Saturday, January 08, 2005

fyi Do Gates Glitches Bode Ill for Microsoft?


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Kobielus kommentary:
I don’t know why the press focuses on this stuff. Why isn't there equal attention when a competitor's products crash in public events? Who, besides Microsoft marketing communications personnel, really care if one of Gates’ public demos runs into a glitch? Is it any surprise to anybody that IT is unreliable, or that Microsoft’s engineers are no smarter than the people who work for competing software companies? That hardware/software often screws up at the worst possible time? That Bill Gates isn’t a sorcerer with supernatural powers to conjure continuously flawless performance from the widgets that the elves back in his toyshop cobble together? If he’s so all-powerful, why has Microsoft’s stock price been in the dumper for years and years? He owns a lot of it, from what I heard. We all own a lot of his company’s products. Let’s see a little of his magic spread over the Microsoft creations on which we’ve built our lives.