Wednesday, February 14, 2007

rfi User-Centric Identity and Specific Interview Questions


I'd like to get your thoughts on the matter, specifically:
  • How do you do define user-centric identity?
  • Is user-centric identity primarily a B2C requirement, or does it have applicability in the B2B world and inside the enterprise?
  • What standards are being developed in this space, and/or how are older standards (e.g., Liberty ID-WSF, if you can call that "old") being applied to these requirements?
  • How can user-centric identity and federated identity management coexist and complement each other?
  • How soon can we expect to see user-centric identity architectures baked into the leading IdM vendors' software suites?
  • How soon before we see user-centric identity environments enjoy the mainstream enterprise acceptance, adoption, and interoperability now found with SAML?
  • Does Microsoft have an early-mover advantage with CardSpace in Vista, or is it far too early to pronounce "winners" in this fast-evolving space?
  • What significant/serious interoperability, deployment, trust, security, usability, and other challenges do implementers face when implementing user-centric identity?
Contact me at if you're interested in responding.