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Aweekstweets August 25-30 2013: the week Al Roker was happening in my neck of the woods

Drafted next #IBMDataMag article: "Governance of Social Sentiment Data: The Quality Conundrum"

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Dear Prudence by The Beatles JK--Written by John in Rishikesh, India for Prudence Anne Farrow, Mia's sister.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp An Open Letter to NYC by Beastie Boys from To the 5 Boroughs JK--I'm no Gothamite, but this should be NYC city anthem

Sending work email 2 large distribution list just before Labor Day Weekend is not 4 the faint of heart. Dozens of out-of-office auto-replies

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Crush by Sleigh Bells from Reign of Terror JK--Sounds like overcaffeinated cheerleaders in a headbanging moshpit.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp 10 AM Automatic by The Black Keys from Rubber Factory JK--Awesome jam. Awesomely funny video ( )

"With Playnomics, data science predicts which players will quit" ( ) JK--Aka "churn." And adjusts game to minimize it.

"The Silent Rockstar of #BigData: Machine Learning" ( ) JK--Unsupervised learning algorithms to find "unknown unknowns"

"DARPA Creates Cloud Using Smartphones" ( ) JK--Tactical dynamic hyperlocal cloud among within-range phone-based servrs

"How truly smart home could finally become reality" ( ) JK--Article highlights Internet of Things in home automation

"How small biz can mine #bigdata" ( ) JK--"Chances R U're already processing BD even if arent aware" (eg GGL Analytics)

Catch me et al Sept 12 1pm ET G+ Hangout: "Opinionated Infrastructure: #Hadoop + Data Warehouse = #BigData Burger" ( )

"Reputational Damage o Non-Responsiveness" ( ) JK--"After 2 in-person meetings to be non-responsive is just plain rude"

Real-world experiments? The Amazon business model will revolutionize news personalization ( ) Friday #IBM quick-hit

Real-world experiments? The Amazon business model will revolutionize news personalization: 

RT @thesocialpitt Who else can riff from "The Blob" 2 porn? Only @jameskobielus! New post on really #bigdata in media 

New #IBM jk blog: "Indescribable! Indestructible! Humungous! Nothing Can Stop the Big Media BLOB!" ( )

@suspket360 What does that have to do with anything I'm discussing?

"The Geek Guide to implementing Attribution Modelling" ( ) JK--Excellent detail. Must read deeper into it.

"Top Languages for analytics, data mining, data science" ( ) JK--R, Python, and SQL.

"#BigData Gets Bigger as Internet of Things Awakens" ( ) JK--Loraine Lawson quotes yours truly.

"Reducing Hype Around #BigData" ( ) JK--Misguided ideal. Less hype = less marketing = less competition = less innov8'n

"Where Do Data Scientists Come From?" ( ) JK--Anywhere on Earth U find smart people--in other words, anywhere on Earth

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Fancy by Hugo Largo from Drum JK--1987. Imagine a cross btwn Pentangle, Penguin Cafe Orchestra, & Young Marble Giants

Working with American Mgt Assn to design a course on "Data as a Strategic Asset." Cool to see how professional instructional designers do it

Healthcare analytics? Instrumenting the icky necessities of life with smart sensors ( ) Thursday #IBM quick-hit

Healthcare analytics? Instrumenting the icky necessities of life with smart sensors: 

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp That Summer Feeling by Jonathan Richman from I, Jonathan JK--Very nice. Very Jonathan.

Enjoying "4 Courses with JB Smoove" on MSG. Just conversation over dinner with friends. Comedian & friends really get into it. Lotta energy

Dear Registrants: address of tomorrow's #IBM #BigData Developer Day: IBM Client Center, 590 Madison Avenue, New York NY 10022. See you there

RT @dataversity Would we recognize mature end-state #BigData architecture if ever arrives? Read @jameskobielus blog 

RT @pisarose: If @jameskobielus ruled the #BigData world, its omega #architecture would look like this:  @Dataversity

New #IBM jk #Dataversity article: "#BigData’s Coming End-State Architecture" ( )

Broadway Playbills. Why do they tend to show actress heads angled in headshots & actor heads vertical? Odd.

Dining alone at some nice looking Italian restaurant on Manhattan's Upper West Side. I don't know this part of town as well as I should.

Celeb sighting: weatherman Al Roker across aisle from me in 1st class on Delta DCA-LGA shuttle. My neck of the woods!

Quantum computing videos help explain the next frontier in computation 
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"Big Insights from #BigData Require the Right Data Science Team" ( ) JK--Good Booz Allen infograf on data-sci teaming

"CIA Wrestles w/Analytics Challenges" ( ) JK--Big media: "To watch all video [on] I'net in 1 min wd take 5 yrs 2 watch"

"Designing an Information Governance Program" ( ) JK--Core challenge: identifying subset of info that has biz value.

In literary news, forthcoming bio speculates that JD Salinger was a recluse because he had only one testicle. Also, Holden Caulfield was gay

Weird expression: "I hope this email finds you well." What the..? The email is some sorta intelligent probe searching for me? Now I'm scared

"Are tech firms the new movie villains?" ( ) JK--What else is new? Remember "The President's Analyst"? "The Phone Co"?

"Speeding Up Transactions & Analytics with In-Memory Processing" ( ). Look-ahead to #IBM tweetchat Wed Sep 4, 12noon ET

Catch me speaking tomorrow at #IBM #BigData Developers in NYC. Register: .

Customer segmentation? Segmentations must flex with your desired outcomes ( ) Wednesday #IBM quick-hit

Customer segmentation? Segmentations must flex with your desired outcomes: 

"The death of the statistician" ( ) JK--And rise of the data scientist (in terms of keyword popularity & job listings)

"Putting #BigData Myths to Rest" ( !) JK--Good one from @thomasdeutsch

"Quantum cryptography is last best defense" ( ) JK--Pipedream a la room-temperature nuclear fusion. Not holding breath

"This man thinks #bigdata & privacy can co-exist" ( ) JK--"New internet protocol which allows 4 deleting personal data"

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Tiger Lily by Luna from Bewitched JK--1994. The languid roll/twang of this gem gives me a distinctly mellow buzz.

"Doc Searls Video Q&A: How Internet of Things Will Revolutionize Customer Service" ( ) JK--He's high on QR codes.

Join #IBM's @jameskobielus & @eCapitalAdvisor 9/5 for a look into #BigData & how to use it to achieve big benefits 

RT @analyzingmedia: #BigData’s Growing Impact on #Hollywood’s Creative Process  with @jameskobielus cc @Smarter_Media

New #IBM jk #AnalyzingMedia blog: "#BigData’s Growing Impact on Hollywood’s Creative Process" ( )

Automating #BigDataGov to move at the speed of business  #datagovernance #infogov #bigdata

Agile governance as the next big trend in #bigdata  #bigdatagov #infogov #datagovernance

Data-scientist skillsets? Professional code of conduct makes great sense ( ) Tuesday #IBM quick-hit

Data-scientist skillsets? Professional code of conduct makes great sense: 

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Thirsty Boots by Bob Dylan from Another Self Portrait JK--Cover of Eric Andersen song. Very nice rendition.

"SSDs maturing, but new memory tech still 10 years away" ( ) JK--Emerging memory types under dev: PCM, RRAM, MRAM.

"In-Stream Big Data Processing" ( ) JK--Very good technically deep discussion.

"#BigData: Blurring Risk and Uncertainty" ( ) JK--Are "black swans" predictable? "Once in a lifetime" is a prediction

"For Data Scientists, Math Skills Not Enough" ( ) JK--Not enough 4 mathematicians either. Creativity key 2 productivity

Rush rush rush rush rush! Today was just me racing from one thing to another w/ no common thread. Except for the fact that it was me rushing

"How M2M Data Will Dominate the #BigData Era" ( ) JK--Article focused on apps in smart cars, smart homes, and robotics

"#BigData That’s Good 4 The Public" ( ) JK--EU proj 4 sem web w/automated dataset detection, curation, & entity linkage

"Age of Quantum Information Teleportation Dawns" ( ) JK--Cool but dont expect Scotty 2 beam up yr #bigdata anytime soon

A8: #cxo Of course not. There are plenty of #bigdata offerings for small/midmarket, priced accordingly, smart small/scale capacity as needed

A7: #cxo It's always best, in any human engage/conversation, 2 assume deepest sentiment pre-verbal. Few people want to be bothered telling U

A7: #cxo "Data of desire" (deep in customer heart) often unspoken. Can only be pieced together iteratively thru info, models & conversations

A7: #cxo A marketing analyst asks questions, looks at customer data, sees what questions can't B answered (ie, "NOT saying", gets more data

A6: #cxo Intimacy is elusive because the customer is often not terribly in touch with their own "feelings." Don't assume "deep" sentiment.

