Thursday, December 22, 2016

Aweekstweets November 25 to December 22 2016: the weeks I didn’t stop worrying or despising Donald Trump

"Mark van Rijmenam’s Top 7 Big Data Trends for 2017" ( ) JK--Mistakenly equates deep learning with unsupervised.

Spark for Big Data Analytics - Part 2 

Is data th new oil? Or new electricity the oil generates? Or new illumination the electricity powers? Or new insomnia that damn light causes

"Work smarter, not harder"? Is it harder to work smarter, or smarter to work harder? Need an insanely industrious supergenius to crack this

"Building Jarvis" ( ) JK--Zuckerberg on the AI virtual assistant he built for his domestic merriment.

"Should #IBM be yr AI & machine learning platfrm?" ( ) JK--Great installment in series of solution provider assessmts

"Inside the black box: Understanding AI decisionmaking" ( ) JK--Good dissection o transparency accountability & ethics

"How to Implement AI and Machine Learning" ( ) JK--Excellent ZDNet special section.

" #IBM Cloud Unveils New Features and Growing Momentum for Open Serverless Platform" ( ) JK-- #Bluemix #OpenWhisk

"Serverless Architectures" ( ) JK--Srvr-side logic in stateless event-triggrd ephemeral 3rd-pty mgd compute containers

"Cooking With Big Data? Let AI Create Yr Next Recipe" ( ) JK--And you might find other AI-developed artistry delicious

"Yes you should understand backprop" ( ) JK--AI developers should also be able to do backflips and the Fosbury Flop.

Can a Bot make you laugh? 
Spark for Big Data Analytics - Part 1 

"73 Experts Reveal B2B Marketing Trends to Leverage in 2017" ( ) JK--Fairly overwhelming but good tips in here.

"Big Data and The Great A.I. Awakening. Interview with Steve Lohr" ( ) JK--Roberto Zicari interviews NYTimes reporter

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp The Day I Left Home by The Hidden Cameras from Home On Native Land JK--2016. Cool new one from the Canadian minstrels

Now that the main crush of year-end stuff is abating, I can actually read and ponder other stuff in-depth. Intense, but inwardly so.

"Deep Learning for Everyone – and (Almost) Free" ( ) JK--Vorhies on prevalence of open-source in deep learning.

Chief Data Officer 2016 Year-End Review; 2017 Predictions; and CDO JOBS Update for November 2016 - CDO Club 

"10 Digital Mktg Assets U Need 2 Invest In Today" ( ) JK--Good. Investing in "content" should mean "expert authors"

"Why Technology Won't Displace Human Artists" ( ) JK--Author forgets that most human artists arent blindingly original

Public sector: Hadoop, Spark and the 360-degree view of citizens 

"Deep-Learning Machine Listens 2 Bach Then Writes Own Music in Same Style" ( ) JK--Think o it as higher-order synthszr

"This Self-Driving Car Smiles At Pedestrians 2 Let Them Know It's Safe 2 Cross" ( ) JK--Humanizes their intentionality

"Teaching a Machine to Steer a Car" ( ) JK--Winners of the Udacity open source self-driving car challenge

"Watson Discovery Service:..." ( ) JK--New API suite to assist users in collecting, organizing, and using their data

"McKinsey's 2016 Analytics Study Defines Future Of Machine Learning" ( ) JK--Identified 120 use cases in 12 industries

"Has Deep Learning Made Traditional Machine Learning Irrelevant?" ( ) JK--William Vorhies highlights DL difficulties

"Predicts 2017: Licensing, Legal and Language Lessons for Data & Analytics Leaders" ( ) JK--Excellent #Gartner rollup

"Researchers use ML to pull interest signals from readers’ brain waves" ( ) JK--Harvesting attention? Brainsourcing?

The Experience of Being a High-Performing Data Scientist 

IBM Watson Turns Its Computer Brain to NASA Research 

How We Will Harvest Cognition in 2017 

New jk blog: "Kobielus thought leadership in all things data in 2016" ( )

New jk blog; "Kobielus predictions for big data, data science, cognitive computing, and deep learning in 2017" ( )

New #IBM jk #KDNuggets column: "Predictions for Deep Learning in 2017" ( )

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Little Rain by The Rolling Stones from Blue & Lonesome JK--2016. Great. Originally recorded in 1957 by Jimmy Reed.

