Friday, October 28, 2005

fyi Spammers exploit bird flu fears


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Kobielus kommentary:
I hope the anti-spam appliance vendors are keeping a master historical archive of spam tagged by time and topic.

That would be an invaluable tool for future historians to compile a profile of the evolving FUDload in the zeitgeist of these times. The “bird flu” is just the latest example of spammers’ ingenious exploitation of the never-ending human tendency to imprint new neurosis on the nervous system.

Actually, I’d like to see a “FUD registry” continually updated in real-time, culled from the current spamload. That would clue me into what cultural scareforces are primarily transient spooks, and then steel/shelter my heart accordingly.

And instruct my brain to filter out these phantoms flooding in through all media and human interactions. Not just from spam. If you can call that “media” or “human interaction.”

Which, shockingly, it resembles too closely to totally ignore. The greater the spamload, the harder it is for the recipient to do a mental Turing test that distinguishes human-generated vs. demon-generated messages. It all starts to blur into disembodied voices and forces, many of which are manipulators, howling at you continually to keep your nerves on edge.

Hmm…Halloween’s on Monday….I didn’t realize this post had a seasonal tie-in. Inadvertent. But there you have it.