Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Aweekstweets October 22 to December 20 2017: the weeks of waning and waiting for the wassailing

"How to Start Learning About Quantum Computing" ( ) JK--When the higher powers tell us to start boning up on qubits, it's time to build an ark.

"Why old-school PostgreSQL is so hip again" ( ) JK--OMG, don't tell me it moved to Portland and is drinking Pabst Blue Ribbon.

"Facebook AI will alert users when untagged photos of them are uploaded" ( ) JK--Story positions this in a negative (risk mitigation) context, but I see it as a positive: helping track down every photo of myself in order to compile a more complete scrapbook

RT @kexpnowplaying #kexp LCD Soundsystem "I Used To" from Call The Police/American Dream JK--2017. Album was strong return to form for James Murphy and buds.

#Wikibon 2018 Community Predictions ( ) JK--Video recorded last Friday. Mine are 1) Autonomous Edge Drives Bespoke AI, 2) Automation Impacts Development, Too, 3) Serverless, Developer

"MIT's automated machine learning works 100x faster than human data scientists" ( ) JK--Benchmark it against triple-espresso-caffeinated data scientists and report back to us.

"Practical applications of reinforcement learning in industry" ( ) JK--Lorica provides comprehensive overview that goes well beyond robotics. 

"Fully Automated Machine Learning" ( ) JK--Vorhies mentions DataRobot ( ), MLJAR ( ), PurePredictive ( ), and Xpanse Analytics ( ).

"Time to Rethink Computer Vision" ( ) JK--Goodbye to steady sequences of pixel-packed frames. Hello change-thresholded pixel-level spiking-pulse streams.

"When AI Supplies the Sound in Video Clips, Humans Can’t Tell the Difference" ( ) JK--Generative audio. Any digital or physical item can, potentially be milled to exacting verisimilitude through generative AI algorithms.

"Neural Networks Are Learning What to Remember and What to Forget" ( ) JK--Generalizable AI demands the ability to dynamically suppress learnings that are irrelevant and acquire/activate skills that address the challenge at hand.

"A New Sensor Gives Driverless Cars a Human- View of the World" ( ) JK--Dynamically shifts the vehicle's sensors' attention to pick up details most relevant to navigating the surroundings and adapting to the ever-changing situational context.

Google's Jeff Dean presents their detailed research in next-gen computing hardware architectures optimized for AI ( ) Less precision needed in the underlying calculations, but far more parallelism, needed to accomplish amazing results.

"High-Resolution Image Synthesis and Semantic Manipulation with Conditional GANs" ( ) JK--Brilliant technique. Use metadata to generate a photorealistic image. Allow humans to iteratively refine the image via interactive labeling.

"What goes around comes around"? Clockwise? Counter? Does it reverse direction when going switches to coming? How does it go or come around in the southern hemisphere? Have physicists ever tested this principle?

"The 20 worst films of 2017" ( ) JK--I saw 4 of these. Redeeming aspects of each: "The Only Living Boy in New York" (Jeff Bridges), "Kidnap" (cliched deranged redneck kidnappers), "The Book of Henry" (I have a crush on Naomi Watts), "The Last Face" (nothing)

RT @kexpnowplaying #kexp The National "Guilty Party" from Sleep Well Beast JK--2017. These guys are classics of moody broody indie. Two sets of instrumentalist brothers & a lead singer who is the American equivalent of Bryan Ferry.

"You Are Not the Market — A Lesson in Prediction Posts" ( ) JK--Tell your audience what they might not have worked out for themselves. Give enough specifics so that they can push back a year from now, showing you how wrong you were.

"Trump judicial nominee who struggled to answer legal questions drops out" ( ) JK--Oh, give him a break. He's halfway through "Federal Circuit Court Judging for Dummies."

This week's top reads in tech. I have my pick of stories with vague headlines that string together acronyms of varying lengths with articles, conjunctions, prepositions, and the occasional adjective inflected in the cliched superlative case.

"6 areas where artificial neural networks outperform humans" ( ) JK--That's it. Our goose is cooked (sigh...).

RT @kexpnowplaying #kexp DJDS & Empress Of "Love" from Love JK--2017. Good Lana Del Rey cover. A warm soft passionate vibe.

RT @kexpnowplaying #kexp CCFX "Venetian Screens" from CCFX EP JK--2017. Nice trance number.

"Artificial intelligence cracks 'unbreakable' Enigma code in just 13 minutes" ( ) JK--Article doesn't say, but it appears the AI trained a word-to-vector algorithm on a German-language-text training-data corpus.

Dear Facebook: I appreciate those inline tell-the-world self-revelation challenges. “What is the one word that describes you?” Easy. It’s “me.” Hope I’m not revealing too much.

When I’ve written something long and technical, I’m often so drained I don’t know how to close it. Thinking of adopting a boilerplate sign-off, such as “arrivederci,” “excelsior,” or “as God is my witness.”

RT @kexpnowplaying #kexp Kikagaku Moyo 幾何学模様 "Old Snow, White Sun" from House in the Tall Grass jK--2016. Cool psych-ambient stuff.

New jk #TechTarget column: "AI development toolkits will shift toward solution orientation in 2018" ( )

RT @kexpnowplaying #kexp The Black Keys "Lies" from Attack & Release JK--2008. DJ played the wrong song, but at least she responded to my request and noted musical accomplishments of the late Ralph Carney, who played contra bass clarinet on the listed track. Thanks Morgan!

"Can Robots Learn to Improvise?" ( ) JK--WSJ does a reasonably good job explaining reinforcement learning, and its limitations, as well as transfer learning (though it doesn't name that) and its limitations.

RIP Ralph Carney. Instrumentalist extraordinaire. Played with Tom Waits et al. I first became aware of him during his Tin Huey stint. Also: uncle of Black Keys’ Patrick.

American liberalism survived the McCarthy era. We'll survive this.

“Beetle Bailey” was funnier when Sarge would routinely beat Beetle into a toothless mangled pulp. Actually, that’s the only thing in the strip that has ever made me genuinely laugh.

Was a good year. My years. Always something novel. It was the year Declan entered our family. Someone new. Recently turned the page to chapter 60 in the novel of me.

Saw “Life Is Beautiful” (1997) on Amazon Prime. Pretentious, emotionally manipulative, and strained. I kept wanting to slap Roberto Benigni silly.

Got very little snow. But all these fitness club wimps used it as an excuse not to show up. Even the instructor. You should all be required to do an hour of bootcamp to atone.

"Advances in Neural Information Processing Systems 30 (NIPS 2017) pre-proceedings" ( ) JK--A staggering amount of fresh research in AI.

RT @kexpnowplaying #kexp Thundercat feat. Michael McDonald & Kenny Loggins "Show You the Way" from Drunk JK--2017. Good one. Should have included Rupert Holmes or Leo Sayer for a 70s soft-rock trifecta.

"World’s First AI & Blockchain-Based Dating & Relationship Project – Viola.AI, Sets to Disrupt the Love Industry" ( ) JK--If you have to run your heart through this technological wringer to find the right person, I feel for you.

RT @KEXPNowPlaying #kexp Charlotte Gainsbourg "Deadly Valentine" from Rest JK--2017. Nice new one from the French musician, actress, and daughter of the legendary Serge.

"First Digital Pill Approved to Worries About Biomedical ‘Big Brother’" ( ) JK--"Medication embedded with a sensor that can tell doctors whether, and when, patients take their medicine." Internet of Things in a consumable form.

