Saturday, November 17, 2012

Aweekstweets November 10-17 2012: the week my odometer turned over again

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp King Arthur The Red by Guided By Voices frm The Bears 4 Lunch JK--New from insanely prolific group. 3rd LP this year

Myth 1 about me: I am a mythical being, like the unicorns. But it's partially true: I have pretensions of mythic proportions.

"Mapping the Great Indoors" ( JK--Groundbreaking geospatial location tech or death of privacy as we know it. U choose

Very much enjoying @thetroynelson #kexp Saturday Variety Mix. His taste is impeccable. Does that mean he has no pecs? I'm not implying that

"6 Problems #BigData Will Make Worse" ( JK--Sketchy slide preso doesnt make convincing case 4 "will." Maybe, maybe not

Spam says "get the manhood you've always desired." Fun fact: L. Frank Baum wanted Dorothy to ask the Wizard for that, but publisher objected

About 3% of our genome is Neanderthal. Curious whether early Homo Sapiens considered Homo Neanderthal attractive, and vice versa.

"Why data scientists are in demand and how they enable #bigdata" ( JK--Me on ZDNet webcast. Am I THAT intense looking?

The Remains "Why Do I Cry" ( JK--1966. The tight snap of this unknown classic is like the best Romantics.

Lemon Drops "I Live In The Springtime" ( JK--1967. This is acid rock. Very trippy electronic layering.

Gonn "Blackout of Gretely" ( JK--1966. Got lumped with "acid rock." I'd call it the very first punk rock song.

GOP flipflops on Romney. A few weeks ago they marched behind him. Now they realize he marched them over electoral cliff.

RIP Helen Milliken. Michigan's longest serving 1st lady. Substantial accomplishmts of her own. GOP hubby, surviving, was excellent governor.

Theodor Seuss Geisel should have spelled it "Zoice" in nom de plume. Phonetically correct and funnier in the written page.

Dr. Seuss prior career as advertising illustrator prepared him well. Best ads appeal to child in the adult. Hook the playful side of mind.

WSJ article "Learning to Love Volatility." Writer makes interesting points but weakens with BS coinage "antifragile." Just say "adaptable"!

Sunny day in Springfield V-A, but Spring and its fields feel far away. December chill already biting, it seems.

 @jchernov Entrepreneurshit. The Truth About Building Starutps on via @ross  Retweeted by jameskobielus

Petraeus' biographer had special access to him, and he to her. Reciprocal relationship, dontcha think?

Wife planning our Saturday shopping/errand itinerary. One o those stops'll B 2 trim this unruly thinning mop on my head

Twinkies look like they should be named Ding Dongs. Or do I just have a dirty mind?

Weekend "Hazel" ( JK--A completely different band from the British early 80s British outfit. This one is now/US

Weekend "Midnight Slows" ( JK--One of my fave 45rpm vinyls from early 80s. I collected all of Weekend's releases

Grant Lee Phillips "Spring Released" ( JK--This guy has great resonance in his voice & supple falsetto-lite.

Marcy Playground "Sex and Candy" ( JK--Great languid grunge from the mid 90s.

The Monkees "You Told Me" ( JK--From the "Headquarters" LP. Only snobs didn't dig the Monkees, IMHO.

Tori Amos "God" ( JK--Her best stuff sounds like a woman on the verge of a nervous climax.

Tori Amos "Cornflake Girl" ( JK--Cornflake girl with orange-juice hair seems to be into studmuffin banana boy

Simon & Garfunkel "Punky's Dilemma" ( JK--From "Bookends." "Wish I was a Kellogg's Corn Flake."

I keep my evenings and weekends real free, just to goof aimlessly and endlessly. I wouldn't have them any other way.

Moby "Memory Gospel" ( JK--The song is just one long lovely exaltation.

The Pogues w/ Kirsty MacColl "Fairytale Of New York" ( JK--Romantic Xmas song: "you're an old slut on junk"

Publishing stuff makes me happy. Almost any stuff. Tweetstuff. Blogstuff. Whatever.

Seems like Xmas season begins on my birthday (Nov 13) now, mas o menos. According 2 local radio station that starts Xmas music marathon then

Twinkies and Wonder Bread. Haven't touched either in at least 20 years. I think this is a liquidation for the good of the American diet.

"Gangnam Style" is the "Ice Ice Baby" of 2012. Absolutely no one will include it in nostalgic remembrances. Except losers.

