Saturday, December 01, 2012

Aweekstweets November 17 to December 1 2012: the biweekly I bought weakly, contributing little to the Xmas economy

Led Zeppelin receiving the Kennedy Center honors. Listening to "Nobody's Fault But Mine" from "Presence."

Good Saturday morning of lazy nothingness around the Kobielus homestead. It was a November to remember. But same applies to all prior months

Listening to Tony Orlando & Dawn "Knock Three Times" ( ) JK--Wonderful 1970s radio hit. Makes me silly happy.

Listening to Beatles "Lovely Rita" ( ) JK--One of my fave Paul songs. He was only unattached Fab when he wrote it

Listening to Kings Of Convenience "I'd Rather Dance With You" ( ) JK--Makes wanna don a tux & do my best Astaire

Listening to Chad & Jeremy "Yesterday's Gone" ( ) JK--They lost their voices in 1967, but Batman found them again

Listening to Beach Boys "Busy Doin' Nothin'" ( ) JK--A contented comfortable domestic Brian "in my room."

Listening to Velvet Underground "Candy Says" ( ) JK--And U didnt think Lou Reed had pretty side to his songwriting

Listening to Zero 7 "In The Waiting Line" ( ) JK--Deeply chill groove. "Everyone's saying different things to me"

Listening to Young Marble Giants "Posed by Models" ( ), originally on "Testcard EP." Stuart + Phil quiet jamming

Listening to The Tallest Man on Earth "1904" ( ) JK--"Sometimes noise is just your mind." One of year's best.

RT @stevewoz: I'm at St Mary's Cemetery (Gilroy, CA) ( ) JK--You checked in at a place people check out? Now I'm scared

RIP Mickey Baker. Male half of Mickey & Sylvia, the group that recorded the 1956 classic "Love Is Strange." Also very busy session musician.

Not going to buy any new music till I start my vacation two weeks from now. I want the new stuff to space me out in a spacey time of mind.

Toying with potential quick-hit topic: "Big Data: Keep It In Your Pants." Unh...maybe not.

Small data? Keep it controlled: 

Just chekd socials 2 C if everybody everywhere still going every which way doing everything & hooking up w/everyone. Spoiler alert: they are

Busy day spent mostly writing an #IBM Redbook on #bigdataconsolidation. Used & described my visual pattern grammar extensively.

"#IBM introduces new software 4 organizations" ( ) JK--IBM Engineering Lifecycle Mgr & SmartCloud Continuous Delivery

On the same note, wouldn't it be ironic if a space probe drilled into Uranus & discovered the core of the planet is mind.

Wouldn't it be ironic if a space probe drilled into Mercury & discovered the core of the planet is pure liquid mercury?

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Going Back to Cali by LL Cool J from Less Than Zero JK--1995. Great bigbeat hiphop with echoes of Cab Calloway.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Cayucos (7" Single Version) by Cayucas JK--2012. Nice. Feels like an indie group doing bright Caribbean-lite foxtrot

Hey, other people who start LinkedIn discussion threads, don't ask us "share your thoughts" if you don't kick it off by sharing yours

"Mad Men." I don't understand nostalgia for age when every human environment reeked of cigarette smoke & the average American diet unhealthy

"Ask & Ask Again: Questions Matter in Modeling" ( ) JK--Great @Beth_Schultz piece on questioning skills in data science

"Trolling 'Big Data' to Find Rogue Traders" ( ) JK--Behavioral analytics. Looks 4 trader deviate from normal org behavior

"Sentiment Analysis, Intention Analysis and the Direction of Fit" ( ) JK--Leverages Searles' theory of "speech acts."

"Think like a data journalist" ( ) JK--My take on this: answer the 5 Ws by leveraging the 3 Vs.

I propose the "fiscal cliff" negotiations take place in windowless room locked from outside. Or edge of actual cliff. Focus their attentions  Is big data more than just analytics? That depends on how you define "big data," of course. If you define it as...

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp King Of Cleveland by RNDM from Live on the Morning Show JK--Thought o Weird Al-grade parody title: "King of Cleavage"

"Are you still relevant?" Sounds like one of these great unanswerables of life, eg,"Are you still hip?" If U answer in affirmative, U ain't

"Securing #bigdata: Architecture tips for building security in" ( ) JK--All of it commonsense to IT professionals

Small data? Keep it controlled ( ) Friday's #IBM quick-hit

Small data? Keep it controlled: 

"Strange, Beautiful & Unexpected: Planned Cities Seen From Space" ( ) JK--WashDC geometry. I luv takeoff & landing at DCA

I wish to welcome John Hagerty, esteemed ex-analyst, to the #IBMfamily of thought leadership professionals. Let's talk tomorrow John!

Listening to Fleet Foxes "Blue Ridge Mountains." Last night I voiced my desire for a cabin there. Shenandoah barely 100 miles west of here

Wish DC-area Spanish language station played Xmas carols: "Cascabeles cascabeles, tra la la la la, que alegria todo el dia, tra la la la la"

Next week I do quick visit to #IBM Watson Labs. Collaborating with someone on healthcare analytics preso in January in Silicon Valley.

