks Currently Testing Ripple's Blockchain Technology" ( ) JK--Sends ripples of nervousness up my backbone. I suggest they pool all cryptocurrencies into a derivative mega-cryptocurrency. Call it "bonfire of the liquidities."

"Looking Back at 2017: Natural Disasters in Indonesia" ( ) JK--Being a vast, populous, dynamic archipelago nation straddling the Ring of Fire pretty much makes it a perennial bullseye of many natural calamities.

RT @kexpnowplaying #kexp Serge Gainsbourg "Cargo culte" from Histoire de Melody Nelson JK--1971. Concept LP. Sleazy plot: "middle-aged Gainsbourg unintentionally collid[es] Rolls Royce Silver Ghost into teenage girl Melody Nelson's bicycle & subsequent seduction & romance ensues"

"How to Get Smarter Every Single Day" ( ) JK--Reading, focusing, and reflecting? How about actually doing something with your supposed smarts, apart from kissing yourself in the mirror?

Nothing  a winter's brief evening nap under an electric blanket. Well, there is something  it. An actual night's sleep under a cozy comforter or three. But let's take this in increments, shall we?

It’s cold but, contrary to forecasters, not “brutally” cold. It would only be brutally cold if I were doing latrine duty at a gulag. Then the cold would be the least of it.

Accompanying wife on her shopping trip to Victoria’s Secret. Always a gantlet of places not to let the eyes linger too long. Keep shifting.

I don’t watch the morning local news any. I live in the Washington suburbs and don’t consider “someone was murdered in the District last night” news I can use. 

Just did a quick mental reckoning: I have published at least one piece I’ve authored in each of the past 43 years, stretching back to a crappy poem I placed in the literary arts journal in 12th grade. Have 3 tech columns queued up for next week. 

Glad that 2017 is behind us. We welcomed Declan. I survived the IBM co-location and moved to the next chapter of my career. Learned to tune out the nonsense in the world while staying tuned to the sense. Happy New Year everybody!

Good workout: someone left a fresh copy of “Smithsonian” magazine on an elliptical. Retrospective on 1968. Great article by Mike Love with current photos of the now-decrepit ashram at Rishikesh.

Reading “Mr. Playboy,” Steven Watts’ balanced, thorough 2008 bio of Hugh Hefner. Fairly complex, substantial, influential cultural pioneer of the 20th century. Very liberal.

Just as no two snowflakes are identical, neither are any two snowstorms. No two weather events produce the exact same number of snowflakes. #theyouknow

Feeling proud of myself for having cleared barely an inch of soft, dry, powdery snow from my driveway this morning. Lying comfortably on the sofa, thinking back on my accomplishment.

"Photo Editing with Generative Adversarial Networks" ( ) JK--"Visualizing the latent space" is mind-blowing! 

Revisiting my vendor SWOT analysis framework. "Weaknesses" seems  critical than constructive a term. Perhaps "needs improvement." Nah. People might derive the wrong message from a SNOT analysis.

RT @kexpnowplaying #kexp Patti Smith Group "Frederick" from Wave JK--1996. Very nice one about her husband.

RIP Rose Marie. She had been the last surviving singing star from before WW2. As “Baby Rose Marie,” she sang for President Calvin Coolidge. Actress and game show celebrity.

"Robots Behaving Badly" ( ) JK--Klutzes, laughingstocks, or devils in metallic disguise? You decide.

"Semantic Web and Semantic Technology Trends in 2018" (  ) JK--AI Knowledge Graphs: allows machines to understand meaning of information in the complete context of their relationships. See my thoughts on graph technology potential:

"The jobs artificial intelligence will most ly replace" ( ) JK--Don't worry. It's not yours. I checked.

RT @kexpnowplaying #kexp Ten Fé "Single, No Return" from Single, No Return JK--2017. Good one. Sounds a bit  Beta Band, a bit  Lord Huron, a bit  Shearwater.

"2018 will be the year of the chatbot" ( ) JK--NEXT year? What was THIS year? Chat liver?

"Researchers Show How AI Can Fake Way Thru Conversations Just  Humans" ( ) JK--My way of faking it is to ask probing questions till I have enough of a clue what's going on that I'm not faking it any. BTW, "nasi goreng" is Indonesian for "fried rice"

"The Best Toys That Teach Kids How to Code" ( ) JK--Sounds  perfect mass-market IoT doodad: "Most coding toys work by using a companion app to teach children how to combine commands to make the toys generate sounds, lights and movement."