Work week ends with me feeling mellow, having accomplished plenty and having an action plan for executing on year-end commitments.

@EllieAsksWhy No. If I had been discussing specific IBM product capabilities, I would have explicitly named the products.

16 Nov
@EllieAsksWhy It depends on what you mean by "in a new way." I'm describing an in-database execution pattern. It's not a product discussion

Drafted next #IBM jk blog: "Next Best Action in Social Business"

Smart #bigdata consolidation? In-database analytic & transactional application execution ( Friday's #IBM quick-hit

Smart big-data consolidation? In-database analytic & transactional application execution:

WSJ interview w/ Graham Parker. Almost got thru the piece without a single Elvis Costello or Joe Jackson comparison. Writer succumbs at end

#IBM has talented artist on staff. Luv how she rendered my SlideShare "Data Scientists: Myths & Mathemagical Powers" (

Iron & Wine "Resurrection Fern" ( JK--2007. One of the many exquisite songs on the perfect "Shepherd's Dog" LP

Iron & Wine "Kingdom of the Animals" ( JK--Sam Beam writes achingly beautiful neo-Americana meditations.

Calexico "Panic Open String" ( JK--2006. From "Garden Ruin." One of those elusive melodies that stays with you.

@TonyBaer You bet, Tony. Calexico did an excellent cover of "Alone Again Or."

Chris Isaak "Wicked Game" ( JK--Song to get lucky by.

"California's Liberal Supermajority" ( JK--When reach SuperDeeDuperMajority lawmakers hug+sing "I luv U, U luv me"

Love "Always See Your Face" ( JK--Arthur, remove the shades. Why couldn't we always see your face full on?

Love "Alone Again Or" ( JK--Arthur, must others finish your sentences for you? Or? Or what? Spit it out!

Love "Maybe The People Would Be The Times Or Between Clark & Hilldale" ( JK--Hey Arthur your syntax & sense suck

Love "7 & 7 Is" ( JK--Seriously Arthur, you dont need big ol' #Hadoop cluster & advanced algorithms 2 solve that

Love "My Little Red Book" ( JK--Sorry Arthur. If you want to do #IBM Redbook, a little one won't do. Blue is Big

Watching recap of Latin Grammy awards. Same arena, Mandalay Bay Conv Ctr, that Barenaked Ladies performed at at #ibmiod 2 weeks ago.

I loved Question Mark & the Mysterians. But I thought he went over the top with his follow-on group: Exclamation Point and the Hysterians.

Catch me speaking @ Enterprise Data World, San Diego, Apr 28-May 2 2013. "Data Scientists: Grow+Sustain #BigData CoE" (

If we can characterize a sociable human as a "people person," can we refer to a social bot as a "machine mechanism"?

A phrase that gives me the shivers is that so-and-so can "hack your genome." Please dont turn me into a human fly, shades o David Cronenberg

"#BigData & the Internet of Things" ( JK--Is Bill O'Reilly distressed that liberals feel entitled 2 Internet o Things?

"#BigData Education: 3 Steps Universities Must Take" ( JK--Excellent discussion of curriculum imperatives.

"Data Scientists Driving Business Advantage" ( JK--Good notes from Chief Data Scientist Summit taking place in Chicago

New #IBM jk SlideShare: "Data Scientists: Myths & Mathemagical Powers" ( JK--Munges contents of 2 recent blogs

Good day of internal #IBM discussions on lots of #bigdata &#nextbestaction stuff. Surprised my raggedy-ass voice held out this long.

RT @IBMbigdata: Myth 1 about #datascientists: "They are mythical beings, like the unicorns" via @jameskobielus

"Analytics helps you see your customer as a person" ( JK--Sounds paradoxical, but it's true. Interviews #IBM D. Advani

@RichNieset Yeah, but no. T-Partiers are raising Civil War specter: taking the home cuz they can't control the ball.

Smart #bigdata consolidation? Intelligently optimized Thursday's #IBM quick-hit

Smart big-data consolidation? Intelligently optimized

"Eyes Wide Shut" ( JK--1999. Scene after digital insertion of figures to obscure sexual acts in Kubrick's last

RT @TheOnion: Conservative Megadonors Have Spent Week Yelling At Their Money

RT @ITSinsider: Lebowitz: "Donald Trump is a poor person's idea of a rich person."

Bo Diddley "If The Bible's Right" ( JK--1969. "Right on sister, right on brother!"

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp I Feel So Good (I Wanna Boogie) by Magic Sam from West Side Soul JK--1967. R&B with a twangy rock'n'roll kick to it.