All 5 of next week's #IBM quick-hits are me returning to topics I have already quick-hitted several times. I sensed I had more to say on all

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Intimate Secretary by The Raconteurs JK--"Ecclesiarchy"? JWhite mom was secretary to Detroit's John Cardinal Dearden

There. Whew! Jelled 5 quick-hit clues in a hurry this morning, for next week's postings. Now I can breathe. And eat lunch.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Darker Blue Bayou by The Young Evils from Foreign Spells JK--@thetroynelson sings & speaks in same tenor register

Christmas presence. The Xmas ghosts who visited Scrooge are my favorite 3 wise men. Dickens should have named them. Alf, Nigel, & Spike?

C'mon, other people who start LinkedIn discussions. Give us a hook better than "#BigData Unlocks Business Value," which is empty marketing

"Next #IBM: Companies That Could Pass Century Mark" ( ) JK--Gonna wait till I'm in my 110s to see if MSFT & Apple make it

"Looking for Good Place 2 Put Billions o Human Genome Data Points? Try the Cloud" ( ) JK--Please reserve Cloud 9 for mine

"Should publishers invest in audience data? Depends on publisher" ( ) JK--You need if your audience is general, not niche

Small data? Keep it consumable ( ) Thursday's #IBMquick-hit

Small data? Keep it consumable: 

Kirsty MacColl "Here Comes That Man Again" ( ) JK--2000 frm "Tropical Brainstorm." Long-single Kirsty does sexchat

Kirsty MacColl "My Affair" ( ) JK--1991. She obliquely channeled her anger at Lillywhite's infidelity on this.

Kirsty MacColl "Walking Down Madison" ( ) JK--1991. Marriage 2 Steve Lillywhite disintegr8d while he produced this

Paisley & Charlie "Autumngirlsoup" ( ) JK--Great cover of Kirsty MacColl song. Original's on "Tropical Brainstorm"

Hank Williams "On Top of Old Smoky" ( ) JK--He died before he could get to the verse about all covered in cheese

Vince Guaraldi Trio "Greensleeves" ( ) JK--A lovely overlooked jazz performance from "A CBrown Xmas" soundtrack.

Darlene Love "(Today I Met) The Boy I'm Gonna Marry" ( ) JK--1963. Clear, strong, full-voiced, and full of heart.

The Beatles "Here Comes the Sun" ( ) JK--1969, from "Abbey Road." Fabs spell "Paul dead? F*ck off" on album cover

The Beatles "The Night Before" ( ) JK--1965, from "Help." Fabs spell H-E-L-P in semaphore on album cover.

The Rotations "Heavies" ( ) JK--Righteous, short surf-rock instrumental from early 60s. Rhino "Cowabunga" boxset.

Madonna "Frozen" ( ) JK--2006. She has a deep catalog. This is a moody gem. Deserved more airplay.

Everything But the Girl "Frozen River" ( ) JK--1991, from "Worldwide." Wintering. My fave from Ben Watt & @tracey_thorn

The Decemberists "Sons and Daughters" ( ) JK--The month is almost here. Why doesn't Colin Meloy & crew make Xmas album?

Led Zeppelin "Ten Years Gone" ( ) JK--1975, from "Physical Graffiti." One of their classic slow builds

Led Zeppelin "Hey Hey What Can I Do" ( ) JK--1970. Flip side of "Immigrant Song" single. Nuts to leave off LZ3 LP

Led Zeppelin "Going To California" ( ) JK--1971. Love this very folkish paean to Joni Mitchell. Plant goes Donovan

Led Zeppelin "Achillles Last Stand" ( ) JK--1976, from the "Presence" LP. I love this great long galloping whoop

Joey Dee & The Starliters "Peppermint Twist" ( ) JK--In honor of candy canes, the unofficial seasonal confection.

The Edsels "Rama Lama Ding Dong" ( ) JK--First Edsel tanked, then the Rama Lama, now the Ding Dong. What's next?

Watching Linus soliloquy on "A Charlie Brown Christmas." Only classic Xmas cartoon special that actually quotes Bible account of nativity.

You know a used bookstore. Smells musty & dusty. Yellowing pulp and graying storeclerks. Spores in air. Information disintegrating there.

RIP Zig Ziglar. I know nothing about him. I assumed that was an assumed name, like Mark Wahlberg character Dirk Diggler in "Boogie Nights."

Trying to decide which version of "Jingle Bells" more annoying: Manilow faux-swing or Streisand manic-scat. Hard 2 decide. Harder 2 listen

LO-f'ing-L! WashPost article on China communist party paper getting fooled by Onion piece on Kim Jong Eun as Sexiest Man Alive.

WashPost article about sly localization of nationally syndicated cookie-cutter TV human-interest news. Reminds me why TV news bores me

The relative dearth of IT industry news at year end is relaxing. Gives pause to assimilate, ponder, and plan. And wrap up Q4 to-dos.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Born in Ontario by Neil Young & Crazy Horse from Psychedelic Pill JK--The one & only Great Lake Province. My kindred!

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Rose Rouge by St. Germain from Tourist JK--Totally cool cyclic jazz pattern that feels like a jam of Moby & Miles

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Odessa by Caribou from Swim JK--An immersively layered polyrhythmic electronic rush of mix that U simply surrender to

A day full of #bigdata discussions within #IBM. Enjoying the sheer range of important stuff that people want my two cents on.

