Saturday, July 28, 2012

Aweekstweets July 21-28 2012: the week I explored the Olivia Newton-John connection to quantum mechanics

Philly Chinatown. Is it good luck in Chinese culture if you find on-street parking right under the arch?

RT @LanceUlanoff James Bond and the Queen Parachute Into the Olympics [VIDEO]  RT @mashable JK--Brilliant!

RT @LanceUlanoff James Bond and the Queen Parachute Into the Olympics [VIDEO]  RT @mashable

Nigel Fenwick @NigelFenwick Loving the #olympics opening ceremony - Rowan Atkinson was LOL funny

hodgman @hodgman If it brought a tear to @billybragg's eye, maybe those of you hating on the opening ceremonies have your snark set too high. #glastonburytor
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The one thing I'm glad the Olympic opening ceremony avoided was pomposity. We don't need more paeans to global brotherhood.

I enjoyed the Olympic opening ceremony. The music and spirit were fun. Beijing felt like overkill. This one made me want to dance.

Maryland police thwart potential shooter. Suspect made it easy. T-shirt sed: "Guns don't kill people. I do." CNN reported this straightfaced

RT @ibm_iod: 1st installment of “Asking the Experts” is now live! Exclusive interview w/ @jameskobielus on #bigdata 

Glad my many minds came to terms on that latest one: . @graemeknows overheard their dialogue earlier this week.

RT @AnalyzingMedia: Another shot from the Koby side: Customer as Pantheon  with @IBMNetezza's @jameskobielus

New #IBM AnalyzingMedia article: "Another shot from the Koby side: Customer as Pantheon" ( )

Drafted latest article for #IBM : "Customer as Pantheon" @graemeknows

@loserboy Synchronized janitorial services? Does that qualify?

Hey @loserboy , if curling is a sport at the Winter Olympics, let's be fair and make shuffleboard a medal-awarding event at Summer Olympics.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp TV Party by Black Flag from Damaged JK--1981. Different era. I no longer give a flying-F what's on TV.

RT @jackie138 @loserboy Yer "Nobody puts Crosby Stills Nash in corner" quote inspired 2 make motivationl poster #kexp ( )

@or_1_eq_1 Romney's from my home state, Michigan, and became governor of Massachusetts. Don't doubt he has supporters across country.

Salt Lake City. Definitely not "middle of nowhere." Nowhere doesnt hav such stark beauty: mountains lake etc. Do Gr8 Plains if want monotony  Great comments. Re Bill Peer's suggestion that a different term (other than "stream computing," "event...

"How was Marissa Mayer viewed within Google?" ( ) JK--Interesting nuanced portrait emerges frm peeps worked for/with her

One nuisance of LinkedIn groups is receiving all the job postings. Most are variations on "we're looking for serious geeks to do cool stuff"

"Marketing to the Rationally Irrational" ( ) JK--That's me, definitely. I practice serious goofiness to stay sane.

"Can Algorithm Beat Simon Cowell at Own Game?" ( ) JK--At what? Rolling eyes, oozing acid, & breaking hearts of amateurs?

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp God Save the Queen by Sex Pistols from Never Mind the Bollocks JK--Rumor, no bull, is that this will be performed

I'm getting sense that you'll know in every way, at every event & venue, that this Olympics is being held in Britain. Eccentricities please!

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp There's No Other Way by Blur from Leisure JK--Band playing in opening ceremony tonight in London. Alt-Olympics?

"United Nations Explores Using Real-Time Analytics to Predict Social Crises" ( ) JK--I downloaded the referenced paper.

"Ajay Ohri Interviews John Myles White on book 'Machine Learning for Hackers'" ( ) JK--Covers basics + advanced topics

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Rill Rill by Sleigh Bells from Treats JK--The "ring ring" synthesized roll of this gem will echo on&on in your mind

"Bridging the #BigData Divide with Data Integration" ( ) JK--Article contains immortal phrase: "You had me at #Hadoop"

I'm totally impressed with large deep pool of data scientists in India. Their posts on LinkedIn #BigData groups are sharp, thought-provoking

"How fast is R growing compared 2 other software in analytics?" ( ) JK--Ajay Ohri on open-source alternative's rise

"Some thoughts on Industrializing Analytics" ( ) JK--@jamet123 opined in January on data scientist automation imperative

"Data Visualization – A POV from Gramener" ( ) JK--I like social graph viz of geeks across Indian cities.

"Data in motion divides the haves and have nots" ( ) JK--Good guidelines for using in-memory technology

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Your Dark Sunglasses Won't Make You Lou Reed by Bill Baird from Career JK--I rate this the best song title of the day

Good. I didn't see that stupid ad with the unsupported rival claim this morning in my WSJ. Hence, not reposting aforementioned tweet.

