Wednesday, December 07, 2005

personal Year gone by


One weird stressful year, since late last. Among other things, car towed once (a year ago) and stolen (today). Lost a job, then found another. Aged beyond my eldest long-departed parent. Aged enough to see my eldest child attain majority. Saw my eldest sibling get married. Worked insanely hard. Published, didn't perish. Built some new skills. Kept my weight down in the optimal. Firmed up some muscles. Accomplished a great deal, but just absolutely bone-tired. Weathered more rejection and dejection than I can normally stomach. Been a year and a half since took a real vacation. Closed out "Pieces of Fate," and started a blog. Regained my pride. Made some connections and confessions. Asserted and expressed myself. Took no guff. GMMFM, MF. Lost some hair. Gained no stature, or some, no sure. Improved my posture. Kept on developing my thinking along as many modalities as I could stand, and then some. Rolled with the arbitrariness of it all. Regulated my regularities. Consumed my coffee and my KEXP. Passed the pretty without comment. Passed the mirror of recognition time and again. Passed my 20th year in my chosen/fated career. Passed a lot of ancient tension and peculiarity out of my system. Older now, thinner, taut, not necessarily wise. I’ll leave it at that. Chat with me now and then. Don’t be a stranger. Be a friend. Do the human thing. Come calling.