"Cryptocurrencies Aren't 'Crypto'" ( ) JK--Get used to it. Just as "cyberspace" isn't "cyber," in the Greek-root sense of "steered" or "governed." It's just the opposite, actually.

I have recently acquired an Amazon Fire tablet, but have surprisingly have very little desire to ask Alexa anything. I have no interest in chatting with bots.

RT @kexpnowplaying #kexp Tom Petty "Swingin'" from Echo JK--1999. Great one. Love the voice, guitar, harmonica, drum, keyboard weave on this.

"Embodied Learning is Essential to Artificial Intelligence" ( ) JK--Right. Organic learning involves sensorimotor engagement with challenges in the environment. 

"DeepMind Has Simple Tests That Might Prevent Elon Musk’s AI Apocalypse" ( ) JK--Or seriously crimp the potential of this technology to serve humanity. Your choice.

Happy Hanukkah to all my Jewish friends.

Always make mental notes about which of my professional peers I haven’t seen on socials or industry news/events or the blogosphere recently. Wonder whether and when they might resurface.

Bought a new refrigerator today. Got the most basic model imaginable from the lowest common denominator retailer. A Kenmore from Sears. Why? Cold is cold.

"With a tail as big as a kite"? Since when did that become the yardstick of celestial grandeur? Are we now to measure interstellar distances in kite-years?

RT @kexpnowplaying #kexp Lizzo "Truth Hurts" from Truth Hurts JK--2017. Good hiphop. A catchy cadence on this one.

Alabama elects the Democrat. America is spared a Trumpie pedophile sleazeball in the Senate.

New jk #TechTarget column: “Robot-Driven Programming Is the Leading Edge of Development’s New Era” ( …)

Caught “Kidnap” on DVD. Filmmakers should have severely edited down this Halle Berry thriller and cut to the chase: how will mother & son recover from the PTSD of this sickeningly exaggerated Hollywood hyper-violence?

RT @kexpnowplaying #kexp Shearwater "Radio Silence" from Jet Plane and Oxbow JK--2016. One of those great indie group who have, oddly, not become huge.

Drafted latest #TechTarget column: "Robot-Driven Programming Is the Leading Edge of Development’s New Era"

RT @KEXPNowPlaying #kexp Frank Sinatra "It Was a Very Good Year" JK--1966. Old Blue Eyes wasn't old when he recorded this. 51. Don't hang it up prematurely, dude. He stuck it out for another 32 croon-worthy years.

"Neuromation: A Company’s Deep Dive Into the Deep Learning of AI Data" ( ) JK--Startup automating the creation of synthetic AI training data. I predict this market segment will be huge.

"The Most Exciting Artificial Intelligence Applications in Media" ( ) JK--The one about "celebrity imitation" sounds like a lawsuit magnet just waiting to happen.

"Microsoft releases quantum computing development kit preview" ( ) JK--Including a quantum computing language: Q#

"AI in storytelling: Machines as cocreators" ( ) JK--I'm not sure it's such an advance if we build algorithms to churn out endless formulaic twists on cliched story arcs. Humans do that painfully well.

"Commercial drones are here: The future of unmanned aerial systems" ( ) JK--I assume there'll be a remake of Hitchcock's "The Birds" with drones in our future.

"Machine Learning – Can We Please Just Agree What This Means" ( ) JK--But, of course, the confusion means that I usually have the opportunity to show off my fancypants definitions.

"Data is the fuel for AI, so let’s ensure we get the ethics right" ( ) JK--Yes, let's solve insoluble issues of morality like it's all some kind of freakin' quadratic equation.

New jk #Wikibon Premium research note: "Wikibon’s 2018 Developer Tooling, Services, and Practices Predictions" ( )

"GoGo's In-Flight WiFi Goes in Fits and Starts" ( ) JK--That's my experience too. And the price occasionally zooms higher than the plane I'm on.

"How in-memory computing drives digital transformation with HTAP" ( ) JK--OK. It's a dull topic. Sexing it up doesn't add anything. But nice try.

“O bring us some figgy pudding”? “Figgy”? Ersatz figs? Didn’t the British have an ample supply of real figs? Wasn’t that the spoils of empire?

Public TV fundraising pitch: “Isn’t it exciting to see the Carpenters sing their famous songs in other countries?” Yes, indeed. My life changed forever when Richard and Karen got their passports.

Season’s first snow in Northern Virginia. My first activation of the electric blanket to toast my tootsies while I sip tea and eat mooncakes.

Watched "Dead Poets Society" on Netflix. Never seen it before. Enjoyed it. But it plays more like 1889 than 1989. Don't recall American society being quite this uptight that year.

"5 Predictions About the Future of Machine Learning" ( ) JK--#3: "Collaborative learning is about utilizing different computational entities so that they collaborate in order to produce better learning results than they would have achieved on their own."

RT @kexpnowplaying #kexp Kurt Vile "Wakin on a Pretty Day" from Wakin on a Pretty Daze JK--2013. His vocals always sound slightly stoned. Especially on this long meditative psych-rocker.

"Distributed TensorFlow: A Gentle Introduction" ( ) JK--The distributed decoupling of AI proceeds apace. See my recent article on this topic:

"Population based training of neural networks" ( ) JK--Frontier topic in distrib-AI app performance: collective exploration, exchange, & exploitation of optimal hyperparameters to help all AI modules hit dynamic trade-off spot of learning speed v. accuracy

"A Year in Computer Vision" ( ) JK--Comprehensive compendium of fundamental research in this field that was published in 2017.

"The impossibility of intelligence explosion" ( ) JK--Provocative premise: "Intelligence is fundamentally linked to specific sensorimotor modalities." See my related thoughts here:

"Why Cyber Security...." ( ) JK--Article starts on wrong foot with "Most top managers are older people. Being older, many operated during a large part of business career in non-computer world." Gimme a break. I'm almost 60 & have used computers from Day One

"How artificial intelligence will self-manage the data center" ( ) JK--Machine learning on system event data drives continuous anomaly detection, root cause diagnostics, predictive analysis, inline recommendation engine, and automated remediation.

RT @kexpnowplaying #kexp The Black Angels "Young Men Dead" from Passover JK--2006. Great burn, great lyric:

RT @kexpnowplaying #kexp Olden Yolk "Takes One to Know One" from Takes One to Know One JK--2017. Great. Has a powerful neo-psychedelica burn to it.

"Google has released an AI tool that makes sense of your genome" ( ) JK--Great. Now the AI should hire itself out as a family counselor to help you make sense of your relatives.

"Enterprise AI: Learning from the evolution of Robotic Process Automaton" ( ) JK--Good one on an emerging technology that blurs the line between programming, business process orchestration, and screenscraping.

Wife’s watching one of those dumb Indian films where impossibly gorgeous people canoodle chastely on the beach and speak their lines like they’re being fed to them in real time through an earpiece.

Factory-popped flavored bagged popcorn satisfies the palate. But I miss the romance of the stovetop Jiffy Pop silvery bubble. Forget those dumb microwave packs. They were as hip as 8-track tapes.

Trying to avoid the exquisite uselessness of making predictions such as "In 2018, we’ll see users become data-driven as they integrate analytics into their decision-making processes." That's not a prediction. That's something you scratched on a chalkboard in lieu of a prediction.