"#IBM, L.Livermore meld supercomputing, industries" ( ) JK--IBM rschrs in smartgrid, manuf, informatics, mat sci #BigData

"Why Twitter's move into TV could be a recipe for disaster" ( ) JK--Or awesomely cool, if limits programs to 140 seconds

NoSQL = no-disk?: 

"#IBM's Deep Thunder predicting weather w/modeling tech" ( ) JK---Supercomputer doing adv analytics on hist & n-r-t data

I barely noticed the Twitter outage yesterday, and I obviously tweet a lot. TweetDeck froze for a few minutes. But it does that regularly.

Max Born ( ). Nobel Prize winner in physics,1954, grandfather of Olivia Newton-John, 1948. Must recall this trivia. Must

@tunvall I only eat at Chik-Fil-A when they're giving stuff away anyway. It's not my money they're spending.

"A bit of the old Ludwig Van" from "A Clockwork Orange" ( ) JK--An unsettling creepy cool Kubrick masterpiece

"Six Sexy Snacks That Boost Libido" ( ) JK--Guy in pic looks like rehearsing 4 revival of "A Clockwork Orange." Creepy

Ajay Ohri skyped me today to ask if I'm writing any new poems these days. Answer is no. Spirit's not moving. Or I've jilted verse for social

Famous people offer 2 cents on "Why did the chicken cross the road?" ( ). e.g,. K.Marx: "It was historical inevitability"

Enya "How Can I Keep From Singing?" ( ) JK--Her purest prayer. No multitracked vocal. Just her and God

Loreena McKennitt "The Mummers' Dance" ( ) JK--1997. Love the primeval incantatory feel of this one.

Emerson, Lake & Palmer "From The Beginning" ( ) JK--ELP suffered frm anti-prog-rock backlash, but still sounds gr8

Beach Boys "Good Vibrations" ( ) JK--1966, frm "Smiley Smile." Wailing theremin, from1920s, was 1st electrosynth

The Who "Baba O'Riley" ( ) JK--1971, from "Who's Next." Synth produces a cyclic energetic pulsation

Pere Ubu "Small Was Fast" ( ) JK--1979, from "New Picnic Time." Synth produces grainy industrial cinderblock feel

Cocteau Twins "Know Who You Are At Every Age" ( ) JK--1993 frm "Four-Calendar Cafe." Synth produces harp-like wash

Kinda dumb to boycott a chicken joint over their mgmt's position on gay marriage. But it is OK to not have them cater your own gay marriage

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Pipeliner's Blues by The Modern Mountaineers from Western Swing: Texas 1928-1944 JK--1940. Very blues. Very country

UK leader Conservative. Romney didn't have 2 try too hard to win Cameron good graces. Imagine candidate Reagan dissing then new PM Thatcher

Romney should go back to browbeating Frenchmen. I heard he developed quite a knack for it back in his college years.

James Chapman (Mail) @jameschappers  Serious dismay in Whitehall at Romney debut. 'Worse than Sarah Palin.' 'Total car crash'. Two of the kinder verdicts #romneyshambles

"Mitt Romney's Olympics blunder stuns No 10 & hands gift to Obama" ( ) JK--Insult major ally. Way to go, genius!

Frictionless sandboxes? Tight governance keeps the analytic sands in the box: 

"Analytics & Future o Contact Centers: Voice Analytics" ( ) JK--Good discussion o intent analytics 4 smart call queueing

Finished my 5 quick-hits for next week. Now, for a quick-hit of something cold and caffeinated.

I'll give @doug_laney credit for coining the 3 Vs of #BigData if he credits me with introducing the word "value" into the English language

Monitoring the social discussion re whether #BigData is stairway to heaven or portal to the deepest recesses of Hades. I'll keep you posted.

Writing songs about "being on tour" is begin o dinosaur death spiral 4 musicians, esp. those who become famous. Insufferably self-involved

Tell #KEXP @loserboy that Twitter is up. Exit completely from TweetDeck or whatever you're using. Relaunch it. Breathe calmly. All is well

I'm cool with agreeing to disagree. But I draw the line at agreeing to pistols at 50 paces.

"#IBM to Boost Technical Skills in Mauritius" ( ) JK--We have cooperative agreements throughout Africa & nearby nations.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Sister Morphine by The Rolling Stones from Sticky Fingers JK--One of their very best edgy songs. Happy 69th Mick!

Got email from someone w/1st name "Fidel" & lastname "Castro." Get-rich-quick scheme. Doesnt retired dictator have better uses for his time?

Wanna thank @CurtMonash for saying "bogosity" in blog head ( ). I prefer "bogositude," but minor quibble.

"U slam politician, U make out he devil w/horns & hoofs. But wife luvs him & so did all his mistresses"-PH Johnson JK--They luv horns/hoofs

Every morning that I see a certain erroneous ad by an #IBM rival in my WSJ, I will repost this tweet: . Every morning

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Booty City by Black Joe Lewis & The Honeybears from Scandalous JK--So gr8, U'd think classic Four Tops or Temptations

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Heart of Gold by Charles Bradley from Heartaches and Pain JK--Excellent soul cover of Neil Young classic.

RT @jameskobielus: Advanced visualization? Visual overload kills understanding ( ) JK--Refs #Forrester @bevelson

Advanced visualization? Visual overload kills understanding: 

I'm not surprised Kim Jong Eun has wife. WSJ shows him & her inspecting amusement park in Pyongyang. I'm surprised they have amusement parks

"Oracle pulls Exadata ad claims after IBM complaint" (  ) JK--NAD: "[ORCL] message not supported by evidence in record"

I don't tweet much of a non-snarky nature about organized sports, but I do make the occasional exception. Go Nationals!

Curious why Michilimackinac never spawned a major metro area at the Straits of Mackinac. Obvious entrepot potential btwn Chicago & Detroit.

Andrew Bird "Fitz and the Dizzyspells" ( ) JK--DC's summer heat-humidity give me fits & dizzy spells, that 4 sure

Freakin' heat index in the DC area tomorrow predicted to hit 110 fahrenheit. I'm burrowing even deeper into my underground lair. I'm a mole

Cyndi Lauper "Girls Just Want To Have Fun" ( ) JK--Dedicated to DJ @sharlesemetcalf

Jesse Sykes and the Sweet Hereafter "The Dreaming Dead" ( ) JK--Now THAT'S a husky sexy female voice! Seattlite

Beth Orton "Central Reservation" ( ) JK--Oddly lovely scratchy breaky timbre 2 this British singr-songwriter voice

Rickie Lee Jones "Chuck E's In Love" ( ) JK--The hip beatnik-lite swing to this one made it a memorable radio hit

Minnie Riperton "Loving You" ( ) JK--Dramatic, girlish, swooping vocal style. Mother of actress Maya Rudolph

Anne Murray "Snowbird" ( ) JK--Her deeper tone was no less feminine & mellifluous.

My theory of Olivia Newton-John LPs in early 70s is that guys stared far longer at the cover than 4 any other album they had no plans to buy

If you read my self-description in the latest #IBM blog ( ), you'll see I'm "professional," a "maniac," & "humble."

What drives ME? Well, now that I got me started on the topic, where do I start?

New #IBM blogpost: "Recap: Big Data: What Drives You and Where Do You Start?" ( )

Summer days & oh those summer nights. No I dont have that "Grease" song q'd up on YouTube. After last night Bardot fix, dont dare do Olivia

I do "original" blogs & tweetchat digest recap blogs. Difference is former all-me, latter mostly-others, with me having last word.

"Anybody who reads today's lengthy #IBMDataChat recap blog will see that yrs truly rewards...."

Anybody who reads today's lengthy #IBMDataChat will reward both featured & drop-on tweeters with coverage commensurate & substantive contrib

@johnlmyers44 Carter was not an activist or philanthropist before being POTUS. Both have Nobels, BTW.

RT @Sam_Ponedal Miss the #IBMDataChat? @jameskobielus recaps all 9 questions, with answers from #bigdata experts 

@johnlmyers44 Nope. Gore claims correctly to have taken legis init 2 fund comercialization of Net. I was physicaly present when he took init

@johnlmyers44 That's right. Jimmy Carter had a similar multifaceted career: engineer, military, farmer, politician, activist, author.

Reading "The Oxford History of the American West." Ch 13, "The Federal Presence," shows govt pervasive across frontier from day 1.

@johnlmyers44 I'm showing you you're wrong. Get your facts straight. Don't think you can argue against the facts on a public figure

@johnlmyers44 Also bullshit. Gore held 2 jobs after leaving college but before entering politics: soldier & reporter.

@johnlmyers44 Pardon my French, but that's bullshit. Gore's been an entrepreneur, activist, and author, as well as VP and legislator.

Saw "Biutiful" with Javier Bardem on DVD last night. Heavy, sad, poetic, powerful.

No credit for Uncle Sam in creating Net? Vint Cerf disagrees ( ) JK--Can't believe people denying govt pivotal role

Sitting here pondering what hurdles I must jump to be considered truly "elite." Develop an abiding love for opera & tuxedos?

Listening to Enya "Ebudae." Artist suggested by my colleague David Pittman. Song by my heart. From "Paint the Sky with Stars."

@chriskanaracus They don't own it. Anybody can comment on it, as with any industry theme.

Actually, a 3rd new theme too: "speed of thought?"

Introducing two new quick-hit topics next week: "meaty metadata?" & "decision scientists?"

I love late Sherman Hemsley's remark re 80s Cosby Show, re "very professional...not so funny." My feeling too. Early 70s Cosby show better

Crazy busy. Wrote a super-long blog this morning. Drafted 7 proposals to speak this afternoon. Engaging in strategy calls all day.

RT @IBMNetezza: Today's @JamesKobielus quick-hit: "Prediction markets?"  #bigdata

"#Big Data: Why 3Vs Just Dont Make Sense" ( ) JK--Doesnt make case 4 "dont make sense." Merely invokes tiresome "value" V

Prediction markets?: 

Drafted lengthy summary blog for yesterday's #IBMDataChat "#BigData: What Drives You & Where Do You Start?" It'll be posted real soon.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp John Wayne Gacy, Jr. by Sufjan Stevens from Illinois JK--Gotta admire Sufjan's courage in writing on this risky topic

Good discussion of "patterns of expertise" in #IBM PureSystems ( )

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Little Eyes by Yo La Tengo from Summer Sun JK--Luv when Hobokenites get all whispery/languid while keeping the beat

"Oracle pulls Exadata ad claims after IBM complaint" (  ) JK--NAD: "[ORCL] message not supported by evidence in record"

None of the 4 towers planned for the former WTC site has anything approaching full occupancy lined up. Does Manhattan need empty monuments?

"Myth Of Systems Of Record Vs Systems Of Engagement" ( ) JK--"Social as layer." Blurs boundary btwn sys of recd v. engage

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Born Under Punches (The Heat Goes On) by Talking Heads from Remain in Light JK--David was channelling black preachers

Here's a Storify transcript of yesterday's #IBMDataChat on #BigData: Where to Start ( )

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Babelonia by School of Seven Bells from Disconnect From Desire JK--Song has really cool ever-rising tension.

RIP Sherman Hemsley. Best move Lear made on "All In The Family" was introduce Archie Bunker's take-no-shit black neighbor George Jefferson  Cool discussion of IBM AR shopping app. Read my discussion here:...  I agree with Dan. Sample size/composition optimization are key to any predictive modeling effort. "Big Data" most...

Fox News panel debating "beauty bias" in hiring. Rich irony. Both women panelists R hotties, as R most broadcast female on-air personalities

Dear pizza joints: Free breadsticks is no big deal. We'll just order the extra crusty and rip off the edges. Munch munch!

"#Big Data: Coming Sensor Data Driven Productivty Revolution" ( ) JK--Stimulating discussion of killer apps by @HKotadia

"Your Laptop Can Now Analyze #BigData" ( ) JK--Fast portable graph analysis at a data scientist's fingertips

"Data Scientists Vs. Decision Scientists" ( ) JK--Former's focus is statistical patterns. Latter's is behavioral patterns

Men & women can get along when it's just Mars/Venus dichotomy.But when one of them starts coming from Pluto or a moon of Jupiter, watch out!

My gosh, I just realize I embedded the phrase "big boobs" in a tweet last weekend. And now in this one. Scandalous!

"Can the Internet Make You Crazy?" ( ) JK--If so, this specific tweet will send you straight over the edge. Straitjacket!

When the going gets tough, the tough vinyasa.

Thanks for participating in #IBMDataChat @hmschwenk . I'd be remiss if I didn't send out kudos to you too. Great inputs!

I luv spam. One titled: "Secrets of Coffee." Next said: "Coffee That Might Actually Kill You." Wot nxt? "That Latte U Just Drank is Poison"?

Pres GW Bush on leaders: "No one wants to follow a leader who doesn't know where they're going." Exactly why I'm voting for Obama again

New #IBM blogpost: "Data Scientists: Bridge the Cultural Divide with #BI Practitioners" ( )

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp I'm Writing a Novel by Father John Misty from Fear Fun JK--I'm writing my "novel" POV one tweet at a time.

This post- #IBMDataChat content-free tweet brought to by the lukewarm but still refreshing unopened can of A&W rootbeer in my pantry.

Volume, velocity, & variety. We had all the #BigData Vs in abundance on the tweet throughput on that #IBMDataChat. Human info metabolism!

Once again, thanks. Have a great day! #IBMDataChat

If you wish to continue the discussion, please tweet with #IBMDataChat. Or respond inline to the forthcoming summary blog, when we post it.

Just 3 more minutes to go on this awesome #IBMDataChat. I don't know about you, but I'm overstimulated. Lots of great discussion/info.

Thanks everybody for participating. I'll be following up in a day or two with a blog summarizing today's #IBMDataChat

RT @IBMVivisimo: RT @IBMbigdata: "Big Data On Campus"  for colleges & univs building #bigdata courses #IBMdatachat

@PNW_SmartGrid #IBMDataChat I see. That answers my previous tweet.

@PNW_SmartGrid #IBMDataChat 5-year research project? Plans to put into production systems at some point?

5 minutes left. One more: Q9: How do you plan to evolve your initial investment in #BigData? #IBMDataChat

@PNW_SmartGrid #IBMDataChat Is higher ed the place to find "domain experts" in smart grid, or are they in the biz world, or both?

@PNW_SmartGrid #IBMDataChat Great. I'd like to see where you go with Streams tech in your smart grid as you implement.

@bbrownrdu #IBMDataChat When you say "statistical backgrounds only," do you mean Statistics/Math majors, or MBA, econometrics, etc too?

New one: Q8: Did your personnel need to enhance their technical skillsets and certifications to get started with #BigData? #IBMDataChat

@bbrownrdu #IBMDataChat What specific #BigData skills are you looking for when you recruit in the universities?

@bbrownrdu Is that NCSU with the country's first master's in advanced analytics? #IBMDataChat More schools should do same.

@bbrownrdu #IBMDataChat Are you recruiting smart data scientists out of universities to help in your #BigData initiatives? Internships?

@PNW_SmartGrid #IBMDataChat Are "apps" on "devices" you refer to as "doing something" infra, or giving consumer advice on smartphones?

@pund_it Thanks for joining #IBMDataChat Charles!

18 minutes to go on #IBMDataChat New one: Q7: Did U implement #BigData entirely w/in-house personnel, or did you engage prof svcs partners?

@bbrownrdu #IBMDataChat Very smart! To the extent that you can optimize each contact (call, portal visit,etc), you streamline campaign mgt

@PNW_SmartGrid #IBMDataChat Good to hear that you optimized your #BigData vendor selection strategy perfectly ;-)

Anybody on this chat: To what extent are chief marketing officers (CMOs) driving your #BigData initiatives? #IBMDataChat

@bbrownrdu #IBMDataChat Great. Essentially, optimizing the entire call to boost ROI & customer satisfaction in one fell swoop.

@PNW_SmartGrid #IBMDataChat Having the proverbial "blank slate" on this #BigData project, what tech approaches did you evaluate?

@PNW_SmartGrid #IBMDataChat Totally fascinating. Optimization of transactive control tech is essential to "smart" part of "smart grid"

New one: Q6: Did you implement #BigData as enhancement to existing data analytics plat, or through entirely new infrastructure? #IBMDataChat

@PNW_SmartGrid #IBMDataChat I see. Dynamic time-of-day/week/month pricing of electricity?

@PNW_SmartGrid Is your initial #bigdata initiative, on smart grid, primarily to support work of data scientists in R&D? #IBMDataChat

RT @IBMurphyatDI: #IBMdatachat How are companies training their own staff to deal with new big data problems?

@PNW_SmartGrid #IBMDataChat Transaction processing? You mean ACID transactions? Or something different?

@PNW_SmartGrid #IBMDataChat What is "loosely coupled" in this context? 3-tier architecture?

Next.....Q5: How did you make the business justification for your initital #BigData project? #IBMDataChat

@PNW_SmartGrid #IBMDataChat Event data. I see. Event data analysis is often core of many infrastructure optimization #bigdata initiatives

@bbrownrdu #IBMDataChat Assessing the relevancy of data sources/types for correlation to drive downstream call center decision support?

@PNW_SmartGrid #IBMDataChat Distributed system design? Are you designing a federated #BigData infrastructure?

@prussom Thanks for joining us Phil ! #IBMDataChat

@fhalper #IBMDataChat Thanks for joining us Fern!

@bbrownrdu #IBMDataChat What unstructred content are you mining to support optimized caller routing in call center?

New question to keep the ball rolling: Q4: What were some of the challenges you experienced in locating your #BigData? #IBMDataChat

@jmancini77 Your defintion of "big content" falls squarely under "3Vs" defintion of #bigdata, in V=variety. but good question #IBMDataChat

OK. Q3: What type of #BigData do you deal with and where it is located? #IBMDataChat

@bbrownrdu #IBMDataChat We often call that scenario "next best offer.' How soon is "long term" in your plans?

@PNW_SmartGrid #IBMDataChat Sounds like extraordinarily varied and volume-intensive analysis. Do you do real-time analysis of climate data?

#IBMDataChat I can see Q1 tweets that you were anticipating Q2: Trident drivers are customer retention, etc.; PNNL are smart grid

Now for Q2: What business opportunities drove you to adopt #BigData? #IBMDataChat

@bbrownrdu Wow! 50x growth in 7 years. Do you expect #BigData growth in next 7 years to be as fast, faster, not so fast?

@PNW_SmartGrid #IBMDataChat So you're in the planning stages for your first #BigData initiative? What drove this particular project?

@PNW_SmartGrid #IBMDataChat. How big was your #bigdata initiative in the 90s? Has that same infrastructure grown/scaled over time?

@bbrownrdu Is this your first #bigdata project, or have you used a #bigdata appliance or other platform on prior projects? #IBMDataChat

Q1: What was your initial #BigData project? #IBMDataChat

OK, let's start. Ron @PNW_SmartGrid & Brandon @bbrownrdu @TridentMktg. All of these Qs are for either of you to answer. #IBMDataChat

OK, let's start. Ron @PNW_SmartGrid and Brandon @bbrownrdu @TridentMktg. All of these questions are for either of you to answer.

Here's an #IBM case study on Trident Marketing:  #IBMDataChat

@bbrownrdu Thanks Brandon. Great to have you on today's #IBMDataChat.

We have Brandon Brown, CIO at Trident Marketing (@bbrownrdu, @TridentMktg). Tell us about yourself. #IBMDataChat

Here's a recent Forbes article on @PNW_SmartGrid:  #IBMDataChat

@PNW_SmartGrid Thanks Ron, great to have you on #IBMDataChat.