A6: #cxo "Intimacy" in a B2C engagement contxt also elusive. They may have good reason 4 distancing selves. They simply don't like/trust you

A6: #cxo Of course intimacy is elusive. Even married couples, that most intimate relationship, need to rediscover each other regularly

A5: #cxo Collective intimacy has merit if strangers don't start acting like they're my friends without doing something genuinely "friendly"

A5: #cxo Collective intimacy has merit if actually enrich people's feeling of belonging vs. that of being exploited by commercial interests

A5: #cxo Collective intimacy has merit in omniconnected world if we respect sensitivity/privacy boundaries & don't "over-assume" familiarity

A5: #cxo Collective intimacy has merit if recognize that "intimacy," in global context, is closer to "familiarity" than to "U got my back"

A4: #cxo Business can leverage intimat customer omni-connectedness by maintaining presences (where relevant) in each customer's social graph

A4: #cxo If I'm connected to everybody, I'm influenced by & am influencing everybody on various levels. Influence becomes incredibly tangled

A4: #cxo Growing omni-connectedness of human race makes more difficult for outsiders to fathom the complexity of each's person's experience

A4: #cxo Having ability to graph each of us in different contexts (community, job, etc.) helps us distinguish domains of each person's life

A4: #cxo Clearly, this where social graphs come into picture. Everybody more "intimate" w/everybody else. Graphs drive influence/experience

A3: #cxo Often, more data granularity not as important as ability to aggregate and correlate details you have, see broader customer patterns

A3: #cxo Can also get more granular customer data by a) asking 4 it in online/portal dialog/surveys, b) guiding call-ctr agents to ask 4 it

A3: #cxo Granular customer data comes via a) having detail in your transactional DBs, b) applying NLP to unstructured from socials etc

A2: #cxo Most relevant data may simply be the data you don't yet have on your customers. That data may confirm/disconfirm your hypothesis

A2: #cxo Often, most relevant info on cust is what they actually tell you. Mine your call ctr logs w/text analytcs. They tell their own tale

A2: #cxo Usually, most relevant customer data is what have on current customers, not on prospects. Cheaper to keep customer than try to win

A2: #cxo The purpose of business is to catch, keep, & grow customer relationships. Data relevance must be shaped by those priorities.

A2: #cxo "Most relevant" relative to outcome. If retain customer, most relevant is "happy?" If selling to them, it's "offer acceptable?"

A1: #cxo Important for biz o capture data on their entire customer base, each segment, to fine degree. Better segmentation = better service

A1: #cxo But it is important for a biz to capture entire history of my relationship with them, my entire interactions, & my entire feelings

A1: #cxo For example, the coffee shop down the street doesn't need to know my banking needs. Just know that I like it hot, fresh, & cheap

A1: #cxo What businesses need to know about customers is that subset of "what they truly want" that the business can realistically address

A1: #cxo We don't need 2 capture literally EVERYTHING about anybody 2 know them reasonably well. What we need 2 know is what they truly want

@IBMbigdata A pleasure to be on this #CXO tweetchat. I like to think I know the topic of intimacy intimately, but that'd be too bold.

@TheSocialPitt @KirkDBorne @IBMbigdata I'm ready to go on #CXO. Fire away!

Mmmm..yeah, @jameskobielus, we're putting the coversheets on all TPS reports now before they go out. Did you see the memo about this?
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34 mins to #CXO: Idiosyncrasies Novelties Degrees & Cust Intimacy  w/ @KirkDBorne et moi #cem #custserv #VoC #bigdata

Catch me live in NYC this Thurs Aug 29 #IBM #BigData Developer Day. Register:  Meeting: 

@StefanRied Hi Stefan. I'm moderating a panel on big data cloud standards at EuroCloud 2013 in Luxembourg on Tues 15 Oct. Are you available?

Drafted my latest #IBM blog: "Indescribable! Indestructible! Humungous! Nothing Can Stop the Big Media BLOB!"

Big Media? Advanced analytics & deep metadata bring shape to the BLOB ( ) Monday #IBM quick-hit

Big Media? Advanced analytics & deep metadata bring shape to the BLOB: 

"Think Big Data is All Hype? You’re Not Alone" ( ) JK--Think #bigdata is all hype? You’re not paying attention.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Paper Thin Walls by Modest Mouse from The Moon & Antarctica JK--"I can't be a fool for everyone that I don't know."

