Monday, December 23, 2013

Koby's 2013 #IBM #BigData Thought Leadership LinkedIn Quick-Hits

February 27:Unstructured big data?  Collaboration may be improvised among unfamiliar data-science disciplines:

March 13:Big-data hardcore use cases? Microsegmentation analytics:

March 14:Big-data hardcore use cases? Behavioral analytics:

March 15:Big-data hardcore use cases? Unstructured analytics:

April 1:Engaging customer as individual? Some customers habituated to the old ways of interacting with you:

April 2:Marketing attribution? Brandname recognition often silently decisive:

April 25:Big Media? Archiving everything on the Internet a hopeless cause:

April 26:Sexy statistics? Algorithmic virtual-currency mining thrives on big data MPP infrastructure:

April 29:Ambient analytics? Finding insights in data debris & digital breadcrumbs:

April 30:Healthcare analytics? Public cloud data security often tighter than private:

May 1:Context accumulation? Data-driven insights demand context of valid statistical model:

May 2:Social sentiment as valuable market intelligence? Traditional market researchers harnessing big data to stay relevant in the new economy:

May 3:Experience optimization? Shopping happiness is bursts of spontaneity within the routine:

May 30:Big data vision? Philosophy of data is science, epistemology, aesthetics, etc.:

May 31:Complex event processing? Internet of Things will introduce never-ending stream of prediction-disrupting wildcards:

June 11:Big-data single version of the truth? Business strategies founded on skewed data can backfire badly:

June 14:Advanced visualization?  Tuned through machine learning shaped by real-time behavior of subject-matter experts:

June 20:Healthcare analytics? Big data can dilute or deepen caregiver-patient engagement:

June 24:Smarter planet? Internet of Things should selectively distribute data analytic intelligence to cloud edges:

June 28:Customer segmentation? Generational segmentation has become a never-ending marketing industry joke:

July 16:Social sentiment as valuable market intelligence? It's easy to squander it through naive interpretations:

July 24:Big Data's optimal deployment model? Multi-cloud business environments will ramp all challenges to new difficulty level:

July 30:Big-data-driven TV experience? Driving what actually gets a chance to show up on the screen:

July 31:Big data in production? The challenge of integrated lifecycle management at extreme scales:

August 1:Social sentiment as valuable market intelligence? Tweets are the fruit flies of consumer-facing data science:

August 7:Smartphones as Big Data analytics platforms? Gadgets transform humans into IoT "sensors":

August 16:Engaging customer as individual? Funnel analytics are the firehose that powers engagement:

August 23:Big-data discovery? Using machine learning to distill knowledge from data without preconceived models:

September 5:Social sentiment as valuable market intelligence? Without human vetting, you can totally misconstrue it:

September 11:Privacy and big data? No protocol can pre-empt smart inferences from limited data:

September 18:Meaty metadata? Big data, semantic search, and the decline of closed-ended intentionality:

September 26:Healthcare analytics? Quantified self and the emergence of patient-generated data:

September 27:Big Data's optimal deployment model?  Balancing trade-offs among distributed database availability, scalability, consistency, and transactionality:

September 30:Big identity? Authenticating, correcting, and opting out of the aggregated you:

October 3:Social sentiment as valuable market intelligence? Emotions may reveal what words belie:

October 4:Marketing campaign optimization?:

October 7:Crowdsourcing Big Data creativity? Smarts trump Big Data, sophisticated algorithms, and domain expertise:

October 14:Geospatial analytics? Mindblowing big-data challenge of mapping the cosmos & the subatomic:

October 15:Open data? The challenges of algorithmic accountability in big data:

October 16:Big-data development? The positives and "howevers" of R maturity:

October 21:Big Science?:

October 22:Privacy and big data? Push back against ideological smears to data mining:

October 25:Graph analysis? Using advanced math to infer the larger picture from missing, disjoint, and multimodal data:

October 29:Recommendation engines? Analytics to illuminate the way out of a stab in the dark:

October 30:Small data? Even no, null, and/or "naughty" data can yield valuable insights:

October 31:Healthcare analytics? Computational omics accelerate the life-sciences exploration metabolism:

November 4:Workload-optimized systems? Tuning applications across distributed hybrid big-data environments:

November 6:Data-scientist skillsets? Challenge of managing stubbornly autonomous experts:

November 8:Gamified analytics? Tipping the disruption equation in your competitive favor:

November 11:Experience optimization? Idiosyncrasies, novelties, degrees of customer intimacy:

November 12:Experience optimization? Marketing, analytics, and the customer experience:

November 13:Experience optimization? Watson as a customer experience game changer:

November 14:Experience optimization? Optimizing offers and cross sell to retain customers:

November 15:Experience optimization? Creating an intelligent customer experience:

November 18:Big-data discovery? Rule discovery is the bridge between predictive & prescriptive analytics:

November 19:NoSQL? Lagged veracity, and the practical dilemma of eventual consistency:

November 26:Big Data's optimal deployment model? Go hybrid but avoid misleading cross-platform dichotomies:

December 2:Internet of Things? Securing endpoints, engagements, and ecosystems:

December 5:Real-world experiments? The coming era of dirt-cheap continuous experimentation: