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Aweekstweets August 17-24 2009 @jameskobielus

AWEEKSTWEETS Aug 17-24 2009

1. My godbro Howie and I discussed the absurd stigma that the culture has attached to data mining--a very valuable sales/marketing tool.about 11 hours ago from TweetDeck
• JK2--Judicious use of data mining, data warehousing, and customer relationship management is key to well-targeted, tuned business strategy.

2. Was chatting with godbrother Howard Brubaker about his consulting mainstay: system conversions. Faster platform evolution = more conversions3:22 PM Aug 22nd from TweetDeck
• JK2--Good to have somebody in the family to talk shop with. Nobody else in my extended family that I can truly say is in the same biz as me, though we have very different jobs.

3. RT @CompositeSW "@jameskobielus boris [& leslie] had fun with dual meaning title in "BI Polishes its Crystal Ball" jk--Not double entendre.10:09 PM Aug 20th from TweetDeck
• JK2--I’m curious what “dual meaning” Bob is referring to.

4. RT @mhweier IBM's SPSS deal will spark BI industry consolidation (From FORR report by @jameskobielus BEvelson & LOwens)10:06 PM Aug 20th from TweetDeck
• JK2--This doc was definitely a co-authorship. My name came first in the credits, but Boris and Leslie definitely contributed a lot.

5. RT @jswanhart "Monopoly manual has accumulated player rules over time." jk2--No game-maker has monopoly on strategy ( PM Aug 19th from TweetDeck
• JK2--Monopoly, played according to the official rules, is tedious. Need a Speed Monopoly edition. Is there one?

6. RT @jswanhart "Monopoly manual has accumulated player rules over time in special section." jk--Cuz no game-maker has monopoly on ingenuity.2:22 PM Aug 19th from TweetDeck
• JK2--Monopoly is all about real estate. Is there a cyber-version that’s all about accumulating virtual estate, such as domain names?

7. Learn from games: many games are abandoned if players can't make own rules as they go. Who knows chapter/verse of written rules of Monopoly?1:29 PM Aug 19th from TweetDeck
• JK2--I suspect that most people lost or threw away the rules sheet that came with their Monopoly sets. Everybody knows the rules to this game--or knows as much as they need/care to know.

8. RT @dhinchcliffe "Information Architecture of Social Experiences" ( jk--Schweet! My fave rule is "learn from games"1:16 PM Aug 19th from TweetDeck
• JK2--Number one rule: keep social networks fun. As fun as the proverbial break room with donut box and morning chit-chat at the office. If it’s fun, people will flock there and, believe it or not, engage in “shop talk” and, before long, “shop work.”

9. RT @mhweier: "Just opened up your BI report and am looking forward to reading it." jk--Call me anytime, Mary, to discuss.12:49 PM Aug 19th from TweetDeck
• JK2--I see she wrote an article about it. Haven’t read her article yet.

10. "Hive, Pig fight for Hadoop supremacy" ( jk--Is it just me, or does this sound like a cartoon sci-fi plot synopsis?12:48 PM Aug 19th from TweetDeck
• JK2--It’s awkward when the serious topics that occupy our days have odd names that feel a bit too fun.

11. "Amazon's data shipping goes both ways now" ( jk--Amazon EC2/S3 for DW staging/BAR layer in cloud?12:06 PM Aug 19th from TweetDeck
• JK2--BAR is “backup and recovery.” Chats with my godbro Howie Brubaker indicate that Amazon EC2/S3 is getting greater traction all over, for many apps.

12. "Microsoft issues SQL Azure, CEP platform previews" ( jk--SQL Azure suited for disposable cloud analytical data marts?12:04 PM Aug 19th from TweetDeck
• JK2--Data marts are by definition limited: in subjects, apps, users--even time-to-live.

13. Always fun to see which vendors have R&D groups more active than marketing. Surfeit of overstuffed jargon-laced data sheets and powerpoints.11:19 AM Aug 19th from TweetDeck
• JK2--On those occasions, it’s awkward to point out to otherwise top-notch innovators that industry analysts--whose job it is to understand this stuff--are perhaps the only people who in fact do understand it. Customers? We don’t need no stinkin’ customers!

14. Recent FORR doc pub in June: "Massive But Agile: Best Practices For Scaling Next-Gen EDW" ( Oleh Jakobus Kobielus saja.9:41 AM Aug 19th from TweetDeck
• JK2--This one has been particular popular with our customers. It triggers many inquiries, especially among the more tech-savvy.

15. Nu-ish FORR doc pub last mnth: "Mighty Mashups: Do-It-Yourself Business Intelligence For The New Economy" ( Just JKob9:38 AM Aug 19th from TweetDeck
• JK2--This one has more of a business focus that many of many docs, but doesn’t skimp on the technical discussion where appropriate.

16. Nu FORR doc pub last wk: "Refresh Your Information Management Strategy To Deliver Business Results" ( RKarel & JKobielus9:37 AM Aug 19th from TweetDeck
• JK2--This one is very popular with our customers, and I suspect that many of the downloads are by and for CIO-level readers.

17. My latest FORR doc just published: "BI Polishes Its Crystal Ball" ( Co-authors: Boris Evelson & Leslie Owens.9:35 AM Aug 19th from TweetDeck
• JK2--What it all means: future-oriented analytics--statistical analysis, predictive modeling, data mining, text mining--coming into core BI solution stacks everywhere.