"What can machine learning do? Workforce implications" ( ) JK--Good analytical dissection of types of tasks suitable for ML-driven automation.

"Google’s voice-generating AI is now indistinguishable from humans" JK--Generative text-to-speech AI. Hear for yourself. Play the clips on this page ( ), and then on this ( )

"How a Machine That Can Make Anything Would Change Everything" ( ) JK--Actually, nanofabricators + quantum computing + artificial intelligence (generalized/generative) would change everything.

"Why DARPA and NASA are building robot spacecraft designed to act  service stations on orbit" ( ) JK--Will they even keep his and hers restroom keys on a hook behind the cash register?

RT @kexpnowplaying #kexp LCD Soundsystem "Call the Police" from Call The Police/American Dream JK--2017. Excellent high-energy rocker.

RT @kexpnowplaying #kexp Canned Heat "Going Up the Country" JK--1968. Here's how the song's first take in the recording studio actually sounded: . They had an amazing producer. He fixed it on the soundboard. And the rest is history.

RT @kexpnowplaying #kexp Cock & Swan "You Are My Dream" from Dream Alone JK--2017. Quiet and lovely. It suspends time while you're listening.

RT @kexpnowplaying #kexp Love Joys "Sweet Feelings" from Reggae Vibes JK--2002. Bewitching!

"The greatest thing since sliced bread." That phrase is obviously obsolete. After all, food technology has come a long way in our lifetimes. I suggest we exclaim "the greatest thing since Dippin' Dots."

"Welcoming the Era of Deep Neuroevolution" ( ) JK--Cool research from Uber into using evolutionary algorithms in tandem with reinforcement learning to train neural nets.

"Applying machine learning science to Facebook products" ( ) JK--Zuck's minions consume their AI framework dogfood --Caffe2--with a fair bit of PyTorch to balance their development diet.

"AI Formats May Ease Neural Jitters" ( ) JK--Chipmaker's NNEF authoring-to-inferencing interchange format competes with Web companies' ONNX. The AI industry should converge these specs on a common standard.

Just saw somebody end a tech blog with "have a really great day!" I'm thinking of appropriating Bob & Ray's sign-off "write if you get work."

"CIO playbook for 2018: Leading analysts break down the trends" ( ) JK--Puts my predictions under "Cloud-centric business models upend people and processes"

New blogpost: "Kobielus thought leadership posts in 2017" ( )

New jk #Wikibon Premium Note: "Wikibon’s 2018 Artificial Intelligence Chipset Predictions" ( )

New jk #Wikibon Premium Note: "Wikibon’s 2018 Artificial Intelligence Predictions" ( )

Day after Christmas. I guess you can still say 'tis the season. Soon though, when 'tisn't the season any longer, we'll need to switch to 'twas the season. But you can never say 'twasn't the season. Just as Rick & Ilsa will always have Paris, we'll always have the season that was.

Survived today’s apocalyptic war on Christmas. Santa Claus got us in a half-nelson.

Christmas morning. Several cable channels feature nothing but a log burning in a fireplace. Please also have channels showing nothing but a snowstorm or nothing but a fat man struggling to squeeze down a chimney.

Fake news. A good working definition is “whatever this White House wants us to believe is real news.” He won’t be president forever.

Satisfied our Christmas obligation at my brother’s  liberal-leaning parish in Arlington. “Immigrants and refugees welcome.”

Overheard the most perfect NFL Network announcer inanity: “At the end of the day, he’s just a man.”

The Miss America email scandal. I recommend that they rebrand the whole enterprise as Misogyny America.

That 80s popstar-gang Xmas song. The chorus should be “don’t we know they’re not all Christians there?”
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Sitting in a booth at Johnny Rockets, flipping thru the jukebox choices. Ahhh....the pre-hippie 20th century!

“BOGO.” Duh. If you’re buying one, you’re only getting one. Why call this out? Let me know when it’s buy one get another one free. BOGAOF.

To be honest, I can’t believe I’m still producing at this intensity at this age.

Holiday weekend is underway. TV news is full of “incredible stories you will not want to miss.” Alright! Lay it on me! Deck my halls!

Teams work best when everyone collaborates using an improv-grade "yes...and" approach. They work worse when some take a "yes...but" approach, stalling momentum toward a common goal. I'd characterize those individuals as "but-heads."

"The Battle of AI Processors Begins in 2018" ( ) JK--I'll be publishing a #Wikibon research note on this topic in the next week or so.

"The State of Data Science & Machine Learning" ( ) JK--Google/Kaggle survey. Data scientists aren't paid as well as you'd think. And, dismayingly, women data scientists on average earn less than men.

"Deep Learning Achievements Over the Past Year" ( ) JK--Automated lip-sync seems  a modest achievement, but I'd  to see it embedded in every video stream and player. It's annoying when there's even a slight out-of-sync.

"New Server Hardware Boosts Data-Crunching for AI, Cloud" ( ) JK--Good piece from several months ago on the AI chipset wars.

"AI is  than automation on steroids, it amplifies human innovation" ( ) JK--McKendrick on bringing "script-writing, role-playing and personality design" into conversational UIs. See my #Wikibon note on art of chatbot development:

RT @kexpnowplaying #kexp Harvey Danger "Sometimes You Have to Work on Christmas (Sometimes)" JK--2004. Great Christmas song. One of my faves from this century. Realism, not romanticism. Puts the season's melancholy in a frame of material necessity.

"Artificial intelligence may not need networks at all" ( ) JK--AI for autonomous, disconnected, edge operation. Mentions adaptive model training in "virtual" environment to get by on less bandwidth, memory, & compute. But doesn't mention accuracy trade-offs

"Smart Interviews: AI-Powered Recruitment" ( ) JK--Create a robot to conduct interviews for you? My fear is that they'll be biased toward others of their kind. Slippery slope to the robot apocalypse.

"MediaTek Claims First Health Biosensor for Smartphones" ( ) JK--From the fingertips

Saw “Tulip Fever” on DVD. Enjoyed it. Well-made historical drama. Reliables (Christoph Waltz, Judi Dench) deliver the acting goods.

Just saw the word "desilofication" with reference to unifying data from disparate, fragmented sources. I really dis this word. I start to gag midway through this monstrosity. Just say "unification" or "integration" please.

Pretty much at the stroke of solstice the left lens popped out of my glasses. Screw unfortunately impossible to locate. Fortunately, it's a lovely (now-winter) day and my optician is walking distance. Got me a few spare backup screws just in case. Good omen? Bad? Discuss amongst. 

"Google AutoML Claims Machine Vision Advance" (  ) JK--Quotes me.

"ML Toolkit Aims to Ease Data Scientists’ Pain" ( ) JK--Quotes me.

New jk #InfoWorld column: "Generative AI: The new power tool for creative pros" ( )

RT @kexpnowplaying #kexp Beth Orton "Moon" from Kidsticks JK--2016. I always love the huskiness in her hushes.

RT @KEXPNowPlaying #kexp Posse "Keep Me Awake" from Horse Blanket JK--2017. Cool number that strides a middle-state consciousness stuck between asleep and alert.

RT @kexpnowplaying #kexp Taylar Elizza Beth "Storm" from Fresh Cut Flowers EP JK--2017. Wow. This Seattle-based artist takes hiphop in a quietly seductive direction.  

"Artificial Intelligence Is Killing The Uncanny Valley And Our Grasp On Reality" ( ) JK--Dirty (generative AI fakery) deeds done dirt cheap.

"This year the world woke up to the society-shifting power of AI" ( ) JK--Good list of research efforts launched this year exploring AI's impact on society, culture, ethics, etc.

"The next step in information governance - Crowdsourcing" ( ) JK--This one has me scratching my head. How does auto-prompting knowledge workers to tag content constitute "governance"? This is curation, not defining/enforcing data-mgt policies & procedures.

"Data Monetization? Cue the Chief Data Monetization Officer" ( ) JK--Um, ok. Has the Chief Financial Officer been overthrown in a coup d'ata?

"Good News! You Are a Bitcoin Millionaire. Bad News! You Forgot Your Password' ( ) JK--I assume they call it "cryptocurrency" because of the deep dark inaccessible crypt into which you've stupidly sunk your life savings.

RT @KEXPNowPlaying #kexp Pleather "Prius" from Tether EP JK--2017. Cool. Sounds  if Liz Phair had fronted the Vaselines back in the day.

New jk #SiliconANGLE article: "Wikibon’s 2018 data analytics predictions: It’s all about AI" ( 

RT @kexpnowplaying #kexp Os Mutantes "A Minha Menina" from Everything is Possible! The Best of Os Mutantes JK--1968. I don't speak Portuguese, but it sounds  they're singing about salmonella.