Friday, December 31, 2004

lol Lenovo Group Moving HQ To Armonk


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Kobielus kommentary:
For those in need of a good 100-proof shot of irony to close out this puzzling year...hmm...let’s see…IBM’s PC business as the core of its operations...IBM’s headquarters hometown as its headquarters hometown…ex-IBM exec as its CEO...can this even be termed a Chinese company anymore (apart from the not-insignificant fact that the bulk of its operations are in China)?...and let’s not fool ourselves...China is just about the most capitalistic culture on earth (and I'm including overseas Chinese...a people with whom I'm quite personally that statement), regardless of whatever nominal ideology the People's Republic of China's current political leadership still feebly espouses...this marks the further emergence of China into the truly supranational world of modern business...wouldn’t it be interesting if some high-profile US high-tech firm moved its HQ to Beijing to be closer to the massive Asian market? goes states..old states