Monday, June 02, 2008

Relations with Analysts...the fourth


Another panel query, plus my toosense:

  • Q: What impact does microblogging--or Facebook, LinkedIn profiles, discussion groups, etc.--have on AR? Is this something that is around the corner, or not likely to be important?
  • A: First and foremost, you should target the analyst-ish voices who use the broadcast-ish media, such as “macroblogging” (i.e., plain old blogging of the sort you’re reading at this moment) and not the more “narrowcast-ish” voices, such as micro-blogging. Bottom line: widespread publication is key to influence. After all, that’s why you should target the bigger analyst firms, and the most widely read macro-bloggers, with your AR initiatives, while at least keeping everyone else, especially the mid-tier analyst firms, but also the micro-pundits, such as the twitterers, in some inner or outer band of the AR loop. You should look at microbloggers as being part of the “long tail” of the analyst community these days and forever more--collectively they have considerable mass and gravitational sway, but individually they’re barely in your telescope. But in dealing with the long tail of the analyst community, there’s only so far you’ll want to dive that deep into the Kuiper Belt--much of this dark-matter commentary is undistinguished me-too pontificating, at best, or just flame-intensive blather at worst. Wait till some cometary fragment of it orbits closer to your home planet, and whips its long tail in your face, before giving it sustained attention.