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Sea of Love by Cat Power from The Covers Record JK--Big part o Cat Power's power is captiv8ng fragility of her vocals

Digging thru my personal archives, I saw draft where editor tried to change "predictive analytics" to "proactive analytics." I SWATTED that!

"First Listen: Bob Dylan, Highlights From 'Another Self Portrait (69-71)'" ( ) JK--Listening now. Dig Bob's restlessnss

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Aweekstweets August 18-25 2013: the week of ambient backscatter

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp I Sleep Just Fine by Red Jacket Mine frm NyQuil & Wine JK--2013. Very nice. Obviously influenced by Byrds country-ish

Would take elephant balanced on pencil 2 puncture graphene sheet the thickness o Saran Wrap. Sounds ideal for micrometeorite protective skin

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Caribbean Blue by Dntel from Enya Mixes JK--Cool mash of sonic snippets from this Enya gem.

Last night I did most radical purge of my paper-based research archives. Essentially, I tossed out everything pre-IBM, except my own work.

Hey punk, you really must be daft if you think staying up all night will help you get lucky. Cut your losses at midnight.

"Don't Be Scared If Surgeon Wearing Google Glass In Operating Room" ( ) JK--I'm scared they'll leave it inside me

Gary Cole. If they ever make a movie about Larry Ellison, that's the actor to cast. Looks. Lumbergh.

JD Salinger. Yet another article on late reclusive author. IMHO, his output was fine but not mindblowingly so. Dont understand the obsession

WashPost travel article by some white dude visiting Indonesia. Says Westerners a "novelty" there. Not true. I have never felt that way there

I can't believe people give a crap who plays Batman...& I can't believe they object to Ben Affleck. He's a good actor. Ease off him, people!

Washington DC has has more days in August so far with highs in the 70s than 90s. Thank you, God, for the brief respite from global warming.

Egyptian military rulers release former dictator Mubarak, exclaiming "You're our guy!"

Bought & downloading MS MR's debut LP, "Secondhand Rapture." #KEXP review captures it:  . Voice/vibe is distinctive

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Since She Started to Ride by Jonathan Richman from Action Packed: The Best o Jonathan JK--Country-western becomes him

"Could ‘ambient backscatter’ power Internet of Things" ( ) JK--Refers to absorbing stray radio waves as lo-power source

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Wires by Red Fang from Murder the Mountains JK--2011. Had 2 chek r-t playlist 2 make sure is not Grand Funk Railroad

Dont miss fastest twitter hr in #CXO chat: Idiosyncrasies, Novelties, Degrees & Custr  w/ @kirkdborne et moi Mon 12 ET

#CXO chat is back, Mon 12 ET! Idiosyncrasies, Novelties, Degrees & Custr Intimacy  w/ @KirkDBorne #cctr #bigdata

Getting ready for #IBM Virtual Enzee: Scalable Bulk Data Processing with #PureData System for Analytics. Speaker from Brightlight Consulting

Whew. Finished all 5 of next week's quick-hits. I know I'll extend several into blogs at later dates. For me, q-hs are ideation nuclei.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Instant Karma! by John Lennon & Th Plastic Ono Band frm ShavedFish JK--My personal fave Lennon solo. We all shine on!

Was thinking about most obvious precedent for Bezos buying WashPost. Remember when AOL "merged" w/TimeWarner? Remember how that turned out?

Spam. I'm sure USPS has a "Manager Jacob Whitley" with my personal email addr who sends "failed delivery" notifs. No wonder they're losing $

#BigData discovery? Using machine learning 2 distill knowledge frm data without preconceived models ( ) Friday #IBM q-h

Big-data discovery? Using machine learning to distill knowledge from data without preconceived models: 

RT @conradhackett "Lefthandedness previously linkd 2 criminality but now linkd 2 intelligence/creativity" JK--Whew. I'm off Most Wanted List

GOP VA gov candidate TV ad omits "ic" in opponent party name. Suggest Dem refer to opponent as "Republan."

Chelsea Manning? Planning a surname transgendering as well? Womanning? Does the US prison healthcare system cover all that (body & moniker)?