RT @kexpnowplaying #kexp tUnE-yArDs "Look at Your Hands" from I Can Feel You Creep Into My Private Life JK--2018. Breathtaking new one from this NYC/Connecticut native.

RT @kexpnowplaying #kexp Thao & The Get Down Stay Down "Meticulous Bird" from A Man Alive JK--2016. Great one from this artist who hails from Fairfax County VA.

"The Developer's Bright Hybrid Cloud-Native, Polyglot, Poly-architecture Future"? No thanks. I won't attend your tech seminar unless that bright future is roly-poly and rubs upon my belly like guava jelly.

"Will humans even write code in 2040 and what would that mean for extreme heterogeneity in computing?" ( ) JK--Great paper on auto-programming from Oak Ridge National Laboratories.

"The convergence of AI and Blockchain: what’s the deal?" ( ) JK--Great overview of the market and vendors at the intersection of these two technologies.

"MIT Creates a Living Ink Made of Bacteria" ( ) JK--Injecting a fresh coat of creepy into the already disgusting world of tattoos.

"Sell! Sell! Sell! This AI tries to predict when the bitcoin bubble will pop" ( ) JK--Would it commit hara-kiri if it could predict when the AI bubble will pop?

"Tree of Life Explorer" ( ) JK--Totally cool, addictive, interactive, and educational resource about evolution and our connections to all other life forms, past and present.

"Using Artificial Intelligence to Augment Human Intelligence" ( ) JK--Interesting discussion of how generative models can discern revelatory representational patterns that we wouldn't otherwise see in our data.

I don’t see robotic process automation as akin to business process mgt. By driving app orchestration from the UI artifacts, RPA is an automated code-gen technology.

In the next few days, look for my #Wikibon Premium research note on 2018 predictions. Covers functional programming, auto-programming, open AI dev frameworks, data science DevOps, & AI edge-app training. Will speak to this on Dec 14 webcast:

Yes, deskbound pretty lady who comes in between each song I play on YouTube while writing about machine learning, I have indeed thought about exploring machine learning. Thanks for algorithmically discovering the obvious.

Relentless robotics under its own adaptive AI Eveready Bunny smarts. I'll call this auton&on&on&on&on&on&on&on&on&on&on&on&on&on&on&on&on&on&on&on&on&on&on&on&on&on&on&onomous computing.

Join me and my colleagues on #Wikibon's 2018 Community Predictions. Thurs Dec 14 at 1pm EST. Open/free for anyone. Register here:

Proposal for the Dartmouth Summer Research Project on AI: Shannon, McCarthy, Minsky, Rochester ( ) JK--June 17 to Aug 16, 1955. Seminal paper. Also during these months, Sun Records released 10 seminal tracks that Elvis recorded in their Memphis studio.

The worst dreams are where someone offhandedly mentions some tech such as Python or PostgreSQL. Seriously, don't cheapen my sleep with programming code or open-source database platforms. Just don't.

Glad I attended AWS #reInvent last week. Glad I wrote a comprehensive trip report analyzing the myriad of announcements. Solution providers as comprehensive as them demand a week of immersive in-my-face attention. Collecting so I can later recollect.

"Don't stop thinking about tomorrow. It's soon be here." Sounds like a perfect recipe for insomnia. Sleep, fer cryin' out loud!

RIP Johnny Hallyday. “The French Elvis.” I always thought the actual Elvis looked French.

Another morning, another bunch of tech whitepapers pitched at me via email. I can’t recall the last time I’ve downloaded, much less read, any of those. The mistake of doing so long ago doomed me to receiving these emails.

"Big Data: Main Developments in 2017 and Key Trends in 2018" ( ) JK--Predictions by me and others #kdnuggets #wikibon

My workspace is now a 4-screen connected environment: laptop, tablet, smartphone, and MP3 player.

RT @KEXPNowPlaying #kexp Tubeway Army "Are 'Friends' Electric?" from Replicas JK--1979. Gary Numan and crew brilliantly slather on the big whompin' synthesizer grooves.

Hey, tech sites that auto-play, in the browser, somebody talking: Shut up, I'm trying to listen to music while I read your damn article.

"Training AI models is getting faster and taking less data, thanks to NVIDIA researchers" ( ) JK--Use GANs to generalize seasonal and other transformations of specific images, eliminating need to capture those related images.

"Deeper deep learning shifts AI from sci-fi to software" ( ) JK--My recent conversation with @dvellante on #theCUBE #SiliconANGLE #Wikibon

They finally demolished the Silverdome. Growing up in the Detroit area, it was the only reason to visit Pontiac. I saw The Who there in high school.

"An Old Technique Could Put Artificial Intelligence In Your Hearing Aid" ( ) JK--Analog chips. Use less power, having fewer circuits than digital processors.

"Stanford-led artificial intelligence index tracks emerging field" ( ) JK--Interesting effort to standardize measurement of AI's societal impact, innovation pace, & maturity.

"Deep Learning and Google Street View Can Predict Neighborhood Politics from Parked Cars" ( ) JK--OK, but you can accelerate that by focusing only on bumper stickers.

"Google’s Artificial Intelligence Built an AI That Outperforms Any Made by Humans" ( ) JK--Uses reinforcement learning to .turn that trick.

RT @kexpnowplaying #kexp Curtis Harding "Till The End" from Face Your Fear JK--2017. Great one from this Atlanta-based soul artist.

RT @kexpnowplaying #kexp Moby Grape "Come in the Morning" from Crosstalk: The Best of Moby Grape JK--1967. Originally on the "middle finger" LP (one of my desert island discs).

Things that make me feel old: watching the Carol Burnett 50th anniversary show. Things that make me feel young: the reruns still make me laugh.

In my career, I’ve seen several celebrities keynote intelligently on tech. Most insightful were Schwarzenegger, Spacey, & Franken. All subsequently got themselves into sex scandals. Hmmm...

“Caution! The moving walkway is ending.” That doesn’t bother me. But what would is the possibility that the moving walkway may be endless. That would be a sure sign of the end of times.

Locking up Michael Flynn will be sweet justice. Can’t say he hasn’t been asking for it.

New jk #SiliconANGLE article: "Amazon sets the public cloud pace at AWS #reInvent 2017: a #Wikibon deep dive" ( )

"The Looming War of Good AI vs. Bad AI" ( ) JK--Highlights threat from "morphic malware" that uses AI to hone its attack strategies dynamically.

Please stop mixing the metaphors of "data is the new oil" and "data lake." Makes me think there's been a spill and that the water is polluted. O, those poor goo-soaked birdies! Where's the EPA when we need it?

New jk #Wikibon #reInvent blog: "Wikibon Trip Report: At re:Invent 2017, AWS Sets the Pace in the Public Cloud" ( )

Michael Flynn is just the latest example of how Trump systematically destroys everyone who once declared loyalty to him. Dominant pattern of Trump’s career. #predictable

AWS #reInvent was chock full of important announcements. My #SiliconANGLE #Wikibon trip report recap will be published within the coming hour. I covered it all.

RIP Jim Nabors. He modulated in character between beautiful baritone singing voice and uber-hayseed downhome Marine without compromsing his dignity. You can't help thinking the adept duality stemmed from self-closeting skills he mastered early on in life.