Bo Diddley "Hey Bo Diddley" ( JK--1955. One of my fave examples of African call & response in American R&B

Chicago "Saturday in the Park" ( JK--This dedication goes out to Alan Benjamin Foote, their biggest dearest fan.

RIP Frank Peppiatt. Co-developed many TV variety shows, including "Hee Haw," which I luvd. This suburban Detroit kid had Tennessee neighbors

@asmalldarkcloud Oddly, I've never bought a single Kinks album, other than their greatest hits. No reason. Odd, I know.

I luv spam. It tells me some omnipresent cosmic force called "Obama" has magical powers, such as refinancing mortgages & dooming humanity

The Kinks "Tired of Waiting For You" ( JK--For me, the ultimate Kinks earworm song. Organically insinuates

The "I" in #IBM stands 4 "international." Big Blue blows my mind in how international it is: people culture operations customers solutions

"New Stor & Mgt Features 4 #IBM #PureSystems..." ( JK--Stor sys w/ Flex Sys Mgr & Storwize virtzn cuts stor req by 80%

Viva Voce "Get Yr Blood Sucked Out" ( JK--Some days of frantic activity leave you dry. This sort of dry.

George & I made great progress today building out our visual pattern grammar 4 characterizing #bigdata integration patterns. Fruitful stuff

The Kinks "Sunny Afternoon" ( JK--One of my metaphorical rambles in the dark with George led to this song.

Nouveau twist on "I'm leaving country if my candidate doesn't win presidency": T-Parties want to secede, form own country. How 'bout deport?

"'Big data' analytics, number-crunching nation" ( JK--#Watson, Moneyball, & Nate Silver have made analytics hip.

@lauradidio #ExpertSysChat A5 (cont): Unified view for administrators & unified access for apps across all integ systems are essential

@lauradidio #ExpertSysChat A5 (cont): IT depts should make sure have "glue" spanning all expert integ sys: mgt, metadata, model, monitoring

@lauradidio #ExpertSysChat A5 (cont): IT departments should consider integr8d fit4purpose sys nodes as building blocks of private clouds

@lauradidio #ExpertSysChat A5: IT depts should commit 2 deploy fit2purpose wkld-opt expert integr8 syst in all data middleware & app roles

@kgb1001001 #ExpertSysChat Yes. Repeatability of patterns not only reduces human error, but delivers full benefit of expert best practices

@lauradidio #ExpertSysChat A4 (cont): Reductions in IT manual admin & errors R chief lifecycle TCO advantages o expert integrated IT systems

@lauradidio #ExpertSysChat Reductions in IT manual admin & errors are the chief lifecycle TCO advantages of expert integrated IT systems

@lauradidio #ExpertSysChat A4 (cont): Benefits of standardization on expert integrated system: economies on IT procure, deploy, admin, train

@lauradidio #ExpertSysChat A4: Benefits are faster value, quick deploy, simpler admin, lo-cost acquisition, low TCO. CIOs see payoff faster

@lauradidio #ExpertSysChat A3 (cont): Best way for IT to track workloads is invest in biz system managment tooling that views hw & sw events

#ExpertSys A3 (cont): Fit-for-purpose IT nodes--PureFlex, PureApp, PureData--enable fine-tuned matching of processing nodes to workloads

@lauradidio #ExpertSysChat A3 (cont): Expert integrated systems are ISV development platform. Partner-enablement drives innovative app dev

@lauradidio #ExpertSysChat A3: Adoption of integ hw/software simplified delivery of results on IT projects that involve diverse layers

By voice is incredibly hoarse. But my fingers are the horse--workhorse, that is--on today's #ExpertSysChat. Thank goodness I'm not speaking

@lauradidio #ExpertSysChat A2 (more to Laura): IT governance structure (centralized, federated, etc.) must mirror business org structure

@lauradidio #ExpertSysChat A2 (reply to Ms DiDio): IT governance often federated, because have separate "domains": LOBs, platforms, etc.