"It May Not Feel Like Anything To Be an Alien" ( ) JK--AI-mania sci-fi apocalyptic overreach freakout speculation

My latest #Dataversity column, "How We Will Harvest Cognition in 2017" ( ) cites #forrester @mgualtieri

New #IBM jk #Dataversity column: "How We Will Harvest Cognition in 2017" ( )

"How I detect fake news" ( ) JK--Tim O'Reilly goes in-depth. I simply google them for independent corroboration.

"Put Away Your Machine Learning Hammer, Criminality Not A Nail" ( ) JK--May show facial bias in criminal justice sys

"Deep Learning Works Gr8 Cuz [blahblahblah]" ( ) JK--DL triumphalism premature until artificial gen'l intel perfected

More days. More stuff. More days stuffed with stuff. The stuff of days.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp In The Morning I'll Be Better by Tennis from Yours Conditionally JK--2017. Alaina Moore has a yearning romantic voice

RIP Zsa Zsa Gabor. So iconic a prima donna, she was namechecked by Dion in "Donna the Prima Donna" ( )

Lotsa great deals on LinkedIn Groups, especially "ABSOLUTELY NEW AND UNIQUE WAY T0 GENERATE PASSIVE INC0ME F0R INTERNET USERS...." Goldmine!

How’s Big Data looking for 2017? 

"AI Ethics Effort Starts at IEEE" ( ) JK--They'll seeking feedback on how to make this a community process.

Dear People Who Connect With Me on Socials With the Express Purpose of Extracting Uncompensated Work Out of Me: What are you smoking?

"Learning To Trust AI Systems In The Age Of Smart Machines" ( ) JK--Good attempt at axiomatic trust framework

"The Neural Network Zoo" ( ) JK--Note to self: study this. Brilliant way of classifying algorithmic approaches.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Do Ya Think I'm Sexy by Revolting Cocks frm Linger Ficken Good...and Other Barnyard Oddities JK--1993. Rebel poultry?

"Pun intended" is the dumbest disclaimer ever. Don't call attention to your supposed verbal cleverness. Self-congratulations grate.

"Data Science for IoT v Classic Data Science: 10 Diffs" ( ) JK--"9. AI: Machines teaching each other (cloud robotics)"

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Swedish Guns by The Radio Dept. from Running out of Love JK--2016. Cool new song by veteran dream-pop Swedish group.

"Tech Companies Create Shared DB To Track/Remove Violent Terrorist Imagery" ( ) JK--Hashes of images they've removed

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Hyper Dark by Sleigh Bells frm Jessica Rabbit JK--2016. Good one from their latest. Feels a bit School of Seven Bells

Deep learning frameworks growth over the past month via @fchollet #DeepLearning

Saw "Florence Foster Jenkins" on DVD. I wonder if Meryl Streep suffered irreparable throat damage singing like an overmodulated squeak toy.

Check out "Eye On," a new IBM film series exploring art, science and tech: 

Always good to have a little Boots Randolph in Christmas rotation. Excluding “Yakety Sax.” Unless it’s a Benny Hill Xmas.

Yoga instructor worked a Straits of Mackinac image into her practice today. That relaxed me right away. Turns out, she’s from Harbor Springs

Check out this interesting Stanford University panel study: "Artificial Intelligence and Life in 2030" ( ).

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Rings of Gold by Dottie West & Don Gibson from Dottie & Don JK--1969. Kind of a cool processed twang to this.

UX Improvements to Cloudant Data-Replication 

Persisting Data for a Smarter Chatbot 

Managing data complexity: does your warehouse measure up? 

"The Future Is B2B (Bot-to-Bot) Commerce" ( ) JK--That's not a stretch. Automated supply chains are well established

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Self-Centered Blues by Natural Child from Okey Dokey jK--2016. Nashville group. Feels like a great drinking song.

"MIT's deep-learning software produces videos of the future" ( ) JK--Real-time scene predictive auto-completion.

Regarding top LPs of 2016, #KEXP interns' lists show the Knowles sisters, Beyonce & Solange, at or near the top: 

AI-powered virtual sex sounds like a blast. But I'll draw the line at someone asking me to kiss their bot.

"The Daunting Task Of Making AI Funny" ( ) JK--From 10 months ago, my thoughts on the topic:

Well, technically, Santa Claus isn’t coming to “town,” just homes of good little girls & boys. He’s not distributing gifts in public squares

New #IBM #SPSSStatistics jk podcast: "Maximizing the value of high-performance statistical analysis and reporting" ( )

"Preventing SelfDriving Vehicles frm Becoming Land-Bsd Cruise Missiles" ( ) JK--Enderle on something I too worry about

Ah yes, explaining what I do for a living. It's almost exhausting as what I do for a living.

In business, Monte Carlo methods in finance are often used to calculate the value of companies,... #spssstatistics

IBM Bluemix wants to take the drudgery out of devops 

How cognitive computing will touch your life in 2017 

Trends in #StatisticalAnalysis? Join me & other experts at top of the hour to discuss. Crowdchat:  #SPSSStatistics

Trends in #StatisticalAnalysis? Join me & other experts at 11am ET tomorrow Wed 12-14 to discuss:  #SPSSStatistics

Dear E-commerce site: Don’t tell me you “need” my feedback. You simply want it. You’ll get along fine without it.

I always keep my smartphone handy when reading travelogues. Stop writing up some exotic destination without showing it on a map.

Using my days off to read excruciatingly technical material in some depth. Same dopamine rush as a strenuous workout. Pleasure in my leisure

Catch me et al tomorrow on this. 

A Big Market For Big Data – An Outlook on 2017 

Information architecture: The key to governance, integration and automation 

Machine learning: The big draw at a big Beijing, China event 

I assume the "Love, Actually" producers are working on a cybersequel: "Love, Virtually."

A good houseguest suffers the host's subpar coffee with a smile.

A good houseguest knows where to find their host's Wi-Fi password without being a whiny burden.

Cognitive machines for the aging 

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Letter To The Editor by Thievery Corporation from The Temple of I & I JK--2017. Great new LP due on Feb 10.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp 6 Underground by Sneaker Pimps from Becoming X JK--1996. Note to self: need some of theirs in my music stash.

Feeling chatty? Join @dez_blanchfield & other top #BigData experts to talk trends in #StatisticalAnalysis: 

I've seen "existential threat" this year in AI contexts. Please limit it to Parisian cafe patrons smoking Gauloises & discussing alienation.

"Neighbors Know Best: (Re)Classifying Underappreciated Beer" ( ) JK--Need stat model o "tastes great" v "less filling"

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Watching the Waiting by Wye Oak from Tween jK--2016. Song & album among my faves of the year.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp It's Been A Long Time by Lady Wray from Queen Alone JK--2016. Cool retro-soul. Reminds of Honey Cone's "Want Ads"

Weather’s cold, drab, & damp. Seems like a perfect time to do Philadelphia. It’s always sunny there, I’m told.

Caught several episodes of “Downton Abbey” on DVD. Enjoyed. Have never watched before. Deliberately. Waited till series ended & hype abated.

Saw “Joy” on DVD. Excellent performances from Jennifer Lawrence, Bradley Cooper, Robert De Niro, Isabella Rossellini, & Virginia Madsen.

Saw “Captain Fantastic” on DVD. Great, strange. Imagine von Trapp family singers as precocious survivalist brats. Viggo awesome, of course

Saw the US flag at half-staff near our supermarket today. Wife & I puzzled for a nano-second and then blurted out, in unison, "John Glenn!"

Dylan's Nobel acceptance speech: . Written by him but delivered today at Nobel Banquet by US ambassador to Sweden.

Caught "Grinch" on TBS. This month marks its 50th anniversary. Groove on it anew each time I watch. This time: eyepopping color composition

Had this nightmare where th all-Christmas-format radio stations reduced their playlists to just Barbra Streisand’s version of “Jingle Bells”

Personal fave o my year-end columns is upcoming Dataversity “How We’ll Harvest Cognition in 2017.” Thoughtstuff = cognitive computng payload

I expect the next 4 years to be nothing but chestbeating “deals” that violate the Constitution and indulge in pure spoils distribution.

Fitness clubs tend to have locker-room TVs turned up loud to either cable talking-head politics or cable sports. Same rah-rah-team blather.

Slapped together th deep learning predictions rapidly today. I’ve written tons on it this year. Wednesday’s crowdchat helped. This capped it

My end-of-year use-or-lose vacation begins. Began it with yoga, some wine/cheese sampling at Trader Joe, some lazy sofa reading. Good start.

"I Covered Tech for th Times for 28 Years, And Now My Time Is Over" ( ) JK--Markoff took the buyout. He will be missed

"Just one autonomous car will use 4,000 GB of data/day" ( ) JK--At what octane?

"Wired founder KKelly on letting go of AI anxiety" ( ) JK--"Machines..have answers. What humans R good at R questions"

"2017 Predictions in Social Media & Content Mktg" ( ) JK--These are B2C-engagement focused, not B2B thought-leadership

"IBM Research and Rice University Explore Watson-Powered Robot Aimed at Aiding Elderly and Caregivers" ( )

Considered making my email signature say "from the desk of.." Changed my mind. That would mean I could never again work out of coffee shops.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Here In Spirit by Jim James from Eternally Even JK--2016. Great new one from My Morning Jacket dude. Talk Talk-ish

Stay tuned for my next #KDNuggets column: "Predictions for Deep Learning in 2017." To be posted in the next week or two. Densely packed.

New #IBM jk blog: "Gauging your organization’s readiness to drive digital disruption" ( )

Find your way through the chief data officer maze 

What Has Pokémon Go Got To Do With Big Data? 

RIP John Glenn. Iconic American hero in the classic sense. Unlike Lindbergh, his foray into politics was on the side of the angels.

We need to revisit this notion that Charlie Brown is a loser. The dude has his own comic strip. That’s no loser in my book.

I’m surprised Trump didn’t choose Carson for Secretary of Agriculture. Has this great idea of using massive stone pyramids for grain storage

"The State o Spark Adoption, Carefully Considered" ( ) JK--Swoyer reports Databricks-sponsored adoption survey results

Nice to see you on one of our chats, Bruno. #makedatasimple

Yes. That's in keeping with the trend toward self-taught citizen data scientists and the inexor... #makedatasimple

Getting lots of requests for "1 minute of your time." Currently, 1,440 o them in inbox. Full up. Have no more minutes left today to lend you

"Apache Zeppelin opn-src analytics startup reveals new name" ( ) JK--ZEPL. Better than GROUCHL, CHICL, HARPL, or GUMML

Researchers mimic how we recognize faces through artificial intelligence 

"For Machines, Analogies Are Just Math" ( ) JK--Not true. See Hofstadter "Surfaces & Essences" 

RIP Greg Lake. Lead singer/bassist of ELP and King Crimson. Here's his great solo "I Believe in Father Christmas" ( )

"Say goodbye to MS-DOS command prompt" ( ) JK--Really? It was still there in Windows? For aging-loser-geek nostalgia?

"Video meets the Internet of Things" ( ) JK--Good McKinsey discussion of video-analytics IoT use cases. Deep learning.

"Apple to Publish AI Rsch 2 Hasten Deep Learning" ( ) JK--See open-src on yesterday crowdchat:

"The Impact of Sex Robots" ( ) JK--Today's "made you look" headline. Purely speculative discussion of robodildonics.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Nadine by Fool's Gold JK--2009. Wikipedia sez "weaves together Western pop aesthetics w/African rhythms & melodies"

Latest Netflix DVD? Some Hollywood movie where people engage in noisy public lavatory sex. Yeah. Quite a turn-on.

"Having Lots o Data Is Nice but It's Yr Intention That Matters" ( ) JK--My intention is to have lots more. Even nicer!

"Who Owns The Data, Anyway?" ( ) JK--Well, technically, it's me. All your data are mine. Hand it over right now!

[LIVE CHAT]  #SparkDeepLearning Happening now. Join us!

Meet #TJBot, the DIY kit that allows you to build your own programmable cardboard robot powered by IBM Watson 

Ingenuity starts with a spark: An excellent summary of the talks of TED@IBM:  via TED Partners #TEDatIBM

#IBM has been named the world’s most LGBT-inclusive employer for 3rd year in a row via Workplace Pride #InclusiveIBM

"AI Platforms Welcome Devs With Open Arms" ( ) JK--The open-sourcing of deep learning proceeds apace!