Watch live from AWS re:Invent 2017. Check #reInvent live today and tomorrow on #SiliconANGLE #theCUBE:

AWS' Matt Wood presented their pioneering open AI framework strategy tonight at #reinvent. Here's my new #Wikibon Premium note, published yesterday, that presents the layering of that strategy and puts it broader industry context:

The great Mexican rock band Kinky led off for Peter DeSantis tonight at #reInvent. Here's the number, "Más," that they closed their set with.

AWS has had its priorities straight from the get-go. Its first region was Northern Virginia, then Dublin. #reInvent Wahoowah! Slainte!

Heavy hangs the head of the industry analyst under deep NDA.

Abstract technological concepts make the most sense when they’re hammered into your skull by electronic dance music.

"Makeblock Kickstarts Smart Robot Codey Rocky for Beginner Coding and AI Learning" ( ) JK--Clunky headline masks what's cool about this: it's essentially the next-gen Erector Set: empowers 1st graders on up to build and program robots.

"Big Challenge in Deep Learning: Training Data" ( ) JK--Yep. Check out my recent #Wikibon Premium report on this topic:

"Snoopers beware: Google's AI can now spot shoulder-surfers peeking at your screen" ( ) JK--Cool. Would be good if it could auto-trigger masking of sensitive info being displayed on your screen during the unwanted gaze.

Tech analyst summits. A social continuity thread in my crazy career. Socialize yet again with people in my line of work. We’re watching each other age.

"Why Decentralized Artificial Intelligence Will Reinvent The Industry As We Know It" ( ) JK--Incisive discussion of the shift to device-centric edge AI.

"Data Science Trends in 2018" ( ) JK--Good rollup and look-ahead, coming at it from several angles.

"For Large Scale Image Classification and Object Detection: AutoML" ( ) JK--Cool discussion of pushing this tech to automate DL modeling/training against larger, more complex datasets

"AWS Announces Family of Five AWS Media Services for Complete Video Workflows" ( ) JK--WS Elemental Media Services enable video providers to process live and on-demand video content in the cloud

"AWS Announces Amazon Sumerian" ( ) JK--New service (in preview) enables any developer to quickly and easily build virtual reality, augmented reality, and 3D applications for popular hardware platforms.

"Training on the device" ( ) JK--Interesting list of ML-driven apps that already do training on iOS devices

"AWS ramps up in AI with new consultancy services and Rekognition features" ( ) JK--Lab to help customers build AI-powered cloud services.

Automotive News: "Former GM product development czar: Autonomous cars mean the death of auto companies, dealerships, and so on" ( ) JK--Don't tell us that new-car smell also kaput. What will we do without it?

"Amazon joins Microsoft and Facebook in trying to blunt TensorFlow's ecosystem lead" ( ) JK--Joins Microsoft and Facebook on Open Neural Network Exchange (ONNX) format. See my post today:

"AI Talent: Siri Misses the Boat as Alexa Sails" ( ) JK--And Amazon is the top employer of AI talent.

When somebody asks me to specify my "geography," I want to say "broad alluvial plain with scattered igneous outcroppings." Or something to that effect.

New jk #Wikibon Premium research note: "Assessing Deep-Learning Development Frameworks" ( )

New jk #Wikibon Premium Research note: "Clarifying Enterprise Deep Learning Development Priorities" ( )

RT @kexpnowplaying #kexp Robert Plant "The May Queen" from Carry Fire JK--2017. Very good. What if Donovan had fronted Led Zeppelin?

Cyber Monday. Does that mean the day exists only as a software construct? If there's an infinite loop in the code, does it become Cyber Groundhog Day?

Heading to #reInvent. As is my wont, re-reading my readfile on the vendor sponsor en route. Holy moley! Amazon Web Services has certainly been busy in 2017. Yes, I compile files on all vendors major and minor. As is my wont.

Connecting through Detroit. Surrounded by University of Michigan students returning to school. M Go Blue!

Heading to Vegas for #reInvent. Delta bag-drop agent asked what's the deal with all these people heading to Vegas. I can't speak for them, but I'm going to work. Full schedule at Amazon Web Services' big event. Analyst summit Mon-Tues.

Wife & I rewatched "The Founder" on Netflix. One of the best movies I've ever seen about American business. Michael Keaton infuses a bit of "Beetlejuice" impertinence into Ray Kroc's sales pitches.

RT @kexpnowplaying #kexp Blondie "Heart of Glass" from Parallel Lines JK--1978. They played CBGBs, but weren't a punk group. But it was kind of punk of them to say "pain in the ass" in a disco song.

As the new year approaches, we should all resolve to have actual lives, so we'll have something interesting to brag about on social media.

Fun fact: the University of Michigan fight song was originally an homage to star QB Victor S. Valliant.

Ad placement on YouTube. My only wish is that they place the “skip ad” button so that it fully blocks the ad in question.

I find myself less inclined to read tweets that stray beyond the prior 140-character limit. Brevity wins attention.

Catch me this week in Las Vegas at AWS re:Invent. #theCUBE will have 2 livestreaming studios at the event.

Sitting here as always, pondering what actually matters. What actually matters.

Stupid commercial about the joy of sharing Thanksgiving dinner with members of your family with whom you share DNA.Then why not stuff the turkey with your blessed genome?

Flo Rida. Oh, that’s what he looks like. I thought he was that guy from Flo & Eddie.

Some random marching band from some random place in America plays some random popsong from the past 50 years. That’s entertainment!

Rap interludes are often the self-indulgent weak link in otherwise OK popsongs. They play the same role that the extended drum solo did in “Inna Gadda Da Vida.”

Curious how Hollywood will address the sexual harassment scandals in the upcoming Oscar ceremony. I suggest an “in memoriam” reel paying respects to still-living actresses whose careers these jerks killed.

“These vagabond shoes are longing to stray.” Why does that line suggest a smelly hobo galumphing around in Bozo-grade clodhoppers? Not even remotely Sinatra.

Thanksgiving 2017. Hard to feel thankful for any of the crap our country has had to endure this past year. I’ll be thankful when he and his people are gone.

The Christmas Charlie Brown is the only one of the seasonals worth rewatching. All the others were made in the month of Meh.

Robot apocalypse. Zombie apocalypse. Our best hope now is to trick the robots and zombies into a game of no-harm-to-humans mutually assured destruction. Who's working on that?

"Software 2.0: No human involved in writing a code" ( ) JK--Code generation by machine learning models.

"GANs for Simulation, Representation and Inference" ( ) JK--Very comprehensive discussion, & linkapalooza, to one of the most innovative AI focus areas. Generative adversarial networks are souped-up creative tools of the new era.

"Artificial intelligence aids materials fabrication" ( ) JK--Not inconceivable that AI could help us discover the hidden molecular grammars of biochemistry, metallurgy, etc.

"If an AI Guard Dog Misidentifies and Attacks the Postman, Who is Responsible?" ( ) JK--In general, cartoonists are responsible if they don't seize this as a fresh 21st century take on a tired old slapstick trope.

"Estimating an Optimal Learning Rate For a Deep Neural Network" ( ) JK--Too slow: the algorithm's insights may miss the window of utility. Too fast: the algorithm may miss the mark of accuracy.

"How Cargo Cult Bayesians encourage Deep Learning Alchemy" ( ) JK--Don't laugh. "Wilson" evolved into a world-class data scientist.

"Uber AI Labs Open Sources Pyro, a Deep Probabilistic Programming Language" ( ) JK--I expect to see more such languages emerge from everywhere for programming AI.