We have Ron Melton, Dir of Pacific Northwest Smart Grid Demo proj @ Battelle (@PNW_SmartGrid). HI Ron: tell us about yourself. #IBMDataChat

When we use a "Q1" "Q2" etc to number the questions, please reference that in your response, if possible #IBMDataChat

We want you all in Twitterland to participate in today's discussion. Please use the hashtag #IBMDataChat in every tweet.

Here's an infographic to give you a quick overview of #BigData ( ) #IBMDataChat

For a quick overview of our #IBMDataChat scope, see the blog at .

Welcome to #IBMDataChat #BigData: What Drives You? We have an exciting insight-packed hour in store.

If you want to follow #IBMDataChat in your TweetDeck, tune into that hashtag: #IBMDataChat. I've got it in column

10 minutes & counting to #BigData: Where to Start? Join us at 1pm ET & tweet us your questions. Use hashtag #IBMDataChat

New video: Asking the Experts: James Kobielus on #BigData, BigInsights, and Hadoop #IBM ( )

Half-hour to #BigData: Where to Start? Join us at 1pm ET & tweet us your questions. Use hashtag #IBMDataChat

58 minutes & counting to #BigData: Where to Start? Join us at 1pm ET & tweet us your questions. Use hashtag #IBMDataChat

"Is ‘Big Data’ good or evil? New survey exposes growing debate" ( ) JK--Good article. Dumb headline.

RT @badbanana: Google is honoring Amelia Earhart's birthday today. In addition to the doodle, every search will come up empty.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp The Stars of Track and Field by Belle & Sebastian from If You're Feeling Sinister JK--B&S should do this at Olympics

@Sam_Ponedal Thanks. I aim to entertain & enlighten. Lightening up your day. Tune into to #IBMDataChat. Quoth Joe Pesci: "Do I amuse you?"

#BigData: Where to Start? Join yrs truly @PNW_SmartGrid & @TridentMktg 90 mins from now. Tweet us your questions. Use hashtag #IBMDataChat

"Many people don’t realize that #Hadoop & parallel RDBMS have an extremely similar design" ( ) per @daniel_abadi

"Like Apple, #IBM doing its own thing" ( ) JK--"moving away from commodity HW to more 'insights'-based platform approach"

Drafted my next original #IBM blog: "Next Best Action on the Streets of Your Town.' It's all about intelligent traffic optimization

@Lepervier Not true. Proactive without an instinctive grasp of the likely future equals headstrong, reckless, foolish, lamebrained action

"Proactive" = "actionable." "Predictive" = "intelligence." Proactive+predictive=actionable intelligence 2 address issues before showstoppers

"Why does IT industry continue 2 listen 2 Gartner?" ( ) JK--Because they have many smart analysts who do great research

"Streaming Services Increase Pressure on TV" ( ) JK--Viewer loyalty to traditional boobtube has eroded significantly.

NCAA's punishment of Penn State should have included 2-year shutdown of football program. Paterno inaction seriously abused trust

@Lepervier U draw false dichotomy. Being proactive means being instinctively decisive. Prediction w/out action is lameness

What do @PNW_SmartGrid & @TridentMktg have in common? Join them & me on @IBM's #IBMDataChat today 1pm ET to learn how they embrace #BigData

You know what #BigData is but how do U get started? Join @IBM's #IBMDataChat today 1pmET to learn how @PNW_SmartGrid and @TridentMktg did!

"Hadoop YARN — beyond MapReduce" ( ) JK--Good detail in the @CurtMonash blogpost.

"#IBM to Power New Gen Radio Telescope & Help Probe the Origins of Universe" ( ) JK--Murchison Widefield Array, Australia

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Bizarre Love Triangle by New Order from Brotherhood JK--I love Devine & Statton cover on "The Prince of Wales"

"Learning Social CRM Data-Mgt Ropes" ( ) JK--Data/analytics can inform biz brand strategy, influencer outreach, & mktg

"A New Day for ID Management" ( ) JK--IdM is an even bigger mess in cloud/mobile/social era. Universal federation? Ha!

@mcgoverntheory That's not at all the same thing. Insurance companies don't ban people from joining organizations.

RT @kexpplaylist #KEXP Strawberry Fields Forever by The Beatles JK--Beautifully compressed rumination. Deep past broods upon foreverness

WSJ article about econ conditions in Indonesia. Western journalists always insert "...who, like many Indonesians, goes by only one name."

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Revelation Blues by The Tallest Man On Earth from There's No Leaving Now JK--Great one from Swede's new LP

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Astral Weeks by Van Morrison from Astral Weeks JK--Pivotal song. Demonstrated how pop could be deepened thru poetry

RIP Sally Ride. Accomplished physicist, renowned science educator, and 1st US woman astronaut in space. Huge inspiration to ambitious girls

Interviewed by John Waters for Campus Technology magazine. Me & #IBM #BigData VP @AnjulBhambhri

Who says we're not focusing on being predictive?

Working on my next original #IBM blog: "Next Best Action on the Streets of Your Town."

