Friday, March 21, 2008

The R-Word Chronicles, Vol. 6


One way that recessions stir anxiety is by making people worry whether they’ll be rendered redundant. One way this can happen is when our customers find that they can do what we do reasonably well all by themselves.

Even IT industry analysts worry about such things, and not just individually as human beings, but, collectively, structurally, as an industry. We wonder whether the Internet and all that it has wrought will empower customers to the point where they’ll be able to spot the competitive “disruptors” as well as we do. I addressed that issue today in my post to Forrester’s I&KM blog. One thing that Forrester doesn’t shy away from is examining issues such as this that hit close to home.

Speaking on behalf of all IT industry analysts everywhere, we like to think that our research skills, brainpower, and insights add value that we can take to the bank.

That we are, collectively, indispensable (some of us individually more than others, maybe).

That you, the user and vendor communities, are all the richer for engaging our services.

What you think?