"The Next Space Race Is Artificial Intelligence" ( ) JK--Article makes mistaken assumption that this is a nationalist field of battle. It's a thoroughly interconnected international scientific research focus.

"Kotlin frameworks: A survey of JVM development tools" ( ) JK--Marketplace momentum behind one of the hottest new programming languages.

"Predictions 2018: Automation will alter the global workforce" ( ) JK--"Robotic process automation" has nothing to do with "robots." It's software-based UI-driven scraped/scripted administrative-task automation.

"Machine Learning and Machine Justification" ( ) JK--Restates Picasso's stupid quote about computers supposedly only being able to give you answers. That's like saying paintings only give you illustrations. Computers are awesome exploratory tools.

"Do AI Applications Need a Persona?" ( ) JK--Depends. Is it AI chatbot? Sure. Is it back-end impersonal AI-boosted capability? Maybe not.

"Announcing TensorFlow Lite" ( ) JK--Of course, it had been pre-announced a while back. DL for embedded, mobile, and IoT endpoints.

"Feature Visualization: How neural networks build up their understanding of images" ( ) JK--Really great tutorial on the topic.

"Deep Learning is Eating Software" ( ) JK--Sure. But I said it first: here ( ) and here ( )

RT @kexpnowplaying #kexp Seamus Fogarty "Carlow Town" from The Curious Hand JK--2017. Sounds like Celtic/Indian fusion. Town/county is southwest of Dublin.

RT @kexpnowplaying #kexp Baio "Sensitive Guy" from Man of the World JK--2017. Cool one. Sounds like a lost '80s rock hit.

"When your kid tries to say ‘Alexa’ before ‘Mama’" ( ) JK--Big deal. I remember my elder child saying "french fries" before "mommy" or "daddy."

RIP David Cassidy. He had the looks and the girls’ hearts. And he could sing. But, honestly, Bonaduce was funnier.

"The Seven Deadly Sins of Predicting the Future of AI" ( ) JK--IMHO, you lose credibility if your AI prophecy focuses on some dumb utopic/dystopic "Singularity."

"The titans of AI are getting their work double-checked by students" ( ) JK--I wouldn't be shocked if the students' double-checking wasn't itself being double-checked by AI.

"The Race for AI Company Acquisitions: Why It's Happening, and Its Lessons for You" ( ) JK--Good list of juicy AI acquisition candidates.

"Why AI Is Still Waiting for Its Ethics Transplant" ( ) JK--Yeah, and it'll get that when the human race decides to converge peacefully on the fabled One True Religion.

"The rev-up: Imagining a 2x self-driving world" ( ) JK--How will passengerless autonomous vehicles be designed to prevent the 21st century equivalent of hobo joyriders riding the rails?

"Counterfeiters are using AI and machine learning to make better fakes" ( ) JK--And good luck regulating generative adversarial networks. Cat's out of the bag.

"What is the TensorFlow machine intelligence platform?" ( ) JK--Best discussion I've seen of TF in the context of its toolchain. 

"Why Automation Won't Displace Human Intelligence in Analytics" ( ) JK--And, while we're on the topic, John Henry was a steel-drivin' man.

"Could the Blockchain Disrupt YouTube?" ( ) JK--Or, more generally, could a distributed immutable content platform dissolve a content delivery point's chokepoint over access to mass audiences?

"GPU-accelerated analytics databases" ( ) JK--Core data platforms in the convergence of AI and BI.

"Nvidia Containerizes GPU-Accelerated Deep Learning" ( ) JK--I predict their GPU cloud will be their core DL offering before long.

"Juggernaut: Neural Networks in a web browser" ( ) JK--Browser-based build/train/execute will be key to the democratization of this technology.

"A.I. Researchers Leave Elon Musk Lab to Begin Robotics Start-Up" (  ) JK--Not an "Elon Musk Lab." OpenAI is open research institute he co-founded with YCombinator founder Sam Altman.

"IBM Watson needs a makeover, and other predictions in cloud, AI and IoT for 2018" ( ) JK--Me & other #Wikibon #SiliconANGLE analysts

Not detecting all that much fake news. What I'm seeing is the usual onslaught of fake relevance--aka spin--designed to twist real news to someone's hidden agenda.

RT @kexpnowplaying #kexp Curtis Harding "Go As You Are" from Face Your Fear JK--2017. Cool moody R&B from Atlanta. A tad Marvin "What's Going On?" ish.

"If Data is as Valuable as Gold, It’s Time to Polish Your Data Architecture" ( ) JK--Love the weasel-word "if" in there. Even if you priced data by weight, it's not currently worth $1,297.10/ounce on the spot market.

In discussions with friends over music & entertainment, I mistakenly called Jack White Jack Black. As a duo, wouldn't that be a charged musical polarity?

First work morning after returning from vacation. First task is always trying to decide where to start. Restart

Another sense of Ireland is that absolutely everybody has some personal connection to America. Many have visited recently.

My sense of Ireland,having been there, is that it’s Europe’s land’s end. Irish music is European culture singing into the Atlantic abyss.

Every single person we interacted with in Ireland was friendly and pleasant. Every single stranger we've interacted with in NYC so far has been rude. Geez.

Thank you Microsoft for detecting unusual sign-in activity on my account all over Ireland. My personal leprechaun advisers love the attention.

Shannon Airport. Departure area. Duty-free store. Loading up on Lucky Charms & Irish Spring to take back to America. The former is magically delicious & my lady likes the latter too!

Ireland’s beauty is in the interplay between its luminescent green landscape and moody sky. It’s an intricate fabric of ancient & modern

At the pub the Irish musicians asked where we all came from. “America? Australia? Germany?” I said “All of that. I carry many passports”

B&Bs galore everywhere in Ireland. Near every bed & breakfast is a pub where you can indulge in booze & barfing.

Sitting in Ireland, watching smug British celeb chef Guy Ramsay in Harpers Ferry WV humiliate some nice lady chef. Go home, jerk!

Rewatched “Philomena” on DVD. I doubt that the Irish tourism board promotes this. But, hey, we’re tourists, we’re here!

Dining in Feakle tonight. I assume it’ll all be locally grown Feakle matter.

Want to thank Mark the Dublin cabbie for his great comeback yesterday. Me: “It’s my 1st time in a Dublin cab.” Him: “Really? It’s mine too!”

Tomorrow we’ll visit Blarney Castle: ancestral home of Blarney & Friends, the mythical big green Irish dinosaurs.

Watching PM May speaking live at House of Commons. She actually knows what she’s talking about, unlike our head of government.

Very hard to do Ireland and not slip into a faux Irish accent. The music in it.

Good birthday dinner. Three Asian ladies fussed over what to feed me. The net result had to be good. It was.

Irish backcountry is rich w/beautiful valleys. Drumandoora in County Clare caught my eye. Gorgeous like Maureen O’Hara in “The Quiet Man.”

Ireland’s ubiquitous stone fences. I assume the rocks weren’t piled there by machine. Throws my back out just to look at them.

The girls are torn between 2 Irish supermarkets: Aldi and Lidl. Curious what those Gaelic words mean.

We could not help noticing the churches in the Irish villages we passed thru this morning. Sunday. And the prominent Virgin Mary shrines.

Feel I’m getting used to Irish backcountry motoring: few shoulders, no straightaways, rugged rock walls that allow little margin of error.

Told the dude who waited on us at McNamara's (Scariff, County Clare) that I'm no Trump fan. "Well," sez he,"I feckin loav his hair."

