Monday, December 23, 2013

Koby's 2013 #IBM #BigData Thought Leadership Blogs, Articles, Podcasts Etc. (Excluding LinkedIn Quick-Hits)

Open Data Graphs Can Boost the Global Economy

The Aromatic Ambience of Customer Experience

#GreaterIBM Big Data chat Recap: Data Science Career

Big Identity’s Double-Edged Sword: Wielding It Responsibly

SAP users now have access to the acceleration benefits of IBM BLU

James Kobielus: Big Data, Cognitive Computing and Future of Product

Big data demands nonstop experimentation

The NoSQL Conundrum: Lagged Veracity and the Double-Edged Promise of Eventual Consistency

The tricky chemistry of a high-performance data-science team

YARN unwinds MapReduce's grip on Hadoop

Small, Spotty and Zero Data: The Insights Present in Information’s Absence

The Big Media Revolution

Analytics Illuminate Stab-in-the-dark Recommendations

Big Data and the Power of Mathematical Breakthroughs

Recommendations Galore – Part 2

Data Scientists: The Challenge of Managing Stubbornly Autonomous Experts

Recommendations Galore – Part 1

Interview outside the press working room at IBM IOD 2013 by Mark Brunelli of

Big science thrives on open reference data

James Kobielus - IBM Information on Demand 2013 - theCUBE

My personal take-aways: Surfing the deeply informative IOD Hub

IBM PureData business overview and Roadmap discussion from Enzee Universe at Information On Demand 2013

My personal passion: IBM IOD 2013 and the big buzz for data science

My personal cheatsheet: IBM IOD 2013 day one announcements

Cognitive Computing: Relevant at all Speeds, Scales and Scopes of Thought

Smithsonian Institution. National Museum of American History. Lemelson Center. Video playback. October 25, 2013. "Inventing the Surveillance Society." Kobielus: 31:30-53:00 & 1:19:00-2:10:00

Converting Big Data And Analytics Insights Into Results: IBV Study Findings

Machine Learning Boosts Data-Scientist Learning, and Vice Versa

The Challenges of Transparent Accountability in Big Data Analytics

The Emergence of Big Media: Evolving and Dwarfing Today's Big Data Platforms

Don’t Aggravate the Aggregate with Continuous Campaigning

Combining PureData and System z for Mission Critical Analytic an IBM Virtual Enzee Recap

Geospatial Analytics: Evolving to Address Mindblowing Big-Data Challenges

Sometimes it's OK to treat people like numbers

Data Scientists and Their Curriculum

Geospatial Analytics Transforming Brick-and-Mortar Retailing into a Digital Experience

Twisting the Kaleidoscope – Part 1

Twisting the Kaleidoscope – Part 2

Big data rapidly evolving away from rotating storage

Cognitive Computing: Driving Intelligent Cross-Channel Conversations

How do we extend Hadoop and what is the big data burger?

Living the Big Data Dream: Confidence, Confidentiality and Continuous Automation in the 21st Century

Data Scientists Need a Professional Code of Conduct

Sentiment or Sediment?

Optimal Deployment for Big Data

Whitepaper: Big Data Analytics For A Holistic Customer Journey

Openness: Bringing Greater Transparency and Agility to the Smarter Planet

Data Scientists: Key Programmers in the Convergence of Big Data, Cloud, Streaming and Internet of Things

Big data and analytics for a holistic customer journey

Hadoop Appliances: Key Building Blocks of the Big Data Cloud

Hadoop appliances: the key to simplicity, speed, scalability, and stability in big data

Tweets Are The Fruit Flies Of Consumer-Facing Data Science—For Better and Worse

VIDEO: Acquire, Grow, Retain: Enhancing the 360 View of the Customer

Perception Science Should Drive Advanced Visualization Designs

Indescribable! Indestructible! Humungous! Nothing Can Stop the Big Media BLOB!

Big Data’s Coming End-State Architecture

Big Data’s Growing Impact on Hollywood’s Creative Process

Decision Confidence: Where the Predictive Chickens Come Home to Roost

Big data means big challenges in lifecycle management

Right Skills, Right Place, Right Time: Educating the Next-Generation Big-Data Professional

The Best Data Scientists Cluster Around the Biggest Big-Data Challenges

Evolving Supercomputing in the Era of Big Data

Counterintuitive Data Science Methods May Yield Keener Analytical Insights

Big Data Can Deepen or Dilute Caregiver-Patient Engagement

Big Data Analytics Will Permeate the Internet of Things

Graph analysis will make big data even bigger

Please Don’t Alchemize Social Sentiment into Fool’s Gold

Big Data’s Potential in Helping to Secure the Internet of Things

Social Data Quality Will Take Back Seat to Data Relevance

Big Data: How Can We Measure the Risks?