@lauradidio #ExpertSysChat A2 (cont): Centralized IT mgt require centralized IT project planning, prioritization, & architectural skills

@lauradidio #ExpertSysChat A2 (cont.): Centralized data governance, a key #bigdata prctice, requires org-wide stewardship workflows & skills

@lauradidio #ExpertSysChat A2: Centralized IT mgt requires org & IT skill set changes in terms of end-to-end architectural planning

@jimoconn A1 (my 2c re his tweet): Yes. Expert integrated system, with embedded expertise patterns, simplifies by embedding best practices

@kgb1001001 A1 (my 2 cents to what he said): Yes. Standardized IT patterns simplify procurement, deploy, & admin around common approaches

@lauradidio #ExpertSysChat A1 (continuation) Virtualization also IT simplification: abstraction layer 2 streamline access 2 hetero resources

#ExpertSysChat @lauradidio A1: Enterprises proactively simplifying IT by stdzng on strat vendors, deploying on integ sys, outsource 2 cloud

#ExpertSysChat starting now. "Is Simplifying Your IT a Myth"?

#ExpertSysChat @IBMPureSystems Hello. Ready to roll on IT simplification

#IBM #ExpertSysChat topic "Is Simplifying Yr IT a Myth," w/ me@lauradidio @kgb1001001 @jimoconn @greghint Top o hour

Catch me @lauradidio @kgb1001001 @jimoconn @greghint  on #IBM#ExpertSysChat starting 10 minutes from now: 1pm EST

Deleting spam helps me stay sane in this crazy world. An indispensable regular act of personal hygiene, you might say.

Smart #bigdata consolidation? Specialized fit-for-purpose nodes ( Wednesday's #IBM quick-hit

Smart big-data consolidation? Specialized fit-for-purpose

Almost forgot. Wanna wish Ms. Whoopi Goldberg a happy 57th birthday. Sorry, babe, you & I share a birthday. You remain 3 years older than me

George & I were discussing a new visual pattern grammar for framing#bigdata use cases. Still quite inchoate.

People who say 140 characters can't communicate rich nuance don't acknowledge that most powerful equations often less than a tenth that.

Laryngitis. When my vocal cords are disabled, the voice in my head appreciates the rest. Throat vibes make the mind feel it must harmonize

Need a #BigData cluster to tell couples when the time is exactly right to conceive. Let's call it "clusterf***ing."

Should have special Olympics for shiny-domed men. Chief track event would be the balderdash.

"MIT algo predicts Twitter trending topics up to 5 hours in advance" ( JK--Can also predict my level of interest: nil

When somebody abbreviates "#bigdata" as "BD," I'm confused. First image in my mind is the Doonesbury character based on Yale's Brian Dowling

Spending week cooped up in my home office with #IBM colleague George Davies on common project. We are the same age. Same experiences. Freaky

The problem with some projects is too many cooks spoil the broth. The problem with others is too many creeps corrupt the scope.

"Hey Jim, you're not getting older, you're getting...." "Yeah right, no, I'm getting older. Older is cool, as long as you're getting."

Today is three consecutive numbers, out of order: 11-13-12.

"#Bigdata bonanza: But is IT capable of mining it?" ( JK--Not alone. Need Pa, Hoss, Little Joe , & Hop Sing to pitch in

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Lemonworld by The National from High Violet JK--Luv how Matt Berninger just limp-scats chorus of "du du du du du du"

"10 roadblocks to implementing #BigData analytics" ( JK--Storage bulge, data cleanup, & data retention, most notably

"#IBM CEO Study Shows IT Spending Shifting To 'New Buyers' " ( JK--Chief Marketing Officers, most notably.

Smart #bigdata consolidation? Pervasively parallel processing ( Wednesday's #IBM quick-hit

Smart big-data consolidation? Pervasively parallel

via @TheOnion - Interim CIA Director Assures Nation He Engages In No Sexual Activity Whatsoever

John Hurt in Samuel Beckett's "Krapp's Last Tape" ( JK--Groundbreaking minimal dramatically goofy dark&quiet

Pere Ubu "Horses" ( JK--1980. Mayo Thompson on lead vocal. Same song as 1970. Ubu-fied on "Art of Walking"

Mayo Thompson "Horses" ( JK--1970. Odd awkward vocal from Texan who joined Pere Ubu in 1980.

@ajbowles I saw Southside Johnny in Madison, I believe. Good show. 1984-ish.

Stevie Wonder "Living For The City" ( JK--"Her clothes are old, but never are they dirty."

Nina Simone "Mississippi Goddam" ( JK--"I've even stopped believing in prayer"

James Brown "Say It Loud, I'm Black & Proud" ( JK--1968. "Brother we can't quit till we get our share."

Public Enemy "Fight The Power" ( JK--1989. Speaking of civil disobedience, mass action, & unified cause.

Flash mobs. Don't you think it's just a matter of time before they become a chief tool of civil disobedience everywhere? And of terrorism?

