Friday, May 27, 2011

Stuff scraped, consumed, & tweeted according to Agile best practices May 23-27 2011

Chromebook for Business? 10 Big Issues

Google News Tuned Up with Multimedia, Personalization

Don't see the value in LinkedIn? You're not alone

IBM Unveils Breakthrough Software and New Services to Exploit Big Data

How to Manage Data as an Asset

Formation of the New Open Virtualization Alliance

How to Tighten Security Response with Process Orchestration

LinkedIn Not So Boring Anymore

Smartphones, Tablets Are Addictive

IBM to invest $100 million for big-data analysis research

FAQ: SAP's HANA in-memory computing platform

Elegant Intelligence: location without spatial

EMC and Big Data - Observations from EMC World 2011

No One Wants 3D TV

Social Networks Distract at Work. Seriously.

Verizon: Say So Long to Unlimited Data

Which Is Smarter: Photosynthesis or Photovoltaics?

Data Two, Gut One

Terracotta Joins Software AG

Microsoft Highlights New ERP Public Sector Capabilities

Is BI The Key To Personalized Medicine?

Healthcare Puts Tablets To The Test

Better Clinical Analytics Means Better Clinical Care

Physicians Say IT Is Still The Enemy

Slideshow: Hot Mobile Medical Apps

Healthcare IT Spending To Reach $40 Billion

Is BI The Key To Personalized Medicine?

SAP Expands List Of Oracle Database Alternatives

Case closed: Microsoft marks the end of era

Security Manager's Journal: Tracking the ROI on SIEM

Gartner and MIT on achieving, and not achieving, the benefits of BI

SAP co-CEOs take the stage at Sapphire

SAP: In-memory now 'a reality'

The good and bad of storage benchmarking

An enterprise framework that combines application development and social media

Will cloud computing make traditional vendor relationships obsolete?

What if IPv6 simply fails to catch on?

Microsoft faces reality with open source outreach

Cloud-based Security Event Management?

Microsoft Buys Skype: What Should Enterprises Do?

Watson Inspires New IBM 'Big Data' Analytics Tools

What's Next in Wireless Network Standards?

NICE to Showcase its Cross-channel Interaction Analytics Offering with New Web Interaction Analytics, for Improving Contact Center Operational Efficiency, Inbound Sales Effectiveness and Churn Reduction

Cloud-based business intelligence making a difference for fast movers

Tables turned: The language of business sounding more techie

Using body heat from crowds to heat buildings

Predictive IT

Blame IT: Why You'll Take the Fall for Bad BI

Has Oracle stopped making big acquisitions?

Has Oracle stopped making big acquisitions?

Software AG agrees to buy in-memory specialist Terracotta

Twitter to leave empty CTO post unfilled

HP Says It's Going To Overtake Apple With WebOS Tablets

Open source protocol targets 'Internet of things'

Marc Benioff: Trend Seer and Business Socialist

Symantec to Acquire E-Discovery Specialist Clearwell Systems for $390M

Open-Source Software Going Mainstream in Enterprises: Survey

Splines, Simulation and Forecasting

10 things you can do to conserve Internet bandwidth

Colocation, Colocation, Colocation

Examining the value of route analytics

Crowd Computing Requires Mix Of Openness And Controls

Mono Project Founder Launches New Company: Xamarin

Is the IP address the new SSN?

Tapping the brakes on Google's self-driving car

NICE to Present 2011 Americas Customer Excellence Awards to Industry Leaders for Impacting Every Customer Interaction and Optimizing Business Performance with NICE SmartCenter

In-Memory Gains, Long-Term Questions in Software AG Deal

The New Mobile SAP Evolves Stronger from Sybase Investment

Interview with Miguel de Icaza: Xamarin, Attachmate Layoffs, Future of Mono, More

LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter

Is Another Dot-Com Bubble Looming?

Software AG To Buy Terracotta

Dubuque Leverages Cloud In Smart Meter Pilot

Oracle returns growth to Sun server business: IDC

Cloud storage no threat to SMB NAS systems, survey shows

Cray debuts GPU-augmented supercomputers

Twitter reportedly buys TweetDeck for $40M

Oracle's database now available on Amazon Web Services

Can Google, Cloud Alternatives Displace Microsoft?

Yahoo Guns For Gmail, Hotmail With Massive Yahoo Mail Update


Who's The Top Innovator: SAP Or Oracle?

SAP Expands List Of Oracle Database Alternatives

Solid-State Disk Or Solid-State Storage?