Neil deGrasse Tyson ‏@neiltyson End-of-world prophecies for 2012 are hoaxes perpetrated by the scientifically illiterate on the scientifically under-informed
 Retweeted by jameskobielus

So damn glad I make a point of aweekstweeting. Makes far easier to search for my own past tweets with links to important reading materials

Sitting here stewing on the topics for next week's #IBM quick-hits. I've blocked them out by day. Now the hard part: points of view

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Lorelai by Fleet Foxes from Helplessness Blues JK--My personal fave from this gorgeous LP. The Foxes warm your soul

"Comparing enterprise data anonymization techniques" ( ) JK--Good discuss. I'd been fuzzy on this privacy-relevant topic

Thinking of adding another data scientist myth to the list. Myth ##11: "Data scientists are sexy beasts." Cue the Austin Powers theme.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp If It's Monday Morning by Lee Hazelwood from The LHI Years JK--Lee didn't specify what he planned to get "stoned" on

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Apocalypse Troll by Eternal Tapestry from A World Out of Time JK--Um...Seals & Crofts?..."Summer Breeze"?

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Faded Heart by School Of Seven Bells from Put Your Sad Down JK--New. Their rich layered sound just carries you higher

"Dual-identity smartphones could separate work from play" ( ) JK--Essential for the BYOD world.

Small data? Keep it consolidated ( ) Wednesday's #IBMquick-hit

Small data? Keep it consolidated: 

New #IBM jk blogpost: "Next Best Action in Social Business" ( )

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp I'm Not Talking by A.C. Newman from Shut Down The Streets JK--Warm & soulful song. I'm definitely buying this LP.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Wayne County Roads by Tyvek from On Triple Beams JK--Reminds me. Must write song about crossroads of 5 Mile & Levan

"10 Cities Raise IQs In #IBM Chall" ( ) JK--Boston Chicago Durham Edmonton Louisville Malaga Philly Pittsbgh StL Syracuse

@atanubasu You mean "how another #IBM -er recently defined prescriptive analytics"

Submitted the first o my monthly posts 2 ITKnowledgeExchange ( ): "Governance is Missing Piece of the #BigData Puzzle"

"#IBM Goes Big on #BigData at IOD" ( ) JK--Stephen Swoyer wrap-up a month after the event.

Drafted next #IBM blog: "Data Scientist: Sexy Is As Sexy Does"

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Roadrunner by The Modern Lovers JK--Fun fact: JRichman speedometer has 3 settings: "fast," "faster" & "too fast" MPH

"Researchers mine 2.5M news articles to prove what we already know" ( ) JK--Showcase for NLP & machine learning.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Manhattan by Cat Power from Sun JK--I tend to fall in love with Chan Marshall all over again with each new LP.

I'm sure my taxes will go up after so-called "fiscal cliff" resolved. And it doesNt bother me. It WOULD bother me if US economy & govt tankd

"The smartphone is 20 years old, believe it or not" ( ) JK--And #IBM pioneered it, believe it or not.

"Why IT should B thinking about #BigData workflows" ( ) JK--Points to 3 key wkflws: 1) collecting, 2) prepping, 3) mining

"#BigData + Semantic Web: Love At First Terabyte?' ( ) JK--This article says precisely nothing.

27 Nov
"Microsoft's New Data Center: The Straight Poop" ( ) JK--Runs on biogas from wastewater treatment plant--get it?

The so-called British "stiff upper lip." Ancient Botox eugenics experiment gone horribly wrong?

Small data? Keep it compact ( ) Tuesday's #IBM quick-hit

Small data? Keep it compact: 

Saw "Moonrise Kingdom" on DVD. Enjoyed it. Very Wes Anderson: troubled prodigy kids, dysfunctional families, mannered quirk, Bill Murray.

The sky is clear now. It will be for months. The sky is clearly in view now. The leaves have all gone under. The branches are blessedly bare

"Will Big Data Make Yr IT Organization Antifragile?" ( ) JK--You mean adaptive? Maybe, via pervasive next best action

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp It's My Life by Talk Talk from Natural History: The Very Best of JK--Group had a Roxy Music-like electro-vibe

"Scientists See Promise in Deep-Learning Programs" ( ) JK--What's new here? Just a renaming of neural networks?

Have any veterinarians been surveyed? I'd like to know the true incidence of curiosity killing cats. I suspect that's rumor spread by mice

"The NoSQL Landscape in Diagrams" ( ) JK--None of these diagrams has any clear underlying logic. Just buckets full of DBs

"Will Data Science Become the New Bottleneck?" ( ) JK--Democratize data science out to all business analysts.

If speak Powers of ten, gigabyte becomes P9B, terabyte P12B, petabyte becomes P15B, and so on. Far more concise & transparent than prefixes

"Peta, Exa, Yotta & Beyond: #BigData Reaches Cosmic Proportions" ( ) JK--Let's cut this crap & simply note Powers of Ten

"#BigData For CERN Requires a Big Network" ( ) JK--When they gonna log every Higgs Boson in the known universe?

"Sexy and Social Data Scientists" ( ) JK--"U can run company succesfully as data science experimnt if U ask questions"

Predictive models are not crystal balls, for sure, nor are they crystal meth. Responsible data scientists ain't smokin' nuthin'

26 NovAll 3 of the #bigdata Vs are but manifestations of the master cosmic dimension that I like to call the "Big H": humongosity.