Hadoop’s Linux Analogy is Wearing Thin as the Market Evolves

Shooting Down Myths about Data Scientists

Stream computing is core of the Internet of Things — and much more

High-Quality Data Science Demands Independent Verification

Internet of Things May Disrupt Predictive Analytics in Big Data Clouds

The Enterprise Data Warehouse is Virtualizing into the Big-Data Cloud

Generational Segmentation has Become a Marketing Industry Joke

Single Version of the Truth: Ground it in Data Science, Not Data Faith

Big data needs data virtualization

Convergence of Social, Mobile and Cloud: 7 Steps to Ensure Success: Step 5: Leverage Analytics to Gain Insight

Social Business: The Power of Big Data in Agile Engagement

The Power of Big Data to Drive Agile Social Business

Data Scientist: Strike a Balance Between Quantitative & Qualitative Exploration

Data science should be free of intrusive regulation

Big Data Driving Converged Digital Telecommunications & Media

Big Data Philosophies: More Practical than You Might Think

Influence Attribution in Marketing is an Inexact Science…At Best

Big Data: Practical Solutions [Video]                                                    

Big Data In Danger of Definitional Overkill


Data Scientist: Bias, Backlash and Brutal Self-Criticism

There's no shortage of data science smarts

The Rise of the Data Scientist: Recap of IBM Twitterchat

Measuring the Business Value of Big Data

The Rise of the Data Scientist in the Smarter Planet

Data scientists need a cloud sandbox

Big-data trustworthiness needs independent vetting

Ambient Analytics: Will Wearable Gadgets Open the Floodgates to Glut?

The Next Big “H” in Big Data: Hybrid Architectures

Shopping Happiness is Bursts of Spontaneity Within The Routine

Crowdsourced Surveillance: Next Big App of Big Media

Recap of IBM Twitterchat: Storing Big Data

Is Privacy Possible in the Era of Big Data?

Big Data - The Hadoop Data Warehouse - Part 2

Big Data - The Hadoop Data Warehouse - Part 1

How Big Data is Changing Patient Care

Big Data As a Strategic Asset: Got Guru?

Big identity is big data’s double-edge sword

Data Journalism: Big Data, Data Science, & the Art of Non-Fictional Storytelling

Recap of IBM Twitterchat: Enterprise Challenges of Incorporating Hadoop

Finding gems in big data archives

Going Cloud with Your Big Data: A Structured Approach

Gamified Analytics: Unlocking Disruptive Genius or Disrupting Data Quality?

The Age of Agile: Beyond Big Data

Don’t Force-March All of Your Customers to a New Improved Experience

Recap of IBM Twitterchat: How In-Memory Technology is Transforming Big Data

Big Data, Quality of Service, and Telecom 2.0

Big Data Debate: Will Hadoop Become Dominant Platform?

Small data and big data are joined at the hip

When you should put big data in the cloud

In-Memory: The Lightning in the Big Data Bottle

Recap of IBM Twitterchat: Mobile Data - Taking Your Big Data on the Road

Hardcore Big-Data Use Cases: Better Results at Extreme Scale

How Much Big Data Do You Actually Need?

5 Ways to Make Big Data Production-Ready

Big Data On the Move: Everywhere You Need It To Be

Gauging the Maturity of Your Big Data Initiatives

Data Scientist: Exploration in the Age of the Unstructured

Koby Asks: Must You Sacrifice Privacy for Social Business?

Productionizing Your Big Data: A Checklist of Key Considerations

Building big data skills: Closing the talent gap

Graph Analysis Powers the Social and Semantic Spheres of Big Data

Controlled Explosion: Keeping Big Data Contained with Security, Governance and Information Lifecycle Management

Graph-o-mania: The Flowering of a New Visual Paradigm in Business Analytics

Integrated Systems Unlock True Potential of Big Data

The Maturing of Big Data: From Herding Cats to Taming Tigers

Recap of Tweetchat on Big Data in the Cloud

Koby Asks: What Keeps the Chief Marketing Officer Up At Night?

Healthcare Personalization in the Age of Ubiquitous “Omics”

Next Best Action in the Internet of Things

Securing Big Data: Issues to consider in your strategic planning

Data Scientist: Closing the Talent Gap

Actionable Analytics: It's Coming Out of Dilbert's Boss' Mouth...Is it Useless Industry Jargon?

The Role of Stream Computing in Big Data Architectures

Koby’s Big Data Predictions for 2013