"Complex Event Processing Patterns for Stream Analytics" ( ) JK--Pttrn #12: in-stream real-time machine-learning model

"An Interactive Tutorial on Numerical Optimization" ( ) JK--Luv those minimalistic arc-tracing mathematical animations

"Why hacker giving away special code that turns cars into self-driving machines" ( ) JK--I won't risk my life for this

Join me et al on today's Crowdchat at 1pm ET. Deep Learning and #ApacheSpark  #SparkDeepLearning

SPSS Statistics CrowdChat: Trends in statistical analysis 

IBM Entity Analytics 

IBM partnership puts Watson in your ear to help you at work 

The power to predict, transform and optimize business 

Here's my InfoWorld column from 2 years ago that suggests how Facebook et al might use AI to spot fake news:

"Facebook Eyes Artificial Intelligence for Spotting Fake News" ( ) JK--Before its users do. OK. How will FB do that?

"Content mktg strategy: Start w/Qs, end with insights" ( ) JK--Huh? Just keep audience expecting more cool new stuff

"Go, Minsky, & Chasm AI Hasn’t Yet Crossed" ( ) JK--Still no master learning algorithm. See:

"Rise of Emergent Organizations" ( ) JK--A long-in-tooth vision. See my rambling take here:

Interview questions emailed from a high school journalist. Of course I'll respond. Happy to indulge my longwinded old-coot gasbag tendencies

Robotic process automation. Per McKinsey: mimics human in carrying out a task within a process (eg, screenscraping):

"IBM building blockchain ecosystm" ( ) JK--Tools, expert sppt, rev share re #IBM Blockchain & Linux Hyperledger Fabric

"IBM Launches New Bluemix Svcs w/ GitHub & Slack Integ 2 Speed App Dev in Cloud" ( ) JK--Build enterprise toolchains

Just received an email addressing me as "Dr." not "Mr." That reminds me: where'd I leave my stethoscope?

Don't tell me you're netting out your gist "in a nutshell." All I want to know is this: pea, wal, or coco?

Drafted my latest #IBM jk #Dataversity column: "How We’ll Harvest Cognition in 2017"

My 2017 data-science capsule prediction included in #KDNuggets multi-expert rollup article: 

"How invisible interfaces going to transform way we interact w/computers" ( ) JK--"Keeps us focused on th task @ hand"

"How Robots Make First Impressions" ( ) JK--Please don't encode petty superficiality into embodied cognition.

"Biggest threat to artificial intelligence: Human stupidity" ( ) JK--Really? Stupid cognition is great training data!

"OpenAI unveils 'Universe,' platform helps AI learn frm complex envmts" ( ) JK--Benchmarking AI's general intelligence

"Internet of Things: Sensors & Sensing" ( ) JK--Nice taxonomy of sensors--with photos!

"AI, instrumental convergence, and photos of cats" ( ) JK--We'll distract that catbot with an adjacent yarnball bot.

Delivering the ultimate fan experience for the next generation @Sportstechie #IBMSports #IBMServices #SportsTechie 

"Inside black box: Understanding AI decision-making" ( ) JK--Neural nets should auto-doc plain-English self-narrative

"Sensor industry to grow to $162B thanks 2 IoT, smart cities, eHealth" ( ) JK--No aspect of our lives will be unsensed

"AI will take some jobs but no need to worry" ( ) JK:--Will create new jobs while boosting productivity o current jobs

"Developers: Will AI Run You Out Of Your Job?" ( ) JK--Forrester's Lo Giudice says no: will make devs more productive

"Dive Deep Into Deep Learning" ( ) JK--Good layering discussion of "what led from neural networks to deep learning."

"Is Information Technology Dying?" ( ) JK--OMG! Reminds of "matter is decaying" line from Woody's "Stardust Memories"

"Self Service Data Prep Platforms: Fish or Fowl?" ( ) JK--Good overvu 4 data scientist, but "SSDPPs" is bizarre abbrev

"MIT Algorithm Predicts Rogue Waves in Real Time to Save Lives" ( ) JK--Interesting. Has it actually saved lives?