SAP Hana Overshadows BusinessObjects 4.0 At Sapphire

Exclusive: SAP-Oracle Tussle Alters Hana Appliance Plan

Sybase IQ: redefining itself within the SAP landscape


Researchers crack Microsoft, eBay, Yahoo, Digg audio captchas

Twitter reportedly seals the deal to buy TweetDeck

How to stop your executives from being harpooned

Will Skype Be Another Microsoft License Gotcha?

Palantir and SAP Boost Public Safety With Intelligence Analysis

Ember Unveils IP Stack Roadmap for Smart Grid Applications

Microsoft's Ballmer says next-gen Windows systems due in 2012

Amazon Web Services launches Oracle relational database service

Microsoft Delivers the Mango Juice

Facebook Wants to Hook 'Em Young

Is Android Really the 'Open' Platform?

Microsoft Shows New Phone Software

What Microsoft is and isn't saying (yet) about Windows Phone 'Mango'

If Steve Jobs Ran Microsoft

Chris Poelker: The three layers of cloud computing

NASA: Space station becomes dark matter hunter

As end to unlimited data nears, Verizon touts Usage Controls

Reevaluating Identity: Personal vs. Professional

Wearable Military Computer Integrates into Uniforms

The New Mobile SAP Evolves Stronger from Sybase

Data Management Gets Big

More on Validating the Data Model

HP signs deal to acquire Printelligent

Google buys consumer electronics comparison engine Sparkbuy

Amazon Launches On-Demand Oracle Database Services

SAP Cloud Partnerships Expand On-Demand Options Evolves From Repository To Cloud Platform

EMC Makes "Big Data" Move

BI This Week Needs Your Feedback

Deloitte Makes Its Bid for Analytic Prominence

Q&A: Data Marts Regaining Respect -- With Caveats

Jaspersoft 4.1 - Analyze Any Data Source with New Unified Analysis Interface

SAND Announces Partnership with Averna

Detroit Public Television Announces Details of Mackinac Policy Conference Broadcasts and Webcasts

IPv6 Transition Still a Low Priority for Most Organizations

Smart Algorithm Untangles Network Snarls

Software AG Acquires Terracotta To Boost Cloud Strategy

Twitter and TweetDeck finally confirm that they are now one

Twitter Buying TweetDeck: A Passionate Plea

Avoid Tech Distractions: Nine Simple Focus Enhancers

New Yahoo Mail Offers a Refreshing Alternative to Gmail

Twitter and TweetDeck: What it Means for Businesses

Microsoft Skype breaks open-source partnership

Does Azure mean the death of the datacenter or the rebirth of Windows?

Volkswagen aims for 'rolling computer'

First Look: Inside Yahoo Mail's Massive Cloud E-Mail Update

Top 10 Myths Hindering Virtualization Adoption

Sybase IQ: redefining itself within the SAP landscape

Pervasive Puts Its Galaxy Integration Community Into Orbit

How Microsoft And Google Could Change Smartphones

Lean Information and Single Points of Failure

Data Management Gets Big

More on Validating the Data Model

TweetDeck Users Hopeful On Twitter Acquisition

Amazon Cloud RDS Now Supporting Oracle Databases

Your New CRM System: Do You Want Productivity or Results?

Twitter Puts a Power Hitter in Its Lineup With TweetDeck Buy


Trends in Knowledge Work

Tech Boom Hits New York

Health IT Pros Are The New Cinderella

IBM unveils software, services to exploit big data

IBM expands Health Analytics Solution Center

IBM helps service providers deliver growth

35 Million Google Profiles Captured In Database

Oracle Dives Into Retail Analytic Apps

Cray's XK6 Supercomputer Promises 50-Petaflop Performance

Google Wants to Be Your Wallet

Matt Hauser: If Watson can win on Jeopardy, can’t I just use machine translation?

Douglas Haider: Bring your own device? That's easy. Try App Internet.

Robert L. Mitchell: Why politicians don't get GIS

Forrester calls Google's Chromebook 'corporate idiocy'

What It Will Take to Create a Social Supply Chain

Google Whips Out an E-Wallet

SAP’s Opens Road for HANA and Big Data at SAPPHIRE NOW

The Information Age and Nonmaterial Reality

Storage purchasing decisions should focus on functionality, economics

Unabomber Ted Kaczynski's personal possessions set for creepy online auction

Google Wallet: The Complete FAQ

Researchers Claim Memory Encryption Breakthrough

Microsoft, Cisco Partner On Data Warehouses, Virtualization

Tech Boom Hits New York