New #IBM jk blogpost: "Decision Confidence: Where the Predictive Chickens Come Home to Roost" ( )

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Live and Let Live by Ty Segall from Live on KEXP JK--Good cover of Love song from 1967's "Forever Changes" LP

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Be Thankful 4 What Youve Got by William DeVaughn frm Soul Hits o Th '70s: Didn't It Blow Yr Mind Vol 12 JK--Smoothhhh

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp The Shrine/An Argument by Fleet Foxes frm Helplessness Blues JK--Gorgeous dramatic song. Equally gorgeous anim8d vid

"EdgeRank Is Dead: Facebook’s News Feed Algorithm Now Has Close To 100K Weight Factors" ( ) JK--100 freakin' thousand?!

"Data science as an experimental process: unsupervised and supervised learning" ( ) JK--Good primer on this topic.

"OpenStack Savanna" ( ) JK--Savanna = #Hadoop as a Service for OpenStack with REST API

Digital publishing has acceler8d human evolution. We're becoming species highly adept at find/clicking "skip this ad" as soon as it appears

"How Predictive Analytics Is Changing Hollywood" ( ) JK--Good one. Also see: my July 30 q-h: 

"My issues w/ #BigData: Sentiment" ( ) JK--Illustrates perfectly the need 4 human analyst vet o sentiment-imbued tweets

"Do You Have Right Culture for Customer Experience Initiative?" ( ) JK--You're overthinking this. Just eat own dogfood

"Does #bigdata have us 'fooled by randomness'?" ( ) JK--Dont confuse spurious correl8n w/randomness or blame BD if U do

"Will Human Analysts Ever Go Away?" ( ) JK--Huh? Have they said something to offend you?

"Can USPS find future running govt cloud authent svc?" ( ) JK--Dunno. Perhaps sacrilege, but Y not sell ads on stamps?

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Pushin' Against a Stone by Valerie June frm Pushin' Against a Stone JK--2013. Gr8 debut LP. Brooklyn/Tennessee artist

Context accumulation? Content accumulation contextualizes algorithm optimization ( ) Thursday #IBM quick-hit

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Rambling Man by Laura Marling from I Speak Because I Can JK--2010. Excellent British folk-rocker.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp I'll Be Your Mirror by VU from VU & Nico JK--Cool thing about Nico singing Lou's: mirrored him, reflecting what he is

Context accumulation? Content accumulation contextualizes algorithm optimization: 

"Bradley Manning: I want to live as a woman" ( ) JK--Which puts the feds in a Guantanamo-grade dilemma. Woman's prison?

Hootsuite is good for casually following several socials. But TweetDeck is best for rapidfire Twitter chats. So I alternate.

Research shows Facebook users are unhappier than non-Facebook users. Researchers attribute this to triggering neverending social comparisons

Angel Diaz explains DevOps's place in IBM's open cloud architecture:  ^KS
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I don't generate original ideas. My milieu does. I mill milieu in my mind and massage the mess into a message that feels like mine. I mine.

"#IBM Unveils #BigData Analytics-bsd Dshbd to Boost Ent Risk Mgt" ( ) JK--New Signature Solution 4 credit lifecycle mgt

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp (Tony, This Song is Called) Lou Weed by The Dandy Warhols from Dandys Rule OK JK--1996. Funny/weird title. Gr8 flute!

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Sea of Glass by Shelby Earl from Swift Arrows JK--2013. Self-released. Awesome. Deserves major-label distribution.

@IBMbigdata #ibmblu Been a pleasure. Now: to decompress my overheated cranium.

@IBMbigdata @craigmullins #ibmblu If "metadata" can get "cool" (or at least on everybody's lips), there's hope 4 "compression." Not yet tho

A8: I want the compression algorithm to be smarter than me and it's way smarter with combination of techniques in #ibmblu
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A8: #ibmblu One might recognize that speedy compression must be applied to operational data, but not as critical on bulk archival data

A8: #ibmblu There's a need to apply different compression schemes to different types of data, to minimize data footprints & max efficiency

A7: #ibmblu RT @tomlrieger: RAM still expensive & to be able to work on compressed data and have smart cache on columnar is important

A7 - Better use of memory, less I/O, faster utility execution, foundation for other technologies to leverage #ibmblu
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#ibmblu compresses data as much as possible, compresses the most commonly occurring data & and then optimally packs it = performance gains
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A7 – pack more data into every I/O, page and CPU operation. #ibmblu has it. Competition stops short.
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A7: #ibmblu Compression can improve memory/disk usage & query performance in one fell swoop if can operate on still-compressed data.

A6: Why does a DBA need to manage a DW full of secondary tuning objects? Modern DBs (e.g., #ibmblu #PureData) make that unnecessary.