"Limitations of Historical Analysis" ( ) JK--Data scientists often build predictive models from (obsolete) past patterns

26 Nov
"Obama's '#BigData' Victory" ( ) JK--Focused on multivariate modeling of voter "persuadability." That + Romney gaffes

"#BigData "Eurekas!" Don't Just Happen" ( ) JK--Patterns serendipitous. Foster "culture of discovery" w/continuous trials  "Prescriptive" analytics? I find the term a bit too vague to be useful. It's akin to "actionable" in the lexicon of...

Cyber Monday. Should we all talk like robots in 1950s sci-fi flicks? If so, I sez "We must eliminate human error" & "That does not compute"

It's "big" data, not "bug" data. Wait. Data on software bugs can build 2 monstrous proportions, so that'd be big bug data. I stand corrected

"#Bigdata : How the revolution may play out" ( ) JK--Actually, all those futures have been playing out in past 2 years

Saw "Somewhere in Time" (1980) on Netflix stream last night. Interesting 2 C Mackinac Isl with cars & pretty people, and without horseshit

"Early Promotions Drive Record Online Sales for Thanksgiving, Reports #IBM" ( ) JK--IBM Digital Analytics Benchmark

RT @lauradidio IBM keeps challenging ORCL ad claims o Exadata superiority, NAD keeps ruling in IBM favor. Wonder if anyone won $10M frm ORCL

RT @CNN: Mexico wants to officially change name ( ) JK--From "Estados Unidos de Mexico" to simply "Mexico"

"OMG, they’re reading my email: how the media inflames privacy panic" ( ) JK--You bet. Media sensationalizes constantly

"Does internet o things need its own internet?" ( ) JK--Depends on how define "its own internet." Needs optiml M2M fabric

I'll believe data science is "sexy" when Vanity Fair features fashionably dressed data scientists in preening poses in fold-out cover spread

"Tech built into mannequins help stores track customers" ( ) JK--Need moving eyes like paintings in Abbott+Costello films

"'#Bigdata' concept grown well beyond diminutive beginnings" ( ) JK--Huh? What "diminutive beginnings"? Piece doesnt say

"Apache #Hadoop spurs hopes but creates hardships for analytics users" ( ) JK--Good overview of maturity of this space

"#Datawarehousing arch takes logical turn in #bigdata era" ( ) JK--Best to think of traditional DW as data governance hub

@peakscale I'll bet they would, especially Obama's. Winning campaigns will brag about everything. Losers less so.

Small data? Keep it cheap ( ) Monday's #IBM quick-hit

Small data? Keep it cheap: 

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp I Put a Spell on You by Screamin' Jay Hawkins from Voodoo Jive: The Best of JK--Great song. Looney-bin infatuation

Caught "Louie" season 1 episode 1 on Netflix streaming tonight. Sat there awkwardly chuckling at all th tawdry humiliation. What he intended

RT @Fun_Facts_: The anus has more nerve endings than any other part of the body. JK--God has a sense of humor, apparently.

Nate Silver. His predictive prowess didn't help either of the candidates to tune their strategies proactively. Not applied data science.

Surprised that retailers haven't branded every day btwn now & Xmas with own special name a la "Black Friday." An avaricious advent calendar

Plan to call next #IBM blog: "Data Scientist: Sexy Is As Sexy Does"

Pollsters tell us Americans' opinion of Congress at all-time low. So what? Americans polled earlier this month returned most o them 2 office

CBS Sunday Morning showing video o wild turkeys. So glad theyre not cute birds. Can gobble them without feeling like dining on family friend

Remains o Richard III almost certainly discovered in Britain. Hope it helps them begin process o healing from Tudor-York-Plantagenet dust-up

People don't realize how long USA was British colony. Same as duration between July 4, 1776 & USA developing atom bomb.

Must call out Tommy Lee Jones' exceptional performance as Thaddeus Stevens in "Lincoln." Give that man an Oscar!

Saw & enjoyed "Lincoln." An Englishman embodies the Illinoisan with astonishing dimensionality & authenticity.

Me & Jason saw "Argo." Excellent nail-biting suspense.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Waitin' for a Superman by The Flaming Lips from The Soft Bulletin JK--Feebleness o Wayne Coyne voice = vulnerability

Good morning of nuclear-powered leaf gathering & disposal in Kobielus yard. Put my entire nuclear family--self, wife, grown kids--to work

Wonderful irony of late election season is, upon final count, Romney ends up with his despised 47 percent.

Nice to see them demolishing Springfield Mall in time for the holidays. Will enjoy seeing anchor stores on a featureless plain.

WashPost article about homeless rooster named Russell Crowe. Nobody wants him because he keeps pecking paparazzi eyes out.

Egypt's first democratically elected dictator. Now they know how Hitler got going.

Charlotte Gainsbourg "Time of the Assassins" ( ) JK--2009. Serge's daughter did excellent collab with US artiste Beck

Paul Simon "Getting Ready For Christmas Day" ( ) JK--2011. Astonishing interpolation of 1940s preacher recording

RIP Larry Hagman. Showed superhuman restraint in his platonic master-genie relationship with Barbara Eden's Jeannie, who granted every wish

"End user"? Where are the "intermediate user" and "source user"? Is there a daisy-chain of users? Or the "end user" the be-all & end-all?

Eva Cassidy "Over the Rainbow" ( ) JK--If this doesn't make you cry, ask the Tin Man to borrow his heart.

Pere Ubu "Over My Head" ( ) JK--"Its pretty cute th way she tucks me in @ dawn/how I pray I nevr should sin again"

Fleetwood Mac "Over My Head" ( ) JK--I had a secret crush on Christine McVie for her deep breathy feminine voice.

