Monday, December 20, 2004

fyi IBM adds RFID capabilities to WebSphere products


Pointer to article:,10801,98336,00.html?source=NLT_PM&nid=98336

Kobielus kommentary:
By the end of this decade, RFID will be a much larger phenomenon than just supply-chain management. Every new computer, peripheral, and office machine sold (photocopier, coffee machine, etc.) will include an RFID tag for property identification, tracking, and control. In fact, every new consumer electronic device will include one as well. Every new premises security system will support the ability to scan and track devices based on their RFIDs. Every identity management (IdM) and access control system will manage RFIDs (and associated attributes, permissions, roles, etc.) in addition to user IDs (and the associated attributes, permissions, roles, etc.). Expect to see all other application platform, IdM, and security vendors embed RFID technology deeply in all of their products. IBM’s a bit ahead of the curve, but it’s clearly surfing on the right curve. RFID is the future of IdM. Before long, every employee ID or access card will embed an RFID tag, thereby converging the new and traditional worlds of IdM. Before long, every portable computer will sport both a native WiFI card and RFID tag, so that network access, authentication, and access are auto-provisioned to you, no matter where you roam.