The Dandy Warhols "Be-In" ( JK--Lyrics are essentially photographic negative of Beach Boys "In My Room".

Southside Johnny & The Asbury Jukes "I Don't Want to Go Home" ( JK--1976. Rode briefly on Springsteen coattails

Amboy Dukes "The Journey to the Center of the Mind" ( JK--1968. Ted Nugent on lead guitar. Frilly faux Brit garb

The Knickerbockers "Lies" ( JK--One of the wonderful American counter-invasion bands during British Invasion.

Seal "Kiss From a Rose" ( JK--"did U kno tht wen it snows my eyes becum large & th lite tht U shine cant B seen"

Roxy Music "Avalon" ( JK--Bryan & mates nailed one of the supreme romantic mood songs of the early 80s.

Bryan Ferry "The In Crowd" ( JK--1974. Pre-"Avalon," he sang like a suave, glam, rockin' vampire.

Calvin Johnson "I'm Down" ( JK--Either you dig his voice or you want to throw tomatoes. No middle ground.

Beat Happening "Indian Summer" ( JK--Today was warm. Calvin Johnson's voice is oddly musical in its monotony.

Otis Redding "Try A Little Tenderness" ( JK--12-9-67 Cleveland: full o life. Next day: dead, Madison (Lk Monona)

The Doors "Touch Me" ( JK--Jim Morrison was hot, sexy, & dead in his heyday. Burning intensity in voice & stare

Tom Jones "It's Not Unusual" ( JK--Another one of those manly singing voices ever dude covets like crazy.

Gary Puckett & The Union Gap "Lady Willpower" ( JK--Lame lipsync. But the dude had the pipes, didn't he?

Bob Dylan "Not Dark Yet" ( JK--1997. Signalled Dylan's awareness of his own physical aging. Post heart scare.

Gang Of Four "I Love A Man In A Uniform" ( ) JK--1982. In observance of Monday o the 3-day Veteran's Day weekend

A day of good internal project discussions here at #IBM. A day when I talked myself hoarse. When I was glad to shut myself up.

Just submitted edited draft of my next #IBMdatamag article: "#BigData, Fractal Geometry, and Pervasively Parallel Processing"

Join me&others on #ExpertSysChat at 1 pm ET Wed Nov 14 to discuss how #ExpertIntSys can Simplify your IT experience

Smart #bigdata consolidation? Continually rebalancing architecture ( Monday's #IBM quick-hit

Smart big-data consolidation? Continually rebalancing

Mitch Ryder & Detroit Wheels "Jenny Take A Ride/CC Rider" ( JK--1965. Funky white Detroit rockrs on "Hullabaloo"

Rare Earth "Get Ready" ( JK--1969. Funky white Detroit rockers, with interminable jams..on Motown, no less.

Bob Seger and The Last Heard "Heavy Music" ( JK--1967. One of the original funky white Detroit rockers.

Dion and The Belmonts "Teenager In Love" ( JK--When no one can hear, I sing Dion's lead with full throated brio.

Kirsty MacColl "Teenager In Love" ( JK--Awesome one from "Desperate Character." I cherish the vinyl.

Color footage of the Nazis makes them more alive, hence more terrifying, in retrospect (

Franklin Delano Roosevelt speech, Dec. 8, 1941, commenting on Pearl Harbor ( Beautiful oratorical voice.

Roxy Music "All I Want Is You" ( JK--1974. From "Country Life," most sexual album cover since Herb Alpert & TJB

Herb Albert & the Tijuana Brass "Spanish Flea" ( JK--From "Whipped Cream & Other Delights Re-Whipped"

Herb Alpert & the Tijuana Brass "A Taste of Honey" ( JK--1965. From sexy "Whipped Cream & Other Delights"

Lenny Welch "A Taste of Honey" ( JK--1962. Sweet, quiet, beautiful, romantic. Fairly awesome make-out music.

The Beatles "A Taste Of Honey" ( JK--1963. They covered Lenny Welch vocal version of 1960 instrumental original

The Beatles "Your Mother Should Know" ( JK--Paul laces this beauty w/melancholy, probably memory of his late mum

The Beatles "I Need You" ( JK--Excellent George Harrison composition from my fave of their early LPs: "Help!"

President Calvin Coolidge: first film of POTUS with sound recording ( JK--1924. Terrible, wooden, boring speaker

Rahm Emanuel to Sean Hannity, live, on Fox News: ‘Shut the Fuck Up. You Lost’ ( JK--Thank you!