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Carry Me Ohio by Sun Kil Moon from Ghosts of the Great Highway JK--Sounds like a lonesome cowpoke on the high plains

New #IBM blogpost: "Week's Worth of Koby Quick Hits: July 16-20, 2012" ( )

"#BigData Helps Peeps Navig8 Busy London Rds During Olympix" ( ) JK--Darn. Thought #Hadoop elephant direct trafic w/trunk

Follow #IBMDataChat on Jul24, 1pmET to hear how @PNW_SmartGrid and TridentMktg are taking #BigData to work.

Don't be scared of #BigData! Hear frm @TridentMktg and @PNW_SmartGrid at #IBMDataChat Jul24, 1pmET to learn how to get started with #BigData

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What do @PNW_SmartGrid & @TridentMktg have in common? Join @IBM's #IBMDataChat Jul24, 1pm ET to learn how they're embracing #BigData

#IBMdatachat preview "#BigData:Where2Start" ( ). Join @TridentMktg and @PNW_SmartGrid tomorrow, Jul24, 1-2pmET

Needs to be a #Hadoop drinking game. Every time word is uttered, data scientists take another shot of espresso. Caffeinate selves senseless  The core problem with reject inference methods in predictive analytics is, in the act of rejecting them, you're...  Agree totally with Arpit Gupta: "application of predictive analytics limited 2 repeatable areas where huge, diverse...

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Monday, Monday by Neil Diamond from The Feel of Neil Diamond JK--1966. Covered same year Mamas & Papas brought to #1

Ramping up personal use of another social medium (e..g, LinkedIn) requires agile chlll-off from other media. Figure what new mix works.

"Hey, Los Angeles, ... clear traffic on I-10" ( ) JK--Dynanmic congestion pricing drives next-best turn of steering wheel

@mgualtieri Analytics that give people a proactive jump on what's quite likely to happen real soon based on stable historical patterns

Title of my next article for  : "The Customer As A Pantheon". Will respond to @dsearls 

"Even Math Professors Fail in This [Monty Hall] Game--Why ?" ( ) JK--Follow the alternate scenario discussion midway thru

Proactive analytics? In times of market disruption, future is very cloudy. In those times, our proactive jumps may B entirely into the dark

Proactive analytics? "Proactive" may B better term thn "predictive" : incremental near-term preds 2 give slight jump on partly cloudy future

"Cloud databases 101: Who builds ‘em and what they do" ( ) JK--Excellent compendium of commercial options, including #IBM

"Mayer to Yahoo employees: 'Keep moving' " ( ) JK--Wonderful double-entendre headline. Too juicy. I'll resist snarking it

#IBM blogpost "Tweetchat Preview: #BigData :Where2Start" ( ) Yrs truly moderates #IBMDataChat tomorrow Tues 7-24 1-2pm ET

Very tiring to see yet another article on social media's role in aftermath of human tragedies. Give it a rest, already.

"A Framework that Focuses on the “Data” in #BigData Governance" ( ) JK--Excellent discussion by Sunil Soares

I plan, soon, to elevate the new quick-hit serial-theme "peta-governance" to full blog-theme status. I plan to develop it deeply.

I think "BYOD-friendly" should mean more than simply "absence of any bundled app that looks even remotely fun."

"BYOD-Friendly Smartphones 4 Work" ( ) JK--No criteria 4 "BYOD-friendly." Security? #IBM reqs on smartphone email access

One of the drawbacks to starting discussions on LinkedIn Groups is the flood of job posting spam that floods your email inbox.


"Internet Defense League Not New DC Comix Superhero Team" ( ) JK--Actualy, squelch threats 2 user freedom, not Web per se

RT @IBMNetezza #IBMDataChat preview @jameskobielus discusses key issues that'll B covered in #bigdata tweetchat on 7/24 

Me & my girl reading newspapers at the breakfast table. I'm reading about Olympics. She's commenting on the movie theatre massacre.

The Go-Betweens "Streets of Your Town" ( ) JK--1988. Thinking of using this title in a blog this week.

U2 "I Will Follow" ( ) JK--1980. Their first hit. Damn they/we were young then.

Gary Oldman as Sid Vicious in "Sid & Nancy" ( ) JK--Now he's George Smiley. Doing his acting career his way.

Bobby Fuller Four "I Fought The Law" ( ) JK--Texan died young under mysterious circumstances.

RT @Ruth_A_Buzzi: The secret to happiness is a great sense of humor and a terrible memory.

David Bowie "Rebel Rebel" ( ) JK--Don't put a space in his wife's name. Not "I Man." It's "Iman." Gorgeous lady

Ricky Martin "Livin' La Vida Loca" ( ) JK--He sold this one extremely well. His own sexuality irrelevant.

Dusty Springfield "Son of a Preacher Man" ( ) JK--She made the seduction feel close-up. She preferred ladies.

Little Richard "The Girl Can't Help It" ( ) JK--Sings with full lasciviousness, disguising fact he's gay.

Marty Balin "I Specialize In Love" ( ) JK--1962. Paul Anka sound-alike l8r founded hippie band Jefferson Airplane

Suzi Quatro "Stumblin' In" ( ) JK--1979. Reminds of senior year in college.