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Drive by R.E.M. from Automatic for the People JK--1992. "Hey kids, rock and roll. Nobody tells you where to go, baby"

"Data Scientist Breaks State Monopoly on Lotteries" ( ) JK--Test of mathematical/algorithmic skill, not random luck.

The greatest productivity tool is a deadline.

New #IBM jk #MakeDataSimple #KDNuggets column: "Kobielus Predictions for Data Science in 2017" ( )

New #IBM jk #makedatasimple blog: “Big data and analytics trends in 2017: James Kobielus’s predictions” ( )

"Facebook developing artificial intelligence to flag offensive live videos" ( ) JK--Lo-latency streaming video analytx

""Year 1999 AD" - A 1967 Film Imagines the Future" ( ) JK--Prophetic: bongo music was indeed all the rage in '99.

"20 years ago: Hot sci/tech images from 1996" ( ) JK--My fave is #56: "Clinton the Cable Puller."

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Only One (f/ Paul McCartney) by Kanye West from single JK--2014. I'm not a huge Kanye fan, but I like this.

"5 Reasons You Should Participate in TwitterChats" ( ) JK--Grow your following if influencers particip8 & U contribute

New #IBM jk #InfoWorld column: "How cognitive computing will touch your life in 2017" ( )

" #Watson IDs Heart Disease" ( ) JK--Spots 25% o undiagnosed cases. Very actionable info for treatment, life extension

"DNA Test Reveals How Well You're Aging" ( ) JK--How actionable is that knowledge? Accelerate Bucket List cash-in?

Pleasant enough weekend. Continued the steady process of hiding Facebook newsfeeds that once were interesting, now simply annoying.

Pleasant enough weekend. Read my usual stack of physical newspapers. Gr8r assurance it's not fake when comes from hi-speed printing presses

Going to write at least 2 more predictions blogs before the year's out. Not overthinking this stuff. Whatever hits me when I start typing.

Caught “The Revenant” on DVD. Intense. Felt like I was hemorrhaging and hypothermic from start to finish.

Wife inquired about the current value of the dollar. 100 cents, last time I checked.

Drafted new #TechTarget #ITKnowledgeExchange column: "How the Backlash Against Cognitive Computing Will Play Out in 2017"

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Anarchy in th UK by Sex Pistols frm Never Mind th Bollocks JK--1977. Yeah, you're "just another country." Get over it

Drafted latest InfoWorld column: "How Cognitive Computing Will Touch Your Life in 2017"

Infographic: SETI Institute uses IBM advanced analytics to make sense of interstellar signals 

Compose is starting a webinars series so you can become a #database-deploying wizard! #PHP #MYSQL #coding 

"Smart Home Needs Data Standards" ( ) JK--Says lo-qual data can hurt consumers by misleading ML-driven smart assistnts

"Using Graph Analytics to Predict Outcomes in Game of Thrones" ( ) JK--Unless U deploy plot-twist countermeasure algo

As the accuracy of predictive analytics improves, we may have to issue spoiler alerts as augmented-reality overlays for everyday occurrences

"How Artificial Intelligence Is Changing The Retail Experience For Consumers" ( ) JK--Forbes interview with #IBM CMO

"Why so many machine learning Implementations fail?" ( ) JK--Then why say most implementations work "more or less"?

"Salary history and career path of a data scientist" ( ) JK--Vincent Granville bares his detailed CV, earnings, houses

"Has AI Gone Too Far? - Auto Inference of Criminality Using Face Images" ( ) JK--Prejudicial analytics, not predictive

"Should Peer Review Catch Fraud?" ( ) JK--That's rhetorical Q. If most knowledgeable people don't catch it, who will?

New #IBM jk blog: "Data industry experts offer 2017 predictions throughout December" ( )

What make/model of truck would you recommend for that operation? #biginsights

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp The Kids Are Alright by The Who frm My Generation JK--1965. How do U know they're alright? Checked up on them lately?

"Decoded Neurofeedback: Reconditioning Brain to Overcome Fear with AI" ( ) JK--Maybe can also overcome the fear of AI

"‘Deep Tech’ Dominates Plateauing European Venture Capital" ( ) JK--Ai/cognitive mania spans the entire continent

"An overview of the bot landscape" ( ) JK--Interesting stab at a taxonomy of commercial bot solutions.