Couldn't sleep on the translatlantic flight. Tried to watch Aer Lingus' showing of "Goldfinger." Poorly directed. Snoozed.

A very pleasant discussion of ownerships and easements in Queens amid whiskeys and wines. Who’s right? Will worry about that another day

Casually discussing with friends how we want Obama to be president for life.

New York is a big city. But when you break it down to its neighborhoods and communities, it becomes relatable. It becomes tangible.

Hanging with friends in Sunnyside, Queens. Keeping on the sunny side of New York. Or, at least, away from shadier elements of the naked city

RT @kexpnowplaying #kexp Joan Shelley "The Push and Pull" JK--2017. Wow. So pretty.

“AI’s role in future of DevOps provokes IT industry agita” ( …) JK--Cites me. What’s “agita”?

I definitely need a vacation. I was almost about to block/zap a "Ted Nugent" tweet when I blinked and realized it's simply "Tech Nugget."

"Your post was shared successfully on LinkedIn." Thx. Please also notify me when every other low-level feature of your service doesnt fail.

"New Collab Platf to Spur Open Srce AI Dev" ( ) JK--Acumos Proj: "framework for wrapping AI models into microservices"

"Data Lake Manifesto: 10 Best Practices" ( ) JK--One could map @prussom best practices to a big-data maturity model

"Juggernaut: Neural Networks in a web browser" ( ) JK--In-browser training only? No back-end? What's the catch?

"You’ll Never Be Alone Again With This One Weird Chatbot Trick" ( ) JK--A digital-twin AI chatbot avatar that U train

RT @kexpnowplaying #kexp PINS "Serve the Rich" JK--2017. Love this new political-message single from this Manchester band.

RT @kexpnowplaying #kexp Alex Chilton "Jumpin' Jack Flash" from Free Again: The “1970” Sessions JK--1970. Seriously great Stones cover!

RT @kexpnowplaying #kexp St. Vincent "Hang on Me" from Masseduction JK--2017. Nice new one from Annie Clark. Kind of a foreboding tone.

RT @kexpnowplaying #kexp Jagwar Ma "Batter Up" from Every Now & Then JK--2016. Good one from the Australian indie group.

"Famous Futurist Explains Why We Shouldn't Fear AI" ( ) JK--Huh? Kurzweil's "difficult episodes" sounds ominous enough

Northam wins Virginia gubernatorial race. First time I’m aware of somebody from our rural nib of the Delmarva Peninsula having done so.

My wife and I both voted for the Democratic candidates on the statewide ballot today in Virginia.

Thank you cold-call marketer for informing me right off the bat that this call is being recorded. Please include my hangup on your next LP.

"Oracle's digital twin simplifies design process for complex IoT sys" ( ) JK--Digital twin is edge-node training data

"Edge Computing: New Frontier of the Web" ( ) JK--3-tier framework consistent with #Wikibon

"IIoT Analytics Framework Best Practices" ( ) JK--Great ref doc from Industrial Internet Forum 

"Google Brain chief: Deep learning takes at least 100,000 examples" ( ) JK--Didn't specify that as a strict threshold

"Why AI Should Be  Canadian" ( ) JK--Cuz ethical AI chatbots continually insert contextually appropriate "sorry"

" automates machine learning" ( ) JK--Good list of commercial & open-source tools that do/attempt this.

"Building A.I. That Can Build A.I." ( ) JK--New York Times on automated machine learning.

"Uber AI Labs Open Sources Pyro, a Deep Probabilistic Programming Language" ( ) JK--Unifies DL w/Bayesian modeling.

"AutoML for large scale image classific & object detection" ( ) JK--Google has open-sourced this in TensorFlow repos

"State of Data Science & ML" ( ) JK--Data-scis use logistic regress, decis trees, random forests more than neural nets

Reviewing the latest crops of incremental product updates & new products. I call the former versional and the latter virginal.

"Why CIOs need a Chief Artificial Intelligence Officer" ( ) JK--OMG. Need a Chief Chief Chief to manage all the chiefs

"Why universities losing their best AI scientists" ( ) JK--May resort to granting tenure during freshman orientation

"Architectures Battle for Deep Learning" ( ) JK--Excellent overview by Linley Gwennap of the DL chipset wars.

RT @kexpnowplaying #kexp Feist "Hey, That's No Way To Say Goodbye" JK--2017. Hey, that's a great a Leonard Cohen cover! Brand new.

"Cisco & Google partner on open hybrid cloud sol'n" ( ) JK--Leverages Istio microservice mesh:

"Improbable Origins of PowerPoint" ( ) JK--Not improbable. One of Forethought's products took off. MSFT came a-callin'

RT @kexpnowplaying #kexp Angel Olsen "Special" from Phases JK--2017. Good new guitar fuzzy one from her. Due out this Friday.

RT @kexpnowplaying #kexp Juana Molina "Cosoco" from Halo JK--2017. Wow. That is so great. The Monday morning pick-me-up that I need.

Wife & I are not crazy about any of the yoga teachers at our fitness club. Regardless, I'm beyond having to follow an instructor. I know me

"When robots dream: AI sys may learn better/fastr if can ‘sleep’" ( ) JK--Unstr autonomous offline reinforcmt learning

Smart money has the Academy airbrushing Spacey out of the 2014 Oscar selfie.

“Fantasy football.” The real fantasy is believing that the weekly clash of brawn is not literally bashing in their own brains.

Trump has the persistently lowest ratings in presidential polling history. Wonder if he’d care to comment on what a pathetic loser he is.

Watched some formulaic Hollywood thriller with erotic subtext. Not even any good formulaic sex scenes. All improbable uncomfortable awkward

I’m voting for Ralph Northam for Virginia governor on Tuesday. Keep sanity in the statehouse in Richmond.

Thank you ex-Twitter employee. But why didn’t you have “realDonaldTrump” confess to something truly impeachable before deep-sixing him?

Wikibon Action Item: Adding AI to AppDev

Reading the free-WiFi agreement fine print. Making sure there’s no stipulation on color of digital M&M images I’m allowed to download.

Wrote really great detailed #Wikibon research note in one sustained sit. 10 hours. Been doing the research for months. Deep learning tools

Burning the candle at both ends today. Makes me more enlightened. Even as it puts me at greater risk of issuing caustic commentary.

Russians are also behind all those instances on Facebook of people posting mundane text in unnecessarily huge fonts on graphic backgrounds

Thank you TV ads for making me aware of every disease that could afflict people my age & all th pharmaceuticals I should ask my doctor about

Interesting that Las Vegas has casinos called Venetian, Palazzo, and Bellagio. I think there should be a Sicilian. To honor local heritage.

RT @kexpnowplaying #kexp Pixx "I Bow Down" from The Age of Anxiety JK--2017. This is good. Has a rocking urgency that grips you

"How AI will impact your routine as a designer" ( ) JK--Touches on the coming generative revolution.

"I just coded my first AI algorithm, and oh boy, it felt good" ( ) JK--Was it better than sex? Or for cybersex?

"What Will Our Lives Be  as Cyborgs?" ( ) JK--We'll all mistakenly trace our ancestry to Bjorn Borg.

"Google’s AI Wizard Unveils A New Twist On Neural Networks" ( ) JK--Crude virtual neurons w/inbuilt sense of geometry

Another tech manifesto. Geez. Please don't issue manifestos unless you wax your mustache tips, smoke unfiltered Gauloises, & drink absinthe.