Fleetwood Mac "Hypnotized" ( ) JK--1973. Got some FM airplay. Excellent Bob Welch number from "Mystery to Me."

Fleetwood Mac "Bare Trees" ( ) JK--I need me one of those deep English fogs to grace my almost bare trees.

Barenaked Ladies and Sarah McLachlan "God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen" ( ) JK--An all-Canadian tour de force on this

"The Beatles 1967 Christmas Record" ( ) JK--Apple Records should have released all their Xmas greetings as an LP

Beach Boys "The Man with All theToys" ( ) JK--1964. Think that's Dennis with the cool background "hup" shout

RT @IBMSPSS: #IBM named Leader in #Forrester Wave: Cust#Analytics Solutions Q4 2012  #ibmanalytics #ibmspss#ibmcognos

TweetDeck performs better on the MacBook Pro than on any other platform.

I'm simply enjoying the calm at home. Sun streaming through the living room windows. Absolutely no desire to go to stores, except Trader Joe

Sky today is blue not black.

The older I get, the more I regard my dreams as a type of DVD rental. I wake up. "Ah, that was dumb. I wouldn't recommend that."

Egidia's brewing the ginger tea. It's become a staple of our cold-weather-season evenings at home. It's quite relaxing to sip & savor slowly

Fundamental stupidity of calling tomorrow "Black Friday" is implication we should give crap when/whethr retailers go "into the black" 4 year

Father John Misty "Only Son of the Ladiesman" ( ) JK--2012. Seattle-based. Josh Tillman's breakthru "Fear Fun" LP

One of my favorite memories of this year was Egidia & my Pacific Northwest vacation in July. Just us. No fixed plans. Fresh air & water

Damien Jurado "Museum of Flight" ( ) JK--2012. Seattle-based, from wonderful "Maraqopa" LP ( )

Haircut 100 "Favourite Shirts (Boy Meets Girl)" ( ) JK--The jittery guitar groove & punchy brass make swing!

Unit 4 Plus 2 "Concrete & Clay" ( ) JK--1965. Suddenly I realized who these guys remind me of. Haircut 100.

The Cyrkle "Red Rubber Ball" ( ) JK--1966. Their big US hit had a terrific AM radio snap & buoyancy to it.

The Seekers "Red Rubber Ball" ( ) JK--1967. Paul Simon co-wrote it w/Seekers' Bruce Woodley. Great folkish version

Simon & Garfunkel "Red Rubber Ball" ( ) JK--Their live version of the Paul Simon song that The Cyrkle made a hit

"How to Spot a Communist" ( ) JK--Chilling instructional film from late 1940s that spits in face of 1st Amendment

Obnoxious Folger's Coffee commercial from early 60s that says it's OK for hubby to be domineering jerkface ( )

Despicable public service announcemt from 1950s treating homosexuality as mental illness & gays as pedophiles ( )

Cracker Jack commercial from early 60s with Jack Gilford ( ) JK--This is a very primal TV memory from my tot-hood

"Abbott & Costello: "Two Tens for a Five" ( ) JK--Abbott's bargaining skills were exquisite.

RT @nationalpost: China building world’s tallest skyscraper — 220 storeys — in just three months ( ) JK--Will it stand?

From elliptical, saw good bud Ishmael at club. He asked "Why R U & yr wife punishing yrselves?" I said not punishing. Prepping for feasting.

RT @rkeuper "Der Mensch lebt nicht vom Hirn allein. Wie der Geist in den Körper kommt" von P. Spät JK--I was thinking the exact same thing

If Broadwell is Petraeus' "mistress," is he her "mister"? How does this work when both parties to the tryst are married?

Egidia, calling her sister in the Netherlands, speaking Bahasa Indonesia, called today "Hari Turki." Turkey Day. Syukur kepada Turkey!

LinkedIn is more of job listing, resume posting, & plug central community than discussion forum. Like having tech chats at noisy trade show

I give thanks for pleasant fall weather forecast over 4-day weekend here in DC area. I've experienced blessedly few inclement Thanksgivings

Washington Post carrier is lazy, tired, or forgetful this morning. Delivered the thick wad of advertising circulars, but no newspaper.

RT @Ruth_A_Buzzi Let's never forget our American Indian tribes who gave us their very own Native American T-giving prayer "Thanks 4 nothing"

Wife & I will work out at the club this morning, before we go to the bro's house for T-giving dinner. Revving up our metabolisms 2 digest

RT @coconutlime: Grandma in Russia kills wolf with bare hands & axe ( ) JK--Did Li'l Red Riding Hood pop outa his tummy?

Picked up Jason at Nat'l Airport last night. Not exactly sure why cops felt need 2 introduce traffic chokepoint in arrivals on this busy eve

"Do you consider yourself a fiction or non-fiction person?" "Non-fiction. I really exist."

RT @TheOnion: Calm Sense Of Impending Violence Returns To Middle East As Ceasefire Brokered 

The Great Turkey is ascending from the turkey farm as we speak, shedding his droppings on all the good little gobblers & goblins down below

@mayleenramey Go barefoot. You might even play better if you let your soles negotiate the court surface directly. Marathoners swear by it.

Hung with my brother for a few hours tonight, watching TV. Reminded me how little TV I watch now. We watched "Big Bang Theory." It's OK.