Drafting my 2017 predictions. Finally over the hump. I've drafted the first 1286 of them. Just 731 more predictions and I can call it a day.

Why Cognitive Computing will Redefine Application Creation 

Listen to experts from @IBMIIG and xTensegrity as they talk about #ApplicationRetirement 

Join @IBMIIG for a #DataQuality deep dive on Information Analyzer thin client on 12/15, 9am ET 

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Mad World (alt Version) by Gary Jules from Trading Snakeoil for Wolftickets JK--2001. Great pathetic "happy birthday"

"Secrets to Building Any AI-Driven Smart Service" ( ) JK--Ray Wang proposes useful framework for building these svcs

"Researchers Figure Out How 2 Trick Facial Recognition Systems: What It Means" ( ) JK--Good article by Chris Kanaracus

Excellent compendium of research papers on use of deep learning in diverse applications ( )

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp She by The Method Actors from This Is Still It JK--1980. Athens GA duo. Stripped-down jangly edgy guitar

"How to Hold Algorithms Accountable" ( ) JK--Focus on responsibiity, explainability, accuracy, auditability, fairness.

"The hard thing about deep learning" ( ) JK--The deeper the neural net, harder 2 B sure it always classifies correctly

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp The Modern Dance by Pere Ubu from The Modern Dance JK--1978. Song's bridges are crowd noise over guitar noise.

"Using AI to Spot Faults in Buildings" ( ) JK--Computationally assess how they absorb vibrations from nearby traffic

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Corrina, Corrina by Freddy Fender from Tejano Roots JK--1991. This great song sounds even better in Spanish.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Chickasaw County Child by Bobbie Gentry from Ode to Billie Joe JK--1967. Like the title track, a cool downhome ballad

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Brighter Than The Blues by Joan Shelley from Over And Even JK--2015. Incandescent Americana with Celtic overtones.

AA Signs With IBM Cloud For Some Applications 

"Object Storage & Erasure Coding: Future of Storage?" ( ) JK--Store more data, more distrib, higher avail, lower costs

"$1 Trillion Deep Learning Race 4 Smarter Cars" ( ) JK--That's not the investment. It's what KPMG estimates it's worth

"Tech’s Empathy Gap Is a Bug, Not a Feature" ( ) JK--Silicon Valley's charitable giving argues against "empathy gap"

"AI Natives & th Age of Disinformation" ( ) JK--Unclear what point this rambling piece makes. Beware o lying chatbots?

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp The Night Josh Tillman Came To Our Apartment by Father John Misty JK--2015. Tillman imagines self as th ghosts o Xmas

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp K. by Cigarettes After Sex JK--2016. This is fairly hypnotic. Like a sleepy wine-soaked reverie in front of fireplace

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Searching for Mr Right by Young Marble Giants frm Colossal Youth JK--1980. 1st track o classic LP. Music for evenings

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Ritual Union by Little Dragon from Ritual Union JK--2011. Love the little electronic flourishes that accent line-ends

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp They by Jem from Finally Woken JK--2004. Song blew lid off international conspiracy o Protocols of th Elders o "They"

Just saw article that tries to prove an assertion w/out primary or even anecdotal evidence. Just "quotes." Why not quote cartoon characters?

“Munchkin likely pick to head Treasury”? I thought they were a fictional race. But at least it’s a stab at diversity. Wait....correction...

Trump wants to outlaw flag-burning while he busies himself with burning the Constitution. What’s wrong with this picture?

Join me et al on Crowdchat "Big Data & Analytics in 2017" Thurs Dec 8 1pm EST ( ) #makedatasimple

Join me et al on Crowdchat "Deep Learning & #ApacheSpark " Wed Dec 7 1pm EST  #SparkDeepLearning

Join me et al this Thurs Dec 1, 1pm EST, Crowdchat, "Hadoop as a Service: Your Lever for Agility" ( ) #BigInsights

Americans are starting to realize that, come Jan 20, we'll need to activate our collective coping strategy for dealing with an abusive boss

#IBM Unveils #Watson -Powered Imaging Solutions for Healthcare Providers ( ) JK--Partnership with Merge Healthcare

Enough with the expert articles informing us that big data is big. Jupiter is also big. We don't need Neil deGrasse Tyson to remind us.

