Monday, December 08, 2008

personal Yeah, I too use a Zune....What of it?


Re these stories:

--Take that, iPod: Obama uses a Zune
--Obama's Zune Prompts Screams of Betrayal From Apple Fanboy Nation

Get over it, iPodders. We need our music. Microsoft makes a great portable media player. So does Apple. But iPod is not as great as you all like to believe. Nor is the Mac.

Also, I listen to KEXP. So should you.

Furthermore, Seattle's cooler than Silicon Valley. Better music. Better gloom. Anybody who follows my poetry can see that I'm more grunge than hippie, and more geek than nature boy. Though, being of the same age as Madonna and Prince, we fall directly between those generations, belonging to neither. All of which reminds me to re-publish the following poem, written several years ago (I spontaneously recited it for Linda Tucci this afternoon):



In the essential
Seattle users

caffeine directly

from whatever drops
of liquid sunshine

are vouchsafed their way
or, failing that, fix

off the glints of glare
that glance in off the

gray and grace their green
eye-stained monitors.


I have tea and cola poems too.

We're the Obama generation, literally. Our next president will be our first younger than me (by three years--I met JFK in 1960, as a toddler at my Mom's side, as did highschooler Bill Clinton a few years later--Obama, clearly, never did).

If Barack Obama seems way too weirdly self-contained and driven for your tastes, he seems exactly right to me. He is me (he's also Madonna and Prince).