18. Always fun to see which vendors have marketing departments that are much more active than their R&D groups. Surfeit of empty press releases.8:31 AM Aug 19th from TweetDeck
• JK2--In such cases, it’s not so much a matter of the products lacking differentiation and sophistication. More often, it’s a matter of long times between product enhancements, with the marketing department having little “news” to sell other than “customer A is realizing awesome ROI from deploying our leading-edge product” messages. Marketing is, in fact, an essential, and tough, job. Part of my core job is to digest their messages--but digestion of some substance that lacks nutritional content is a fast track to indigestion.

19. "Commodity Hardware Aiding DW Appl Perf, Costs" ( jk--Misquoted. I estimated Netezza's pre-TwinFin pricing at half that8:17 AM Aug 19th from TweetDeck
• JK2--Jeff Kelly is one of my favorite reporters. But he needs to recheck his notes from this phone interview.

20. Doing a podcast next week with Dana Gardner and the good folks of Kapow on Web data services.7:04 AM Aug 19th from TweetDeck
• JK2--I’ll bring the “data mashup” side of “mighty mashups” into the discussion of “Web data services.”

21. RT @jilldyche "Don't force social conversation; join an in-process conversation" @smcseattle #socialmedia: jk--But then I'm Mr. Buttinsky10:00 PM Aug 18th from TweetDeck
• JK2--Here’s a key thing about “social conversation.” It’s a bit like Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle: observing (i.e., “joining in-process”) tends to distort the phenomenon being observed, and sometimes to derail it entirely. You can’t force others to include you. You can’t force the conversation to live long after you butt in. By that time, it’s become a different conversation. Or, perhaps, nothing at alll.

22. RT @sapscene: Dana Gardner's BriefingsDirect: BriefingsDirect analysts discuss ... jk--Yes, indeed, IDS Scheer has BI.9:30 PM Aug 18th from TweetDeck
• JK2--Almost every vendor has BI, or at the very least a BI-like functional slice (e.g., reporting). Hence, the term “BI” is becoming almost useless to differentiate among vendors. However, some vendors are in well-focused, promising BI niches. For example, IDS Scheer is one of a reasonably small subset of vendors of products in support of BI mashup with CEP.

23. "Parents Twittering During Childbirth " ( jk--If they were tweeting while birthing AND driving, then I'd worry. '-)1:38 PM Aug 18th from TweetDeck
• JK2--I had a micro-cassette tape recorder in the pocket of my hospital scrubs when I was in the delivery room for the births of my two kids. I understand the desire to record the moment. BTW, I have no cassette player to listen to those first infantile cries.

24. RT @lancewalter: "re: BAM w/ social networking. SQLStream promotes this as a use-case and may have a case study" jk--Thanks for the tip!12:58 PM Aug 18th from TweetDeck
• JK2--They left me a message upstairs. Need to respond. Lots of Monday morning tasks.

25. "Goofus & Gallant Do Tech" ( JK--A ref that non-Boy Scouts in 60s/70s are sure to get. Goofus was our Eddie Haskell.10:56 AM Aug 18th from TweetDeck
• JK2--And Eddie Haskell is a boomer reference that also needs to be explained.

26. RT @johnperrybarlow "Socrates worried writing would obliterate memory." jk--Hey, Soc: next-gen DW: all-in-memory'll obliterate write-to-disk10:37 AM Aug 18th from TweetDeck
• JK2--Ah yes, remember that quaint thing called a hard drive, back in day?

27. RT @craignewmark @edyson: #focas09 "journalism [role] 'comfort afflicted & afflict comfortable'" jk--Nope: it's report analyze contextualize10:06 AM Aug 18th from TweetDeck
• JK2--Journalists aren’t revolutionaries or missionaries--unless they choose to be. But why should they be?

28. BAM is totally Venn-diagram mkt segment: convergence of BPM, CEP, BI, GRC, CRM, and service management.10:02 AM Aug 18th from TweetDeck
• JK2--That’s “business activity monitoring.” If you’re not in the tech biz, the others are easy to decipher through a few quick Googles (or Bings).

29. RT @scottros: "both 'blogger' & 'journalist' remain useful words." jk--More generally, I think "analyst" is best. Sans it, reportage suffers9:56 AM Aug 18th from TweetDeck
• JK2--Reporting is the key calling. It’s more than repeating. It’s also ripping a topic down to its core and rebuilding it into a more comprehensible story, with all necessary nuance.

30. RT @scottros: "is it time to retire term 'blogger'?" jk--Time to retire the term "journalist"? Other than WSJ, who writes for "journals"?9:36 AM Aug 18th from TweetDeck
• JK2--Definitely, “blogger” already feels archaic. As you can tell, my own blogging activities have evolved toward a more diffuse tweeting, facebooking, and blogging multicasting.

31. I'm looking for some good case studies integrating social media with business activity monitoring (BAM) tools. Anybody?9:34 AM Aug 18th from TweetDeck
• JK2--Still looking.

32. "Informatica offers DI software by the hour on Amazon EC2" ( jk--And "throwaway" data marts will become common on cloud7:17 AM Aug 18th from TweetDeck
• JK2--Clouds precipitate analytic brainstorms.

33. MSFT product news: upcoming "private preview" for SQL Server "Madison"; "limited preview" of "Gemini"; "first CTP" of SQL Azure Database.7:12 AM Aug 18th from TweetDeck
• JK2--Full slate of important releases for Microsoft coming up.

34. Tweeting consistently, event-driven, is the best generator of fresh material.6:54 AM Aug 18th from TweetDeck
• JK2--The week moves by too quickly for me to catch my breath till the following weekend. A week’s tweets encapsulate my rushing sense of what’s worth flagging--and commenting on now and later--as it whizzes by.