Red Skelton "I Dood It." Directed by Vicente Minelli? Clearly, his finest achievement. Red's. Plenty of beautiful actresses & good music

"Real-World Data Science" ( ) JK--Wal-Mart graphs “social genome” of products, people, locations, events & interests

"#IBM's BlueGene/Q dominates emerging ranking of supercomputers" ( ) JK--Uses Linpack benchmark ( )

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Step Aside by Sleater-Kinney from One Beat JK--Corin Tucker's voice was their 3rd guitar. She ripped!

Got a "live the life" marketing pitch from a luxury hotel.What I don't want 2 C is a "die the death" pitch from a luxury hospice. Wrong spin

Dean Martin roasts Don Rickles ( ) and SLAYS!

What explains Arlo Guthrie's southern twang? He grew up in.....Brooklyn. Apart from not being Jewish, why doesn't he speak like Mel Brooks?

Arlo Guthrie "Alice's Restaurant Massacree" ( ) JK--Listening to put self in holiday spirit of anti-war cheekiness

Human memory grid is deeply embedded in childhood. That's why elderly people with dementia still hold onto & dwell within earliest years.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Good Morning by The Beatles from Sgt Pepper JK--As in "Norwegian Wood," John essentially admits cheating on Cynt

@loserboy No problem-o, John. Good thing: none of the word-spew slimed in violation of FCC rules. No career showstoppers, in other words.

Enjoyed #kexp @loserboy little memory-lane reminiscence about Arby vomit & e-coli poisoning. Glad I'd already eaten lunch. Must keep it down

One key strke against "intelligent design" is that it's most often advocated by unintelligent people.

@BrianG_Jasper "Unfair" is the wrong word for those comments. "Moronic," "mean-spirited," & "immature" are better. YouTube-grade stupidities  What's "network inference"? A predictive model?

"A data scientist's solution to healthcare" ( ) JK--Solution? This is just grab-bag of stuff w/no clear organizing focus

"Data Science Dictionary" ( ) JK--If you have working knowledge of at least 90% of these, you're a certified data geek.

"Investors Are Getting 'Psyched' About #BigData" ( ) JK--Please don't bubble-fy this space, talking heads!

"Revising an Outdated Biz Model? Try Predictive Analytics" ( ) JK--Yes. Business is place bets & know if odd in yr favor

"Data modeling styles" ( ) JK--Nice summary of the chief approaches that underpin most DW, OLAP, & BI analytic databases

"#BigData: Facebook's next big idea" ( ) JK--They're still working on monetizing the "likes." If can nail that, they rule

"#BigData Debate: End Near For Data Warehousing?" ( ) JK--Hardly. Where'll you put your structured system-of-record data?

"Analytics at Google: Great Example of Data-Driven Decision-Making" ( ) JK--Nice discuss of social sci & data sci collabs

"Meet The Elusive Data Scientist" ( ) JK--Huh? Not elusive. Just highly specialized skills & arcane/complex discipline

Small data predominates. How many people who saying they're doing#BigData are greatly overstating their scale? Why? Cluster envy?

"#IBM software predicts traffic jams, stops them" ( ) JK--IBM Decision Support Sys Optimizer uses real-time traffic data

Hey @loserboy , #KEXP needs to do a "Turkey in the Straw" marathon over the 4-day weekend. All the many cover versions.

Doonesbury's strip yesterday on Nate Silver made me laugh. "The post-election math-and-science victory lap" ( )

If data's the new oil, are advanced data analytics the new fracking?

"Vineyards Raise a Glass 2 #BigData" ( ) JK--Vintage quality sensitive 2 zillions o variables, quantitative & qualitative

"Social Analytics and the Movies" ( ) JK--Industry bets megabucks on mercurial, unpredictable, social-driven sentiment

There won't be any aweekstweets this weekend. I give that stuff a rest while I'm giving myself a rest.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Red Hill Mining Town by U2 from The Joshua Tree JK--I wasnt buying many LPs in late 80s, but I bought this classic.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Running to Stand Still by Elbow from War Child - Heroes: The Ultimate Covers Album JK--Very nice moody U2 cover.

Smart #bigdata consolidation? Comprehensive governance ( ) Wednesday's #IBM quick-hit

Smart big-data consolidation? Comprehensive governance: 

Guy my age-ish gave me his CV at club last night. Very technical DoD-contractor work stretching back decades. We have common acquaintance.

We're not traveling over holiday but our son's coming. His FB keeps us well informed on his LA existence. But no substitute 4 the real Jason

Fresh fighting in the Middle East? That doesn't happen every day.

Turbulent business climate. What'll become of cherished Twinkie defense? The legal profession considers its options in this brave new world

The French now producing English language programs set in France for export market. Fine. Just make sure don't use Inspector Clouseau accent

Dissolved nanoparticles as catalysts to produce steam from sunlight in cool water. Sounds like a truly disruptive invention. Purity & energy

My girl sat me down to watch the pilot episode of "Breaking Bad" last night. Enjoyed it. BTW, hope she uses her chemistry degree wisely.

Enough with the color-coded maps of US states. Just put halos & horns on the states you agree with vs despise--and be done with it. Geez!

RT @Slate: Mars Rover found something BIG but NASA wont tell us what it is ( ) JK--It's not that damn monolith, is it?