RT @kexpplaylist#kexp The Only Living Boy in New York by Simon & Garfunkel from Bridge Over Troubled Water JK--1970s' 1st gr8 LP. Jan 1970.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Fairytale of New York by Pogues+Kirsty JK--1988. Only Xmas song with lyric: "U scumbag U maggot U cheap lousy faggot"

Now serving up secure mobile apps & tasty fare at Individual Restaurants. Check out @IBMSecurity's new case study! 

Hmm. Sign of the times. I just saw cars referred to as "devices," in the context of AI-powered consumer goods (e.g., IoT-enabled appliances)

"Data Socialization: How to Achieve “Data Utopia” & Expedite Outcomes" ( ) JK--"Utopia"? Tone down the hoohah please.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Utopia by Austra from Future Politics JK--2017. Due for release on January 20. Very spacious thrilling romanticism.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Midnight Room by Springtime Carnivore from Midnight Room JK--2016. Nice earworm-grade melodic hook.

Just saw somebody post an "open letter to all data users." That's a perfect way to get absolutely nobody to read or care what you're saying.

Bought/downloaded Phantogram's latest LP, "Three." Been a big fan of their rich electropop textures for some time. This one goes even deeper

Florence Henderson’s passing unleashed dumb commentary on “The Brady Bunch.” It didn’t reflect a simpler time. 1969 was batshit crazy!

"Probabilistic Programming" ( ) JK--Modeling statistically how any program--probabilistic or otherwise--might behave.

"Deep Thoughts Regarding the Bodacious Brain" ( ) JK--Also describes glassware as "curvaceous" & wife as "gorgeous."

New #IBM jk #SPSSStatistics blog: "Tackling predictive uncertainty with Monte Carlo statistical analysis" ( )

It's Cyber Monday. The one day of the year retailers encourage us to shop online. Not sure whether I'll have time before they shut it off

I tire of scrolling all way down those alphabetical e-forms lists to the "U"'s to declare my country. Another reason Canada looks good now

Cheatsheets disappoint. They usually overlook the obvious, e.g. "sneak a peek over that smart person's shoulder." Classic cheating strategy.

Thank you spam for the fraud alert on my ScotiaBank account. As soon as I move to Canada & open an account there, I'll let them know.

"Meet the iPhone's 30-ton ancestor: Inside the project to rebuild one of the first computers" ( ) JK--Eniac maniacs!

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Ain't No Sunshine by Horace Andy from Mr. Bassie JK--1973. Great reggae cover of the Bill Withers classic.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Best To You by Blood Orange from Freetown Sound JK--2016. One of my fave songs of the year.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Same Old Blues by Phantogram from Three JK--2016. Great new one from them. Feels a bit like classic '70s rock.

Let's not pretend that Fidel Castro wasn't a brutal despot. The Cuban people would be best served by a rapid dismantling of his legacy.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Ain't Nothing You Can Do by Big Mama Thornton from Stronger Than Dirt JK--1969. LP title a late-60s commercial ref

Dear Xmas Radio Programmers: Every 5th song should be devotional. Every 10th should be 21st century. Every so often, a Bing Crosby.

First time NYT reported Fidel's death was Dec. 3, 1956.

Though I generally don’t follow football, I do make an exception for the Michigan/Ohio State game. GO BLUE!!!!

Radio playing the greatest hits of the 80s. I remember the era well. Everybody wang chung’d all night.

Saw classic all-points soc-news freakout headline: “13 impossible crises that humanity now faces.” Really? 13? Apocalyptic triskadekaphobia?

Watching a Carpenters special on PBS fundraising drive. I’m definitely a Carpenters softie. I’m Richard.

Hope my email filter gets smart & starts automatically blocking those Trump Hotel promos while reporting them as abusive (just because).

Merle Haggard "House of Memories" ( ) JK--Today's the 25th anniversary of our move-in to ours.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp One Note Joe by The Hi-Risers from Once We Get Started JK--Very cool. Sort of as if the early Beatles did Surfaris