A5: #ibmblu RT @tomlrieger: Phys (machine) & logical (query path) opp's 4 optimization. Compression in #ibmblu makes easier to scale both

A5: Compression alone? No. What CAN and HAS replaced some of the tuning objects is COLUMNAR IN-MEMORY databases a la #ibmblu

A5: #ibmblu RT @Keith_Carlsen: [compression can't replace tuning objects] by itself. Only when part of bigger set of data proc optimizations

A4 - I’ve seen 2x expansion routinely. Aggregate/summary tables take space, but also admin/CPU to maintain. Not needed with #ibmblu
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A4 The "extraneous" objects used for tuning can double the size of a database. #ibmblu
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Better quality of life for DBAs! RT @enzeevoice #ibmblu - major advtge is admins...can manage the data without it crushing them.

RT @Keith_Carlsen A4 Aggregate/summary tables take space, but also admin/CPU to maintain. Not needed with #ibmblu
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@Keith_Carlsen A4 - yes, simplifies the DBA experience to not have to design/manage aggregates #ibmblu
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MQTs, indexes and the like bloat load times by 2-3x. There is a lot of work to keep all that overhead current with each new row #ibmblu
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A4 Worse yet, those tuning objects require their own maintenance. #ibmblu
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A4: #ibmblu Secondary tuning (indexes) can increase data stor requirements considerably. Fortunately #IBM #Netezza #PureData doesnt use em.

A3: #ibmblu Can move the detail data to cheaper cloud bulk storage.

A3: #ibmblu You can do pre-processing analytics on incoming data to find key patterns/trends of interest, so need to keep less detailed data

A3: #ibmblu You can profile incoming data (using IBM Data Explorer) to determine upfront what's worth retaining. Can use dedupe to reduce it

A2: #ibmblu Need for real-time analytics against massive online data sets may also reduce some needs for archiving and purging.

A2: #ibmblu Storage cost reductions may lesse needs for frequent data archiving, purging, compression, and other storage optimizations.

A1: #ibmblu #BigData's focus on advanced analytics has increased the need to do fast indexing query etc of data without decompressing

A1: #ibmblu #BigData's growing varieties of structured & unstructured intensify need for differentiated compression of diverse data types

A1: #ibmblu #BigData's velocity requirements (stream computing etc) has intensified the need for very fast compression/decompression.

A1: #ibmblu #BigData has spurred order-of-magnitude increase in storage requirements. Compression is central pillar o storage optimization

A1: #ibmblu #BigData's massive data volumes require efficient compression to make cost-effective use o storage resources. IT budgets limited

Firing up the spirit fingers for #ibmblu chat on Controlling Your Data Footprint  - join us!
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Wrote next Monday's #IBM quick-hit: "Big Media? Adv analytics & deep metadata bring shape to the BLOB" Theme I'll include in my IOD preso

Join #ibmblu chat as @jameskobielus @jrockwood @infomgmtexec @billcole_ibm etal discuss Controlling Yr Data Footprint 

@mjasay Might think o "3 Vs" as "3 Ss" (scale speed scope)( ). Some equ8 "scale" w/"volume." Same concepts, diff words

@mjasay Confusion is endemic to many #bigdata industry discussions when people treat the 3 scale Vs as equiv to non-scale Vs (veracity etc)

Join me today at 1 PM ET for #ibmblu chat on Controlling your Data Footprint! Details: 

@mjasay #bigdata "scale" is about 3 quantifiable dimensions of "more": capacity (volume), speed (velocity), and diversity (variety).

@mjasay Huh? Variety and velocity are two components of scale. Volume is the third.

My tweaked definition of #bigdata: deep business value derived from implementing advanced analytics and trustworthy data at extreme scales.

Data-scientist skillsets? Meshing of minds attuned to abstract patterns ( ) Wednesday #IBM quick-hit

Data-scientist skillsets? Meshing of minds attuned to abstract patterns: 

Catch me at EuroCloud/ICS 2013, Luxembourg, Oct 15-16, moderating panel on #bigdata cloud standards.

WSJ says even th French now mostly feel baguette crusts are too hard. Relieved. I thought perhaps they had sharper teeth than the rest of us

Drafted latest #IBM AnalyzingMedia blog: "#BigData's Growing Impact on Hollywood's Creative Process"

Drafted next #Dataversity blog: "#BigData's Coming End-State Architecture"

Podcast w/ @tcrawford: advice for CIO's on overcoming inertia and the "3-legged race" of culture  #bigdata

Drafted latest #IBM jk blog: "Decision Confidence: Where the Predictive Chickens Come Home to Roost"

"Reshaping New York" ( ) JK--Extraordinary visualization-centric online data journalism from the New York Times.