Listening to Captain & Tennille "Love Will Keep Us Together" ( ) JK--1975. Reminds me of senior year in highschool

LIstening 2 Velvet Underground "The Gift" frm "White Light White Heat" ( ) JK--Waldo Jeffers had reached his limit

Listening to Cowsills "The Rain, The Park, & Other Things" ( ) JK--May make some gag, but I love the flower girl

Relaxing night of doing personal chores at laptop while replaying all songs I tweeted/FB'd for you-all's listening enjoyment this past week

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Panpipes by Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaur from Trouble JK--"Totally" is totally redundant. So is "extinct."

"Boy Scouts Cave In To Bigotry" ( ) JK--An utter disgrace to USA

Denying Boy Scout troops permission to assemble in school gyms and other public meeting places will definitely crimp their ability 2 operate

Denying Boy Scouts permits 2 camp in State Parks throughout America will hurt, show them we dont tolerate institutional bigotry against gays

Citizens should urge legislatures, city councils & schoolboards throughout USA to deny the homophobic Boy Scouts access to public facilities

Cosmo cover story: "When Your Vagina Acts Weird After Sex." I'm not making this up. Trust me.

Honestly, I can't relate to the song "John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt." His name is NOT my name too...3..4..5

Flying saucers. My theory is they spew from rabbithole dimension along w/flying teacups & shards o Alice's looking glass. CERN: get on this!

Fox News panel discusses foods that can boost yr sex drive. None of them are fatty or cause bloating. Actually, digestive regularity is key

Watching infomercl where Oprah-ish studio o comely nonactresses receiv "natural melon extract" beautycreme pitch remote frm "French Riviera"

I'd respond more favorably to the Gulf States' tourism pitches if they weren't so blatantly "brought to you by BP."

No. $1,111.11 a year does not qualify as a "six-figure income." Dream on.

Now following the beautifully named Facebook page: "Sarcasm. Because beating the hell out of people is illegal."

Stuntman? Isn't that simply a shameless desperate marketing professional?

Listened 2 NPR interview where Patti Smith discussed 15-minute convo she had w/ Jimi Hendrix in NYC in 1970. Cool encounter of classics

Plowed thru tons of paper magazines last night. Increasingly archaic practice. But I enjoy the physical act of throwing stuff away.

What do you do when a stranger in a store speaks to you in a nasty way? At what point is the f-bomb justified? It indeed has its place.

Sports has become an unending series of scandals. Well, at least the athletes are preparing for second careers in politics.

Pleasant peaceful Sunday morning before the girls wake up. Got thru the paper in no time. Simple breakfast. I never watch TV news.

Let's stop creepy Internet practice of wishing dead people happy birthday. What next? Graveyard parties where we pin tail on the tombstone?

Tony Robbins and the hot coals incident. At what point should a motivational speaker simply rebrand as cult leader and drink own Kool-Aid?

Vanity Fair. If it's HQ'd in Manhattan, has ever been in a major motion picture, or slept with a Kennedy, they write it up.

"Hiring hotties" ( ) JK--Attractiveness discrimination lawsuits. Most fundamental threat to Hooters business model.

Media now have Marissa Mayer's rise to distract them from Yahoo's fall.

"Internet flowchart explains why U never get anything done" ( ) JK--So many sites, so many updates: check check check

Andy Samberg impersonates Mark Zuckerberg, Mark Wahlberg, Nick Cage at Harvard ( )

Fred Armisen wants U 2 B serious for 30 seconds. He's totally serious. Follow these strict rules & upload your video ( )

"Tech's Center of Gravity Shifts North to San Francisco" ( ) JK--Where the hungry 20- & 30-somethings prefer to hang.

Gene Weingarten: "Modern journalism, where everything is reported on a 24-hour news cycle, and speed is wildly overvalued."

"Gene Weingarten: The media’s race to get it wrogn" ( ) JK--Deserves a second Pulitzer for this insightful humor column

Relaxing is about getting other's people's voices out of your head. And giving your own voice a rest. Internal dialogues are overrated.

Yes, indeed I did buy/download The Tallest Man on Earth "There's No Leaving Now" LP. Perfect rainy Saturday afternoon home listening

WSJ "The Customer As A God" ( ) JK--Lame atempt by @docsearls to make next best action sound like scam

Lovely Seattle weather we're having today in the original Washington.

Betcha the publisher of this mag regrets the title of this cover story 

Overhearing James Taylor & Carly Simon cover of "Mockingbird." Love this hit fruit of their short-lived marriage.

"Nowcasting: real-time forecasting of events" ( ) JK--Incomplete w/out r-t retract o past forecasts that didnt come true

"Microsoft fixes 'big boobs' gaffe" ( ) JK--Priceless headline. Tech stories don't get much better than this.

Should be "Beverage Snob" mag, wherein aficionados o gourmet coffee, microbrews, Classic Coke, & Dom Perignon celebrate their sophistication