@Claudia_Imhoff I apologize profusely for tickling your funny bone.

"The Cube - #IBM Information on Demand - James Kobielus" ( ) JK--Interviewed by @Wikibon at #ibmiod in Vegas.

"YARN: Answer To Hadoop's Shortcomings?" ( ) JK--Is next-gen #Hadoop just a big ball of this? Discuss amongst.

"Why #bigdata could sink Europe’s ‘right 2 B forgotten’" ( ) JK--And let's forget that Napoleon existed, while we're @ it

@shamitb Thanks for coming to #ibmiod Tech Unconference. I hope we can see you there next year.

Drafted my next week's #IBM quick-hits: Small data. Keep it cheap, compact, consolidated, consumable, and controlled. Whew!

Lenny Kravitz as Marvin Gaye in biopic? Doesn't look like him. Can't sing anywhere as well as him. What happened? Jack Black unavailable?

Muppeteer Kevin Clash resigns following relationship controversy. I'll never think about "Tickle Me Elmo" in the same way again.

"Has #BigData led 2 Big Brother society?" ( ) JK--FBI email eavesdropping in Petraeus case. Dumb to document own affair

"Big Brother." Orwell's obvious inspiration was Stalin. Somehow, he doesn't strike me as particularly brotherly. The 'stache, for starters

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Little Talks by Of Monsters and Men JK--Phenomenal smash hit: KEXP+over-the-air radio+TV shows+films+commercials

I'm jamming out my #IBM quick-hits for next week. No, I'm not working over the 4-day weekend. Theme: small data. High time.

@loserboy Bless you, my son.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Thirteen by Big Star from #1 Record / Radio City JK--Second retweet of a Big Star tune this morning. Love this!

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Big Country Blues by Townes Van Zandt from In the Beginning JK--Excellent country-folk.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Thank You Friends by Big Star from Third/Sister Lovers JK--Thanksgiving song I need to add to my playlist.

Male enlargement. Can you make me 100 feet tall, brawny & barrel-chested, with my very own Big Blue ox? If not, I'm not interested.

@nitin Credit for that goes to #IBM Angela Tuminello. She put it together without letting me know in advance. Just my words. Her design/pix.

Smart #bigdata consolidation? Performance optimization ( ) Tuesday's #IBM quick-hit

Smart big-data consolidation? Performance optimization: 

WSJ reviews book about astonishingly fast US industrial devel pre-Civil War. Discusses markets where we'd become internationally competitive

In fiscal matters, if cliff's going to be norm, I say we get sam and diane to intervene and a round of beers for everybody. Cheers!

RT @nitin: Debunking Myths about Data Scientists  via@sharethis

RIP Sonny Eliot. Funniest longest-serving & most versatile & memorable local Detroit TV personality from back in day. "Enga-dinga-dine!"

Our arboreal yard already thoroughly carpeted w/fallen leaves but our biggest trees still hanging colors. Waiting till lawn is shag-rug deep

"Ronald Reagan Washingtn Nat'l Airport Boasts Nation's Best Hotels" ( ) JK--Really? I must do staycation one o these days

"Marketing Analytics: How To Start Without Data Scientists" ( ) JK--OK, but misguided to think U can deliver without them

"Sex & alcohol make U happier than kids & religion, study finds" ( ) JK--Was study underwritten by Beelzebub Inc?

Has McAfee's head gone viral? Has anti-malware pioneer's wetware gone irredeemably mal? What's signature mindpattern we can inocul8 against?

"Wearable computers: The next generation" ( ) JK--Sensor-laden fingertip condoms (oops...I mean sheaths) look promising.

"If data is the new oil, don’t end up being BP" ( ) JK--And don't be the Gulf Coast either. Don't be the gusher or gushee

Hey @loserboy , when was Grace Slick in a James Bond film?

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Do Your Own Time by A.C. Newman from Shut Down The Streets JK--On my very short list to buy/download over holidays

"How 2 Reach Out 2 Influential Peeps Online Without Being Jerkface" ( ) JK--Influentials often stressed irritable mortals

"Data Bartering Is Everywhere" ( ) JK--It's almost literally currency.

"Predictive Modeling Mantras" ( ) JK--Excellent discussion o model fitness on several levels. This is hard iterative work

"Quants still ascending" ( ) JK--Yes. They now rule 35% of the known universe. Watch out!

"Your Knowledge is Decaying" ( ) JK--OK, but so is matter, sez Woody: 

"How is Facebook's new replacement for MapReduce (Corona) different from MapReduce2?" ( ) JK--Good tech details.

"#BigData Analytics & Economics of Organized Violence" ( ) JK--Sounds like an econ grad student dissertation in making

"#BigData+Smart Thermostats Shave Pk Lds" ( ) JK--Cloud-bsd analytics cntnuous gather data & adjust t-stats via home WiFi

Never actually seen anybody "paying through the nose," & don't want to. But I've heard some people put what theyve paid for through the nose

"20 Lessons Enterprise #BigData Buffs Can Learn frm Supercomputing" ( ) JK--Incl #3 Accelerating MapReduce with GPU & CPU

"2 things that could doom the 'Internet of things' revolution" ( ) JK--1) Complexity/cost and 2) protracted migrations

"Embracing Big Data Can Add Years to CMO’s Tenure" ( ) JK--Embracing, yes. Fetishizing, no. Article focuses on key apps

"Brad Feld: Is #BigData Bullshit?" ( ) JK--No, but let's use male bovine manure 2 power bigdata server farms in Corn Belt

"E-Scoring: What it Means for Consumers in a #BigData World" ( ) JK--Scoring 360-degree view of consumer purchasing power

"Is 3D Visualization the Next Step For #BigData?" ( ) JK--If you need yet another "V", here ya go.