Thought leadership. Best to just let one thought lead another. Eventually, one of them will lead the rest out of the forest of bewilderment.

LinkedIn discussion groups are almost as good a source of links 2 interesting tech articles as the IT trade-press e=newsletters. Catching up

Something unprecedented will happen this week. A buncha colleagues will descend on my home/office 2 collab on project. Never happened before

Got my pre-birthday dinner carry-out from Romano's Macaroni Grill. We're not terribly sentimental about birthdays. I plan to work on mine.

Maryland Gov O'Malley and Virginia Gov McDonnell are likely future presidential material for Dems & GOP, respectively. Both solid performers

Esquire piece on being patriotic without appearing racist. Not quite right. You mean "without appearing militarist."

Glancing at pre-election mag editions on newsstand & realizing I couldn't give a rat's ass about any of it anymore.

Classic BS on McD soda cup: "A toast 2 yr wisdom, clever drink buyer--U've selectd classic fountain bevrage precisly mixed 4 max refreshmnt"

At what point does the GOP throw the Tea Party overboard?

Sally Field interviewed on "CBS Sunday Morning." Hard 2 identify misstep in her long diverse acting career. Didn't let Gidget/Nun define her

Healthcare analytics? Saving lives in real time:

Richard Nixon "I'm not a crook" ( JK--November 17, 1973. Same exact defensive cadence as "Checkers" speech.

Richard Nixon - "Checkers" Speech ( JK--September 23, 1952. He was VP candidate. His honesty unimpeachable

Snow Patrol "Tiny Little Fractures" ( JK--2003. Great jolt of energy from "Final Straw."

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Harry's Ass Is a Picnic by Hint Hint from Sex Is Everything JK--I haven't heard this. Dare I? Don't go there. Don't.

Thinking of rebranding self as "Big Data Ninja." Scratch that. "Big Data Ideamonger"? Nah. "Big Data Pontificator"? Nope. "Big Data Deity"?

Tift Merritt "Virginia, No One Can Warn You" ( JK--One of my favorite country singer-songwriters. NC native.

Now following @lisaarthur cuz passions are "reducing carbon footprint & long walks with my man!"

Paul Simon "Diamonds On The Soles Of Her Shoes" ( JK--Don't encourage this. Reduce your carbon footprint, ladies

@k8lynch That's wasn't at all obvious. We sip from any given bottle over 2-3 evenings, on average.

Enjoying WashPost-mortem on campaign & Romney goofs. Remember overseas trip when told British 2 their faces they were unprepared 4 Olympics?

Remember when life was simpler and everybody was happy? Me neither.

Bill O'Reilly has convinced me that I should stop wanting "things." I'm going to start wanting people, places, and abstract concepts more.

Mark Twain "Some Thoughts on the Science of Onanism" ( JK--1879. Delivered in Paris. Still jawdroppingly funny!

@geoffrobinson I don't think somebody who shut down the government over a blood feud with a president can be trusted with a "fiscal cliff."

@geoffrobinson Oh, was that back in the day when Newt was known as "President Bill Clinton"? Amazing presto-change-o.

Just had the morning smooch with the missus. Then I blurted out, "thanks for the multivitamin of love." Then I thought: tweet that NOW!

I think we'll deal with "fiscal cliff" OK. I take hope in fact that Newt Gingrich has been thoroughly discredited & shoved out o politics

RT @ABFalecbaldwin: Extramarital affairs are poor gauges of fitness for public service. Regardless of party. Petraeus should stay.

WSJ "It's Polaroid's World—We Just Live in It" ( JK--Edwin Land's name on prominent street in Cambridge MA. Pioneer

Ashley Judd for US Senate in 2014 from KY? We had movie actor pres (Reagan), senator (Murphy), & governors (RR/AS). Never an actress. Hmm

The bipartisan back-and-forth swing of the US presidency since the turn of the 20th century is worth noting. Dems & GOP alternate regularly

The post-election calm is heavenly. It won't last. Both sides reloading their rhetorical guns. "Fiscal cliff" sounds like next shit-storm.

Yet another article about health benefits of moderate consumption of alcohol. Don't actually need elaborate justification for imbibulation.

Blue vs. Red states? Bah, humbug. Any passing glance at county-by-county breakdown shows mostly Blue cities vs. Red rurals. Most states

David Petraeus' extramarital affair with his biographer. Will she update it with salacious details?