"AI professor explains: concerns about granting citizenship to robot Sophia" ( ) JK--Is it murder if you disable her?

"The New Religions Obsessed with A.I." ( ) JK--Really? Which school? Do their AI deities need to be trained with data?

"Neural Nets Give Low-End Phone Pics DSLR Look" ( ) JK--GANs auto-improve your grainy, poorly lit photos. GIMME DAT!

"Bringing Continuous Delivery to the Database" ( ) JK--Article contains most elegant DevOps schematic I've ever seen.

"Meetings :  Culture o Excess Hurts Our Productivity/Morale" ( ) JK--Meetings often called cuz no one responds 2 email

"Big data privacy is a bigger issue than you think" ( ) JK--You know what I'm thinking? Bigger privacy issue, indeed!

RT @kexpnowplaying #kexp Betty Davis "It's My Life" from Th Columbia Years JK--1968. Radio-friendly. In '70s, she, like Pryor, got real raw!

"Microsoft is working on AI chips across its different devices" ( ) JK--It's joining an increasingly competitive space

"The State of Data Science & Machine Learning" ( ) JK--Average data scientist is my elder child's age.

"Automated Machine Learning Drives Intelligent Biz" ( ) JK--Nice IoT edge ML layering discussion by @idigdata aka Jen

#KEXP DJ Morgan Chosnyk did an excellent interview with Beck recently. A very thoughtful man. Read/listen here:

Not clear what value "subject matter" provides as qualifier of "expert." If U state the subject matter (e.g., IoT), delete "subject matter"

Another morning, another feed of "research" sponsored & published by vendors with stakes in us believing the findings. It may be so. Sure.

RT @kexpnowplaying #kexp Lydia Lunch "Spooky" from Queen of Siam JK--1980. DJ Abbie says this was "one of her hits." What hits?

"Rylo is 360-degree video camera that magically follows the action" ( ) JK--Shake-free pan post-hoc between any points

It’s true. George Papadopoulos’ primary job for Trump was to fetch coffee from the Kremlin Starbucks.

RT @kexpnowplaying #kexp The Murder City Devils "Boom Swagger Boom" JK--1997. Pawned souls to Satan to secure great band name & song title

"Nvidia's AI Creates Artificial Human Faces from Celebrity Photos" ( ) JK--A Beverly Hills plastic surgeon-bot?

New jk #Wikibon Premium Research note: "Bringing Model Training Fully into Machine Learning DevOps" ( )

RT @kexpnowplaying #kexp Dead Man's Bones "My Body's a Zombie for You" JK--2009. Ryan Gosling & Silverlake Conservatory Children's Choir

New jk #Wikibon Premium Research Note: "Evaluating Serverless Frameworks for the True Private Cloud" ( )

RT @kexpnowplaying #kexp Eric Weissberg "Dueling Banjos" JK--1972. Fun fact: Lin Manuel Miranda restaging Hamilton-Burr duel with banjos

RT @kexpnowplaying #kexp Bauhaus "Bela Lugosi’s Dead" JK--1982. Fun fact: same applies to many actors who've played Frankenstein's Monster.

Open-source pre-trained deep learning models with demos and code. Go to 

"AI Model Fundamentally Cracks CAPTCHAs, Scientists Say" ( ) JK--Every new CAPTCHA is mincemeat for new AI approaches

"China’s AI Awakening 中国 人工智能 的崛起" ( ) JK--"Copy it"? Not so fast. Let's see if any AI they produce is worth copying.
Translate from Chinese

"TensorFlow or Keras? Which one should I learn?" ( ) JK--It's not either/or. Keras API (easy programming) runs on TF.

Today's 500th anniversary of Martin Luther's putative posting of his 95 Theses on Wittenberg church door. Microscopic font. Semi-illegible.

"The Evolution of Sensors: Canaries to Drones" ( ) JK--Excellent taxonomy of sensor technologies.

"Disrupting Tech Monopolies & AI Tycoons " ( ) JK--Touts blockchain disruptive potential. Competing blockchains?

RT @kexpnowplaying #kexp Courtney Barnett & Kurt Vile "On Script" from Lotta Sea Lice JK--2017. Best Courtney/Kurt duo since Love/Cobain.

HIPAA's getting long in the tooth. I propose extension, HIPAA-POTAMUS (Protection Of The Absolutely Most Useful Stuff), to keep it relevant.

"10 Top Recomms for AI in 2017" ( ) JK--AI Now annual rpt: . Remove public-sectr blackbox algos

"Coach" ( ) JK--Intel Nervana's DL devel framework for robotics, self-driving cars, games, etc. Reinforcement learning

"How much Google spending on cutting edge AI research" ( ) JK--Alphabet's "other bets" burning cash at staggering pace

"Data, AI blur the enterprise-consumer tech line" ( ) JK--Perhaps BYOB is now "bring your own bot"

"Timely release of Pentaho 8.0 positions Hitachi for the edge" ( ) JK--My #theCUBE day-2 wrap comments from #PWorld17

"Saudi Arabia, which denies women equal rights, makes a robot a citizen" ( ) JK--Saudis inspired by "Stepford Wives"

Actual banner ad "Bill Gate says 'Smart Pill' is KEY to his success." Photo is Bill Gates. Someone tell Gate that Gates is hogging his glory

"At unusual startup acceler8r, being gay a prerequisite" ( ) JK--Um, OK. But is there anti-gay funding discrim in SV?

"Embracing the Diffusion of AI Research in Yerevan, Armenia" ( ) JK--Research focus of smart people everywhere.

Halloween. If I knew which kid would be last at our door, I'd dump entire remaining candy stash in their bag. I don't trust myself with it.

Glanced at Trump’s Twitter feed for the first time today. Not terribly presidential. But he’d be a highly qualified Secretary of Defensive

New jk #Wikibon Premium Note: "Building Applications for Hybrid Clouds" ( )

RT @kexpnowplaying #kexp Sharon Jones and the DapKings "These Tears" from Soul of a Woman JK--2017. Omigod. So nice!

"Will Our Robots Harm Us?" ( ) JK--Not if we get to the Emerald City so the Wizard can give them their heart.

"The Art of Storytelling in Data Science" ( ) JK--Goodnight Moon. Goodnight regression model jumping over the Moon.

Power cloud. Join Crowdchat: Automating Data Analytics to the Max, Nov 1, 2pm ET,  #BigDataAutomation

This morning's incoming product pitches. Sorting them into folders for "groundbreaking," "game-changing," "disruptive," and "revolutionary"

"Waymo to test self-driving cars in Michigan winter conditions" ( ) JK--Go test autonomous tobogganing on Hines Drive

"Will Hitachi grow its ecosystem to include AI developer tools and robotics?" ( ) JK--My #theCUBE #PWorld17 discussion

Hitachi Vantara #PWorld 2017 Day Two Wrap Up on #theCUBE with me and Dave Vellante:

Saw "The Last Face" on DVD. Sean Penn-directed preachy humanitarianism. Redeemed by Charlize Theron & Javier Bardem's fine performances.

Reading Pepys’ diary. Apparently, English upper class of 1660 gorged themselves daily on fatty meat & strong liquor. Took wicked laxatives

We’re always being warned against complacency. But I long for the day when I can be complacent as all hell about every last damn thing.

Reading selections from the diary of Samuel Pepys. Founder of Pep Boys, inventor of Pepsi, and original voice of Pepé Le Pew.