"Facebook open sources Corona -- a better way to do webscale#Hadoop" ( ) JK--For scheduling & managing Hadoop jobs

"Twitter Flies by #Hadoop on Search Quest" ( ) JK--Hi-perf front-end cache w/back-end in-mem stores, persist to HDFS

"#IBM nanotech might improve cell phones" ( ) JK--Graphene. Cheaper, more sensitive wireless transceivers, within decade

"When a Single Version of the Truth is a Job Half Done" ( ) JK--M. Kearney discusses #IBM #Netezza Cust Intell Appliance

"Big Noise for Telecommunications Companies" ( ) JK--Good discuss of #bigdata analytics challenges for comm svc providers

"#IBM Ponies Up $4 Billion In Financing For Partner Push" ( ) JK--We are strongly committed to partner success.

"IBM Study: Investments in Social Techs Climb, While Middle Mgt Struggles with Uptick" ( ) JK--Surveyed 1,160 biz/IT pros

RT @IBMPureSystems: Get a quick recap of our #ExpertSysChat on “Is Simplifying Your IT a Myth?” 

Smart #bigdata consolidation? Agile data virtualization ( ) Monday's #IBM quick-hit

Smart big-data consolidation? Agile data virtualization: 

"Exascale unlikely before 2020 due to budget woes" ( ) JK--US Dept of Energy. Big fed budget deficit.

WSJ interview where panel of CEOs jaw about #bigdata, implying that the only business issue is privacy protection. Oh brother!

WSJ article about Obama campaign edge: #bigdata &#datascientists. I feel pop culture overkill building on these topics.

The Doors "Love Her Madly" ( ) JK--Notice how he loves her face and her "walking out the door." Caboose reference?

Art Garfunkel "Feuilles Oh Do Space Men Pass Dead Souls on Their Way To Moon" ( ) JK--Perfect channeling of Bach

Simon & Garfunkel "Scarborough Fair / Canticle" ( ) JK--Song always suggests winter to me.

Bobb B. Soxx & the Blue Jeans "The Bells of St. Mary" ( ) JK--This one makes me cry with seasonal joy. Not joking

@LoraineLawson I'm still doing yoga. Sunday morning classes went on for about 5 years at the club before the new owners discontinued them

Vince Guaraldi Trio "Skating" ( ) JK--Someone in Pittsburgh set this to footage on downtown rink. Amateurish. Nice

Snow ( ) JK--1963. UK short film from 1963 about British Rail battling heavy drifts. Great instrumental soundtrack

Sagittarius "My World Fell Down" ( ) JK--1967. Treats winter as sad. I beg to differ. But the harmony is glorious

Fleet Foxes "White Winter Hymnal" ( ) JK--Wanna hear the Foxes perform this in a cathedral with a massive choir

Fountains of Wayne "Valley Winter Song" ( ) JK--So pretty I wish winter were already here.

RT @ashwinsanghi: Scientists Discover How the Brain Creates Meaning  via @bigthink JK--Outsources it to China.

RT @michaelianblack: Guys, "Bitch go get me a beer" did not go over well with my wife, and may not with yours.

@LoraineLawson It's not as difficult as you might think. When tension builds in muscle tissue, breathe slower & distract your mind from it.

Haven't had formal yoga classes in months. But the lessons remain in my sinews. I do alone now. I can relax macro and micro muscles at will

Can't wait to see our LA-based actor-son visit over Thanksgiving holiday. This year his entourage eats at kiddie table. Paparazzi keep out!

Let's take a vote. Which Xmas song are you already sick of on the radio. I got dibs on Johnny Mathis "Sleigh Ride"

Fun fact: I'm a precious egghead. I even saved the shell what hatched me, yes I did guv'nor!

I tense up when, online, somebody I've never met & will probably never meet kindly asks 4 my deepest thoughts on some massively vague topic

SNL rerun on mute at club. My lipreading improving. Got it right: host intro'd One Direction. Helps that I was already focused on Sofia lips

Maryland is the most American of all states. Many have panhandles. Maryland is simply all-panhandles.

Ever notice that Maine looks like Europe-facing moose trophy mounted on New England's wall? New York state look like musket that felled it

Hey Microsoft, TV ads for Surface that feature breakdancers to tout hipness just seem pathetically stuck in aging 1980s trendoid territory.

Sofia Vergara. Amazingly poised balancing act: righteously hot Latina comic actress who trades on looks w/out seeming even remotely bimbonic

Caspar Weinberger above-knees photo in WashPost. I remember seeing former DoD secy in passing at Wash Natl Airport. Short guy with power jaw

Sunday book reviews. Realizing I know far more than necessary about Jacks Kerouac and Kennedy. Can biographers give these dead guys a rest?

"16 Shoddy Early Demos of Classic Songs" ( ) JK--Don't listen 2 '68 predecessor of "Jealous Guy" if U respect John Lennon

Adam Savage: How Simple Ideas Lead 2 Scientific Discoveries ( ) JK--Great explanation of how lightspeed calculated