"Redefining risk for #bigdata" ( ) JK--Good discussion of data security risk mitigation for Internet of Things.

"Appld Pred Mdl" ( ) JK--SMiller beef w/"stat learn pedgogy": "absence o comp perf consids in eval o diff modl technqs"

"#BigData in Manufacturing: Rise of the Machine" ( ) JK--Some interesting stats on Internet of Things/M2M adoption.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp GMF by John Grant JK--"I wonder who theyll get 2 play me maybe theyll dig up Richard Burton's corpse" (gr8 MF indeed)

Internet of Things? All in (teeny-tiny) memory ( ) Tuesday #IBM quick-hit

Internet of Things? All in (teeny-tiny) memory: 

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Down Down the Deep River by Okkervil River from The Silver Gymnasium JK--Great new rocker from the Austin group.

Something fishy about ostrich-egg New World globe said from 1504. Shape of S. America too accurate. Europeans hadn't yet circumnavigated it

Marriage. Has anyone ever produced a "friend with benefits" calculator that factors costs & risks into the equation? Good investment?

Be ironic if after accomplishing everything on your personal list you get to Heaven & God literally makes you kick a bucket for all eternity

"How is #bigdata used in porn industry?" ( ) JK--Hesitate 2 ask what their intimate 360-degree view o customer reveals.

Article refers 2 ill-fated entrepreneur as "charismatic founder of the bankrupt..." Much better 2 B "boring founder of wildly successful..."

A9: @IBMbigdata #CXO #CEM #IBM #BigData also runs risks of diminishing engagement if privacy concerns diminish customer trust in biz

A9: @IBMbigdata #CXO #CEM #IBM #BigData runs risk of diminishing engagement if biz lets data-driven analytics crowd out direct human convos

Q9: @IBMbigdata #CXO #CEM #IBM #BigData improving engagement through more powerful 360-view targeting of offers, interactions, experiences

A8: @IBMbigdata #CXO #CEM #IBM Customer engagemt strategy in 2020 will accept that smartphone-equiv is dominant chann for most transactions

A8: @IBMbigdata #CXO #CEM #IBM Engagement strategy for 2020 customer will accept diminished importance of in-person face2face interactions

Q7: @IBMbigdata #CXO #CEM #IBM "Contxtually relevant at each moment" is something only th customer can truly decide: "hey biz--LISTEN 2 ME!"

A7: @IBMbigdata #CXO #CEM #IBM Key 2 being contextually relevant at each journey point is NEVER choke off possib o person:person interaction

A6: @IBMbigdata #CXO #CEM #IBM Mobile = "me now" context. Social = convo contxt.#bigdata = past/present/future contxt. Cloud = world contxt

A6: @IBMbigdata #CXO #CEM #IBM SMAC (social mobile analytics/bigdata cloud) is the new agile "platform" context for ubiquitious engagement

A6: @IBMbigdata #CXO #CEM #IBM Cloud# + #mobility deliver cust engage everywhere, #bigdata optimizes it, & #social frames it in life-context

A5: #IT must support integration of data across multiple channels, cust action on 1 channel recognised when they switch to another #cxo
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A5: IT should walk a mile in #custserv, #marketing , and even product dev shoes to understand #custexp - then facilitate solutions | #CXO
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A5: CIO’s should be chg agent 4 #CX initiatives. Don’t wait on #CMO but engage fully in custr engagement strategies #cxo
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A5: @IBMbigdata #CXO #CEM #IBM IT's #bigdata team needs to help the customer-facing biz functions explore power of graph analytics for CXO

A5: @IBMbigdata #CXO #CEM #IBM IT team needs to proactively align its #bigdata efforts with/mktg, sales, & cust svc experience initiatives

A4: @IBMbigdata #CXO #CEM #IBM Businesses stay agile if they recognize when post-transaction surveys counterproductive (e.g., irritate cust)

A4: @IBMbigdata #CXO #CEM #IBM Businesses remain agile if stay ready 2 incorpor8 fresh data on customer if old data obscures true sentiment

A4: @IBMbigdata #CXO #CEM #IBM Businesses remain agile by being ready 2 self-disrupt own biz model & prod/svc portfolio as cust behav shifts

