Monday, April 11, 2005

fyi Missing The Point On Thunderbird


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Kobielus kommentary:
OK, I’ll add my puny mass to the general pile-on. My primary objection to Thunderbird is its newsreader’s inability to import an OPML list of channels and blogs. Considering that I have dozens of channels/blogs that I read regularly, and would like to read within the context of an integrated e-mail/newsreader client, that was the showstopper. I downloaded and installed Thunderbird when it was released, futzed around with it for a few days, then de-installed it.

What I need, above all, is a more perfect firehose filter. Anything that helps me sift more quickly through a growing stream of content—e-mails, newsletters, newsfeeds, blogs, etc.—will rock my world. Anything that increases my span of information while also reducing my burden (in effort expended and hassles endured) in accessing, aggregating, reading, absorbing, sorting, filing, and otherwise disposing of that information. Anything that delivers the world of important new stuff into my consciousness in a flash without requiring me to so much as lift a finger or bat an eye (OK, that latter requirement is going a bit far--a bit sci fi).

News is my primary addiction, as it is for any analyst. In case it’s not obvious by now, I draw energy and inspiration from news. Hence the fyis, such as this.