Did mainstage panel, a solo preso, & livestream co-hosting this past week. Panel was my fave & lots of people complimented. Week’s highlight

Fun fact: Chubby Checker derived his stage name from Fats Domino. Blimpy Backgammon didn’t test well with the focus groups

Thank you WSJ for informing us that George Clooney takes cash on motorcycle trips. Does he also take the Oscar he won for “Syriana”?

They’ve renamed Jeb Stuart HS th cheeseball “Justice HS.” Why not pull out th stops & call it “Truth Justice & Th American Way High School”?

Preparing to leave Orlando. Listening to Tony Orlando & Dawn. Great songs. Would have been better if they'd knocked 3 times on the cowbell.

"JFK Assassination Records - 2017 Additional Documents Release" ( ) JK--National Archives official site.

Accelerate management. Join Crowdchat: Automating Data Analytics to the Max, Nov 1, 2pm ET,  #BigDataAutomation

#PWorld17 Day 1 #theCUBE intro ( ) and wrap ( ) with me, Dave, and Rebecca.

New jk #InfoWorld column: "Even data scientists are facing AI takeover" ( )

Donna Prlich of Hitachi Vantara takes the stage in #PWorld17 keynote. Presents Pentaho roadmap.

Here's an excellent recent blog by Hitachi Vantara's Donna Prlich on "Power of 3"  #PWorld17

Catch Donna Prlich, Mark Hall, Allaa HIlal, and me this morning, 10:15-10:40am EDT at #PWorld17 "Power of 3": 

Follow #PWorld17 keynote livestream on 

At #PWorld17, waiting for Day 1 mainstage general session to begin. I'll be on "Panel of 3" starting 10:15am EDT.

RT @kexpnowplaying #kexp Delta 5 "Try " from Try / Colour JK--1980. Rough Trade artist's second 7" single release. Nice barebones melody

Looking forward to #PentahoWorld 2017 here at Rosen's Shingle Creek Hotel in Orlando. There's an actual creek, I found. No shingles, though

Improve efficiency. Join Crowdchat: Automating Data Analytics to the Max, Nov 1, 2pm ET,  #BigDataAutomation

New jk #Wikibon #SiliconANGLE article: "As deep learning frameworks converge, automation possibilities unfold" ( )

RIP Antoine “Fats” Domino. Classic NOLA barrelhouse boogie R&B man. Of rock’s early piano stars, only Jerry Lee & Little Richard remain.

Freaky low humidity in Orlando: 31% and 71°F. Am I in Las Vegas right now? What’s with all the lakes and green grass?

"A Logical Calculus of the Ideas Immanent in Nervous Activity" ( ) JK--1943 research paper. DL theoretical foundation

I’m kind of a wine connoisseur. I only drink whatever vintage is currently uncorked.

Packing for business trip. Calculate number o dress shirts by considering likelihood o self-staining drink spillage and/or sauce spattering

"Design for Augmented Intelligence" ( ) JK--HInt: sneak a peek at what the brainiac one desk over is scribbling.

"Want to know how Deep Learning works? Quick guide for everyone" ( ) JK--It's very deep, profound, & life-affirming!

"Predicting the Popularity of TED Talks" ( ) JK--Positive, motivating, human relationships. Gasp! Just feature Oprah.

Some friends I haven't heard from in years. But I do appreciate when hackbots send me "1 Th0ught You m|ght L!ke th!s" links on their behalf.

Entering credit card information into a browser. For some reason, I always glance down at my name. Just to make sure I'm still me, I guess.

"A Berkeley View of Systems Challenges for AI" ( ) JK--Very good overview of AI research ongoing at UC-Berkeley.

"How Adversarial Attacks Work" ( ) JK--Shows how easy DL is to hack.

"New Optimizations Improve Deep Learning Frmwks For CPUs" ( ) JK--Good list of Intel-engineered optzns by DL framework

"Pornhub using machine learning to automatically tag its 5 million vids" ( ) JK--I chuckled at "starting with facial"

RT @kexpnowplaying #kexp Dr. John "Little Liza Jane" from Dr. Johns Gumbo JK--1972. Glanced at the calendar to make sure it's not Mardi Gras

"Future of programming? Answer lies in functional languages" ( ) JK--Not so fast! Still need to track state somewhere

"Tech Giants Are Paying Huge Salaries for Scarce A.I. Talent" ( ) JK--$300K-500K salaries, plus shares/options.

RT @kexpnowplaying #kexp The Innocence Mission "That Was Another Country" from Glow JK--1995. Love the desolate melancholy of this.

"After the end of the startup era" ( ) JK--Nah. This stuff goes in cycles. Same was said after the Dotcom Bubble crash

Need a slideshow blocker in our browsers. Should warn that the "20 interesting things about Jeff Bezos" link is 20 stupid slides in sequence

New jk #TechTarget column: "The tension between data science professionalism and automation" ( )

Reading Susan Cheever’s bio “My Name is Bill” about the founder of Alcoholics Anonymous. Substance abuse can be a stubborn self-destroyer.

RT @kexpnowplaying #kexp Widowspeak "Dog" from Expect the Best JK--2017. Very nice moody stuff. A bit Mazzy Star, a smidge Catherine Wheel.

If you're in Orlando later this week at #PentahoWorld, catch me on #theCUBE, on mainstage "Power of 3" panel, and on breakout preso on AI

New jk #SiliconANGLE #Wikibon VoC: "Modern infrastructure mgt: accelerating productivity through machine learning" ( )

Accelerate workloads. Join Crowdchat: Automating Data Analytics to the Max, Nov 1, 2 pm ET,  #BigDataAutomation

"Ranking Popular Deep Learning Libraries for Data Science" ( ) JK--Quantitative data on DL framework popularity

"Blockchains for Artificial Intelligence" ( ) JK--From decentralized model exchanges to model audit trails.

"Announcing PlaidML: Open Source Deep Learning for Every Platform" ( ) JK--Yet another milestone in open DL frameworks

"How “Big Data” Went Bust" ( ) JK--The phenomenon became commonplace. Term was massively overused. Buzzword fatigue

"This Garment Pattern Could Power Biosensor Nets" ( ) JK--Only a short step from ubiquitously AI-infused smart fabrics

"Reinforcement Learning for th Enterprise" ( ) JK--Discusses immature state of commercial RL frameworks for developers

"Alphabet training law enforcemt on how to handle self-driving car crashes" ( ) JK--Communicate passenger condition?

"How Analytics Has Changed in Last 10 Yrs" ( ) JK--Coincides w/when I began to cover: slf-svc, big, unstruct, AI, IoT

"AI solves moral decision making using human input" ( ) JK--Nothing "solves" moral decision making. Simply trades-off

"DARPA’s new infrared smart sensor operates w/near-zero power consump" ( ) JK--Activated by IR profile of event sensed

"AlphaGo Zero: Learning from scratch" ( ) JK--AI mastered Go only by playing against itself. No human-master training

"Zenith Trans-Oceanic: Best Radio Ever?" ( ) JK--Shortwave was Internet of the pre-Internet. Tune into distant signals

Nicolas Cage. Always looks like he’s just reading lines. When he’s on screen, he looks like a film crew member wandering into the frame

Bought/downloaded The War on Drugs' latest LP, "A Deeper Understanding." Sweeping epic rock that never feels ponderous or pretentious.