A3: @IBMbigdata #CXO #CEM #IBM You risk a create/consume "gap" if imagine only one customer sentiment source (e.g., Twitter) always suffices

A3: @IBMbigdata #CXO #CEM #IBM If value creation/consumption "gap" opens up, is cuz biz either NOT listening 2 customers or NOT acting on it

A3: @IBMbigdata #CXO #CEM #IBM Value creation: biz pitches, but satisfied customers are your best marketing. They spread the word to others

A3: @IBMbigdata #CXO #CEM #IBM Value creation/consumptoin is not a "gap" that needs to be "bridged"--if biz actually listens to customers

A2: @IBMbigdata #CXO #CEM #IBM The B2C convo must be give-take dialogue between biz & cust. Don't always be in their face. Let them breathe

A2: @IBMbigdata #CXO #CEM #IBM Important for biz NOT 2 aggressively dominate B2C customer convo w/pre-trans pitches & post-trans surveys

A2: @IBMbigdata #CXO #CEM #IBM Engagement = ongoing B2C convo. Transactions are key events in the convo. But satisfaction always convo focus

A1: @IBMbigdata #CXO #CEM #IBM Contextual engagement def'n: be "in the moment" with each customer each step of their personalized journey

A1: @IBMbigdata #CXO #CEM #IBM "Contxtualizn" biz case must B part numbers (ROI) & part narrative (case study/anecdote) re 1:1 cust engagemt

A1: @IBMbigdata #CXO #CEM #IBM Buy-in from leadership team needs to be from CEO on down, with chief customer officer framing the case in ROI

A1: @IBMbigdata #CXO #CEM #IBM The "contextual" part of engagement: business case is treat each customer as indiividual & they'll stay

A1: @IBMbigdata #CXO #CEM #IBM You build business case through monetary ROI from retention, upsell, satisfaction. Engaged = happy customers

@IBMbigdata Happy to be on #CXO chat From Transactions to Contextual Engagement #IBM

Ready for #CXO chat at top of hour. From Transactions to Contextual Engagement #IBM  Yes. We face a never-ending challenge, amid the incessant hype, to ground the world's expectations of what big...  "Cleaner"? "Isolate signals"? Those terms aren't 100% useful in this context. You're thinking of sentiments as...  Let's not predispose ourselves to labeling it "intrusive." The flipside is "intimate." Intimacy is something each...

"Is #BigData an Economic Big Dud?" ( ) JK--None o the economist quotes evince a clear understanding of what big data is

"An Argument for a Data Science Code of Professional Conduct" ( ) JK--Excellent code: skip to bottom of article.

"Corr v. Caus: Science Art & Magic o Experimental Design" ( ) JK--Frequent overlap between superstition & early science

Hey #KEXP @loserboy: if you absolutely MUST have coffee constantly while you work, why not keep a Keurig machine in the DJ booth?

"Re-identifying anonymous people within public datasets with #bigdata is possible" ( ) JK--In other words, sleuthing

"Importance of Segmentation and how to create one?" ( ) JK--Excellent detailed structured discussion for practitioners

"Relishing the #BigData Burger" ( ) JK--#Hadoop landing & archiving, vis-a-vis DW. Don't worry. Not elephant patties.

Join me & @jameskobielus for #CXO chat Mon 12 ET! From Transactions to Contextual Engagement  #custserv #bigdata
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Advanced visualization? Designers should consider core perceptual principles ( ) Monday #IBM quick-hit

Advanced visualization? Designers should consider core perceptual principles: 

I often hold my breath when reading mass media discussions of complex tech markets. Reporters, unlike analysts, rarely grasp key nuances.

WSJ article on #Hadoop offers erroneous view of market, implying startups are the only ones to commercialize it & ignoring value-added tools

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Man Next Door by Massive Attack from Mezzanine JK--Creepy-crawly reggae riddim shot thru with 6 volts of electronica

"Big Data by itself is not useful... Thoughts?" ( ) JK--Thoughts by themselves are not useful...#BigData?

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Kung Fu Reference by Ass Ponys from Lohio JK--2001. I always thought this calld "If You Ever Gave a Damn 4 Sonny Jim"

"MSFT warns XP users risk 'zero day forevr'" ( ) JK--So what. I havnt upd malware sgnaturs on XP in 8+ yrs. Sofarsogood

"The Many Internet-Video Options for TVs" ( ) JK--I'll explore these...eventually. I'm not an early-adopter viewer.